• Kosem Sultan Episode 16 Translation

    Halime is saying leave me Menekshe they are going to kill mustafa I know it! Menekshe tells her she cannot get up, and her wound is bleeding again. Dilruba says they will not, I will not allow it! She shouts for the aghas to open the doors. Halime prays to God to protect her son. 

    Safiye goes to Bulbul and says do not bow your head, do not be sad, our Lord granted us a magnificent life! Bulbul asks her to forgive any of his shortcomings or mistakes, he says please settle the debts (any wrong he may have done her) she accepts. Then she is led away, leaving her loyal servant crying and calling out to her.

    Haci is asking the executioners where Mustafa is, and the executioners say they do not know. One of the servants responsible for looking after Mustafa says where are you going my Shehzade, what shall I answer to the aghas?!

    Kosem wonders what mustafa is doing at this time of night running around like this.

    Ahmet is struggling with his thoughts when there is a knock on the door and Haci informs him that Mustafa is missing. 

    Mustafa tells the aghas to open the doors because he wants to go to the gardens. They don't so Kosem orders them to open the door. 

    Dilruba is going crazy at the door and Menekshe has to snap her out of it telling her she needs her help to stop the bleeding because her mother's wound has opened. 

    Haci enters Halime's rooms demanding to know where Mustafa is hidden. She responds by asking what have you done to my son?!

    Meanwhile Ahmet asks where Mustafa is and the servant girl who was chasing after Mustafa responds that he has gone to the garden. 

    Mustafa finds the dove and says oh you are here, I was so worried about you! Kosem is near him. He tells her to shhhhh, then says oh no, it has gone again!

    Ahmet arrives and overhears Mustafa saying that there was a dove who entered his room and the sounds of it's wings woke him, but it was wounded and could not fly (then we are shown what happened and how Mustafa ended up leaving his room). 

    Kosem tells Mustafa don't be sad, we'll find it. Mustafa says yes please, find it, we have to give it medicine! Kosem says I will let all the aghas and kalfas know, and they will look and when they find it, they shall inform us, is that alright? He nods. She turns around and sees Ahmet who has been listening this entire time. Ahmet recalls his elder step-brother saying I promise you when I get on the throne, I swear, I shall not kill my brothers. From Ahmet's change in facial expression now, we can gather he will not do away with his brother and has changed his mind. He walks over to Mustafa and hugs him and says my dear brother, I will never do away with you, I will never be like my father, I promise you. Promise.

    Safiye is taken outside where Zulfikar waits with a carriage. She greets him and says so they have given you this task? Where are we going? How will you take my life? Zulfikar says we must set out at once. Safiye says how has my grandson decided to have me killed? Strangled and tossed outside, or like Fahriye shall I be poisoned. Zulfikar says, I saw you that night - you had the palace covered in blood. I saw your eyes as you sat in the Sultan's chamber - and they were the eyes of a traitor. That of a traitor who betrayed their blood and entire family. If you are curious about your future, I will tell you - you will get what you deserve just as other traitors get what they deserve. Safiye responds saying yes today I am a traitor, now I am a traitor, but if Shehzade Mustafa had gotten on the throne, then I would not have been a traitor, but the regent of the Sultanate and the empire! Zulfikar says thank God we are saved from that kind of calamity! He motions towards the carriage, and Safiye bids farewell to the palace with a last longing glance. 

    Halime tells Menekshe burn the whole palace down, since everyone is burning us, let them burn too! Menekshe tells her to calm down as the bleeding is getting worse.  Halime says her heart is bleeding can she help stop that? Mustafa goes to see his mother. Haci informs her that tonight, mustafa is to remain, but tomorrow he must return to his own room. Dilruba "orders" Haci for a doctor. Halime asks Mustafa to recount all that happened.

    Kosem says to Ahmet you had asked which is more painful, the loss of a child, or the loss of a sibling? Well tonight you had chosen your sons - the executioners had gone right? Ahmet nods but says not my sons - I had chosen my princes - I made a decision as a ruler. This is why I had sent the executioners. But they hadn't found him - a bird Kosem, a bird! He got up in the middle of the night to chase a bird...Kosem says, a wounded bird he had said. It is apparent our shehzade saw a dream or imagined. Ahmet says if this was not a sign from God then what is? It is a sign from God indeed, and He tells me..."do not kill your brother, do not!" Kosem says our mighty Lord saw and prevented it. 

    There is a knock and Ahmet is informed that his mother has arrived. 

    Meanwhile Mustafa has told his mother about the bird and ends his story by saying that Kosem said she will order the aghas to search for the bird. Menekshe asks what kind of bird it was.  Halime comments that God heard their prayers and sent a bird to Mustafa.

    Handan reminds Ahmet about what just happened recently and that if he feels sorry for them today, then tomorrow they shall fall into a condition to feel sorry about, and Ahmet says he does not feel sorry for anyone. Kosem says do not worry, our Hunkar's mercy is only towards the Shehzade. Hanndan shouts for her to return to her room and leave her alone with her son. When Kosem leaves, Handan says tomorrow one day, when they use Shehzade mustafa what will you do? How much longer will we live with this threat over our heads?! Ahmet tells her the matter is closed. She responds you saying it is closed doesn't close the matter. Today Safiye tomorrow someone else, while they can say Mustafa come, Ahmet leave, there is no peace for us! Ahmet says let them say what they will, no one will be able to use my brother against us again, because I have given a new order in regards to him! Handan wonders what it is.

    We see a boat which is carrying Zulfikar and Safiye to the famous "Kizkulesi" Maiden's tower.

    Cennet tells Kosem she has seen Haci who has collected some kalfas and that Handan is looking for a head treasurer and that she wants to get the whole harem under her control. Kosem says yes, Safiye is gone, Halime is not strong anymore and now she has turned on me. Cennet says yes, she is probably going to take out all her anger on you from when you told on her and she was sent away. Kosem says I am not that easy of a morsel to swallow. Then she adds, her head treasurer should be someone who is loyal to me and smiles. Then Kosem is told Dervish is waiting to see her. 

    Dervish greets Kosem and then points out the boat carrying Safiye to the Maiden's tower and that she will spend the rest of her life locked up there. Kosem says she wishes she was in the depths of the Bosphorus instead but yes. Dervish tells her the legend about the story of a king having the tower built and putting his beloved daughter in the tower because of the fear that a snake would bite and kill her (based on a fortune teller's sayings) and so he hid her there. (and for those who don't know, the legend says a snake got to her anyway in a basket that was brought with fruit one day). Anyway, Dervish adds that now Safiye will be staying there. We see Safiye being stripped of her jewels and crown, and, her most precious ring. 

    Kosem tells Dervish, there are still many more snakes left behind. Dervish says this is why we must be more careful, that is why you should not be showing friendship to just everyone who has a smiling face (he is alluding to her support of Murat pasha). Kosem says you were so eager to help a traitor like Fahriye sultan get away? He says I am saying that you should put your mind somewhere, whwatever I have done up until this day has been for our Hunkar's benefit. Kosem says let us go back to the matter, who is this person you speak of? Murat pasha? He says it is not important who it is, tomorrow Murat, later someone else - if your intention is to take Safiye sultan's empty place - I wanted to show you the outcome (for someone who tries that!) and he points to the Maiden's tower.

    Safiye enters her new dark and gloomy home and the doors are locked behind her. Zulfikar says there are many guards downstairs - taking turns night and day. There is a kalfa for your personal needs. Yes, if you have no needs, I must return to the palace. She says I have one request, my last wish. 

    Handan enters Halime's room who says what are you doing here? in worry. Handan says shh, don't worry, our Hunkar has changed his mind and no one shall be able to hurt him from now on.  Halime says why are you here then? Just then Dilruba arrived. Handan says I am here because my son has made a different ruling in the matter of Mustafa - from now on, none of you, Dilruba, Menekshe or yourself will be able to see Mustafa. Halime asks what this means. 

    Zulfikar exits and tells Gurbuz agha to keep his eyes and ears open and then says your name was given to me by Kosem sultan herself, do not disappoint. 

    Meanwhile Safiye is told she needs to change her clothing, and she thinks someone will dress her I guess but no one enters. She says what are you waiting for woman, help. The woman says sorry, this is not one of my duties, from now on you must take care of your own matters. 

    Halime says what is the need for this, he has his own room now, if you want, I will visit him, he doesn't have to ever come here. Handan says it is an order. Dilruba says what cruelty is this? How can you separate a child from his mother, or me from my sibling?! Mustafa wakes up and asks what is going on. Handan says in place of being happy he is spared you are still being ungrateful! Then she orders Haci to do what is necessary. Halime says at least let me take him. Haci says do not make the matter worse, plus how can you do it in this condition of yours. Halime says please let me take him. 

    Halime says find me some Afyon syrup! 

    Cennet has gone to the dungeons and says to Bulbul, so fate had to see you locked in this cage...are you not happy to see me? Bulbul responds what should I do seeing you? Cennet says you are going to your death, I came to say goodbye based on our past (as friends). Bulbul says finish it call them. Cennet calls for the aghas. 

    Meanwhile, Safiye has dressed in plain clothes and her ankles are chained. She finds a small windown and takes in the fresh air and looks out at her beloved palace and finally breaks down in tears. 

    Kosem asks Ahmet if it is a good idea to go away again after all that has happened she does not want to be separated from him. Ahmet says until he has not restored order in the Capitol he is going nowhere. Kosem is pleased and says I do not know who to trust anymore...by the way who are you choosing for grand vizier, I guess you must have decided. Ahmet says he does not know yet. Kosem says I know you know best, it has to be a powerful pasha, most importantly loyal to you - like Murat Pasha - if he were to take the position, he would put fear into the traitors eyes. Ahmet says Murat pasha is very powerful. 

    Halime is ready to take her son. Dilruba says how can you go in this condition, I can take him. Mustafa asks where they are going and Menekshe says we are going to the gardens to walk. 

    Meanwhile Bulbul wonders why they have come to the Sultan's room and says our Hunkar will personally have me killed right? Cennet says I do not know about that...

    Bulbul is brought inside and kneels before Ahmet. He says there are many aghas who take our Sultana's orders...of course they are loyal to them...but there is a limit to it. What are the limits Bulbul? Bulbul says you are the mighty leader of the Family...the limit is to be loyal to our Hunkar. We are not permitted to obey any orders that go against you/are about you. Ahmet says and if you do what happens? Bulbul says, then we are executed. Ahmet says, and you took out every order of that Sultana of yours? Except for one thing - you prevented from Kosem being killed...you helped her escape. Kosem says, this is why our Hunkar has allowed me to decide about you Bulbul agha...and I, have spared your life! Bulbul says you have bestowed from your great heart. Kosem says this does not mean you will go unpunished Bulbul agha. Whatever wealth you have earned has been taken back. You have been lowered to the position of a much lower ranking harem agha. Bulbul asks if he is permitted to stay in the palace. Ahmet says that day you not only saved Kosem's life but my own as well, so your every breath is due to that. 

    Mustafa says to his mother I wish I could always get out like this, I get bored in the palace, can I do some horseback riding mother? His mother responds, later Mustafa right now we have to go to (one of the buildings in the palace complex, I can't hear the exact name properly right now she mumbles it). Menekshe comments that she does not look well. Halime says stop, the syrup is going to work now. 

    Kosem tells Bulbul outside in the hall that she had a debt on her for him saving her life, but now her debt is paid and then she says I won't regret it in the future right? He says he does not know what happens in the future. She says we can guess that either you will die because of me, or I will order your death, or...you will be loyal to me (basically). Handan arrives and demands to know why a "traitorous dog" like this one, is still alive?!
    Mustafa asks why they are here and Halime says I need to speak about an important matter to you. Dilruba tells him not to be afraid, and Menekshe also bids him farewell. His mother says let us go. inside. He asks where this is and she says this is your new room, you will stay here now. Halime says because of me, because I trusted Safiye sultan and tried to get you on the throne. For this reason, your brother is very angry and is separating you from me. But don't be afraid, this is a very safe place, the aghas will protect you and Ceylan Hatun is here, she will look after you. Ceylan? Are all my shehzades belongings here. Then she says look, all your clothes and toys are here. You will continue your studies, your tutors will join you here. Mustafa says you won't be coming to visit? She says no, but I promise you, when my punishment is over, I will come visit you. Mustafa says I do not want it, I do not want to stay here mother! 

    Handan asks Ahmet why he has spared Bulbul and won't this set a bad example for the other aghas? Ahmet tells her it is because of what Bulbul did for Kosem. She says oh for Kosem? She says what about Mahfiruze? Did they not kill her and separate your shehzade from his mother? They should all die! Ahmet says many aghas have been executed, everyone involved has been punished. Handan says I hope we don't suffer because of your mercy! And what about the grand vizier position? What are you waiting for? Is there anyone as loyal and worthy as Dervish? Ahmet says why are you always speaking for Dervish? Why it is the meaning of this insistence? she says what meaning could there be? Ahmet says you tell me, every other word of yours is Dervish? Did he ask for this from you? She says no, he doesn't even know about it, my job is to advise and warn you, and it should be someone like him who has been loyal for you and spent his life in your cause for years so we can be rest-assured, Ahmet. Ahmet tells her she will find out along with everyone else when he decides and hands over the seal of viziership over to whomever he chooses. 

    Bulbul is telling some aghas what to do and Haci arrives to tell him he will be doing all those things because has to do his own tasks as he has no authority to order the aghas around anymore. Then he takes his cap and Bulbul says at least let me keep that. Haci gives him one of the other aghas and says here!

    Cennet greets Kosem who complains that Handan is now angry over Bulbul being spared and Kosem is told that Handan wants to take Osman away from (Kosem too) and Kosem says I won't allow it! Suddenly, Cennet tells Kosem she is waiting for her to stop acting angry, because she thinks she has not gone on the right path, and she must respect Handan because she is Ahmet's mother! Dervish pasha is probably going to be Vizier! Cennet says I advise you to please them both! Kosem says I don't care etc. Cennet says if you do this, you will suffer more! Kosem says no who you serve, I got you out of there! Cennet says I was simply advising, the rest is up to you. (I am guessing this is a show and they've planned this little argument). Haci arrives and he is told about the argument between Kosem and Cennet. 

    Ahmet tells Mehmet Giray thanks him for what he has done and presents him with a brooch. Then he says get ready, who knows soon you may be on the Crimean throne that you have demonstrated you are worthy of. 

    Haci is relating the incident between Cennet and Kosem to Handan who is happy to hear it and says she will take this opportunity because she has been thinking about how to get Cennet away from Kosem for a while now. 

    Halime enters Kosem's room and tells her if she knows about the decision to remove Mustafa from her and Kosem says well, what can I say an innocent child has to suffer for your mistakes! Halime says well at least let me see him, it is all I want. Speak to Ahmet. You are a mother too, you know what it would mean to be separated from your son. Kosem says there is nothing that can be done as the decision has been made, but don't worry, everything has been done to keep him safe and comfortable. Halime says that Handan might find a way to harm him - I cannot look after what he wears or eats (i.e. protect him). Kosem says no one will dare. Ahmet will not allow it, and neither will I! Halime tells Kosem to be careful of Handan because she is a coward and it can never be known what a coward will do next. Kosem says I have no quarrels with anyone. Halime says you did not bow to Safiye, but you will bow to Handan? Let us not kid ourselves, we have a new enemy...and she is not alone - she is with Dervish pasha. 

    Mehmet Giray comments to someone that Dervish has his eye on him so he has to be careful. His friend says it is beneficial to take some precautions.

    Zulfikar greets them and then goes to the Divan and informs Ahmet about Safiye has been locked up and Murat comments that for some people this is worse than being executed. Dervish says yes, and you must know well seeing as you had been imprisoned in Yedikule prison many years ago. Ahmet asks what that means and Dervish says that years back when he was Beylerbey he had been imprisoned on suspicion of bribery. Ahmet asks if it is true? Murat pasha says it was a matter so long ago, Dervish was not even born (so he wouldnt know about it) and Dervish remarks that he has been looking into all the pasha's backgrounds and he found about this. Murat says they obviously did not write that I was accused unfairly, and that Ahmet's grandfather had believed him despite the fact that Murat pasha didnt have anything to prove himself innocent with. Zulfikar adds that later he was appointed a few years later as beylerbey somewhere else. Murat says yes and that is how I was rid of the accusations. Ahmet says they will adjourn for now. Zulfikar tells Ahmet that Safiye has one last request for him to write to her daughters ( I guess they may introduce one of her daughters or all of them).

    Cennet is told by Haci that Handan wants to see her. 

    Dervish tells Mehmet, so you have become close to Ahmet...Mehmet says is it possible to become any closer to him than you have become? Dervish nods and says yes, and that is why no one can harm Ahmet while I am around. Mehmet Giray says I have nothing in mind except getting the Crimean throne, I have been pardoned. I also have  no secrets, but you do - you are our Hunkar's father's murderer!

    Murat then arrives and remarks that Dervish and Mehmet's arguments have not stopped despite Fahriye having died.  Dervish says that is that dog Shahin's brother - so I do not trust him, you should not either. Murat says should I ask you who I should trust or not?! 

    Handan tells Cennet that she wants to ask Cennet's advice for something - she needs someone as head treasurer of the harem and who does she think it should be? Cennet says whoever you see fit, my Valide Sultan. Handan says if I see you fit? Cennet says I do not know...could that happen? Handan says why not? You are in the harem for years. Cennet asks what she wants in return. Handan says you will become closest to me, distance yourself from Kosem - I need to be able to trust you. Cennet says forgive me, I do not not know what to say. Handan says do not hurry - think about it. Think about your future - the wealth and power you will receive and come to me tonight and tell me your decision. 

    Kosem asks Zulfikar what happened with Safiye sultan, how she reacted etc. Zulfikar says I am carrying out her final requests so I am writing to her daughters Humashah, Fatma and Mihrimah. Kosem says are they invited here? Zulfikar says only Humashah Sultan, it will be good when she comes. And then he tells Kosem that Ahmet has gifted a part of Safiye's recovered wealth to her. 

    Handan is complaining about Kosem to Dervish, about her ambitious nature. Then she says if we don't stop her, this fire will grow and burn us all, she will become a curse like Safiye Sultan. Dervish says I know, but do not forget her value in Ahmet's eyes, so you must smother the fire quietly. Then she asks about Mehmet Giray. Dervish says he threatened me openly, I am going to deal with him. Handan says you should deal with him and Reyhan immediately. Dervish says tonight is there last night, they won't see tomorrow...

    In the pub, Mehmet Giray asks Reyhan if Shahin understands that Mehmet needs to earn the Sultan's trust again, which he has done now, so that he can help his brother. Then he adds that Dervish is becoming a bigger problem basically. Reyhan says do not worry I will deal with him. Mehmet says that Dervish acts like a king and that they need to wait for the right time to deal with him. 

    Mustafa refuses to eat and shouts for his mother. 

    Menekshe tells Halime that Dilruba isn't eating anything. Halime says there is something between Dervish and Handan - we need to expose it as soon as possible. This is the most pressing matter from this moment. 

    Mehmet says he needs support. Reyhan tells Mehmet that the biggest support he can get is Kosem's support - she was like a wild wolf when she had first arrived, but now she is a Sultana. 

    There is a kerfuffle and a fight breaks out (clearly by Dervish's orders). Mehmet is close to being stabbed.

    Kosem speaks to Cennet saying come speak to me...Cennet says I have work with Haci...Haci says nothing important. Kosem says okay when you are done, come to my room.

    Bulbul who has been demoted to scrubbing the floors is told by one of the girls that Haci has asked for Baklava. Bulbul is annoyed and the girl says oh it was you Bulbul, I didn't recognize you...look what has befallen mighty Bulbul! Bulbul scolds her.

    Cennet and Haci await permission to enter Handan's room. Haci tells her not to be afraid that if she makes the right decision everything will turn out very well for her. 

    Handan asks if Cennet has decided. Cennet says you know my past...at one point I had the chance to be a Sultana, but then it passed me by, now you are offering me one of the highest positions in this palace how would I ever say no to you? Handan says I expected this answer from a smart woman like yourself. She officially gives Cennet the seal of head treasurer of the Harem and tells her you will distance yourself from Kosem and be only and wholly loyal to me. Cennet accepts and kisses her "new" master's skirt. 

    Dervish is told that as ordered, Mehmet is no longer a threat to him.  Dervish asks if it was done carefully, Then he says do not worry, everyone was witness that he (died) due to an argument in the pub. 

    Cennet enters Kosem's room and says sorry, I must make a distance between you because now I am head treasurer! Kosem congratulates her and Cennet says I must congratulate you! How your plan worked! Kosem says your real task starts now! From now on it is most important that you earn her trust. Cennet motions that Haci is outside. Kosem pretends to slap her and shouts get out of my sight, I do not want to see you anymore! Cennet says what should I do now, she has made me her enemy. Haci says don't worry, Handan sultan will protect you! Let us go.

    Safiye is brought food and she asks the servant how they could have seen dry crust of bread and a thin soup befitting her? The woman says what did you expect?! Pigeons, roasts and the like?! Safiye angrily motions her to get out and then finds a letter inside the bread. It is from Nasuh who says he could not prevent anything that happened to her because it would have aroused Ahmet's suspicions, but that no matter what, she should have no doubt - he has remained, as always, loyal to her. He says he is still serving her. He will avenge what has happened to her from each person involved, one by one, starting with Kosem Sultan. 

    Nasuh is telling his minions that they have to get Kosem out of the palace because it will be too hard in the palace. He says I have found something out that she will come with her own two feet to me!
    Kosem asks for coins and other gifts to be distributed in the harem and then she tells Heycan, her friend, that today is important because if Murat is to get the viziership, no one will be able to stand in their way. 

    Outside, Murat asks Dervish if he didn't sleep last night...Dervish says yes, while there are state matters to deal with, there is no sleep. Zulfikar arrives and tells Murat pasha that the Sultan has asked to see him alone. 

    Bulbul informs the girls in the harem that the gifts are from Kosem's personal treasury. Handan pretends to smile but then comments saying she (Kosem) wants to get everyone devoted to her and then asks Cennet where Kosem got that gold from? Cennet tells her that Ahmet gifted her two chests from Safiye's confiscated wealth.

    Murat pasha enters Ahmet's room and Ahmet calls for the aghas to bring a seat. Murat takes a seat and Ahmet says as you know the vizier seat has been empty, I have finally made a decision. Murat says may it best for the family and the state. 

    Haci announces Handan who orders everyone to return to their duties and asks Kosem if she is trying to imitate Safiye and buy everyone. Kosem says as you can see I am not hiding anything. I am merely sharing, and was it not just you who bought off my chamberlain? Handan says she has no need to buy anyone because everyone is forced to serve her. 

    A pasha asks Zulfikar why Ahmet has called for Murat and that perhaps it is for the position. Dervish says whatever it is our Hunkar decides it is for the best. Mehmet arrives to Dervish's surprise. Zulfikar asks what happened. Mehmet looks at Dervish.

    Kosem asks Handan why she is coming after her. Handan replies no reason, Safiye is gone, and from now on to keep the order around here it is important that I am the only powerful one with authority. Kosem says I guess you forgot what happened recently. If it wasn't for me, the end of the dynasty would have come and gone. If you want to be the only one then fine, you will have to be prepared to pay the price for it.

    Mehmet says someone had sent someone purposely to attack him. Dervish says be careful you are important to us. Mehmet Giray says yes, I will be more careful. Then he leaves. Murat pasha returns holding the seal and says that Ahmet has handed him the seal of viziership...to deliver to you! And then he congratulates him.

    We see that when Ahmet is speaking to Murat he is saying there are many who serve him, and that he is among the most valuable and that one day he shall serve him in the role of Grand Vizier, but not right now because he is his most powerful commander and so he is needed on the battelfield. Murat pasha says it is not my place, but if I have the seal, perhaps I can be more commanding on the beys and pashas, Ahmet says you will go as my main commander, you will be ahead of everyone. But the seal will stay here with Dervish pasha, because he will be in the Capitol. You deliver the seal to him, so that he can see how valuable you are. 

    Murat tells Dervish that hopefully he will be worthy of the seal and not disappoint Ahmet and not to forget whose hands he got the seal from and that the sword of justice hangs over him and if he strays from being just, then the first neck the sword falls on, will be his own.

    Mehmet Giray visits Kosem and says I need to speak to you before I am attacked again. Kosem tells him to speak and he says that Dervish is not to be trusted, as he is a murderer. That he is the murderer who poisoned Ahmet's father.

    (Finally Dervish's clothes changed, the other outfit and headgear looked weird). He enters Ahmet's room.

    Meanwhile, Kosem asks Mehmet if he knows who he is talking about - Dervish protects Ahmet, he just recently took arrows for him, etc. Mehmet says this doesn't change anything - a man who poisons a ruler - when the time comes he will poison another one if he wants. Kosem says why should I believe you? Can you prove it? Mehmet Giray says sorry, no proof, but I have a witness. Kosem says in this matter, one cannot simply believe hearsay. If you have proof...Mehmet says everything I said is true - if you believe me, we can find the needed evidence together. Kosem says wait for word from me. 

    Dervish kisses Ahmet's robes and thanks Ahmet for bestowing this rank on him. Ahmet says I have no doubt in your loyalty, or of your worth, God help you. 

    Kosem sees Murat and Murat says you must have heard? Dervish pasha became grand vizier. Kosem says I was so certain you would get the seal. Murat says the seal is a very heavy responsibility to bear, and Dervish had more time to go before getting it, I do not think he can bear this burden for a long time. Kosem says I have a feeling that will be the case too...

    Ahmet is working on his carving and he calls for Zulfikar and says he wishes to see Mustafa. 

    Halime tells Handan, I cannot sleep, all I think of is my son, what he eats, what he does alone. Handan says he is not alone, he has so many aghas and kalfas at his feet. Halime says it is not easy, put yourself in my place...it is not a lot that I ask for - just to see him once a day...Handan says you are getting word from the aghas daily about his wellbeing. Be thankful for this! Halime exits and haci has arrived and tells her that the word she has been waiting for has arrived finally - Dervish has become grand vizier. Halime watches her reaction as she says my son has made the right decision!

    Ahmet has arrived to see Mustafa. He enters and finds him sitting up in bed, and refusing to sleep because he wants his mother to put him to sleep. Ahmet closes the door and locks it again. 

    Kosem is told Meliki the little girl has arrived to see her. 

    Halime and Menekshe talk about how cruel Handan is not allowing her to see her son and that Handan is so happy that Dervish has become grand vizier, and Halime says I know how to wipe that smile off her face!

    Kosem asks if something has happened to Meliki's mother. Meliki tells her her mother is not well. Kosem says I will the aghas to handle it. She says can you come visit her because she asks about you. Kosem says I will go to the lodge, come meet me there. Meliki says I must go now, she is alone. Kosem orders that some aghas drop her home. Then Meliki is crying and Kosem says don't cry, I will do whatever I can. 

    Ahmet goes to see his brother when he is asleep and whispers forgive me my brother, this is the only way I can protect you from me and what I would do to you. I hope you understand one day. He has left the boat for him as a gift.

    Ahmet goes to Kosem and sleeps next to her. Mustafa wakes up in the morning and sees the gift his brother has left him. 

    Ahmet is with Kosem and she says I hope all the best for Dervish's getting the seal, I won't lie, I was surprised. Ahmet says he needed a young vizier etc. he asks if she doesn't trust him? Kosem says I don't know who to trust anymore...

    Dervish admires himself and says finally, after crossing so many seas and mountains you finally got what you wanted - the seat of power and might. Then, he is informed that Handan awaits his arrival in the Pearl Mansion. Dervish orders for his horse to be ready. 

    Haci says I don't know if it is proper if you meet Dervish, if someone hears they might take another meeting out of it. Handan says what meaning? It is isn't the first time I have met with him. Haci asks if he can join her. She says no, you stay and keep an eye on Kosem. Haci tells her Kosem isn't here, she has gone to visit Shayh Hudai in the lodge with permission of Ahmet. Menekshe has been listening.

    Kosem has met with Hudai and the kids greet her. Hudai tells her that the children's smiles are like heaven - and that she has won their hearts. Kosem says she wants to make many more children smile - help more women, more poor, anyone who needs a hand up, she wants to help them. He asks what the chest is, and she says I want it to go to good. You know whoever is in need, please distribute. He says many will pray for you...

    Menekshe tells Halime about what she heard and Halime says what are you waiting for,  go get there before they do!

    Ahmet comments that he has not heard from Alex for a long time. Zulfikar says he has become part of the Akinci (front raiders) and Ahmet says I would like for him to visit me soon to practice with again. 

    We are finally shown Alex after many episodes. He has moved up in the ranks. One of the men says we can stop here, but Alex says you stay I need to move on. (So they kept him away so he could grow a beard and look older haha). One of the men teases him and Alex has a swift reply that silences everyone. 

    Meanwhile, Handan meets with Dervish and welcomes him and congratulates him. Then she says the day we waited for has finally come, the winds are on our side. One thing left. Dervish says don't worry, if you mean Mehmet Giray I am going to handle him. Handan says, oh yes that too - I don't know what happened or how, but Haci has grown suspicious is always warning me. Dervish says what has he become suspicious of? Handan says of you Dervish - you and the feelings you have for me. 

    Kosem is sorting out somethings and a woman says leave it to us, but Kosem wants to help out. Hudai hazret praises and advises her about doing good, justice etc. Meliki arrives and Kosem says don't worry we shall set off soon and then tells her servant to go return to the palace to look out for the princes. 

    Handan meanwhile tells Dervish that Haci is loyal and that no harm will come from him, but that she has started to fear, because those feelings are so dangerous, that they can burn them both. Dervish says he cannot control his feelings - she is a Valide Sultana and he is a grand vizier, this is the only relationship they have. Handan says yes, it cannot be any other way, so let us not fool ourselves. She says you know right, if someone knows you have fallen in love with me, we will be in so much trouble! Please be careful because of this. Do not allow for any or  give reason for suspicion, I will do the same. HAHA, Menekshe was listening from a cupboard. 

    Meliki could not go through with it and tells Kosem that it is a trap and there are men inside waiting to kill her. She says my mother was in their hands, but I cannot do this to you, please go at once! They run off but are followed. 

    Cennet catches Menekshe running. 

    Menekshe tells Halime that their suspicions are confirmed, that Dervish is in love with Handan and her fears about anyone hearing about it. Halime has what she needs to expose them. 

    Just then, Alex shows up and fights everyone off. 

    THE END.  

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