• Kosem sultan Episode 20

    Halime asks Humashah for a chance to see her son at least once a week. Humashah says I also feel sorry for him, but the orders are absolute - you cannot see him. Halime says when you won't even do this small thing for me why should I should I pledge allegiance or ally myself with you? Humashah says, well to stay in the palace!

    Haci brings the news that Kosem has been kidnapped.

    Ahmet angrily goes to see Safiye and says where is Kosem?

    Kosem meanwhile struggles to cut the rope that binds her arms but one of her captors enters saying I don't know who you are but it is obvious you are valuable and... beautiful too.

    Safiye says to Ahmet, I know you won't believe me after everything, but I have nothing to do with Kosem's dissappearance. Ahmet says yes you're right I don't believe you, so where is she? Safiye says it is up to you believe or not, I do not know where she is, but... I can help you find her.

    Kosem's captor asks her whose harem she is from.

    Safiye tells Ahmet I was the most powerful Valide Sultan, of course there are people who still listen to my words, let me send word (to my people) and (perhaps receive) some small news from her whereabouts - this is what you want right?

    Kosem kicks her captor and he says oh you are a woman with teeth! Another man enters and says are you crazy, what are you doing?!

    Ahmet asks Safiye what she wants in return then says wait let me guess - you want to be free. Safiye says if I may be of help and you find Kosem ...well this tower has made us ill...if anything if you could just send us some place else to live our our punishment...somewhere befitting a Valide Sultan. The decision is yours of course, we are not placing conditions.

    The man tells the captor - you are not to touch her, stay away from her. The captor says whose pasha's woman is she? The man says whoever she is, you mind your own business. Then he hands him some coins and says I will return, no troubling the woman, otherwise Nasuh Pasha will take your heads! The captor waits till the man is gone, then tells his friend that when the task is finished and they get their money, they will get rid of Nasuh and then they will take the girl and run because it seems she is even more valuable than they are making it seem.

    Humashah enters Kosem's room and comments about the princes and how sad they lost their mothers, and then orders them brought to her own room. Cennet says forgive me but wouldn't it better for them to stay here? Humashah says are you going against my orders? Cennet says no, but changing their environment...Humashah says you are head but you act like Kosem's personal servant! Do as I say!

    Halime speaks to Zulfikar and tells him that she thinks Humashah had something to do with Kosem's kidnapping. Zulfikar says this is a heavy accusation - besides, she was the one who did not allow Kosem to leave the palace. Halime tells him to just trust her feeling.

    Cennet asks Humashah if Eycan? can come look after the babies since they are used to her. Humasah tells her that if it is needed she will call, but now to leave her with her princes. Then an agha says that Zulfikar wishes to see Humashah.

    Alex is asking about the textile merchant Ihsan agha and Alex says Safiye sent me and that they need to know where Kosem. The man says come back tonight, I will have to send word to a few places.

    Humashah tells Zulfikar how she warned kosem several times but she did not listen. Zulfikar says I called you to ask if you know anything that might help...Humashah says what does this mean? Zulfi says I know that recently you two have not been on the best of terms...Humashah says I give you so much value and trust you and you doubt me? He says I have no doubt about you, but I cannot say the same about your mother, she even told our hunkar that she can help find her. Humashah says I dont know who told you what about me, but I if you believe those things, it hurts me...it hurts my heart.

    Ahmet is visiting his sons in Humashah's room. Humashah tells him with God's permission Kosem shall return safe and sound. Ahmet says up until now there has been no word, it is hard to just sit here doing nothing. My shehzades are motherless. Humashah says what am I here for? I will make sure they don't feel her missing and we should pray to our Lord, I believe, and you believe too. Ahmet says I am glad you are with me.

    Kosem is brought food and she says do not touch me, you do not even know what trouble you have brought on yourself. He says what is that? She says when our Hunkar comes to get your head you will know. You fool! I am Sultan Ahmet's Haseki Kosem Sultan!

    Alex has returned to the merchant for information about Kosem, and the merchant tells him that there is a guy named Numan agha, he often steals and kidnaps people and then threatens them for money and that he is the one who has kidnapped Kosem. Alex says where can this traitor be found.

    Meanwhile Kosem tells her captor that there is a way out for him, she can pay him a hundred times whatever the person who ordered her capture is paying him and that he will be wealthy. He says haha wealthy but a dead wealthy man, Sultan Ahmet will take my head in a moment! Kosem says I will protect you! The man says eat your food! And leaves and speaks to his friend saying it was obvious the woman was valuable, but not this valuable - we have kidnapped a Sultana! Kosem Sultan! Then they talk about how theyve been tricked into doing this, and that they would lose their lives over this and that they should not have trusted Nasuh. The captor says I do not trust anyone, we shall run from here in the morning and hand over the Sultana to the leaders of the Celali.

    Ahmet missed Kosem and Haci arrives telling him that they have found out where Kosem is.

    Halime has embroidered something for her son and asks her daughter how it is who says it is very nice. Menekshe arrives and tells her that doctors have gone to Mustafa and she does not know why.

    Kosem meanwhile successfully cuts the rope that binds her hands and is free.

    Halime asks Humashah how come she has not gotten word of her son being ill. humashah says how dare you enter without permission. Halime says sorry, but I didnt know what to do when I found out he was ill. Hum says I sent the doctors, do not worry, he is being taken care of. Halime says I cannot - let me...Hum says it is not permitted for you to go see, when the doctors have finished their work, someone will come and inform you about him, now return to your room.

    Kosem is able to get out of the little hut she is being kept in.

    Halime goes and tries to get Haci's help to see her son, when he resists, she says you owe me because I saved your life and he has no choice but to go with her.

    Kosem runs off but her captor is there to get her and says you thought you could run away huh?

    Alex has not waited for Ahmet and the guards and instead goes off to save Kosem on his own.

    The captor says to his men the woman has run and you are all still asleep! Wake up!

    Ahmet and his men are on their way.

    Halime and Haci pretend Humashah has given permission for Halime to see her son. When she goes in, she says I am sorry I wish I could have hidden you (somehow mustafa has a blank stare). She says humashah arrives and asks Haci what is going on. He says he felt bad for Halime and she warns him that the next time he will find himself in Egypt, then she orders him to tell Halime not to stay too long.

    Halime asks doctors what is wrong - the doctor says he has fallen weak. The girl who is responsible for looking after him says he does not eat and Halime sends them all out in anger. She says mustafa, I have come, are you not happy? then she says look what I brought you. He sees the outfit and then he smiles and says mommy? I waited for you but you did not come...She says would I not come? Look I am here now.

    Alex makes his way towards the men's camp. Meanwhile the captor tells Kosem we are going. She says do not give me to the Celalis, they have nothing to give you - then she grabs his dagger and says get away, don't come near! Get away!

    Ahmet meanwhile is told which way to go, that it is the place they will meet guards and Zulfikar.

    Alex has already started and is stabbed, but continues fighting and Kosem is being held by the throat.

    Bulbul goes to tell Humashah that a guest has come...a guest that won't please you (you won't be happy to see them)...

    Meanwhile, Ahmet and his men have arrived, Alex lay unconscious, but alive, because of his injury and Ahmet saves Kosem, who tells him she and her baby are fine.

    Humashah sees her husband Hasan Pasha, waiting in the hall and asks him what he is doing here. He asks if this is how she greets her husband. She says she wasn't expecting him and he responds that he missed her so he set out soon after she left. She says oh so you did not receive our Hunkar's order yet? He wonders what that is and she says divorce order! He is shocked and says what does this mean?

    Ahmet orders Alex taken to the palace.

    Humashah tells her husband she heads the harem and this was necessary and that no one can question Ahmet's order. Her husband says you can't rid of me this easy, I do not accept this divorce you will return with me. She says I only need say divorce 3 times...he says you will come with me or I will expose all your dirty doings in Cairo - I will tell our Hunkar about each one of the things you have done. She says he has no proof - he responds that everything is there in a book he has written down each thing one by one, now go and pack your things, I am sure you do not want to lose your reputation in front of our Hunkar or you will go to be with your mother!

    Halime tells Diruba that her son is weak and that at least upon seeing her he ate and she gave him medicine with her own hands. Menekshe arrives and tells Halime that Hasan has come from Cairo.

    Kosem returns and everyone welcomes her back, Cennet and Haci greet her too. Haci says forgive me I passed out and couldn't help you. Kosem wonders where her babies are and she is told Humashah took them to her own room.

    Kosem enters Humashah's room and and goes straight to the babies and Humashah says welcome Kosem, I am glad you are saved. She says you took my sons into your room? Hum says it wasn't known if you would return or not...the things that happened were also your fault - had you listened to me and didn't leave this wouldnt have happened. Then she adds thank my mother - it is because of her you were found.

    Gurbuz agha informs Safiye that Iskender was injured.

    Kosem says I wonder what Safiye asked in return for helping. Humashah says who knows, but this good act from my mother will not go unrewarded. Then Humashah asks if Ahmet is okay, Kosem says he is fine, but Iskender was wounded when trying to save me. He is in the palace under care of Ahmet's personal doctors.

    Haci tells Ahmet that Hasan has come and they have sent him to stay at a certain place until Ahmet will see him. Ahmet says let him wait for now. Haci tells him that Hasan found out about the divorce from Humashah.

    Halime tells Kosem that Safiye helped find her and that for sure Humashah is behind this along with her mother. Kosem remarks that Humashah has openly shown enmity to her and Halime says she has done the same to me and then tells her how she could not visit Mustafa and then tells Kosem how weak he had become. She says I need to see him at least until he can recover. Kosem says she will do whatever she can, but while Humashah is here it looks impossible. Halime says her husband has come and he has said he won't leave until he takes her along. Kosem wonders if he can do it and Halime says if we help him why not?

    Humashah has gone to see her brother and asks the doctor how he is, who says he has lost a lot of blood but the wound is not bad and he will recover. Humashah whispers my brother, with God's permission you will recover, I am with you do not worry. Zulfikar has come to visit Alex and finds her there and she says I wondered how you were but Alex was here instead. Zulfikar says don't worry I am fine. Alex will be better soon too. She leaves awkwardly.

    Ahmet asks Kosem why she came after him (when he went to Edirne) why she put herself in danger. She says when you left us I was very afraid that I would lose you, that you had left our love, that your children and I could no longer be a comfort to you. He says after dervish and my mother leaving, you are my only comfort. She says do not leave me please.

    Ahmet tells Zulfikar that he is ordering that Safiye may return to the old palace, and adds that she cannot step one foot out of there, she will be imprisoned there. And since she wants to spend the rest of her life like a Sultana, fine, let her spend her time there.

    Haci tells Kosem that Safiye will be moved to the old palace. Cennet says this makes her angry. Kosem says this was all a plan - kidnapping me and all that. When I was there, I heard them say Nasuh's name and when I found out Safiye helped "find" me I was certain. Haci wonders why she doesn't tell Ahmet. Kosem says because I have other plans for Nasuh.

    Humashah speaks to Zulfikar about her mother and says this should have always been Safiye's punishment - something befitting a Valide Sultana and not to worry, she will prevent her from doing anything bad again. Zulfikar says I am sure for as long as you are here you will. humashah says for as long as I am here? Zulfikar says you know, since your husband has come...they say you will go with him back to Cairo. She says he is no my husband. As you know as per Ahmet's orders, my marriage is over. Just know that I am going nowhere!

    Haci approaches Nasuh and tells him that Kosem waits for him in the pearl mansion.

    Zulfikar goes to safiye and safiye says I was waiting for you, what happened? Zulfikar says your help was of use, we found her. Zulfikar tells her that Ahmet has asked for her to be returned to the old palace. She says oh we are getting out? Then she says happily,  Elizabeth!

    Bulbul visits Alex and tells him that Humashah has come to see him and she enters and expresses her happiness that he is back on his feet and then she says you tried to save Kosem sultan all alone? He says I did my duty that is all - I would sacrifice my life without thinking for the sake of our Hunkar and Kosem sultan. Humashah says of course, but it is not easy to raise loyal men like you so you must protect yourself too!

    Safiye is leaving the tower.

    Humashah tells bulbul to keep an eye on Alex and then wonders what to do about Hasan pasha as he has threatened her. Bulbul says don't worry I am sure you will deal with him.

    Zulfikar says Safiye has expressed her thanks to him for allowing her to go back to the old palace. Ahmet says have her guarded her very well. Then Zulfikar says Hasan pasha has come to see him.

    Safiye enters her room in the palace, takes a seat and asks for her coffee at once.

    Kosem tells Alex he should have rested a while longer. He says no I am fine. She thanks him and says you were there for me once again. Alex says while you were in danger, I could not be at peace. Then he adds, you have a special place for me. She says Iskender, I can never forget the things you have done for me. I am indebted to you. But, it would be good if you fix your behaviour and attitude, or you will see a side of me you have not met yet and won't want to meet. Alex says ...uh forgive me, I have crossed my limits it seems...

    Hasan arrives to see Ahmet and he says it must be something very important seeing as you came without asking permission. Ahmet says if the matter is about the order of divorce, that matter has been closed. Hasan says forgive me, but humashah sultan loves and respects me, everyone talks about our happiness - she must not want to divorce me. Ahmet says if I hear that from her than how nice, but if not, then your divorce will go through.

    Nasuh has gone to see Kosem. He comments that he recalls the day he brought her from Cephalonia. Kosem says I am sure you are regretful for that. The era has changed, the one you are still loyal to and work for, I finished her rule! Your turn is next. I know you kidnapped me!

    Halime sees Hasan pasha says it has been a long time, in truth, I have been saddened by the news of your divorce. Hasan says there will be no divorce, we are both two halves of the same apple, her place is with me. Halime says but she is very insistent, if your intention is to take her with you, your task will be very difficulty. Hasan comments that it isn't because humashah should know her of the chains (that bind her). He leaves and doesn't answer when Halime asks what chains those are

    Nasuh says yes one time I used to serve Safiye but for a long time now our paths separated, there is nothing to prove...Kosem interrupts and says all it will take is for one word from me - let us see how you will save yourself! Nasuh says no need, I do not think there is a matter we cannot negotiate - we can come to an agreement. Kosem says only if you ally with me - and not only with words, you shall prove your loyalty. Kosem says you will give the names of all those who do Safiye's dirty work and the place where she has more of her wealth - you will give the source of all her power, so we can rid of it! Nasuh nods.

    Ahmet looks at some designs and says he wants a big complex built like the Suleymaniye, so that years later people will pray there. Zulfikar says if you wish so and so Mimar can come show your designs. Zulfikar comments that he has learned from Mimam Sinan.

    Kosem congratulates Humashah on her mother's release from the tower. Humashah says I am going to visit her now. Kosem tells Bulbul to relay her greetings to Safiye and that she played a very nice game but not to get too overjoyed. Humashah says say what you want to say openly! What do these words mean? Kosem says you will find out soon.

    Kosem goes to see Murat pasha who wishes her well and says you should rest. She says no time to rest, the snake got out of it's cage again, we must cut its head at once. Then she shows the document and says these are all the names they were looking for - the loyal pashas, beys, clerks, judges, merchants, prostitutes...everyone, and she has another treasury! Murat pasha asks how she found all this and where is Nasuh's name. Kosem says not anymore, for as long as he doesn't go against us. Murat pasha says you have won a great victory, but be careful while fighting your enemy not to become like them.

    Humasha greets her mother and Bulbul enters as well and says our sun and light and kisses her robes and says he was so afraid he'd never see her again and thanks God who saved her, God who saved Yusuf from the well. Humashah says mother, good news. My brother, the lost shehzade, is alive.

    Alex tells Ahmet he'd like to accompany Murat pasha when he sets out against the Celalis. Ahmet tells him that he needs him to stay here, by his side. Alex says to be by your side is of course the greatest of all honours. Zulfikar enters and tells Ahmet that Murat pasha has arrived. Murat pasha enters and tells Ahmet that he has brought some names. Ahmet is presented with the document and Murat pasha tells him that they are Safiye sultan's last servants who they could not find before.

    Safiye is in shock and says how? What? are you sure? Bulbul says yes we are sure. Our shehzade didn't die. Safiye says oh my son, my prince, where is he? Who? Humashah says was never far, my brother was here, near you! Safiye asks who???? Hum answers, Iskender! Bulbul says Iskender the one who was your guard. Bulbul says while we thought he was dead he was not! He came to the capitol as an Acemi of the Janissaries! Safiye says really? really??

    Ahmet tells Murat pasha to get rid of all of the people on the list and Murat says he already gave the order and also got a hold of the wealth as well. Iskender says to Ahmet, no one will try to cloud your power anymore.

    Safiye prays the prayer of thanks, thanking God for the good news. In the morning she says today is our day, the sun has risen for us my son.

    In the Divan, Murat says they can now go march on the Celali. Ahmet says everyone who betrays should get their punishment. Ahmet is informed of the Mimar's (architect) arrival. He shows Ahmet the plans.

    Halime tells kosem that Hasan wants Humshah to go back with him. Kosem says but Humashah is resistant. Halime says do not take Hasan lightly, he would not act this way if he didn't have something up his sleeve. Kosem says what could it be? Halime says there must be something. Kosem says then why should we get in between let them fight it out. halime says Humashah probably is taking precautions, before it is too late we should do something.

    Humashah meets Hasan who says so you thought about what I said? She says I will come visit you tonight, we can speak of the issues between us and find a solution. He says good, I have missed you....but she pulls away and leaves.

    Ahmet shows the plans to the pashas and one of the pashas comments that there are six minarets, and the Kaba mosque has six minarets and according to the rules you cannot build the same amount. Ahmet says then I will order one more to be built at the Kaba so that there will be seven there. Murat asks where his complex will be built and Ahmet says the At Meydan, in front of the Hagia Sophia.

    Safiye meets Nasuh and says I knew I could count on you - I know you also had a part in getting me out of that tower. Nasuh says I wish I could be worthy of your words...kosem found out about your servants and the other treasury. She asks who told her? Nasuh says I did.

    Kosem tells Haci she is worried after hearing Halime speak about the matter of divorce. Haci says I know Hasan pasha from Egypt and he doesn't speak without substance. Kosem says then go find out what it is.

    Safiye asks Nasuh how he could do it? Nasuh says she threatened me she found out I kidnapped her and I had to sacrifice your power for your freedom, please know my whole loyalty is to you! Safiye says get out! You traitorous dog! Get out.

    At night Humshah prepares to go see her husband. Bulbul wonders where she is going and she says I am going to him he has written everything in a book and if I know him, he has the book with him. Bulbul says you are going to go get it? she says I have no choice! Either I have to go back with him, or be rid of him. Bulbul says he is an irritable man, he can lose his temper, let me come with you. Humashah says if you come, he will be suspicious.

    Haci is speaking with Hasan pasha and offers him drink, Haci says you know I do not drink, I am a Haci. Then he says I hope your position isn't affected if your divorced. He says no worries about that, because we are not getting divorced, can she get rid of me? She is coming here tonight, we will deal with the matter sweetly. Haci says but she won't leave the post of ruling the harem. Hasan says not because she wants to, but because she will have no choice!  Haci says by the way, Kosem sultan sends her greetings, she can help you.

    Haci enters Kosem's room and when she asks if he was able to learn anything, he nods.

    Bulbul goes to see Zulfikar and says Humashah has gone alone to Hasan pasha, and well he drinks wine like alcohol (and I fear for her).

    Hasan waits for Humashah who arrives and she says she has not come to fight. He tries touching her and she pushes him away and calls the aghas and says take the pasha out to get some air! After he's gone she begins rifling through everything to try and find the book saying to herself, where is it, where is it! Hasan pasha enters and says my sultana, are you looking for something? She says it is best if I leave. He says you are not going anywhere, you are not going to be rid of me so easily. She says you heard our Hunkar's orders, it is impossible for us to remain married! But I can protect you, I will give my entire wealth too, of course if you give me the book. He says I cannot give it to you because it is not with me. She asks where it is.

    Haci has given the book to Kosem and it has shown all the bribes she took, the money taken illegally from people sent to Safiye sultan. Halime says humashah won't stay long. Kosem says she has stayed too long as it is.

    Hasan pasha says you and your mother played a game on me, had your doings been found out you would blame me (so I recorded everything). She shouts for the book, he attacks her. Zulfikar arrives and grabs him asking how dare he attack a member of the family? Humashah motions not to kill him. Zulfikar orders him thrown in the prison. He asks if she is alright, and gives her water.

    In the morning Hasan pasha is brought out and is going to see Ahmet.

    Humashah meanwhile has a visitor - Kosem who says were you looking for this? Everything is written here. You will not get away this quickly. Humashah says what are you waiting for, go to Ahmet! Kosem says this is not my intention.

    Hasan is brought before Ahmet who says I will show you what it means to raise a hand on a Sultana! Hasan says there are things you don't know...humashah enters and says forgive me for entering without permission, but there is something you must know - the fault is all mine, I really went at him, I do not want divorce. If you permit, I would like to return to Egypt, it will be the best for everyone.

    Hasan greets Kosem outside and says you saved me right? Haci says yes of course. Kosem says I think everything is going as planned right?

    Ahmet asks Humashah if she is certain, if she is being threatened because she was happy to stay here, so what happened all of a sudden. Humashah says no he did not threaten, that when she returned to the palace after so long, it was nice thinking about being here, but she had made a hasty decision and asks Ahmet to forgive her. I should return to Egypt...to my husband. Ahmet allows it saying if this is what you want, of course.

    Kosem watches the girls admiring the little princes. Halime arrives and says , there is no safiye, or Handan or Humasha, and you are the only favourite of our Hunkar, so it is all for you now. I hope you will not forget my goodness to you. Kosem says I do not forget, the good or the bad done to me. I will make sure you can see Mustafa. Kosem leaves.  Menekshe says are you sure you can trust her? Halime says I trust no one, I am simply trying to live - when the time comes the only thing I need to get my son on the throne, is to stay alive.

    Humashah finds Zulfikar she says if you had not arrived on time last night, I do not know what would happen. Zulfikar says I owed you one, we are even now. She says without losing any time, we shall set out (back home), I thought if we are not able to bid each other farewell, I...I entrust Ahmet to you. He says my sultana! My sultana, I know you do not want to go back with Hasan pasha. Why are you doing it? She says if I tell you a secret? Will you hide it? She says because of my biggest weakness...because of my mother I must go. That is all...don't ask me anymore, nor shall I say...but just know that, I also really wanted to stay here.

    Safiye is told Alex has arrived. She is controlling herself and so he asks if she is well, she says come close I have somethings to tell you.

    Ahmet tells Kosem that Humashah wanted to leave, seems as if she couldn't see her husband go/punished. Then he says now you will be in charge in the harem. She says what a great honour. He says you have saved my family so many times, now my harem is entrusted to you. You can also move into the Valide sultana room, it is your right now.

    Safiye tells Alex that we were able to endure that tower some of it was thanks to you, you did not forget I was a sultana, that is not something little. she asks what is that thing (sticking out of his jacket). He says it is a shirt...an inscribed shirt. She nods and says I wish that sometimes you should come visit me, we can chat, just like in the tower, is that possible? He says if that is your wish I will come when suitable, but you need to know something I am loyal to our Hunkar. She says we know and motions him to leave. Bulbul comments that finally she was able to reunite with her son. She says when the time comes he will know everything of course, then at that time I can embrace him! Bulbul tells her that Kosem was able to send Humashah away. Safiye says we will wait, and be patient. When we regain our old strength, then we will put our own son, our shehzade on the throne!

    Kosem enters her new room in splendour and her loyal servants kiss her robes.

    Little Mustafa imagines a man Pilhan? agha, who says how much longer will you stay here? When will you get out? Mustafa says when my brother allows. Pilhan says what allowance? Isn't he the one who threw you in here? Yes...he won't ever let you out. He is bad. He wants to kill you. Mustafa says no, he wouldn't he loves me! Pilhan: is that why he separated you from your mother and locked you here like an animal. Maybe it is time to take your sword in your hand. Mustafa says go away Pilhan agha I don't want you! Then suddenly he hears footsteps and says they are coming! There is knocking on the doors. Pilhan says they have come, the executioners have come. That beloved brother of yours has sent them. Sooner or later, that silken rope will meet your neck...I told you...it is because he sees you as a threat to his throne. In reality, if you look at it, your brother is more afraid of you than you are of him. Do you hear that? This is the sound of death! the breath of Azrael!For years this door is knocking and you always sit here scared. why? Because you know your brother will take your life. Grown mustafa: No, he would never kill me! Pilhan says yes he will my prince, he will. Your youth passed in this room, enough already! the time has come for betrayal, take your sword and fight! Mustafa: Shut up! The doors open and Mustafa is told Ahmet has ordered him to be brought. Mustafa sees Pilhan shaking his head in the background.

    THE END.

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    12. hello everyone i have a question i want to see kosem sultan and i speak arabic and english but how does this work? do i have to look the turkish version, press on stop and read every sentence or is there some kind of a thing that i can place these subtitles in the video? how do you guys do it?
      I have a second question maybe the creator of these subtitles can help me out plzzz. i follow kosem sultan aarab version but i cant read arabic only speak it hahaha. however there is no episode after the 47th how come? or is there a site somewhere i also cant found it on osn. thanj you very much!!!

    13. Thanks for the translation....