• Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem, Season 2 Episode 1 (31) Translation


    The year is 1632. Istanbul.

    Kosem Sultan personally ruled the empire as regent for 10 years. 
    When Sultan Murad takes the reigns, he wants to restore order, but traitors respond with rebellion
    Because of the traitors within the state,  the empire is in turmoil and the empire is near disaster.
    Sultan Murad IV whose closest men were executed,  was either going to give the traitors what they wanted or hand over his throne! 

    There is chaos and men have taken Murad's closest viziers and men and are torturing and killing them while saying where is that Sultan Murad you trusted? Let him come and save you now! 

    We see Murad on the balcony, Silhdar walking through the corridors, and Kosem is announced. 

    Kosem says Murad my son, these traitors have gone mad, the best thing to do is give them what they want. Murad says whatever has befallen us is because of this - we gave in to bullies instead of standing tall against them. Now they took the closest men to me! What crime did my poor treasurer commit? And Hasan? What crime did Musa Celebi commit mother? Kosem says Murad, you are important, it is important that you stay alive. You will be patient like I am. You will keep calm so when the time comes we can crush their heads! Silahdar arrives and tells Murad that his grand vizier Topal pasha has arrived. Topal says that the soldiers want him to convene the ayak divan (standing Divan where everyone but the Sultan stands in the place where all official ceremonies take place). Topal says they say we have things to say to our Padishah. They are demanding you show up for the Ayak Divan. God forbid they will destroy the palace over our heads! 

    Murad's men are being dragged and murdered, meanwhile chanting that they want Hafiz pasha's head. Topal informs Murad of this. Topal says it is not the time to protect anyone, should they ask for your humble servant's head, mine, give it. 

    Murad says that just because they asked for it, he removed Hafiz pasha from his position, but Murad refuses to hand him over and that he has sent him away so they wont find him anyway. Topal says who will believe he has gone. They will say you are hiding him. Murad says I don't care I do not fear anyone and I don't have to answer to them. And, I will be facing them in the ayak Divan. Kosem shouts Murad! And this does not go down well with him. She says my Imperial son, and after Topal leaves, she continues saying listen to me, what will this do? You cannot rule the state with anger and pride. If you are forced , you must be able to take a few steps back to see the real face of your enemy. Do not forget, the Sultan who does not know when to retreat, cannot ever be victorious.

    Topal says to Murad, if you are going out for the Ayak Divan then maybe you should at least make an ablution (ritual washing before prayer, and the Prophet would say to do this when you're angry to calm down so that you don't act rashly). Murad says who are you to dare to tell me that? Topal says I simply wanted to illustrate the gravity of the situation...

    The men are in an uproar chanting to have Hafiz pasha as Murad approaches the gates. He says Hafiz pasha, I had told you to go! Hafiz says forgive me it is the first time I am disobeying you, but  I am not afraid of dying, and I would rather be handed over to them by you than run off. Murad says no, I will never deliver you to them. Hafiz says, I wish there were a thousand Hafiz to be sacrificed for your sake. My only request is not for you to execute me, but hand me over to them, so that I may be martyred and for you to bury me in Uskudar and to look after my children. Hafiz goes out. 

    Hafiz prays his last prayers and he goes out fighting. Murad and some of the pashas are very affected by this. Silahdar approaches and says my Hunkar? And they look at each other knowingly. 

    Murad is announced.

    Murad starts out shouting saying that the men are oppressors who do not fear God, or feel ashamed from the Prophet, or bow before the law and their ruler. One of the men replies that they are not oppressors and then asks why Husrev pasha was killed and that they heard the princes were also executed and they want to see them in person. Murad says what are you talking about, I have not executed, nor will I execute the princes they are my brothers! The men say that they do not trust him, he had Husrev killed and so he will kill the princes too and that Murad must show them the princes. The man says if you do not show us the princes, you are not worthy to be our Padishah. Kosem watches from the tower. 

    Beyazid asks Haci why they have been brought and Haci tells him if they do not step out, the traitors will kill Murad. As soon as Beyazid steps out the men start chanting 'long live Beyazid'

    Beyazid says what do you want from us? When we are content with what we have, what is the reason for using our name and rising up? Or do you want to be the reason for our deaths? You do not fear God or feel ashamed before your Padishah to make a commotion like this. For God's sake leave us to our own condition! We do not need your support! The men shout that they want a guarantee that the princes won't be harmed. The grand Mufti says stop it, I am a guarantor! Topal, the grand vizier says I am also guarantor now go home. The men say they accept. 

    Haci says thank God our Majesty listened to you my Sultana. Kosem nods and says let the waters calm and they (the rebels) will be taken to account. 

    Murad on the terrace: "My Lord, I am ashamed before you, please protect me from being humiliated before the people. My Lord! Give me strength! Give me strength so that I can overcome all the oppressors who harm the innocent!"

    (Intro theme song)

    Princess Farya wants to make it to the empire as quick as possible. Andre tells her the men are tired and can't keep going at this speed. She says there is no time to waste, because they are being followed, and before they catch up they must make it to Istanbul. 

    Meanwhile, the Pope is informed that his nephew Cardinal Marcus has been murdered by Farya Bethlen and that she is now on her way to the Ottoman Empire.

    Madame Margaret is concerned that Murad might hand them back to their enemies. Farya says she has thought of everything, and that she has such a thing in her possession that Sultan Murad will want to know about.

    In the Topkapi kitchens the cooks gossip about the revolt and one of them says in the market things have died down but the soldiers are collecting illegal tributes from the merchants. Haci says let them...and then says pour the milk. The kalfa scolds them jokingly for gossiping and then asks for milk for Kosem, and Haci says add some honey.

    Lalezar kalfa tells the girls to go to bed. One of the girls arrives and says tonight was my night, but our Hunkar isn't even here! I waited a whole month for tonight! Lalezar says don't be sad I will fix up another night for you.

    One of Kosem's servants is reading to her from a book. Lalezar tells Kosem that Murad is not in the palace as she heard from the cariye and Kosem says our Padishah is not in the palace and you hear about it from a girl? Kosem says so there won't be any sleep for us tonight! Kosem is told that she need not worry, the aghas will be asked and they will find out where Murad has gone.

    Yahya Efendi reads to Murad from the Quran 'Without a doubt, Allah does not love the oppressors. For them, there is a torment waiting them.' Murad says the day for punishment has come, that those traitors will get the taste of justice from his sword. Yahya says that this is a battle which is difficult, and accepts neither error. Because those traitors on the water are not to worry about, they drown and disappeared. But the real traitors are the ones hiding underneath the water. 

    Topal meets with some enemies who say that Sultan Murad has been very quiet for the past two months and what is he doing? Topal says after the most recent riot, he is very fearful and he is ready to give into our demands. The man says but Sinan doesn't think like that. 

    Meanwhile, Yahya puts an amulet around Murad's neck and prays for his safety. Silahdar arrives saying some men have come.

    Sinan tells Topal that Murad's silence does not bode well as he is probably in preparations and that Silahdar doesn't even allow a bird to fly around. Topal says everything is fine, and there is no reason to worry. The man tells Topal then, if thats the case why haven't the men serving us been given their positions yet? Topal says that tomorrow the Divan will convene and he has sent a Sipahi agha to warn Murad, and he will give everything we want or he knows what will befall him.  

    The Sipahi men meanwhile have come to Murad but find the room empty. Murad says are you lookign for me?! The Sipahi agha says my Padishah, for a long time now no decisions in our favour come out of the Divan, we want some people to be given positions. Murad says and if that doesnt happen? One of the men says we do not need a Padishah who doesn't give us our rights. Murad says and I do not need subjects who are not loyal to me. Murad and Silahdar cut the men down until they have the agha who tells Murad that it was by Topals order. Murad is not surprised. 

    Gevherhan tells her husband Topal that she wants to visit her mother and sisters and so she wants to go to Topkapi tomorrow with him. Word comes that Murad has arrived and Gevherhan is surprised.

    Gevherhan welcomes her brother. He greets her and Topal says is everything okay? Hopefully nothign to worry about. Murad replies what could be Pasha? I was in the neighborhood in disguise so I thought I would come visit you and speak of tomorrow's Divan. Then he says don't worry Pasha, I have taken your recommendations under consideration,  I have accepted the Sipahis demands. Topal says as usual, you make the best decisions, may God grant you long life.

    Kosem worries about her son meanwhile Murad is back and visits Ayse and his children. She wakes, he tells her to go back to sleep. 

    Kosem is told that Murad has returned safe and sound. Kosem says Thank God! I warn him so much, but he doesn't listen. He went out in disguise! I am so afraid something will happen to him. Did you find out where he was? The girl says we do not know...

    Murad and Silahdar on the terrace: Murad says the day we have awaited is about to dawn. Are you ready Silahdar? Silahdar says May this life worth less than an atom, and this head, be sacrificed for your cause my Majesty. I am at your command until the last drop of my blood drips...Murad says tomorrow will be our rising/birth, not just ours, but that of the House of Osman, and even that of the entire world...we will show friend and foe, they will see us. From now on, it is my rule! The good and the bad...my rule!

    In the morning: Murad bids his mother good morning and he say I wish to get your prayers for this happy day. She says my prayers are always with you, but what is this happy day? You left without informing me yesterday, what happened? He says I have taken important decisions..very important decisions. She says what is wrong? your face is clouded with worry again? Will you not tell me what is going through your mind and heart my son? He replies you will wait mother, you will find out along with everyone else. 

    A sipahi agha ( his name is Cadi Osman meaning Osman the Witch hahahaha) asks Topal if Murad will give them what they have asked for? Topal says I personally spoke to him, there is no reason to worry. Cadi tells him but, the sipahi agha was killed last night, don't know who did it. 

    Evliya Celebi enters and a pasha asks him why he's here. Evliya says I saw people walking to the palace and I said to myself , there's going to be ruckus! go after them! So did I say good? No one gets his joke. A mace is brought and Evliya wonders in awe at how heavy it must be that it took two guards to carry it. 

    Murad is announced and he says in a while, with God's permission I will convene my Divan. As everyone knows, recently, two big rebellions took place against me and my state. Who are these people? Those oppressors who force the merchants to pay tribute, oppress the people, attack my palace, insult me and my family, and, murder those men closest to me in by tearing them to bits! I am seeing that some men who I have trusted with my life and state, are associated with this treason. Including my Grand Vizier! Come here, Topal, the head of the traitor! 

    Kosem tells Gevherhan that she did well to visit. Little Selim says last night our Hunkar visited and he said we will ride horses together today. Gevherhan says I was surprised too, he came to speak to my husband. Atike says what kind of visit is that at night? Our Hunkar hates the pasha..he says he is up to no good. Gevherhan responds those are lies from his enemies...whatever my husband does, he does for the good of the state. 

    Topal begs saying its a lie, he says I am your servant, I never disobeyed you, I am the son in law of the House of Osman! How could I betray! Murad says, make ablution, you rejector of faith!  Topal begs, I did speak to traitors, but only to protect you blah blah but its over for him. Then Murad holds up the mace and says : I, Sultan Murad Han, God's representative on earth! I am the ONLY master of all the Ottoman Empire! If there is anyone among you who doubts this at all, grab your sword and come before me! Everyone bows and Murad leaves. 

    Farya and her crew are awakened by warning canon shots being fired. The men prepare to fight. Farya orders Andre to raise the white flag. Meanwhile, Kemankes (archer, because he was known for his archery) orders his men to ready arrow fire, but then sees the flag and says wait. 

    In the kitchen Haci is drinking juice when he is informed (and everyone else in the kitchen hears too) that Murad has executed Topal. Haci runs off to tell Kosem.

    Kosem meanwhile tells Atike to watch her words, Gevherhan was upset by them. Atike says am I lying? I dislike Topal!He is a sneaky snake! Haci enters and informs them about Topal. 

    In the Divan, Murad appoints a new pasha who thanks him, then Murad has the second in command, Topal's right hand man taken away who shouts that he was tricked, he isn't guilty. Evliya records everything and asks Silhadar why he doesn't send word to him, what if he had missed the event! (He is writing a book) Silahtar says it is what it is, don't make a big deal. Murad meanwhile appoints another man as the second Vizier. Finally, Murad turns to the Mufti and says don't you have something to say now? Why so quiet? On the day of the rebellion you spoke out of turn and gave guarantees...after all this, you don't have a single word to say? Mufti says forgive me...I pray your decisions are for the best for you, your family and the state. Murad says do you doubt? Mufti says after finding out the grand vizier was a traitor we must suspect all things...especially your safety. Murad says in that case, Mufti Efendi...we should find out each traitor among us and dig them out, so that no one remains to have doubts about. 

    Atike tries to stop Gev from speaking to her brother at this time, saying if you speak in anger you will both say hurtful things to each other. Gev doesn't listen. The harem girls mumble about it. 

    Sinan pasha congratulates the new grand vizier and says I am at your service. Then he approaches an agha and says that the situation is bad and that Murad will not be giving the positions to the sipahis and punishments are on the way for those involved in the riot, and then Sinan tells the aghas to go tell the men to stay out of sight until he sends word. 

    Geverhan calls out to her brother. "You knew right? You knew right? Last night when you visited, you had long made your decision...you were going to kill him. You were going to leave me widowed and my son orphaned. But you stayed quiet...you hugged us and smiled like there was nothing. You tricked us...Murad says to her your husband was a traitor. Like all traitors, he got what he deserved. 

    Silahdar conveys his condolences and Gev says without shame, you say condolences? You got what you wanted Silahdar...you always saw my husband as an obstacle in your way, you made enmity and then you used your lies to trick our Hunkar, you became the cause for his death, it is all your fault, it is all your fault!!! SHe faints in his arms.

    Farya tells her men to drop their weapons. Kemankes says explain at once, who are you, what business do have in Ottoman waters? I am Hungarian princess Farya Bethlen! Kemankes replies I am the Janissary agha Kemankes Mustafa what is the matter? Why are you here? Farya says I have come for Sultan Murad, I have something very important to speak to him about, can you take me to him?

    Kosem tells Haci to go find out how Gevherhan is doing. She enters Murad's room. What is this I am hearing. How can you take such decisions without consulting or asking me? Murad says I didn't need to consult you to take Topal's head. Kosem replies, who cares about his head?! If he was still alive - there was a reason! I was trying to find who he had behind him! Who he worked for! But because of you we won't learn all that! Murad says I have lit such a fire today that, all my enemies will burn they should fear now, not you! Kosem says I am in this palace thirty years, ten years I am personally handling the state! I saw death and betrayal. I have lived through it all thank God! I have never feared anyone, nor shall I! Murad says, in that case mother, than support me! Without questioning my decisions, just support me! 

    In the market, Evliya describes Murad's mace to a crowd. sixty four kilos (140lbs) The crowd accuses  him of exaggerating. He says I swear by God, two muscly guards had to carry it with great difficulty! He says after he went before the crowds and said come here head of the traitors and then crushed Topal pasha's head and hung his corpse there to be a lesson to others. Then Evliya says this is Sultan Murad's justice, it will come down upon the heads of all the traitors like an iron fist! Long live Sultan Murad. Get back to your work.

    Kosem tells her son do not expect me to be silent about these things, as your mother and the regent, especially not when the matter concerns the future of the state. I will never agree. Murad replies you will be silent mother, you will accept it just like everyone else will. Do not ever do things without me knowing, because I am the only master of the state. Kosem tells him that when she looks at him she recalls his late brother Osman, and this puts her into a deep grief and sadness. Murad remembers that horrible scene with Osman being humiliated and taken to his death.

    Kasim and Ibrahim ask how their sister is doing, and Atike replies that she sleeping and has taken some medication. Ibrahim asks why her husband was executed, Kasim says he must have done something very wrong for mother to order his execution and Atike says our mother didn't do it, he was executed because our brother wanted it. Not just his head, but many more heads will roll. 

    Silahdar asks about Geverhan, the kalfa tells him that she is alright, sleeping now and calm after the doctor gave her something, but that she does not know if her anger and grief will subside..

    Kemankes arrives to speak to Murad and tells him that he brings news from the port. The ship has a guest for him, an uninvited guest who has come to see him, her name is Princess Farya Bethlen.

    Some "guards" arrive and ask to take Farya's belongings along with her to the palace.

    Kosem commens to Halil pasha that all that was left was a princess to show up. And asks if he knows anything about her. He says I asked, but we don't know anything. She says we'll see what happens. He asks about Gevherhan, Kosem replies that she is alright, but grieving, and if she could have seen the real face of her husband.  Halil says that Topal has died taking his secrets with him, but the traitors behind him must have long taken plans to cause trouble again. Kosem says yes, our Hunkar is not aware of the fire he has lit. We must intervene at once. Halil says do not worry, the pashas will do as needed, and while you are with us, we need not worry. 

    Ayse is suspicious about the men because they are going to take her things and she wonders how she hasn't even met Murad yet and they speak of her belongings. They say you will be our guest at the palace. Farya doesn't believe this and tells Margaret to go and then a fight breaks out and she cuts everyone down until she comes face to face with Murad. 

    She bows before Murad and Silahdar shows a cross saying the men were disguised as guards. Murad asks how this can happen and who are these people? Farya says it is the Catholics who were ordered to capture her. She says I am Hungarian princess Farya Bethlen, Sultan Murad I have come to seek your justice! 

    Kosem wishes the new viziers well and congratulates them. She says my son made the right decisions no doubt, but considering all the outcomes and taking precautions is a task that falls to us. The Grand vizier says yes, the Padishah wants to take the reigns (of power).  Halil replies saying my pasha, as regent, all the responsibility goes to our Valide Sultan. Nothing changes for us. Until our last breath we are her servants. The pashas say God Willing and Kosem tells the men to set up a meeting in her charity complex with the Sipahis, as she wants to solve this matter personally. 

    Farya tells Murad that her father King Gabor was killed and in his place, Katherine her mother has taken his place as he knows. Murad says yes, I know, but your mother has gotten mixed in wrong actions. Farya says I know those are all lies, my uncle has removed her on this basis, because he has worked together with the Pope - he was the one who killed my father too. He admitted with his own mouth. He was going to kill us too, me and my mother, but I fled. I fled along with my mother. Silahdar asks where her mother is then and she responds that she is someplace no one knows about, and that she has her most trusted men with her. She says I came with my childhood nanny Margaret. 

    Murad says then where did you learn how to wield a sword like this? She replies when you have traitors around, you must learn it, my father wanted me to learn. Murad says you rest princess and leaves. The guards are cleaning the mess. 

    Farya asks her nanny if she can tell if Murad has believed her and will help her. Her nanny says let's pray he did, I couldn't read his eyes, it was like there was a curtain over them and I couldn't see anything.

    Silahdar enters and says Princess Farya we will investigate the matter and until then you will be our guest, whatever you need will be taken care of. Do not worry, you are under our Sultan's protection no one can tough you. Farya tells him to relay her thanks to Murad.

    In the underground meetings, Sinan tells the secret men that Topals death was not good at all. That they lost the most powerful man that they had in the Divan. Sinan says the sipahis are awaiting their orders. The man says they should wait, as there is a more serious matter at hand, that Farya has killed marcus, the Pope's nephew and come to Istanbul, we tried to stop her, but we weren't successful. Sinan says why didn't you ask me? Sinan is told that there is an important letter with her, and that is important to get it. Sinan says what letter? The man shouts The POPES LETTER! A letter against the Ottomans! A secret invitation to European rulers for an alliance! And our names might be in that letter! If that is the case, this will be our end!

    Farya says wasn't Murad strange? Doesn't speak much. Just left suddenly. I was scared to meet him first. I thought he might be old, mean  and ugly. But he was not at all like that, he is strong, young, very powerful. Margaret says I hope his heart is kind too, because if he doesn't help, it means certain death for us.

    The cooks are preparing and sealing the dishes for meal. The cook comments its hard, and then says to the kalfa, hey you might know about, I heard about a princess? Kalfa says with all your work you have to do, where did you hear about this princess? Cook says I heard, descriptions of her beauty is on everyone's tongues. She fought off men! And, they say the Sultan personally is handling the matter. Why has she come then? Kalfa says I do not know, something about running away and seeking asylum or help. Why? Do you want her to come to the harem? Cook says no, we have enough princesses here!

    The food is brought and served, meanwhile, the princes are playing chess. Beyazid thinks he's won but Murad pulls a check mate and Murad tells him if he loses enough, he will value winning more. Atike says how nice we're all together. Ibrahim says he wishes Gevherhan was here too. Kasim says how could she sit here when our Hunkar personally took his head. Beyazid tells him to watch his mouth and speak with manners how dare he think like this. Kasim says I do not think like this, I simply saying what Gevherhan probably feels. Murad tells them to eat.

    Kosem comforts her daughter saying my beautiful daughter, sleep rest for a while, you are destroying yourself. She says when I die my eyes will close and my pain will cease...my tears. She says if you didn't have mercy for him, didn't you have mercy for me and my son? Kosem says your father saw it fit, there was nothing to be done. Gev says if you didn't want it, it wouldn't have happened. My brother would not take this decision himself alone, you wanted this too.

    Murad arrives and tells Gev their mother had nothing to do with it and that he made the decision and order himself. Kosem tells the child who has woken and asks what is going to come sleep in her room tonight. Murad tells his sister, your mourning will pass, your anger will subside, as your brother and Sultan I will do whatever for your happiness again. She says let me go to my palace, my Hunkar because I cannot stay here with you, you are the killer of my son's father and the man I loved. Murad says you are not going anywhere. You will stay here with your family!

    Beyazid tells Silahdar that he supports Murad's decisions and Atike said me too. Silahdar says your presence, both of yours, gives our Hunkar strength. Atike says I know you protect our Hunkar with your life, but you should also protect yourself too, there is probably someone in the palace who might be sad should something happen to you. He says, whoever that is, I do not ever want to make them sad.

    Sinan approaches Beyazid who asks why he hasnt seen him around in a while, Sinan replies he is busy with state work and Beyazid remarks that Murad is trying to take the reigns of power and that the time has come for that. Sinan that these days things are happening that no one knew would ever happen, maybe your exiled mother Gulbahar sultan can return. Bey says I wish she could, but Kosem sultan will not allow it and never will. Sinan says one day she will, and despite being exiled unjustly by Kosem Sultan she will return one day.

    In the bath, Ayse asks Kosem who this woman is, the whole harem speaks of her (farya). One the girls says her name is Farya she is a princess and the Sultan personally went to see her. Ayse asks why she has come and what she wants. Kosem says to Ayshe you should be asked that, and know that! You are always with my son but you know nothing about anything! Ayshe says forgive me, I have no knowledge of it, if I knew I would tell you. Kosem says you will find out Ayshe, you will go into his arms and find out. Otherwise what value do you have? You will disappear and be gone.

    A different Kalfa asks Ayshe why shes so amused and Ayshe says that even if she knew about Farya or anything else she wouldn't tell Kosem and that she's happy Murad is finally taking over the reigns of power, and that now their era begins, hers and Murads!

    Ayshe goes to Murad and says my Hunkar, my breath, my light, drop the grief in your eyes and to let go of the doubts in your heart, know that whatever you did, you did right. As the mother of your children, I will always be by your side. Everyone will see and accept, there is only one Padishah in this world, and that is Sultan Murad Han!

    Kasim says to Ibrahim that he is surprised how Murad and Beyazid's relationship continues normally after what happened. Ibrahim says what happened? Kasim says didnt the men chant out his name the other day? Ibrahim teases saying are you jealous they didnt call out your name? Kasim says one is the Padishah the other is the Heir apparent, they are the two precious ones of the house of Osman. Ibrahim says I don't know about you, but one day I am going to be Padishah! That is why I need to be ready.

    Murad tells Beyazid to keep his head up. Then Sinan arrives says Venetian and French ambassadors have come to speak about Farya.

    Kosem goes to meet the sipahi leaders.

    The ambassadors tell Murad that the Pope is kindly asking for Murad to hand Farya over to them. Murad says what does this matter have to do with the Vatican, or the Pope as Erdel is a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire. Sinan says that Murad wants to investigate first. The ambassador says that Farya hasn't told Murad the truth. Murad says what is this truth? The ambassador says that Farya has murdered the Pope's nephew Cardinal Marcus.

    The sipahi tells Kosem that two months have passed Murad didn't give us the positions, we tried to tell him many times, he ignores us, the outcome is bad. Kosem says as regent I give the decisions. You will get the positions, but you will be patient and wait. The man says we are impatient. Halil shouts silence you impudent fool dont forget who sits before you! Kosem shouts enough, we waste time fighting. The time has come to restore peace. I will give you want, despite this if you ever and I mean EVER threaten my family, the House of Osman or the state, I will destroy the world over your heads!

    Outside the palace Kemankes overhears some sipahis mumbling what if they want doesnt happen, if Murad doesnt give them what they want tomorrow, they will remove Murad and put Beyazid in his place.

    Murad shouts at Farya: is it true you are a murderer? Farya says oh so you heard...He says so you lied about this, which means everything you say is a lie. She says I did not lie, nor will I. Yes I killed the cardinal because he attacked me, I protected myself. I took something from him, a letter hidden from you. A secret letter.

    Farya hands the letter saying this is why the men in the port tried to kill me. Murad says what language is this? She says I couldnt read it, but it is obvious it is about you - the Ottoman empire. Silahdar says it is coded letter, but that he knows who can decode it. Murad says lets agree upon something, if you are hiding something or lying to me, I will kill you. She says if its true, will you promise you will save me and my mother?

    Evliya asks Hezarfen what does he learn by staring at the birds from morning till night. Hezarfen says the birds use the help of the winds when they fly, and he watches them to observe the severity and direction of the winds. Evliya says look I will show you without all that. But it doesnt work. Ev says please I will eat the rats from hunger can we go grab something to eat?!

    Hezarfen is talking about a specific bird when his notebook falls into Silahdars hands, Murad says they are up to something again...

    They welcome Murad and they realize its important matter since Murad has come personally. MSilahdar says can you decode this encrypted letter? Murad jokes saying of course, or I will have their heads.

    Farya says to margaret, did you see Sultan Murad, he erupted like a volcano...he will take my life if I have lied! Margaret says God forbid, keep what I said in mind, if you need to, bow and beg. Farya says whats the use, he wont listen...Margaret says I doubt that...he is very interested in you, otherwise why would he get so angry?

    Murad asks what this contraption is that pops out, Evliya says its Hezarfen's new creation. One of his weird contraptions, every one being weird. Hezarfen says he didn't know where to put it, so he found that as a solution, but thank you for the spacious tower he has granted them as a workspace. Murad says you are a smart man, but let's figure out this letter now shall we? Hezarfen looks at it and says my Hunkar, can I keep this letter with me for a bit so I can figure it out, I need time. Murad says sure, and when its ready come before me. Silahdar tells them its a state secret so they must be very careful with it and no one else should get their hands on it.

    Kemankes says to Murad later that as per his orders he followed Kosem sultan and saw her accept to meet with sipahi aghas. Murad asks what they spoke of. Kemankes says when they left, I followed the men and found out that Kosem sultan has promised to give their positions, and they spoke of how if she does not succeed in that, then they will dethrone you and put Beyazid on the throne.

    Murad says I warned her personally, do not do anything without my knowledge! Kemankes says I do not doubt for a moment our Valide Sultan's intentions, as always, she works to protect you. Murad says by disobeying my orders? Look at the situation! I am about to take the reigns in my hands and they hit me with those closest to me! Oh they will put Beyazid on the throne oh really?! How dare they! Just look at this insolence! Silahdar says Beyazid would never, he is loyal. Murad says I do not doubt my family. But if I am to be the powerful ruler I want to be, then no one's orders but mine should have any weight! Make your preparations, tonight we go hunting! Silahdar, inform Beyazid, he is coming along with us.

    At night, Beyazid wonders where they are going but Murad is quiet.

    The Sipahis are living it up when Murad shows up with Beyazid *alone* and Murad says who is Cadi Osman. Cadi says who asks? Then he says ohhhhh Sulan Murad. The men take out their swords.

    Meanwhile, Farya says she's sick and tired of being stuck indoors and shes going out. Margaret says its dangerous and prohibited! Farya goes anyway.

    Murad says I heard, Cadi Osman, that should I not give the sipahis the positions they want, they will dethrone me and put Beyazid on the throne. Cadi says we are happy with our padishah....of course if he gives us what he want! Murad says I guess your ears heard wrong...I denied that request long ago! Murad steps forward nothing happens to him because his men take aim from above. Murad kills Cadi and then tells Beyazid, do you recall that day? What they did to my late brother Sultan Osman? They bound his hands and feet and took him round the streets! They treated a lion like that and killed him in a barbaric way. But they won't do that to me. Beyazid my brother, we who are the House of Osman, from now on, no subject of ours will dare to do something like that. I will not allow it!

    Hazerfen is frustrated, says the letter looks like nothing he's seen before. He looked at every language and its obvious its a code made specifically for this. Evliya starts messing around and says Hezarfen you are obsessed saying you're gonna fly. But if the Creator wanted you to fly, he would give you two wings, so you could swoop over. Hazerfen says God didn't give us wings, but he gave us intellect. Evliya swings some more and his foot hits a jug that spills liquid onto the secret letter. They are worried because the letter is destroyed. Evliya says we are destroyed, we are finished. Sultan Murad will have both our heads. I will say, that I didn't do it, I will say you did it! We are finished! He will have both our heads!

    Murad finds Farya in the Church praying to God to help save her family from her uncle, and that Murad should believe her and help her. She asks how he found her? He says you found me...after running off despite that many guards...means keeping you in one spot is difficult. She says she was bored and sick of being stuck inside, she wanted to pray, and didn't expect to see him here, but she is very glad to see him. He says since our princess is bored, let us walk...

    In the morning, Ayshe wants to see Murad, but she finds out he left last night and didn't return yet. She asks where?  The guards say they don't know.

    Murad says so you know horseback riding as well as you know swordsmanship. She says you are not bad at it either.

    Murad returns to the palace and finds Haci waiting saying Kosem was worried. He says tell her I am well and also, I need you to do something.

    Margaret is relieved saying thank God youre safe! Farya says dont be scared. She says where were you? Farya says I was with Sultan Murad...

    Murad visits with his son and Ayshe and asks his son what he will do today, he says I will visit the stables and see the horses. He asks how Ayshe is if something is wrong. She says I worried about you, I was fearful when you didn't return at night. But you seem well and happy thank God. She asks where he was. He says he was busy with state matters.

    Sinan sees the body of the sipahis, and says to his servant to send word to the Sipahis to gather.

    Ayshe goes to see Silahdar who wonders what happened. She says Murad is behaving strangely, he leaves at night and no one knows where he goes...except you. Silahdar says no reason to worry, its state matters. She says at night? Or is it about the new princess? Was he with her? Silahdar says be at ease, your place for our Hunkar is separate. She says so he was with her...

    The sipahis are marching..

    Kosem says there is news that there is trouble in the streets and that there was blood (dead bodies). Haci tells her that last night Murad killed all the sipahis she met with. He tells her that he wanted everyone gathered and he has told Haci to read aloud a decree. Kosem asks what decree, Haci says I don't know.

    Murad is told by the grand vizier that sipahis have gathered again saying we want our positions given at once! One of the pashas says they will march to the palace what is your order. Murad says it is my will - send word to the elder Sipahis, Janissary aghas, scholars and religious men, everyone should gather at the gate of Felicity. I will hold an Ayak Divan (standing council) Let the people attend as well, I want them to witness it.

    Atike says if Murad has gathered all the women in the harem as well, must be something important. Ayshe says they say the sipahis have gathered in the square. They say revolt is near. Gevherhan says this is what would happen, but Sultan Murad did not listen to anyone. Kosem is announced.

    Murad praying and getting ready. "I am Murad, Son of Sultan Ahmet, borne of Valide Kosem Sultan, at a young age, free from the worries of the world, not knowing the scent of blood, took the throne and bore the burden of power on his back. I am Murad. I who was imprisoned under the shadow of his mother's power and ambitions, whose courage and intellect was disregarded, who lost his loved ones one by one to the game of power, in order to be able to resist the oppression that was shown to him, he is the Murad who dons/girds toughness and cruelty as a shield. I am Murad if I want to be a true ruler, first of all, I must earn it. I will never accept anybody to share in my power!"

    Haci reads Murad's decree outloud: My personal regard, gratitude, and my indebtedness, along with that of my subjects (they are indebted too) - towards and to my mother, Valide Kosem sultan, who, for the past ten years, since I took the throne, as the regent of the Sultanate has so successfully ruled, with great sacrifice and hard work. However, as a result of the most recent events, there is need for change in the order of things. For this reason, my absolute decree as the real and only master, I have ended the regency of Valide Kosem Sultan.

    Murad: I am Murad, my heart and soul are parted in two like the Red Sea. Murad who has lost his Moses, and is face to face with his Pharoah. I swore an oath, that if I do not rip out the livers and drink the blood of all those oppressors who saw fit to insult and threaten me and my family, may my sultanate be destroyed!

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