• Kosem Sultan Episode 21 Translation

    The episode starts Bulbul telling a girl that the time has come, that she should pack up as they are leaving.

    Kosem will be distributing coins, food and other necessities for the poor women and children and also taking their complains and helping with their problems.  Cennet tells the people to stay in line and not push and reminds them that all these years Kosem has taken care to listen to all their problems and help each one of them so they will each have their turn.

    Bulbul tells the girl that her task is important.

    The women tell their problems to Kosem for example one woman's daughter is getting married but she has nothing to give her, Kosem tells Meliki to take care of it. Another tells her about her husband being locked up and they are experiencing great difficulty, Kosem orders for all the complaints to be collected and she will deal with all of them.

    Bulbul takes the girl to Safiye and Humashah, who size her up and Bulbul tells them he gave her the name Yasemin because it is Kosem's favourite flower.

    Haci tells Kosem that the preparations for the meal has been made outside and that her children have arrived to greet her for Eid and kiss her hand.

    Safiye tells humashah that the girl does not remember who she is and she has been staying in a monastary in Venice and then when they found out they kidnapped her and kept her until now. Humashah wonders how this girl will be any different because Kosem controls everything in the harem and for years now no cariye has been able to enter Ahmet's bedroom twice. Safiye says this girl is different she will not be a one night girl and then safiye tells Humashah she is entrusted to her protection in the harem. Bulbul says soon we will get everything that was taken from you. Safiye says this woman will not only bring Kosem's end but she will also be the end of Ahmet, and then we will put our own son, Iskender on the throne.

    Kosem greets her children one by one Mehmed, Murat (whom she calls her warrior Shehzade, who has a bruise practicing sword play), Ayshe, Fatma, Gevherhan, Kasim, and her two little ones Ibrahim and Atike. Kosem asks where Osman is and Mehmed comments who knows where he's lost to again...

    Osman is with his Lala (teacher) who commends him for his archery skills and says you have grown! Osman says my father and mother do not see it, my time for going for Sanjak has come and gone...Lala tries to convince him not to speak of such things out loud and that only Ahmet can decide about such things and to be careful because this type of ambition has gotten many a shehzade into trouble. Cennet arrives and Osman knows his "mother" is calling.

    Cennet greets Lala Omer and asks how he is, and he says I see you and I am much better!

    Humashah orders Yasemin to be cleaned and dressed (they are in her palace) and tells Yasemin to enjoy the peaceful days because soon a storm will brew. Humashah is told her husband awaits her in his room.

    Kosem asks Osman where he was Eid morning and he says I hope I haven't made you sad, I was with my Lala, she says would you ever make me sad? And embraces him.

    Humashah goes to her husband Zulfikar (!) who is now a pasha. She says you asked for me and he says I didn't see you in the morning beside me so I wondered where you went, and she says she went to greet her mother for Eid. Zulfikar says he must go to the palace.

    Ahmet's doctor is preparing some medicine and Alex arrives saying that Mustafa says he will not come. Ahmet drinks the medicine, the doctor saying it is for his stomach problems.

    Halime wonders how long this will last (with Mustafa being kept in seclusion) and Menekshe comments that thanks to Kosem at least she can see her son's face to which Halime responds, yes only every Eid! Then she wonders where Dilruba is and she is told that she has gone long ago.

    Mustafa is pacing the floor in his room and asks his imaginary friend Pinhan agha, if "they have left" and Pinhan replies that they have but they will return and take him forcibly this time so take this sword and fight. There is a knock and it is Dilruba and she asks why he is pale, Mustafa says that Ahmet has called for him but he didn't want to go. Dilruba asks for what reason and Mustafa says he doesn't know why.

    Kosem meet her children again outside and Osman asks why Beyazid hasn't come and little Murad says that why should he, he isn't our brother. Kosem gets upset and says what kind of thing is that to say, I better not hear it again! Your mothers might be different but you are all siblings! Mehmet says yes, like Osman - his mother was Mahfiruze, but there is no difference...Kosem looks on angrily and then says to Osman, I have sent the orders, Beyazid will come along as well. Just then Beyazid arrives with his mother and Beyazid greets Kosem, kisses her hand and wishes her a happy Eid. Gulbahar, his mother also greets Kosem.

    Halime meanwhile tells Mustafa and Dilruba to calm down, it is Eid no one is going to do anything to Mustafa on Eid. Dilruba says she is going to go find out. Alex arrives (he is now the Hasodabas, or head of the privy chamber) and tells them that Ahmet wants everyone for the special Eid meal. Dilruba says let's go we'll all go together. Pilhan is shaking his head.

    Ahmet tells everyone that for a while he will go hunting and that Osman and Mehmet will be going with him. The princes are happy saying they have been waiting for this so long. Murad wants to go, Kosem says my warrior prince, you still have time (to grow up). Zulfikar comments about how much happiness his kids must bring to him. Ahmet says my children are worth more to me than all my treasures, your turn is next (to have children). Humashah says I wish to give my pasha many children too. Mustafa, his mother and his sister arrive. Mustafa greets Ahmet and wishes him a blessed Eid, then Dilruba thanks Ahmet for having allowed Mustafa out for Eid and expresses her wishes that he could be free and with them always.

    Bulbul asks Haci what he's doing inside when the whole family is outside. Haci says he is looking for the doctor and that it's none of his business. Bulbul is curious...

    Humashah approaches Alex and says I await you tomorrow in my palace, because I have to speak to you. Then Zulfikar arrives and says it is good to have gathered everyone here, what were you speaking of? Humashah says nothing, I just asked about our unlucky Mustafa.

    Dilruba wonders if Ahmet will allow Mustafa out of his room. Halime says she wishes it too, but she has become wearied and tired of hoping and then being disappointed every time.

    Ahmet and Mustafa are talking a walk and Ahmet says do you fear me Mustafa? Mustafa says let us stop here...

    Murad asks his older brother, who is this man? Beyazid says his clothes are nice, look, it means he is a pasha. Osman says what pasha? that is our uncle, Shehzade Mustafa.

    Humashah approaches Kosem and her daughters and comment how beautiful Ayshe has become. The children leave and Kosem wishes her happiness in her marriage then adds, it is good Hasan pasha did not see these days...he would have been so hurt seeing you find happiness in someone else. Humashah says it was God's will. Kosem comments that people are surprised because she left to Egypt and then soon after there was news of Hasan's death and that she returned without waiting, to the palace and then remarried. Humashah replies, these are matters from years ago...what is the meaning of bringing up old matters?

    The doctor is telling Haci that Ahmet is experiencing stomach troubles and that he has prepared medication, if he takes it everyday, within a month he will recover. Haci warns the doctor not to let Kosem hear about it for she will worry. Bulbul has been listening.

    Ahmet tells Mustafa, maybe you have heard, I have had a Mosque ordered built, it will open soon and maybe we can pray together there. Mustafa says I cannot...it is prohibited...I cannot get out. He is about to drink but Pinhan tells him not to drink what if it is poisoned.

    Dilruba says to Halime, isn't it time to act, we must do something to get my brother out. Halime says I have things in mind, but we must wait.

    Ahmet asks Mustafa is there anything you need, or lack, you simply need to say it. Mustafa says thank you all is well. Pinhan says why don't you just say what goes through your mind...that you hate him, that you want to kill him. Mus suddenly shouts out saying I don't want! i want nothing. Ahmet asks what he means. Mustafa says I don't want anything I want to go back to my room. He runs off. Dilruba says forgive him my Hunkar, because of your orders, my brother has been stuck between four walls and he needs time to get used to being in a crowd (and outside).

    Mustafa hears Pinhan telling him that if he goes back inside, he'll never get out and that he should fight for all that is his. Mus shouts leave me! Pinhan shows up inside and tells him he cant run away from him. Mus cries and screams go away!

    The pashas kiss Ahmet's robes and wish him a blessed Eid. We see the grand vizier and also the second pasha, Davut Pasha.

    Halime comments to Dilruba that she is unhappy with her sons condition. Dilruba says well what else could have happened to him? While the other princes get to be free and enjoy life, my brother alone is locked up and prohibited from everything. How much longer will we wait? Halime says we won't wait, we have to do something, but we will be patient. Dilruba says I have no more patience. Halime says we must gain power - we can only achieve this through you! The time has come for you to marry someone powerful. Dilruba wonders who she has in mind, as it is obvious she has thought of someone already. Halime says the most powerful in the Divan - the grand vizier Halil pasha!

    In the Divan, Halil pasha tells Ahmet the Mosque complex is almost complete. Alex also comments about it. Davut pasha says forgive me, but there are people who continue to say how dare a Sultan who has had not gone to any victorious campaigns make such a complex. Ahmet says that he has destroyed a century-long rebellion by the Celalis did you not tell them that? Davut says yes of course. Ahmet says Murat pasha went on his orders, and with the power he gave him and then he says Iskender you were there...Alex recalls the scene. Murat is there with a head of the Celalis and asks did you think you could get away from the justice of the Ottoman state? The guy says you call it justice? We were going against your oppression! Murat reminds him by saying you call the state oppressive but what you guys did - revolt, burn villages, harrass/harm the people and then you dare to say in front of me, I am oppressive! The guy says this is a war, no one is innocent! Murat reminds him he is a lowly traitor, there is no war with traitors and the end has come for this treason. The guy says you can kill us we never go away, but he dies and the revolt ends. Alex gets some air and sees the extent of it - how many of his brothers in red (the janissaries) have fallen.

    Gurbuz agha tells Safiye that her guest as arrived. It is Osman.

    Haci tells Kosem that Osman has gone to the old palace, and that safiye has wanted to see him.

    Safiye tells Osman she thought Kosem maybe didn't let him come visit. He says there was an Eid feast so that is why he is late. She asks how his relationship is with Kosem. He says she loves me a lot and I do too, as you know she never let me feel my mother's absence. Saf says be careful anyway, the wolf is friends with the lamb when the wolf is full, and then when the wolf is hungry, there is no friendship left. Osman says don't worry - I am not lamb and my Valide is not a wolf. Safiye is surprised by his using Validem for Kosem and she says well if God forbid, something happens to your father tomorrow, it is obvious whose side Kosem will be on, because in the end you are not from her blood.

    Ahmet tells Kosem for a while he won't return (from the hunt) and that he leaves the harem entrusted to her. She says don't worry...you are thinking of Mustafa right? He says well I thought I'd see my brother when he left those 4 walls, but I did not see him. I looked into his eyes, I did not find my brother. There was a wall between us, or something. That little brother I used to call my squirrel, he was looking at me like a stranger, and the most painful thing, is that I became the reason for his becoming like this. Kosem says do not blame yourself, everyone wanted you to kill your brother, but you did not, and that is why you locked him up to protect him. Ahmet says I always dream and hear his voice saying get me out of this room brother. Kosem says maybe this is a sign from God, do what your heart wants Ahmet.

    Humashah wonders if Zulfikar's work is done, but he isn't he says a little left. She says if you are always busy with state matters why are you not in the Divan? She says, oh maybe Kosem doesn't allow it, since you married me. Zulfikar says he is very happy with his place and position and anyway he got everything he wanted (i.e. her).

    Yasemin asks Humasha's kalfa if Kosem is as beautiful as they say. The kalfa says she gave the dynasty eight children, four shehzades and four sultanas, and she is beautiful despite that. She is not even thirty yet, so she is still young.

    PART 2 (51:22 youtube video)

    Osman is working on some calligraphy and Kosem arrives and says my talented Shehzade! and comments how beautiful the calligraphy is. She says I did not see you after the feast. He says I guess you found about my going to the old palace. She says I know, but I don't know what you and Safiye talked about. He says she wanted to see me for Eid, I didn't want to make her sad, we didn't speak for long. Kosem says long or short, I do not want you meeting with her - she is a Sultana who betrayed the family, if she didn't have something up her sleeve, she would not have called you there. He says what could she do, she already passed her punishment. Kosem says you do not know her at all my son.

    The men are hunting and the deer gets away and Ahmet says no giving up, let's continue.

    Alex wonders why Humashah has called him. She says I need you to take a gift to our Hunkar, you will hand it over while he is hunting. Alex wonders what gift it is, that it has to be hidden from Zulfikar. Humashah says you will find Hijran kalfa who will hand the gift to you.

    Zulfikar enters and says Iskender? Alex leaves. Zulfikar wonders what Alex was doing here, she says I am sending our Hunkar a gift, and he will deliver the gift.

    The kalfa presents the gift - Yasemin hatun - to be given to our Hunkar. Alex tells Yasemin to follow him.

    The hunting party is interrupted and Ahmet is informed that Mehmet Giray has been caught. Osman asks who that is, and Lala explains. Mehmet asks why he ran off, what he did. Lala explains that in order to get on the Crimean throne, he went without Ahmet's consent and went into battle for the throne/power.

    Kosem has gone to speak with Safiye and tells a surprised Gurbuz agha to send word that she has come.

    Mehmet Giray says forgive me my Hunkar. Ahmet says I gave you a great thing - I appointed you as the heir to the Crimean throne but you went against my will. First you helped your brother Shahin escape, then as if that wasn't enough you went without my consent and sat on the Crimean throne. Mehmet says I know my mistakes and I came to the capitol to rub my face on the skirt of your robe (kiss it). Ahmet says yes I know, you sent a letter saying you want to come, without a doubt, I am merciful to the subject of mine who begs my forgiveness (after his friend is executed) Ahmet says I owed a debt to you - you had saved my Kosem Sultana once, now we are even. Take him throw him in the Yedikule prison.

    Safiye tells kosem, so many years passed, what wind has thrown you here? Kosem says you know exactly why I am here - stay away from my son Shehazde Osman. Safiye says, you bore so many that you do not recognize who is your son and who is not anymore. Sh. Osman is not your son, you did not bear him thank God. Kosem says yes I did not bear him, but the day you attacked the palace, I protected him, and then I mothered him, fed him my own milk, so for this reason - let anyone say what they want - Osman is my son. Safiye says you want everyone to pledge allegance to you right? You cannot tolerate that anyone should turn their face away from you. Now you have tied all the Pasha's to you - anyone going against your orders, their outcome is clear - death. Just like what you did to Murat Pasha - do not deny it, we know everything you gave the order and Nasuh the traitor finished him off!

    Flashback, Nasuh tells Murat that Kosem had sent an agha to warn him but that he answered with the agha's head. Murat says tell that Haseki that imitates Safiye sultan to stay away from state matters or else more heads will roll. Nasuh says she can be worried about state matters because at the end of the day she is mother to shehzades, it required you to obey. Murat says I am the grand vizier Murat pasha, forget Sultanas, I do not even lower my neck for Padishahs. Nasuh says this is why my Pasha, our Kosem Sultana - just for this reason does not want you any longer. As you know power does not accept a shadow. Murat shakes his head and says Nasuh pasha, you loyal dog of Sultanas. First of all, you served Safiye, then Kosem! Do you not have any pride you man. Do you have no honour? Nasuh says pride? honour? These are words! I have done everything to stay alive. I wish you had done the same like me - had you chosen to be with Kosem sultan, not against her then you would not be dying in this cold, dark tent!

    Safiye comments that Kosem had betrothed her daughter Ayse to him when she was three but that the bribes he took were exposed and he basically met his end. Kosem says who cares about Murat or Nasuh pasha, whoever betrays our Hunkar, whoever wants to try to share his power, they will pay for it. Safiye says you have learned very fast how to give up on people but the day shall come when you will give up on Sh. Osman too. Kosem says he is a shehzade, do not compare him to pashas. Safiye says and if one day you have to choose between him and sh. Mehmet? Kosem says I will not warn you again, stay away from my sons - especially Osman.

    Ahmet is told that Humashah has sent him a gift and Yasemin enters his tent.

    Kosem is with her daughter Ayshe who asks why she went to see Safiye. Kosem says she had invited Osman there. Ayshe says Osman is loyal to you, he will never turn his back on you. Cennet arrives and tells Kosem that their men from Humasha's palace have sent word that she has gifted a woman to Ahmet and Iskender has personally taken her to Ahmet. Kosem says sigh, Cennet, they have done it again...

    Ahmet says Yasemin, what a nice name, just like your smell.

    Kosem goes to visit Alex and says you have taken a woman to Ahmet? Alex says a gift from Humashah who wanted me to personally deliver her. Kosem says why are you here then? We can't know who the woman is, how do you know she could not harm our Hunkar? Alex says why would she want to - Kosem says because she is Safiye's daughter. I do not trust her and you will not either. You will think of every possibility when it comes to our Hunkar, he is not alone, my two sons are there too. Alex says you are exaggerating, and my most trusted men are there with them anyway.

    Yasemin is drawing Ahmet as he sleeps and he says what are you doing? He takes the drawing from her.

    Kosem asks if the carriage is ready. Meleki asks where she is headed and Kosem says I cannot be at peace until I see our Hunkar and my sons, I am entrusting my children to you, go be with them.

    Ahmet says so you were drawing me? Yasemin says I know it is forbidden but I couldn't help myself. He asks where she learned. She says I am Venetian, I stayed in a monastery and learned there. Ahmet calls for the aghas and asks for stationary for drawing and says if you like drawing then you can draw me on proper paper.

    Meleki calls after Kosem and says her baby Ibrahim has a fever. The doctor says it is very high, they need to lower the fever at once. Kosem calls for ice to be brought.

    Alex wishes Safiye Eid greetings, and says he would have come on the first day but wasn't able to make time. She says no problem, you are here now. She says you have always visited us every Eid, asking about us, you have never left us alone. It is very hard to find someone faithful like you. He says I know you are alone here, a person tries to find someone to speak to. She says and you, why are you alone, the time has come for you to have a happy home. He says whatever is written in my fate...I have no complaints. She says someone like you there are many women (to choose), you will pick one, marry her, have your own home with your own wife and children...family is important. He says God Willing. She says this is life, the day will come you will find your loved ones (meaning the family he lost) and he says there is no possibility for that...and I have closed that matter long ago (given up).

    Yasemin says I need to get to know your face better to draw it. Ahmet is told that Kosem has sent word that Ibrahim is ill and that they cannot lower the fever. Ahmet orders the princes to get ready because they are returning to the palace, and ignoring Yasemin he gets up and sets off.

    Yasemin enters the harem and everyone wonders who she is. Eycan asks who the woman is and a kalfa says she has returned from the hunt with Ahmet and will be taken to the favourites room.

    Bulbul tells Safiye that the woman has succeeded. Safiye says then we must hurry. She hands Bulbul a vial and says give it to Yasemin. Just how they poisoned my son Mehmed, that is how we will poison Sultan Ahmet...slowly, painfully...no one will know. And when Ahmet falls, it will be too late. Bulbul says Ahmet is suffering from stomach troubles and that he is taking medication for it and they will mix it in there. Safiye says good. Also Humashah will not know about the poison because she will prevent it - she loves her nephew (Ahmet). Bulbul says don't worry, it will be our secret.

    Ahmet arrives and rushes to his son. Kosem says oh thank God you came back, he says how is he? Kosem says thank God he is okay, I was really worried his fever wouldn't come down. The princes express their relief that their brother is well again.

    Cennet asks who the girl is and Eycan explains it is the girl from the hunt. Eycan says what will we tell Kosem sultan. Cennet says when the time comes we will tell her. Then she asks the girl to turn around.

    Ahmet says he prays every night to God to not let him see the pain of losing a child. Kosem says I told you years ago I would give you many children and how happy! We are a big family. Ahmet says you are the reason for our happiness...our dreams became real! Our family has grown...

    Bulbul meets with Yasemin and says good you didn't fail us, but your real job starts now - be careful. Do not lose a single drop of it. Yasemin says she is willing to sacrifice her life for Safiye. Bulbul tells her to put it in the medicine.

    Haci brings the medicine which has come sealed. Haci tells Ahmet he thinks Kosem should find out about his stomach problems but Ahmet says no, its nothing serious so don't worry her about it.

    Ahmet recalls Mustafa as a little kid saying he wants to make a ship too.

    The grand vizier Halil pasha meets with Halime who says you know what to do to keep the seal of viziership - to become a bridegroom for the Family. He say my sultana does this mean - She says the time has come for my daughter Dilruba. I want a bridegroom for her who has a bright future like you.

    Ahmet enters Mustafa's room and wakes him and says there is no need to be afraid, you saw my shehzades, they all are curious about you, especially Osman. Mustafa says there are lots of Shehzades and sultanas I do not know who is who. Ahmet says you will know all of them soon. From now on there will be no wall between you and your family, you are free - I know you are angry and sad on my account...I did not want this, God is my witness. I tried to protect you from everything and everyone. But it is over, you will always be with us and amongst us from now on.

    Cennet asks how Ibrahim is and Kosem says he is fine then she asks about Yasemin and what happened to the girl and Cennet expresses who cares about the girl, Ahmet only has eyes for you. Kosem says that is not the matter - Humashah sent her, so how do we know she is not a traitor?

    Humashah says to Bulbul, I heard ibrahim was unwell, how is he now? Bulbul says he is much better now. Then Humashah says if the girl goes twice for halvet, I will calm down...she must really have our Hunkar smitten with her.

    Halime comments to her daughter that the pasha was quite eager when he heard about marrying her...he must have heard about your beauty. Then she says what happened Dilruba? Did you not like him? Diruba says I liked him a lot, you've found the pasha of my dreams (sarcastically) There is a knock and Menekshe informs them that Ahmet has allowed Mustafa to return to the harem.

    Mustafa is announced and the harem girls curiously look at him and he back at them. His mother arrives and greets him and says thank God, our separation has ended! He embrases his sister. Then he sees Pinhan who doesn't look too happy...

    Humashah visits Kosem and Ibrahim and then says she worried when she heard Ibrahim had fallen ill, but he has quickly recovered. Kosem says yes, we were very scared. I heard you sent a woman to our Hunkar. Humashah says the woman is quite lovely, beautiful, smart, raised well...and I saw her fit for our hunkar...there is no problem right? Kosem says no....while she stays a loyal servant to our Hunkar. Humashah says so much so they returned from the hunt together and as soon as she came, she was put in the favourite's room.

    Mustafa is taken to his new room and Pinhan says youre finally in the room you deserve! All this stuff, the clothes etc, are all yours! Now the real war starts! You will then fight for the throne! Dilruba asks if Mustafa needs anything, but Mustafa says I am tired.

    Kosem scolds her servants saying I hear about the girl from Humashah! Cennet says sorry, you were busy with Ibrahim I did not want you distressed, I was going to tell you at an appropriate time.  Kosem says who is the girl...have you seen her? Is she beautiful? Eycan says no, she is an average woman! Kosem tells Cennet find out about her, I want to know everything. Cennet says I will, but I do not think anything will get out. Humashah sultan just wants you to fight with her. There is something about this girl.

    Halime says she is saddned Mustafa is someplace else, he is cold...far off. Dilruba says it is not easy after all these years...what if we get a girl ready for him? Halime is pleased and says good! Then orders Menekshe to find a cheerful girl to cheer him up.

    Eycan calls Yasemin to come with her and there is some work to be done.

    Menekshe tells Mustafa the girl has been sent by his mother.

    Eycan brings the girl to poke at the fire while Kosem takes a look at her. Eycan says as you can see...she is nothing special. Her name is Yasemin. The girl starts saying my Sultana you - Eycan scolds her saying what is wrong with you you address a Sultana! Let's go!

    Outside Yasemin says was that Kosem sultan? Eycan says she is and be careful not to disrespect her!

    Pinhan is trying to wreck the moment and telling Mustafa that the girl has come to kill him and she is an executioner. Pinhan says before she ills you, you kill her! Mustafa goes wild and strangles her. Menekshe is startled and enters the room and says my shehzade what have you done?

    Eycan tells Kosem that Yasemin is quiet, and harmless. Kosem says there is something making me restless...I do not know what, but she may not be as innocent as she seems, be careful. She is not to be alone with our Hunkar again. Meleki arrives and tells Kosem that Mustafa has returned to the harem as Ahmet has allowed him to. Kosem says good, for long now it was bothering him.

    Halime arrives and wonders why Menekshe's face is like that. She enters and says oh no, what happened. Mustafa says she had come to murder me...she is an executioner. Menekshe says what are we to do now? We could say the woman attacked him. Halime says no, if it got out we lied?! No one must know what happened. Dilruba says help me Menekshe, we need to get the body out...this incident did not happen.

    In the morning Cennet tells Dilruba her carriage is ready. Cennet says what you carry with you seems heavy, are you going far? Dilruba says she is going to the great market to hand out things to the poor.

    Halime tells Mustafa that he cannot tell anyone about what happened and that don't worry everything will pass. Mustafa says I did not want to do it. Pinhan told me to do it. It is all his fault, I did not want to do it! Halime asks who Pinhan is. Pinhan says don't!!!! Do not tell her about me...no one can see or hear me except you. Mustafa tells him to shut up. Pinhan says you be quiet...they shouldn't know about me, or they will lock you up again and you'll never get out. Mustafa gets up and "pushes" Pinhan calling him a murderer.

    Dilruba is announced and Davut pasha approaches her and says I am the second vizier Davut. She introduces herself. Then tells the aghas to be careful, but they drop it. Davut sees what was hidden inside the basket.

    Yasemin is sketching Ahmet.

    Dilruba says to Davut, don't ask anything right now, just help me please.

    Alex is told that Humashah has sent word to meet her in the Pearl Palace.

    Zulfikar sees his wife leaving.

    Kosem finds Ahmet outside with Yasemin and approaches them. Ahmet tells Kosem I have asked her to draw me, she is quite capable. He shows Kosem the drawing and says do you like it? She says I do not, it is lacking, half way - I am not there. But it is obvious she is capable. She can draw us both. Ahmet says sure! What a great idea then orders the girl back to the harem.

    Ahmet says he did what his heart felt to do about Mustafa. Kosem says I am glad! This was making you very sad, and I was afraid you'd fall ill.

    Humashah arrives to speak with Alex and says you know Yasemin hatun, the girl you took to the hunt. I wish you to protect her. Kosem is unhappy with her presence. she may harm her. Alex says no one can harm a favourite of the Sultan, and Kosem does not become angry over an average girl. Humashah says I simply want you to be careful...Zulfikar arrives just then. She asks what are you doing here? He says actually, what are YOU two doing here?!

    Davut has taken care of everything and then says if theres no other wish you have, we can return. Dilruba says you won't ask anything? Who it is, what happened? He says, whoever it is must have made you sad...and for this very reason, deserved death....because no one, no one, is more precious than our Sultanas.

    Zulfi says yes, so what was so important?! Seeing as you are meeting secretly! Humashah tells Alex to leave, she can take care of explanations. Zulfikar says I am listening, how you will explain this condition?! What are you doing here? what is between you two!!!!?? She says what are you saying, - is that possible?! Zulfikar says you meet secretly and what do you expect me to think. I have been watching...you are always with him...always talking about him...I see how you look at him! I seeeee it! She says you are breaking my heart...it is not as you think. He says if it was I think I do not expect you to admit it, but that Iskender will speak...I will rip out his liver! Get out of my way! she says wait, waaaaait! Iskender is my brother! Did you get it?! He is my real brother! Real brother of mine!

    Halime speaks to Dilruba who says they are rid of it. The girl is in the Bosphorus. Menekshe says won't they ask where the girl went? Halime says I will send I sent her to the old palace. Menekshe worries mustafa will say something. Halime says I told him not to. No one will know. Menekshe says except one person....Halime asks who else knows. Dilruba tells her Davut knows and also helped her so don't worry...

    Zulfi says it is impossible. Humashah explains about the shirt with the inscription kept around his neck and then she says all the proof is there, the mark on his back everything. Zulfikar says no impossible, how? She says I was quiet all these years...because if someone finds out, then he will lose his head right away. So you must also be quiet. For my sake and for Iskender's sake.

    Zulfi inspects the shirt in Alex's room and then Alex arrives and says is this about today?

    Kosem calls for her bed to be readied, and Haci tells her Ahmet has ordered Yasemin prepared for Halver tonight.

    Yasemin enters Ahmet's room.

    Zulfi tells Alex I came to speak to you...Alex says I do not know what is going through your mind, but I want you to know I would never do anything to hurt you or make you sad.  Zulfi says I know. Alex tells him about Humasha's request to protect the girl. Zulfi says I know...the reason why I came...what I wanted to say...is that....don't get involved in the matters between Sultanas - as I have always told you, just be busy with your duty to the Sultan...do your job.

    Humashah tells Safiye I have good news, Yasemin has gone for the second time to Ahmet. Safiye says you have made my night, means Kosem's ten year Sultanate is over. Humashah says I am sure kosem is thinking of how to get rid the girl...she doesn't know the truth. Safiye says who knew Kosem's end would come from her own blood...by her own real sister.

    Kosem feels something about the pictures Yasemin has drawn and says she knows this place, it looks like the place she came from...her birth place.

    Yasemin pours poison into the medication.

    THE END.

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      I have a second question maybe the creator of these subtitles can help me out plzzz. i follow kosem sultan aarab version but i cant read arabic only speak it hahaha. however there is no episode after the 47th how come? or is there a site somewhere i also cant found it on osn. thanj you very much!!!

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