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    Cennet informs Kosem about Dervish's execution. Halime taunts Handan tells her it must hurt since she basically sent him to his death by her own hands and then adds that according to what she has heard, Dervish wasn't strangled by executioners, but died a quick death by Ahmet's own sword. Handan tells her enough. Halime warns her that she will also burn for this, it is not over, because Ahmet will find out about the relationship between them.

    Hum is telling Saf that they must finish off the love between Ahmet and Kosem if they want to finish Kosem. Saf says Ahmet sees no one but Kosem. Hum says no one is in the harem that is worthy - a new girl must be brought, one that is smart, and beautiful like Kosem. Saf tells Humashah she must find the girl, but to get her out of this prison first. Time is up Hum must leave, she tells Saf, I will do what I can to get you out, but it will take time. Saf says do whatever, smuggle me out of here! Hum says that is impossible, and Ahmet would find her and she'd be killed. Hum whispers, wait for news from me.

    Halime gloats to Kosem about Handan's grief right now and says she'll share the same fate as Dervish. Kosem warns her, you can't tell Ahmet about Handan and Hal says well think about there being no Valide Sultan in the harem...

    Ahmet appoints Murat pasha as new Grand Vizier in the Divan, and also warns everyone that may the death of Dervish pasha serve as a lesson to them all.

    Kosem goes to Hal and tells her you cannot tell Ahmet, he will be hurt, and the secret will stay with them. Hal says how will I benefit? Kosem says I will find a way for you to see mustafa again. Hal's daughter has been listening the whole time...she gets angry with her daughter.

    Murat and Mehmet Giray speak about Dervish's execution and how surprised they are.

    Handan recalls her last encounter with Derv, and gets something from a box (probably poison).

    Halime's daugther tells Ahmet I need to speak to you and says it is about your mother and he allows her to enter.

    Bulbul and Humasha speak about Derv's execution and wonder why it happened. Humashah shows Bulbul the letter when he asks if she delivered it to Safiye. She says she read it of course and says what is this? is it true, is he my brother?

    Dilruba finally tells Ahmet about Derv and Handan's relationship and he says who told you this lie, she says I heard Kosem saying it.

    Kosem congratulates Murat pasha and he says now you can be at peace and look after your sons and Ahmet, she says no, I'd like to still be informed and involved in state matters. He says of course, as you wish, our alliance is lasting.

    Haci asks Dilruba what but she lies and yells at him, saying who the heck are you?! he has a feeling what it is about.

    Bulbul tells Humashah that one of the coffins had another child in it, not the little shehzade (her brother Alex) and that the child was ill and had no one and was going to die, so they just killed him and used him instead. And Bulbul snuck in and took him to Safiye, who donned the little shirt witht he inscriptions for protection and for a keepsake on him, hugged him for the last time and passed him to me, I got him out of the palace, near the Austrian border I gave him to trusted family - they did not know he was a prince, every year we sent gold, but years later, they told us he was ill and died. Humashah says didnt you ask, he says we did, but to no avail, we finally accepted it as fate...but now...a miracle from God - he has not died, it is Iskender! He says it is him, he has the birthmark and the shirt. She praises God and asks if anyone else knows, he says no, and then she says if anyone knows they will kill him instantly. Then she says you must also hide it from my mother too for now because she won't be able to control her emotions.

    Safiye calls Alex and asks one favour - to open her ankle chains, because they are too heavy and painful, hurts her very soul.

    Haci informs Handan that Ahmet has found out about her and Dervish. She knows it was Halime. He tells her about Dilruba. She orders everyone out and locks the door.

    Humashah tells bulbul to send word to Nasuh, and that no one will make any errors, no one will move a step without her orders (they have a plan brewing)

    Humashah goes to visit Zulfikar. She notices a handkerchief.

    Alex agrees to leave the chains open only at night so no one else notices. Safiye is very grateful, says one day you will get rewarded in return, she says no, you are a Sultana, no matter where you are, this is my job. And maybe you wish to know, Dervish has been executed.

    Zulfikar thanks Humashah saying you saved my life, she says it was a coincidence I was here, had I been late it would not have worked. She comments if he had been married, his wife would have looked after him. He says I never thought about that - you know I was a janissary for years - janissaries cannot wed. She says now you are not a Janissary any longer - so there should be no prevention. Rest, and also, the janissary who guards the tower, Alex, I was just wondering if he is to be trusted, he replies yes of course, I have taught him, he is strong, smart and loyal.

    Ahmet sees Kosem and says is it true what I hear, about my mother and Dervish and if you know say. kosem says I don't know who told you, but these dirty rumours came to my ears too, but I have no doubt about our Valide, it was just him. He says you just fought with her the other day, she hit you, now you tell me you think she's innocent? She replies, would the alternative even be possible? She is our Valide Sultana! Ahmet says I thought about why Dervish killed my father, and why my mother protected him and stayed quiet - I thought of every possibility. But this never crossed my mind. Kosem says she would never do something to shame you or break your heart. Ahmet says I dont want to hear this from you, but from her! i will look into her eyes if I doubt for a moment then -

    Handan mixed poison into her drink and begs God for forgiveness for her sins and to grant her His mercy.

    Haci is going crazy worried about Handan and he and  Cennet beg Handan to open the door.

    Kosem confronts Halime and says why did you do it? You said you wouldn't tell Ahmet? Halime says she didn't and her daughter says I said it, when is telling the truth bad? Kosem says how could you? Dilruba threatens her to know her place. Kosem says you and your daughter better never ask me for anything ever again, and you have no chance to meet your shehzade again!

    Ahmet finds Haci trying to break the door but its locked, breaks down. Humashah finds out from the girls that Handan has locked her door. Ahmet enters and catches his mom, calls for doctors, asks her what she did, begs her not to die, Kosem arrives. Ahmet's mother says forgive me, then she dies. He begs her to open her eyes. He begs Humashah to save her just like she saved Zulfikar. She sees Handan has died and says condolences. He is distraught and leaves. Hum stops Kosem and says what did these two (Derv and Han) do to you that they suddenly went like this?! KOsem says she has nothing to do with it. Humasha says she doesn't believe her. Kosem says let whoever believe whatever they want.

    Cennet announces to the cariyes what has happened. Bulbul hugs Haci to comfort him after haci tells him Handan killed herself. Kosem comforts Ahmet.

    Safiye asks Gurbuz why the prayers are being announced at this time something important - Gurbuz tells her Handan had died, that he doesn't know what happened, just that she collapsed suddenly.

    Funeral is underway for Handan. Bulbul meets with Nasuh, tells him that Hum says do not make a move without orders and says that Hum has an order for him about Kosem sultan.

    Ahmet recalls a moment with his mother. Zulfikar tells him the time has come to bury her.

    Nasuh comments to Bulbul it is dangerous plan, but hopefully they will be successful. Then sends his greetings to Hum.

    There are prayers going on for Handan. Cennet responds to Menekshe's comments about who will run the harem that there will be two possibilities (Hum, or Kosem)

    Ahmet buries his mother.

    Murat visits Safiye. She asks why he has come, he says condolences, they lost important people. Safiye comments he must be happy so he shouldn't try to fake it. He says everyone lives what they deserve. She says if you think I will live out my days here, you are mistaken.

    Zulfikar tells Humashah Ahmet does not eat. She wants to visit Ahmet (Ahmet refused to see Kosem too). Hum says I am different. He probably associates Kosem right now with his mother and doesn't want to see her.

    Murat says to Safiye I thought you'd congratulate me. She says you or Kosem, she whispered your name to the Sultan? He says if I was in service to Sultana's I would have gotten this position years ago under your grace. She says Kosem will bring your end, in the end I raised her. Upset her and she will end you. He says I dont meddle in her affairs, she says even if you don't she will meddle in yours. Just you wait.

    Kosem tells Cennet she feels bad for Ahmet etc. and asks about Haci having not left his room still. Cennet says no he has not.

    Humashah enters and Ahmet expresses that this burden is great. She says God does not burden us with that which we cannot bear, just be patient and trust him. He says no of course, he never complains against God, he is content with all that happens, but the burden is still heavy. He says he has a nightmare-  it's like blood dropping on him, on his bed, everywhere and I see my mother's face. She comforts him and tells him to get away from the palace for a while, go to Edirne, hunt, do other things to busy himself. He says he was thinking of it. She says she will stay in the harem. He says he wishes she was always here, she says I wish it was possible...I have duties in my marriage...my husband waits for me...while being married I cannot look over the harem. He says just ask - I will immediately send your divorce to Cairo, of course I do not want to destroy your happiness though...

    Kosem tries to comfort Haci says it is not your fault, we need you...

    Humashah exits and finds Zulfikar and Alex in the hall. She asks Alex how her mother is and he says she is fine, she complains though, and she says of course, my mother is like that. The men notice she stares at Alex. Zulfikar asks how Ahmet is, she says he is better. Then she leaves.

    Bulbul tells Kosem Humasha has called her.

    Halime is told that Humasha has called her as well, she wonders what she wants.

    Kosem enters and finds Halime there. Humashah announces that she is the Valide Sultana now, she explains (when they ask) that Ahmet has ordered it himself and begged her, to restore order in the harem, especially while he is away in Edirne. and Hal asks how you are married, that is not permitted, Humashah says Ahmet has sent my divorce order to my husband. I am doing my sacrifice for these hard days...

    Halime asks kosem outside what are we going to do? Kosem says if Ahmet ordered this then we have no say in the matter an I have no problems with her. Halime says it is best if she leaves...she is safiye's daughter. Kosem says leave me out of this.

    Zulfikar tells Ahmet that the preparations are made. Ahmet tells him he will stay here, and Alex and Mehmet Giray will accompany him. Then he sends off the divorce order for Humashah's husband.

    Humashah says Bulbul is now her Head Secretary. His punishment is order then she warns everyone to obey. She gloats to Bulbul after, she wondered about the harem, and how to get rid of her husband...and he says you hit two birds with one stone!

    Kosem begs Ahmet not to go alone at least, because she will worry about him, he says he wants to be alone and then he leaves.

    Bulbul has changed into his new clothes, and orders the tailor to be sent to him.

    Kosem complains to baby Osman saying she is so scared, she knows Ahmet is going through great pain, that is why she wanted to be with him, "asked if we could be with him, but he didn't want...I couldn't say anything, I stayed quiet..." She writes a letter, saying that her life is leaving her body since he left, she is a dried well, a dead flower etc. etc. When he turns his face from her she becomes a wreck...

    Mehmet Giray says hopefully the hunt will go well, then asks if he won't eat, Ahmet says no. Kosem's letter arrives, Ahmet tosses it aside.

    Kosem stays awake, her servant tells her to think about her baby she is carrying.

    Zulfikar comes across Humashah and says hopefully there will be fewer problems in the harem seeing as she is the one running it now. He tells her the order for divorce has been sent and soon she will be divorced.

    Instead of shooting the deer, Ahmet gets on his horse and rides off in a flurry of emotion. They chase after him...

    Kosem orders for a carriage says she cannot stand it, she will go to see Ahmet in Edirne. Cennet warns her if Humashah will allow.

    Ahmet gets off his horse...

    Kosem orders the doors open but the aghas says they have special orders not to from Humashah. No one can leave without her permission.

    Kosem goes to ask Humashah and Hum says it is personal, it is for everyone, from now on everyone will follow the rules.

    Ahmet is in a daze and finds some men around who accost him, as they noticed he is wealthy and are about to rob him ...

    Kosem says she is worried about Ahmet, so if she could give permission. Humasha says if Ahmet wanted you, he would have taken you with him. Did you not think he is running away from you? He recalls his mother maybe when he sees you...the best is to stay far away from him. Do not, you will not step a foot outside the palace. Then she says you may leave.

    One of the men tries to grab Ahmet's sword saying what a pretty sword...Ahmet quickly deals with him.

    Kosem tells Halime she tried to reach her hand of peace out to Humashah, but she has chosen to keep it away.

    Kosem tells Haci to follow her.

    The men find Ahmet's horse. Ahmet meanwhile is dealing with the other men in a craze.

    Haci asks how they will answer for this later, she says she doesn't wanna think about that now. Haci says open the doors, they say we can't and he says we come from Humashah she knows! They open the door and Haci wants to accompany Kosem.

    The men find Ahmet.

    Halime informs Zulfikar that Kosem has gone to Edirne to see Ahmet. Halime comments about the handkerchief on his desk saying how delicate...

    Kosem wants to take a shortcut, despite Haci's warnings.

    Bulbul tells Humashah that Halime went and told Zulfikar and it may wreck the plans because he went after her. Hum says don't worry all we can do is wait, so we will wait, it will go as planned.

    Zulfikar goes the wrong way...

    Ahmet finally reads Kosem's letter and we see she concludes by saying please let us come there, or you return to us please...

    Kosem and Haci are attacked.

    Alex says I hope you have good news from Kosem and the princes and Mehmet Giray asks Ahmet if he wishes, they can send word to Zulfikar to bring her and his princes to him. Ahmet says yes they should come.

    Kosem is caught and Haci is hit and falls unconscious.

    Murat informs Ahmet that ten thousand Janissaries and twenty thousand cavalrymen are on their way to return to the Capitol and Ahmet says without losing time march on the Celalis in Anatolia. Murat says please be sure I will not disappoint. I will kill every single one of the Celali traitors!

    Bulbul informs Humashah that the good news has come. Humashah says to order the prep for her to go to her mother to give her the good news.

    Zulfikar arrives and asks if Kosem has come, Alex and Mehmet are shocked, she is not here they say...Zulfikar tells Ahmet that Kosem left the harem without telling him to come see him Edirne. Ahmet says Kosem has not come! Zulfikar says she should have come long ago...Ahmet orders the horses be ready.

    Ahmet and his men find the dead guards and aghas and empty carriage and then Haci.

    Humashah tells her mother that Kosem is somewhere no one knows about and that her fate is up to you (Safiye). Safiye says you are my daughter!

    Haci is alive but confused. Ahmet asks where Kosem is.

    Kosem wakes up and finds herself tied up and locked away somewhere.

    THE END.

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