• Kosem Sultan Episode 22 Translation

    Yasemin is painting Ahmet and Kosem together.

    Ahmet comments to Kosem that summer is ending and Kosem says with you by my side, every season is spring for me.

    Safiye asks Bulbul if the precautions were taken. Bulbul says don't worry as always, I sent Gurbuz to the market and have persuaded the other aghas.

    Ahmet feels unwell and says it is enough for today they will continue later and he has to go read some important things.

    Kosem says to Yasemin, you are very talented. Then she goes through her sketch book and asks how she knows this place (the one drawn) Yasemin says I just came up with it, it's not based on a fixed place.

    Alex arrives and they step aside to speak. He tells her Mehmet has sent word and wants to see her to speak about something important.

    Osman says he will give the calligraphy to his mother and then says he is going to go for a walk, and Mehmet should come with him. Mehmet says did you get permission from mother? Osman says I got Lala to ask our Hunkar, come. Mehmet says no, you go ahead I won't be coming. Mehmet ruins the calligraphy.

    Alex asks Kosem if she wishes, he can accompany her. Kosem says no, no need, you stay with our Hunkar.

    Yasemin watches Alex watching Kosem and she says our Sultana is quite beautiful. Alex tells her to return to the harem. Then he sees the sketch of Kosem and takes it.

    Ahmet is struggling with his stomach pain.

    Meanwhile, Safiye meets with Osman's Lala who says your servant Lala Omer, at your service.

    Haci asks Kosem why they have come to see Mehmet, what could he know after all. Kosem asks Mehmet what the important matter is, he motions for her to sit.

    Safiye asks Lala if Osman consider's his words and advice, Lala says yes. Safiye says get Cennet under your sway (by pretending to love her)...everyone who serves her, will turn their faces away and whoever refuses, will die.

    Mehmet tells Kosem that she has always treated him well. She says she does not have a lot of time (get to the point). Mehmet says he heard some intelligence - that someone is plotting against Ahmet, and will remove him and replace him with one of the Shehzades.

    Ahmet is suffering in  pain.

    Osman wonders where Lala was, he says I was with an acquaintance. Osman gives him a look ( as in, you mean a lady friend?) and Lala says oh not what you think!

    A man in the market speaks about a slave girl and the poor thing begs for water, and falls because of it and then he beats her. Osman helps her, calls for water.

    Halime is mixing up some medicine for her son when Dilruba arrives. Dilruba says what is the need for medication, he needs to get out a bit, walk around, in a few weeks he will be okay.

    Halime tells Dilruba to go the stables, as she has not visited her horse in a long time. Dilruba wonders where this is coming from suddenly. Halime says your future husband Halil pasha awaits you there...it is customary, that you speak a little with him and get to know each other better.

    Osman beats the man and saves the girl. He asks her name, and says do you know our language, do not be afraid, I will not harm you. She says her name is Angela, and he orders the man paid and says you will come with me.

    Halil pasha greets Dilruba and says I think Halima has spoken of our situation  - she says what is our situation? He says your mother saw me fit, and soon we will wed. Dilruba says do not be so sure, it is with God's permission - he says yes with God's permission and she says and also our Hunkar's consent!

    Kosem has arrived to see Ahmet but is told he is not seeing anyone. Kosem tells Zulfikar that Mehmet had something to tell her.  Inside, Ahmet's doctor says it is very strange because the medication is strong and should have long given relief. Ahmet says it has made it even worse.

    Zulfikar tells Kosem don't worry I will investigate this matter.

    Kosem sees the doctor leaving Ahmet's room and asks what is going on the doctor says nothing serious. Kosem enters the room saying we were together this morning!

    Dilruba says I do not know much about you my pasha, except your loyalty to Kosem...Pasha says I am loyal to all Sultanas. Dilruba says I am not like other Sultanas - if you want to marry me, you must be not only loyal, but bonded to me with all your heart and soul. Davut pasha arrives, Halil asks why and Davut lies saying Ahmet awaits him. Halil leaves. Dilruba says I am glad to see you becuase I did not get to thank you for your help the other day. Davut says what help - any help I give is me serving you.

    Halime speaks to her son saying don't worry it is hard I know because you were locked up so long, but I am here now. Pinhan says yeah right where was she all these years when you cried in bed. Halime offers medication and Pinhan tells Mus not to take it, because they want to separate him from Pinhan. Halime says would I ever want bad for you? Drink it. Mustafa does. She asks want to take a walk in the gardens? He shakes his head no.

    Kosem asks what is going on and Ahmet says nothing serious. She still worries. He asks why did you come She says Zulfikar will investigate, but there is something that means we need to be careful.

    Zulfikar has told Humashah who says who are these people (who want to dethrone Ahmet). He says you say...it could be your mother. She has a shehzade to put on the throne. She says what does this mean. He says if you know anything, speak so I can prevent it. She says I do not...do you think I want to harm my nephew Hunkar?

    Ahmet tells Kosem can Mehmet's words be trusted, he is just trying to get a pardon for himself. Kosem says I will personally look over who you see, what you eat, what you drink, what you wear, where you go. Ahmet says that's hwo it is anyway. So, I might as well get rid of the sword bearer, the taster, the head guard, etc. Kosem says let us just say certain things happen hidden from me...like Yasemin hatun for example.

    Humashah tells Bulbul I will ask you only one time and you will tell me the truth. Has Yasemin come to harm Ahmet? Bulbul says is that even possible? Humashah says I heard a rumour - that there is an assassination plot against Ahmet. If it has to do with my mother - tell me so that while there is time, I can prevent it. Bulbul says no never!

    Halil Pasha finds out that Ahmet has not called for him. He wonders what is going on.

    Davut asks Dilruba if she is well as she looked unwell that day (when he helped her). Dilruba says Mustafa is finally out. Davut says I heard and am happy. Dilruba says don't worry my brother will get what he deserves now, with your permission (she is going to leave). Davut says I wish there was a way to see you again - then, I would be the world's most lucky subject! Dilruba tells the stable hand, I will come tomorrow to check on my horse again.

    Eycan tells Osman that his mother calls for him. Osman tells Eycan to look after Angela and he tells her do not worry Angela, you are safe now. She asks who he is and what Shehzade means, and what this place is. He leaves with a smile. Eycan explains to her this is our mighty Hunkar's palace, Osman is the eldest son of our king, Sultan Ahmet. Where have you come from? Just look at you! Come with me.

    Dilruba enters her mother's room with a smile, and her mother says youre smiling...what did you speak of with Halil Pasha? Dilruba says our Pasha is very quiet, and despite being grand vizier, he seems to be nothing special. We need someone courageous. Halime says maybe he was struck by your beauty so he was shy. Dilruba says he is Kosem's servant .Halime says what is going on with you? Didn't we speak to you about this? You were just smiling a moment ago? Dilruba says she was thinking of something else then. Halime says if you marry him, then Kosem won't have sway over him anymore,don't forget when you get married, then he will be coming home to your bed every night afterall. Dilruba says sarcastically, how wonderful! Halime tells her one day you may find love, but right now you will have a political marriage for your brother's sake and for our sake.

    Halil confronts Davut for his lie, Davut says oh realy, that's what I was told...and I prevented your talking with Dilruba...seems it was an important conversation. Halil says that they are getting married and he will become son in law of the family. Davut says congrats, but I wonder how Kosem sultan allowed this...

    Osman has come to see his mother. She says you left the palace again...Osman says I was out walking with my Lala. Osman says I come from the market...there was a poor girl in trouble...I brought her, if you permit - I wish for her to stay here. Kosem says since my shehzade wants that (okay). He kisses her hands "my beautiful mother, Sultana of Sultanas!"

    Cennet visits Lala and says that Kosem is angry because her son leaves the palace and she is not informed. Lala says you know him, he leaves in the spur of the moment! Lala asks her if she has spoken to Kosem yet. She says I haven't been able to. Lala says you must, it is our right to have a nest for ourselves too...are you not tired? Are you not sick of running around Sultana's skirts. Cennet says okay I will talk to her! Lala says life is passing...I want to spend our last springs together in happiness...do I ask for too much?

    Osman finds his damaged art work and is upset.

    Angela catches Mehmet's eyes and he is smitten by her beauty. He asks his sister who the girl is wih Eycan. Ayshe says she doesn't know, hasn't seen her before. Then says what happened, did you like her?

    Alex looks at Kosem's portrait and then Meleki arrives says I have brought you Baklava, I know you like it. He says you have gone to trouble, but I must leave. She says where? but I came for you. To talk for a while. He takes one and then says another time Meleki.

    Cennet tells Kosem she has to talk to her about something, but then Eycan enters with Angela. Kosem says very beautiful, where have you come from? Angela says from Russian lands...Kosem says your name from now on is Meleksima (The angel faced one).

    Cennet says I do not want to take your precious time, but I need to speak to you about something. Kosem says if it is not urgent then later, I cannot keep Ahmet waiting.

    Osman tells his siblings he doesn't understand how it happened (his picture). Ayshe says probably a careless cariye did it. Osman says it's okay, I will make another. Then Osman asks why Mehmet is so quiet, Ayshe says he saw a girl just now. Mehmet tells her to go to her room. Osman asks who this girl is who has taken his thoughts. Mehmet says I do not know, I only saw her once. She is different from the other girls...like a gazelle, timid, delicate. Osman says and you got hit (in the heart). Does she not have a name? Mehmet says I do not know her name...but I will show you. Osman says yes, I am curious!

    Kosem finds Davut outside Ahmet's chamber and comments that Halil pasha is quite pleased with him. Davut says I am simply trying to be worthy of you. Halil is quite powerful and when he becomes groom, we will be even more powerful. She wonders what he is talking about and he tells her about Dilruba and Halil.

    Zulfikar has come to speak to Safiye. Then finds out Alex is there, and asks why? Gurbuz says that he often comes to visit and converse with her.

    Inside, Alex tells Safiye about the Mosque Ahmet has had built. Safiye says well he hasn't even had a single victory...the people are complaining. They want to see a courageous, warrior Sultan. Alex responds saying that the state has finally had internal quiet , that for years there was unrest and anyway Ahmet is young - he will have many victories in the future. Safiye says yes if he lives long enough.

    Ahmet looks over his plans and comments about the iznik tiles. Kosem says it is in a very meaningful place, then she asks about the Divan documents she is curious to read them.

    Zulfikar confronts Alex as he is exiting. He says you are always here, according to Gurbuz! Alex says she is still under imprisonment, and he comes here to visit her from time to time, is there a problem? Zulfi says of course, she is a traitor who betrayed the Family! What do you speak of with her?! Alex says I am our Hunkar's Hasodabas! Watch what you accuse me of. Zulfi says this is the last time, I better not see you here again!

    Kosem advises Ahmet on customs and tariffs on the tradesmen. She says are you unwell? when she notices he is thoughtful. He says he wants to visit Mustafa, but his feet haven't cooperated taking him there, because he feels he will ask him why have you locked me up for years. Kosem says stop blaming yourself, you did it to protect him from others. I actually fear people will use him...especially Safiye sultan. Ahmet says let her try, I will rip out her liver!

     Safiye comments to Zulfi that despite him being her son in law she is not used to seeing him there (he does not visit). He says some rumours have reached him, that someone is trying to dethrone Ahmet. She says it is just rumours, don't pay heed to them....wait or are you suspicious of us? He says yes, taking into consideration your past...She says thinking of the past only makes us sad. We have nothing left, no crown no Sultanate, they are all old memories. And who would we put on the throne? Which Shehzade? Who would listen to us? Who would come after us? He says Iskender...your shehzade Iskender? She is horrified that he has found out.

    Alex goes to a seperate apartment and looks at Kosem's picture. A girl arrives and asks if he has missed her and he says very much.

    Safiye asks if Humashah told him. Zulfi says you are trying to include Humashah in your dirty dealings, but that is impossible, she is not like you - she is loyal to her family and her hunkar. She says know your place, who are you?! He says you better not go after your empty dreams of trying to put your son Iskender on the throne...otherwise you will lose him again!

    Ahmet is in pain and Kosem calls for the doctor.

    Humashah asks where Zulfi had gone and he says I went to speak to your mother. I warned her not to do something wrong. Se says you spoke of Iskender didn't you? She found out I told you...why did you do this? I could have spoken to her. He says I had to. This secret is so heavy on me...I am being crushed under it's weight further and further as each night passes. On the one hand is my loyalty to our Hunkar, then on the other, my brother Iskender who I loved and raised as my own son.

    The doctor tells Kosem about the stomach illness. Haci says it has been three weeks. She says you knew Haci? He says he didn't want you to know... the doctor says I do not understand why the medicine didn't work...it seems it has gotten worse. Kosem warns that no one, not even her sons must hear of it. Kosem comments to Haci, about Mustafa being freed and Yasemin coming out of nowhere at the same time as this illness... and how can these be coincidences? Kosem reminds him of Mehet Giray's warnings and also Halime's trying to marry her daughter to Halil pasha...she says all these have a meaning and I will find out.

    Zulfikar has a dream that Alex sits on the throne and when he addresses him as Iskender, Alex says you will call me "my Hunkar" not Iskender. And in the corner lies Ahmet. Humashah asks if he had a bad dream and then says go back to bed.

    Cennet wakes Yasemin up and says get up, come with us. Yasemin says I am not going anywhere! Cennet says take her!

    She is taken to a room where Kosem waits. She is given a poison. Cennet says this is a very powerful poison, if you speak, we will give the antidote, if you do not...then you will drown in your own blood! Kosem says speak, who are you, who put you in the harem...start from the start!

    Humashah has gone to see her mother. Humashah says are you mad at me? Safiye says years ago, we smuggled our shehzade away from the hands of the executioners. But you, you have returned him to the executioners hand!

    Bulbul looks for Yasemin, the cariye says she has not seen her.

    Yasemin says it is not my fault...humashah sultan brought me here. Cennet says have you come to kill Ahmet...speak! Yasemin says I am a favourite, what you are doing is a crime! Kosem says you have no time, if you speak you do well. Cennet says speak, who are you willing to stay silent and die for?

    Safiye tells Humashah she was supposed to keep silent, do you know in what danger you have thrown me and my son? None of us are safe...we are in danger...especially my son. We must take care of  him (kill Zulfikar).  Humashah says Zulfikar is my husband! Safiye says he is simply a guard basically, let him go to hell! Humashah says DON'T YOU DARE...don't you dare...do not even let it cross your mind. Zulfikar will stay quiet. Safiye says how do you know? What is your guarantee? Humashah says I am. If you harm Zulfikar I will never forgive you.

    PART 2 (1:07:00 of youtube video)

    Bulbul continues searching for Yasemin. A cariye says she has not seen her.

    Yasemin says I did nothing, I did nothing. Bulbul arrives and says don't, for God's sake she is an innocent favourite of our Hunkar's, Kosem says innocent? You are still lying while looking into my eyes...she is a spy. Bulbul says she is dying, please, don't do something you will regret later. Kosem says the truth will come out sooner or later and that day anyone betraying Ahmet will lose their heads!

    Ahmet asks Zulfikar if his mosque is prepared for the opening. Zulfi says yes, the people have been invited too. Ahmet says after Dervish and Nasuh's betrayal, I did not think I could trust anyone. But you turned me out to be wrong.. however for a while now you are acting strange...is there something I do not know? Alex arrives and tells Ahmet he has brought the things he asked for. Zulfi says we will talk later.

    Davut arrives to see Dilruba and tells her I found out about Halil and you getting married soon. She says is there a problem? He says yes I think so. She says why? He says I am not good at beating around the bush - that moment I saw you...the moment I looked into your eyes I found the meaning of life. Just like right now...She says how dare you? Do not speak like this to me again.

    Kosem says that Yasemin was about to speak and Cennet says that unlucky Bulbul ruined it! Kosem says that girl is not innocent, and that she wont allow Yasemin alone with Ahmet anymore. Cennet says that Halil pasha had said he would investigate into who Yasemin is but hasn't sent word yet. Kosem says tell him to come see me, I need to talk to him about this Dilruba matter. Cennet says sure, but I need to speak with you first.

    Mehmet shows Osman the girl he likes (Meleksima). He says I found out her name, Angela and mother called her Meleksima. It suits her, she is really angel faced. Is she not beautiful? Osman says she is, very beautiful...

    Cennet says to Kosem, I have been in your service for many years, I have no day nor night, I have my limits, I am very tired. If you permit, I want to retire. Cennet basically says she thinks it's time to hand over the job to someone else. Kosem says I will decide about that not you. Now call Halil pasha.

    Ahmet enters Mustafa's room and tells him I made you a promise once...Mustafa says yes that when I grew older you would teach me how to make a wooden ship. Ahmet says the important thing is to choose the right wood, The wood of the walnut tree is good...Pinhan tells Mustafa that he has a chance now (to kill Ahmet). He "makes" Mustafa pick up one of the tools. Pinhan tells him to finish it, it's easy...kill him and the throne is yours!

    Kosem asks Halil pasha if he has found out about Yasemin, Halil says he is waiting for information. She says hopefully, because your mind is elsewhere...you have marriage on the horizon. He says sorry, Halime suggested, I thought maybe I would be more powerful and be more useful to you. She says to me, or to Halime? Everyone is after treason...as soon as Mustafa was out of the cage, they are running after this.

    Meanwhile Mustafa is being pushed by Pinhan what are you waiting for my prince? You can do it again, you did it once without that girl that was sent to you. If you get on the throne...executioners will not come knocking at your door ever again. come on do it! Just then the other princes arrive. Ahmet introduces Osman, Mehmet, Murat, Kasim and Beyazid to Mustafa and adds that there is also Ibrahim but he is still in the swaddle (the way babies were wrapped in clothes) meaning he is too little. Osman says he has has long wanted to visit him. Pinhan watches from the corner. Ahmet tells Mustafa that tomorrow the Mosque will open and he wants him to attend along with the rest of the princes. Mustafa tries to get out of it, but Ahmet says no, the world will see my brother by my side.

    Bulbul tells Yasemin to take a vial and put it in Ahmet's medicine again, and that this is the last time. Yasemin says she doesn't now anymore...Ahmet is very nice to her, and that he (Bulbul) saw what happened to her just now. She says she cannot do it. Bulbul tells her to come to her senses, not to forget what reason she came here. He forces the vial in her hand. Humashah enters and tells Bulbul to wait outside.

    Halime asks Dilruba what is wrong. Dilruba says I have thought about it and I do not think marrying Halil pasha is a good idea, she can marry someone better. Halime says for example? Dilruba resonds, for example Davut pasha. Halime says I have not heard much good about him, he is cruel and has many enemies. Dilruba says we have many enemies too. Halime says have you met with him, or has he threatened you...about that incident with the body of the dead girl? Dilruba says no, and he helped us putting his own life at risk. Halime says well the arrow has left the bow, Halil pasha will approach Ahmet and ask for your hand.

    Murad asks Osman if Mustafa has read all the books (on his shelf). Mehmet responds by saying of course, what else was he going to do locked up all these years? Osman scolds him to be quiet, then he says to Osman, you might want to see my books, whenever you want come over. Pinhan tells Mustafa not to be fooled by their words and that their first act upon getting the throne will be to take his (Mus) life. Mustafa turns to Pinhan and tells him to shut up already, I am not going to listen to you. Go. The princes are startled by Mustafa's apparent talking to himself. Menekshe enters and tells the princes that Mustafa is tired, he should be left to rest, enough for today.

    Humashah finds the vial in Yasemin's hands and smacks her in the face calling her a traitorous dog. What do you think you are doing?! Yas answers it was Safiye's orders. Humashah grabs her and says you have one job - that is to steal Ahmet's heart and keep it away from Kosem! No poison! Do you understand?!

    Osman comes across Meleksima who thanks him for saving her that day. He says that moment, I felt it was necessary to do that. Kosem sees and comments from above, that Osman has liked her and says get her ready for him tonight.

    Humashah scolds Bulbul saying you and my mother used me like a fool, had I known this was your intention, would I have ever gifted the girl to our Hunkar? It is over! I will not allow you two to harm our Hunkar.

    Cennet enters Lala's room and tells him she spoke to Kosem but she didn't take her request seriously. Lala says if you keep asking, she will take it seriously. Cennet says every day an incident in the harem...I am weary and sick of it all.

    Alex greets Meleki who was waiting for him. She says I came to see you, I will visit your room tonight because I have something important to tell you. Kosem arrives and tells Meleki to return to the harem and look after the kids. Then she turns to Alex and says Meleki is like my sister...she has a very soft, sensitive heart, I do not want her heart broken...act accordingly. Alex says I do not know what you are implying. She says Iskender her feelings for you are obvious, and you do not want her, so keep away from her in order that she may forget you. If you hurt her, I will hurt you.

    Dilruba tells her brother she had the kaftan made especially for him, that he can wear it tomorrow at the mosque so that the world can see Shehzade Mustafa as a brave prince. Pinhan enters and says yes yes let the people say that so that Sultan Ahmet can once again send executioners to you. Mustafa says to Dilruba that he does not want to attend the ceremony. Dilruba says how much longer will you stay locked up here...it will be good for you you will see. Mustafa says they will kill me...they will kill me...She says no one will harm you from now on. I will not permit it. I swear. Do you trust me? Pinhan says do not trust her, she did not protect you before, she cannot and no one can protect you you save for me. Mustafa unwittingly shouts out to Pinhan to shut up and Dilruba says are you alright Mus, who is Pinhan?! Mus says nothing, no one is anyone, go I need to rest.

    Meleksima enters Osman's room. He calls her Angela, but she corrects him, Meleksima, my shehzade.

    Dilruba tells her mother that she comes from Mustafa's room and that he is always listening to the door, he is afraid the executioners will come again. Halime says she feels destroyed every time she thinks of his condition and she wishes she could help. Dilruba says what have they done to my brother...then she says the only person responsible is Ahmet...everyone will pay!

    Osman tells Meleksema to stop and that it is impossible, he says you are more beautiful than I could ever imagine, this is not the matter...she says what is it then? He says do not ask...it has nothing to do with you...I simply cannot. Go back. Ayshe has seen her exit Osman's room.

    Meleki enters Alex's room and he says what was that important thing you wanted to say? She says I...why are you doing this? Why do you run away...do you not see my feelings I have had for years? He tries to explain...you are very valuable, the last thing I want is to break your heart, but this is impossible. She says why not? I am not our Hunkar's harem, I am free...if you want...He says not, I do not want. She says or do you have someone else in your heart? There is someone else right? He says yes, there is...my heart belongs to someone else for years, and there is no room for anyone else other than her in my heart.

    Ayshe tells her brother Mehmet that she saw Meleksema exit Osman's room that there was halvet that she is now of his harem and it is impossible for him now to have her. He storms out.

    Yasemin shows off her painting to Ahmet and she says there is little left (before it is complete), do you like it? He gets lost in the eyes of the painted Kosem and says I do like it. He then asks how she is, and hopefully nothing troubles her. She says the harem is not easy, but you give me strength. Then she sneakily shows off her neck bruises and he says how has this happened. She says it is not important. She says they locked me in a room, I almost died, Bulbul agha saved me. Ahmet asks who did it, and she finally says Kosem Sultan.

    Ayshe tells her mother to help, Mehmet and Osman are going to fight because of the new girl.

    Mehmet storms into Osman's room and Osman says it isn't as it seems. Mehmet says I told you my feelings...Osman says mother sent her, I didn't even touch her and sent her back...there was no halvet. Mehmet says stop lying, you did it simply because I liked her.

    Cennet has been called and Ahmet asks her how dare she interrogates his harem and that Yasemin said everything, do not deny it! She says whatever Kosem does is for your wellbeing, she is suspicious Yasemin is a spy. Ahmet says one more incident and I will kill you. Call Kosem to come here at once.

    Humashah confronts her mother and says she has learned of everything, sending Yasemin for what purpose and that she has poisoned him. She says I have made a big mistake trusting you. Safiye says you cannot stop what will happen...Ahmet's era is over, the throne will go to it's real owner - Iskender. Humashah says if our Hunkar would die from natural causes, I would do whatever needed (for Iskender) otherwise impossible!

    Mehmet tells Osman that since childhood he has taken everything from him, his mother, now Meleksema. Osman tells him to watch his words. Mehmet says you are not our real brother. They fight. Kosem breaks them apart saying separate at once! What are you doing?! Mehmet says Osman started it, Osman says if you only heard what he (Mehmet) was saying mother...

    Meleki tells Eycan that Alex loves someone else and that he doesn't love her. Eycan says Kosem told you many times, you didn't listen. It is good you heard it with your own ears. Forget about this love for Iskender.

    Kosem tells Mehmet she sent Osman, and that the time will come for him to have his own harem...it is not Osman's fault. Mehmet mumbles when was it ever Osman's fault? and leaves. Kosem confronts Osman how can you hit your brother? Osman says I coudn't hold myself. Kosem says you will never raise your hand on your brother again did you hear me?

    Kosem goes to speak to Mehmet she says why do you do this? Why do you make me sad? He says why are you sad because of me? I have no value in your eyes...especially while Osman is there...she says what kind of words are these? You are all the same for me...Mehmet says you do not...everything is Osman, Osman, he is the best, he is the best at lessons, best at archery, everything! He even loves you more is that not so? It is as if he is your real son and I am the one from another mother...SHe says how can I not love you? You were my first...I tasted motherhood with you...you made me smile for the first time, I cried for you the first time.

    Haci tells Kosem that Ahmet is waiting to see her.

    When she goes to Ahmet he says what do you think you are doing? You locked up Yasemin and interrogate her forcibly, Bulbul saved her. Kosem says you believe him? He says Cennet told me. She says Yasemin is a traitor, a snake Safiye has sent. Try to understand...i lose sleep over this. Ahmet says this is all an excuse she simply cannot bear Yasemin's presence and he understands but not her doings. You will know your place, and what you can and cannot do. You may return to your room.

    Humashah can't sleep and tells her husband that. He sits next to her.

    Kosem is angry and wonders what Cennet is trying to do and today she wanted to retire. Something is up and soon it will come out in the open. Haci tells her Halil sent word - Safiye sent Yasemin. She has been brought from Venice, and was specially raised for two years in Hadim Mehmet Pasha's mansion. Kosem says she has no doubt about her anymore, she is a traitor, and she will not allow her to harm Ahmet, do what is necessary (be rid of her) and that Cennet should not know about it.

    Halime gives Mustafa the medicine as he prepares to leave for the ceremony. Dilruba wonders if it is okay for him to go out in the crowded open and maybe she can speak to Ahmet saying he is unwell. Halime says no we cannot. Then Halime tells Dilruba that today Halil will discuss the marriage with Ahmet, soon they will prepare for the wedding.

    Haci tells Cennet Kosem is calling for her.

    Dilruba hands a note to an agha saying send this at once to Davut pasha.

    Kosem asks why Cennet said everything to Ahmet. Cennet says she had no choice, that Ahmet knew everything anyway. Kosem says you used to deny things (if confronted) in the past! Something is going on with you! What is your problem? Cennet says I told you...I am tired, I want to have peace in my own house. Kosem says what is this? Cennet says I wish to retire, please free me. Kosem takes the seal, but turns her face away in displeasure.

    Haci tells some men to take care of Yasemin agha but to be careful so that no one sees anything.

    Ahmet is ready to go, and comments to Zulfi that today is a big day, his Mosque will finally open. Zulfikar tells him he has to speak to him about something important. Ahmet says hurry up and speak..or we shall speak after prayer. Zulfikar says as you wish and they leave.

    Davut says your letter you wrote that it was important. She says do you want to marry me? Do you want me to be your wife? He says with all my heart! She says I will be open - I have one dream for my son to get on the throne that is his right. If you want me, you will have to swear to fight for this cause alongside me. Davut says he swears to God that he will fight for Mustafa and her as well, until the last drop of his blood.

    Ahmet makes his way to the Mosque complex. A man is speaking, and says that when a person builds a Mosque in this world, a palace is built for him in the hereafter. He then asks God to bless the Prophet, the Mosque, the Sultan, the people, the land etc. and the members of the public say Amen after each supplication.

    Ahmet enters the courtyard with his men and looks upon one of his dreams brought to life.

    In the old palace, Kosem has gone to confront Safiye and refuses Gurbuz's offer to send word of her arrival. Safiye says what is it? You visit often these days. Kosem says I have learned the truth about Yasemin. Safiye says for years I read you like a book. Before you step, we know where you will put your foot. We have memorized your ways...

    Yasemin is told that Ahmet is going to wait for her in the hunting lodge.

    Safiye says the order you set up for years has crumbled and your rule is over, that is why you are angry. You fear the girl taking Ahmet away from you. Kosem says that is impossible, especially if you speak of that Yasemin hatun because she does not exist anymore in the harem. Safiye says oh so she got her punishment...well, you have investigated about her background but not enough to know learn about who she is...where she was born, who her parents were,,, if she had a sister...Kosem says what is this now? Safiye says that death order you gave on that poor girl..she is your sister. Your real sister.

    THE END.

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    1. Thank you. Safiye is so evil. Hope she gets her comeuppance soon!

      1. Hi Barbara, thank you so much for your kind messages asking me how I am! I saw them and tried to reply but it was not working, so I am replying here :) and yes, I agree! I have yet to see her express any remorse, even when alone! Other characters often grapple with their conscience after their actions in private at the very least. She does not. She is glad to be plotting against her own grandson! She gloats about it!

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    2. Thank you. Safiye is so evil. Hope she gets her comeuppance soon!