• Trailer # 1 Episode 10 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Kosem: You have manifested your justice (shown everyone your sense and application of justice). If you carry this matter on further, you will be giving an opportunity to those who want to get between you and the people.

    Kemankes: The people who were there during Farya's attack have been gathered. What is your order?

    Murad: My order for them will be different (I have something different in mind for them).

    Sinan: The people's anger and pain will start to burn like a blazing fire

    Haci: It is Sultan Murad's will - everyone shall hear and know that Sultan Murad has lawfully wedded Princess Farya.

    Kosem: Quickly send word to Halil Pasha at once! He should gather all my men together tomorrow - even if it's in the form of a shadow (shadow sultanate/behind the scenes) I will take control of power!

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