• Kosem Sultan - Episode 12

    Kosem enters the harem with her head held high.

    Meanwhile, Dervish dines with Fahriye - she says the thing you did last night (why did you do it?). He tries to avoid her question and says I have to return to the palace. She says...why Dervish? He says "oh nothing special...the moment simply required it." She replies, certainly there is an explanation, did your feelings towards me change or did you feel sorry for me? He replies that if you really want an answer let me tell you, it was a comforting gesture...a comforting gesture for both of us for having lived through all the  let downs (disappointed).

    In the Safiye is looking for Fahriye and Safiye says Fahriye what have you done?! Our Hunkar now knows about you trying to kill him and the shehzade! Dervish asks who said it and Safiye says that small snake Kosem! Safiye tells them that the letters between her and Mehmet, everything was given to Ahmet...and that she tricked them all as well!

    Kosem admires her new look in the mirror...

    Safiye says you have destroyed our lives...you have burnt us all...don't you get it yet? OUR HUNKAR IS COMING TO EXECUTE YOU! What do we do now? What else shall befall us because of you?! Fahriye is freaking out and says if I am to burn, you shall as well! Did you hear me Dervish Pasha?! Safiye is angry and replies, and she dares to threaten us! We rule the world but our words have no affect on our own daughter! Whatever bad has come upon us, is your fault! But it is over now...you are alone - you shall get your punishment. Fahriye begs her saying help me! and says I do not wish to die! Please save me!

    Ahmet is on his way and then we see him arrive asking for Fahriye, and yells at Safiye to bring her from wherever she has hidden her. Safiye says that from fear she has run away and that Safiye was unable to stop her.  Ahmet yells some more and says that is why you are here, you wanted her to run away, you must say it at once, where have you hidden her?!

    Dervish is risking his life helping Fahriye and then he says we are here. Fahriye begs him not to leave her, because what if Ahmet finds her or someone hands her over. Dervish says this is all I can do for you, nothing else.

    Meanwhile Ahmet says to Safiye that does Fah really think she can hide from him? Safiye says of course, you will find her and punish her...but she is a member of the family...if she is crazy, she is our crazy one - I beg you, please spare her life. Ahmet responds saying that your daughter poisoned me and my brother....she would have brought about our end! The end of the family! There is no pardon under any circumstance! she will get what she deserves!

    Zulfikar sees Fahriye...Fahriye has gone to Hudai's lodge - she introduces herself and says she has to speak with him. Hudai says I am sorry, but I do not recognize someone named that. She says how not? I am Safiye and Mehmet han's daughter Safiye Sultan! he ignores her and tells his students they will be late for lessons and leaves. A woman tells Fahriye "if you want to get inside, there is something you must do..."

    Murat Pasha meets Kosem who says he is glad she came because he wanted to personally congratulate her. she says oh wow you heard and he replies I did not think you would win such a great victory against her this quickly. She says well fate was on my side...he says yes, today it is this way, but tomorrow? As a commander, I have seen many wars that change the winds...what I am trying to say is do not leave your sword from your hands. She says she knows Safiye will come after her with everything she has got. he says that she should fear but also take precautions for all situations. Then he says I wish you to meet someone - Gurbuz agha.

    Hudai is seated when Fahriye arrives in plain clothing and calls herself Fahriye hanim. Hudai says welcome. Fahriye says that they told her that there are no Sultans or pashas in this lodge. He says yes, in God's name we have no rank - anyone coming through this door they are same...you are here, as my daughter. Then he asks what is the matter. She says I am a sinner. My punishment (for what I have done) is death. I have come begging at your door, please accept me.

    Ahmet angrily asks where Zulfikar is and Haci says he has gone to Hudai's lodge and that he does not know where Dervish is. Ahmet asks for Kosem to be called.

    Murat tells kosem that Gurbuz is smart, quick and most important very loyal and that he wishes to be in service to Kosem. Kosem says she will speak to Haci. Murat says well he has a place...he works in the Old palace - he will watch Safiye sultan's every step. Murat tells kosem about Safiye having secret treasures, amassed from bribery and that if they can find her secret wealth - then she will be destroyed forever. Kosem asks Murat what made Safiye and him enemies with each other, and he says it is a long story I will tell you one day when there is time.

    Haci informs Kosem that Ahmet is asking for her, and that Ahmet is very angry after returning from Fahriye's palace.

    Kosem goes to see Ahmet. Ahmet says to her, our love was not like master and slave...we had a pure love with no lies. Where did you find this letters? How did it come by your hands? Have you also worked behind my back? How did you get this letter? She says, well I first heard of it and did not believe it, and I doubted so I investigated and followed her and I found this letter. He says, has it befallen to you to investigate a Sultana? Are you a spy? she says I am willing to do whatever when your life is at stake! She must be punished! He says, of course she will be punished! But this is not the matter at hand! Even if my own blood tried to poison me, this has not hurt me more than you getting your hands into these dirty kinds of tricks. You were not like the others, you had an unbreakable innocence. but you have become just like the other common cariyes, other pashas...your heart has finally also become dirty...this palace has finally done that to you...your innocence is gone. I do not want to see you anymore. You may leave.

    Dervish finds her in the hallway and calls out her name and then says we had made a deal with you, that Fahriye sultan would not come to harm. She says what sultana? She is a traitor, one who attempted to murder our Hunkar! Why are you still protecting her? Dervish says so you had plotted this from the beginning, you purposely played with me. She says why are you protecting her? Dervish tells her to watch herself, she is crossing her limits. Zulfikar enters and asks what is wrong and Dervish tells him to stop sticking his nose in matters that aren't his business. Zufikar asks what is wrong and she says it is about Fahriye (he doesn't know yet what has happened).

    Ahmet asks Dervish where he was and if he had heard about his wife's doings. Dervish says he heard and came at once. Ahmet says how did she do this, how dare she? Ahmet asks where Dervish was and he says he did not see fahriye since last night. Zulfikar is shocked (because he saw Dervish and Fahriye near the lodge) and he says I don't know what is going on, but I saw Fahriye from afar near the lodge of Hudai hazretleri.

    Cennet's new room is being set up and they see Kosem is upset and she says Ahmet hates her and does not even want to see her face. Cennet tells the ladies to leave.

    Ahmet has dressed in plain clothes and is setting off. dervish tries to speak to Zulfikar privately, but Zulfikar says not know, we shall speak later, hopefully you have a good excuse as to why you lied to the Sultan.

    Cennet says to Kosem don't worry, he will be mad today, he will forgive tomorrow, the world is on one side, and on otther side is you (for him). Kosem says I saw the anger in his eyes....she wishes she had died before seeing that. Her friend says no, you carry his child now. Cennet says yes,  and now we are rid of Safiye sultan too. What else could you want?

    Safiye has arrived and is helped off her carriage and greeted by Gurbuz agha. Safiye says to Bulbul, we spoke too soon, we said we had never returned here...but look we have. Safiye enters and says the lives that wait us here and those who the Padishah doesn't want around....Then she describes with sadness the aura of the old palace.

    She enters her (comparatively) very plain rooms and bulbul is shocked . Handan greets her saying welcome to the palace of tears! We missed you! You should get used to it here, because your life will find it's end here (you will stay here until you die). Bulbul says this is not done! As if there was no other room to give our mighty Sultana!

    Ahmet greets Hudai and says how could Fahriye seek refuge in his lodge...has she spoken of the sins she committed? Hudai says I do not know...she did not tell me what, and you know in our lodge we do not ask the crimes or sins of those who come seeking our aid...if they speak of it, we listen, if they only seek comfort, we give comfort. Ahmet says I have great respect for your lodge, but Fahriye has committed a great wrong - and she must face just punishment. Hudai says I have no doubt in your justice, but you know we cannot deliver anyone over to you who has sought refuge with us. Ahmet says, well, it's not like she'll be willign to spend the rest of her life here...eventually she'll exit. Hudai says I do not know about that - but when she is at peace with her conscience, then she will most probably leave here. Ahmet says there is no problem if I can at least see her right? Hudai nods.

    Fahriye in her barren room and Ahmet enters. She is scared. Ahmet closes the doors behind him and then walks over to her. He says do not bow your head...you - you are a traitor who has betrayed your own blood! Why did you do it? huh? Who gave you the order? You don't have the pluck to do it alone. Who? Mehmet Giray? He gave the order? She says no...Hunkar...he was in prison when it happened anyway - it was his brother Shahin Giray! He found me and told me this was the only way to save Mehmet. I was very angry with you. She begs at his feet. Forgive me, I am a repenter now. He pulls his robes from her and says if you repent a thousand times it will be pointless...one day you will exit from here and on that day, you will have nowhere to go.

    Ahmet exits and tells Zulfikar about Shahin being behind it - and Zulfikar says they have been looking everywhere for him, but he has disappeared. Zulfikar is told that Dervish awaits him in his palace and that it is important. Zukfikar says I will come when I have time.

    Kosem arrives and asks to see Ahmet. Zulfikar says no, he does not want to see you anymore. She says please give word. He says sorry, first of all he said it is prohibited. Second of all, it is Thursday night and so according to rules he is with Mahfiruze his Head Haseki and his baby. She nods acceptance.

    Ahmet is with his son and Rasha who says everyone is talking about Kosem sultan - how she can never walk the golden path (Altin yol = the way to the Sultan's room meaning, enter his rooms every again).  They say you have prohibited it. He is silent about it and tells Rasha to leave.

    Dervish says to Zulfikar, the barracks is not like the palace...you have to keep your eyes ears open in the barracks - but in the palace, you need to become blind and deaf when the need arises. Zulfikar says oh so you can lie to Ahmet and I shall stay quiet? Dervish says what is it you doubt? My loyalty? I have protected him since he was five years old. Zulfy says to him you cannot help a traitor who has attempted to kill him, even if she is your wife! Dervish says if you think I am a traitor, go complain - but if you don't think I am, close this matter, because this matter is above your rank! (pay-grade lol)

    Bulbul brings some medicine for his master so that she can relax, then he adds tomorrow is Friday we're gonna go... but she isn't listening and says where? He says remember selahetin, the man who knew about your son's shirt  in Uskudar? there? if you do not wish to go, I can go. Safiye says no, I will go of course! I want to know how that kid came to have that shirt. Bulbul says, he could even be your son....she says Bulbul, if my son is alive, if we see him, will we recognize him! Bulbul says yes, he has a birthmark (haha sooooooo predictable!

    Alex meanwhile tells Ali that he is going to go to Selahutin and find out about the shirt.

    Ahmet finds Zulfikar lost in thought and Ahmet says what is wrong, you are not used to it here yet? or do you miss your Janissary brothers. Is something else wrong? Zulfikar says something you need to know very important - in the morning I saw Dervish with Fahriye sultan...they had gone together to the lodge. Ahmet asks why he didn't tell him earlier. Zulfy says I wanted to talk to him first to see if he'd tell you, but I saw he had no intention to.  Ahmet says, first my mother, then Kosem, now Dervish - all the people I love and trust look at their conditions...what a shame. Zulfikar tries to speak but Ahmet says I wish to sleep now..sleep and forget.

    Nasuh is brought before the Divan and Dervish says finally you are here, did you think you you could get away? Nasuh says nothing can change the fact that this is the condition of the army...the Celalis are getting stronger by day! Murat scolds him and says cowards like you are why our army is in such a state!

    Ahmet looks Dervish in the eye meaningfully and then says Nasuh if you have anything to say, speak now, or start saying your statement of faith to God (to bear witness to his faith before he dies).  Dervish says as if running away from the field wasn't enough, you killed the Anatolian beylerbey! Nasuh says it is because of him and another pasha (the one in the Divan) - I entrusted in your help - you said you were sending backup, and I waited but no one came! had I not retreated, thousands of soldiers would have died. Ahmet asks the pasha if this is true - the man says I sent, but you know about the conditions there.

    Kosem is depressed and Cennet arrives with sweets to cheer her up but Kosem says she does not want anything - when I left everything for love's sake - how can he just throw my love aside. Cennet says I don't know about love, but don't be sad! We shall find a way, you will get his heart back, you shall see. Kosem says she (Cennet) must get into the Sultan's rooms - Cennet says what will I do there, drink coffee with our hunkar hahaha, and Zulfikar is in charge there, how can we do that?! What will go do in there?

    Murat tells Nasuh that he did not fight with honour and instead ran away. Nasuh says the men ignored his orders and said they wanted orders from the sultans. Nasuh says please, I beg your pardon my Hunkar, I was nothing but loyal to you, and the pashas have a role in these matters as well. If you our mighty Sultan should head the army, the Celali's name won't even remain. ahmet asks murat what he thinks. Murat tells Ahmet that Nasuh is a man who has served well in the past, and that the other Pasha's errors in this matter are plain and obvious, that based on this it is best to spare his life. Ahmet asks Zulfikar, and skips over Dervish. Zulfikar says he agrees with Nasuh and the rest is up to the Ahmet. Dervish speaks out of turn in his opinion saying nasuh lied so he should get in trouble and Ahmet says yes, no doubt those who lie, pay for it. Ahmet then spares Nasuh's life, but removes him from Aleppo post as Beylerbey and instead he is now Diyarbakir Beylerbey (a smaller position).  Ahmet then says that when the time comes, he will be personally going against the Celalis.

    Safiye is disguised in plain clothing and arrives to see Selahetin Efendi and she asks if the kid has arrived yet, he says no, but there is still time. Safiye says are you certain it was my child's shirt? He says I have no doubt. We see Alex walking...

    Ahmet enters his room and finds the a bouquet of jasmine flowers with a note. She says my padishah, the light of my soul, it's master, please forgive me...these jasmine's are my flowers, do not turn your face from this poor slave of yours... Ahmet calls for Zulfikar and he asks why the stuff is there, Zulfikar says Kosem begged to have it put there by the aghas and he didn't see anything wrong with it. Ahmet asks how Kosem is if the doctors are watching her. Zulfikar says do not worry as you ordered, I am personally ensuring she is being taken care of well.

    Safiye tells the man to describe the boy who brought the shirt. Selahetin says he was a powerful, strong young man and soon you will see him yourself.

    Alex is walking towards his destination, a man bumps into him and he has to help him pick up the apples...Safiye is waiting.  Alex is then stopped by a Janissary agha who says we are prepping you must come back to the barracks! Alex says please I have an important task to attend to, but he pleads to no avail, the agha pulls him away.

    Cennet tells Kosem that there is no word from Ahmet. Kosem says so fine, he is punishing me with his silence, he doesn't want (to see me) then I don't want (to see him) either.

    We see everyone grieving..lost in their own worries...

    And later Ahmet with his baby. I guess  some time passes and Kosem's pregnancy has advanced? She stands like everyone else bowing as Ahmet walks by.

    The song ends with Safiye putting her crown around a candle and then it says 7 months later...

    Kosem is in the throngs of labour and she says please call Ahmet, Cennet says but the doctor! Cennet says do what I say! Cennet enters and tells Ahmet that the time has come and Kosem is giving birth.

    Rasha prays for Kosem to not have a son.

    Cennet re-enters the room and Kosem asks if Cennet sent word, and Cennet says the whole palace has heard! Ahmet arrives and asks Haci how Kosem is - just then we hear the baby's cries.

    Kosem holds her baby and Ahmet enters and she says we have a son, my Hunkar. She hands him the baby. Outside Rasha asks what the gender is and Cennet says, our Kosem Sultana has given birth to a Shehzade.

    Inside, Ahmet names the boy saying, your name is Mehmet - after my forefather, Fatih sultan Mehmet Han. Ahmet does not even look at Kosem, when she says his name, he just gives her a dry look, then leaves.

    Ahmet orders gold to be distributed and celebratory canons to be fired.

    One of the girls comments that Ahmet stayed with Rasha for a long while (when she gave birth), but he left so quickly now.  Rasha comments and asks what gift Kosem got? The other says yeah, despite bearing a boy even, she got nothing, there was a time when she had so many gifts showered upon her.

    Kosoem says today is my happiest day, I bore my child, but this wasn't how I imagined it...Cennet said I saw when I personally gave the word - you should have seen his face! Kosem says so is that why he left...her friend consoles her saying there is no expense being spared in the celebration of this birth.

    Handan has received the news of her newest grandson, Mehmet and she is pleased. She thanks God and says she can't wait to see her new grandchild. Haci says do you think Safiye will want to come and see him too? Handan says I don't think so...she is in her room and doesn't even accept anyone. 


    Bulbul brings sweets to Safiye for the birth of Kosem's son and Safiye is quiet, so Bulbul says this quietness, this grief...will destroy her , make her exhausted..then he adds that Fahriye writes letters. Safiye tells him to leave.

    Kosem is with her child and Cennet arrives. Kosem asks what Ahmet said and Cennet says I couldn't reach him...he is in the Divan perhaps. Kosem says he didn't accept right? This cannot continue this way.. Every day he stays away from me is hell for me. She tells Golge to look after her child and then goes out, Cennet warns her that this may make things worse between them.

    The men of the Divan are about to adjourn, and Dervish says there is something else, and hands the Grand Vizier (Lala Mehmet Pasha) an edict of the Sultan, and tells him that Ahmet has appointed him to the Eastern borderlands. Lala mehmet pasha replies that the Sultan was happy with his presence here and it seems someone has become annoyed with his presence here (and therefore made a reason for him to leave the Capitol). Nasuh says who are you blaming? Me or Dervish Pasha? Lala mehmet pasha says whoever has his eyes on my position, that is who I blame. Your fingers are on this order of the Sultan too, Dervish! You do not want me in the Capitol! Dervish tells him that whatever Ahmet decides, that is what it is. The grand vizier mehmet pasha says well I am telling you, the seal of grand viziership is mine and will never be yours! Dervish tells him to hurry up and he will leave soon! Lala mehmet pasha gets angry and says know your place! Speak appropriately with me, and then he falls down. Dervish escapes and sees Zufikar who says is our Pasha alright? Dervish says it is an excuse to get away from going off to war. He wants to pass out in front of everyone so that our Hunkar feels sorry for him and lets him stay. Zulfikar says are you not being unfair Dervish? He looks as if he were about to die just now, and that it looks real not fake!

    Rasha meets Kosem in the hallway and she says congratulations you finally bore a prince! But really if you had given birth to a Sultana, then that would have been better because my son will get on the throne...and as for the outcome for your son - it is unknown. Kosem says to her, I wish you learned something from the past - you would have known what the reality is. Rasha asks what she means. Kosem says Shehzade Mustafa, Sultan Suleyman's eldest son did not get on the throne. Halime sultan's eldest Mahmut did not either. So, the important thing is not which order the Shehzade is born in. The strong one gets on the throne, first of all from a powerful mother. Rasha says what power are you talking about? For months now our Hunkar does not even look at your face!

    Halime is with her children in her room and Mustafa asks to go see Kosem and his little brother. His sister tells him that they are not to be played with, as both Osman and Mehmet are enemies to him. Halime scolds her, but she says is it not the truth mother? They are sent back to their playing and Menekshe says that for months now no sound from Safiye. Halime says to her, if the clouds hide the moon, it is still there. It is obvious she is going through some crisis, otherwise she would not be hiding herself like this. 

    Ahmet is walking down the hall and Zulfikar tells Ahmet about the pasha fainting and that it happened after getting word about having to leave and while arguing with Dervish pasha. Then he adds, well, Dervish thinks the grand vizier is doing it on purpose...Ahmet asks what the reason would be? Zulfikar says that Dervish thinks it is because he wants an excuse not to go and then adds that he does not agree with Dervish about this because Lala Mehmet Pasha is not the type to play tricks like this. 

    Kosem walks down the hall and meets Ahmet's eyes but he ignores her. She shouts, either listen to me or take my life! Zulfikar stops her as she is about to leave and motions that she has been allowed audience with Ahmet. When she enters, they greet each other and he says speak. She says I know I have hurt you because I asked for forgiveness many times...he says yes you wrote many times but none of them really had you in them (as in I don't recognize you anymore). Kosem says yes, the letters you expect from your innocent Kosem - they killed her. Safiye Sultan did this. He says, you are still talking about yourself. you are still talking about what you lived through. You broke my heart Kosem, go back to your room, and be busy with your child. 

    Kosem says you are a father too now Ahmet. You know better now how it feels to love your child. He says where is this coming from now? She says my fathe rhad come to the Capitol looking for me...but before he could find me, safiye sultan took him, used him and threatened me with taking his life (if I convince you to stay for her to stay here, she would give my father to me)...I lied for my father's life to you...Despite giving everything that she wanted, Safiye sultan killed my father. I should have told you everything from the start, but I was afraid...I was very afraid. I was scared for my father's life. And I used Fahriye sultan's secret against Safiye to send her away. She says the only thing comforting me from the grief of my father's death was your gaze...your love. Now that you have turned your face from me, I am in hell. My only comfort is my child. I live for him. He finally forgives her and she says please don't leave me Ahmet. 

    Mehmet Giray sees Fahriye in the lodge and walks over to her where she is getting water. She turns around and says what are you doing here? He says you know why I came. There is still hope for us. She says everything is left in the past, I almost lost my life! I will not run away again. I am tried okay? I hate you and your love now. He says you don't mean that. She says I was ready to destroy the family for you. That is why for months I am here. When I step out - they will kill me. But you, you chose your brother's life in exchange for me. That day, that moment was when everything finished for me. He reaches out for her hand. She says if you do not leave, I will shout and you can answer to Sultan Ahmet. Do not come near me ever again!

    Kosem is with Ahmet and says I am free of all my grief and pain in your embrace. My pain and mourning are finished, I can forget it all. Ahmet says forget? I will not leave alone those who did this to you and also made us feel the pain of separation. For every tear drop of yours, every day Safiye Sultan will suffer. She will regret what she has done every day.

    Mehmet Giray leaves the lodge and Shahin meets him on the street and asks if he does not miss his brother. Mehmet says why are you still here? Shahin says you did not leave without me, so I will not leave without you. Mehmet tells him that they are looking for him everywhere!

    Cennet wonders where Kosem is and the other girl says maybe she did something crazy and they threw her in the dungeons. Cennet tells her to shush and to speak good. kosem returns and says it is done, everything is done. Cennet says I told you, I said don't go it will get worse! Kosem says not like that Cennet! Our Hunkar forgave me! Cennet asks how it happened? Kosem says I said the truth, what I should have told him from the start - how Safiye killed my father. 

    Ahmet has come to see Safiye and barges in her room and says everyday I hear something new about you! She says I don't know - Ahmet says Kosem told me everything! I know what you did to her father!

    Handan wonders what has happened and she is told Ahmet has arrived and is with Safiye. 

    Safiye tells Ahmet it is a lie. Ahmet says I have always respected you. Even in the worst times I did not disrespect you. You were entrusted me by my father. But it is over. My patience has a limit! Safiye says, we, my Hunkar grandchild, have paid for everything we have ever done until today! We shall pay for this too. Ahmet says GREAT! THEN OPEN YOUR EARS AND HEAR ME! Ahmet says from this point on I cease your stipend and all your wealth is going to be handed over to the Beyt al mal (treasury). From now on, you will not be able to use a single akce from your wealth! 

    Handan sees his mother and she asks if something has happened, if something is wrong. Ahmet replies, I have come to get you, to take you to where you belong - because the palace needs a Valide Sultan. Handan is very happy and says is it true what I hear? He says yes, and now prepare at once.

    Safiye is angry and stands up and Bulbul is informed of something. He approaches her and says, my Sultana, our Hunkar has forgiven Handan sultan and her exile is over and she is returning to the palace. Safiye says the time has come to rise. Bulbul is overwhelmed with joy that Safiye has risen from her silence. He then asks what is it you have in mind? She says Sultan Ahmet's rule will end, he will not stay on that throne for much longer!

    Mehmet Giray goes to see Zulfikar and asks why he has been called, is it about the search for Shahin? I don't know anything about it. I have not seen Shahin. Zulfikar tells him about how shahin used Fahriye to destroy the dynasty. Then he adds, there is that and then your secret love affair...and you have nothing to do with all this is that right? Mehmet shakes his head. Zulfikar says I thought so, however...you are not helping us catch your brother. Mehmet asks do you not trust me? Zulfikar says I do trust you, but not your brother. If I were you I would hand over a traitor like Shahin Giray and win over our Hunkar's heart. Mehmet says you are looking for a traitor too far, perhaps he is very close, right under your nose. And he glances at Dervish, then he adds, perhaps you do not see it. 

    Ahmet is with his babies and Kosem tells him his children will give him strength, and that he will become immortal to them. Ahmet says for a father, even when he dies, he lives on in his children's hearts. Rasha adds that may Allah give him a long life. The women take their respective babies and Kosem is told to stay behind. Rasha watches in jealousy (haha I love how the door was open long enough for her to see :D )

    Outside Rasha says I don't get it, he had thrown her aside and what happened now they are alright. There must be something, I will find out. From now on, I will keep an eye on her. For my shehzade, this is necessary for me to do. 

    Haci is with Handan and tells her it wasn't the same in the palace without her all this time. They arrive to see Safiye. Bulbul says she is inside I will give word. Handan says there is no need, and goes in. Haci tells Bulbul, I am very curious. When will you side with us? Look at Cennet, she is smart. Bulbul says Cennet is dead for me. We may be in our bad times, but in the darkest night is when the light shines brightest. (i.e. we shall overcome this). Haci reminds him that Ahmet has clipped their wings (taken away Safiye's wealth). Bulbul says one day your turn will come too, just wait. 

    Handan tells Safiye she has come to say goodbye and how sad I must leave you alone and destitute. Safiye tells her not to waste her breath, she will need it. Handan tells her she will be the one to taste the pain of losing of her child - because eventually Fahriye will leave the lodge. Safiye says don't get excited - Ahmet will forgive Fahriye. Because everyone around him is willing to forgive - I am, and so is Dervish pasha.  Handan tells her not to put so much hope in Dervish because Kosem got together with him and are the ones responsible for sending her away from the palace.

    Kosem and Ahmet are together and she says we are a family now. He says were were lacking, now we are whole. We have discarded our troubles. She says from now on, you will have no reason to doubt me. 

    Handan arrives in the harem and is announced. Pervane is with Bulbul who says who are you to get involved in Sultana's love matters! Pervane says please have mercy, how much ointment I massaged onto your head! Do I have no worth to you? Bulbul hits him and says it didn't work anyway!

    Handan has taken Safiye's old room and then she is told that Halime wishes to see her. Handan allows her to enter. Halime says she is glad she has returned. Handan says you used to lie better before? What happened has my presence thrust you back into despair? You will be more careful this time around. Halime says do you mean to warn me? But you forgot the reason why you were sent away in the first place! If you try that again (on my son) then the outcome will be far worse for you this time. Handan says who is talking about your shehzade - I am warning you. Because if something were to happen to you (as in, if you do something to make me angry and I retaliate) there will be no one to cry over you or even question me about it. 

    Pervane arrives and Safiye tells her to speak. Pervane says it is not my fault, Fahriye made me send letters to Mehmet, I had no choice. Then he says how Dervish stopped him and took one of her letters from his hands. Bulbul asks what to do with Pervane, to throw him in the Bosphorus. Bulbul tells him to leave (he is safe). Safiye tells bulbul that Handan was right, Kosem and Dervish have gotten together. Bulbul comments that Dervish smiled to their face and worked behind their backs. 

    Halime tells Menekshe that Handan has openly threatened her and that she is not such an easy morsel to swallow and she will see that! Menekshe says and what about what we are doing now? Are we doing right to go visit Safiye sultan? Halime says no matter what we need to take our precautions. 

    Handan sees Dervish in the halls and she tells him that she has been forgiven. He welcomes her. She says that if his marriage with Fahriye the traitor remains, and has Ahmet not asked him to be divorced? Dervish says that while it is uncertain and she remains in the lodge, Ahmet will not make a decision about it. Handan said at one point you spoke that you wanted another life - to forget the past through it...have you been successful in that. Dervish says another life is impossible for me...it didn't work out. Despite how much I wanted it to work, it didn't.

    Gurbuz agha meets with Kosem who asks if he has found her secret wealth. He says no, and that he is working on it. It is difficult because Safiye sultan does not trust just anyone easily, but he has come to give different news - he tells her about Safiye interrogating Pervane, that she knows Dervish worked with her and that her eyes are still on her (kosem).

    Safiye tells Nasuh about Dervish working with Kosem and that Dervish is a trusted advisor to Ahmet.  Then she says that if they are to get into a war for the throne - they must first remove this armour (Dervish). He will be punished, just as kosem will be. Nasuh says do not worry, every armour has a weakness. Bulbul arrives telling her that Halime has arrived. Safiye wonders why.

    Dervish sees Kosem who says we must speak (then she tells him that Safiye found out that he gave the letter to Kosem). He says okay but how did you find this out. She says do not think of me, think of her right now. Dervish says Ahmet has clipped her wings, she cannot recoup her strength now. Kosem says I wish I could be as certain as you are.

    Ahmet has received a letter from Murat Pasha. Zulfikar asks when they shall set out (for the campaign) but Ahmet says you will not be coming - you will stay here and be entrusted with the safety and protection of my Shehzades. He says forgive me but your safety - Ahmet says I do not need. You are needed here. 

    Safiye sits with Halime who says the winds have changed. The time has come to close old accounts. safiye says she did not expect to hear these words from Halime. Halime says times are changed, we live in a different world. Handan, knowing she can not touch my son, has now openly threatened me. Safiye asks why she has come, what does she want. Halime says I know you want to remove Ahmet - you must already be working on it - but you need one thing: an heir. safiye says you are a smart women. But why should I trust you. Halime says because this time you really do need me. 

    Kosem tells Ahmet she is not feeling at ease with this. Ahmet says Zulfikar is here, so is Dervish. Handan has returned. Kosem says I worry for you. Ahmet says I will wait murat pasha and then we return together, then when I return I shall set out for war, you will have to get used to it. Kosem says I can't ever get used to it.

    Fahriye is visited by her mother. She says you have blood in your face (pink cheeks, and are not so pale) I see you are well. Fahriye says for months I am here...I dont even remember the last time I saw you, how are you, what is happening outside, tell me. Safiye says I am fine, and says that Dervish's end has come. Handing the letter to Kosem was a great mistake of his, now he will pay for this. Fahriye is surprised because she didn't know about Dervish's part in it. Safiye says what happened, you didn't like what I said. Fahriye says yes I like this news. And Kosem?

    Bulbul hands some coins to a woman and says you know what to do right? What are you doing, hide that!

    Someone is handed poison by Nasuh in the market and says tonight we will be acting.

    Kosem is with her baby in her arms and her baby is put in his bed by a servant. 

    There is a knock on Dervish's door and word has come that the grand vizier awaits him in the Divan. Dervish says at this time of night? What is the matter?

    Kosem wakes up to find her son is missing. She starts calling out and says Mehmet is gone.

    Meanwhile, food is brought to the Grand Vizier..

    Dervish arrives saying tell him I have come. Dervish has arrived and the grand vizier tells him to enter. Dervish says you called for me? the grand vizier says why would I call you here? Dervish says what, I have no idea, I was sleeping and told you have called me?!

    Meanwhile Kosem runs about shouting that her son is gone. She calls out for Golge to find him. Then tells Cennet. Haci says don't worry they probably took him to the milkmaid. Handan asks what is going on and Haci says he doesn't know, they are saying the shehzade has disappeared. 

    The grand vizier says what is the meaning of this?  what is your purpose? Dervish says I am asking the very same thing of you! What is this? Is this a game? The grand vizier says, you are the one who does dirty games! Say what is going on! Then he says you have poisoned me!  Catch him!

    Kosem shouts at the milkmaid who says he was not brought to her! Handan shouts to Halime asking where Mehmet is! Halime says what are you talking about?

    Zulfikar is told by the guy who poisoned that while the grand vizier was dying, he was shouting that Dervish pasha poisoned him. Zulfikar smells the cup. Dervish says this is a unfounded lie..I have nothing to do with this. They have played a game. Zulfikar motions guards and says you cannot go anywhere my Pasha (to Dervish).

    Kosem begs for her son to be found and to look everywhere. 

    Zulfikar asks Dervish how he will give account to Ahmet and Zulfikar says I am not the one who will give account, you will! Then locks him away. And says when our Hunkar returns from Edirne, you can explain. Dervish says so you believed people who talk. Zulfikar says I saw your argument with the grand vizier, and you have enmity with him for years! Dervish says you will pay for this! Zul says, me? The shehzades are entrusted to me. For their protection I am ready to pay any price! 

    Kosem is still running and finally hears her baby and she sees someone holding the baby over a balcony. When she turns it is Safiye who is holding her child. 

    THE END.

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