• Trailer 2 for Episode 3 (33) Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Farya: I entrust my life to you, and I have no doubt you will protect me but -

    Ayshe: How beautiful this is

    Woman: This is our Majesty's gift for Princess Farya my Sultana

    Ayshe: God curse you! Get lost and leave this palace!

    Ayshe: That woman is a murderer, that woman is a traitor!

    Murad: You betrayed me Ayshe, you betrayed me! You will pay for this!

    Silahdar: Being close to Kosem sultan is difficult, her power has magic over people, she makes them fall under her influence.

    Kemankes: I do not fall under anyone's influence

    Kosem: They are making a game for the Imperial Ottoman State, and we will ruin this game


    1. I was literally just watching this, and came straight here to see if you had done a translation - my night is made ;)