• Episode 10 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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     Farya tells Ayse don't you dare scream! I will slit your throat. Ayse says please don't, I have two children! Farya says I was going to have one too! If you hadn't prevented it, I would have had children too! Ayse says I swear I didn't do it, I had nothing to do with what happened to you. Say it as much as you want, cry and say you didn't do it as much as you want to, you can fool everyone, but not me! I don't know what evidence you left behind you, but I will find it. Your sin very great! Do not think you will go without paying the price. You will pay the price. Farya sees Gevherhan on her way to visit Silahdar.

    Gevherhan to Silahdar, Silahdar, would I see you in this condition? What is this condition of yours? What is this condition of ours? You are wounded, I cannot come see you. I have a lot of love for you. I cannot say it. This is our last meeting. This love will not have a good ending. Which star-crossed love can ever have a good ending? And ours will be just like that.

    Farya goes to Murad's room.


    Silahdar is awake, Ayse enters says, may it pass, you have gotten on your feet? He says if it was up to the doctors they would keep me resting, but no need. And you? Is there an issue? Ayse says there is, the matter is Farya, she has crossed her limits, last night she put a dagger to my throat. She was going to kill me? Silahdar says forgive my surprise, but why would she do this?

    Kosem goes to Murad's room, he greets her, then Kosem says to Farya, you have recovered quickly, may our Lord not show bad days from now on. Farya leaves and finds Silahdar in the hallway, wishes him well. He says thank you, you too. I heard what happened to you, I am very saddened by it, because or Majesty was very happy to have another child. Farya says me too. Silahdar says your pain is deep and fresh, you are searching for someone to blame, but going into Ayse sultana's room drawing a dagger on her, it unacceptable. Cannot be accepted. She says so she came and complained to you right away eh? He says be thankful she came to me, if she had gone to our Majesty? What would have happened? You will not do this kind of thing again. If you do I will tell our Majesty personally. Farya says there are many things that if they were to reach our Majesty's ears would make him very sad. For example, the things I know. Would I say it to him?

    Kosem tells Murad you didn't prove me wrong my lion, you took your brother out of that dark pit. You saved us all from this torture. Murad says it wasn't easy for me. That thing I said I wouldn't do I did. God protect us from worse. I do not want my brothers to fear me. I do not want to lose my justice, or my compassion to them. Just like my late Sovereign father. Kosem says I won't allow it, this kind of thing won't happen again. Your late father, my Ahmet left very early. I was left alone. I shielded my children. Then you grew up, and you became protector to your brothers. You took a big burden from me. You always treated your brothers well and you always will. They will remember you like this.

    Beyazid has come to see Kasim - I have come to see him, I heard our Majesty has let him out. Ibo takes him aside and says with what face do you come here? Did everything not happen due to you? Have you come to put your conscience at ease? Dont come again, don't talk to us, stay away. Beyazid says you have every right to be upset with me, I accept my mistake is great, give me a chance, let me explain. Would I ever do bad to Kasim on purpose? Ibrahim says and didn't you? You burned Kasim, you, the fault is on you. Beyazid says if I knew the matter would turn like this, would I ever do it? Would I betray my brothers knowingly? Do you not know me at all? Ibo says I will not listen to you and your lies. Go, go and stay far away from us.

    Kemankes tells Murad that they have gathered the people who were involved in the incident with Farya, shall I throw them in the prison? Murad says no, I have another plan for them. Kosem says my son, now is the time to show the same justice that you showed to your brother. The ones who needed their heads removed, have had their heads removed. If you continue this matter further, it will give opportunity to those who want to come between you and the public. Murad says it is actually when my justice becomes manifest to them then no one will dare to come between me and my people.

    Farya says I saw when I was coming here, Silahdar is on his feet. I wished him well. Atike says really, what did you speak of, what did he say? Farya says Atike I know your feelings, but, I think you should forget Silahdar, he is not worthy of you. Murad arrives. Atike welcomes him, and he tells Farya get ready we are going, she asks where? He says when we go you will see.

    Gulbahar and Sinan are meeting with the Seyhulislam who was hoping Beyazid would be here to meet. Gulby makes an excuse saying Kosem is watching us, but I spoke to my prince, he trusts us. He will come willingly in order to get the throne. Seyhulislam says how will this happen? No rebellions or assassinations have done any good, in fact they have done the opposite and has secured the throne (for Murad). Sinan says yes unfortunately, he has even begun winning the soldier's favour. We must first destroy his reputation. When the people lose their faith in him, he cannot stay in place. Seyhulislam says that is going to be difficult. Gulby says it is not impossible, our alliance will bring good outcomes. The seyh says well how do we ruin the people's trust in him? Sinan says Sultan Murad will help us with that. The ones who attacked Farya have been caught, everyone is saying they will be given a big punishment. Of course, we haven't been sitting still (he is implying they (Sinan)  had innocent people put in the list of attackers on purpose - when the people find out what a big injustice SUltan Murad has done, he will drown in the blood of innocents. Gulby says with your help if the whispers turn into cries, and then the soldiers become unhappy, then that is when things will go sour for Sultan Murad.

    Murad has taken Farya to Galata tower. She says I always saw this place from afar, always was curious about it. I had dreamed about it like this. He says God willing all your dreams will come true. She says except one, I will never give you a child. He says do you know the story about this place? She says no. He says an old Roman story - if a woman and man come up here together they will certainly get married. She says is it true? He says those who believe it, it is true for them. Come with me. She says what is going on here? Yahya Efendi says by the order of Allah the Most High, and the words of our Master the Prophet, the agreement of the scholars, and on the witness of the witnesses -  as the representative of Farya the daughter of Gabor, do you accept Sultan Murad as your spouse with a dowry of three hundred thousand coins? Hezarfen accepts on Farya's behalf. As the representative of Sultan Murad Han the groom, do you accept Farya daughter of Gabor as your spouse? Evliya accepts on Murad's behalf. Yahya says May God accept it. And do you as witnesses, witnessed it? On the witnessing of the witnesses, I have lawfully wedded you. May God accept it.

    Murad says to Farya, let anyone say what they want, do what they want, you are my reality. You are the most precious treasure of mine, everyone will see this and know it. From now on, you are my wedded wife!

    The people who took part in the attack on Farya meanwhile are being executed. Murad says all of those who cut off, insulted my precious one,  and attacked and killed my unborn child - they have become destroyed with the arrows of my justice.

    Everyone in the harem has been gathered and Haci enters. It is Devletlu Inayetlu Sultan Murad's will: Everyone should hear and know - Son of the late Sultan Ahmet, Sultan Murad Han has lawfully wedded the daughter of the late Prince Gabor, Princess Farya with the dowry of three hundred thousand coins.

    Gulbahar and Sinan watch the commotion instigators shout they will destroy the sky dome over our heads! For a woman, they killed so many people and some of them innocent. How will they answer on judgment day for these innocent lives? Sinan tells Gulby Sultan Murad has set the stones for the way to his disaster with his own hands. The public's anger and pain will burn like a raging fire. Gulby says and it befalls us to add firewood to the flames. Let it grow and grow until it covers the whole Capitol!

    The girls in harem and gossiping saying Farya did what she wanted in the end. Lalezar says you will call her Farya Sultan not Hatun! Farya arrives.

    Murad is met by Silahdar who congratulates him on his wedding and then tells him that Kosem has come to see him. She says I am the last to find out what happens! As if it wasn't enough to marry her, you executed hundreds of people for her sake! What are you doing? Murad says I am doing what is necessary. She says at the price of getting the public against you? Do not forget that a Padishah whose justice is in doubt, his reign will fall into danger. Murad says actually those who doubt my justice will fall into danger mother. She says Murad, don;t, I am not your enemy, I only say it for the peace and safety of us all, because if you make decisions in anger, that anger will come and hit us. Murad says I am the leader of this household. If my will is not respected and my orders disobeyed, then that is when there will be no peace or safety left. Kosem says Murad...Murad says the matter is closed, return to your room.

    Lalezar tells Kosem, it is necessary to place Farya Sultan into the harem appropriately but I couldn't do anything without consulting you. Kosem says is there anything left to say Lalezar? Kosem gets dizzy, Haci says my Sultana! Don't scare us. It is important for you to care for your health. Kosem says he (Murad) is doing it on purpose. He is doing it out of stubbornness. His feelings have carried him away that he doesn't see where his impulsive decisions are taking us all! He refuses to see it. Haci agha, send word to Halil Pasha at once, tomorrow morning all my men should gather, I cannot bear it any longer. Haci says forgive my curiosity...what will you do? It is enough that I have taken my hands from state matters. Even if it in the form of a shadow(shadow sultanate), I will take control of power!

    Farya is going to Murad for the first time as his bride. Gulbahar watches from above and tells Zeynel that Farya is smarter than she thought and has gotten married despite Kosem sultan. Zeynel says this is a great defeat for Kosem sultan. Gulby says or it is the beginning of her end. Maybe Kosem's era is ending for real.

    Ayse has come to see Silahdar, he says what has happened has happened. Do not make yourself sad. She says how can I not be sad? How can he do this to me? I cannot get it...and what is to be said about you. If you knew why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you prevent this marriage. Silahdar says believe me, I am not that happy with this situation. But in the end, this marriage doesn't have much meaning. In the end, this woman will never become mother to a prince. Ayse says that is the  actual issue - this woman will never give the household a prince. Despite this, she has gotten a step above me. This is impossible. Silahdar says our Majesty's order is higher than everything else. Want it or not, we must accept this. And this time, the price for making the wrong step will be heavy.

    The Janissary barracks, Kemankes is approaches by Ferat agha, who says you are special to our Majesty and are close to him, so you know. Kemankes says what do I know? The guy says what has happened to our Sultan Murad's mind? He killed so many innocents. Was it worth it for a woman? Kemankes says MANNERS, Ferhat agha! The one you call woman is our Majesty's wedded wife. Those who attack her, get their due. Ferhat says I speak of the innocent ones. Why were they wasted? This is not a good sign. The barracks are already not happy. Our Majesty marched on Ilyas pasha but didn't take the Janissaries from the Capitol with him. The soldiers want war. Kemankes says the janissaries from the capitol weren't taken in order to save time and get to the Bergam Fortress quickly. When the time comes we will go for war of course. But your job until then is to control the soldiers. Ferhat says I do what I can, but some have gone bad and say since our Majesty won't take us to war, we will entertain ourselves by annoying the people. They are taking unlawful protection taxes from the merchants. Before it is too late, let our Majesty know of our problems.

    The public is calling for the Seyhulislam to listen to them,  to be removed from his position. They shout who can we go to express our pain? His assistant tells him that the crowd is only growing and that people are upset about the executions. What do you order us to do? Seyhulislam says our Majesty doesn't listen to his own mother, will he listen to me? He says gather their written concerns, and tell them I will read each one.

    Esther goes to Silahdar. He says why have you come? She says I wanted to wish you well. I lost my senses when I heard you were wounded. I wanted to come see you and. He cuts her off. She says of course. I am aware that it is impossible. Silahdar says as you can see I am fine, I have recovered. Esther says it is Atike right? For her sake you gave me up. He says where is this coming from? There can never be something like this involving our Sultana.  It is impossible. She says I know how smitten she is with you. She cut my way and told me to stay away. Silahdar says and you went and complained about me to Kosem sultan right? You said there was a hidden relationship between me and Atike sultana. Esther says and there isn't? He says there isn't. She says then for whose sake are you...He cuts her off. Go from here Esther. Go and don't come before me ever again.

    Farya is with Gevherhan and Atike. Farya says I did not know. I was so happy. We went to the tower, Galata tower and that is where we were wedded. I wish the same kind of happiness for you. Atike says God Willing. Our Majesty has shown the whole world how much he values you. No one will be able to say anything from now on. Gev says I am not that certain. While this marriage quiets people on the other hand it will ruin everything for the worse. Atike says why is that? Gevherhan says can a woman who can't have a prince be married? I am only saying the reality of things. Farya says there is a first for everything, that is the actual reality. Lalezar arrives and tells Farya that Kosem awaits her.

    Kosem says to Farya, I congratulate you Farya. My Sovereign son has chosen you and wedded you. From now on your place is in the Royal Harem. You will receive the necessary attention and respect.

    Farya says I am indebted to you, I - Kosem cuts her off. Actually, I would have not accepted this and done whatever it took to cancel this marriage. But your condition leaves no need for this. As you know, if you don't have a prince, then in the harem you have no say either. This is why our Majesty married you. He pitied you. Farya says you want to step on my wounds my Sultana? Do it, I won't stop you. But know that Sultan Murad did not marry me out of pity, if he had I would have known. The only thing I saw in his eyes was love. Kosem says what you call love is a moment, it comes and goes. What will you do when my son falls into a new fire (falls in love with someone else?) Okay, Ayse has children so she can busy herself with them, but what will you do? DO not forget, if you do not bear roots in the soil you cannot stay standing, in the first wind, you will be blown away. Kosem says to Lal, take Farya Hatun er, Farya Sultana to her room. Do whatever is needed according to traditions.

    Ayse's children watch her crying. Her servant brings her something to calm her. She says I do not want it. I do not want anything! Servant says you are destroying yourself. Ayse says I can't accept it...how can he do this to me. Hanzade goes out and finds Murad and says mother is throwing stuff and crying, I am very afraid. He finds Ahmet closing his ears and then goes to Ayse. Murad says - What is this condition of yours Ayse, what are you doing?! Ayse says I gave you two children...I was with you in your toughest days. While I was here, how could you marry that woman. Murad says I saw it fit this way! Ayse says did you not love me at all? Do I have no value to you? Murad says first you will get yourself together! I will not see you like this again! Especially not in front of my Ahmet and Hanzade.

    Outside Silahdar finds Gevherhan who asks him have you lost your mind? Someone will see us! Silahdar says let them see, I fear no one.  Gev says maybe you don't have fear, but I do have and I told you, Atike is my sister, I cannot do this to her. Silahdar says I know what this could cause, this could even mean death for me, but I am willing. I am ready to pay the price. And you? Gev says I said what I had to say. He says my Sultana, that night you came to my room. I felt you on my bed, you were there watching over me. When I opened my eyes (the handkerchief). I had your handkerchief in my hand. She says yes I came there, I came because I wanted to bid you farewell. I bid you farewell with this handkerchief. I will not come again. He says in that case let the handkerchief stay with you. What you want will happen. I will not cross your path.

    The seyhulislam reads through the complaints and Sinan arrives. Sinan says crowded outside. Seyhulislam says their complaints are never ending. The people have been treated unjustly. The fort that is Sultan Murad has been breached. With the help of the scholars, the breach will get larger. Seyhulislam says that the scholars all listen to Yahya Efendi, and he will not say anything against Murad.  Sinan says I know, and for this reason you must put your own men into high scholarly positions. As seyhulislam this is a possibility for you. Seyhulislam says it will bring suspicion  to suddenly remove many judges and replace them with others. I do not know how I could make it acceptable. Sinan says there will be no need, those positions will be vacant, I will deal with it.

    Kasim tells Ibrahim there are so many things that I had around me that I didn't realize the value of. Ibo says the time you spent with our uncle has changed you very much. I do not know if it was good or bad. Kasim says I don't know either. Beyazid arrives. He says Kasim, how are you, hopefully you are well. Kasim says I am well thank you. Ibo says to Beyazid, if what you have to say isn't important, can you leave us alone? We are talking privately. Beyazid says okay. You guys talk. Kasim says what is going on Ibrahim, you guys loved each other very much. Ibrahim says he comes to us as if everything didn't happen because of him. I can't bear it anymore. This fakeness from him makes me nauseous. Kasim says what are you talking about Ibrahim? Ibo says I spoke to him about Elanor, I wanted him to help and save you. He promised he wouldn't tell anyone. But he didn't keep his promise, he exposed it at the first opportunity. Kasim says come...

    Farya is being led through the harem courtyard to her new room. Lalezar says this is your room, from now on you will be written into the harem records as our Majesty's wedded wife. You will be afforded a monthly stipend of one thousand five hundred gold. Also, our Majesty has sent all of these as a wedding gift to you. Farya says how nice. Lalezar says you will have aghas and servant girls at your service, who take care of every need of yours. Margaret arrives and Farya says I am not longer a princess, I am now a Sultana. Marge says I am used to it. My Sultana, I was so happy when I heard about your marriage. Farya says what about Madame? Can she stay here with me? Lal says unfortunately my Sultana, as per the rules she would have to be a kalfa, she must be trained especially. Farya says but she has been with me for years. She knows the rules of the palace well. Lal says our palace is not like yours, our etiquette and traditions here are different. Madame says this is for the best, I will learn quickly.

    Meanwhile, Kemankes has arrived and says if you permit, I wish to present an issue to you. I heard some words in the Janissary barracks, there are many there unhappy that they haven't set out to war. I do not know if it's true, but apparently some of them have gone rogue, used this as an excuse and are harassing merchants by exacting protection money from them. Murad says so the betrayal of my subjects is finished, and now my janissary subjects have begun their betrayal. Silahdar says you sleep in the barracks, and you only find out about all this now? Who are the traitors then? Kemankes says your majesty, it is not obvious who the traitors are, if you permit, I would like to investigate. Murad says be quick, find out who they are. Kemankes says as you wish, also - the family members of those who were executed have taken to the streets. Some of them have gone to the Seyhulislam's door to complain.

    The people notice Kosem has arrived. One of the women speaks up, Kosem Sultana, what will happen to us? I do not know, but maybe you can help. Kosem says speak woman. The woman says my husband was also executed, but he wasn't even there on the day the attack happened. But they executed the poor man. They turned me into a widow and my children into orphans. There are many more women like me. What will we do now? The law doesn't pity the fingers it cuts off woman. This was the order of our Padishah Efendi. From now on, I will take care of all your needs, your's and your children's. I will not wrong you. People shout long live Kosem Sultan. Kosem says O People! Let everyone hear and know that I will personally attend to everyone's needs. No one will remain hungry or needy. I will pay for everyone's needs! Everyone shouts her praises. Kosem asks Halil if they have come, and Halil says yes they have come and are waiting for you. Beynem has come to see Kosem and that he must speak with her, Haci says she is busy come with me.

    Evliya tells Hezarfen I told you it was sad to waste so much money on this, this is what would happen. Hezarfen tells him enough already. Evliya says I told you, it will never happen! He made wings humph! He would kill himself! Kill himself? Will he throw himself? Suddenly he thinks Hezarfen might be so upset he's killing himself so he rushes up/ Hezarfen meanwhile is saying where am I going wrong? Will I really not fly then? To the pigeon he says what are you saying mister pigeon, come here...I tried to make wings for myself like yours, but it doesn't do anything. If I could fly as much a chicken it wouldn't be so bad. Eureka! Evliya says whenever you say Eureka I start to shake with nervousness. Hezarfen says remember what you said to me? If I jump from here, then that is how I can fly! Evliya says but I was joking! Hezarfen says I could fly from here all the way to the Imperial Palace! Evliya says straight to hell you mean! Have you lost your mind! Find you want to bring your death on sooner by putting on wings, but you're going to be leaving me behind! Hezy says no, I've made up my mind, its all or nothing. Evliya says fine, and I will tell our Majesty let's see if he permits it! Hezy says our Majesty already gave permission he said if you can fly, then fly! Evliya says yes but he said IF you can fly! But you can't fly! You can't! Wingless I'm just joking...so he's going to fly from here eh...can he?

    The people are getting rowdy outside the seyhulislam's place. Here our words! Do not be quiet in the face of Sultan Murad's oppression! Will he keep taking our lives? Isn't it sad for all those innocents? Crazy Huseyin says if you permit, let me rip out his liver! Murad says Sinan? What are you doing here? Sinan says when I heard about it, I wanted to investigate, they've caused chaos. The Seyh welcomes Murad. Murad says the people have come to your door, do they get help from you? The Seyh says as you know, as per my position, my job is to listen to all their problems. They are burning in pain, my Imperial one. Murad says and why did you not go before them and say our necks are thinner than a hair before our Majesty's orders?  Why didn't you say that? Is that not your job to calm and guide my subjects. The Seyh says I am trying to listen to their pains so that the grief within them doesn't turn into anger. Murad says first, do as you are supposed to. I do not have patience or time to deal with this. No one should push my patience. The Seyh says I will remind all your subjects with faith and their allegiance.

    Kosem says to her men - my Sovereign son's decisions have plunged the capitol into confusion. Before the people's anger grows, we must take precautions. There has been great injustice, hundreds of guilty and innocents fell into the fire. Some lost their sons, some lost their husbands. Kosem says I will stretch my hand out to those who have been treated unjustly. The widows will be taken care of in the complex. The orphans will be sent to schools.  Not a penny will be spared in helping them. The boys who have come of marrying age will be given jobs, and I will finance their weddings. One man says your charity already helps thousands of people. Kosem says we do much more. You will also put your hands in your pockets of course. As my eyes and ears, you will go to every street, and every house. One of the men says as you order, my Imperial Sultana. Whatever we can do we will as long as you ask it of us. Beynam tells Haci that he has a proposition to make, he has an old friend who can partner with him if he can bring the other half of the money to open a place, a pub so to speak.  As you know they call the old palace, the palace of tears...it's like my life leaves me there.You can come be a customer! Haci says oh look at these rude words of yours! I am a Haci! Beynam says a customer who doesn't pay. I will make you a nice meal! A nice full meal!  Haci says aha yeah, and you don't take money for it! (sarcastically) and then says will you make revani (a dessert) along with everything else? Beynam nods. Haci, Fine. I will speak to our Sultana, if she accepts how great! Haci tries to stop  Kemankes saying she has a private meeting. Kemankes says move! He enters. Kosem says to the men, you can consult with Halil Pasha. Not a single penny will be spared. Kemankes says my Sultana, forgive my curiosity. I did not know you would be setting out to Esther's house today. Kosem says the situation is bad. The relatives of the executed have fallen to difficulty. The storm has begun. Did you not hear? Kemankes says yes, I personally informed out Majesty. The situation in the barracks is bad too. The Janissaries have begun causing incidents. Kosem says and all that was left was the Janissaries. Kemankes says our Majesty will of course think of precautions and put them in place. Kosem says I saw how my Sovereign son solves problems. He has no patience for anyone. He destroys and steps over anyone who crosses him. And picking up after him falls to me. I will listen to the people's troubles, and secure order.

    Sinan tells Gulbahar about Kosem meeting with her men in Esther's house and that is apparent she is going to get involved in the situation. She will quiet the people with money. Gulby says Kosem is doing what she does best, seeking refuge with her money. Is this not how she has ruled the state for this long? She won herself favour with the people and soldiers with her coins. This is the source of her power. Sinan says we must dry up this fountain of hers. Otherwise all our hard work will go to waste. Gulby says that fountain will dry up Sinan, i will turn into a swamp! A swamp that will drag Kosem into itself.

    Gevherhan asks Silahdar if everyone has come for the feast. Silahdar says yes they are inside. Kosem asks why Gev is late, she says her son was restless and asks Murad's pardon. She says I didn't congratulate you on your wedding, congratulations. Kosem says thanks to this wedding we are all together. May grief, troubles, enmity stay far away. Bon Appetite. Farya watches as Murad feeds his children and Kosem sees.

    Ayse is in her own room. Her servant asks her if she could at least eat a few morsels. Ayse says am I in a state to eat? Where are my children? They are at the feast aren't they? THey are with that woman! The servant says our Majesty ordered it. Ayse says just yesterday I was the closest to him. His woman, his family, his companion. And now? I do not even have a place at his table. It's all that woman's fault. Her servant says he didn't call you because it was a feast celebrating the wedding, otherwise why - Ayse says and she still calls it a wedding! Get lost! Leave me alone. Silahdar calls out to Farya calling her hatun. Farya says you will say Sultana, or did this also upset you? Silahdar say why should I be troubled, our Majesty's happiness is more important than anything else for me. Farya says if that is the case, why do you not congratulate me? He says I didn't get a chance - congratulations, may you always be happy. In truth, it is a perfect rising in rank. Silahdar says my advice to you - be careful. Farya says leave me think of yourself. You are on such thin ice that if that ice breaks you will into the sea! Atike arrives, and asks what they are talking of. She says he was congratulating me on my wedding. With your permission. Atike asks Silahdar are your wounds recovering. He says they are, I am very well. Thank you. Gulbahar comes across Farya and says I wanted to meet you very much. Farya says you are Gulabahr Sultana right? I heard many things about you. Gulby says then nothing left of my witchery and magic. Farya says and are you? Gulby says don't be afraid, I am not. In truth, I wanted to congratulate you, you have won a perfect victory. Kosem sultana didnt allow any women in the harem to raise their heads. There is only Ayse - and that because she kept her head bowed and obeyed her. Farya says at first she didn't like me, our stars didn't align I guess, but we are fine now. My respect for her is great. Gulby says for today yes and tomorrow? I will give you some advice - don't ever turn your back on her. Don't trust her. Because before you know what hit you, you will have eaten a dagger. (stabbed in the back). Because she cannot have her Sovereign son love anyone but herself. Good night.

    Farya finds Ayse in her room. Ayse says you got what you wanted finally. DId whatever you did, poisoned him, got him to pity you and to marry you. Farya says the person who should be pitied is you.I don't know with what face you come before me. That day it shouldn't just have stopped at killing your baby, but should have killed you as well. Lalezar and Margaret wonder what the commotion is. That it comes from Farya's room. Ayse passes out. Lal says what did you do? Farya says nothing, she attacked me, tried to stab me, and then she passed out! Lalezar calls for doctors.

    Ibo and Kasim are walking. Beyazid says Kasim, we didn't get to talk in the garden, if you want, we can come to your room and chat. Kasim says no need, chatting with you ends up in calamity. Beyazid asks Ibo what did you tell Kasim? Ibo says and you ask? Of course I would tell him. Did you not betray us? Beyazid says why don't you want to understand, I didn't think it would reach to this. Ibo says should have thought of that before. Nothing will be like before. Not ever.

    Kosem tells Murad that the Capitol is in chaos. He says I heard mother, and you rushed out to help them. What did you expect me to do? I wasn't gonna sit with my hands tied. At the very least should try to cover the wounds of those left behind so that pain doesn't turn into anger, and anger doesn't turn into rebellion. Murad says let it mother. From now on, I will quash all rebellions with blood. No concessions. Haci brings news that Ayse is unwell. Murad asks where she is. Haci says in her room, the doctors are with her. Murad asks what happened. Lalezar says we found her unconscious in her room, don't know the reason. Kosem asks Lal what really happened. Lal says Farya told us, Ayse went to her room, drew a dagger. and then fainted.  The doctor tells Murad that Ayse is pregnant. Kosem congratulates Murad. God willing we will have another Prince like a ball of light. Ayse wakes up worried, Murad says don't worry, you are pregnant. Kosem prays for a healthy birth and baby. Ayse says thank you oh my Allah!

    Gulby asks Beyazid how the feast was. Not enjoyable. Kasim found everything out. My brothers don't even look at my face. The blame me. I do not know how it will get better between us. Gulby says they needed an excuse and they found out. Today or tomorrow your relationship would be ruined anyway. While they are your brothers, they are also your competitors. Beyazid says don't start again, I never saw my brothers, including our Majesty as my enemies and never will. Gulby says this is the order, I saw your brother with my own eyes, without blinking he executed hundreds of people. He married despite his mother. Do you know why? To show the world he doesn't want shadow on his power. So you are saying he will kill me too? Gulby says God forbid, don't take me wrong, I am not saying fight with your brother, I am just saying take care, take precautions. If tomorrow they draw swords, your sword should be ready.

    Haci and Lalezar tell the harem girls that Ayse is fine, there is nothing to be curious about. Lal says you don't let us speak! There is good news! Ayse Sultana is pregnant.

    Evliya asks Hezarfen there is a man who wanted to fly, Ismail bin Hammad al Jevheri, he had the same desire to fly, he tells people to gather and that flying is the most important thing, then he jumps from the minaret. He died.

    Beyazid sees the Seyhulislam who says are you well? Beyazid says I am, how are you? Seyh says this is a good coincidence. Your mother Gulbahar sultan has spoken to me about the matter that you know about. But I wanted to talk to you at a more appropriate time. Beyazid starts saying the matter which I - and Kasim enters saying my Prince? Mufti Efendi? What's up, nothing is the matter? Seyhulislam says no matter, we were simply chatting. Beyazid says I wanted to talk to you, I am glad I saw you. I couldn't sleep since last night. Please let us speak openly about this matter between us. Kasim says I want to forget the matter between us, you do too, it is the better way. Speaking will only open up wounds.

    Murad asks Kasim how he is. He says I came to kiss my mother's hand. Murad says me too. How is Ibo? I don't see him. Kasim says me and Ibrahim will be practicing swordsmanship  in the garden, I wanted to call Beyazid too but he was with the Seyhulislam. Murad says where? Kasim says in front of the  Audience Hall. They were acting strange, they were speaking when I approached they fell silent. I asked, they said we just encountered each other, and are chatting. Murad says if that's what they say, that's what it is. Kasim says I just was curious if there was some kind of ill situation - as you know I was away for some time.

    Beyazid goes to Gulby and she asks where were you, didn't see you since morning. He says I came across Ahizade Efendi, you have said somethings to him, and he wanted to speak with me. What is going on mother? Are you once again up to something against our Majesty? Did I not tell you to give up this business? Gulby says my prince, there is nothing wrong in this. I am just searching for powerful allies to help us in tough times. Beyazid says don't search mother. The safest port for me is beside my Sovereign brother. Your loyalty to our Majesty makes me happy. But, on the one hand I am afraid. Your weakness for him which prevents you from seeing reality scares me. He says nothing to fear. She says your brother won't save you from storms, only I can save you from them. Do not trust anyone but me.

    Murad is in disguise in the market, someone is asking for coffee, says make it fresh. The vendor says what are you saying, my coffee is famous! Murad takes a seat asks for this famous coffee. The man calls for fresh coffee for the beys. Murad asks how business is. The vendor says that he is losing money. Huseyin says how come, if you are so famous, why are you losing money? The vendor says it was fine before the Janissaries started extorting money from us.

    Lalezar brings sweets for Ayse's pregnancy news and Haci says what are you doing, she is prohibited from sweets you know that. Kosem says so I won't be able to taste my grandchild's sweets, come on, for the first time in days I am smiling. Haci says I was saying for your sake, otherwise I wouldn't dare. Lalezar says a letter came for Farya, and I had it translated so you could read it first. Kosem says good, read it to me. Farya's mother says in the letter, Farya, you have grown and are going to be a mother. It means your responsibility will grow too. You have written to me that you are going to marry the sultan and will have influence and power  the one you bear in your womb is at the same time an heir to the Ottoman throne. This baby will open all the doors for you, and you and alongside Sultan Murad, you will rule the world together. I pray for your baby every day. God protect you.

    Kosem says look at the dreams of a fleeting girl! She will along with my son....rule the world?!

    Ayse is being congratulated on her pregnancy. Ayse says our Majesty was so happy when he heard he will have another child. Thank God. Farya? Will you not eat from our Prince's sweets?

    In the market, Silahdar says so the situation is this bad? The vendor says the tradesmen fear opening store. They take what little we make in profits. The stores down there have shut down. Huseyin says why don't you all get together and stand against them? The vendor says how can we? They pillage the stores of the  tradesmen who deny them, and threaten to kill us. The other day they took one of the vendors over there and beat him on his feet. Murad says and why doesn't Sultan Murad help? One of the men says does Sultan Murad care? He executed hundreds of people there, didn't take mercy on them. Huseyin says watch your words, why would our Padishah kill them if they weren't guilty? The coffee vendor says you are right, our Sultan Murad is brave, warrior - he quelled Janissary and Sipahi rebellions, then he went after Ilyas pasha, but how can he be expected to take care of all that's going around? Which problem should he run to fix first? THe other man says I don't know about that, but if anyone can save us from this headache it is Kosem Sultana. The coffee vendor says yes, Kosem sultan is the light of our eyes. NO matter what we do, we can never repay her. Silahdar pays the vendor who thanks them and says come again. Murad tells kemankes to go order the aghas in the barracks to hand over the traitors.

    Beynem meanwhile thanks Kosem for helping him, Haci says you should pray for me, i got it with great difficult. Beynem says of course, I always pray for you, you always protected me. You brought me to the main kitchen too, oh how fast the years go by! I was a young boy back then...I am losing my hair now. But you, you are still the same! whaft is your secret? Haci says don't look at my outside, it is my inside that has grown old. okay so where is this pub? Beynam says here we are here. Haci says hmm, it is nice. Where is your business partner? Beynam says over there Kalika Hatun! The woman says I am coming. Haci says your partner is a woman? What happened to "its an old friend" are you fooling me?! Beynam says I know her father! Her father is ill, didn't want to leave her alone in the world, so that is why we hurried. The woman welcomes Haci, who says well, may it be for the best. Anyway I must go. Beynam says let us offer you something. Haci says I am late anyway, there is no keeping our Sultana waiting. Thank you my agha, and thanks and greetings to our Sultana. The girl says did you bring the money?! Beynam says tomorrow. The girl says no we need it today, if we don't hand it over tonight, they will destroy the pub over our heads! Beynem says who?

    Atike tells her mom she doesn't feel up to it so can she stay behind. Her mother says the people's troubles don't wait for us to be in a good mood. We must go be with them in these difficult times and share their suffering. Farya arrives, Kosem says we are going to my charity, are you must come as well.

    In the barracks. Kemankes asks what Halil is doing here. Halil says met some of my old friends about to leave now. Kemankes tells the agha our Majesty has heard your complaints, you must first tell me exactly what has happened and all the details. The agha says there is no need.  Another agha says until our majesty hears our cries, our Kosem Sultana has heard our whispers. She came like Hizr (a religious figure) to our aid. The man says she will fulfill what is lacking. Kemankes says watch your words! Our Majesty always knows when our Kosem Sultana gives her promise. Now, tell me, who are those who are harassing the public? We do not know their names, but all of this is staining our barracks reputation. We shall investigate and  punish them. Kemankes says Ferhat agha, you will not be punishing them, our Majesty will give punishment. Await word from me.

    Gulbahar goes to visit Ayse and Ayse welcomes her. Gulby says I am so happy after I got the news. Ayse says came at such a time, turned winter into spring for me. Gulby says and Farya walks around saying I am a sultana, can she be a Sultana without giving the household a child? Ayse says nope. God willing, I will give our Majesty another prince. And that is when she will know that her marriage carries no weight. Gulby says I have a request. Ayse says what do you want? Say it. Gulby says I need Kosem sultan's seal. Ayse says Valide's seal? No impossible. Gulby says it is, you owe me a debt for saving your life. You don't want your secret to get out. Ayse says how can I do such a thing. No, I cannot. If someone hears no one can save me. Gulby says you won't be caught, you will find an opportune moment, and press the seal into this mold. Ayse says and what will you do with it? Why do you want it? Gulby says nothing bad don't worry, I have some lands, when I was exiled they were taken from me. I cannot solve it myself, but Kosem's seal solves everything.

    Kosem tells Farya as they walk, since you are my son's wedded wife, come see how things run.  Atike tells Esther, I warned you but you came to the palace again to see Silahdar. Esther says I was just giving my well wishes. Atike says no, I will not see you with him again!

    Ayse is told that Kosem is away, she says I know, we will wait for her in her room. She tells her daughter to go play on the terrace. Lalezar is there, and another woman says the girls are asking when food will be served. She says i forgot our Sultana's treasury book in her room. Go and I will come soon. Lalezar sees Ayse in the room.

    Kosem hands out food, she is being thanked by he people. Farya says the love the women and especially the children have for you is amazing. Kosem says as you can see being a sultana is not easy. Getting the title Sultana by wedding a Sultan doesn't make you a Sultana. And not by keeping our Majesty happy. Being a Sultana, is all about being as close as a nail to the skin of the public that you are governing.  You must know the happiness, the fears, and the dreams of the all the people in the state that you govern. Watch your dreams Farya. Do not let your dreams get ahead of you. Otherwise you will drown in it's shadow and die. Farya reads the letter her mother sent her.

    Ibrahim and Kasim are in the garden and Beyazid arrives. So you are here?Kasim, I do not feel good at all. Let us speak about this matter between us. Ibo says what is left to talk about, we don't want you anymore, don't you get it? Beyazid says don't try my patience! Ibo says and what will happen if I do? Kasim says Ibo enough, since our brother has come to speak to us, we will. But not right now. It's been a while since we practiced together. Bey says yes, long time I haven't thrown you on your back.

    Kasim is this how you will you will take a life? Come! Come! The play becomes rough and Beyazid loses control. Murad shouts Beyazid!!!

    THE END.

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