• Trailer 1, Episode 3 Season 2 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem Murad IV

    Voice/Margaret?: Sultan Murad will certainly come(to get you)

    Farya: I don't know at all...maybe I will never see him again!

    Kosem: I am NOT the one who handed her over to those degenerates

    Murad: Whoever handed her, you will kill them!

    Ayse: Forgive me my Valide, I did it only to protect our majesty.

    Kosem: SLAP
    Voice: It (the letter) has come from Prince Istvan.

    Prince: I am not the Prince of Erdel, I am the King of Hungary....I would rather choose death, over apologizing to a child who up until yesterday was hiding behind his mother's dress.

    Murad: Istvan the traitor has written his death decree with his own hands. Get ready at once, I will personally take that traitor's head!