• Episode 13 translation Kosem Sultan

    The episode starts with Safiye saying - as she holds kosem's baby that God be praised, our shehzade has a face full of light, and then wishes him good fortune. Kosem tells grabs him from her. Safiye adds, the only misfortune he has is having you as a his mother. Kosem says what do you think you are doing that you do this, take my child from me. Safiye says you think everything is a game , but this is reality one day they will take your son from you and you won't even hear of him. Kosem says you come at night, steal my child from me as a threat against me, and you think this will just stay unanswered? Safiye says so what is in this? We simply wanted to visit our grandchild and give you a parable (basically something about a small plant shoot growing near a huge tree, extends and grows and finally reaches the tree..and the shoot says when did you get here, the tree says 40 years it took me, the plant laughs and says what you did in 40 years, I did in 3 months!

    Golge sees a cariye and rushes after her.

    In the dungeons Dervish asks Zulfikar waht he thinks he is doing, and what he will say when he gives account to Ahmet. Zulfikar says I wont be giving account, you will be, and then orders him inside the cell. Dervish goes in and Zulfikar says you can explain to Ahmet when he arrives from Edirne, because the accusations against you are heavy. Dervish says oh you believe what people are saying, Zulfikar responds I personally witnessed your fight with the grand vizier, and you have enmity for years between each other. dervish tells him he is making a mistake and there will be a price to pay for it. Zulfy says the family has been indebted to me, for them, I am willing to pay any kind of price. He exits.

    Kosem tells Safiye, oh so you are the great tree and I am the plant...Safiye says listen, the seasons have changed, leaves have fallen and the tree asks why is this happening to me? The great tree says you are dying...the plant (btw, it is like squash plant or similar type) asks why? The great tree says because I have grown for 40 years while you have speedily grown in only 3. Kosem says if you think I am a passing dying wind you are wrong, I am a hurricane one that will destroy you, and take you!

    Golge reaches the girl responsible for Safiye being able to steal the child, an agha interferes and Golge is stabbed by both the girl and the stupid agha (Whyyyyyyy ???? Writers whyyy, we liked her!!!) she manages to kill the agha.

    Kosem is back in her room with her baby and Handan arrives saying Thank God and asks. and Kosem tells her what happened. Handan says how is it possible? Kosem scolds Handan is this how she takes care of the harem? Golge arrives and passes out. They hurry over and they see blood. They call for doctors. She says hold on Golge my dear friend. But Golge closes her eyes...

    Later, Kosem awakens and is disturbed when someone reaches to take her child since the incident has frightened her. She is reassured by her friend and asks why these women are here. She is told that several aghas and cariyes have been sent to protect her and that Handan has personally sent them for her protection. They tell her she should not worry anymore, they are safe. Zulfikar is scolding aghas asking how can a shehzade be taken from his very room and it means that the traitors are amongst us! and that it is unclear who is friend or foe! From now on no mercy! And the aghas along with awesome Cennet search everyone's rooms. Zulfy says everyone will be interrogated, everything will be searched. Cennet stands before them (wow, she's wonderful!)

    Zulfikar continues saying God forbid had something happened to him, how would I have told our Hunkar, how would I explain. Then he sends them off to work. Handan arrives and asks Zulfikar why Dervish is in the dungeons, Zulfikar explains that he is under suspicion of poisoning the grand vizier. Handan says no, he would never, set him free. Zulfikar says sorry impossible, I sent word to Ahmet and, until he returns Dervish shall stay in the prison.

    In the old palace, Safiye asks Bulbul if they took precautions and that there is no way to find out who did what to Golge, Bulbul says yes, no witnesses, we also got rid of the hatun, but what I am thinking about is Kosem...Safiye says she is in fire...she has so suspicious now, she will be burdened with it.

    Kosem arrives with Cennet. Zulfikar says these are the ones who were negligent and had fault (or looked the other way) last night. Kosem asks what these are (the coins and stuff) and Zulfikar says these are their filthy bribe money, Kosem says what is the punishment for betraying our Hunkar and shehzade? Zulfikar says execution. The servants are scared. Zulfikar says all of them? He tells them do not feel bad for any of them. Kosem says to Zulfikar could it a coincidence that Safiye takes my son and at the same night Dervish pasha gets arrested? I do not think so. Zulfikar says do not worry I took all necessary precautions, sent word to Ahmet. Kosem says you will do more. You will do more for protection. If a hair is harmed on his head even, I will burn palace on your heads.

    Ahmet is so in his own world shooting arrows when someone has arrived, it is Murat pasha. Ahmet is pleased to see him and asks he must brought good news? Murat says I will explain...with details and explanations.

    Dervish is in his cell and Zulfikar asks for it to be opened and food has been brought. Dervish kicks it saying I do not want, I want to leave here! Why am I still here? Zulfikar says you must forgotten, a grand vizier was killed last night! Dervish says have you sent word to Ahmet tell me that? Zulfikar says I did, but it will take time for Ahmet to return and I am meanwhile investigating the matter!

    Pashas speak about poor grand vizier saying how sad a warrior like pasha fights for years on the field of battle and finally dies in the Capitol this way. They pray for his soul. Nasuh obviously cannot contain himself, so he joins in and says Dervish has done it, people say? One of them says well how do we know he did it? Nasuh says for long now Derv's eyes have been on the seal of grand viziership. Another says yeah I wouldn't be surprised, theyve fought during Divan sessions too.

    Nasuh pulls aside an agha who had I believe poisoned the food? and says what are you doing here?! The guy says I am going the guy says. Nasuh says go before you get us all in trouble.

    Ahmet asks if the Austrian King has agreed to the terms. Murat tells Ahmet that he has, but in return he has wanted one thing. Ahmet asks what is that? Murat says here and hands a letter. Murat says the details are in the letter, but let me tell you the real deal of what the matter is, he wishes to be on par with you (equal to you) Ahmet says and you agreed. Murat says no doubt you are above them, but in order for this war to end, it is to accept this condition, which I did...Ahmet says I am hearing correctly? He has made himself equal to me as part of the terms and you accepted? Murat says you allowed me full reigns for making decisions to end the war and I wanted to be successful. Ahmet is angry and says no, my forefathers never would agree to something like this, brought their enemies to their knees etc. Then Ahmet adds, the Austrian king is the same rank as my grand vizier, and no higher, and this is how they must know it! Murat gives him the parable of a lion dealing with hyenas (the celalis on one hand and on the other the Persians, and if you want to be rid of the traitors, we are forced to agree this treaty.) Ahmet says have you lost your mind, there is no treaty under these conditions! Murat says you know best, but...Ahmet tells him to get out.

    Fahriye is thinking about things in the lodge..

    Cennet is with Kosem and Haci arrives and says they found some of the servants who were involved, but Kosem says only some! there were more..Haci says we will find her...(the woman) she says probably her dead body...and Cennet offers her some soothing ginger drink and she says I don't want! Safiye has bought everyone! Cennet says she has amassed an entire private secret wealth, and Kosem says we will find and then deal with her etc. and we notice someone is listening through a hole , it is Halime's servant Menekshe. Kosem continues talkng about finishing the work she has started (about Fahriye who found refuge in the lodge). Haci says how, we can't touch her in the lodge. Kosem says then I will find a way to get her out from there...so she can find what she deserves (be punished) and so no one will ever dare to do what she has done. Menekshe leaves and goes to report to her mistress.

    She tells Halime about Kosem saying that she will find a way to get to Safiye (hurt her) through her daughter Fahriye. Halime says well Fahriye deserves it, she did not only attack Ahmet, but also my son. Menekshe says yes, but Kosem's anger is great - she has become even worse after Golge.  Halime says good, we must warn Safiye. Menekshe says how strange your greatest enemy became your friend. Halime says I would befriend a demon so my son could get on the throne.

    Dervish is visited by Handan. She tells the guards and aghas to leave her alone. She enters the cell and they greet each other, he says he did not want her to see him like this, it is a lie, he has nothing to do with what happened. Handan says I know, the traitors have put such a trap that everything looks like you did it. Dervish says this is enough that you believe me...I am willing to take on the world against me. Handan says it is obvious this is safiye sultan's work, and she wants revenge from you about throwing her daughter in the fire. Dervish says that Kosem warned him of the same thing and he does not know how Safiye had found it out. Handan says I said it...I didn't want your mind mixed with loyalties...you are only loyal to me, you will always be by my side otherwise you will have no value...I want them and also you to know this.

    Zulfikar speaks with Nasuh, Zulfikar expresses his doubts that it is Dervish who was behind the poisoning and Nasuh says I may help with investigations, Zulfikar tells him that the agha who served the pasha has disappeared. Nasuh says tell me his name, I will find him at once. Zulfikar tells him Numan agha.

    Haci is outside the dungeon cell and hears Dervish saying why did you do this, was it necessary fro me to be thrown in prison for me to know this? She says, I suspected that your heart had fallen for Fahriye Sultan. Haci hears. Handan says, this would tear you from me...i mean from my son. Dervish says it is enough - no one will make me separate from you. Handan says I will not doubt you again. everyone knows my son values you, he will certainly get you out from here. Dervish says, your coming here and not leaving me alone is more important than anything for me. Haci hears with horror. Haci pretends he didn't hear. He tells her that the cariye who got Kosem's baby last night out of the room has been found.

    Cennet says in the harem, everyone should hear last night Seher hatun had attacked the Shehzade and the people who didn't want her to talk, killed her and this everyone, is what happens to someone who betrays for a  few coins. We have also found those who helped. They also found what they deserved, let it be a lesson to you all.

    Ahmet is reading and Murat Pasha has been summoned and Ahmet tells him you have disappointed me, how could you accept this condition without talking to me. Murat tells him the ambassadors will go to the Capitol and they can discuss the conditions again, but that they most likely won't step back.

    Handan tells Kosem that this is motherhood, and that she wonders what kind of mother Kosem will be. Kosem says I will be a strong Valide for my Mehmet. Handan says be rest-assured that my most trusted servants, kosem says yes, but loyalty is bought now...especially by Safiye and while this doesn't change I will never be at peace.

    Murat and Ahmet keep talking about their plans saying we can set aside this situation now at the time being, go and march on the Celali's then deal them after. Ahmet says they will accept our terms...not the other way around. Murat nods. Ahmet finally receives the letter from Zulfikar.

    Ahmet tells them to prepare at once they are going to the Capitol. Murat asks and Ahmet says my grand vizier has been poisoned.

    Kosem is asleep notices her child is missing, sees Fahriye holding him and going to smother him, she shouts "no, don't!" But it is just a dream.

    Cennet tells Kosem she cannot go, and Kosem says you will be going (to the old palace), they will not be able to harm you you are going as my Chamberlain. Haci arrives and brings a gift from Kosem to Safiye and tells her the carriage is ready. Kosem says the time has come to destroy Fahriye's peace.

    In the lodge, Fahriye is helping serve food and a little girl says can I have some more? Fahriye suddenly sees Shahin and goes off to see what he wants. She asks what he is doing there. he says he heard she was repentant and so he wanted to see if it was true. She says its all your fault, all of this, and that she got nothing and instead has lost everything. The little girl watches her talking to something. Shahin says our fates are similar, I lost everything...of course except my brother Mehmet.

    Kosem has arrived. Reyhan sees her and rushes off.

    Shahin tells Fahriye that Mehmet did not betray her...she says get lost, or I will scream. Shahin chases her and says Mehmet will come so don't turn your face from him. Reyhan informs Shahin and Kosem sees them both, including Reyhan. Haci says what? Reyhan died!

    Cennet has returned and Bulbul says did you know the way to this palace. Cennet says Kosem ordered me, a gift for Safiye Sultan.

    Kosem finds the little girl who smiles at her and proceeds upstairs to where Fahriye is. Fahriye says how dare you stand in front of me. Get out! Kosem says whatever, we aren't in the palace. Fahriye says I am still a Sultana, just like you are a slave. Kosem says I saw you talking to Shahin. You both had attacked Ahmet and who knows what else you are doing now. Fahriye tells her to shut up.

    Safiye allows Cennet to enter. Safiye says are you brave or stupid? It is a miracle for you to leave this room alive. Cennet says, I am here as her chamberlain, Handan knows, if anything happens they will know it was you. Bulbul tells her to shut up and everything is her fault. Cennet says don't cut me off - Kosem has told me to warn you, if you stretch your hand to my shehzade, I will cut that hand. And she sent this as a gift to you.

    Kosem tells Fah, everyone thinks you are repentant, but you meet with Shahin! Fah says I don't have to answer to you. Kosem says not to me, sure, but to Ahmet. I can't believe how you could dare to destroy your family. Fah asks what Kosem wants? Kosem says I could have convinced Ahmet to forgive you and let you return, Fahriye says who are you fooling? The moment I leave this lodge, Ahmet will know and have me punished! kosem says you asked me what I wanted, so listen then - you are a traitor, and I am the head of that family, the favourite of the Sultan, mother to his son, you should not doubt that I shall find a way for you to leave this place and make sure you get what you deserve.

    Safiye seeds the gift, a mourning veil, Cennet says this is for you from Kosem sultan, for you wear for the funeral...for Fahriye Sultan's funeral. Safiye asks what this means. She gets angry and Cennet takes a step back. Cennet says her crime is known to everyone - sooner or later she will exit that lodge. Safiye says one day you will waken and maybe you will lose the other side of your face and maybe then you will regret betraying me! Get out! Safiye is snivelling with anger and says Bulbul how dare Kosem, how dare she and burns the veil.

    Cennet is recovering when the agha spying for Kosem arrives and Cennet asks for water. The little girl is asking for more for her mother and a woman asks her what if you are lying. Kosem says are you sure you are taking for your mother? The little girl says she swears it, she tells the truth. The little girl hears it is Kosem who she is talking to. Kosem says come let us take you home.

    Bulbul exits and sees the agha drinking and the woman tells Cennet Kosem is angry and wonders when he'll find the hidden wealth. He says Bulbul makes it hard!

    The little girl tells her mother Kosem has come to their house, the woman worries she has done something wrong. Kosem says no, I simply wanted to visit you. She says she will send doctors from the palace for the woman and she will be cured.

    Menekshe has arrived to tell Bulbul Halime has sent her. Bulbul says haha who else would send you? The agha who is spying sees this. Safiye tells menekshe to get over with fake pleasantries and speak. Halime tells Safiye what Kosem is planning to get a chance to have Fahriye exit the lodge and then get her. Safiye says that is all? Good, keep an eye on her. Then she tells Bulbul, Kosem will not rest, it is obvious.

    Kosem sees Cennet asks what Safiye said. Then Cennet says I got out with great difficulty. She tells Kosem that gurbuz the agha says that with Bulbul around it is hard to find out anything. Kosem is told Ahmet has arrived and she rushes off.

    Zulfikar tells her Ahmet awaits. She says I saw Shahin Giray in the lodge with Fariye and that they must rid of those two traitors or more bad will happen.

    Ahmet greets her when she enters the room she says it is hard to be without him in the palace, she says it has passed. She says she fears everything because of her son now, and tells him about Golge dying. He says Zulfikar told him everything. He asks about his son, and then after she answers, she says she is worried because of what may happen.

    Safiye is with Fahriye and she says I won't and if it wasn't enough, Kosem arrived and told me if I am truly repentant, she will ask Ahmet for my forgiveness, but Fah says I do not believe her. Safiye looks worried and says do not take Kosem lightly, we are here because of her. She will set traps for us, you are only safe here so do not forget that! Fahriye says I know, I will never disobey you ever again. Safiye asks if Mehmet still comes to visit and she says don't! Fah says don't worry I have thrown him out of my heart and life, the only thing I want is to return to my palace, please get me out of here. Safiye says you must wait, we must wait for an appropriate time - Ahmet will soon leave for campaign and at that time, Ahmet, Kosem no one will remain!

    Handan speaks to Ahmet, saying later she took precautions and also punished those who were involved. Zulfikar says the investigation for the grand vizier continues. Handan says this is a trap for Dervish and that finally he has come to get Dervish out. Ahmet tells Safiye to be summoned. Ahmet orders the women back to their rooms - then he tells Kosem later come back to my rooms, I miss you and my son.

    Nasuh is speaking to someone telling him he is the most worthy of the next position. Nasuh also adds, that Safiye is on his side too. Murat arrives and they speak of the grand vizier who passed away and that he was valuable. Nasuh asks who he thinks Ahmet will appoint? You are quite experienced? Murat says what I have learned in my long life is that nowadays position is taken...either by those who deserve or those don't but certainly, they will live as they deserve (bad or good based on their actions).

    Ahmet is announced in the dungeons and he goes to see Dervish.

    PART 2

    Ahmet says whenever I turn my back, a great wind sweeps the palace...you are my most valuable friend and advisor, how can you be accused of such things? Dervish says I believe the incident has not been explained to you properly. Zulfikar says I have relayed everything I know, I have not left anything out, nor added anything on to it. Dervish says I was asleep and woken and told the Grand Vizier (GV short form) has summoned me to the Divan. When I went, the GV was amazed, he had not summoned me. I knew it was a game...but before I could say anything he died before my eyes. Ahmet says the GV had cried that you had poisoned him before he died - and everyone knows you fought in the Divan. Dervish says it seems you doubt me, but I am innocent. Ahmet says I have hope of that, but the condition is that all evidence is piled up against you. Dervish says there was an agha who ran away (the one who poisoned) named Numan agha, if he is caught, my innocence will be proved. Ahmet asks who this is, and Zulfikar says he is an agha from the Enderun (inner palace school) and that he is being searched for everywhere. Ahmet tells Dervish he wants him to come out of this clean of any wrong doing, but until the he must stay here because otherwise his subjects will doubt his (Ahmet's)  sense of justice. Dervish says as long as you believe me, that I am not lying. Ahmet says I trust you fully - trusted you fully...until you lied about the Fahriye sultan matter - I know you took her to the lodge. He exits.

    In the corridor Ahmet asks Zulfikar to find Numan agha at once. Zulfikar says there is one more thing, Shahin was seen in Uskudar, in the lodge - probably meeting with Fahriye.

    Haci has gone to speak to Handan and inform her that Dervish was not freed from the dungons. She is worried and says now this is like spreading butter on Safiye's bread. She says I will go speak to Ahmet. Haci says do not because Ahmet does not like interference in his decisions and he will get angry and maybe take out his anger on dervish. Handan says you are right about that. She says that while he is in the dungeons how can she be at peace...

    Safiye sees Kosem in the hall and ignores her and tells the aghas to inform Ahmet of her arrival. Kosem says you must have practiced what to say (to explain yourself) Safiye says we take account of everything, that we take precautions. Kosem says is that why you are in the palace of tears? I have done so much to you, first Cennet, then Fahriye...Safiye says believe this - one day you will come to me and bow and beg, for me not to take your life - because we will make it worse than just taking your life. Kosem is then informed that Gurbuz has arrived and needs to speak to her.

    Safiye says that it is obvious many lies have been thrown about me and you have believed them. Ahmet says what accusations are you talking about? The entire harem is witness to you entering the harem and threatening Kosem in the middle of the night using my Shehzade. Safiye says yes I entered the harem - but would I harm the one who is from my own blood? is that possible? They did let me see our little shehzade, I wanted to many times but they prevented me. Ahmet says and so your solution was to enter in secret at night and steal away the baby from his mother's arms? I am shocked to be honest, where do you get this courage from to do this (or how dare you do this?) She replies, since you asked, let me tell you - I get this my status with with your father Mehmet, our son,  and your grandfather Murat Han. Ahmet says even if you were to be a king, this does not give you the right to do wrong. Especially not against my palace, against members of my harem!

    Kosem and Haci speak to Gurbuz who tells them Halime's servant had visited the old palace and he does not know what they said, but it is obvious Halime is working with Safiye.

    Ahmet tells Safiye if your intention was to see my shehzade, why did you not come down during the day and ask permission to see him? Safiye says I sent word many times to Handan, but she didn't respond. Those who left me no choice but to do this should be ashamed. Ahmet says that day, Golge, an agha and the girl looking after my Shehzade were killed, how will you explain that? Safiye says I have no idea about that...and if there is trouble in the harem, don't ask us about it, ask your mother Handan. It means she can not handle the task in properly. Ahmet says so you have nothing to do with Dervish pasha right? Safiye sighs and says no matter what I say, you have already made your mind up about me, we are already in the old palace, our salary has been stopped, you took our wealth. Now the only thing left to take from me is my life. Give your order to the executioners and let them come and finish it already. Ahmet says you know that a king would not execute his grandmother, this is why you are so calm. But you forget something...my power is not limited in this case, you could sleep one night and never wake up. Everyone knows your age and that you were ill that one time...they will either think you died of illness or and that you fell in the bath...this is my last warning you will take your hand away from Kosem and my shehzade, if anything happens to them I will hold you responsible.

    Menekshe goes to Halime and says Kosem has arrived. Mustafa welcomes her and offers her almonds and then asks if she can teach him and his sister says Mustafa why are you asking we have enough teachers, and Kosem is a slave. Her mother tells her to take her brother and that she should not hear such words from her again. Halime asks what Kosem wants. Kosem saysthey say one foot of yours is in the old palace...if you miss Safiye, she is in the Sultan's room explaining herself.

    Murat pasha sees Safiye and she says if your intention is to see Ahmet, today is not the right day to see him, I don't advise it. Murat says it has been years I do not listen to your advice - oh and my condolences, I have heard all the things that have befallen you. Who would have said that that great powerful Valide sultan would fall to  seeing such days? Safiye says thank God if we fall today, we shall get up tomorrow. When we get up, we take our enemies to account. Why are you walking around these parts? oh let me guess - The grand viziership is vacant and you want the Seal (the seal for the position of grand vizier). He replies thank God I do not have eyes on rank and position. It is up to our Hunkar, whoever he sees fit, that person shall bear the seal of the viziership. Safiye says this is a very old dream of yours, but, this desire of yours will not be fulfilled, it is impossible for you to be the Grand Vizier. Our Hunkar grandson does not want someone who casts shadow over his own power. He won't you around him, this is exactly why I am in the old palace. Murat says this is how you might console yourself, but the truth is like an elephant in the room between us - the reason why you are in the old palace is not because of our Hunkar, but because of Kosem Sultan.

    Halime asks what this means (why is kosem saying this to her) and Haci says ask Menekshe, she is the one whom we heard was in the old palace. Menekshe says what would I do? menekshe says what would I do there? I was in the grand bazaar getting things for my sultana. Halime says you don't need to explain, let her think what she wants. Kosem says you know how much I love shehzade Mustafa and what lengths I would go to protect him, while this is the state of affairs, why are you making alliance with Safiye, and getting me against you. Kosem says, know your limits! You have started threatening me now just like Handan? Kosem says why would she threaten you? Halime says she says she can't lift a finger on my son, but she can threaten my life. She wants to leave my son without a mother. Kosem says this is why you went to Safiye sultan's side? Halime says everyone knows I am not on anyone's side, my only goal is to protect my son and myself. Because it is not that probable for a shehzade with no mother to grow up. Kosem tells her I advise you to stay away from Safiye, the most right is for you and your shehzade to be on Ahmet's side.

    In the hallways Rasha sees Kosem and says how sad...your  shehzade has met with misfortune alreadyI feel sorry for him. Kosem says I am his greatest luck...don't worry I will protect him. Rasha says why is your son in trouble but mine is not? Think, it is because you put your shehzade in trouble's way because of your ambitions. This is the reality and it is obvious what you want. Rasha says you want to rule the harem, let's say you suceed. But I will tell you what shall happen - the throne will go to the eldest heir, my son Osman, and then it is obvious that once that happens - it will be time to kill his brother. Kosem says you dream about this from now? Rasha says and what about what you are doing? re you not protecting your son to get on the throne one day as well?

    Handan tells Dervish not to be sad, he needs to stay in the dungeons so that the accusation can be lifted with evidence. Dervish says that being imprisoned does not make him sad...that Ahmet did the right thing. Handan says then what makes you sad? What happened between you? Handan says he knows I left Fahriye Sultan at the lodge...Zulfikar said so. Handan asks why he did it, and Dervish says, Fahriye threatened me, you know my past is dark and she used that, I had to lie, and I do not know if our Hunkar trust me at all.

    Ahmet is with Kosem and Mehmet and says his son is growing a little more every day. Ahmet says I heard you had gone to the lodge. Kosem said I did with permission and I wanted to see Hudai as well as Fahriye. Ahmet asks what her intention was by speaking to her, what she wanted to say to her. Kosem says I fear for you and my son...she is a traitor. She comes in my nightmares. I wanted to see if she is really repentant. Ahmet says and then you saw Shahin. Kosem says yes, Zulfikar saw and it is obvious they are in contact - what if they want to make an attempt on your life again? Ahmet consoles her and says I know things have made you sad and worried, you have no happiness in your eyes, but do not forget what you said to me once - we are one, we are together, we shall walk on fire and ice together. She says I believe this even more now. He says a little poem to her.

    Then we see them walking down a path and he says remember you said you loved horseback riding and she says yes I did say that - i used to love riding my father's horse and she describes how happy it made her.  Then she is presented with a horse and he says it is yours. She names it Golge, and says whenever I look at it, I will remember my best friend.

    In the lodge, the kid sees Fahriye meet with Mehmet. So the girl pays attention. Fahriye tells Mehmet that Shahin explained about Mehmet not betraying her. She says you did betray me because that day when you left me alone in that ship, you betrayed me. She gives him a gift he had once given her and says "it is too late. I will get out of here one day and return to my palace - to my husband Dervish, I will find my love and comfort in him."

    Kosem tells Ahmet about the little girl and how her mother is ill and that she sent doctors and that she wishes to visit her again if he permits. He says my good heart, merciful sultana of mine. She says you are the merciful one - you spared your brother.  Ahmet says I spent my childhood seeing my uncles deaths and my brother Mahmut, I made a promise I wouldn't do that when I became ruler. Kosem says God willing your sons will also be merciful like you.

    Shahhin wakens to some racket outside his room and finds that the area is being searched for him.

    Zulfikar is informed that Numan has been caught. When he goes he sees Numan is tied and waiting.

    Shahin hears footsteps, opens it and starts attacking guards, he is struck, Mehmet arrives and helps him and they set off together.

    Safiye meets with Nasuh and she is informed Nasuh has been caught. Safiye says why hasn't he died yet? Nasuh says I did not want to be rid of a trusted agha like him. Safiye says we shall all pay for this. Bulbul says who knows what they will do to us. Nasuh says don't worry , I trust him fully, he will not betray us. Safiye says we are talking about a common agha here! When his life is in danger will he still be loyal?

    The Divan has convened and Murat asks if he has appointed a new grand vizier yet. Ahmet says first let us see who is behind the incident of the murder of the old grand vizier, and then I will give my decision. Murat says isn't it obvious is it not Dervish - Ahmet cuts him off by standing and leaving. Zulfikar arrives and says we caught Numan. Ahmet says bring him to me at once.

    Reyhan binds Shahin's wounds and Mehmet says how long will this last - where will you run to? You were spared today, but what about tomorrow? You will get caught sooner or later. Shahin says I will find a way and run again...Mehmet says I will help you run away but you must promise to never run away. You went to the lodge, and they saw you, this is why this happened. Shahin says I didn't go for my own joy, I went so that she knew you weren't betraying her. Mehmet says it didn't work, she does not want to see me again. When she leaves there, she will go back to her palace - to dervish. Shahin says don't worry, one day they will take Dervish's head.

    Dervish has been summoned before Ahmet as well and Numan agha has been brought forth. Ahmet says do not you dare deny your crime! You were caught! Ahmet asks who gave him the order and he eyes Dervish and says forgive me Pasha - Dervish personally gave me the order! Dervish cries out, you lying dog! Ahmet silences him and Dervish says I did not do it!

    Meanwhile the little girl arrives with Kosem to see her mother, who thanks her for the doctors who cured her and then asks Kosem if she wants fruit. Kosem says I simply want to visit you. The little girl says what else can you do, the whole neighbourhood speaks of the kindness you show everyone and says you tell me what I can do for you? Kosem says keep smiling like this. The little girl says there is another sultana at the lodge, but she is not like you, she is in her own world., busy with her own troubles. Kosem says so you know. The little girl says yes, and a young man comes to visit her...her admirer it seems.

    Ahmet asks to be left alone with Dervish. Dervish says I have been by you so many years,  I have proven my loyalty to you many times! Unfortunately, I have no evidence to prove my innocence. The only think is my love and loyalty for you that is all. He says forgive my insolence, but if you are to order my execution, if I am to die, than I wish that my death be at your hands!

    Ahmet calls Zulfikar who enters and tells him to put Dervish back in the cell and that he will decide his end later.

    Kosem is about to leave and calls the little girl and says there is something you can do for me...

    Handan sees Ahmet in the hall and says this is a trap you will execute Dervish on that Numan agha's words, but could it not be he works for Safiye? Ahmet tells her I wish to be alone and think.

    Safiye is in her room when Bulbul arrives and tells her that Numan has said Dervish ordered him, and then she asks what happened to Dervish. Bulbul says he has been thrown back in the cell, but it won't last long, today tomorrow he shall be executed. She says hopefully, this way we will be rid of our enemies one by one this way...now is the time to enjoy some coffee.

    Cennet tells kosem that Ahmet has locked himself up to decide about Dervish. That Handan is taking it very bad. Kosem says don't be hasty, we don't know what the morning will bring.

    Zulfikar is told by an agha that Mehmet has sent a letter to him and that he has no idea what it is about.

    Halime asks Menekshe if kosem is up to something. Menekshe says she hasn't been in her room all day. Halime tells her to keep her eyes on her, storms are about. Menekshe comments she doesnt know to be happy or sad about Dervish. Halime says why would you be sad, leave Handan to be sad, she is losing her most powerful vizier.

    Kosem has gone to see Ahmet and says I wish I could take all the troubles from your heart and throw them away. Ahmet says as long as you are with me it is enough. She says you are thinking about Dervish. Kosem says I don't know what the evidence points at, but you have always given the right decision. A tough night awaits you, but I have no doubt, tomorrow you will give the most right decision.

    Zulfikar meets Mehmet and says you chose a weird place to meet, then he says your brother got away from the guards but eventually he will be found. Mehmet says that is why I called you - I know where my brother is, and I will hand him over with my own hands. Zulfikar says this better not be a game. Mehmet says it is not, but I require a promise from you - Shahin will not be executed.

    Zulfikar sees Kosem. She says I need your help about Fahriye Sultan, I will speak about it later, and Shahin got away again? Zulfikar says yes and I have just come back from seeing Mehmet Giray who is ready to give him up with the condition he should not be executed. Kosem says good, we shall include Mehmet in our plan then...Zulfikar says what plan?

    Cennet enters Kosem's room and says her carriage is ready.  kosem says this will be the day we get Fahriye. Cennet says how will you get her to come out of the lodge? Kosem says you will see when it happens...Safiye will see what it means to threaten me through my child. Menekshe listens through he hole.

    Ahmet is thinking and Haci enters and says as per your orders, Numan agha was executed. Ahmet asks if he said anything before dying and Haci says no, he repeated the same things he said to you, that it was Dervish who ordered him. Ahmet calls for Dervish.

    Halime asks Menekshe how Kosem was going to get Fahriye out. Menek says she doesn't know and that they must inform Safiye. Halime says let Fahriye get what she deserves!

    Handan is informed by Haci that Dervish has been summoned by Ahmet and that he has clearly made a decision about him.

    Annoying Menekshe has gone and told Bulbul about what is about to happen.

    Fahriye is in his room and is told by the little girl that a young man named Mehmet is calling her and that it is a matter of life and death.

    Safiye says are you sure? Menekshe says I don't know how they will do it, but I am sure of what I heard.

    The little girl enters the room and tells Fahriye that he hasn't left and he is waiting at the door because the guards sent him out. She adds that Hudai has said that Fahriye must go at once and send Mehmet away.

    Handan sees Dervish as he is being escorted and Haci ensures they are bale to speak one last time. She says I tried...I tried to speak to Ahmet, but -" He says shh, don't say anything. I know you couldn't do anything." She says I wish we had met in another life...he says, I will say something to you - wordless saying... hidden from all eyes and all ears... no one will hear these words, no one will know them except you.

    Kosem says how did I not see that the devil Kosem would do this...he says who says Fahriye will fall for it, you had warned her.

    The little girl leads Fahriye to the door and there stands a man who looks to be Mehmet. They go towards the door together. Fahriye stands there,  and sees Mehmet looking at her, so she continues walking towards him and we see Kosem peeking from the corner, and that Zulfikar is also around.

    Dervish is brought before Ahmet and kneels, Ahmet looks in his eyes. Fahriye asks what Mehmet is doing here and what he has come to say. Mehmet says it is something I must say to you, important. He says were those words of yours true that day? You don't love me anymore? She says "go from here!" He says I will not leave without getting an answer to my question.

    Fahriye steps forward and walks to Mehmet and says don't doubt, you and my love for you have both died! Go from here, I do not want to see your face again. Mehmet says you won't see my face again anyway - because you were right, it is too late for us. He grabs her and says one word would have been enough, if I had believed that you loved me I would have allowed you to go back inside.

    There is a flashback where Kosem tells Mehmet Giray, if you are certain you want to make amends for your crimes, then you will not only give up Shahin, but also give us Fahriye and you will find the way to get her out from there. Zulfikar says and if you do this, Shahin Giray will not be executed. Mehmet says I will do this. I will get Fahriye out. But you will allow me to bid her farewell.

    Mehmet says but it was not so...the girl closes the doors. Fahriye is surrounded by guards. Safiye shouts for her mother. But she is taken away. Kosem and Safiye meet face to face. Kosem says to her, you thought everything was a game, but now meet reality - this is how they get your daughter from you.

    THE END.

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