• Episode 9 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV Translation

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    At night, in his his tent, Murad wakes from a nightmare. 

    Ilyas looks down at the Sultan's camp. A man says Mahmud agha has come, one of Sinan's men, a loyal subject. Ilyas asks if he has brought news. Mahmud tells him that Murad has personally come and heading the army. Ilyas says amazing, since when does a Padishah personally come to quell a rebellion? Seems as if he wants to prove his power and strength. Let him come. Mahmud tells Ilyas that Beyazid is also present. Ilyas says great. In the end we will do the ascension ceremony for the Prince here...because Sultan Murad will suffer a crushing defeat on the first campaign he has set out to. 

    In the Palace, Kosem watches as Farya is resting. Farya wakes, asks Atike why she is there, what is happening. Everyone hesitates. Farya asks, and my baby? Kosem says - Farya, unfortunately in that heinous attack you miscarried - you are no longer pregnant. Farya cries, no, noooo! No, impossible! No! They try to comfort her. The entire harem hears her screams. 

    Meanwhile back at the camp, Evliya says I will explain like this, while we were coming, thinking it might help us, I looked into information and descriptions about this fort written by  it's former inhabitants/observers since, as you know, this fort has been standing for a long time. Murad says come to the point, did you find anything out? Evliya replies I have. A voyager had written in his memoirs that just like this (he shows it on the map) there is a waterway river passing through the Fort.  According to some legends, during the time of Alexander the Great, it was used as a secret entrance route into the fort. Murad asks where the waterway is. Hezarfen  says right here, at the entrance to the fort. Silahdar says but a lot of time has passed, it must have been closed off long ago! Hezy says YES yes, I said the same thing, centuries have passed, it must have been closed..I said...anyway we went and checked and yes it's closed up. Evliya says but we can open it very easily...Murad - you both have done a great thing, because of you we have found another way. Murad then orders Silahdar to gather the Divan for tomorrow morning. 


    Kosem tells Farya that as soon as she heard about it, she intervened and got her out of that chaos. 'God give you patience, you must stay strong. Unfortunately...this was written in my unborn grandchild's fate.' Farya says fate? They attacked me like hungry dogs! They murdered my child. And you, you call this fate my Sultana? Margaret tells her she must sleep. Kosem says if it makes you feel better, those who did this will pay for it. Farya says it is obvious who did it - Ayse Sultana did it. Atike says mother? Is this true? Kosem - how do you know she did it, if you know something tell me. Farya says what difference does it make? You will protect her in front of my eyes even, and as usual, I will be blamed. Kosem says do not compare this situation with those other instances. You were carrying a member of the Royal Household! One who came from my bloodline! If Ayse did it, if she gave the order - no one, not anyone can protect her. 

    Ayse's servant meanwhile tells Ayse that she spoke to the doctors and that Farya has miscarried for certain. Ayse says she should be thankful she is alive. The servant replies, she would have died anyway, Kemankes arrived in time and saved her. Ayse says he should have left her to die. We would permanently be rid of her! 

    Kosem arrives and says you have heard about Farya's condition right? Ayse says I heard. It means this is how she payed for her sins, unfortunate. Kosem says so you're saying it has nothing to do with you then? Ayse says no, never! Would that be something to be done? Kosem says why not? you tried to kill her before that. Tell me the truth, don't trouble me with it. Ayse says it is obvious I don't like her, don't care if she dies, but the woman was pregnant, she carried our Majesty's baby, how could I do such a thing, is that possible? Kosem says I hope you are telling the truth because I won't just leave not leave my son to you, you will never see your children again!

    Kosem approaches Kemankes on the balcony - where he's lost to. He says sorry, I didn't notice you. Kosem says you see right? Everytime my sovereign son leaves the Capitol disaster befalls us. Kemankes says unfortunately, I do not know how I will give account for this to our Majesty. Kosem tells him he is not at fault. If it wasn't for you, she would have died. I tell my son 'your absence is a great danger' but he doesn't listen. I can't sleep at nights. One of my sons is at war and it is uncertain of his return, the other is with his insane uncle and is locked there. I tell him to get out, he won't from fear. And now the things that happened to Farya. Kemankes says don't darken your heart (be at ease), things will calm down, 

    Atike asks the doctor how Farya is. She is told that they cared for her through the night, the bleeding continued and that she will be alright, she will recover but - it will be very improbable for her to fall pregnant again. Farya overhears and says so I will never have another child?! Atike says we can never lose hope from God...Margaret says God spared you. Farya tells them to get out and leave her alone. Atike tells everyone to get out and the doctor to prepare the medicine to calm her. 

    The statesmen wonder why Kosem has gathered them together, they wonder if a message has been sent from Murad. Halil informs them that the matter is about what happened to Farya. The seyhulislam says what do we have to do with such matters, do us statesmen not have more important work to be done? Halil says the woman in question was the favourite of the our Majesty and was carrying a member of the Royal House. The seyhulislam says what kind of thing is this, when has a Padishah ever had a relationship like this with a free woman, and on top of that a Princess who is a member of another royal family? Yahya tells him that these are dangerous words, how nice, you have gotten used to swimming in dangerous waters. Kosem is announced. 

    Kosem says Seyhulislam Efendi, Aghas, Pashas: you all know about the heinous attack on the favourite of my sovereign son. Unfortunately, the woman has miscarried. This attack done on the unborn child of our Royal Household can never be accepted! How can the people do such a thing?! And also you! How could you all allow it?

    Farya is being haunted by the memories of what happened and she realizes the words are the same words Ayse had taunted her with: "You think you are something having a special palace...our majesty has just locked you up. You have become his whore." And the people's words "This is the whore!" Then she recalls  the doctor saying it would be highly improbable that she would get pregnant again. She also has remembers Ayse saying 'I am the real one. Farya makes up her mind - Ayse is the one who did!

    Meanwhile, the seyhulislam says I am troubled by the incident as well, uh, no matter how wrong the situation was from the start, this kind of tyranny is unacceptable. Kosem says what is that "wrong" situation? The Seyh replies I am talking about the relationship of our Majesty with the Princess. It is obvious it is not very legitimate.  The news spread fast. Kosem says after our Padishah Efendi has seen such a situation fit, who dares to question him?! The Seyh says forgive me, but what did the late Ebusuud Efendi used to say? 'What is not legitimate, cannot become legitimate by the hands of the Padishah" It is obvious someone has used this as an opportunity to light the fire of mischief. And the ignorant/naive followed along. Yahya says be careful as to who you are defending! The seyh says I do not defend anyone. Without a doubt this attack is criminal in nature, and the perpetrators must be punished. However, hundreds of fools joined in on the incident. Kosem says says those fools will pay the price. Whoever has their fingers in this business - especially those who incited it will pay with their lives! The Seyh says forgive me, we must separate the perpetrators from the ignorant fools. Kosem says then bring the perpetrators! Otherwise, I will not leave any stone un-turned, and no heads remaining on shoulders! Kosem to Sinan - the whole Capitol should hear my orders. If the people themselves don't bring the ones who did this, then the hand of mine that feeds them shall become an IRON FIST and crush their heads! Sinan - as you order my Sultana.

    Kemankes tells Kosem - I have sent a messenger to our Majesty, it is necessary for him to know the matter. Kosem says you did the best thing, he must know. His anger will burn and scorch him now. Did you hear the Mufti Efendi? Kemankes says the way he spoke of our Majesty is not favourable..weighed heavily on me (made me furious). Kosem says when you leave the field empty this is what happens...I warned him so many times but he doesn't listen. Let us silence them - you will head the investigation. What if the tip reaches all the way to the harem? (What if someone in the harem was behind it?) Including Ayse Sultan - you will investigate all possibilities. 

    Farya asks Ayse's servant where is your Sultana? The servant says what are you doing Princess, let me go. Farya says I said tell me!

    Gevherhan has come to see Farya asking if she was sleeping since she wanted to see her, Atike says she must be, the doctors gave her medicine. The agha tells them that Farya left and he tried to stop her but couldn't. Marge says she must have gone to Ayse! Atike says oh no, she might do something crazy!

    The servant shouts for Farya to stop but Farya locks them out and goes straight for Ayse. Ayse says Farya hatun? What are you doing here? Farya says you did it, you murdered my baby, I will kill you! 

    Atike meanwhile asks Lalezar where Farya is. Lal says no, I have not, I think she is in your room? Gev says we say she isn't! Where is Ayse?! Lal says in the bath...The servant comes and says she is going to kill Ayse HELP! 

    Farya shouts I lost my baby because of YOU! I will not have another because of you! 

    Atike shouts FARYA DON'T DO ANYTHING WRONG! She calls for the aghas who open the door. Atike stops her and Gevherhan pulls Ayse out in time and calls for the doctors. She is alive Lalezar says. 

    Murad is being told that cannons to breach the fortress, and the Lagimcilar (one of the groups of Janissaries whose main task is to dig tunnels underneath the fortress.) "They are digging but we haven't gotten results. The fortress is in  a very tight spot. Driving the cannons has become difficult' Another man says as a result of these condtions, the seizure of this fortress will take some time. Murad asks what their recommendations are. 

    Crazy Huseyin says Order us, so that we can begin cannon assault...seizure of the fortress will come soon.  Silahdar agrees saying we must begin the assault at once. Beyazid says if we begin the assault the situation will be the same. But their way to get provisions is blocked, so we could wait until they run out of supplies...Sooner or later they will have to surrender, as they won't have any choice. In this way we can seize it without shedding any of our soldiers blood. The men agree with Beyazid, waiting will be good and that Ilyas will certainly be caught. 

    Murad says Beyazid's idea is good, and that since the others agree, they will wait to begin the assault. Evliya and Hezarfen are confused because last night they had made other plans . Ev approaches Murad and says forgive my curiosity, but have you withdrawn your previous plans? Murad says I have not, with God's permission we are going into the fortress tonight and Ilyas pasha will go to his end. Hezy says but just now you said - Silahdar cuts in - there are traitors everywhere...Ilyas' men could be among us...let everyone think we will wait. Evliya says I told Hezy our Majesty will play a game with the traitors and an offensive will be launched and everyone wakes to a surprise! Murad says no offensive Evliya - we are going inside. We will get Ilyas and exit again. 

    Evliya and Hezarfen are alone with Huseyin and ask Huseyin - erm, so Huseyin agha, when our Majesty said we? He meant them...some of our Majesty's brave warrior soldiers right? Huseyin says other than our Majesty...Silahdar agh...myself ummmmmmm and you guys - no one else is going. Evliya says he'd better go and write out his will since he will most likely be sipping from Martyrdom (dying) tonight. He says I could donate my belongings to Kosem Sultana's charity and we'll donate your wings too...someone might wanna fly...run away...

    Ilyas' man in the camp tells someone to send word to Ilyas to be at ease, that Murad is going to wait. 

    Kosem goes to Ibrahim and says my prince, my Ibo, you aren't eating or drinking for days now. Come on, I brought your most favourite foods.  He says I do not want, do not insist. She says if you do not think for yourself, think of me. You are making me very sad. Kasim is well, I get information about him all the time. When your sovereign brother returns, he will get out of there. Ibo says and if he gets out what changes, the palace is a prison now for everyone - at least for me it is.  Before sleeping, I pray Pleas God let me see tomorrow. When I open my eyes I will thank Him. This is what will happen. Kosem says do not poison yourself with such feelings. And do not fear nor be angry at your brother. Your brother's duty is already tough, do you not know how heavy a burden he bears on his back? Ibo says that is what I mean - he will now see us as a burden as well. 

    Gevherhan tells her mother about Farya almost drowning Ayse and that they got there in time. 

    Atike meanwhile asks Farya what were you doing?! If we hadn't gotten there in time you would have drowned Ayse. Do you know what they would do to you? Farya says what else could they do to me? What worse things could befall me?! Marge says please don't...Kosem arrives. Be seated she says and then adds, leave us alone. 

    Farya says I know what I did my Sultana, I am willing to take my punishment. Isn't this what you wanted anyway? There is no baby anymore and there never will be one ever again. 

    Kosem says who said that to you? The doctors? Why do you look at their words? Only God knows the future! Farya says that was my hope my Sultana...I had set up dreams. I was going to be a mother. They took that from me. Kosem takes her hand. Your pain and grieving is great, your are hurting...you think it won't ever get better...I have dealt with many pains and troubles of the type that "doesn't pass" "doesn't subside" but I did get passed them, and still do, and you will too.  Time changes everything. But you must stand strong. Keep your pain inside you. Wear your pain like an armour. Farya says what can this pain protect me from? Kosem says from greater pains. Come now, rest for a while. 

    Ayse's servant says that woman has lost her mind! Ayse says and it is obvious why? Look, she can never have another child. After this, what value will she have? Gulby enters saying I heard of the incident and wanted to visit you. Ayse says the woman attacked suddenly, she is strong like a man, impossible to overpower her. Poor woman, she's deranged after miscarrying. Gulby says remember I told you about a Padishah, had also kept a woman - history has repeated itself...Farya got the same fate. Ayse says what does this mean? Are you accusing me?! Gulby says why would I accuse you my beautiful girl, on the contrary, you have done well! In the end you got what you wanted. The Princess is no longer a threat. Ayse says I had nothing to do with it. The people were unhappy about it, and as you said, history repeated itself. Gulby says yes, but suspicion will always be on you. The outcome benefits you the most. God forbid if someone speaks your name? Ayse says no one can dare do that. Gulby says God Willing...if you need anything, do not be shy, come to me. No matter what. 

    Murad and his companions are making their way to the wall where there is an entrance to a tunnel which Evliya points out this is how much they could clear from the entrance. They all go in. 

    Ayse's servant tells her that there is bad news, Kemankes has begun investigations and has pressed her. Ayse says you didn't let anything out hopefully! The servant says I did not, but he pushed me hard! If they find the aghas and the peddler women, we are in trouble! Ayse you're right if they speak, no one can save me this time. I have something in mind, but I do not know of the condition.

    Murad and his men are surrounded, and fighting ensues. Murad goes off to find Ilyas alone after giving someone an Ottoman Slap. Silahdar is injured. Murad is surrounded. He fights off everyone one by one. More men show up.  

    Farya wakes up troubled. Marge tells her you saw a nightmare right? Farya says I do not know how I am going to deal with this pain...and Murad is not with me. My strength has run out. Marge says you will wait patiently, Sultan Murad is your remedy. He will come soon and cure you. I know it. 

    Evliya goes to injured Silahdar who says go after our Majesty! Evliya says don't worry. My Agha I will get you out of here. Huseyin and Evliya go and find the men who met Murad's sword sprawled all over and Murad in the corner. Murad asks where Silahdar is. They tell him Evliya is with him he is injured don't worry though. Murad shouts to Ilyas - You DEGENERATE BASTARD DOG! Ilyas drops his sword and bows before Murad. Murad says if you had come before me like a man and hit ya! My subjects sins are on your neck! SLAP.

    Ayse goes to Gulbahar. Gulby says in the middle of the night, is everything okay? What is the matter? Ayse syas don't know how to say it. Gulby says say it like it is. Ayse says, you had said I could come to you if I needed help, no matter what it was about. Gulby says Farya right? You did it. Ayse says they didn't leave any other way for me. Gulby says when she took Murad from your hands, you weren't gonna stay quiet were you...tell me now, how can I help you? Ayse says there are a few aghas and a peddler woman. To silence them I gave a lot of gold. But I can not be sure they won't talk. If they do, it will be disaster for me. Gulby says I get it...you just tell me who they are and where I can find them. Be sure - they will be quiet!

    Murad is dragging Ilyas along as his entourage make their way back to the camp. 

    There, Murad says my Pashas, my beys, my Janissary and Sipahi subjects, with God's permission, the Fortress has fallen. And all the traitors who pledged allegiance to this dog, have surrendered. Murad asks Huseyin for the Persian bow. Murad says Ilyas do you recall this bow? That bow gifted by that Persian Shah you trusted so much! 


    Murad raises his hand. WHOEVER betrays me or my family, I shall STAB their heart like this arrow!


    Farya is with Kemankes and sees the men responsible lined up for execution.  She is led to Kosem. You have called me? Kosem says come Farya. The men who were responsible for attacking you have been caught. I wanted you to see with your own eyes how they would get their punishment. Farya says this is all? What about the men who spread the gossip from the harem all over the city and - the murderer where is he? Kosem says if there was such a traitor, his head would go first. Farya says if you permit, I wish to interrogate the men myself. Kosem says no need, what was necessary was already done. Farya says why isn't justice being served my Sultana? Id Ayse sultana worth this? Why do you protect her? Kosem says you are stuck saying Ayse did this...enough forget this. What you call justice doesn't come from accusations and doubts, but is achieved through evidence. Kemankes says Farya, I personally interrogated everyone, trust me, had their been proof, I would have done what was necessary to whoever it went to, not looking  at who it was.  Kosem tells her that until Murad returns, she will stay in Atike's room they can comfort each other and it is safer. Farya says forgive me, I do not want to stay here, I wish to stay in Tershane Palace and wait for Sultan Murad there, if you permit. Kmenakes gives the order for the execution. 

    Ayse goes to Gulby who says what is wrong? When you were supposed to be smiling, why are you worried? Ayse says there is word going around in the harem, the men have been caught, what if they speak? Gulby says no need to worry - the ones that got caught are different, the one who gave the order has been handled. Ayse says I was scared when everyone spoke of them being caught. Gulby says if you stay silent, no one can accuse you. Ayse says you have saved me from such a trouble, you may ask of me what you want. Gulby says not now, but some day when I need I will come to your door and you won't turn me away right? Ayse says if there is something I can do, do not doubt it.

    Atike tells Ibrahim come I have come to take you, we will get some air, go horseback riding. Ibo tells her to stop visiting so much. Atike why don't you get it?! Atike says you're making us all (including yourself) sad...what good does it do? If it was Kasim he would be very upset with you for doing this. Ibo says but Kasim is not here right? Gev enters. Atike says whatever I do, does not help, it gets worse! Gev goes to Ibo and says Ibrahim why are you doing this? You will see everything will be alright soon. Ibo says give up trying this, I am not a child! You can continue acting like nothing happened. But I know exactly what has happened. We will not longer live those happily childhood days. Our future is darker than the place Kasim is in right now. That is why go! Leave me alone! Gev says fine what shall we do? We will tell Kasim Ibo doesn't want to go see you. Gev says let us go visit Kasim. Ibo says you are going to visit? Gev says our mother wants us to visit him, if anything to hear our voices to cheer him up and give him strength to bear it. 

    The siblings go to the room. Ibo says what about our brother? Does our brother know? Did he give permission? Gev says he is far away he won't know.  Ibo says no... they will complain to him. They will say we went against his orders. Atike says Ibo what is going on with you. We can't return after coming all the way. Ibo says I don't want, I am leaving. But Kasim says Ibo my brother is it you? Kasim says how have you come here brother? Go before anyone sees you. Please. Ibo says mother sent me. How are you? Kasim says I do not know, I do not feel anything here. Ibo says since you left I cannot sleep all I see is nightmares. I will never forgive our brother for locking you here and doing this! Kasim says do not Ibrahim, dont even let these things cross your mind. Go now. Ibo says fine, I will come again, maybe it won't be needed, you will come perhaps? Kasim say you will come! Say you will get out. Gev says okay be calm Ibo! Kasim says Gev is that you? She says yes, Atike is here too, our prayers are with you. Atike says Kasim, our sovereign brother has gone to quell a rebellion, when he returns, I will speak to him, we will get you out of here. He won't keep you long here anyway. Soon we will be reunited. Kasim says how is mother. Gevherhan says she is standing with the hopes of embracing you again. So for her sake, for our sake, bear it, be strong. 

    In the camp meanwhile, Evliya asks Murad to pleas rest. Murad says I am fine, let Silahdar open his eyes. Evliya says with God's permission he will. Ev says he has become delirious, Hezarfen says we will have to have the doctors from the palace take a look at him. Huseyin tells Murad that news from Kemankes has arrived. Murad reads it and says Farya has been attacked, I am going to return at once to the Capitol, I entrust Silahdar to you all, bring him when it's appropriate. 

    Murad goes to Farya. He says my Farya, my sun. She says I couldn't protect...I couldn't protect, it was so crowded...He says my Lord has taken and will give another God Willing don't worry. She falls and says it won't...the said I won't have another. Murad says I thank God every day for sparing you for me, for bringing you to me, you are alive, you are with me, I do not care about anything else. I care about nothing else but you. Do you understand? 

    In the gardens Sinan tells Gulbahar that Ilyas pasha's actions weren't as strong as his words, and that Sultan Murad personally took his head. Whereas we had relied on them for everything that we possess (meaning power/wealth and means). Gulbahar says What we posses or don't (power/wealth/means) is tied to Shehzade Beyazid! Ilyas pasha was just a tool for us. Had he succeeded great. Sinan says yes but, Sultan Murad will not leave the throne so easily. With this victory he has further ensured himself on the throne, and he will grow great in the eyes of the people and the army. Gulby says soldiers and people look at their pockets and money. This time the people will shout to kill him. Sinan says maybe it is time to make a serious attack. Gulby says enough of your way, we will go my way now, my way is patience. I waited years. We will wait a little longer. What difference does it make if we dig their wells for them with a needle or a shovel, the point will be that we shall dig traps for them. SInan says we spent all our wealth in that fruitless rebellion of Ilyas's. I do not know how we will fund another fight. Gulby says do not worry your pretty head about money. ** hahaha just kidding** she said do not worry about money, you keep our friends in safety, that is enough. I will handle harem matters. 

    Kosem greets Murad, says we heard of your victory, finally you have returned. Murad says Ibo will you not welcome me? Ibo says welcome, if you permit, can I go to my room. Kosem says ignore him he isn't well. Gevherhan says we heard of your victory, we are so fortunate and overjoyed. May God grant you more. Atike says because of ill events, we have been quite troubled of course, but you have come, so it will all pass. Murad says I will deal with it, I will deal with it of course. Ayse says I, my Ahmed, and my Hanzade all waited for you eagerly. 

    Murad looks at Ayse and there is a flashback of Farya telling him, it was Ayse Sultan, she did it. I am certain. Who knew me in the market? Someone would have tell them. I have no proof but I am certain she did it. 

    Kosem says to Murad, you left the army and went alone into the fortress. What if God forbid something happened to you? How can you throw your life in danger? Murad says I am okay as you see, but Silahdar is wounded. Atike sas he is okay God willing? Murad says his condition is serious,but God willing he will recover. He tells Kemankes to get the doctor to prepare because Silahdar will be on his way. Then he asks to be left alone with Kemankes and Kosem and for Ayse to wait outside. 

    Ayse tells her servant to send the children away. Then she says to Farya, after what you did to me you complained as well? Geveherhan says Ayse come to your sense, you must have forgotten we are here. Atike is worried saying Farya, if something happens to Silahdar what will I do?! Gevherhan says Atike! Control yourself! Atike says I have nothing hidden from Farya, she knows everything as it is. 

    Kemankes tells Murad - for long now, some words have been going around among the people, when they saw her in the market, in a moment's time everything turned, they marched on her. Murad says how woudl they recognize her. Someone had shown her to them. Kemankes says I investigated this possibility. I interrogated many people. Not a single subject of yours said they got an order. Kosem says the Princess was in the capitol for a long time, they found out somehow. These things don't stay secret. I told you Murad, I told you these things won't be taken well, I told you our customs and practices are obvious. 

    Murad says to her, so they were right to do this is that right? They killed my child! Kosem says that is not what I meant. We caught all of them, I personally gave their punishment, they were all killed. 

    Sinan tells Seyhulislam that Murad has returned, and also with Ilyas' head. Seyhulislam says great, anyone working against the state should get the punishment they deserve. Hopefully, Sultan Murad will bury the doubt he has about you along with burying Ilyas pasha, he had also accused you. The seyh says since I have not made mistakes, I am not worried about it. Sinan says they will find an excuse if they have removed from favour, I am afraid that tomorrow or the next day, we might find Yahya Efendi the seyhulislam over us once again. The Seyh says while I am alive, it is impossible. Sinan says that is what makes me afraid, Sultan Murad's anger grows as time passes, if it isn't a prince, a pasha, a seyhulislam then whose head will he take first? Seyhulislam says don't speak like you don't know anything - since when is a Seyhulislam ever been killed? There is no precedence! Sinan says while Sultan Murad is on the throne and has the backing of Kosem Sultan behind him, then anything can happen. For this reason, I want you to re-think our offer. Your support for Sh. Beyazid will be the best for us all. The Seyh says for the order of the land we never shied away from anything and we never will, but I am curious - is our prince as ambitious for his future as you are? I want to personally speak to him. 

    Ayse enters Murad's room. She says your Majesty, I was so afraid something happened to you, thank God my prayers have been answered and I have been re-united with you. Murad says I have not forgotten what you did in the past Ayse, I forgave you once, saying a second time wouldn't happen, in particular if you have anything to do with the attack that happened - if you have something to say, say it now, because if I find out, the punishment will be harsh. Ayse says I did not do anything your Majesty, that woman used the past as an excuse and slandered me, if it stayed at that great, but she tried to kill me! everyone is witness! She almost drowned me in the bath! They ripped me away from her hands with great difficulty. Won't she be punished for this doing of hers? Murad replies I want peace in my harem, if you don't want peace and want problems, then I will personally become the problem and you won't be able to fix it in any way! You may leave. 

    Ayse's servant asks Ayse what Murad said. Ayse says Farya has immediately tried to turn him against me, he asked if I had anything to do with the matter. Anyway we took our precautions, this matter is closed and done. Ayse's servant says we did not do good to ask for Gulby's help, even if she were to become rain, she wouldn't rain on anyone's farm (i.e. she never helps anyone for goodness sake). She has something in her mind. Ayse says don't call calamity! I'm already troubled. Our Majesty has once again taken that whore. That woman turns every outcome favorable to her somehow! 

    Kosem goes to Ibrahim and says what are you doing? How can you behave that way in front of your brother? Ibo says when I look at my sovereign brother's eyes I remember what he did to Kasim! It's not in my hands, I cannot forgive him.  Kosem replies, what do you mean forgive?! Forget it all! It isn't just your brother, but your Majesty that stands before you, don't forget! Ibo says is is it possible to forget? Our brother has engraved it into our minds!  The face I see is his face, but it's like his manner has changed. in place of my brother such a heartless and cruel one has come that for the sake of his throne and power, he will throw all of us into the Cage! And the day will even come where he will kill us all! Kosem tells him to be quiet, the walls have ears. Ibo says silence and pretending not to see doesn't get rid of reality. Kasim is unwell, he has lost hope. Kosem says Kasim will exit of course, but my fear is for you. while your brother is trying to throw off the suspicion from inside him, you should not act like this! Don't!! 

    Murad in the marketplace, imagines the words that were shouted at Farya and recalls her words saying I tried to protect our baby but I couldn't! I will never have a baby again! Kemankes says your Majesty, this is where the degenerates attacked all at once, the guards couldn't do a thing, I intervened with great difficulty. 

    Murad asks a merchant about how work goes. Murad says how is business? They say the marketplace isn't as busy after recent events. The merchant says my Bey is there a day without incident? We miss peace...every day a different apocalypse happens here...which one are you speaking of my Bey? Murad replies, they attacked the woman here...the merchant lowers his head. Another man says oh I know, he's talking about that whore! The merchant says HEY don't talk without knowing, it's a sin. My Bey there was a rumour - that the woman was Sultan Murad's kept woman, God forgive me. The people wen't crazy, how sad, they almost killed the poor woman! The random man says they did too little to her! If they had given that whore to me, all the things I would have done! Actually, the fault is not with the woman, it is Sultan Murad's fault. All the women in the harem and he goes and keeps her. Murad WHO ARE YOU, WHO ARE YOU I WILL RIP YOUR LIVER, WHO ARE YOU TO SAY SUCH WORDS. Kemankes! whoever was part of the incident! Find them! Kemankes says our Majesty, there were hundreds of people. Murad says you will do as I say! Those who attacked my favourite and my unborn baby here - whoever they are, you will find them ALL! Kemankes - as you order your Majesty!

    Atike paces back and forth praying for Silahdar to come back safe and sound. Then she says sorry Farya, I got lost in my own problems I forgot about you. Do not destroy yourself further, what is important is the love between you which is so powerful you can overcome all things. Farya says when Sultan Murad returned, the burden in my heart was lighter. Just like Murad's love covered up my wounds, your love will be a remedy for Silahdar. Atike says hopefully...I had to really hold myself from running to my Sovereign brother and falling at his robe, begging, I love him please let me go to him. Atike is informed that Silahdar has been brought to the palace. Farya tells her to go and see so that she can be relieved. 

    Geverhan meanwhile is also being told about Silahdar's arrival. She asks how he is, her servant says I am not sure, they took him straight to the palace hospital, the doctors are there. God Willing he will recover. Gevherhan says I don't even know myself...if I could only see him well...if he could just look into my eyes again...I can't even ask how he is. The girl says won't you go see him? Gev replies how can I? If someone sees me or hears about it? Atike, my mother...it is impossible. You go to the hospital, find out how he is, it is enough for me to know he is well. She recalls Silahdar giving her the stone that he used to always keep with him.

    Atike visits Silahdar , she asks the doctor how he is. The doctor says his wound has gotten worse during the journey, we did what we could, God Willing he will recover.  When she is alone she says to Silahdar - When I heard you were wounded  I threw away all my hurt. I took my love for you in my hands, and took refuge in that. You have affected me so deeply, I cannot tear (my feelings) away from me.

    Sinan tells Gulbahar that he spoke with the Seyhulislam and that the "old wolf" stands his grounds. No matter how much he doesn't wanna admit it, he realizes that Sultan Murad has removed him from favour. Sooner or later he will set up alliance with us, but he wants to be certain. Gulby says about what? About our Prince wanting the throne or not. This is he wants to meet with him. Gulby says NOT AT ALL. It is not time for that yet, Beyazid's love for his brother is known. If he finds out he will go against it. Beyazid shows up. Gulby greets him, you finally returned! Sinan greets him and says welcome. You returned with great victory on your first outing. Beyazid says it was not our victory, it was our Majesty's he went to the fort alone. We simply watched. 

    Evliya is bragging about Murad's feats during the fight at the fortress. He says the war was high, inside that traitor Ilyas was hiding. Someone says wasn't that your ex brother in law? Evliya says WAS, then he became a traitor! Even if the traitor is my dad I won't know him! You will do the same! Don't make me lose my train of thought! Oh yes, this is Sultan Murad, he went inside through the wall, took out his sword, took God's Name and took hundreds of their heads! I'm making it sound LESS than what it really was! I was there! My eyes are witness! Our Lord is witness! And then he dragged Ilyas from the fortress, threw him before him and then took the Persian bow and drew, took God's Name! Then he describes Ilyas getting hit through the heart and says that arrow was straight through the hearts of the traitors! 
    Know this! Do not forget what I told you here! This is what happens to those who betray Sultan Murad and the mighty state! Hear it well and tell those who don't know. LONG LIVE SULTAN MURAD! 

    Beyazid and Gulby are together and Gulby says my brave son, why is your face clouded over like this? Is there something that is troubling you, what happened? Beyazid says what secret, hidden things were you talking about with Sinan pasha? Gulby says Well what else? He was just telling me about your manliness on the battlefield. You don't trust the pasha? He has protected you for years, he is loyal to us. Beyazid says I do trust him, but I do not want you secretly talking to him. Gulby says do we have any other choice? If Kosem sultana finds out all our dreams will go to waste. Beyazid says what dreams are you talking of? Gulby says my son, the time has come to tell you about reality. Even if you do not want to accept it, we are in a war. Beyazid replies what war? Who are we fighting? My Sovereign brother? Gulby says him, and Sultan Kosem too. We will do whatever to protect you and to one day arrange for your ascension to the throne you deserve. Beyazid says you're going to protect me by throwing me in the fire?! Kosem sultan is looking for us to make the smallest mistake. What do you think will happen when she finds out about these secret doings of yours? I am not a part of this war. I will never betray my brother. And you turn back from whatever it is that you are doing! 

    Yahya Efendi is with Murad. He says your Majesty, this victory will bring strength to your friends and fear to your enemies. Murad says God Willing. Yahya says but I see you sad. Is there someone that is in your mind? Murad says you read my heart once again Yahya Efendi. Yahya says your Majesty, the things that happened to Farya of course made you sad, we were all affected. It was a deplorable incident. Murad says what kind of hatred is this? To the point where they attacked my favourite, my unborn baby...they had gone mad! But this isn't what troubles my soul, it is something else. I saw a dream when I was on the campaign. You will tell me if it is good or bad. Murad tells him that someone came into his tent while he was sleeping, a dark figure on a horse came in, when he attacked with a knife, the figure disappeared. Yahya says who? Murad says I didn't see his face, he had covered it, and he was covered in black. But, the most important, he was on my horse. Yahya says as you know, the scholars have likened the tent as a symbol of the state. Seeing it as a dream it means an omen about your family, the Household of Osman. The one coming in darkness dressed in black is the messenger of betrayal at your doorstep. Murad says okay, what is the meaning of  the traitor riding on my horse? Yahya Efendi says it means the betrayal will come from someone very close to you. It could be an omen that comes from the Household itself. 

    Haci tells Kosem that no one could save the man from Murad, that in front of everyone he beat the man up. Esther says and the ones who were involved from among the people have been gathered up one by one. The people are worried. Kosem says my victorious son returns to the Capitol, I barely see his face. Everything is about Farya. I knew he cared for her, but never imagined this much. He is willing to destroy the world for a strand of her hair. The fire of his anger will reach and scorch everyone. Haci says that fire...should it not reach the Palace. Esther says when I was coming I heard that Silahdar was wounded, is his condition serious? Kosem says what is going on Esther? What does this matter have to do with you? Esther says I was curious...he is after all very dear to our Majesty. Kosem says is he also very previous to you? And you had said he had something to do with Atike and there was nothing of that sort! Why are you doing this, why are you throwing these words! Esther says I just told you what I heard, so it was a lie, I had no bad intentions. Kosem says You are with me for years, I like you, I protect you, but only as long as you remain loyal and don't do things behind my back. 

    Atike comes across Esther in the hall. Atike, what's up? You haven't come here in a long time. Esther says I just came to visit our Kosem Sultana. Atike says just when Silahdar returns, what a meaningful coincidence! Esther says it has nothing to do with him, I came to give her information. Atike says I know what information you give to her! You took the first opportunity to give my name and say I had a secret relationship with Silahdar. Don't try my patience, I am sure you don't want to make me your enemy? Esther says never, my Sulana, I wouldn't dare, you misunderstood me, I do not know who is in Silahdar's heart, but I swear it is not me. 

    Gevherhan's servant tells her that Silahdar has been able to go to his own room. Gev says yay his condition is better than. Servant says in a few days he'll be okay. Gev says well how was he did you see him? Servant says no, but if you wish you can see him we can go at night, Who will find out at that time?

    Murad goes to see Silahdar - dont get up. Kemankes wishes him recovery. Murad says how many times is this? How many times will you save my life with yours? Silahdar says 'my life is for your way your Majesty, may God make me go in your way.' Murad says we shall have many more victories God willing! We still have to march to Baghdad! Rest, do not get up before you are better. Murad tells Kemankes how Kasim is. Kemankes says Kasim's condition is bad. He didn't eat or drink during his absence and that Kosem is very sad, wanted to get him out of there, but Kasim did not allow it, said I will not get out until my brother permits me to. 

    Farya tells Atike she worried about her. Did you see Silahdar? Atike says seeing him made me feel worse, seeing him like that. Farya says don't worry the best doctors are there thanks to our Majesty, he will recover. Atike says I just want him to get better, don't care about anything else. Whoever is in his heart, I will throw her out of there too. Farya says wasn't it Esther? Atike says it is obvious she loves him, saw her again just now, I warned her, but she said such a thing that I am confused. Farya said what? Atike says she swore that Silahdar loves someone else. Who is that woman if not Esther! I will go mad! Farya says she probably just said that to protect herself from you. 

    Murad goes with Haci and orders Haci to take Kasim out of the room. Kasim bows, your Majesty. Murad recalls when as a child, Osman came to him and said haven't you slept yet? What is in your hand? Murad pulls out a wooden sword. Are you afraid of me? Murad says I fear nothing. Osman says I am afraid Murad. I am afraid of becoming a cruel ruler with bloody hands. Murad says have you not become one anyway! 

    In the present, Murad says Kasim? Are you afraid of me. Kasim shakes his head. 

    Lalezar tells Kosem you wanted me to inform you, our Majesty has returned to the palace. Gev says mother where are you going? Kosem says enough already, gonna speak up so that Kasim's punishment can finally come to an end. Gev says don't mother, our Majesty is troubled, don't push him when he is like this, the end might be worse. Kosem says I don't see one my sons, the other has locked himself in his room and is almost going mad from fear. I will not let my children melt like a candles before me. Haci arrives just then with Kasim behind him. Kosem says Kasim, my son! How did you get out? Haci? Haci says our Majesty personally brought him out. Kosem says thank you God for answering my prayers. I missed you very much, come let me hold you. Kasim says with your permission I wish to return to my room. 

    Murad is with Farya she says stop grieving yourself over this, you did the best thing to listen to your conscience. Along with your brother, you also freed yourself from captivity. Murad says God willing...how are you? Do you feel better? Farya says in your arms I forget everything for a moment. Later it comes back to mind. It thrusts me into a deep grief. Everytime I close my eyes, I see the same nightmare. Murad says everyone who did this to you will get their punishment. Farya says the thing that hurts me most is not the attack, it is the realities. They are like a fist at my throat. I can't swallow. I can't breath. Murad says what is that reality? Farya says everything the people were saying that day were true, that you have kept me, that even if you give me a palace, and put the world before me, this is the truth. Murad says Farya, those words have no power. Farya says I was born a free princess, raised as one too. This situation hurts me a lot. I will fight everyone for us, for you. But I have no power to overcome this. 

    Atike runs to Kasim, as does Ibrahim. Thank God, they say. Ibo says come let's eat together. They made Kadayif ( a dessert) you love that. Kasim says I want to be alone.

    Farya meanwile, recalls the words from now it is improbable that she will become pregnant again. 

    Farya goes to Ayse's room and puts a dagger to her throat.

    THE END. 

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