• Season 2, Episode 2 (32) Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem Sultan: Murad IV Translation

     The Realm of Fairytales

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    Kosem leaves angrily. "Get out Meleki!" she yells, smashes the mirror etc. 

    Meanwhile, in the Privy chamber area where the Holy Mantle (mantle of the Prophet, other relics, and the sword and flag of the Prophet are stored, a man recites, (as was the custom this recitation was non-stop twenty-four hours, with 40 reciters alternativey taking turns, one of the 40 being the Sultan himself. This tradition began with Sultan Selim I (Suleyman's father) and remained in practice at all times until the creation of the Republic, but started up again later and continues now in Topkapi palace (you can visit the room where the recital takes place) and once again same tradition and all, with alternating reciters). Yahya Efendi, Murad's spiritual mentor takes out a Quran, in a golden jewel encrusted case-cover, that was given to Selim I (probably one of the early 8th century AD, the case obviously being decorated in the Ottoman era)

    This Quran is brought out to the Ayak Divan (standing assembly) and Murad picks it up and says this is the Noble Quran sent to my late forefather, Yavuz Sultan Selim Han, from Hijaz upon his conquering of Egypt. In the Chapter Nisa, the Lord and Master Allah has said, 'oh believers, obey God, obey your Prophet and those who lead you.' And our Prophet has said, if even a slave becomes your ruler, while he rules over you with justice and abiding by the Book of God, you must obey him (i.e. there is no difference between classes, if a slave becomes a ruler, you are to still obey him as you would a king borne from royal bloodlines). 'Oh people of Muhammad, are you not from among the believers? The men shout out 'God forbid! We are!' Murad: Then why do you not obey me. 

    Murad continues saying my Janissary subjects, what is the meaning then of protecting the traitors? Kemankes says 'our blessed ruler, you are the representative of God, we have no opposition to you at all, your friends and enemies, are our friends and enemies! Murad says 'in that case, it means you must not protect the rebels.' The Janissaries shout "O God!' We our in obedience to our Padishah. We do not ever protect the rebels!'

    Haci meanwhile informs Kosem that Murad has set up the standing assembly and that everyone has gathered there, and that he is telling her because she might want to know. She rushes out. 

    Murad says my Sipahi (cavalry) subjects, your disobedience and trouble-making has made the empire and the sultanate weakened. and then he tells them they have troubled everyone, including the public and they have stolen from the public and have caused havoc! Your numbers have reached forty thousand, the positions that you are seeking out, are less than five hundred, what do you want Ulefe (bonuses) for? You have been stealing from the public, the funds are raised from them, so where should we get the money, should I give your bonus from the sea? The sipahi leader says that they are loyal and that those who are taking part in the revolts and tyranny are not approved by the sipahi elders. 

    Kosem watches from the tower.

    Murad says in that case, you will separate the rebels among you and hand them over. Kemankes says we will not protect the rebels! If our ruler does not need them, we do not need them! He then orders his men to take them away.

    Murad says step up to the scholars and judges. Then he says why are you not applying justice accordingly? Why are you not stopping injustice and oppression? And - why are you taking bribes?! One of them says God Forbid it, my blessed one. Our way, is the way of the law, but whenever we try to prevent the oppressive leaders of the principalities from tax collectors from collecting legal taxes from their people, they make up lies about us taking bribes and so on. 

    The mufti says what the scholar just said is true when he tried to prevent sipahis from taking illegal tribute, they destroyed his personal property.  Yahya Efendi says and what do you do Sheyh ul Islam Efendi? Why did you not prevent it? Seyh ul Islam says if you support us, my blessed ruler, then we will work to end the oppression and tyranny at once. 

    Murad says great, o nation of Muhammed,in your presence as witnesses, the Sipahi, Janissary and religious and legal counsel have pledged allegiance to me.  But this is not enough. In front of everyone, they will swear an oath of loyalty by placing their hand on the Sacred Relic Noble Quran. 

    The men put their hands on the Quran and Silahdar speaks and the men repeat We swear an oath on the Holy Quran, that we won't create turmoil or strife, to obey the custodian on Earth, our Padishah Efendi, and not to hide the traitors among us, but to hand them over. We swear in the presence of God, and His representative on Earth, our Padishah Efendi! We swear it by God, we swear it swear it.

    Kemankes shouts, whenever our blessed Padishah gives an order, and our barracks do not carry out this order, then may the curses of God, his Prophets, all his angels, and that of the nation of Muhammed be upon our barracks!

    Murad says: And I - the ruler of the seven regions, the Caliph on Earth, Sultan Murad Han, swear an oath in the presence of Almighty God and you my subjects - to begin the era of conquest once again, end oppression, tyranny and bribery, bring back order and peace in the land, rule this mighty empire with justice, and to fight to  raise the flag of Islam over the whole world. I swear it (three times).

    Farya says to Margaret that years ago her father Gabor had also fled the Catholics to the Ottomans to seek their help. How strange right madame, me and my father are sharing the same fate. Margaret says that Farya's father fought for his people, just like Farya is now. Farya says do not doubt, I will fight, I will save my people from that oppressive uncle of mine. Margaret says your only hope is Murad, I don't know what happened with you guys the other day but - 

    Silahdar arrives and introduces himself and explains that he is the sword bearer and head of his Privy Chamber as well and that he has come to ask if they need anything. Farya says thanks to you, no need. Farya asks about Sultan Murad, how he is and if was able to have the letter decoded. Silahtar says you can ask him this personally, for Sultan Murad will be visiting you tonight. 

    The cook is gossiping with Lalezar kalfa and says who knew the lion would grow until he would growl and show his teeth to Valide Sultana (Kosem). Lalezar tells him to shh and says someone will hear and are you itching for punishment. The cook says no one will hear, plus everyone knows already, tell me what did our Valide do when she saw?. Haci enters and says her eyes were ablaze! She entered her room and broke her mirror. Lalezar comments saying oh no! she broke it? Haci says yes its shattered, go get some girls and have it cleaned up. Lalezar says how many mirrors has it been now? How many?! 

    Kosem is announced. Afetab hatun begs Lalezar to send her to the sultan tonight finally, that they said he was like a lion today. Lalezar says now its not the time! Afetab says you promised me days have passed! Please send me tonight? Lalezar yells at her to be patient. 

    Underground, Sinan pasha is with the secret trio (I don't know their names so let's call them this for now). The leader says so Sultan Murad has made everyone swear an oath of loyalty...and has ended the regency of Kosem...if we don't intervene at once, the snake will grow and will bite us. Sinan says sultan Murad wants to be a real ruler, but while Kosem is alive, this is impossible, she refuses to share power with anyone, not even her son. One of the trio says so this means that mother and son will fight..and what will happen with Farya? How will we answer (to our bosses) for that?Sinan says if we can't deliver Farya then there is one last choice - death (for her).

    Murad says he cannot repay Yahya Efendi for his kindness and valuable support. Yahya tells him a story about Selim I, who was told no one can cross the Sinai desert - and he not only crossed it, but in record one week and that too, on foot. When asked why he didn't ride his horse, he said "i feel shy to ride my horse when the Prophet walks ahead of me' Yahya then adds, measure for measure, if your path is true, God will not leave you alone. Kosem has arrived but she is told Murad will see her later, but she storms in anyways. Murad says to Yahya, seems like my mother needs to speak urgently, we will speak later.

    Kosem says I have been under this dome for thirty years, there was not one day that the state and House's enemies did not attack, try to trap me...they did things even the devil wouldn't think of! But for the first time they use my son against me. Murad says you do not see me as that much, you barely  believe in me -  so much so that you when I end your regency you think that enemies do that. She says of course, they are instigating you against me, they want to make me your enemy, how can you do this? How can you do this to your mother? 

    The princes are sitting, one of them (i think Kasim it doesn't show who is speaking at this point) says he has never seen the Sultan this way, Beyazid says it was obvious last night, we were together, he took the Sipahi traitors life, it was like it wasn't my brother standing before me but someone else. I didn't recognize him. Kasim says I can understand when it comes to traitors and bullies, but, why did he end my mother's regency? Beyazid its obvious he doesn't want a shadow over his rule. Kasim says why are you so pleased by this? Wait let me guess...you have enmity with my mother because she exiled your mother. Beyazid says don't speak words bigger than your neck, I have no enmity with anyone, and won't have in the future. Kasim says you will...since our Majesty doesn't want shadows over his rule, then we are at the mouth of the canon, especially you - you are the eldest prince.

    Murad says I warned you, I said do not do anything without my knowledge, but you met with the traitors, even promised to give them positions! You went against my will! Kosem says oh so that's why...I met with them as the regent of the Sultanate, I wanted to protect the state and the House (of Osman). Murad says by bowing to the traitors? Kosem says I do not bow to anyone and will never bow, it isn't in my nature! You know this best. I was going to give them what they wanted politically, then taken their heads at the first chance. Murad says and you see, there was no need for it, they already have their heads taken. Kosem says I wish you took mine too. I would be hurting less. You ended my regency in front of everyone, as if I was the one at fault...as if I was somehow involved in what happened...how sad. Is this what you saw fitting for your mother? Murad says don't see it personally, the matter at hand is the future of the state! Kosem says the future of the state eh? I got this Sultanate from your father - all of fifteen years ago! I carried the burden all alone! Do you know how many times I died and burned to protect you and your bothers,if it wasn't for me, there would be no sultanate and no state left! Now you speak of the future of the state to me? That thing you called the state is MINE..(it is) ME!!!!! Murad says that era is over mother, your regency is finished. Accept it or don't this is the true. You will only govern the harem as Valide Sultana, nothing more than that. The state now belongs to it's real master! Murad basicaly orders her out by asking the aghas to open the doors. Before she leaves she says, do you know what my greatest dream was? For you to grow and become strong, for you to take the burden of the state from my shoulders. When the time came, when you were ready, I was going to move aside anyway. But now - 

    Murad says we both know that day would never come, you would never give it up. Yeah, you drank a sip of the drink of power once, you tasted it. Kosem says that drink that becomes poison for the one who doesn't know how to drink it - many have tasted it and gone off their paths...some became disoriented, others became cruel. Thank God, I wasn't one of those. God Willing you won't either.

    Yahya and the Seyhul islam speak together. The seykh says the hopefully making the scholars and soldiers take oaths will work, but traitors don't give up by being broken, if there is no truce, then the rebellion only grows. You are giving our ruler wrong advice. Yahya says our Ruler does not need anyone's advice, thank God. He merely consults with us. The seyh says you have become retired, and still have had no positions...Yahya says there is no retirement from working for the true cause, and I have no need for a position to tell the truth!

    Murad tols Kemankes it won't be easy for his mother to get used to giving up her old ways, so he wants Kemankes to inform him about every step of hers. Kemankes says he is going to continue pursuing as he has ordered. Murad says you will personally be next to her. 

    Evliya scolds Hezarfen awake saying Murad will come here soon and then says what are you doing? For God's sake, what are you doing, you're going to lose your ritual cleanliness for prayers (men and women have to bathe before praying after intimate contact) He shouts that Murad will ask about the letter! Hazerfen tells Evliya to clean up the area. 

    Farya is walking around the market, and people are gossiping that Murad removed Kosem from her regency. Farya says Kosem is his mother, the great Queen right? Margaret tells her about Murad taking the throne at a young age and Kosem being his regent and she rules the state. Farya says seems like she isn't anymore. Sinan has followed Farya. 

    Kosem is in the garden pruning her flowers and Gevherhan says I told you mother, my Hunkar brother knows not what he does, if you don't stop him, more people will get hurt. Atike says why should she stop him? Give up accusing my brother. Why should my mother stop him? Isn't this what our mother wanted for him anyway? Am I wrong mother? Did you not want my brother to be a powerful ruler? This is what's right. Gevherhan says what is right? Lowering my mother before our subjects? Atike says he wanted everyone to hear, he had no ill intention. Kosem tells them to go back to their rooms. Haci arrives gives her some medication and says its very strong, it will help. Gevherhan scolds Atike saying instead of supporting our mother, look at the words you say to her. She says someone needed to say the reality (of the situation). Gev says she is sad, don't you see? She feels betrayed. Just like I do. If anything, you could have at least just kept quiet. But no, it would never occur to you...hopefully  painful days don't hurt you the same way some day. 

    Kosem says to Haci,  Gevherhan is right, my son lowered me in front of everyone. He betrayed me. My own son did what my enemies couldn't do for years. Where did I go wrong? What mistake did I make? Haci says you do not make mistakes, you know best, our Hunkar loves and respects you, but he has grown up that is all. He wants to fly with his own wings now. Kosem says the Sultanate's sky is from fire, all of a sudden without knowing what happened, your wings are on fire. 

    Evliya yells at Hezarfen to hurry up as the Sultan will arrive. Hezarfen finally makes it down and Murad arrives. They welcome Murad who says what is the situation, you better not say you haven't figured out the code for the letter. Hezarfen is about to say he needs more time, but then Eureka! He figured it out! Hez says when you pour wine, hidden writing appears! Evliya says the disbelievers! 
    Everyone is shocked and then he says well you know, they used wine to code the letter. Hezarfen says it must dry, we need to wait a little. 

    Ayshe is also watching Farya and says so this is the princess then!

    Farya is admiring some cloth and asks how they look. Margaret says what is all this, or are you doing this for Sultan Murad? Farya says don't make me regret telling you. Margaret says that is exactly why I warn you, so you don't regret it. Don't forget where you are and who you stand before (Murad etc.) Sinan says that stone is quarts, it protects you from evil, princess Farya. She says who are you, how do you know me? Sinan says everyone knows about you from the palace. I am Murad's right arm, Sinan pasha. She says oh, nice to meet you. Sinan says I heard what happened to you, I do not know how right it is for you to leave your ship...I think you should be more careful. Farya says do not worry, Silhadar's men are around, I am safe. Sinan takes leave. 

    Sinan notices a carriage and finds Ayshe there. She says you neither saw nor heard me. No one will know I was here. Sinan says you may trust me. He says I understood your curiosity and worry, she is not as timid as she seems - she is a murdered. She has murdered a Cardinal - she murdered the Pope's nephew. Our Padishah, unfortunately, is not aware of the danger he is in. Ambassadors came, but he did not hand her over. I hope I am wrong. Because she did not sit well with me AT ALL. 

    Hezie reads the letter, which states that Pope Urban has personally written the letter, where he has called for an end between the enmity between the European nations, and has invited them all to form an alliance against the Ottomans. The Pope is calling everyone to come under the Cross, and be the Soldiers of Christ. They have a secret circle in Istanbul. There are many members in this secret circle. So much so that some are like Topal pasha. Murad says who have we kept near us. Silahdar asks any other names? Hez says only Topals. Silah says so Farya was right, the Pope is after an alliance. Evliya says they want to destroy the Ottomans by making this alliance. Murad  says we will find out what this organization is, who is in it and where they meet. No matter how far their hands reach we will grab them and toss them out. Then he tells Silahdar that they have to take precautions, especially in the palace. 

    At night, Farya is bathing and getting ready. 

    Meanwhile Ayshe tells Kosem that she swears she had no idea of Murad's decisions and anyway she doesn't even see him often these days. Kosem says the kids should go to their rooms. Ahmet wants to stay she says you can come again tomorrow. Ayshe says we have such a big calamity on our heads I don't know how we can be rid of it. Kosem asks what that is.  Ayshe says this woman, Princess Farya, she is actually a murderer. She killed the Pope's nephew a cardinal. Kosem says you sure? She replies yes, I wouldn't say if I wasn't. What if she is a spy? What if she harms our Hunkar?

    Murad arrives to see Farya. He looks at her necklace. She says it is a yildiztasi (Aventurine Quartz) i got it from the market, it protects from evil. He says God willing there is no need. They take a seat. 

    An agha gives Silahdar a note from Atike. She says I need to meet you at once, it is urgent. Follow the agha I sent, he will take you to me. 

    Murad says the coded letter she gave has been decoded and that she was right, that is all she needs to know. She says alright, eh, so you know now I am not a liar in that case. I did what I had to do, now it is your turn, will you keep your promise. She says didn't you say if I had spoken the truth, you would help me, if not you would kill me. He says yes, we spoke of that, but I never gave a promise. That is why I came here - to make sure I give you my word: your uncle Istvan who killed your father and persecuted you and your mother will be punished. She says you can be certain of that, I will do it personally, of course if you give me an army. He says army? She says an army with me at its head. I will end his tyranny and avenge the bloodshed. He laughs. She says why are you laughing and not taking me seriously? Because I am a woman. I am not those weak princess, I can fight well, you saw it too, I have the blood of many men on my sword. If I have your army, no one can stop me. He says I have no doubt about that! However...he is quiet, she says what? He says shh! There are men outside killing the guards. One of them enters the cabin, and finds Farya lying asleep. Murad deals with him.He tells Farya to stay there and goes to deal with the rest.  Kemankes arrives, the ship is set alight, and Kemankes says to Murad that he must leave the ship. They look for Margaret. 

    Meanwhile Sinan on the other side with the men shooting arrows, says bye bye princess, but everyone jumps into the water. 

    As this is going on, Silahdar finds Atike and says you said it was urgent. She says I am not well. I don't know my days or nights, I ask myself what are the meanings of these feelings. She says look , how my heart beats, like it will fly. He says, my Sultana, these feelings are dangerous, and can make someone fall...she says I am not afraid of falling, and you? He says someone is coming. She hides. A guard tells him about Murad being attacked at the port. 

    Meleki has brought Kosem's milk. Then she asks Meleki if she found out how Ayshe knows all that (about Farya) and to find out if its true or not. Kosem says with all these problems I do not want to have to also deal with this Farya issue. Meleki says don't worry, she is a guest, today or tomorrow she will be off, back to where she came from. Atike rushes in and says mother! They have tried to assassinate his majesty, my brother!

    Silahdar says I just found out, are you okay? Murad says we are fine, we overcame this anyway, it was good that Kemankes was with us. One of the assassins slipped away (Giovanni is his name) and the leader asks what happened where are the others, the man says they are all dead, Princess Murad saved Farya, he was on the ship as well, he prevented it, we weren't successful. Sinan is asked if he knew? Sinan says if I had known, I would have taken precautions based on that. 

    Kosem goes to see her son and Ayshe is with her. Kosem says oh Thank God! And then sees Farya and Margaret. Ayshe says I was very scared something happened to you. Murad says no need to worry, I am fine. Princess Farya is also fine. Kosem tells Ayshe to return to her babies and tell them their father is well. Kosem says who are they Murad? How dare they try to kill you? He says they didn't try to kill me, they tried to kill Pr. Farya. 

    Silahdar asks a guard, is this how you protect our Majesty? The man says they came from the sea side, and that the guards were left helpless. Silahdar says helpless? oh really? I personally warned you to keep your eyes wide open! Sinan enters. Silahdar tells the head guard to return to the ports and that he should question witnesses and everyone else. Sinan says he came at once as soon as he heard and then asks if Murad is alright and Silahdar says he is fine, as is Farya. Sinan asks who these traitors are, if Silahdar was able to find anything about them yet. 

    Kosem meanwhile scolds Murad saying this is unimaginable, how could you throw your life in danger for a woman. She says if something had happened to you? He says you do not know the reality of the matter. She says what reality? The fact that the princess is a murderer, and that too, having killed a Cardinal How can you protect her and give her asylum. Murad says the princess brought me a letter - a secret letter written by the Pope - an invitation for an alliance against the Ottomans. Mother, you had spoken of Topal pasha's secret and that we would never find out because of me? This is the secret mother - behind Topal and the rebellion he headed is the enemy! Kosem says are you certain? Murad says I am sure without an iota of doubt! I saw it in the letter, and there are traitors as well, who have managed to get close enough to be among us! And we do not know who they are.

    Kosem says in that case then how can you bring the princess here? And if she is in and part of the game? Maybe she came to get close to you? Isn't that possible? Murad says maybe or maybe not, but I have chosen to believe her. She says hopefully that is the case, we must ensure nothing is lacking in your personal security. He says don't worry I took care of that. My request to you is to take care of Princess Farya - after all we learned about this betrayal from her. Kosem says as per the rules, it is not proper for her to stay here...I can have another place prepared - the palace in Uskudar, and meanwhile we can host her in the Pearl Palace. Murad says great. 

    Haci introduces Farya's nanny Margaret. Kosem tells Haci to get the pearl palace ready, they will be staying there tonight. 

    Lalezar tells the cook that the Sultan has guests and to make preparations accordingly. The cook says is it the princess? She says how did you hear?! He says why is she here, will he stay here? What did our Valide Sultana say? I am wondering about what Ayshe sultana did? Tell me what did she do?

    Kosem tells Atike to go to the Princess so she isn't alone and that tonight she will host a party for her. Atike says I am very curious about her too mother, apparently they returned together last night, apparently she wields a sword like a man. My brother finally found someone that suits him!Er....forgive me...

    Gevherhan arrives and says if you permit it, I want to return to my palace. Kosem says how many times must I tell you? Forget your palace, you are going to be staying with me here now. Gev says not like that, I simply want to go get certain personal belongings. Kosem says what is the need? The agahas can bring it. Gev says but that was my home mother. I had lived there for years, with my husband and children had a happy life there...I didn't even get to say goodbye to my husband. You forbid me from mourning. but at least let me go for the last time and see it. Kosem says alright, but Lalezar will go with you. 

    The girls gossip about Murad saving Farya and then ask each other about how she looks, if she is as pretty as they say. One of them says an agha saw but she wasn't a big deal.  

    Kosem goes to Silahdar and says you are with my son as his closest for a long time now - you are both the head of the Privy Chamber, and his weapons-bearer. He trusts you very much. Silah says our Hunkar has granted me much more than I ever dreamed. Kosem says than why did you leave my son alone last night when the traitors are surrounding? If you do not do your duty, if you do not protect my son, what should I say to you? Silahdar says I am sorry, it won't happen again. Kosem says you will know your place and limits - don't forget that there is fire all around you. 

    Farya wakes up and says I did not realize you have come.  Murad asks how she slept, she says thanks to you. I am very sad, if anything had happened to you because of me, I would not have forgiven myself. He says I would have not forgiven myself, because your safety was entrusted to me. 

    Kosem is told that Esther hatun has been sent word, as well as Halil pasha, who will be waiting for her in her charitable complex' soup kitchen. Kosem tells Haci to send word to the grand vizier that the Pope's spies have infiltrated them and to investigate who else might be involved. Haci says meanwhile the palace in Uskudar is being prepared for Farya. Kosem says great, tonight let's host a party for the princess, let's keep her amused and impressed. 

    Kosem exits and finds Kemankes by the gates and hands her a decree. This is our Majesty's decree he says - from now as your steward, I will accompany you everywhere. She says or you can just call yourself my watchman (to keep an eye on me).

    Farya and Murad are eating together and she says you did not give an answer yet...I had asked you for an army. He says oh that matter...you want revenge from your uncle, and I can see the anger in your eyes, and I said I will do what is needed. She says but those are my lands, I know them best. If you choose to agree to send an army, let me be at their head. He says that is impossible. She says why not? My father was allowed it at one time. Maybe I could - He shows her his hand and says this matter is closed princess...because my soldiers don't take orders from women. Atike arrives - welcome Princess...

    Murad visits Ayshe and sees his daughter. He says how beautiful God protect you from the evil eye and she says and May God protect you from it too father. Ayshe sends the child away. She says I was so afraid last night, my breath stopped. It was like I burned in that ship too - thank God you are here. With me. He says don't be sad or afraid. She says how can I not be sad? I cannot understand it. Why did you do it? Is the princess worth this much? Why did you throw your life in danger for her? He comforts her and says the danger is passed, and I am here, I will not leave you or my children. 

    Gevherhan is reminiscing over items in her house. She sees her husband's clothes and recalls their embrace. She tells Lalezar to move the clothes and then she sees a letter lying in between. She opens it. She reads it. Lalezar says what is that Sultanim? Gev says it is a deed for a house. But where? Lalezar says our late pasha was very wealthy - could it be one of his plots of lands? Gevherhan says I knew about all the properties and where they are located, but not this one. Silahdar arrives. 

    Gevherhan tells Lalezar to return to the palace and not tell her mother anything. Silahdar appears, and Gev asks him what he is doing there. he replies he has come with palace guards they will search the house. She says why? He says it is a state matter, I am not in a position to explain. He tells the aghas to leave the belongings, and that they may take them later. 

    Lalezar tells him to convince her not to go to "that" house. He says what house? 

    The seyhulislam tells Murad in the Divan that since the Christian world has been at war among themselves, how can they have an alliance like this? Murad says I saw the Pope's letter personally! They have managed to bring about such an order that even Topal was one of them! Bayram pasha arrives and Murad asks where he was and how he can enter the Divan late? Bayram says forgive me, as per your orders, I had the traitorous soldier's followed. Many fled, but among them we caught one named Camur Ridvan? Murad orders him to enter. The man is brought before Murad on his knees. Murad says did you think the era of treachery would continue? Cadi Osman, Bucakcioglu and many more found their fitting end. Now, it is your turn. He says you can take my life, but you cannot quell the fires of rebellion my Padishah. Murad says you ingrate! Who are you to utter such words and to whom? Camur says I do not know their names or faces, but those who will bring about your end are not very far, they are your closest! They could even be in this room! Murad does an Ottoman slap and then shouts for the aghas to "remove this dog"

    Kosem has brought gifts for the poor children in the soup kitchen. She asks what one of their names is. He says Yakub and she asks if he goes to school, he says yes, by your grace and generosity. An agha asks Kemankes who "that woman" is. Kemankes replies Esther hatun. She takes care of our Sultana's accounting and manages her wealth. Esther meanwhile asks Kosem what Kemankes is doing here. Kosem rolls her eyes and says don't ask, my son has turned his face away from me - as if it wasn't enough to take my regency, he has also put a guard on me. Kosem goes upstairs. 

    Camur is being executed by the order of the Sultan. Murad then calls forth Mehmet Pasha (the grand vizier) and says Princess Farya is now under my protection she will not be handed over - not to  the Pope or anyone else. He then tells Sinan to send word to her uncle Istvan to explain at once. Sinan says as you command - but he will probably say its a domestic matter since the princess murdered the Card- Murad interrupts and says is his working with our enemies a domestic matter for example? (despite being is an Ottoman vassal principality).

    Istvan meanwhile is being told by Viktor, that the Pope's letter is now in Murad's possession. The advisor says we must do something at once. Istvan says why worried? Murad is a child...a child who hides behind his mother's skirts. Should I be afraid of a weak sultan? Viktor says Sultan Murad is not that child you think you know...he executed Topal personally.  Itsvan says and he must have long regretted it and now bowed to the soldiers again. Viktor says and Farya? Istvan says she will come back with her own two feet, find her mother Queen Katherine, and that will be enough. 

    Atike and Farya are giggling. Atike say that is not at all like the harem. Farya says that is what people over there say about it haha. That woman are bathing in golden fountains and basins, that there are giants and magicians - like a Fairy tale realm. Atike says in that case get ready. Farya says why? Atike says because tonight there will be a party in this fairy tale realm - and in your honour. 

    Little Ahmet plays and Ayshe scolds him for making noise and running around and tells her servant to stop looking at her like that, and to take him to his room. Ayshe asks a kalfa who just entered, here were she has been who responds that she went to find out about the princess - who is happily enjoying it in the pearl palace and that Kosem has planned a party for her entertainment - she will be visiting the harem. Ayshe asks for her finest clothes to be set out "let her see who the real princess is"

    Esther tells Kosem that since yesterday asking what will happen now (that she is no longer regent), and Halil pasha says that the janissaries are also worried. Esther says I told everyone of course, our that our Kosem sultana is still leading us and no one can harm her. Halil says they worry about her regency having ended, that the order of things will change. Kosem says tell them nothing has happened that they should be fearful of. Everything will continue in the old way. My regency may have ended, but I am still Valide Sultan. While I am alive, the order will not change! 

    Gecherhan has arrived to the house her husband owned that she did not know about. Silahdar arrives. She says are you following me? He says it is my duty to ensure your safety. Where is this place? WHy are you here? She says this matter is none of your business. A woman exits and says Gevherhan Sultan...please, I had no fault please...our late Pasha took me, and ...opened this house. Silahdar tells her to return to the carriage. Gev asks the woman, how long as this disgraceful thing been going on for? Speak woman! A little boy exits calling the woman mother. Gev says this child? It is obvious this is the pashas mistress and child. The woman tells Silahdar please have mercy agha, please. Silahdar says no one will harm you, of course, if you help me. She says what can I do? He says whatever you know about Topal pasha you will tell me. 

    Ibrahim says how nice is the weather eh? How well we did to step out. Kasim says enjoy it while you can...it might be our last days. Ibo says what does this mean? Kasim says did you think our brother would not touch as, after seeing even our mother as a threat? He will lock us up like our uncle Mustafa. Ibo says our brother won't do that. Kasim says don't be so sure brother. Murad arrives and says I came to speak, but what is this condition of yours? Did something happen? Ibrahim? Ibrahim says my Hunkar - eh, you won't lock us up in the Kafes will you? Murad says where did this come from? He looks at Kasim who tries to excuse himself, but Murad stops him and asks Ibo to go to his room. Ibo tries to stick up for his brother he says it is not his fault, we were simply joking. Ibo leaves. 

    Kosem returns and sarcastically tells Kemankes, if need be enter the harem too if you want. He says oh God forbid my Sultana. 

    Murad says to Kasim - what were you telling Ibrahim? Speak. Do you think I will lock you up? Kasim says we were just joking around me and Ibrahim. Murad says Kasim! my carefree, unburdened brother, as your older brother, I can see these actions of yours as nothing, but as your King, don't expect that from me. From now on, know what you're saying and speak properly. Understand? You may leave.

    Kemankes tells Murad that he was with Kosem the entire day and that she was not pleased with the situation. Murad says she will get used to it. Tell me what did my mother do today....

    Later in the corridor, Murad tells Kemankes to continue, and will not let her out of his sight. Murad is is then given a note from Silahdar that reads, my Hunkar, I have received important information about Topal. A particular matter - it won't be right to speak of it in the palace -  I will meet you in Galata in Hezarfen's place at night. Keman asks if it is important, Murad tells him they will see and then tells Kemankes to get ready, they will head out in disguise at night. 

    Farya and Margaret have arrived for the party and is enchanted by what she sees. She thanks Kosem for this gracious entertainment. Kosem says princess Farya, welcome and then motions for her to sit. She asks Atike who Ayshe is (who ignores her). Atike says she is Ayshe, the mother of the prince, and the head woman of his majesty, my brother. 

    Meanwhile, Murad arrives to Hezarfen's place and asks Silahdar what the important matter was. Silahdar says I found out Topal had a secret house - a woman and a son. And these are the things I found there. Murad remarks that Topals secrets just don't end do they?

    Atike tells Farya, so as you see, it is not like anything people have told you. Farya says it is right, nothing like that, very strange...Kosem says what is that strange thing? Farya says the harem...I mean, I never imagined it like this. I had heard so much about it...that it was like a fairytale realm. Kosem says do not believe everything you hear - many of those things are lies. But, that it is a place of fairy tales - that part is true. Do you know why? Because there is no other place on earth where you can enter the harem as a slave and become a Sultana who rules the world. 

    Silahdar meanwhile tells Murad that he personally questioned Topal's mistress - there were no others who visited the house, but she gave me this book. Murad asks what it is, he says it is an instruction manual. Evliya says only members could have access to something like this. Silahdar Murad says so in that case, the organization the Pope was speaking of, is the Jerusalem order of Knights Hospitaller? Evliya nods. Hezarfen says a slip was in the book, it is written Rahib Lorenzo. Kemankes says lets find this Lorenzo. Silahdar says I investigated. 

    Kosem tells Farya that she has prepared a palace in Uskudar for her to be more comfortable. And she can go there tomorrow. Farya says as you see fit, my Sultana, I am indebted to you for all you have done for me. Kosem asks about Gevherhan, why she hasn't come yet. Atike says she is in her room, she's annoyed and didn't want to join. Kosem tells them to stay here, she will go check on her. When she stands, the music and dancing cease. 

    Wherever the knights hospitaller go, they mix with the population so they can do business, they use that money to try to buy influence with states men. Silahdar says as you know, I have found their secret headquarters in Istanbul. Murad nods and says Silahdar, let us visit this Rahib Lorenzo tomorrow and see what he has to tell us. 

    Meanwhile, some news comes for Atike who leaves, and Farya and Ayshe are left alone. Ayshe asks her servant to take her children to their rooms to sleep. Ayshe says have you liked our palace? Farya says of course. Ayshe says once you enter, the magic of it seizes youmakes it difficult for a person to leave, so I suggest you not get too used to it. Farya says I don't understand? Ayshe says I think you did understand. Don't start having empty fantasies about our majesty. Otherwise you will be very sad later. In any case, you will return to your land. Farya replies I did not come here as a slave. Be rest assured, I won't be seized by any magic, also perhaps you should say all this to our Sultan Murad - he is the one who won't leave me alone. 

    Kosem goes to see Gevherhan and says when I see you like this it destroys me...when will this mourning of yours end? Haven't you shed enough tears for that traitor? Gevherhan says I am not crying for him, but because of my own foolishness mother. All this time, I have been living in a lie. He has been betraying me for eyes. I saw it with my own eyes - he had taken a lover - he even had a child from that woman! He had another life apart from the one he shared with us. Kosem says every bad has a good outcome in it, look now you saw the real face of that ingrate. Don't be sad my dear...

    Farya tells Margaret later in her chamber - did you see Ayshe? The Sultan's first woman, she has children. Margaret says I did not like the way she looked at you - it was obvious she didn't like you. Farya says she wants me to stay away from Sultan Murad. Margaret says forgive me but I think the same - you are in such a situation that if you take a single step further, it might be dangerous for you and your family. Farya says don't speak as if you don't know me. There is nothing in my heart except the fire of revenge. And especially for Sultan Murad? Never. He didn't give me an army...what was the problem? Ah yes, the army won't take orders from a woman. 

    Murad enters Ayshe's room. He asks how she is. She says you have come to me yes? How could I be doing bad? Murad asks about his children, asks if they are asleep. She says our prince is very moody these days, he asks for you, misses you. I also miss you. He says you sleep, I have more work to do. 

    Murad is going to enter his room but then changes his mind. 

    He enters Farya's room. She says I was not waiting for you. He says the Erdel issue will need time, for this reason you will stay here a few more weeks. She says forgive me, but I cannot stay, there is no time. I need to save my mother as soon as possible. He says but you said she was in a safe place? She replies, but my uncle is after her...I fear to even think what will happen if he finds her. I must go, if we are to die (me and my mother) than we shall die together. Murad says my decree has gone to Istvan and the Pope - no one will dare to do that, because I took you under my protection. As per the law, you are my captive. She says, captive?

    Ayshe paces back and forth and her kalfa enters who says I do not know how to say it, but our Hunkar - Ayshe says he went to the pearl palace right, he is with that woman? The kalfa says don't be sad for no reason - she will go soon. Ayshe says you are still saying princess? Get out of my sight! 

    Farya says to Murad, forgive me, but I came here for your help...not to become your captive. He says you should have thought of that first. He says since you are here, and you sought asylum with me, you will do what I say. She says what now? will you take me into your harem like your other women? Will I be your concubine? Murad says princess Farya this a political matter - nothing more. 

    In the morning, Murad is with Silahdar and says the princess is quite stubborn, she wants an army to fight her uncle. Murad says today they are going to the palace in Uskudar today, but I don't feel at ease at all - the Pope is after this woman, someone may attack again. Silah says I will arrange the guard at that palace personally - but if it makes you feel more at ease, she could stay here. 

    Beyazid practices archery and Sinan says perfect shot my prince! Your aim is very sharp. Then he hands Bey a letter from his mother Gulbahar. Beyazid says she has written she is ill...Sinan says hopefully not serious. Bey says she hasn't written what - but look at my situation, my mother is ill and I can't even see her face. Sinan says the conditions have changed, Kosem is no longer regent, perhaps if you speak to our Hunkar, he might give permission for you to see your mother.

    Margaret says what did you do princess? You stand before a King, and our fate lies between his lips. Farya says I couldn't control myself. Margaret says he has accepted you, hosted you,  helped you, protected you and he will help you, I think we should be thankful. Farya says I am thankful for everything he has done and I told him this too, but what can I do, I can't change how I behave in the moment. He is like that too...Margaret says that is exactly what I worry about.

    Atike arrives and says why is everything packed up? Did my brother not tell you? Farya says what?

    Kosem tells Haci that Farya has clearly won over Murad seeing as he went to see her at night. Murad arrives and Kosem says sit lets have a little chat for a while? Murad says I must leave, I have work to attend to, I have come to speak to you about Princess Farya. I have changed my mind about sending her to Uskudar palace, she will remain in the pearl palace. Kosem says what? It is not at all appropriate that she stays here as per our rules.  Murad says it is proper - if I want it, it is appropriate. Kosem yells for Haci. HURRY AND BRING THAT WOMAN NAMED FARYA HERE! 

    Silahdar tells Murad the preparations are ready. Beyazid says my Majesty, are you leaving? There is an important matter I wished to discuss...Murad says come with me then, you can tell me on the way. 

    Farya enters Kosem's room. Kosem says my son came to me and we spoke a bit. Clearly you have whispered something in his ears that has made him decide for you to stay here. But this is impossible. I will not allow for you to stay in the palace - and we won't even speak of you entering the harem! Farya says forgive me, I didn't know about this at all, Atike came to me earlier and said Sultan Murad - Kosem raises her hand. Go and prepare, you are going to Uskudar. And at the soonest I will send you to your land - you have caused us enough headache. You may leave. 

    Margaret asks Farya what happened. Farya says I don't get anything - she insulted me and then kicked me out. She doesn't want me in the palace. 

    Ayshe says to her kalfa, send word to Sinan. 

    Silahdar enters the confessional. Lorenzo says yes? I am listening to you my child, what is your sin? Silahdar says I have not come here to cleanse my sins, but I may listen to your sins...When Lorenzo tries to leave he can't and he asks what is happening what do you want with me? Murad says Rahib Lorenzo, I have heard that you are the Pope's loyal man and that your intention is to interfere in my state. Lorenzo says all these are lies and false accusations, I am loyal to the Ottoman state. Silahdar says we know how to make you talk. 

    Sinan hands a letter to someone and then an agha gives him a note. 

    In the dungeons Silahdar says to Lorenzo we know you are one of the Hospitaller knights of the order of Jerusalem. The only way to get out of her alive is to speak. Who else is there among you? Kemankes says who are the traitors among us? Lorenzo says wait wait - I will say whatever you want to hear. Silahdar says you made the best decision - now speak who are the traitors within the state. Lorenzo says I will say - but I have a condition. 

    Meanwhile, Murad tells Beyazid that the Pope was behind the rebellion,and since the enemies couldn't win in battle, they are trying to destroy from within.  Beayzid says they are not strong enough for that - we will go after each one of them. Murad says you wanted to speak to me, you look troubled waht is the matter? Bey says I received a letter from my mother, she is ill - if you permit, if even just once, I want to see her. Murad says it is impossible for you to go - I cannot permit that, however, she can come here. Beyazid embraces him and thanks him. Silahdar arrives, and says he will speak but, he will only speak to you.

    Sinan meets Ayshe who tells him that Farya is about to leave for Uskudar, and she wants him to send word to the ambassadors who had come for her, to kidnap her. Sinan says that is very dangerous, if our Hunkar finds out we will end up with worse troubles upon us. Does Kosem know? Ayshe says of course - would I ever do this without our Valide sultana knowing?

    Murad speaks to Lorenzo and says I am here in front of you, tell me what you know. Lorenzo says mighty Padishah - the Ottoman Empire is a great empire - but it can be even larger if it includes Rome, Vienna and all of Europe - can become yours without shedding blood, without fighting. Murad says you've caught my curiosity now, how will that happen? Lorenzo says without a doubt you will become history's most powerful ruler - if of course, you convert and become Christian. 

    Farya is told her carriage is ready, who says she wishes to meet with Murad, but she is told that the Sultan is not in the palace. Farya says there is something in this matter - first Atike says you will stay here, then I am kicked out of the palace. 

    Murad meanwhile says did I hear wrong? Are you inviting me to Christianity? You are inviting the Calif of all the Muslim world, Sultan Murad, to Christianity? Lorenzo says think about it...you would only need to accept it like that and respect Jesus, that is enough. Just like the Romans became Christians after Constantine, all the Turks will follow you. You will rule all the world and be above all other rulers! Murad says I already have respect for Prophet Jesus, but my path is that of Prophet Muhammad peace upon him. One day, we will rule the whole world. We shall make Aziz Petro and Stefan pray the Muslim prayer. But you - you will not see that! 

    Farya is leaving. Haci says to Kosem who watches from above, my Sultana, I do not know if we did good or bad but what will our Hunkar say? Kosem says my son wanted me to govern the harem and that is what I am doing. 

    THE END. 

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    3. Your effort is marvelous..... you are superb as well as your translation... thanks