• Episode 8 (38) Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV Translation

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    Madame's happy Farya is okay. Farya asks what's going on Madame? Madame - don't know, someone attacked and I passed out! Farya - call all the aghas and servant girls

    Haci - do not worry my Sultana, you did right with Farya. Kosem - I hope I made the right decision and we don't regret it in the future.

    Murad recalls the incident with Kasim, Kasim begging don't do it brother, what will you say to my mother and siblings, they will never forgive you. Don't do it. Don't do it brother.

    Kasim now - call my mother, aghas, call my mother!

    Lamp falls over, Kosem knows somethings wrong. Haci - where are you going my Sultana?

    Kosem - Open the doors! Kasim is not there, she says to the aghas - where is my son, where has he gone? SPEAK!

    Aghas - he went with our Majesty and hasn't returned yet.


    Farya - yes, what happened is obvious, someone came and attacked us in the middle of the night and we don't know what they did, but now - whatever you know, tell me.

    The servant girls say they were sleeping. Farya says fine you were sleeping but guards! Were you sleeping too? Fine if you will stay silent, stay silent! You are here to protect me so you will answer to Sultan Murad.

    One of the aghas - our Valide Sultan came. Fahriye - what business did she have here in the middle of the night? Tell me what! Agha - I do not know...I swear I know nothing else, she didn't stay long anyway. Farya - just this is that right? So in a moment everyone became blind and deaf! GET OUT.

    Farya - I am sure something happened, but I don't know what! Margaret shouts - AH you have you're bleeding!

    Kosem meanwhile orders to be let inside. Kosem says what did you do to Kasim? Did you kill your brother! For the right I have over you as your mother TELL ME! Murad - I spared his life. But he will live out his punishment. Kosem - what punishment?! Murad - I locked him in his uncle Mustafa's room.

    Kosem says what?! You locked up your brother? And with that crazy man? What do you want, you want your brother to be driven mad by him too? Murad - mother, technically he did something deserving of death - but I spared his life. So don't - don't expect me to leave him without punishment. If I were to leave him without punishing him today - tomorrow he will set eye on my throne and in that time...

    Kosem - I swear to you, my Murad, no one will dare set eyes on your throne. But you've made me helpless now, you made the matter worse with your own hands. Now his fear will become your suspicion. Fear and doubt are poison for the heart - they can kill. Murad - return to your room mother.

    Kosem - don't my brother. Is this not why your late brother Osman executed your late brother Mehmet? Wasn't it just because of suspicion. Turn back while it is still early...get your brother out of the pit. Murad - he will get out whenever I want him to. Until them no one will speak with him. Including you. Kosem - who do I tell my suffering to? Should I yell blindly at the walls? Hear me my son. If you open the doors of cruelty once, you cannot close that door ever again.

    Outside in the hall, Haci says my Sultana, you must take care of your health, God forbid should something happen to you.

    The midwife tells Farya there is nothing to fear, congratulations - you are pregnant. God willing you will bear a healthy child. Farya says can you repeat it, is this true? Are you sure? I am pregnant?

    Marge to Farya - congratulations. Farya - I am pregnant! so why did Kosem sultan come here? Marge - there is certainly a reason and you will eventually find out, but don't think about all this now. You will have a baby, what could be more important than this!

    Lalezar asks why Haci has called her and where is the cook by the way. Haci says there is no Beynem? Haci says he has been exiled, he will be the cook in the old palace from now on. Lalezar says he couldn't be spared from our Valide Sultana's wrath. Haci remarks that Kosem is not in a good mood and everyone this morning has gotten their share of her wrath. Meleki has been sent away from the palace, to a farm in Florya where she will stay (a neighbourhood in Istnabul). Lalezar says I get why she called me...she is throwing me out too isn't she? Haci says do not ask me about that, all she said was for you to see her at once.

    Ayse tells her spy - what good news have you brought me today? The spy says she has come with Farya who has come to see Sultan Murad. Ayse says ugh she does this on purpose, she wants to ruin my good mood. The spy says stuff happened last night, first she woke us and lined us up - Kosem sultan had come. Ayse's servants asks what she was doing there at that time of night. The spy responds I am curious too, it was really late, I was asleep I didn't see her, the aghas said it.

    Farya is allowed entrance to see Murad. Murad - the matter must be important considering you came without sending word. Farya says I thought you would be happy once you saw me. But it seems something else is in your mind. What happened, what is wrong? Murad says we will talk at an appropriate time. If the matter isn't urgent, I have work to do. Farya says - when I came here first, my only wish was to return to my own land. If you take a flower from your own land and you plant it in another land, that flower will wilt - every flower needs water - the water of life to survive. You are that water for me. I too now have a land that I can spread my roots into and call home.
    Murad - my dear, sun of mine, how lovely that would...you've given me a life from your life ( a baby).

    Lalezar enters Kosem's room. Kosem tells her to come close and tells her that all of Meleki's duties now belong to her - the responsibilities involving her chambers and also the harem now belong to her. You are now my head treasurer. Lalezar thanks her and hopes not to disappoint her. Kosem - May it be for the best, you will now be my eyes and ears, you will protect me against my enemies, especially Gulbahar! You will not let her open her eyes here. Your first job is to find out who Silahdar spoke to - how he found out and who he found from that that girl was pregnant with my son's baby. Lal says I was there when he was interrogating, I do not know who it was (who told him) but I will immediately investigate.

    Gulbahar says to her minions that the conditions are flowing just as we wanted them to. Sultan Murad has locked up Kasim, and doubt will separate the brothers. This has been a great effort by you my girls. Zeynel enters and says that Beyazid asks for her. She says I am coming. Turns to the girls and says protect each other, don't ever expose yourselves, to be victorious we must support and protect each other.

    Farya with Murad. She says I found out last night, and I insisted this morning to see you to tell you. Farya asks him will you still not tell me what makes you so sad? Murad replies my brother Kasim made a mistake, I gave him a punishment. Just like they did to me years ago - I locked him up in a room. Farya says I trust your sense of justice Murad. I can see how it makes you sad. It is so obvious you had no other choice.

    Atike to Ibrahim - Ibrahim, have you heard the punishment our brother has given to Kasim? Ibo - what punishment? Where is Kasim? Atike says - he has been locked up with our uncle Mustafa. Ibo - so he didn't forgive him. Atike says what? You know something? What did Kasim do, for God's sake! Tell me!

    Gevherhan speaks to Kosem - how can Kasim be locked up in that room. I will speak to his Majesty my brother about this. Kosem says do you think I didn't speak to him? It makes no difference. Your brother does not listen to words...if that nosy Silahdar hadn't stuck his nose in the matter, it wouldn't have gotten worse like this. Gev says what did Silahdar do? Kosem says instead of covering the matter up, he exposed it! And he won't say who spoke up from the harem. Kemankes arrives and tells Kosem that he heard what happened, but she shouldn't be sad, and he does not think Kasim will stay that long there. Kosem says they have also closed up the way from my room to there (to the room Kasim is in) I want to see my son, but I am blocked from it! Kemankes says I know my Sultana, I know. There is only one way to go down there, and that is through the Privy Chamber path so that only the working aghas have permission to go back and forth. Kosem says please show Kasim to me, I need to see my son. Kemankes replies I wish my Sultana, but our Sultan has strict orders, no one is to go into that room. Kosem says fine, I don't have to go in and see him, it is enough for me to only hear his voice.

    Gulby goes to Beyazid, says what happened? Beyazid says you know exactly what happened mother. Kasim has been locked up in that room that room you took me to that room saying this shouldn't be your end. Gulby says and had said he (Murad) would never do that, see? He didn't even spare Kasim. And if it had been you, I do not even want to think what he would have done. Bey - mother, I am also at fault for the matter to have reached this point. I am going to speak to my brother and persuade to have Kasim out. Gulby says no, no don't put the spotlight on you now for no reason. He will accept others words, but yours will surely anger him. And anyway, it is in no one's right to question our Majesty's orders. Leave them to their misery!

    Lalezar gives Silahdar the official announcement that he has been made Kosem's head treasurer. Silahdar asks what happened to Meleki. Lalezar says she will rest for a while. Silahdar, I need to speak to you about something else important - I must find out who was the one who reported prince Kasim. Silahdar replies and when you find out what will you do? Leave it, it was who it was, you mind your business. Lal says this is my business anyway - harem matters belong to me now. If we just leave this girl to talk about this matter left and right what will happen? The whole world will find out what Prince Kasim did. We must quiet her for the reputation of the Noble House. I will send her from the palace, nothing else. Silahdar, good send her off, but if something happens to that woman I will know it was you.

    Kosem cries out Kasim my prince. He says mother finally you came. Get me out of here please! She says be patient my son. Until then you must bear it. Kasim says I cannot bear it mother, please. I beg you tell my brother, I swear on the Quran I won't do it again, but here I - . Kosem - you will bear it, you are a prince! A prince of a mighty world state! You will stand up tall against all odds and conditions! There is no bending or swaying! Kasim - Mother I am in a very bad state here...I can't even bear looking at it anymore, please get me out of here!  Please, I don't want to stay here even for one more day! I am begging you! Kasim: mother, mother have you left? Mother please don't leave me here! Kosem: I am here my son. Do not worry I will find a way. Kasim - speak to my brother please. If anything just let him lock me in my own room. Mother do something. I have no strength left, mother please help me.

    Kosem tells Kemankes, I wish you had left me to die that day...I wouldn't have seen or heard these things...this is such a wound that - although I thought it has healed over, and I thought I recovered, I was wrong. Every little touch and it bleeds again. If you have the power Kemankes, cauterize this wound too. Kemankes, my Sultana - there is no worse wound/injury than your absence! That is when blood will spill...until it becomes a sea and we will all drown in it and disappear!

    Gevherhan goes to Murad's room and tells Silahdar that she has come to see Murad. He replies that he is not available right now and if there is anything he can do to help? Gev says you've done what you had to anyway, instead of protecting my brother you exposed him. Silahdar says I only obeyed my Majesty's orders and it wasn't a secret, it would have been found out anyway.  Believe me, I tried to protect our prince. Atike and Ibo arrive and greets Gevherhan. Gev says what are you guys doing here? Ibo says I said let us not go, our brother won't listen to us. Beyazid arrives and says Kasim is our brother, we will all together help him. It's a day to be together. We will speak, properly of course, and ask for him to change his decision.

    Murad exits his chamber. Gev says my Majesty. We have come to speak about the decision you made. Murad says no need, anyone who dares to do things behind my back will be punished.

    Kosem meanwhile tells Haci that she will not be leaving her son in that darkness. Haci says eventually our Majesty will let him out, you need to take care of your health.

    Lalezar arrives and says I found the girl who reported our prince. Hanife Hatun. I will send her away from the palace at once my Sultana. Kosem replies no do not send her, I will send her someplace else.

    Ayse sees Farya - What's going on Farya Hatun? You frequently come and go, are you trying to play games to enter the harem? Farya says don't confuse me with yourself, your the one who has the habit of playing games, move aside. Ayse replies - you will see me standing in front of you a lot more often. Lalezar tells  Farya that Kosem awaits her in her room because "we have gotten the news" Ayse says what news?! Lalezar says good news. Let everyone hear and know that our Majesty's favourite Farya Hatun is pregnant. Send word to the kitchens, sweets should be distributed.

    Farya enters Kosem's room. Kosem tells her "come close" Farya says I am very saddened about what happened to Prince Kasim, I hope you reunite with him at the soonest. Kosem says first, may your pregnancy begin with good luck -  (my well wishes) that you will bear a child without difficulty. Farya says I know you did not want this, you looked for a way to prevent it...maybe that is why you came to me last night, but when you knew I was pregnant you changed your mind is that right?

    Kosem replies you are a smart woman, brave too. But, too much smartness and courage can harm a person, especially in this palace. I hear that you have dreamed of marrying my son. Give it up. Even thinking of it is forbidden. The harem records don't even had your name recorded in them. Don't rely on that baby in your womb either, that baby belongs to the House (of Osman). As soon as you give birth to it, I will take it from you (if you try anything).

    Farya - this is your world my Sultana, you have enough power to do anything you want. But please don't do that, because my heart beats only for Sultan Murad and everyone he values is very precious to me too - starting with you. Kosem says God willing. We will live through it and see.

    Ayse speaks to her spy - what kind of stupid way do you bring news?! That woman is pregnant and I am the last to hear of it! Get out of my sight I don't want to see you. Incompetent! Her servant tells her don't be so sad...so what if she's pregnant? Many women fall pregnant in this palace and miscarry before the first month! She will miscarry too! Ayse says we cannot leave these matters to fate. Sometimes we need to intervene. No matter what - that baby will not be born!

    Murad tells Silahdar and Kemankes that there should be extra precautions in the Sultan's Mansion  (Literal name "Privy Chamber Mansion" which was the summer mansion on the shore, where the Sultans used to go in the summers, I believe Sultan Ahmet ordered it build. Anyway,   Farya stays there, I will call it Summer Mansion in my translations). Murad continues - and Farya will be especially protected. Because now she carries a life from me. Silhdar and Kemankes congratulate him. Crazy Huseyin enters saying Evliya has come and it is important. Evliya says forgive me, I am disturbing but the matter is urgent that I need to relate it to you. My ex- brother in law to be- Ilyas pasha - as a result of my mistrust of him, I have followed him around. While doing so, I found out that the Persian ambassadors are still in the Capitol. And they haven't returned to their lands. Silahdar says they should have left long before and that he will look into it. Evliya says that Hezarfen is keeping watch and if you permit I will join him - permit us to continue watching them. As you might guess, no one will notice if we are the ones to do it. Murad says Alright, follow them, let us see what the Persian ambassadors are doing in the Capitol.

     Gulby to Sinan - when will we be rid of this pain Cornelius? Sinan says we can't right now, first Ilyas pasha must start the fight so that in that chaos we can handle with Cornelius. Gulby says God willing Ilyas pasha is successful so that Kosem and her sons reigns can be over already. Sinan says and later...Shehzade Beyazid and your reign my Sultana...

    Ilyas asks a Sipahi what the situation is. The sipahi says they have begun with the Sekbans in Anatolia (peasant military mercenary unit). They are gathering under their flags by using the cause of " pashas oppression." Ilyas - Great! This winter will be harsh.

    Silahdar asks Murad if he has any other orders. Murad tells him to fill the cup and says  do you think like them also? Is the decision I made for my brother wrong? Silahdar says never, my Majesty. Muad says tell your true feelings. Silah says I have been with you for years, as your closest, which is the biggest honour for me. I have seen many decisions until now, I do not know right or wrong, but, I do know something. There is such a bond between your head and heart that all the rulings you have made are just. In the end, you are just. Murad replies as his brother, I feel very sad. The decision I made feels like the sky collapsing on me. As if I am punishing myself. But as a the ruler, I feel nothing, there is no burden on me from it. And this is what makes me grieve, Mustafa. Like there was a tie to innocence, a  bridge - that I burned after I passed over it.

    Gevherhan meanwhile says our Majesty my brother didn't even listen to us. Sometimes I do not recognize him. Atike says I am not happy either about our Majesty's decision but Kasim's crime is also serious. Our Majesty once again listened to his conscience, otherwise had he executed him, what could anyone have said? Gevherhan says so to lock him up with an insane person is listening to one's conscience? Maybe he wanted to teach everyone a lesson. Didn't you hear what he said, he was warning all of us. He basically said - do not do things behind my back. Atike be careful from now on, forget this silahdar matter, because you will ruin him along with yourself if you don't. Atike says what did you talk about after me that day? Gev says nothing. What would we talk about? I told him what I needed to. Close this matter now! Atike says don't tell me what to do Gev. Anyway, there is no one in Silahdar's heart anyway, he had a passing affair with Esther that is all.

    Haci meanwhile tells Kosem that he warned the aghas in charge of the room Kasim is locked up in and they will inform us of his health and well-being. Kosem says what I feared came upon me. I protected my children from enemies for years, now I must save them from the enemies and from each other. Ayse enters she says you called for me? Kosem says we shall speak with you about Farya - as it is announced, the woman is pregnant. She carries my grandchild. Want it or not, this is the reality. Ayse says so now what? She'll enter the harem? Kosem says if she pledges allegiance to me, and listens to my words, of course she will. From this point on, I do not want fights between you. The only duties you both have is to make my son happy and raise my children. I will not forgive anything else, know it!

    Farya tells Marge - we must be more careful now that I am preggers. We should not go through what happened last night ever again. Marge asks how it went today, how Murad took the news. Farya says he was very happy, just like I am. I did not want to trouble him with all that happened before. Then Kosem sultana called me. As we guessed...when she found out I was pregnant, whatever she was going to do, she changed her mind. Marge says hope you didn't forget my advice?Farya says don't worry I controlled myself. I behaved the way Kosem wants me to behave. I told her how much I value Sultan Murad and herself.  And she reached her hand out to me. And I kissed it. Marge says this is best, she is the Valide Sultana, even if you do not want to, you have no choice but to be on good terms with her. Farya says I will do what I can, but I do not know what will happen with time. What I know is that I won't be the one to start the war.

    Murad tells Silahdar meanwhile, it is not a good sign that the Persian ambassadors are still in the Capitol. Silahdar says it seems that way yes. Especially if you think about all the chests of gold Ilyas was dealing with . It is clear there is something between him and the Persians. Murad says at one time they saw an opportunity to occupy Baghdad and they still did not remove themselves from the lands they occupied. But everything has a time. First we will both clean out the traitors. Silahdar says God Willing your Majesty. I will always be with you.

    Hezarfen asks Evliya why they're following the Persians, why not go and rest and relax. Ev says your kind of rest means going and enjoying the pleasures with women in the brothel. Hezy says he doesn't wanna, he wants to go enjoy himself. They see the Persians go inside some place (we see Sinan and Corny there as well).

    Evliya is trying to convince Hezarfen to just cooperate.
    Ev says we are here on the Sultan's orders. This duty is important for us. Every corner of the nation is full of traitors. They are going to destroy the nation! Look here, for God's sake, do your duty. Hezy says okaaaaayyyy sheesh this man never stops talking!

    Inside the secret meeting, the Persian tells Corny and Sinan that Ilyas has managed to gather troops, and they are assisting. They cannot know the outcome of this traitor, but they will attack the fortress in Van. Corny says WONDERFUL! Soon the borders of the Ottoman empire will change, everyone will get their due. Amasya will fall under your control. Sinan says - ummm there hasn't been a decision made in this matter. My sir. We wait to see how the traitor goes. Corny says whatever our Persian friend wants, he will be given that!

    Evliya wonders why the ambassador hasn't exited yet. They pretend to be mumbling about money when Cornelius exits. Ev recognizes him and says the Father of the Galata tower. Hezy says what? Ev says oh I mean the Father of the Church in Galata, you are the father of Galata tower. Ev says what business would this Father have with the Persian ambassador. I will follow him, you follow the Persian.

    Hezy tries to enter and gets beaten. Sinan tells the Persian to disappear. Sinan finds Hezarfen on the ground and finds no one in the room. He asks if he is okay. He asks who was in there and the ambassador? Hezy says he lost him. Evliya says I lost the Father too. They both lost who they were following and wonder how they will answer to Murad.

    Lalezar scolds the harem girls to get to bed.

    Gulby comes across Ayse. Says I heard the sweets being distributed. Ayse says you got the news then? Gulby says yes I heard, the Princess is pregnant. She will become a Sultana soon and enter the harem. She is a smart woman, has gotten our Majesty in the palm of her hands. When she hands over a prince to his arms, it will all be complete. Ayse says how can I prevent this anyway. Gulby says this isn't up to you, this was for Kosem sultan to have prevented it. This is a case never seen before! When the Sultan has an entire harem to himself, he opens it to a random woman. If the people hear of it, they will not respond happily. A long time ago, a Sultan had done the same thing. The people had thrown stones at her mansion. The woman got away with great difficulty. It was the past...goodnight. Ayse says to you too.

    Evliya and Hezarfen go to Silahdar. Ev says forgive us, but it is important. We followed the Persian ambassador, but the man got away from us. Hezy says yes when you went to follow the Father...Silahdar says what Father? Ev says when we went to follow the ambassador he went to a shop in the market, he met with Father Cornelius of Galata Church. Silahdar says What is he doing here? He was exiled! Hezy says maybe he returned illegally. Ev - maybe he never left. Silahdar says he will relay it to Murad. We will find out why he (Corny) has remained here and not left.

    Corny asks Sinan what he is doing here, why he has come? Sinan says I came to check if everything is going as planned, because we were followed. They came to the shop. We (the ambassador and I)  got away in the last moment. Corny says could they follow me? SInan says I don't think so or they would have come down here a long time ago. Corny says clean this matter Sinan, save me from this trouble! Sinan says do not worry. I will clean it. I will save you.

    Gulby wakes up in the morning with her dead minion beside her.

    Lalezar tells Kosem - as per your order, Gulbahar was sent her gift. Kosem says, wonderful let us see if she likes her gift. Gulby scolds her agha meanwhile saying they came into my bedroom and you didn't even have a clue of it! He replies forgive me, Kosem sultan found a way, if anything this is her harem. Gulby says for now! For now! take her now, let her be buried with the proper burial rites.

    Ayse speaks to some men - listen to me properly. If you carry it out as I say I will reward you. There is a whore in the Tersane Mansion. She has played with our Padishah's mind. On top of this, she is a free Princess - You will spread this all over the whole city!

    Atike tells Farya that she was very pleased when she heard about her pregnant, because in recent times we haven't been so happy.  I am waiting anxiously for my nephew/niece, God willing he/she will be born healthy. Farya says thank you. Atike says now you are entering our family. Although, I do not know if this is a good thing. You being here is a good thing, being away from the palace is better. Farya tells her she is sad about what happened to Kasim and that she knows that Murad is also sad about it and that he won't keep him there long. Atike says God willing, I hope so too. For Ibrahim's sake. Farya doesn't recognize him. Atike adds -  he is my twin. Farya says I do not know everyone yet. Atike says we also have two other siblings too - Ayse and Fatma my sisters who married long ago and left. Farya says and you? When will you wed? Did you speak to Silahdar? Atike says no I did not, Gevherhan came that day and stopped me from it, she doesn't want me to speak to him. Farya says oh she knows too?! Atike says yes, of course. I trust her. She is  strict like my mother, and loves to live by the rules, but she is good, she loves me very much and does not want me to be sad.

    Gevherhan visits Silahdar and says I hear new things about you every day, I do not know how I can trust you. He asks what happened. She replies, Atike told me who is in your heart. Esther hatun! And you smile about it?! Is this true? If it wasn't enough that you gave Atike hope, but now there's Esther too?! Silahdar says be certain my Sultana that was a matter before you. She has no place in my heart. Can never have. I told you. You are my finality. She replies I do not know at all how I will believe you, but even if I do trust you or believe you...you saw, my brother his Majesty does not forgive..and this would be doing something behind his back...it can't happen Silahdar. He says it will my Sultana - for a single smile of yours I am ready to take the whole world against me. As long as your beautiful face always smiles upon me.

    Ayse meanwhile says to her servant, these whispers will grow with time, and all of the Capitol will now and at that time they will destroy the Tershane palace over her.

    Huseyin has brought the agha responsible for overlooking the departure of the Fathers. Murad says to the man that he was responsible for letting Cornelius stay behind and to explain at once. The man says forgive me, but they sent a document to me, otherwise why would I dare to do that. Crazy Huseyin passes Murad a document from the head of the scribes, Ismail Efendi.

    Murad and his men leave and go to Ismail Efendi. Murad asks is this your seal? Sneaky Sinan watches. Ismail says yes this is my seal. SLAP. Murad says you TRAITOR, you disgrace! Ismail says I did not write this. I swear! Murad shouts where is Cornelius! Huseyin picks up a book and says your Majesty - he is part of the Jesuit order! The man says I swear in God's name and by the Qur'an. I do not have anything to do with any of this! Murad tells them to take the man away and get him to talk. Silahdar has found something in the book and says there is instructions to a place here...if you wish, we can go check at once. Murad says let's go.

    Kosem is announced. Gulbahar is there she says I got your present. Poor girl, as always an innocent person has been sacrificed. Kosem says I told you to go, but you didn't Gulby, you didn't listen to me. Now if you want to go I still won't send you. You will stay within my eyesight, and under my hands. I will play with you the way a cat plays with a mouse! You will pray to God every night before bed to wake up in the morning. And then one day, a day you don't expect it, I will kill you.

    Silahdar tells Murad it is here. They find Corny there dead. Huseyin asks Evliya to translate as he knows Latin. What have they written? Huseyin says it means death is an escape. Murad says they know they have been exposed. They are still here. We exiled hundreds of their members, but the real traitors still walk among us. Silahdar says with God's permission, we will get them all out of their hiding places and rip out their livers! Kemankes says this is their last flailing...as they writhe about they will sink. Murad says so instead of sending them off, I should have killed them all. From now on, no more pardon. Everyone who has aligned themselves with that traitor, will quiver in the clutches of my wrath.

    Sinan tells Gulby that Cornelius will no longer be a problem. He recalls the night before when Corny had said "save me from this trouble"  and Sinan had replied "I will save you"

    Back to the present, Gulby says finaaaaallly Sinan Pasha. Since the Father is dead, now your place is secured because Kosem is not going to stop. She has begun to threaten me. Sooner or later she will attack. Sinan says I will protect you with my life, Sultan Murad and Kosem Sultan will burn along with the rebellion. And we will reach the power we want. And you will become Valide Sultana. Gulby says and you will become my loyal grand vizier. We will rule the empire together!

    Halil meets with Kosem and tells her - unfortunately, what we feared has befallen us. I  went to Anatolia and followed Ilyas pasha as you ordered. The traitor hasn't gone to Syria, he has gone to Balikesir (a province) and there he has gathered soldiers.

    Murad finds Kosem waiting for her. She says there is an important matter we must speak about. Silahdar meanwhile asks Lalezar what is going on? She replies I do not know. He asks do you know about Hanife hatun? What happened to her, did you send her? She says of course. He replies who are you fooling? I asked the aghas. She hasn't gone to the old palace. What have you done to her? Lalezar says if you want to ask, ask our Valide Sultana. Silahdar says Lalezar it is obvious who you get this courage from, but don''t forget who stands before you...in short - these words are dangerous. Kemankes appears and says what is the matter? Silahdar says it doesn't involve you. Lalezar says thank you Kemankes agha you came just on time. He asks what is going on? What kind of problem could he have with you. She says he is not happy with my new position. How are you? You are well? He says thanks and walks away. Hahaha

    Kosem tells Murad that Ilyas has gone to Balikesir and has gathered an army for rebellion. She says I told you while he was here, you should have taken his head! Murad says they have wound around us like poison ivy, where I cut them off, they wound around us from another place. Murad says we caught a Jesuit traitor in the palace today. and found the head Father's body. The Persian ambassadors are in this too but they got away. Kosem says the Persians wouldn't bring gifts for no reason, it is obvious that this would happen. Murad says don't you worry about it mother, the end is near for all of them, and I will take Ilyas' head personally. Kosem says I do not want you to leave the palace, you left once and I almost died. Murad says God forbid mother. Murad tells an agha to call for Ahizade Efendi (the Seyhulislam). Kosem asks why he is calling him? What does he have to do with it. Murad says that is what I am wondering. He is the one who recommended I send Ilyas pasha.

    The Seyhulislam meanwhile asks someone if the matter with Yahya Efendi has been looked into. The man says that his son Seyid Efendi is looking into it, but nothing has been found. He is told by an agha that Murad asks for him. Of course he asks why and of course the agha says no idea haha.

    The Seyhulislam says to Murad you wanted to see me? Murad says come close. Murad says when Ilyas pasha was in my hands, you had said it wasn't the right time to execute him, as the real rebellion would start then. You pushed the matter so much, it was almost like you were going to be a guarantor on his behalf. I listened to you and sent him. But according to the news that came in, he has raised the flag of rebellion. The Seyhulislam says forgive my surprise, but how would I know he would betray? Murad says then if you didn't know why did you speak with so much certainty in front of me? Do you work with him?! Seyhulislam says your Majesty, I am the grand scholar of this state, how can you accuse me of such a thing? Murad says I do not accuse you, if I did I would do what was necessary! From now on, before speaking, before recommending, think twice. Seyhulislam says I do not know what to say...for years my family and I have served this family with loyalty...we have not a single stain on our past. Murad says there is...I remember it. In the days of rebellion, in front of the traitors did you not make yourself a guarantor? Did you not see yourself as higher than me? They Seyh says no, God forbid never! God forbid three times over! It didn't even cross my mind! I only wanted to protect you - Murad shouts WHO ARE YOU?! Seyhulislam Efendi, WHO ARE YOU to be a guarantor for a Padishah?! You think I forgot about that insolence? This is twice now Ahizade Efendi. May God be my witness, that a third won't happen! You may leave.

    Murad asks Yahya if the seyhulislam could be working with Ilyas. Yahya says I won't lie, I dislike him, but, I doubt he has any ties to the rebellion. I do not think it likely...I do not even want to think it.

    Outside, the Seyh waits for Yahya. He says I am aware of what you have done Yahya Efendi. You are influencing our Sultan against me with lies and accusations. Enough already! Either you will know your limits, or I will teach you your limits! Sinan is sneakily watching. Yahya tells Seyh, I did not even  say a word about you! And I only just found out about the matter. Don't talk without knowledge! The Seyh says I said what I had to! Get out of my way or I will crush you and walk over you.

    Poor Yahya asks God to give him patience.

    Silahdar goes to see Esther she says I had lost hope in you, finally you came? He says I came because I have things to tell you. She says we will talk of course. He steps back when she reaches out. She says what is going on? Silahdar says it's over.  I will not come again, do not wait for me. And do not send word. She says I am not stupid I know. You have distanced yourself from me recently. But why do you do this? For whose sake? He says Esther, it is better this way. I do not want to hurt or offend you any more. She says I am hurt enough as it is! You owe me an explanation! Why are you separating form me, tell me! He says this is all I have to say, this matter is closed. Esther says I am not like other women - I had told you: you cannot take your pleasure and run away.

    Gevherhan meanwhile says to her servant, when I looked into his eyes, all my doubts disappeared. I am certain Silahdar loves me. But, I do not know how we can have a future together. Her servant says is the reason for this your sister. Gev replies, how could I do it while my sister is madly in love like this?  Impossible! If she hears all that has transpired, how will I look into her eyes. She would never forgive me. The servant says time is a solution to everything. When she sees he does not return her feelings, she will stop hoping.

    Atike meanwhile sees that her brother has not eaten. She says, it means I felt it (your suffering) (since they are twins). She says I know your mind is with Kasim, but do not wear yourself out this much, all of this will pass. Get up and eat something you will fall ill. Ibo says leave me alone Atike, I do not want to talk. Go away.

    Lalezar tells Haci that Kasim hasn't been eating. nor has he spoken. And Ibrahim hasn't left his room. Why are we hiding  the truth? Haci says how will I tell her? We cannot do anything about it. She will just stress herself out. Remember what the doctor told us? She needs to stay away from worry and stress! Haci tells Kosem I have spoken to the aghas, our prince is healthy, and he has sent his greetings to you and said that you should not worry about him. Kosem asks how Ibo is. Haci says he is well, he is sad of course, but he has accepted the situation. Atike enters and tells her mother we need to speak. Kosem says please can we talk later? Atike says mother Ibo is not well...his condition is bad...Kosem says you had said he was alright? Oh God, save me from going insane!

    Kosem to Ibrahim - my son, Ibrahim. Is it worth for you to trouble yourself like this? Kasim will get out of there. Ibo says no he won't mother. He won't exit, they will throw me in there too. Kasim had told me before that my brother didn't want his power overshadowed and that's why he took away your regency. That our turns would come too. He was right! I had said he was wrong, but he was right, our brother will do it. He will kill us all. Kosem says have you lost your mind, your brother won't do such a thing. I promise you, as long as I live no one will kill you!

    Farya asks who the traitors are to Murad, the Jesuit order? Murad says the news from Anatolia is not good. One of the pasha's has gotten together with the enemy and has rebelled. War is near. To stop the rebellion I will have to leave the Capitol. Farya says I will come with you, we will fight together. Murad says I know you would but I cannot allow that especially not now. While you are carrying our baby in your womb. She says I do not want to be separate from you. Thinking about that even is scary. I have no one here. Murad says don't think that, Atike won't leave you alone. Farya says you know what I mean, when you are not here, I am lacking, I feel like something is missing from me. He says do you think I will be complete? Separation will happen here and there, we cannot get away from that. But know this, wherever I go, you are my destination.

    Hezarfen tells Evliya come help me. Evliya complains about the flight of stairs and Hezarfen says don't worry I will make you wings too after I fly,  and we will fly down from the tower. Evliya basically tells him what he's always telling him, I don't want something to happen to you (when you fly). Hezarfen says youre always saying youre going to die, you won't fly, stop this etc. For once just believe in me, for once say yes, you can do it, I believe in you, you will fly! Evliya replies, yes, you can do it. You will fly. Hezy says but...it's not nice when you say it all dryly like that. Evliya says you will fly! AND you will even fly all the way to VENUS! Hezy says okay now you're exaggerating! Ev continues - and you will stay there, until God sends you back. I said it :) Is that enough? Hezy says okay thank you. Evliya says hey wingless, yesterday we found the Father - we went and the scene we saw inside was bad...he had been killed, they had spread him out. They put the Gospel in his arms. They had rested him on the wall and writing behind him on the wall - death is an escape. Hezarfen says why are you saying this now - OH I GET IT (making fun of him). Evliya says your wanting to fly is like wanting to die! Isn't this too big? He adds as they pick up the wings.

    Farya meanwhile has the munchies and says what can I do I am very hungry. He says you have to eat and drink well, not for yourself only, but for our child as well. An agha arrives saying I have brought what you asked for. Farya asks what it is. She picks up the dagger and he says it is a dagger only allowed to be worn by the members of the family. He jokes hopefully you don't point that thing at me. She says can't be too sure ;)

    Esther enters the harem, and comes across Atike. Atike says I am glad I have seen you, because I wanted to talk to you. Esther say about what? Atike says about Silahdar. I know about your secret relationship. A word of advice form me - leave him alone, otherwise my mother will find out what you have been up to. Esther says my sultana, I do not know who you have heard what from, or waht you have heard, but there is nothing like this. Atike says well I will just warn you, the rest is up to you.

    The Seyhulislam has gone to see Kosem. She says I am listening. He says forgive me for getting you involved in my own matter, but I had no choice. Our Majesty called me yesterday - he finds me at fault for Ilyas pasha's revolt, worse than this, he suspects me of working with Ilyas, but how would I know of that vulture's bad intentions? When Yahya who was once his teacher didn't even know? Kosem says no one doubts your loyalty, because if that was the case you wou;dn't be here. But in the matter of Ilyas you have given the wrong recommendation. What is wrong with that? Every time he scolds you are you going to complain to me? He replies, you know. In that case, let our Majesty listen to his precious Yahya Efendi's advice then. As you know, he loves you very much (sarcasm).

    Gulby who watches from above says looks like their stars won't align. Tell Sinan pasha to do what is necessary.

    Esther comes to see Kosem and says my Sultana, looks like Seyhulislam isn't too happy...Kosem says why have you come? She says there are some documents that need your seal, I brought them.

    Evliya is trying his contraption. He prays - oh Allah, you know me God, I have tasted some flowers, but I never broke their hearts, you are Witness. I am praying for your benevolence, and begging you to help me suceed. Evliya stops him - what? Stop for a moment. Say goodbye at least! At least tell me our accounts are settled - haha I settle accounts. Hezarfen says get out Evliya, you're letting the wind get away! Evliya says at least let us pray el Fatihah (Chapter from the Quran, used in prayer, and also used for someone who dies).

    To Evliya's surprise Hezarfen is gliding. IM FLYING EVLIYA! Evliya says I told you, I told you you'd nose-dive and fall flat on your face! If something happened to you, what shall I tell the women you left behind! Wingless! Are you okay? Hezy says I am fine, just hurt my leg a little. Evliya says if something happens to you, what would I tell the women you left behind. Hezy says the wind changed,but it was wonderful! This is not high enough, you will see next time how I will fly. Evliya says what next time?! Hezy says don't say that, don't ruin my motivation...you're supposed to be my friend - in good times and bad. Evliya asks if they leave the wings here...Hezy says let it if some person finds they can use it...its a good charity (he's joking).

    Kosem says to Esther, what is wrong? Why do you seem like your troubled? Esther says I do not want to trouble you but I can't not say it either. Silahdar agha - for a while he was getting close to me, coming to my house and that. Kosem says why? Esther says probably to get some words out from me (about you). I didn't give in of course, but I kept my eye on him, tried to find out if he was up to something secretive. Kosem asks if there was something secret he was up to? Esther says I do not know how to say it...Silhadar has a secret relationship - with Atike Sultana.

    Kosem goes to Atike tells the seamstresses and servants to leave them alone. Atike - mother what happened? Kosem - you will be the one who says this. Is it true you have a secret relationship?! Atike says no of course not, where did you get this from? Kosem says I will not ask you again! Is there something between you and Silahdar!? Atike says no! There is nothing, I swear there is nothing. Who made up these lies? Kosem says God willing you are telling the truth otherwise I know what to do to you. Aghas! Call Gevherhan quickly!

    Sinan goes to see the Seyhulislam. Sinan says I heard about last night. I am surprised how you could be put under such accusations while you are one of the most valuable scholars of this time. I am not the only one saddened by this. But Gulbahar is also sad. Seyhulislam says this is not from our Majesty, this is from those around him who are trying to grab power - but sooner or later, they will be finished. Sinan says Gulbahar wishes to meet with you at an appropriate time. Seyhulislam says send my regards to her, but it is not appropriate for us to meet. Sinan says if you change your mind, all you need to do is let me know.

    Gevherhan says mother, you called for me, is everything okay? Kosem says my children are disappointing me one by one ! Some words have come to my ears...about Silahdar. Gevherhan says Silahdar? Kosem says that there is a secret relationship between him and Atike? Do you know about this? Gev replies where is this coming from mother? Who would say such things, there is nothing like this.  Kosem says are you sure? Gev says if there was something like this, I would know about. Atike doesn't hide anything from me. Anyway, would such a thing be possible? Kosem says good, because something like this would be unacceptable! Forget giving Silahdar my daughter, I wouldn't even give him my sins! Gevherhan confronts Atike - how does she know? Who told her? Atike says I have a guess...Esther! Gev replies how can Esther know! Atike says we met this morning. I told her to stay away from Silahdar or I would tell mother. And she threw me in the fire to save herself. But I will deal with her. Gevherhan says no you won't do anything. You will stay away from Esther and Silahdar both!

    Murad's children and Ayse are there to see him. They say they were told they're going to have a sibling. Ahmet says hopes its a boy so he can play with him. Hanzade says hope its a girl, I'm always alone. Ayse congratulates him.

    Ayse's servant tells her that everyone is talking about that woman being a mistress, be patient, there is just a little time left...

    Kemankes tells Kosem that Kucuk Ahmet Pasha from Anatolia has sent word probably about Ilyas pasha and I thought you might want to know. Kosem says if I know what's the point, if my son listened to me he would have taken his head long ago! But no one listens to me.

    Gevherhan tells Silahdar the incidents just don't stop! Someone told my mother that you and Atike have a secret relationship. Silahdar asks who and how. Gev says I do not know, but Atike thinks it is Esther. My mother was very upset, we denied it of course. But she is suspicious. She won't drop this matter. He says don't worry because there is nothing like that going on. She says and if she finds out about us? If she finds out, it will be Armageddon then! He replies, sooner or later everyone will find out... and I am willing for any difficulty - as long as you are with me. She says how will that happen? On the one side, Atike's love for you, on the other my mother's anger. I don't even say about our Majesty...The best is that while it's still early to turn back. It is impossible Silahdar. There are mountains and seas between us, we can never be united. SHe leaves. Huseyin arrives saying a letter has come for Murad, from what he knows it is important.

    Silahdar and Huseyin enter and give the letter to Murad. Murad says the intelligence (news) my mother received has turned out to be true. Ilyas has raised the flag of rebellion and Ahmet pasha has gone after him to stop him. SIlahdar asks your orders? Murad says - Huseyin agha, set out and send word to Ahmet pasha to attack with all his strength and you support him. And Silahdar, get ready, we will go after them.

    Sinan is being sworn in as the new leader of the order. Murad is shown praying and later getting his mother's blessings. Murad and his men set out.

    Sinan meets with Gulby - he says my Sultana, I have now been sworn in - from now on I am the head of the Istanbul chapter of the Jerusalem Hospitallers. She replies saying that power sometimes takes a man's mind so hopefully, being in this position won't confuse your course. He says my way won't be confused...do not compare me with Cornelius. My intention is to reunite the state with the old days through our Prince's sultanate. I do not care for the Jerusalem Hospitallers or the Persians. They are using me, I am using them. Gulby says great, hopefully your new position will open the doors to power for us. But my mind is with my prince, seeing that Murad is taking Beyazid with him on the campaign, it is obvious he doesn't trust his brother. Sinan says don't worry, as per the rules it is necessary that he goes along. But I have sent my most trusted men to protect him and watch over him. Gulby says while Sultan Murad is gone, we must move our hands quickly. We need to make powerful alliances. Sinan says the Seyhulislam has finally agreed to meet with you.

    Ayse's spy goes to her and she asks do you have new news? The spy says the day you waited for is here...After noon, Farya will step out to the market. Our whore will finally introduce herself...send word to the aghas, they should be ready. Ayse - Farya's wing is until here...

    Marge meanwhile tells Farya that motherhood will suit her very much, how quickly time passes...when I came to the Erdel palace, a small girl stood before me. Strong, fearless, very stubborn. You used to have a sword and play all day. Maybe now what no one could do this baby will do - you will leave your sword. Farya says actually now is the time I need it most - to protect my baby. Marge nods.

    The Seyhulislam is visited by Gulby and Sinan. He welcomes them, says forgive me, you wanted to speak to me before but it was only now that it was an appropriate time. She says I won't be skirting around words, you know very well that Sultan Murad and his mother Kosem Sultan's era should come to a close. Sinan says the way things are going is not good at all. We also know that you are not happy with the current state of affairs.  Seyhulislam says - what does this mean?  I didn't get what you want from me? Gulby says if you support my son and me, you will get more than what you deserve. The only way to reinstate order is for my son Beyazid to take the throne. Seyhulislam says Oh my God, what are you saying?! These words can take all of us to death. She replies that if they do nothing they will go to death. Murad doesn't spare anyone, let us choose our own fate before it is too late. Otherwise we won't even have a grave.

    Bergama Fort - Ilyas is told that the water has been fortified, and they can last for weeks or months even in the fortress. Ilyas says it won't last this long...our Persian friends will help us of course.

    Murad and his men reach Huseyin's camp. Huseyin says as you ordered we went with Ahmet Pasha against Ilyas, Ilyas' army scattered...when the imbecile found out, he took the rest of the soldiers and sought refuge in the fortress. Murad so they are there...Huseyin says Ilyas took command of the fortress, it has powerful canons and he is relying on that. He doesn't leave the fort. Murad says if he doesn't get out, we will go inside.

    Haci rushes to Lalezar and says how is our Sultana, is she awake? Lal says yes she is, did something happen? Haci says I do not know what to do? The aghas said that Shehzade Kasim is not well at all. Lal says we must tell her, if something happens to Kasim, we'll be in trouble. Haci says we cannot, we need to figure something out. We need to send doctors if the situation is bad then we can tell her. Kosem shouts from above, Haci agha, what has happened to Kasim?

    Ayse nods to her minion (the man she has paid off) and he shouts - it's that woman! Pointing to Farya. She is the mistress in Tershane Palace! Everyone should hear and know this! One of the men shouts, while our Padishah should have locked you you up, you exit and walk around without shame! You have no place to sleep, Shameless whore!

    Meanwhile,  Kosem has gone to see Kasim and the agha says sorry, it is impossible. Kosem says who are you to go against my orders! Open the doors at once! If something happens to my son, I will strangle you with my own hands! OPEN THE DOORS! Kemankes arrives, Haci asks what he is doing in the harem. He orders the men, open the doors. OPEN THE DOOR. They open the door, Kosem goes inside.

    Madame meanwhile tries to protect Farya saying we have to go back to the carriage. Be careful!

    Kasim exits the room. Kosem says to Kasim, captivity is over...you will not enter that place again. The agha says Sultana, our Majesty has strict orders, the prince is not the leave. Kasim says this isn't possible mother. Our Majesty will kill me (if I leave). Kosem says no, while I live no one can do anything to you. Kasim says no mother. Our majesty has made a decision, no one can stand against it, not even you. He rushes to go re-enter the room. SHUT THE DOORS he shouts.

    THE END.

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      1. It's always like that for her, she can never have a peaceful life. Ever since she took the magic medicine from the witch doctor in Season one to save Ahmet from the measles when Farye poisoned him. The witch said you will live out the rest of your life as if you are walking on hot coals. Here it is her words were true. Kร–SEM has lost/suffered soo much since then.
        1) She lost her father because of Safiya Sultan
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        3) She lost Ahmed
        4) She lost Mehmet her first born son because her adopted son Osman killed him!
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        7) She lost Osman her SON for all intents and purposes!!!

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