• Episode 18 trailer

    Kosem: Haci is missing, they say he has been killed. Zulfikar agha has been poisoned."

    Handan: And someone has taken Mehmet Giray's life.

    Kosem: You and Dervish pasha will not be saved from this matter!

    Handan: I think you should also be careful

    Cennet: What did you eat and drink - They have put poison in your water. They have poisoned you!

    Murat pasha: If our mighty Hunkar enters the Divan in red kaftan then during that Divan a traitor will be openly executed!

    Ahmet: I know everything Dervish...everything! Aghas!


    1. Thank you. Kosem has become so exciting...and addictive!

    2. Thank you so much for all of your hard work with translating the episodes. I have become hooked since Episode 1. My husband laughs at me because he doesn't understand how I can watch anything that is entirely in a language I don't speak. However I find the cast, costumes and storyline absolutely riveting. I appreciate your posts as they help me better understand the various plots 🙂