• Kosem Sultan Episode 15

    The episode is called "The longest night"

    The first scene begins with Kosem and Zulfikar going through the secret entrance and she leads the way saying, it's here, this is how we can get into the harem.  

    Meanwhile Bulbul is at Halime's door saying open the door, it is us. Menekshe by Halime's permission, and when they are going to take Mustafa, Halime says I shall accompany him. Bulbul responds, you are staying my Sultana, we will take him. Halime says this is not our agreement with Safiye. Bulbul says the deal is over. Halime tells them not to dare take him, but they do, and they also stab Halime leaving her servant and her daughter with her. 

    Murat pasha meanwhile is telling Ahme that the accursed traitor has fled and that it has turned out it was one of the guards and that they must return at once to the palace because whoever is behind this certainly has their eyes on the throne. Ahmet then asks how Dervish is.

    Zulfikar has successfully entered with Kosem and they are horrified by the bodies Safiye has left in her wake. Kosem asks to be taken to the Valide Sultan's rooms where her son is. They set off. 

    The doors to Handan's rooms are almost broken down and Handan prays from the Throne verse in the Quran, a protection prayer. 

    Cennet plays dead and then gets up when the coast is clear. Rasha is in her room with her baby. 

    Ahmet is told by the doctors that they did whatever they could for Dervish,  all that can be done now is to wait. Ahmet tells him do whatever you all must, but save him!

    Mustafa is taken crying to his grandmother, who tells him not to be frightened. He says he wants his mother, she says your mother is no longer, we are here now. When the sun rises you shall ascend the throne and we will be by your side. 

    The doors to Handan's rooms are broken open and she shouts at the men saying I am your Valide Sultana, I order you to stay back! They do not obey.

    Menekshe tells Halime's daughter that she has to hide her mother as the men might return once again. 

    Kosem arrives to Handan's rooms and tells the men not to come close to her son, Zulfikar then arrives and cuts the men down one by one and clears the room of them. 

    Mustafa tells Safiye to let him go, he wants his mother. Safiye tells him his childhood is over, and so is his princehood! You are going to be a Padishah, do you understand me?! Then he orders Bulbul to take him to rest, and be under close guard and also to give him some medicine to calm him. 

    Dilruba helps Menekshe by having brought things to clean her mothers wounds and closes the door, and Menekshe removes the dagger. 

    Zulfy asks what is going on and the purpose of the attack. Handan says she does not know, that she knows as much as them. Kosem says they cannot wait here longer, they must go. Handan tells Zulfikar that they must also get Osman. Kosem says of course we won't leave Osman, Ahmet has left him in my safekeeping. 

    Some men enter Rasha's room and one says they have kidnapped prince Mustafa, go search for him and they do but the baby cries and one of the men finds Rasha in the closet. She pleads with the man saying I have gold and jewels, just then Cennet arrives and hits the man over the head.

    Ahmet asks Dervish how many times will you save my life? Dervish says perhaps this is the last...may my life be sacrificed for you! Ahmet comforts him while his wound is cauterized by the doctor - you are my companion, my friend, don't die! The doctor says do not worry he will recover!

    Mustafa enters the room where he is being kept closely guarded and he asks for his mother. Bulbul says do not be sad, tomorrow your mother will come. 

    Halime meanwhile mumbles she must save her son, Menekshe tells her she cannot go anywhere in this state. Dilruba says she can go and save her brother and she goes off, despite Menekshe saying where are you going?!

    Kosem stabs a man who has stabbed Rasha. 

    Ahmet is told by the traitor Nasuh, that the assassin has been found but is dead. Murat says he is not surprised, then he tells Ahmet we are leaving the ship is ready. Nasuh wonders how they will return by ship (in surprise of course). Ahmet says they are going and Nasuh will stay to head the army. Then Murat asks about Dervish and Ahmet says that he will come along and that he cannot leave him in this condition behind. 

    Zulfikar is helping the women and Cennet comments that it is Safiye's doings and Kosem says I said they will try to take Mustafa on the throne. Zulfikar says the barracks aghas will certainly arrive to help.

    The aghas are the door and demand an answer from the men who have taken over and ask how will they answer to Ahmet? One of the men says did you not hear, Ahmet has died on the campaign and that Mustafa will get on the throne. The Janissary agha says if this is true, then it is a son of Ahmet's who will ascend according to the rules, not his brother! The man says they are babies! That is impossible!

    Kosem says something must be done before Mustafa sits on the throne - if he sits on that throne, their fates will be sealed. Cennet wonders what can be done. Kosem says we can get Mustafa from them, them and that way they will not be able to put him on the throne! Zulfikar says we must get him and hide him until the Sultan's return. Kosem is going to join Zulfikar but he says it is his job, she needs to stay with the princes so that he is sure of their safety, and he tells her if he does not return by dawn, then she should escape and go to Hudai's lodge and that he will protect them. 

    Bulbul is wondering where the baby princes are, why they have not been brought yet. An agha says the doors were locked, they probably couldn't get in. Zulfikar sneaks up on Bulbul and says you will give up Mustafa or you will die. Bulbul is about to die but another guard comes up behind Zulfikar.

    Handan laments that Osman is now left motherless. Cennet wonders what they are waiting for as they should be getting away already. Kosem responds that there is no leaving until they have Mustafa and and Zulfikar returns. Cennet says something probably happened to him! Will we wait until morning!? Handan reminds Cennet that if they put Mustafa on the throne, does she really think they'd leave tem alive? Kosem says I am not going to sit here with my hands tied. I entrust the princes to all of you. 

    Safiye is questioning Zulfikar and asks where Kosem is and adds, you both went to get my (secret) treasure!   Zulfikar tells her that Ahmet will find out about this betrayal sooner or later and that on that day accounts will be settled. Safiye says if he could return, but he has died, or would we ever dare to do this? Zulfikar does not believe it. Safiye says it is the truth, and understand from it that Kosem has no rule now, Mustafa will get on the throne from the room where he is currently staying, the prayer room. Zulfikar informs her of the rules - that Sh. Mustafa is not the heir apparent, but Osman is so the right to rule would be his. Safiye says when the time comes of course, but Kosem kidnapped him from us. Tell us where they are so we can protect them along with the other shehzade! Zulfikar refuses to speak and she orders him taken away and dealt with. 

    Bulbul meanwhile is ordering aghas saying that Kosem is hiding somewhere in the harem, and they must find her. Dilruba comes running saying I am a Sultana get out of my way. Bulbul says Mustafa is not here, go to your room! 

    Kosem somehow helps Zulfikar get away from the men who have him and she wonders where Mustafa is and he tells her he has found out where he is. 

    Dilruba finds Mustafa. There is some commotion and Zulfikar and Kosem arrive. Kosem tries to convince Dilruba to come along with her brother, but she says no, and tells Mustafa they are our enemies. Kosem tells Mustafa I am not your enemy. I will protect you with my life. Dilruba says no, don't go Mustafa, Kosem tells her to join them and she gives in and follows.

    Safiye stands on what she thinks is her terrace and then takes a seat and says to Bulbul how much she wishes the night would be over already and things work out for them. Bulbul says don't worry it will and you will be master of your old power once again. Safiye asks him why he is smiling. He says that if it were possible for her to get on the throne like Queen Elizabeth. She smiles at this. Then word is informed that Zulfikar and Kosem have taken Mustafa and run away. Zulfikar helps the women out of the palace and Handan thanks him. Zulfikar tells Kosem that Safiye has said Ahmet has died. Kosem says Safiye has lied. Zulfikar says God Willing. While we wait to get word from the Sultan, we must hide. Zulfikar hears men searching. Zulfikar sends the carriage away and stays behind to fight the men off and he does.

    Safiye tells the men that Mustafa has to be found, and that she cares not if anyone is else is killed in the process, but that shehzade Mustafa must be brought safe and unharmed! 

    The carriage it's on its way but men have stopped it. Zulfikar has managed to fight everyone off, but he is having a hard time staying on his feet. 

    The men shout that Shehzade Mustafa - but then Mehmet Giray has come to the rescue and says I heard about what happened, I have come to take you somehwere safe, you can trust me! Kosem says we are going to the lodge - but Mehmet says no, they will look there first. Kosem says then we will go someplace else, someplace they won't think to look.

    Bulbul informs Safiye that while the soldiers tried to cut off the way of the escapees, they managed to get away anyway. Safiye curses them and says you will search every house, every corner, you will have the ports watched and guarded!

    Kosem has gone to the house of Meleki the little girl and her mother whom Kosem had helped in their time of need. Kosem goes to speak to Mehmet saying I will not forgot what you have done here. Mehmet says do not mention it!

    The women get some sleep finally, and Dilruba wakes up (oh no, she's probably going to mess it up!).

    Zulfikar walks through the market place and Mehmet says he has looking everywhere for him. Zulfikar says who ordered you to look for me? Safiye? Mehmet says, no, Kosem sultan has ordered me to look for you, come I will take you to them. 

    Kosem wakes up to find that Mustafa and Dilruba are gone. She wakes the rest of them up and says they are gone! Handan scolds Cennet and Heycan saying how did you sleep?! 

    Mustafa says he wishes to stay with Kosem and she finds him but silly Dilruba yells that Kosem has kidnapped Mustafa and is a traitor. The soldiers tell Kosem that Ahmet has died and she responds that it is a lie and to not believe it. Dilruba complains saying she has kidnapped all the princes and she even knows the place where they are hidden! Kosem tries to get Dilruba to shut up, but she doesn't and also points out the home where they are staying. The guards enter the home and ask about the princes. The little girl Meleki says  there are no princes here! Dulruba says she is lying . (Ugh, Dilruba go away!) She orders the men to search for the princes, but the leader of the group says we will first have to take Kosem and Mustafa to the palace and then deal with it later.

    The little girl asks Cennet what will happen to Kosem, and she says Safiye will not let her live, may God help us!

    Ahmet watches over Dervish. Murat Pasha says that while Dervish's wounds are deep, he will be okay. Ahmet tells Murat about their history together - he tells him about learning about poetry, swordsmanship and other things from Dervish, that he was not even so close with his own father as he was with Dervish. Then he asks how much longer to the Capitol and Murat says soon, the winds are favourable. Ahmet orders them to go faster. 

    Zulfikar says thank God they are okay, but he is mad about Kosem having been taken. Mehmet Giray asks how it happened and Cennet says that it was that foolish Dilruba's fault. 

    Safiye meanwhile is told that Kosem and Mustafa have been captured. She turns her attention to Kosem when they enter and slaps her saying did you think you could get away from us! Get our Shehzade ready for the ascension ceremony!  

    Menekshe is with Halime and Dilruba arrives and goes to her mother who asks where Mustafa is. She says I brought him, don't worry I did not say you are alive, let my brother get on the throne I will get all their heads and you will be the one to lead us! 

    Safiye tells Kosem about her ring -  this ring was Hurrem Sultan's. You've heard of her - you wore her crown remember? It is a said a single whisper of hers was enough to silence all the women! After her, this ring became Nurbanu's. She was a powerful woman too. We had not seen a beauty such as her during her life! Nor the like in cruelty. When her son Murat got the throne, I was thes head Haseki, she did everything to me ( to make life miserable for me, plot against me etc.) Then the ring passed to me. The eras changed, and my son Mehmet got on the throne...and we were there when Ahmet took the throne too! He kissed my hand and asked for my prayers. BUT - he went against me! So now the time has come! From today, Sultan Mustafa's era will begin!

    She continues "men get on the throne, but those who keep them there and help them,  are their women - you could not be one of those women Kosem!"

    Kosem tells her - you are blinded by greed and hunger for power. You know not what love for your beloved, or grandchildren, or anything means! A stone has replaced your heart! Safiye says yes, a stone is in the place of my heart - a diamond actually...sharp, brilliant and cold. I am not like you! I worked hard for forty years for what I am today, but you did nothing and wore a crown before your time, you neither fought for love nor power, and you went against me, so of course there is a price for this. You will die! Kosem says I have a proposition for you. Safiye says, if you wish to beg to spare your life, beg, perhaps we shall accept. Kosem says if you let me go now, and go back on this plot to put Mustafa on the throne, I shall spare your life! Safiye says haha, you have gone mad and know not of what you speak. Kosem says oh I know exactly what I say - Ahmet will return - he is alive and you shall pay for this. Safiye says even if he is, you will not see him return. Bulbul enters to inform Safiye that the ascension preparations are complete. Safiye says great and then tells him to take Kosem and to strangle her so that it is a painful death and then orders Bulbul to then throw her in a sack and dump her in the Bospohorus afterwards. 

    Bulbul informs the men of the order. Kosem tells Bulbul if you have the courage, you carry out the execution. He doesn't respond and she says, I did not know you were this much of a coward! 

    Mustafa arrives and is told Safiye awaits him. He enters (so did they have this little outfit made overnight or what?) 

    Kosem is taken to a room to be executed. 

    Mustafa walks down the hall with Safiye towards his ascension ceremony. 

    Kosem is recalling her love and son as she readies herself for what is to happen. 

    Safiye tells Mustafa his throne awaits him, then prays for him. Mustafa says he is afraid, he wants his mother, and then he says come with me (as I go to the throne) She says I will always be with you, but I am not to go past these doors.  The doors are opened and Mustafa is announced as Sultan Mustafa and he walks timidly to "his" throne, with a very worried and scared look on his face. Zulfikar rushes forward and tells everyone that Ahmet is alive and not to fall prey to this game! Mehmet also shouts the same thing. But guards take them both away. 

    Safiye, who I have zero sympathy for is shocked to hear Ahmet has arrived! He is disgusted by what he sees and I cannot wait until she gets in trouble. Mustafa rushes to him but he goes towards the men saying how DARRRRE you! You traitors! Ahmet shows them all with one swift sword stroke. Run Safiye...run!

    He shouts, you traitors, how dare you put someone else on my throne!? Then he orders Murat Pasha to tell them! Ahmet enters the inner palace full of anger. Safiye goes into the sultan's room and dumps something in her ring and is about to drink it and Ahmet arrives and grabs her by the throat. He says you thought you could die and be saved? you will NOT get away from me this easily!

    The traitorous men are on their knees and pay with their treachery with their heads one by one. He says to the rest, watch and take heed! (take it as a lesson for you!)

    Zulfikar asks where Kosem who tells him that by Safiye's orders she has been executed. Bulbul watches from the corner. Zulfikar goes towards him. Safiye is being escorted away. 

    Ahmet shouts at Zulfikar and says how did this all happen!??? HOOOWWW? 

    Zulfikar says that they tried their best, but Safiye had everyone on her side, and that the remaining, after hearing her say Ahmet had died, switched to her side. Ahmet says that there was an attack on him, but it failed, if it had not, they would have succeeded in this plot. Ahmet asks about everyone. Zulfikar says your sons are all well, your mother too...but, Mahfiruze Sultan has died. He asks about Kosem. Zulfikar replies, that Kosem did everything to protect the throne and the princes, but, as he has just learned, she has been executed by Safiye sultan's orders. 

    Ahmet cannot hear anything else Zulfikar is saying because he goes into a daze. He says no, no, where is she? Zulfikar says they are looking everywhere but have not found her body yet. 

    Ahmet enters one of the rooms and sees the dead bodies all over and he goes to see their faces. One of them is Rasha. Zulfikar tries to stop Ahmet from going mad as he searches faces and Zulfikar says she might be in the Bosphorus...Ahmet weeps and says no, Zulfikar, no!

    Ahmet tells Zulfikar that his princes need him, they need him and tells Ahmet to stand on his feet. Ahmet asks to be taken to his children. 

    Safiye is on her way to the dungeons and Bulbul is there as well. 

    Ahmet is announced and we see that Murat and Mehmet Giray are there, Murat tells him the traitors have found what they deserved. Ahmet tells him not to spare anyone. 

    There is a knock on the door to the room Halime is in and despite being told not to open the door, Dilruba opens the door. She says welcome my Sovereign Mustafa. Mustafa says I am not a Hunkar, my brother has returned.  Dilruba and everyone hear with worry that Ahmet has returned. 

    The little girl Meleki sees that Ahmet has come to her house, led by Mehmet Giray. He enters the house and Kosem suddenly appears before him. They embrace and he says they had said you were dead! How? 

    She recalls Bulbul arriving while she was being strangled. He says to the men get out, I will personally do it. Kosem says so you do have courage. Do it...finish this matter! Bulbul says, I will stay loyal to Safiye Sultan until my last breath, nothing can change that. He frees her. Get out, save yourself hurry! 

    Ahmet now asks where his children are. She leads him inside where his family awaits. He says it was all a very bad dream, it's morning now and we have awoken. 

    Ahmet smiles and thanks Mehmet and Zulfikar and says ask of me whatever you will. Zulfikar says to have your family safe and sound is the best thing for me. Mehmet agrees with Zulfikar. Ahmet says I have heard all you have done for my family Mehmet Giray.

    Ahmet enters Halime's room. He looks at Halime, then Ahmet. He says what have you done Halime Sultan...what have you done. How dare you try to put your son on the throne? Dilruba lies and says my Hunkar, she played no part in it, look at her, what they have done to her, they left her to die. Ahmet asks how it happened. Halime says they came to get my son, I said no. That is why they stabbed me and forcibly took my son from me. Ahmet says everyone will pay the price for waht they did. 

    The palace is being cleaned and Haci has returned wondering what has happened. Cennet tells him oh finally you came! While you were in the hot springs, look what befell us! Do not ask what we went through in one night. Haci asks about Handan. Cennet says do not ask about anyone!

    Ahmet is speaking to Kosem and says Zulfikar told me everything that you did, you took a sword in your hand and went at it. Kosem says one has to be strong in this palace. Ahmet says you did not leave Osman behind, you went to get him too. Kosem says Zulfikar...if he was not with us, I do not know what we would have done. Ahmet says he knows about Dilruba's doings and Kosem says, well she is still very young, I cannot accuse her of anything, but it is obvious that she is under her mother's influence. Ahmet says do you think Halime is innocent...Kosem says I did not see her at all that night, but seeing her injury is great, it's obvious someone wanted to be rid of her. Then she says, Ahmet that night was the longest one, what happened to Mahfiruze and Osman...Ahmet says everyone who did this to my family, has either found what they deserved or will find what they deserve. Kosem says do not be sad for Osman, I swear to you I will not separate him from my own son.

    Handan arrives to see Dervish and the doctor says that he is very heavily wounded, but he is strong and will recover. Handan sends everyone out and then says, I am here now, are you in a lot of pain? He says now that you are here, no.

    Kosem asks where Haci has been all this time. He says I'm sorry I wouldnt have gone, Handan insisted. Kosem says don't worry I was simply teasing. One of the girls is troubled and  Kosem asks whats wrong, and the girl tells her that Osman is crying badly, probably misses his mother. 

    Cennet is wondering why Osman cannot be consoled. The milkmaid doesn't know what's wrong, why he won't drink any milk. Kosem enters and feeds him. 

    Ahmet speaks to Murat and that they tried, but won't win. Murat says it is not good for Ahmet to go back on campaign right now that it would be best to catch all the traitors first. Ahmet agrees saying this is exactly what we will do. Ahmet says he will choose aghas at the gates and that everyone is to be changed. murat tells Ahmet that the most important thing is the grand viziership and that appointing one soon would be beneficial. Murat then says that it is good to follow the old rules to bring about stability, and that the only thing that gives people the insolence to commit treason, is mustafa's existence, so the matter should be dealt with soon. Ahmet does not say anything in response to this. 

    Meanwhile, Mustafa asks why his mother isn't recovering yet. Menekshe says don't worry, she will. Dilruba says no one cares about us, not a single person came and asked how we were doing! Menekshe says last night what dreams we had...we thought Sh. Mustafa would get on the throne, but now...Dilruba says now safiye is in the dungeons...what will happen? Menekshe responds the one thing I know about this palace is that when there is silence, it is a bad sign..

    Handan tells Dervish about safiye being in the dungoens. Dervish says finally her end has come. Handan says how can this continue...Ahmet has to do what his forefathers...Dervish says you mean he has to deal with sh. Mustafa, is that what you are saying? She nods and says this is the only way we can ensure stability and peace. Dervish says after what Ahmet has gone through, do not doubt, Ahmet will probably rethink his decision on Mustafa. Handan says it is late...I should be going now. She is about to leave he is sitting up so she tries to stop him. They have a moment and Haci enters and peeks through door, as she settles Dervish back into a resting position. Haci enters and Handan asks what he is doing here. Haci says I found out what happened and I wanted to come see you and find out how you are...I heard you were here...Handan says let's go, and bids Dervish good night.

    Kosem enters her room with Osman and some aghas bring in his cradle. She tells her friend that Osman shall stay with her from now on. Cennet says what will Handan says? Kosem says I will speak to her. 

    Bulbul gets up and walks over and says my Sultana, my sun, please show me your face so I may know you are well. Safiye shows herself and she says I am fine. Bulbul says the executioners will come soon for me, but I wanted you to know that in this world, Bulbul's heart and loyalty was always yours. And know that he will wish to die in your arms. Safiye says so you are not regretful? She says good, neither am I!

    Handan is with Haci and says she is pleased that Dervish is alright and that these days shall pass. Haci sends the servants out and says to Handan, its good that Dervish is well, but the way Dervish looks at you, is strange. Handan says what are you trying to say. Haci says...forgive me but our Pasha has an improper look towards you...if someone where to find out...what would we do? - Handan cuts him off and says what are you talking about?! Haci says Dervish has forgotten his place...Handan says do not speak of someone who has been so loyal to us...forget this and I forbid you to even think of it again! 

    The doctor is telling Dervish he must rest, his would has not even healed. 

    Handan has gone to see Safiye - Bulbul tries to call out to her, she ignores. Haci tells him to be silent and Bulbul says if you were there I would have killed you with my own hands!

    Handan says to Safiye, thank God, everyone has found what they deserved. Safiye says are you still alive? Handan says you tried, but I got away...so did Kosem - you were not able to kill us. It is finished, no one can get you from here. Today or tomorrow my son will give the order. Safiye says I am saying this so you get it, no one can kill us. Handan says you did all this and shamelessly you are joking with me? She whispers to Safiye you will not leave this place alive...you are finished, your reign is over!

    Murat tells Kosem she has never heard nor seen a Valide Sultan imprisoned and this kind of end was the only end befitting someone like Safiye. Kosem says that whatever happens to her, it will be grief and pain, but I do not feel safe with our Hunkar going to head the army...especially at this kind of time. Murat says he agrees with her. Kosem tells Murat she thinks he should be the vizier. Murat says he is very happy to hear this from her, he has never chased rank or position, but he does not run from any position given to him either. Kosem says I will do my best to suggest you to our Hunkar.

    Cennet enters Halime's room and Dilruba says what is it? Cennet says I have come for Mustafa, he is to be taken to his own room. Halime says no. Cennet says Valide Handan Sultan has ordered it. Mustafa doesnt want to go, Cennet says do not worry, you can visit whenever you want. Dilruba says she will go too, Cennet says to her, it is obvious what happened the last time we entrusted him to you.

    Halime says I need to speak to Kosem! I need to speak to Kosem!

    Handan asks how Ahmet's injury is, he is it is nothing and then asks how Dervish is. Handan says he is fine. He should recover at once so he can come be by your side. He has shown his loyalty to you once again, and, it is clear he deserves the seal of the grand vizier. Everyone wonders about safiye's punishment. She must suffer as much as she put us through. Handan says she has ordered Mustafa to be in his own room, it is not good to have him with his mother. Then she says, today we are saved, but tomorrow? Will you always live with this threat? He pulls his hand away and leaves.

    Menekshe calls out to Kosem and she says please, listen, Halime needs to speak to you. Kosem says she will not listen to traitors. Menekshe says please, they took him to his own room, it is said soon he will have to die!

    Handan wants to see Osman, and asks if he has gone to the wet nurse. Haci says I thought you knew, Kosem has him in his room, feeds him herself. Handan says sigh, Kosem, she is good, but she does things on her own (as if she commands the place!) How can she do this without asking me? Haci says she doesn't ask anyone about anything. Then he tells her about seeing Murat and Kosem together whispering. Handan comments she has left harem matters and now sticks her nose into state matters.

    Zulfikar and Dervish see each other and Dervish comments that he returned to a palace of blood. Zulfy says I did whatever I could. Ahmet arrives and asks Dervish why he has come while he hasn't recovered yet. Dervish says he did not want to leave him alone in these times. 

    Kosem goes to see Halime who says come, look at what has befallen me. Kosem says whatever happened to you, is because of you! Halime says you look to blame - I am the sacrifice of Safiye sultan. She took my son from my arms, I tried to prevent her, they stabbed me. Kosem says yes you did...in your back because Safiye betrayed you. You can convince everyone with these lies but you cannot fool me. Safiye sultan used you and then wanted to throw you aside. Halime says you want revenge...whatever I say will be futile...you can be angry with me, but please save my Mustafa. Help him please. Kosem is walking away when Dilruba arrives please speak to our Hunkar, save my brother. Kosem replies that is what I was doing when I took him away that night Dilruba, the one who put him in trouble is you - you and your mother too. The sin will be upon you.

    Dervish gives his condolences for Rasha's death. Ahmet says that Kosem has taken Osman under her care. Dervish says not only your shehzade, but she has taken your whole family into her care, her doings are remarkable. Ahmet says I am tired of thinking of the safety of my family at every turn - I am losing everything and everyone and it is happening because of my mercy and conscience. My enemies see it as a weakness and attack me. But it is over, from now on the old rules and laws will be followed. Dervish asks what his orders are. 

    Mustafa stis alone and Kosem goes to visit him, takes a seat next to him and says are you mad at me? He says I am mad at everyone, my brother, you, the guards, you all have separated me from my mother! Kosem says you don't see your mother now, but I promise you will be with her soon. She calls for a chest and says look what I got for you. She pulls out some toys and says look , sh. Osman and mehmet have sent these for you, hey are too young to play with them, so they want you to have them for now. Mustafa says but they are babies, they can't speak..Kosem says I understand waht they are saying. Mustafa starts playing with the toys. Then he says this bird will take me on his back and take me to my mom. 

    Handan has gone to visit her grandchildren when Kosem arrives. Handan asks her where she was, she responds that she had gone to Halime who wanted to see her, and then to poor Mustafa who was sad, and Handan cuts her off saying I am told you were speaking to Murat pasha? Kosem responds he was giving his condolences about the bad events while we were outside Ahmet's chambers, did I do something wrong? Handan says there are rules...Kosem, it is not proper for you to meet with Pashas. And how did you bring Osman here without permission? Kosem says I sent word, but you had gone to visit Dervish and Ahmet knows about this and he is very pleased. Handan says you busy yourself with your own son, I am the one who will look after my grandchild, you can come see him whenever, but he cannot stay here. 

    Dervish exits the chamber and tells Zulfikar that Ahmet has given a decision about Safiye and Mustafa. Ahmet meanwhile exits his room.

    Cennet tells Kosem you can always see Osman when you want, don't go against Handan over this. Ahmet arrives and says I wished to see my sons. He asks what is going on...she says they are good, but he does not see it fit to keep Osman with me. Ahmet tells Haci that Osman shall stay with Kosem from now on. Then he takes a seat with Kosem and says I came at night to see you, I saw you sleeping with Osman on one side and Mehmet on the other. Kosem says I have two sons now - I fed Osman...this gives me happiness, also fear for their outcomes. I know you are giving a decision on Mustafa, this decision will decide Osman's and Mehmet's fate. If you kill Mustafa, then they will fight amongst each other. If you forgive him one more time, then maybe the rules will change and no one will ever have to deal with losing a brother again. Ahmet says what is worse, the loss of a brother or a child? 

    Ahmet is working away carving something, and Mustafa is shown sleeping. 

    Kosem arrives in the dungeons and sees Bulbul there. She asks for Safiye's door to be opened and she enters. Safiye says I was waiting for you, Mahpeyker Kosem, speak, I am listening. Kosem says you should have listened before. I told you to retreat but you didn't. Safiye says I am curious, how did you get away? Kosem says I am Kosem, you can't get rid of me that easily. You are here now, in the darkness as dark as your soul. Safiye says no matter where I am, it doesn't change the reality that I am Safiye sultan. Kosem takes a seat next to her. 

    Mustafa wakes up seeing a dove and goes towards it. Halime wakes suddenly with some dread and tries getting up. We see executioners walking the halls..

    Kosem meanwhile says I wonder sometimes why we turned out to be enemies, and not friends. I came here as a child refusing to bow before anyone. Like you. Our natures are similar, so that is why it is impossible for us to ally with each other. Safiye says yes, do the sun and moon stay at the same time in the sky. The two of us are too much for let alone the harem, even the world. It is either you or I. Kosem says does this not frighten you? Safiye says it should scare you more than it should me, because I have nothing left to lose. Kosem says your ring...I did not know how meaningful your ring was before you told me the story. Safiye says you can tear it from my finger, but this ring gains meaning it's owner. Kosem says and perhaps I am that "meaning" She gets up to leave and looks at Bulbul who shakes his head. The aghas go inside and Bulbul says please do not, she is a Valide Sultan! Don't please!

    Halime is stumbling and falls and says they will kill my son...she calls for her son. 

    The next scenes don't have any dialogue, basically, executioners going down the hall, Mustafa following the dove out..Ahmet having a hard time with what is happening, and finally executioners entering a room and closing the doors behind them. 

    THE END.

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    1. Thank you once again. I watched it this morning in Turkish and even then I believed it is a really good drama. Little Mustafa is such a good actor. I hope he doesn't get strangled.

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    6. A milkmaid milks cows. A wetnurse breastfeeds human infants whose natural mother either has insufficient milk or is unable to nurse her infant or doesn't want to.