• Kosem Sultan Episode 14 Translation

    There is a short preview from the previous episode ending.

    Ahmet says to Dervish: "All of the evidence is against you. There is not a single thing to sway for your innocence." Dervish responds that such a trap has been set for him that there is no way he can prove himself innocent, but that at the end of the day he is a soldier so if the decision is death, let it happen, he is ready. The only thing which pains him, is that while having served in the Sultan's path, he should be killed like a traitor like this. He then adds, "my Hunkar, my last wish please accept it - do not let me die at the executioners hands, let me die at the mighty hands of you, my Hunkar."

    Handan cries in pain thinking Dervish is dying. Halime sees her and wonders saying all these tears for Dervish pasha? Menekshe says ha, anyone seeing this would think it is her son who is dying.  Halime says, or her beloved.

    Ahmet tells Dervish to stand up. Obviously as I sure many of us suspected, today is not his day to be executed. Ahmet says despite all the evidence against him, he has decided from his heart and says I will not forgive you because there is no mistake to forgive you for. I actually believe you are innocent of this crime. Dervish says I do not know what to say...Ahmet says, before you had said a lie to me...and because of this I doubted you. This better be your first, and last (lie). You shall be just and true like this arrow - so that your loyalty to me can give you peace. If I doubt you even once in the future, my justice shall pierce your heart like this arrow. Know it.

    Fahriye has been brought and sees Fahriye and says you shall account for this. Kosem tells her to think of her own accounting that she will have to do now. Safiye calls out to Kosem saying wait. Kosem says, Give up already! Safiye wants to be allowed to enter, but she is prevented. Kosem says it is impossible (for you to enter). By our Hunkar's order you have been prohibited from entering the Royal  Palace.

    Handan cries and Halime enters and Handan asks her how dare she enter without permission. Halime says well I knew you gave value to Dervish pasha, but I didn't know it went this far...it is as if someone took someone very precious to you. Handan tells her to get out. Halime says I came bearing good news, don't worry - our Hunkar has forgiven his life. Handan turns to her and says if you are playing with me, I will destroy you. Halime says if you want you can go see with your own eyes - it is obvious our Hunkar has a soft-spot for Dervish- just like you do. Handan tells her not to mix herself in business that does not concern her.

    Fahriye is brought to the Sultan's room. Dervish appears just then. Dervish says what happened Zulfikar? Were you waiting for my funeral? Fahriye begs Dervish to save her, or she will say everything and she says you will go with me to death.

    Ahmet meanwhile commands Zulfikar to bring "traitor" in.  Meanwhile outside, Dervish tells Fahriye to beg forgiveness, that Ahmet will not kill her. Zulfikar appears motioning that she will now be received in Ahmet's presence.

    Kosem meets Handan who says she has heard Fahriye is here. Kosem says yes and that finally the plan has worked and that Fah is in Ahmet's presence. Handan says good, that traitor shall find her place...you have won a great victory. And Dervish has been let out of the prison and been forgiven.

    Fahriye enters and faces Ahmet. He says without looking her, that he had once told her that she would leave that lodge and there would be nowhere for her to hide that day and that day is today then! She bows before him and kisses his robes, begging saying she has spent her entire time in the lodge repenting, and that the person facing him now is a repentant one. She begs for him to have mercy on her, and he pulls his robes. She says I did, but you do not please do not have me executed.

    Handan speaks to Dervish and conveys her happiness that he has been spared. Dervish praises Ahmet saying he is pure, heart full of light. She tells him from now on you must be more careful. Dervish says I shall try, but I do not know - because Fahriye is here. Halime watches and says Menekshe what do you say? Menekshe says no, she is afraid of her own shadow - she would never entangle herself in such a thing. Halime says yes that is very true, but look at Fahriye - look at what she did just for the sake of love.  Halime says hopefully it is as we suspect so that we can burn them together!

    Handan asks Dervish that maybe Fahriye will tell Ahmet about Dervish's poisoning his (Ahmet's) father. Dervish says I am actually quite certain she has already said it. Handan says, well she has no proof! Just then one of the aghas tells Dervish Ahmet is calling him. Handan tells Dervish not to admit to anything at all. Dervish says I made a promise to him today that I would never lie again to him.

    Ahmet tells Dervish to take his wife back to his palace. Fahriye meanwhile cries out you have forgiven me from your big heart, may God be pleased with you. Ahmet says I have not forgiven you. I will decide on what shall happen later! He orders her taken away and asks Dervish to stay behind.

    After Fahriye has left, Ahmet says to Dervish - Fahriye is a traitor who tried to bring my end and even the end of the dynasty, and anyone who dares to do such a thing shall be punished. And you will personally be the one who punishes her.

    Bulbul and Safiye await any news. Fahriye exits and embraces her mother. Safiye asks how? Fahriye says I begged at his feet he told me to return to my palace. Safiye says did he say he forgave you? Fahriye says he said he will decide later. Safiye says don't fear, if he had wanted to execute you, he would not have waited - it is obvious he will exile you.

    Kosem enters Ahmet's chambers and he says did you hear? Kosem says I did, and she (Fahriye) will suffer her punishment just like every other traitor. Ahmet says it is due to Zulfikar - he has saved our family from a great headache - Zulfikar, ask what you want from me. Zulfikar says service to you is greater than anything for me - but Kosem also needs applause - she was the one who planned it, I simply carried it out. Ahmet nods and tells Zulfikar to leave. Then he turns to Kosem.

    Shahin hears the door in his hideout and it is only his brother Mehmet. Shahin says enter my brother, what is wrong, you don't look well. Mehmet says Fahriye...I handed her over to the palace with my own hands. Shahin doesn't understand. Mehmet explains saying I looked in her eyes, giving her one more chance...asked her, but she had nothing but hate in her eyes.

    Kosem explains to Ahmet how she tricked Fahriye into stepping out of the lodge with her plan. She explains about using Mehmet Giray for this. Ahmet tells her that she has once again won his heart, with her sharp intelligence. Then he adds you saved us again. Kosem says you are my world, whoever betrays you has done that to me, whoever attempts on your life, has done so to me. Ahmet says I wish the other Sultanas were like you - loyal - but they all have their own ambitions. She says let them..

    Shahin asks Mehmet how they used him ( to get to Fahriye), how they threatened him? Mehmet says they wanted me to prove my loyalty. Shahin says they are like this, they make brothers fall against each other. How they tried to sow enmity between us, but they have never achieved it. Then Mehmet lies saying yeah...Shahin says as for Fahriye, don't worry about her anymore - Ahmet has a light heart - she will cry and beg and he will forgive her. And she shall go live happily with Dervish - I told you you should not have gotten involved with Fahriye...

    Cennet enters Kosem's room and says she has not heard any news and Kosem says she worries about what Safiye will do. Perhaps she will help Fah run away again. Cennet says no, impossible there are so many guards placed around their palace. The friend comments that still they should be careful. Kosem says yes, if it is decided that she will punished by execution, then Safiye will attack with her strength, as you know Ahmet is leaving for war soon, before that we must figure out where the secret wealth is. (Menekshe is listening from the secret hole). Kosem says we must hurry. If it is bulbul who is the impediment, then we must deal with him. Noise is made when something falls and they look at the wall.

    Menekshe leaves the room and is caught by Cennet. She says what are you doing here? Menekshe says what? I am just on my way to the harem courtyard (where the regular girls stay).

    Safiye tells Nasuh meanwhile that before a decision is made about Fahriye they must save her. Nasuh says that preparations have been made for it already.

    Meanwhile, Menekshe has been brought to Kosem who asks what happened. Cennet says there is a rat amongst us but I do not know what her purpose is.

    Bulbul is unlocking a door. Safiye then says to Nasuh, let us get to the other matter - are you ready to dethrone Sultan Ahmet? The door is opened and we see a vast wealth is stored in that large chamber. She says she has amassed it all for years - for a day like today. Nasuh says here is the list of people who will aid - Safiye says are you sure you have taken account for everyone - aghas, pashas - even their wives etc. Nasuh says I have pressured them over and over, do not worry.

    Cennet pushes Menekshe to face Halime and Kosem tells her to handle her servant. Halime says did she make a mistake? Kosem says someone is sending word to the old palace...when Fahriye was caught, Safiye somehow managed to show up at the lodge. Halime stands up and says instead of worrying about this, pray that Fahriye is not punished by death, because Safiye's revenge will be swift and terrible, she will destroy everyone and everything! Kosem says in reality everyone who goes against me will be destroyed!

    A servant informs Dervish that Fahriye awaits him in her room. Dervish looks at the arrow Ahmet gave him...he knows what he must do.

    Kosem visits Zulfikar and asks if he knows anything about what will happen to Fah. Zulfikar says that he does not know, because Ahmet has spoken to Dervish about it. Kosem says we will find out of course, but thank you for your help. Now it is Shahin Giray's turn...and then Safiye.  He is surprised when she says her name and she says, you know everything Safiye has done! She is the biggest dagger in our Hunkar's back. I will pull it and get it out! Zulfikar says it is obvious you have an idea. Kosem says that Halime goes to the old palace to meet with Safiye frequently, and they probably want to put Mustafa on the throne. Zulfikar says no, they would never dare. They couldn't. Kosem says we need to take precautions anyway. Safiye has a secret hidden wealth. Zulfikar wonders how she has found out. He says okay, I will look into it - if I find something I will tell you, but! If you find anything, you must tell me.

    Fahriye awaits her husband who enters and takes a seat. He says since the last incidents, I thought you saw me as an enemy, just like your mother. She responds let us leave the past in the past, I am feeling myself reborn...I wish to awaken to a new morning tomorrow.

    Bulbul asks Safiye if she needs anything. Safiye says I wish we had gone to our daughter tonight. Bulbul says we will be kidnapping her anyway to save her. Safiye says, perhaps we are making a mistake Bulbul, perhaps Ahmet really will forgive Fahriye.  Bulbul says I can send word to Nasuh if you change your mind. Safiye shakes her head. No, we cannot take chances, let us get her out, and then we will think of something. Bulbul says anyway, when sh. Mustafa gets on the throne, hopefully we will breath a breath of peace finally.

    Fahriye sips from her cup, but Dervish does not. Fahriye tells Dervish, you have a great influence on Ahmet, find a way and get him to forgive me. And let us call this day a celebration. He says what celebration (of change). She says of happiness, there was a time you had said maybe we could find comfort in each other, maybe that day is today. He says you had said your heart belongs to someone else. She says that is over, I wish to give my heart to you, in the end we are wedded are we not? You are my husband and I am your wife. Dervish says is it not too late for that? She ignores him and she notices blood. She says what is happening to me? Leave me! He says what did you think? Ahmet would leave you? You wanted to kill off the family and you could just live happily after tbat? you are a traitor who tried to murder finish off the dynasty! She says she doesn't want to die...

    Safiye is awoken and is troubled.  Kosem meanwhile struggles with a nightmare and hears the words of that fortuneteller lady who says that she will suffer the loss of all those whom she loves and witness their deaths.

    In the morning Safiye says she has not slept well because she woke up and couldn't go back to bed. Bulbul says probably because of the storm that was raging at night. Safiye says no, that isn't it. A servant arrives to tell Safiye that Halime has arrived and wishes to see her. Safiye wonders why so early in the morning.

    Zulfikar tells Dervish that Ahmet awaits him. Dervish says to Zulfikar...loyalty Zulfikar, loyalty. Zulfikar says I know, one cannot bring back the dead, nor the trust someone has lost.

    Dervish enters Ahmet's room and merely nods and it is understood. Ahmet then calls for the Divan.

    Halime tells Safiye that Kosem will not rest. Safiye comments that she must be very fearful then. Halime says and she wants Bulbul agha - she has said it is time to remove Bulbul from Safiye's side. Bulbul says what can she do to me? I have one life, and I serve Safiye sultan. Safiye tells him to take precautions anyway so nothing happens to him. Safiye then tells Halime it is good she has come and says I have to speak to you, we are watching everything. Halime says the time has come and gone...what are you doing about bringing Mustafa to the throne. Safiye tells her that if mustafa is to join Ahmet, then there hands will be tied so, "Halime you must ensure, do whatever you must - ensure that Mustafa stays in the palace (when Ahmet leaves for war).

    In the harem Handan asks Kosem why she seeks to get Bulbul from Safiye and how? Kosem says that he is her right hand...if she loses him, she loses everything. Rasha listens and then Cennet arrives and informs them that Fahriye has died. They pray for her soul.

    Halime comments that Kosem acts like Valide sultana in the harem. Safiye says let her enjoy herself for a time. They walk and she sends Halime off and says go safely and when you have a moment bring Mustafa because I miss him. They see Dilruba is crying and she tells them about Fahriye.

    The scene continues with Safiye rushing towards the body of her daughter and then wailing in grief.

    The men of the Divan wait for Ahmet and Nasuh wonders who will be chosen. Murat pasha says whatever will happen may it be for the best...although it seems our Hunkar has made decisions lately that are shocking us and he hints at Dervish being saved. Dervish says who are you targeting with these words? Me? Murat pasha says well, is it surprising? our Hunkar may have believed you, but the suspicion is still hanging on you.

    Ahmet is announced.

    Bulbul tries to help Safiye up and then Fahriye's body is taken away.

    Ahmet wonders how the war preparations are going. He is told that in a week they should all be set to go. Ahmet tells that particular pasha that he is to stay behind in the Capitol to look over things. Ahmet then tells Dervish, Nasuh and Murat they shall go with him. Murat says forgive me, but should you not appoint the grand vizier before we go? Ahmet says I know what I am doing, when the time comes, I will give who is deserving the seal of grand viziership.

    Ahmet returns and is informed Safiye has arrived and is insistent on seeing him.

    Halime tells Kosem that she got what she wanted, Fahriye has gone and now and you have for the first time been the reason for someone dying. (lost your innocence). Fahriye was not underserving. She was a sinner. A criminal who deserved to die. But you became the reason for a mother to feel the loss of her child. You should know. You hurt a mother. Kosem says I did what needed to be done. She deserved it, and safiye sultan should have been hurt when her daughter tried to kill her own family. And I am surprised at you - Fah had tried to kill your son but you still stick up for her, why? Because you need Safiye, her mother. Mustafa arrives and says she was looking for her. Halime says we Sultanas find ways to relieve our consciences of course...

    Safiye tells Ahmet you must have accepted to see me to see our grief and our pain right? She says she wishes he had killed her instead so she didn't have to once again feel the pain of losing a child. Then she asks when he became so cruel to kill a Sultana this way. Ahmet says when it was right for you to have handed her over, you hid her, then as if that was not enough, you helped her escape. Now you dare to ask me for account? Safiye says she had repented and had begged your forgiveness. Is this your mercy? She was your family...she was entrusted to you by your father! Ahmet shouts this is exactly why she got what she deserved that traitor! Because she betrayed the family she belongs to. The dynasty is important - above in importance than any individual person! No one can dare to kill anyone from my family, if they dare, they will pay the price. Now you may leave!

    Safiye has a few last glares and then leaves.

    Kosem sees Safiye who says the price for life is life, did it pay the price? Are you happy, did your pain decrease? Did your heart gain peace. Kosem says she is not one to shed tears for a traitor like Fahriye. Safiye says maybe not for traitors, but you will shed tears for your loved ones. Kosem says you told me to forget the past. I am doing that. You think I am taking revenge, but I am not, I am just setting up what I have rights to - my hunkar, my family etc. Safiye says then listen, it is my last advise, do not ever leave your home, or leave your child alone. Kosem says don't worry I am here, if you have enough power, kill me because without taking my life you cannot touch my child!

    Fahriye is being buried and a few are present to pray for her. Safiye has a little monologue just about death and dying and the soul etc.

    Mehmet Giray meanwhile puts away the gift he had given Fah who had returned it to him.

    Dervish watches as Fahriye's things are being packed away.

    Mehmet Giray sees Shahin and says okay let's go. Shahin says where are we going, you didn't say. Mehmet replies I am taking you to a port there is someone I know to help you escape. Shahin wonders why Reyhan is not accompanying him? Mehmet replies that he needs Reyhan to stay with him.

    Gurbuz agha gives Bulbul a note and says Handan has sent it. Whatever has happened bulbul looks pale and the agha remarks about this.

    Shahin tells Mehmet he heard about Fahriye and he says I don't know if you are sad or what but you are different, as if someone else is talking not you. Mehmet says I am simply busy with my dreams. Shahin says what dreams? Mehmet says to become the Han of Crimean...and then after that, to take over the Ottoman state. Shahin hugs him and says this, this is my brother, whenever you need me I am here for you right? Mehmet says I know, this is why I had to hand you over. Shahin says this is why you sold me out to the Ottomans? Mehmet says I swear I will come get you out - all I want is for you to not die until then. I will come get you I swear and we shall do this together.

    Zukfikar says did you think you could run from Ahmet's justice? Shahin is taken and Shahin says Mehmet you are a traitor who sold your own relative for the Ottomans.

    Bulbul tells Safiye that the condition is bad so he had to come bother her and Handan has sent a decree that Bulbul has been removed from Safiye as her chamberlain and is to go back to Topkapi palace and work there. Safiye says this is actually good as long as someone who she can trust replaces him it is fine. Bulbul says but forgive me don't leave me, what shall I do without you there? And I cannot leave you to anyone else. Safiye says I have no one I can trust in the palace there, not even Halime, so go there...because you will spark the fire of revolt. Bulbul says I never thought of it...I swear I do not know to be happy or sad now.

    Mehmet Giray is in the hall and Dervish comes across him and says I heard what you did, you have done the best...both your brother and Fahriye deserve punishment. Mehmet says when will you pay for your doings? Dervish says I thought you turned a new leaf? Mehmet says I have...and maybe one day I will be the Han of Crimea...and you? you are a slave, a servant....I, I am from the blood of Cengiz Khan! Dervish is informed Handan is wiating for him .

    Mehmet Giray goes to see Ahmet who says he is pleased with his handing over his brother and that he has spared Shahin's life, but if anything fishy happens, Shahin will be the first to go.

    Handan meets with Dervish. She says she has not been able to speak to him for so long. Dervish says it was not possible and that he was dealing with Fahriye's death didn't want to see her during that time. Handan tells him she is worried about Ahmet setting out. Dervish says I will look after him. She says this is my only consolation then she adds, please take care of yourself too. He says remember you said I wish you were not a pasha and I was not a sultana and I wonder was that a comfort for me to me when I thought I was going to be executed? She says it is whatever you think it is...

     Bulbul has returned to the palace and sees Cennet who welcomes him sarcastically and he says you still greet me. Cennet says you must have missed me, don't worry we shall not be apart from now on...let me say that too! She tells him he is ordered to see Kosem.

    Menekshe brings fabric for the children and Halime says what is happening you look excited? Menekshe says I saw Dervish and Handan in the pearl kiosk and they were together. Halime asks what else she says nothing, I just saw that much. Halime says I would say political matters but ...there is something...we should get on this , I smell something from it!

    Bulbul goes to see Kosem and he says from where to where...one time you were crying to get out from here, but now you own everything. She says Bulbul Safiye sultan's friend is my enemy...but I know you have good in you...I give you another chance to find the right path. He says I do not know right or wrong, but I will not betray Safiye Sultan even if my life is in danger. He says I cannot take one step apart from her...we are Safiye and Bulbul. Kosem says I do not say be with me or go against her...I am simply saying don't mess with me, because if you do then I will not show mercy to you.

    Safiye meets with some pashas and says the time has come tomorrow Sultan Ahmet will leave for campaign and the day will be our day, she opens a chest and says I will personally distribute the celebration gift.

    Kosem expresses her fears about Ahmet leaving and that his return is unknown. Ahmet says do not fear I shall, God Willing return victorious. Menekshe has arrived.

    Bulbul is setting up his things when an agha named Bahtiyar who says he is the only one left who serves Safiye still. Bulbul pulls coins (wow how did no one notice!) and says go see who is willing to serve. The agha says while she is so generous, there will be many who will!

    Ahmet arrives to see Mustafa who is "sick" and Halime says he is not well. Kosem checks and says he has a fever. Mustafa says he will go when his mother says I don't know how he will accompany you...Ahmet says first recover, I cannot take you like this. Mustafa says he wants to go. Kosem says I will come and play with you don't worry.

    Safiye says Sultan Mustafa's era shall begin and those with us shall get their just returns. One of them asks how they can do this while Ahmet is alive, he will take them to account when he returns. Safiye says do not doubt - Sultan Ahmet will not return from the campaign he is leaving on! Nasuh nods to her.

    Handan comments that there was nothing wrong with Mustafa in the morning and says he should take him along. Ahmet says maybe you shouldn't open up this matter, you had last tried to attempt on his life. Handan says take precautions anyway....Ahmet says he is too young anyway, I was not going to take him, you take the necessary precautions as Valide Sultan and don't worry, Zulfikar will remain here for the safety of my shehzades. Halime congratulates Mustafa on his act and he says remember you promised me marzipan?

    Bulbul enters and she asks if everything is on its away. Bulbul says that everything has been taken care of, including the ascension gifts (to be handed out when Mustafa takes the throne) Then Halime says Menekshe it is time to share our secret with him. He wonders what it could be.

    Bulbul and Menekshe listening in on Cennet and the servant making fun of Safiye.

    Ahmet bids Kosem farewell (she says it is first long separation, I will not smell any flower while you are gone, no sun or moon shall shine on me...please return quickly for us, may Allah open your path, return victorious!)

    He says my most precious treasure, do not cease praying for me, I entrust my shezades to you Kosem, do not separate from Osman and Mehmet. Love and protect them...you are the angel without wings who protects my family.

     Kosem is writing when Cennet arrives and says he just left and you are writing? She says I am always missing him...she says it is cold tonight. Cennet asks if she should bring something to warm her up. She notices the candle flickering from some draft and then she notices the listening hole. She calls Kosem over, then she says this a small "rat hole"

    They investigate and find the place where they are being spied on and Cennet says wow even a devil wouldn't think about it! Kosem realizes Menekshe has been hanging around to listen. Then Cennet says let us go tell Handan to deal with them! Kosem says no, if they want to listen, let them! (she has a plan)

    Bulbul tells Halime everything is ready and tonight things will be set in motion and that loyal aghas and soldiers will replace the others, by morning prayers, Mustafa will be announced, and the ascension gifts distributed. Halime worries and says I wonder if it is right to be doing this before we hear of Ahmet's death...Bulbul tells her Ahmet will certainly not return. Trust Safiye sultan. Halime says hopefully. Bulbul says your job tonight is to not exit your room...even if I am shouting at it, do not open your door.

    Ahmet has been speaking to Murat asks for a plan on how to set out on the Celalis. Murat tells a story to explain a point (it's not important basically a man asks another what two owls are talking about, and he is told a parable and basically he takes it as advice to never stray from ensuring his lands prevail in justice again) Dervish asks what he means? That the ottoman state is not keeping the peace and justice?

    The scene changes and Nasuh explains to someone to get ready because they will trap Ahmet.

    Murat pasha explains that the Celalis have destroyed the peace, destroyed many villages, and have oppressed the people and the people say this type of situation didn't exist  during Ahmet's ancestors. Ahmet asks how his ancestors dealt with such a situation. Murat says his ancestors acted on the religious legal laws and the state legal laws. They took over many lands and people lived very happy lives under their rule of peace and justice (because the laws were strict, so swift action against any revolt etc.) Dervish says yes, in the recent past before Ahmet's time (Ahmet's father)  the law has been waning in strictness of justice, and that the Celali has been able to grow because of this. Murat says this is the condition, we need to take precautions. Murat says we must go back to the old laws. Ahmet says what old laws? Murat says the just laws of God and state. If we do not, the world cannot find peace again and the Sultanate will be over God forbid.

    Bulbul is ready and Cennet meanwhile pretends that they are going to talk about something so that Bulbul can listen in on some "fake" news. Kosem says some fake news "our man has found Safiye's hidden treasury! she will lose everything!" Bulbul rushes off thinking this news is real. Cennet tells Kosem that Bulbul has been trapped. Kosem says that she should send word to Zulfikar that they will follow Bulbul to the old palace.

    Halime worries and expresses her fears what if Safiye fails? Menekshe says then she will be punished and there will be no mercy, judging from Fahriye's punishment. Halime says then they will come for us. We will hide and pretend we do not know anything. You prepare for the worst, and if the best comes then celebrate.

    Cennet tells Zulfikar. Bulbul arrives to see Safiye and he tells her that Kosem has "found" the wealth that she has had spies in the old palace. Safiye says are you sure? Bulbul says yes they are going to go get it. She hands him the keys (to remove it). Zulfikar tells Kosem oh he is on fire (Bulbul is rushing) and Kosem says yes let's hurry or everything will fail.

    Handan holds her grandchild and asks how Kosem leaves without saying anything. Her servant tells Handan she has gone to visit a poor girl's mother she has been helping. Handan says tell her to see me when she returns, she cannot just leave whenever she wants.

    Bulbul arrives shortly after so does Zulfikar and Kosem.

    Handan is told that Rasha has arrived. Rasha brings her son and says maybe you'd like to see your grandchild...since he is your first and most powerful/capable Shehzade. Handan says to her: Who are you? How dare you speak to me like this. She says forgive me, I do not mean bad, I simply worry for my Osman, and do not want him to have less of your love. Handan says both my grandchildren are the same to me...what are you trying to say? Rasha says I am the head Haseki, but everyone acts as if Kosem is. And she threatens me saying the strongest mother has the son on the throne. Handan tells her to mind her own business and she will deal with Kosem.

    Bulbul rushes to open the doors and then, he tells the aghas to pack up...just then the guards arrive along with Zulfikar. The aghas are sent out and Zulfikar says wow, what a treasure. Bulbul says it is not what you think, let me explain...Kosem says I wonder how you will explain. Will you be able to say that after all these years this is Safiye sultan's hoard of bribes and other ill gotten wealth? Is this hoarded for her funeral costs? Zulfikar says gather it all up it goes to the treasury.  Bulbul says I am willing to be punished come whatever may! Kosem says your punishment is enough to be a loser in safiye's eyes - go tell her I have gotten my hand on her secret wealth! Bulbul has no choice but to go.

    Zulfikar orders everything packed up and recorded.

    Bulbul calls for the carriage to set off for the old palace.

    Ahmet walks along a path and Murat shows a well saying this is the secret to "living" forever - sultan Suleyman has long gone what he has done remains his legacy. For example this land whatever and whoever has taken from this well and as long as they do, he also lives. Ahmet says you are right, I wish to leave something behind, a great Mosque - so that believers can pray in there. Dervish says he knows of Mimar Sinan's student he can work on it if he orders.

    Safiye has adorned herself quite regally and Bulbul arrives to give her the bad news - and that they have taken the wealth and it is his fault. She says how can you be so careless? He says forgive me I don't know how it happened, he begs forgiveness and she says don't be crazy, they think they can stop me with this? They think that it is all the wealth I have? Tonight everything will become ours and they have no idea! She says without wasting time they must go - the royal palace awaits them!

    Ahmet takes refreshment at the fountain and finds Dervish notices something is amiss and then he sees the arrow flying towards Ahmet so he rushes forward and grabs him and throws him aside. The shout is made to protect Ahmet and Dervish rushes to cover him from the blast.

    Kosem sees something fall and recalls Safiye's words of not leaving her home or her child and she says I want to go back. Zulfikar says I told you not to come with us, but you begged, now there is no way I can let you go alone you must wait. She says tell them to hurry then!

    The mean are trying to recover from what has just happened. Nasuh motions to someone  to an archer and Ahmet is hit in the arm. Dervish somehow manages to catch the second arrow in the back.

    Soldiers are saying they have heard rumours that Sh. Mustafa has been killed so they want to see with their own eyes if he is alive. Aghas and guards try to stop them but they say we aren't going anywhere. The soldiers make their way inside leaving a trail of bodies on the ground. Kosem shouts for the aghas to go faster she wants to go back to the palace at once.

    Soldiers are allowed to enter by Safiye's newly bought aghas, Cennet finds out and shouts oh no there is an attack!

    Safiye enters without difficulty, and then the doors are locked.

    Handan is told that the harem has been attacked by some aghas from the Enderun and that they are armed. Handan calls for Osman to be brought. The aghas are killing any man in their way and then bow before Safiye as she walks through. Halime waits nervously in her room with her children. Mustafa asks what the noise is, she tells him to stay away from the doors. Dilruba tells him that they have come for him and that tomorrow he shall ascend the throne and then from now on everyone shall fear him.

    Safiye enters the golden hall and makes her way into the Sultan's chambers. leaving a trail of blood behind her.  Takes a seat and says we have waited always for this day. Then she says bring Mustafa Bulbul...and then give the order to finish the matter of Halime Sultan! We do not want her walking around our feet.

    Bulbul knocks and says we have come to take Shehzade Mustafa...I am Bulbul agha, open the door. Halime says open the door Menekshe...the future we have waited for has arrived.

    Kosem arrives with Zulfikar and they see what has happened and he calls for Janissaries. He tells her to stay inside the carriage. She shouts for her son and to open the door. "My son is inside, open the door!"

    THE END.

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