• Kosem Sultan Episode 23 Translation

    Blood Moon

    PART 1

    Yasemin is told that Kosem has figured it all out and knows she works for Safiye and that her life is in danger, she must run away now. He tells her to take the horse quickly and escape through the back of the main gardens. (It's a trick).

    Kosem orders the aghas to bring Yasemin and retells Haci what Safiye told her about Yasemin being her real sister.

    Mehmet and Osman have gone to visit the barracks, and Mehmet purposely interrupts his brother and quickly addresses the men, introducing himself as Ahmet and Kosem's son and says a thousand greetings to you. The head welcomes them both, and says you have honoured us by gracing us with your presence in our barracks. Osman is troubled by what his brother has just done (as the elder brother, it would have been his place to address the men first).

    Haci tells Kosem that it is impossible that Yasemin is her sister because she (Kosem) would have recognized or at the very least, wouldn't Yas had known her? Kosem says she has many questions, hopefully they bring her back safe and sound. Haci expresses his doubt that they will reach her on time.

    Osman asks Lala how Mehmet can behave this way, while he (the elder brother) is around, how can Mehmet speak? Lala tells him he has obviously done it on purpose, and the soldiers are holding him higher because he is Kosem's son.

    Ahmet and Zulfi enter Humashah's palace and greet her. She says I wish you had sent word ahead of time, I would have made preparations. Ahmet says it is not important, and that he has come because Zulfi has something important to tell him.

    Yasemin's dead body is brought back.

    Meanwhile, Humashah congratulates him on the opening of his Mosque. Ahmet asks Zulfi what the matter was that he wanted to speak about. Zulfi says it is about your Hasodabas, Iskender.

    Kosem asks Haci if Yasemin has a mark on her right leg. He checks and he does. Alex arrives.

    Zulfi says that he has wanted to bring this up for a while, but didn't know how to say it. Humashah interrupts and says our Hunkar has visited our palace after so long we can speak about these matters later - Ahmet shows Humashah the famous royal stop hand ( :D) and says I am curious - what has happened to Iskender. Zulfi says Iskender cannot stay near you in the palace any longer.

    Alex meanwhile asks Kosem if she had anything to do with this incident, and to tell him the truth so that he can prevent her (Kosem) from coming to any harm (because of it). Haci says I will explain it to you.  Meanwhile, Kosem picks out the grass from her sister's hair and says forgive me my sister, I did not know. Alex approaches and says my Sultana, she is your...Kosem nods.

    Zulfi asks Ahmet if it is not a good idea to give Alex another duty that would be of benefit the state. He says there are many sub-provinces in Anatolia near the borders that require trusted man to govern. Humashah says that for years Alex has been Hasodabas, and that it is hard to replace him, that he should stay. Ahmet says we will discuss this matter later.

    Haci tells Alex about Safiye and Humashah specifically searching for the girl and finding her, and training her for two years before sticking her in the harem, and then he tells Alex about her being a traitor and that right after her being with Ahmet, he was ill. Kosem suddenly cries out, Iskender! I want you to get rid of her! You will kill her! You will do this for me!

    Bulbul tells Safiye he has searched all over in the harem for Yas but that she has disappeared, and that they have certainly killed her. Safiye tells Bulbul she told Kosem about Yasemin being her sister. Bulbul says she must be burning with the fire of seeking revenge! Safiye says yes, that is why we must act fast - the poison the girl put (in the medicine), did it not take affect? Bulbul says the doctors are tight-lipped, it means that Ahmet's condition is not good. Safiye says what she is really worried about is Zulfi...if someone hears about Iskender, his life will be in danger. She adds, we must ensure he does not speak!

    Lala tells Mehmet it is time to go home. Mehmet says Osman, why so quiet and standing in the corner? Or are you unhappy being here among the Janissaries? Osman asks him what his problem is. Lala says my shehzade (to Osman) Kosem will be worried for you, you know how much she cares for you. He tells Mehmet it is time to go, who then says to the Janissaries that he will visit again. They shout out long live Sh. Mehmet.

    Humashah asks Zulfi what he is trying to do by sending Iskender away? Zulfi says do you have a better idea? Hm? While Iskender is in the heart of the seat of power, Safiye will use every opportunity she can get to use Iskender to put him on the throne. Hum says my mother is in the old palace, her hands tied (guarded and imprisoned). Zulfi says years ago, the Safiye sultan who attacked the palace had her hands tied. I will not allow it.

    Halil congratules Ahmet on his Mosque and then says I need to ask something. Halime sultan and offered me a proposal - she saw me suitable for her daughter Dilruba sultan.If you see it fit - they wish for us to be married.

    Halime is with her son when Dilruba enters and asks if anything happened with her brother. Halime says no thank God, the medicine seems to be helping. Dilruba says he has been freed, but isn't living like a prince. Halime says God Willing he will recover and we will be patient for that. Halime asks where she was, and Dilruba says she was in the garden for a walk. Halime comments that Halil pasha will be asking for her hand today.

    Ahmet tells Halil that Dilruba is precious to him, and that he wants her to find her happiness, so he will think about this matter. Alex arrives and tells Ahmet that Yasemin fell and died while riding her horse. Ahmet walks away and Alex follows. Davut stops Alex and asks what he was talking to Ahmet about that it made him walk off like that. Alex says don't stick your nose in that which is not your business Davut! Davut mumbles to himself, you have not changed at all Iskender, you have not changed... (Suddenly it hits me, that this is the same guy who was in the barracks with Ahmet, remember, that very first day when Zulfikar asked them to race and Davut was annoyed that Alex won? Yes, he's all grown up now too!)

    Osman sees Meleksema again as he is announced in the harem. Mehmet tells Ayshe about his trip to the barracks and says you should have seen how the men respected me, just like they saw me as the heir. She asks him if Osman was not there as well. He says yes, but the soldiers love me, and he was jealous. Ayshe says okay then you guys are even since you were jealous of him with Meleksema. He says whose side are you on? She says yours but you need to think. If you were to get on the throne, who would you want on your side? The cariyes, or the Janissaries? You need to forget the girl. Mehmet says then tell Cennet to send her away to the old palace.

    Cennet asks Haci who is being fooled, yeah right the girl just fell from her horse. She asks why no one told her anything. Haci says what do you care, you gave your seal (for your rank) back to our Sultana anyway! Ahmet is announced.

    Haci tells Ahmet, it is as Iskender agha said, this incident was an accident. Ahmet asks Cennet to speak up if she knows anything. She says I just found out...I have no information about it.

    Humashah says it's good the girl died, because she was poisoning the Sultan and had it been exposed in any way, they would all be in trouble. Safiye tells her Kosem found out the truth about the girl being her sister, so she will come after you. Hum says yes, let her...but first we must ensure Iskender's safety, that is why Zulfikar and I have made a decision - we will send Iskender to a far province as governor.

    Kosem is mourning her sister and Ahmet enters asking what is wrong. She says I am restless, I head about Yasemin hatun, God have mercy on her. Ahmet says Alex has investigated and is interrogating others, and it has been an accident. Ahmet is in pain, she calls for medicine.

    Safiye doesn't like the idea, she says what if something happens to him, or what if this is Zulfi's trap? Hum says you do not trust me? No harm will come to my brother. Safiye says it is late, go to your palace. Humashah says you think about it, I think this is the best.

    Humashah calls Abbas agha and says make your preparations, we will go out when darkness falls. He says where are we going? She says to Iskender...it is time to reunite!

    Iskender is torn about what Kosem has asked him to do - to kill Safiye. On the one hand the woman he loves, and on the other the lady he has befriended and cares for like a mother.

    Ahmet tells Kosem he feels much better. She says maybe we need to call different doctors. He says the best are in the palace anyway, but you are my real cure. The cure to every pain. He says tell me, what is making you so sad? She says it is you. My feelings for you. The things I have done to keep you safe. The things I could not do. Oh my Efendi, know that if I smile, you are the reason. If I cry, it is still you. He says I know my illness has made you ill, but do not fear. I pray all the time to recover soon. With God's permission, I will not go anywhere and leave you.

    Bulbul tells Meleksema they are going. She says Osman has called me? He says that chapter has ended, you are going to the old palace.

    Mehmet meanwhile asks Ayshe if she took care of Meleksema. Ayshe says I did, she is leaving, and do not forget my goodness to you (my favour to you).

    Ahmet tells Halime that Halil pasha spoke to him. Halime says if you permit of course, Davut pasha is a loyal servant of yours and this family. Ahmet says I want to speak to Dilruba as well to find out how she feels. Halime says after you seeing it fit, she will of course be happy. He motions for her to leave, and she notices the medicine.

    An agha delivers a note to Dilruba and tells her Davut pasha has sent it. She reads it, he says he will wait for at noon. Everything will happen as they wish. Menekshe asks if the note is from Halil? Dilruba says yes...he wants to meet me at noon tomorrow, but I do not know if that is appropriate. Menekshe says of course it is, getting to know one another and talking is part of the traditions.

    Bulbul has to chase after Meleksema who runs away.

    Osman is telling Murad to be patient (he is impatient to go hunting, learn sword fighting) and that he will teach him in time, but the most important is to pay attention to studying first. Meleksema calls out to Osman, who opens the door and finds her kneeling before him begging to stay with him here. Bulbul says forgive her, I will teach her a lesson. Osman says where is she being taken? Meleksema lies and says to the slave market! Bulbul says what? no! I said to the old palace! Forgive me Shehzadem, it is Cennet's order. Osman says tell Cennet she is my harem, why send her? Did my mother order it? Bulbul says I do not know. Osman tells him to leave. Osman tells Murad to go back to his room.

    Kosem enters Yasemin's room and looks at her sketchbook. She says my sister has been killed Eycan...what kind of oppression is this?

    Safiye enters Iskender's apartment.

    Halime says to Kosem, congratulations, you got rid of Yasemin hatun quickly. Kosem says what can I say, it should be a lesson for those who try to destroy our peace and happiness. Halime says is that stone (being thrown) at me? Kosem says no, do you not search for happiness and peace for your children? You have thought about Dilruba's marriage. Halime says yes, so what? Dilruba is a member of the Family, of course she will marry someone powerful. Kosem says of course, and I am very pleased that Mustafa has been freed, however do not forget why he was there in the first place - do not forget, so that you do not have to live through that again.

    Kosem finds Alex who says I will tell Ahmet you are here, she says no I have come to speak to you. I had asked you for something.

    Safiye enters her son's room.

    Melekema tells Osman she was first scared of the palace. He had left, and she was alone... and then she got lost... He says do not worry, I was raised here, but I still get lost sometimes. She says after you, I saw a Sultana - I found out later she was your mother. Kosem Sultan. She is a very beautiful woman. Osman says and what about you...what should someone say about your enchanting beauty? My mother named you Meleksema, it means she liked you...just as I have.

    Iskender says to Kosem I thought you said that to me in the heat of the moment (the incident)...but you really want me to kill Safiye Sultan? A Valide Sultana? She says Valide? She is a traitor! Her eyes are on the throne again...we must prevent her. I simply want you to do your job - protect our Hunkar and my children. Alex says but I - She says I am not forcing you. Just know that if you do not do it, I will do it, because I do not trust anyone else (other than you and myself).

    Safiye sees the sketch of Kosem and is troubled, realizing her son is in love with her enemy. The agha tells her they have to leave now as someone in the palace may notice her absence.

    Kosem asks Ahmet if he took his medicine. He says do not worry I take it regularly. He asks about Osman and Mehmet, because he noticed in the Mosque that they were cold towards each other and he asked the aghas who said they fought the other day. Kosem say they fought because Osman brought a girl to the palace, and I sent her for halvet, but Mehmet liked her, unbeknownst to each other. Ahmet says two brothers going against each other because of a girl? Kosem says that would be good if that were all...but it runs deeper than that...you know I love Osman like my own child. I have loved him and raised him above the others...Ahmet says so Mehmet is upset about that. Kosem says he has been for years...jealous, angry, sad, he hates Osman, no matter what I did, it did not work.. I worry this will turn to hostility. Ahmet tells her not to worry they will fix it. Kosem says I worry about what happens after us...we will both go one day and then?

    Kosem asks Meleki if she is sad on account of Iskender. Melek says that he loves someone else. Kosem tells her my Meleki, my rose faced girl, do not be sad, you will find someone else...she says I do not want anyone else, I want him...but impossible. He has someone else in his heart. Kosem tells her to call Cennet.

    Osman tells Meleksema not to fear, that no one will send her away. Meleksema says I was afraid because I thought I would never see you again.

    In the hamam Menekshe wonders how Dilruba is so happy and says I thought you would try to mess it up, but it seems Halil pasha has won your heart!

    Pinhan is "playing" chess with Mustafa and tells him that when the king is alone, then he falls and that this game needs intelligence...only intelligence. Osman enters and Pinhan says oh look our heir Prince, has arrived! He will get on the throne, you know that right? Osman asks Mus if he is playing chess alone. Mustafa says he was simply practicing.

    Kosem tells Cennet that she was right about Safiye and that in the midst of all this, you hand over your seal..leaving me alone. Cennet says I have done right by you, but you doubt me...it hurt me. Kosem says I do not doubt your loyalty, but there is some reason behind your suddenly wanting to leave...Cennet says what could it be...I simply want to be free. I am tired, I wanted to make my own nest. Kosem says if that is what you want, when the time comes I will set you free, I will wed you off! But not now. She hands her back the seal.

    Osman says look I brought Firdaus' Shahname. Mus says he has read it many times. Osman says he has just started, slowly, since it is so long. Mustafa says he likes Rustem's story in it. Then he shows Osman the spot. Mustafa says wow, you have practically memorized it. I am going out, come along with me, we will get some fresh air!

    Mehmet stares at Meleksema. His sister arrives and tells him how Meleksema managed to stay in the palace and tells him to leave it alone, so that their mother doesn't hear about this matter.

    PART 2

    Bulbul offers Safiye coffee, and wonders why she doesn't drink. She says she went last night to Iskender's place because time has come for him to know. She says that Zulfikar wants to send him away and Humashah agrees with him. Bulbul says what is his business...did you speak to our Shehzade? Safiye says he did not come home though she waited, but that she saw something in his possession that if anyone else finds out they will kill him on the spot. He asks what it was, she replies that it was a portrait of Kosem and that it is obvious Iskender is in love with our mortal enemy.

    Ahmet asks Iskender why his mind seems to be elsewhere, he says he did not sleep well last night. Ahmet tells him if there is a problem he should speak up. Mehmet and Osman come and Ahmet tells them it is their turn to show their abilities.

    Zulfikar meets Mehmet Giray who says long time no see, and Zulfi says yes, had you not helped Shahin and betrayed then everything would be great, you wanted it this way. Mehmet tells him to sit and says the matter seems important. Zulfi says I want to talk about the intelligence you gave to Kosem, who is your source?

    Safiye tells Bulbul Iskender needs to find out everything. Bulbul says but we don't know what he will when he hears about it. Safiye says he won't put himself in danger, He is experienced, and smart, all we need to do is remove the stones from his way. We need to get rid of Zulfikar at once. Bulbul says Humashah will never forgive you. Safiye says she will cry for three days then she will find comfort in someone else. We only have one shehzade.

    Ahmet asks Iskender what troubles him, he has not answered yet. Iskender tells him that Kosem thinks Safiye is trying to remove him from the throne.

    Mehmet and Osman start fighting, Osman tells him what he did at the barracks was wrong, Mehmet tells him he is jealous. They each say the other acts wrongfully. Mehmet brings up the Meleksema incident, Osman says that was just a bad coincidence. The fight gets ugly and Ahmet has to intervene and he scolds them saying what insolence is this? What is going on?!

    Mehmet Giray asks why she should speak up about it and put the life of his informant in danger? Zulfi asks him what he wants. Mehmet asks for him to take his guards away. Zulfi says no, but I can allow for you to be allowed to walk around the city every now and then. Mehmet accepts and tells him to look for someone named Bekir in an eatery in Galata.

    Humashah comes across Beyazid and greets him and his mother Gulbahar and asks her if Beyazid tires her out to which Gulbahar responds that it is a sweet tiring and she loves it and has no complaints. Humashah says what would you complain about anyway, you have long have coming willingly to everything and lowered your neck (bowed) and if you do this, Kosem will crush you further. You are also a Sultana, mother of a shehzade! Use your power!

    Kosem arrives and Gulbahar leaves. Humashah says how you have made the poor girl cower! She does not even glance behind her and left! What else could she do? If she even lifted her a head a little, you would break it as you did with Yasemin. Kosem says as much as I knew your mother, I did not expect you to be as cruel as her!

    Ahmet asks what is going on and Osman says nothing important. Mehmet says Osman is jealous of him. In the barracks the janissaries took interest in me, and he could not handle it. He was making a scene there, our Lala had to stop him. Ahmet asks if it is true. Osman says Mehmet didn't follow the rules, spoke before him and then started on him. Ahmet says look at the condition of the sons of a ruler of the world! No matter what happens, you will never ever raise a hand on each other again! Return to your rooms!

    Humashah tells Kosem to blame herself, because she only gifted the girl to Kosem but how sad she got into an accident. Kosem says you throw the lamb to the lion and then say the lion is a murderer? Humashah says you were afraid of the girl stealing Ahmet's heart - otherwise she would be alive right now. Kosem says I know you sent her to harm Ahmet, you sacrificed that innocent girl and this is the greatest crime and the punishment will be the harshest.

    Davut tells Dilruba he thought she would not come, or someone prevented it, she says I am here now Pasha.

    Halime wonders where her daughter is. Menekshe says something is up with her. I thought she was going to see Halil pasha in the gardens, but she left the palace! Halime says I wish you sent an agha after her. Then she asks if Menekshe has been giving Mustafa the medication. Menekshe says yes, every day and night, but I fear, I hope it doesn't harm. Halime says we have no choice. Then she says we need to find out about Ahmet's condition. There is one way to find out.

    Davut and Dilruba's wedding takes place with the witnesses present and representing Davut and Dilruba. The marriage concludes with prayers and they are officially wed. Davut actually smiles!

    Halime asks the doctor what is ailing Ahmet, and the doctor says simply some stomach troubles, nothing serious. Halime says how long has this gone on? The doctor tells her he cannot say anything, she know the rules.

    Iskender makes up his mind to do what Kosem has asked of him.

    Zulfikar goes to the eatery in Galata and is followed by some men. He enters and asks for Bekir agha and his shown to him. Bekir sees the ring Mehmet Giray gave Zulfi.

    Gurbuz agha tells Iskender I was waiting for you, she is inside, slept early tonight. I know about everything, don't worry I sent off everyone else. Iskender enters Safiye's room.

    Kosem tells Ahmet to drink the whole cup of medicinal drink she has prepared saying it is beneficial. Ahmet says after I spoke to you, called Osman and Mehmet to me, had them play Matrak and they fought again, and in front of me. Kosem says I will not allow them to do that again, but I worry how we can better their relationship - it gets worse day by day. Ahmet says they look at each other like enemies, not brothers. Kosem says she worries what will happen after they die and they must find a solution. Ahmet asks what? She says just like you spared Mustafa, they can spare (whoever gets the throne can spare their brothers).

    Osman tells Meleksema about Manisa sanjak and how shehzades go there, and the ones chosen to go are basically known to be heir because they are closest to the Captiol. She asks if he will go, he says if my father permits. She worries where she will go, he says wherever I am that is where you will go.

    Ahmet says do you hear what you are asking? She says yes. Did you not live through the fear of being killed? You witnessed your father killing his brothers. He says you think of these now? She says I gave you eight children, four of them boys and also Osman. I look in their faces every morning and am destroyed thinking of this! It doesn't have to be this way, you can prevent it. Ahmet says this is not a rule for no reason - it was seen as necessary to keep stability and peace in the state, and you were witness how many times they used Mustafa against me. Kosem says I know we can find a solution to that. Do not get angry and object to it right away, think of our sons...when a brother of theirs gets on the throne, they can live like Mustafa.

    Zulfi asks Bekir where he got the information about the assassination and dethronement of Ahmet. Bekir tells him he heard from an agha named Abbas who serves Safiye. Zulfi believes him and leaves but is faced with Safiye's henchmen who followed him.

    Halime tells Dilruba to choose fabric and that wedding preparations are under way. Dilruba says that she needs to speak to her and Menekshe and the girls leave. Dilruba tells her mother, this wedding cannot take place Halime wonders if Ahmet or Kosem have said something, Dilruba says I cannot marry Halil because I am already married. Davut and I were wed this morning.

    Zulfi is aided by Davut who says he saw the men following and so he followed them, and asks him who these men are and Zulfi says he has no idea. Davut says lets go to your palace.

    Iskender is unable to kill Safiye and she says so Kosem wanted you to kill me. But you could not do it - you could not kill your mother. He says my mother?! You...what?! What are you saying?? She says I am talking about your family, the one you searched for for years...your mother. I am your mother, you are my son. My shehzade.

    Halime is furious and Dilruba says we were married with witnesses present. I am his wife now, we belong to each other. Halime says how can you do this without getting permission from your brother Hunkar? How? You didn't think about your own future, did you not think of ours? Of your brothers? She says that is why I chose Davut - he is smart and with a bright future, most important he has no ties to anyone, he is only loyal to me. Hal says who is this Davut?! Who is he that you trust him so much?! Dilruba says she trusts her feelings, that she married who she wanted and that her mother has gotten the power she has always sought.

    Kosem visits Osman and ask when this enmity between him and his brother will end? Osman says sorry for making her sad, he didn't want to make her sad, and  that he wanted to tell her tomorrow,
    he wants to go for Sanjak - has thought of it for a while now, the time has come and it is better for everyone if he is away from the palace, especially for Mehmet. Kosem says it is important decision, let me speak to your father. And - I do not know how I can stay so far from you!

    Iskender says no, impossible, this cannot be, you are lying. Safiye says that amulet you always had on your neck, you said it was an inscribed shirt. I had made that for God to protect you. We doubted first, but when Selahedin Efendi spoke of the birth mark on your back, we were certain. Iskender says how long have you known this? Safiye says since I left the tower, but to protect you we have not told you, while we were looking for each other, fate had us together this whole time. My son...He backs away from her and leaves.

    I am Iskender. The one who passed his childhood in a tiny village on the banks of the Danube, Iskender of Austria. The one for whom the heavens and earth on which he was raised, were strangers, the one belonging to no one and no place, the Iskender lost in the dark secrets of his past. Who am I? Who is my father? And where is the woman who bore me? Is she regretful? Does she remember the first name she gave me? My eyes, whose eyes do they look like? My hands, whose hands do they resemble? That sudden anger, the storms raging in me, whose souvenir are those? I have seen myself in different forms, and seeing every one of them, I said this is me. But it turns out they were all false. The truth is something else, something so different! The truth is that I am a shehzade. The household which I served for years so faithfully, they are my real family. Born of Sultan Murad Han, given birth by Safiye Sultan, the lost Shehzade of the Ottoman Family, Iskender!

    Halime scolds Davut about the wedding and tells him if Ahmet hears his head will roll. Davut says his life is sacrificed to Dilruba. Then he adds I have made your friends and enemies my own, your cause is my cause. I have sworn to fight until sh. Mustafa takes the throne. Halime says how can you be so certain especially since you've secretly wed my daughter! He puts his dagger to his own neck and says order and I will take my life here and now. She says enough! She says I will clean up this matter of course, but this will not end here. If I doubt your loyalty for a moment, I will cut that throat!

    Dilruba tells her brother that she swears to him that she will get revenge from whoever has made him sad - starting with Ahmet, then Kosem, then Safiye and that everyone will pay for what has happened to him.

    Humashah is pleased that her husband is alright and she asks who has done it. Zulfi tells her he went to see the man who informed Mehmet Giray and that it is obvious Safiye has sent the men after him. Humasha is shocked. He says if it isn't her it leaves one other - that is you, but you wouldn't so it is obviously her. Humashah says no, she wouldn't do this despite me. How do you know M. Giray didn't do it?

    Kosem approaches Iskender and says since we haven't heard of her death, it means you didn't do it, did something go wrong? Iskender says on the contrary, the conditions were great, but I couldn't do it. She says you promised me. What changed your mind? He says I went to her room, I looked at her face, and I knew I couldn't do it, because she is a Valide sultana. No matter what she did. I cannot kill aSultana. Kosem says I did not force you, you agreed on your own. He says and I am now not doing it. Because I have loyalty to our Hunkar. Kosem says you had to me too, but you broke that loyalty today.

    Halime tells Dilruba Ahmet has called, what do we say? Dilruba says tell the truth, I don't want Halil, I want someone else. Halime tells her then say it, he has called you not me.

    Haci tells Kosem that Zulfikar awaits her in his palace needs to speak to her.

    Humashah confronts her mother saying tell me the truth did you order Zulfikar's death? Safiye says I do not know what you speak of. Humashah says Zulfikar thinks you did it and he is not wrong...you did it right? Safiye says I didn't have anything to do it, because I have more important matters - Iskender knows everything.

    Dilruba tells Ahmet that she does not want to marry Halil pasha. First she says oh well whatever you say...but he notices she doesn't look happy. When she tells him she feels shy, and doesn't know if it is right to tell him, he says you are dear to me, don't be shy tell me. She tells him she wants to marry someone else, Davut pasha. Ahmet says how did you meet? She says a couple of times in the stables etc. nothing else. Ahmet is in pain she asks if he is alright, he says he is fine, just some pain his stomach and she can leave.

    Kosem meets with Zulfikar who tells her that she was right to be suspicious and that Safiye wants to dethrone Ahmet and put another Shehzade. Kosem says yes, but which one? Zulfikar says neither, because Safiye has someone else in mind - Iskender. Kosem doesn't get it. Zulfi says this is a great burden, I cannot carry it alone, I want that we both find a solution. Yes, Iskender...because he is her real son - a shehzade.

    Humashah tells Safiye that she has made a mistake, that Iskender should not have found out. Safiye says it was fate - he came to kill me, Kosem had probably asked him to, but he could not do it. He did not do it. Just then Iskender is announced. He enters.

    Kosem says are you crazy? How can he be a shehzade. Zulfi says it is the truth, Iskender doesn't even know. The only ones who know Safiye, Humashah and Bulbul. Kosem says how can they be sure, do they have proof? Zulfi says I will tell you, but we need to find a solution together...I think Iskender can be sent away from the capitol,.Kosem says so we hide it from Ahmet? Zulfi says Iskender knows nothing, he is innocent. I do not want him to die...you do not want that either...it is Iskender, he has saved your life so many times! She nods and says I want to know everything. Tell me everything from the start.

    Humashah says my brother! Now you know why I was always with you. He says so you knew too! She nods. He says I have so many questions, I came for that, I want to know everything. Safiye says ask whatever you want, we will answer all of them. Iskender says since you wanted so badly to reunite with me, why did you stay silent all these years? You knew I was looking for my family...I had told you. She says this was the only way to protect you, if they find out you will be killed right away. He says I wish they would! My childhood, my youth was spent searching because of you! You hid the truth because you did not look for your son and your sibling! You looked for a traitor  for your treacherous goals! That is why you were quiet! Safiye tells Humashah to leave her alone with her son.

    Kosem is very shaken by what she has heard and the servant notices.

    Iskender says fine you didn't know at first, but after? you knew the day you left the tower...you knew for 11 years! I cannot grasp this! What kind of mother does this to her child? Safiye says a mother who fears losing her child again? Do you think it's easy? We went against the law, snuck you away...they said you were dead, we mourned you...then, a miracle from God we found you, reunited...being so close to you, do you know how hard it was to be distant? I could not embrace you! My son, my shehzade! Iskender says you had a magnificent life, children and grandchildren to console you...and I? Did you ever think what I lived through?! She says you are sad and angry, but what we did, we did for your safety so you could live. Know that we loved you more than everything else. More than everything else. He leaves.

    Dilruba tells her mother that Ahmet knows she wants to marry Davut but that he said we'll speak later, he had stomach pain and sent me. Halime says the illness must be bad. Menekshe says but we'd notice Kosem absence, but she's walking around. Halime says maybe they hide it from her too.

    Ahmet is in unbearable pain and the doctors give him medication and he vomits blood.

    Haci asks if Kosem heard bad news. She says go get the register of shehzades from the records library.

    Lala says he hasn't heard from Safiye in a long time, Bulbul says don't worry shes busy. Cennet finds it strange that Bulbul is there, he makes an excuse that he brought Beyazid to school and came across Lala and just said hi. Cennet asks Lala, and Lala says he was just asking about shehzades, especially Osman.

    Mehmet says to Osman you complained about me to mother. Osman says complaining is your job, I simply asked to leave the palace, if our Hunkar permits, I will go to sanjak soon, you will be rid of me.

    Kosem comments that Safiye had one more son, Haci says yes, Yahya, but he was very young and that when the others were ordered killed...this Shehzade was also among them. Kosem says this one didn't die, he is alive. Haci says how, I personally escorted the funeral procession, I was there when he was buried. Kosem says Safiye smuggled him out and that now she is trying to put him on the throne. Haci says who? Where is he? Kosem tells him it is Iskender.

    Halime asks where her son is and is told he has gone with Osman. Menekshe says Mustafa has not had his medicine. Halime worries Osman will notice his madness.

    Osman notices Mustafa is acting weird with the fishes because Pinhan tells him that fishes are like men and that they are like his subjects...they will pledge allegiance to you, drop them gold and they will be with you always. Mustafa starts doing it and Osman says I am feeding the fishes :) .

    Kosem says Iskender had come to find his family - that's what he told me years ago. Haci asks what they will do. Kosem says Iskender doesn't know, Zulfi thinks we can send him away. Haci says but safiye won't stop...Kosem says yes, that is why we need to get rid of her...Haci says his presence is enough...Ahmet must know. Kosem says I owe him my life many times he saved me, he is also innocent. I will give him a chance to say alive.

    Kosem goes to visit Iskender. He is surprised, what are you doing here? She says won't you let me inside? Oh so this where you come when you want to be far from the palace. He says it is the place I come to be alone and think. She notices the drawing and says who do you think about? You told Meleki you had someone else in mind...he says I only told her that to keep her away from me. Kosem says maybe it is you who needs to stay away...I have come to talk about this, I want you to leave the palace to go to a special governorship. He says because I didn't kill Safiye? She says you want a reason - this is the most important! She grabs the drawing.

    Humashah is told that Kosem spoke to Zulfikar and when she left her face was pale.

    Kosem says what are you doing with this drawing? If someone sees it you will lose your head and you will put me under suspicion! Okay, you don't think of yourself, but what about me? I have no faut in this, but I should get hurt? He says you know...I would never do anything to harm you. She says I know you have the best intentions, but while you are here, you are close to the fire...go far away, ask Ahmet for a position somehwhere else. Iskender says do not worry, I will speak to Ahmet...there were two things keeping me here...the first you, and the other the hope of finding my family and I lost both today. She says why would you lose your hope for family? He says it is not important anymore. Maybe this is our last meeting...She leaves.

    Kosem tells Haci that Iskender knows he is shehzade.

    Humashah confronts her husband saying Kosem was here...Zulfi says she came to see how I was since I was hurt. She says you said everything about Iskender right? Zulfi says your mother tried to kill me, and she will try again. How do you know I will be saved this time? Someone else should know so that Ahmet can be safe. Humashah says so the person you told is her?! She will have told everything! He says I trust her, she gave her word we will send Iskender away. Humashah says and you believed her! It was just words! My mother was right, I made a mistake!

    The doctor tells Kosem Ahmet is unwell.

    Humashah goes to her mother and says what we feared has befallen us - Zulfikar has told Kosem everything! Our Hunkar has probably already found out. Safiye says did you like what you did? You have thrown your brother into the fire with your own hands!

    Kosem asks why they have put Ahmet to sleep, they say they had to for the pain. She asks how this is possible to be this ill? He says it is more serious than we thought - they will do what they can but if it continues, God forbid he can only live one or two weeks.

    Kosem prays to God.

    She asks God not to separate her from her fire, so she may not be in the dark...not to take away the very soul of their garden, she asks God to make the flowers of their gardens fresh, not let them dry up.  Then she asks for protection from enemies, to punish the traitors...She begs God not let their family fall into darkness. To have mercy on them, to forgive them and finally, she asks for another sun and another moon in the sky. She asks for God not to leave them in this condition of sorrow and worry.

    THE END.

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