• Kosem season 2 Trailer 5

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    I am Murad.
    Son of Sultan Ahmet
    Borne of (Given birth by) Valide Kosem Sultana

    Having ascended the throne as a child,
    And accepted the burden of power on my back
    I wield hardness and cruelty as my shield!

    "I who am SULTAN MURAD HAN!
     I am the ONLY master of all the Ottoman empire!

    Man: "Sultan Murad wishes to be a true Padishah (King), but while Kosem sultana is alive, this is impossible."

    Sheyh: "This is a battle where difficulty and error is not acceptable."

    Murad: "It is my order! My absolute will and decree - as the true and only master, I am ending my mother, Valide Kosem Sultan's regency"

    Kosem: "I have been in this palace for thirty years and up until now I have never feared anyone and I never will!"

    Man: "Princess Farya has a very important letter with her, we must get it."

    Man: "Farya...is a murderer."

    Murad: My Lord! Give me strength! Give me strength so that I may dominate those who persecute the innocent!"

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