• Kosem Sultan Episode 17

    (Hi everyone, I have been very ill in bed and still am not well and on bed rest, I decided to try and do a small summary sitting up in bed and being medicated, so here it is, it is as much as I can do, and will be very short.  thank you so much for your patience during this time)

    Alex saves Kosem. Halime comments that Handan has no idea she has thrown herself in the fire. Handan finds a letter that says " I know who you met in the pearl palace and that you will pay the price for your sin." She asks for Haci at once. Dervish scolds Haci saying I can meet with whoever I want as head of the state, and whoever finds other meanings in those meetings I can deal with them. Kosem is saved, the little girl's mother has died so Kosem takes her in. Handan speaks to Haci about the letter.

    Safiye knows that gurbuz agha was the one in the old palace betraying her and he tells her that the letter has been sent to Humashah , Safiye wishes her daughter would hurry and come already.Kosem has told Ahmet and Dervish what happened to her and they suspect Safiye. Zulfy and Alex greet each other. Zulfy offers condolences to Kosem and the little girl Meleki. Kosem thanks Alex saying it is twice now he has saved her life and what a coincidence. Alex says maybe it is fate making our paths cross again. Haci tries to find who heard Handan and Dervish and finds an earring.

    Ahmet comments that for sure Safiye is somehow in contact with someone who does her work for her on the outside. They want to replace the guard watching over her with someone they completely trust and to find out how she is communcating to someone on the outside and who that person is. Cennet tells Kosem Meleki has been put in a room then tells her that Handan found a letter and it made her very pale with worry.

    Haci tells Handan about the earring belonging to whoever must have eavesdropped on her and Dervish. She says they must warn Dervish too.

    Kosem has told Cennet about Mehmet Giray telling her (ending of episode 16) about Dervish being Ahmet's father's murderer. Cennet tells her to not get involved in this. Kosem doesnt listen. Meanwhile, Mehmet has spoken to Reyhan and told him that he told Kosem.

    Ahmet tells Alex that as he has very few people he can trust around him.

    Haci finds out whose earring it is - Kosem's servant girl (Menekshe is watching them and we know that Menekshe has planted the earring there). Kosem asks Bulbul who is helping Safiye and tries to convince him by saying that Safiye is cruel, only caring for power. Bulbul tells her that everyone
    starts off innocently seeking power to protect their loved ones, but power ends up destroying innocence. Menekshe informs Halime about her trick with the earring and that now Handan will go at Kosem because she will think she was the one who heard about Dervish's love for Handan. Halime comments let them go at each other.

    Handan informs Dervish thatKosem has heard everything in the pearl mansion and is threatening them, she says what can we do? Dervish says there is nothing she can prove.

    Ahmet tells Kosem that she hashis  permission to see Mustafa too, just like she has loved Osman as her own she has permission to give love to Mustafa too.

    Haci tells Kosem Handan has to see her so she goes. Cennet finds out Kosem's servant girl is in the bath and she sets off to find her. Handan scolds Kosem for going out of the palace. Then she confronts Kosem saying you do not respect me or anyone or bow to them. Cennet finds a girl dead in the bath. Handan says I know you have set a trap for Dervish and myself, you want to get rid of us both this way. Kosem says why would I want to do that ? Handan tells her I warn you for the last time do not test my patience. Kosem says she doesn't know what she is talking about and what have I done tell me. Haci enters and tells them about Kosem's servant having killed a girl in the hamam. Kosem arrives and Eycan  tells her I am innocent that the other girl attacked her and to please help. Handan is secretly happy and says to Haci this is better Eycan will be executed for this and no one can suspect us. Kosem arrives and says is this how you threaten me? Then she says the girl tried to kill Eycan, she only tried to protect herself, someone had sent her to kill Eycan,  if you dare, next time send someone to do me! Ahmet has overheard and tells Kosem to return to her room.

    Handan tells Ahmet that I was simply warning Kosem to be careful and you saw, she is very rude and doesn't follow manner or tradition! Ahmet says yes, Kosem must not disrespect you, but you must also respect her, she is precious to me. Handan says oh so I must live to hear this...she is more precious than me ? Ahmet says I do not compare you with anyone...the same as I do not compare her with anyone. All I want is peace in my harem.

    Cennet tells Kosem that Eycan is imprisoned and will be executed. Kosem says Handan has crossed the limit of my patience, and she doesn't know what is going on, maybe all this is to make everyone enemies - Cennet says yes exactly so don't go tomorrow to meet Mehmet Giray, just let this matter go. Kosem basically says no, I will go to find the truth.

    Kosem goes to meet Mehmet. Meanwhile Dervish is with other pashas in a Divan session. Kosem sees Reyhan come out of the shadows. Dervish meanwhile is saying he is not like other grand viziers, he will not deal with mistakes or crimes like bribery lightly. Reyhan tells Kosem about the time when Dervish worked with him and Shahin - Shahin wanted to take the throne and reyhan and Dervish would become his viziers and so they poisoned Ahmet's father slowly. But afterwards Ahmet got on the throne and Dervish rose the ranks and turned his backs on us and tried to rid of us. Kosem asks if he can relate all this to Ahmet. Reyhan says first I need you to get a promise that my life will be spared and I will get money to live off of. Kosem tells Mehmet Ahmet will find out about Dervish's doings.

    Ahmet tells Alex that he needs people around him like Zul and Dervish and then tells Zulfikar to tell him his new duty.

    Cennet has come to take Eycan. Safiye meanwhile finds a note in her bread that Nasuh has written to her iforming her that they were unable to kill Kosem.

    Safiye is told that Alex is the new guard. She says where do I know you from? He says I used to come to practice with our Hunkar. Then he says she cannot speak to anyone else other than him. She says okay then say when my daughter comes will she be visiting me? Alex says if Ahmet sees it fit.

    Zulfy tells Eycan that the crime is execution and there were no witnesses, but Cennet says she is witness the other girl had attacked Eycan first. Zulfy calls for the Quran to be brought so she can swear on it that she is speaking the truth.

    Dervish is told by a minion of his that they have found Reyhan and that Kosem was also with Mehmet Giray to see Reyhan. Kosem meanwhille goes to see Zulfy and says I need to speak to you about Dervish.

    Haci tells Handan that Eycan is spared because Cennet served as witness for her. Zulfikar meanwhile tells Kosem after she has told him about Dervish being involved in Ahmet's father's murder that Dervish will not be able to get out of this if it is true.

    Handan scolds Cennet and tries to threaten her with taking her new rank away but Cennet reminds her only Ahmet can do that.

    Reyhan is taken and meanwhile Kosem is comforting Meleki when Cennet enters and says she feels bad for giving false witness, a big sin, and Kosem says you did to save an innocent life, and don't worry, pray to God, help the poor  and give some charity to atone for it.

    (I am skipping the Divan stuff mostly, but just saying that Murat wants to have the treaty with the Austrian delegation and they should agree to the terms, but Dervish and Ahmet say no, Ahmet says but do call on the delegation so we can meet with them. )

    Mehmet leads Zulfikar to the place Reyhan is hiding, but he is gone and they realize it must be Dervish. We see Dervish killing Reyhan.

    Halime tells Cennet she is glad Eycan has been saved and Cennet says I have come to tell you that Kosem is waiting for you where Mustafa is staying.

    Dervish informs Handan that he has rid of Reyhan, but now he worries about Kosem because she now knows everything as Reyhan has already exposed the other secret to her.

    Kosem meanwhile tell Halime she has brought her to secretly let her visit her son but that no one must know about it, that she does this for Mustafa's sake not Halime's. Halime prays for Kosem saying may God never separate you from your children! And hugs her. Mustafa wonders if it is a dream he is seeing his mother.

    Kosem goes to see Zulfikar who tells her that Reyhan has disappeared and that they looked everywhere. Kosem comments that someone has prevented him from speaking (Dervish). Dervish later asks Kosem that she meets Zulfikar a lot these days and she says yes these days we are looking for traitors these days. Dervish says let me know so I can deal with it. She says I was entrusted to you for protecting by our Hunkar but just last night my closest servant was attacked. Dervish says that is a harem matter our Valide Sultan will deal with it the best way I am sure. She says how will she protect me while she is threatening me I wonder? Are you two getting together against me? Dervish says if you see everyone as an enemy you will one day see the whole world against you! She says I don't care if the whole world goes against me as long as my sons and my Hunkar are with me!

    Ahmet and Kosem are talking she comments that perhaps it is good to sign the treaty with Austria even if they don't like the conditions but this way they can go after the traitors better and that what is the value of what is written on paper over your throne being threatened?

    Bulbul finds out Humasha's ship has docked. Kosem asks Cennet who this Humasha is that everyone is so worried. Cennet describes her saying she is Safiye's eldest daughter, very beautiful, very intelligent, married to the Beylerbey of Egypt. She can speak many languages, learned in art, music, poetry etc. and even Safiye sultan shies from her. Kosem says just say that one goes and another takes their place.

    Humasha arrives. Meanwhile, Alex finds the method of communication between Safiye and the outside world through bread.

    Kosem has not made it to greet Humasha because the princes are crying and Humasha is told this when she asks about her.

    Alex catches Safiye rapidly ripping through the bread to find a note and says were you looking for this? She says you learned my secret then. He says you will not get any word from outside from now. Oh and, whoever sent this note is saying that your daughter has arrived in the Capitol.

    Humashah is told by Bulbul that even Elizabeth has been sent to the old palace.

    Zulfikar is somehow stunned by Humasha, it seems they either must know each other and love each other, or he is suddenly smitten by her. Zulfikar asks how she knows his name and past and Bulbul says she is Humashah she keeps informed about everything.

    Ahmet and Handan greet Humashah and they tell her she can rest, her room is prepared. She has brought coins and gifts for the harem girls and Cennet comments how generous she is. Kosem arrives and is told that she can visit her later to her room.

    Alex informs zulfy about the letters entering through the bread and that they have taken necessary precautions but they do not know who the letter was being sent to.

    Kosem says to Alex that she heard he is in charge of Safiye now and he says yes, don't worry I will not let her hurt you anymore. Meleki thanks him for saving her that day.

    Halime goes to visit Mustafa. Kosem goes to visit Humashah. Halime tells Mustafa she has to go, despite his insistence and tells to be patient until the day she can have him with her again. She ensures him she will come tomorrow again and the day after that and the day after. etc.

    Kosem explains why she couldn't greet Humasha earlier and Hum says you are right, our princes are the most important, but did I hear wrong, I thought you only had one son? Kosem explains how she looks after Osman too. Hum says I will want to meet them soon. Kosem says sure, I do not want to keep you from resting any longer I will see you later and leaves.

    Halime is caught by Haci as she is leaving Mustafa's room.

    Kosem comments to Bulbul that Humasha is warm and friendly and perhaps she will be friends unlike how it went with her mother.

    Humashah says to Bulbul basically how dare Kosem not greet me, and how she dares to keep Osman in her room, and has everyone bowed to her? Bulbul says well, since your mother left the harem order has broken and Hum says do not worry, we shall set the order straight again!

    Handan scolds Halime how dare you visit him for days now when you are not even allowed to be near him! But it's over you and Kosem shall answer to Ahmet for disobeying him. Halime says it is not Kosem's fault. Handan says Haci has interrogated the aghas, Kosem was the one who planned it all! Haci goes to call Kosem to see Handan. When Kosem goes to see her, Handan asks her how will you explain yourself to Ahmet? Kosem says I just wanted to ease the pain of a child missing his mother. Handan says what did you get in return, you have both allied against me? Kosem says you doubt everything. Handan says Ahmet will deal with you, then she adds to Halime that Ahmet will surely send her to the old palace.

    Kosem comments that Handan is openly showing enmity towards her. Halime enters and says leave me alone with Kosem and tells Kosem that she will give her a secret if she can stay in the palace and continue seeing her son - then she tells her about Dervish and Handan's feelings of love for each other. Alex meanwhile informs Gurbuz agha that tomorrow he is going to Uskudar.

    Meanwhile, Menekshe has reported what she heard when she eavesdropped on Derv and Han. Halime says I said what I had to, the rest is up to you, God help you.

    Hum is telling Ahmet that she was horrified when she found out what happened with her mother and that she wishes she was here so she could have prevented. Ahmet says I will never forgive her she stabbed me many times in my back. She says dont worry I did not come here for that, she deserves it, but she has lived a hard life. Ahmet says we all have lived the past, but she was the only one who didn't deal with it. She says yes, you are right, but no matter what she is my mother, so if you permit, I wish to see her.

    Alex goes to see the man in Uskudar about the shirt.

    Kosem says we have to be sure about Dervish and Handan and the only person who can help is Haci.

    Hum is being taken to her mother and she comments to Zul about Ahmet trusting Zulfy so much and he says Safiye personally asked to write to you. Hum says there was a time she got me married off and sent away and I lost everything that day, my happiness etc, I did not think I would ever return. Zul says maybe it is fate that brought you back to reunite with all you have left behind here.

    Alex finally admits the shirt is his own and the man asks if he has a birthmark on his shoulder and he then he says I will do more than tell you - come tomorrow we shall go together to your family.

    Hum goes to see her mother and they eventually embrace.

    Kosem tells Haci that she knows about Derv and Han and he says no , don't believe it I swear. Kosem says you know Ahmet will listen to me - but I won't say anything if you help me. Haci says no, you just don't have proof. Kosem says sit, I am not finished and you may find my words heavy. You have been looking for the murderer of Ahmet's father right? That murder is Dervish pasha.

    Safiye says I did not want you to see me like this, but it is my fate. Hum says I heard first about my sister's death then what happened to you. Safiye says my poor daughter, Dervish killed her, by Ahmet's order. Hum says what were you waiting for? You attempted on Ahmet's life and eyed his throne and you'd just carry on your life same as always?!

    Haci is in disbelief and Kosem and Cennet say maybe they did it together...they were the ones who woudl benefit most from the Sultan's death. Haci doesnt believe and says Handan does not return the feelings Dervish has! Kosem says then this is a letter where Dervish is himself saying he has killed Ahmet's father.

    Humashah tells Safiye that her thirst for power has done this to her. She says I was always like this never changed! Hum says you should have changed, because it was not your son on the throne now, your grandson, you are not a Valide sultan anymore, You cannot threaten the king and expect to share his power. Safiye says it was not always this way, Kosem and Handan came in between. Hum says you have gifted Kosem at this young age with such power! Safiye says the higher she goes, the harder she'll fall. Humasha says, like you. Safiye says how many seasons passed I do not know, but I called you many times, wrote you, you never responded. Not even when I was ill. Why have you come now? To see me like this? You hate me like everyone else. Humashah finally says it is true I am angry about a lot of things, but, I never hated you, never will. When you are getting out or how, be rest assured, I am Safiye Sultan's daughter, I will not bow to your enemies nor take side with them!

    Bulbul sees Selahuddin efendi who tells him about Alex, that the prince that had gone missing is the boy himself - he even has the mark, "we have found the lost shehzade!"

    Dervish has called on Mehmet Giray.

    Haci has gone to Handan and says I overhead Cennet and Eycan talking about a letter from Dervish to Shahin in the past. I went and found it in Cennet's room, but what is written in the letter is scary- he has personally admitted to murdering our Padishah! He hands the letter over to Handan and she throws it out without reading it. She says no one will know this Haci, it will go to our graves. Haci says you knew? Handan says yes, nothing is as it seems. Dervish is a murderer, but she did it for us - for me and my son! (so basically Kosem's trick worked to prove to Haci).

    Dervish gives Mehmet Giray a letter saying you have to give this to your uncle and Mehmet says my uncle will kill - Dervish says no, he cannot because you are the heir and messenger, he can't and if he does don't worry we'll deal with him. Mehmet says are you trying to get rid of me like this? Dervish says I know about you telling Kosem but it won't work. Why? Because I am Dervish pasha, Ahmet's grand vizier, power is mine. No one can threaten me anymore.

    Haci returns to Kosem and he says you were right. Dervish had killed our Padishah, and Handan knew everything! From the very start! Kosem says if that is the case, will you help me? Haci nods.

    Kosem enters and Handan says what do you want? Kosem says I want the truths to come to light. Handan says stop playing games with me! Kosem says the games are over. Dervish is the murderer of our deceased Padishah and you are in on it - you have a relationship with him. Handan says you cannot prove any of this! Kosem says I can - I have such a witness that a single word will be enough! Handan hits Kosem who falls unconscious. Humasha enters just then and finds blood from Kosem's head. Handan stutters "she attacked me first!"

    THE END.

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