• Episode 9, Trailer # 1 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Kosem: This attack upon the unborn child of our House (of Osman) can no way be acceptable.

    Kosem: Whoever has their fingers in this matter will pay with their lives for it...

    Kosem:...including Ayse Sultan!

    Sinan: They (he/she)  took his/her head with their own hands! Whereas we had relied on them for everything that we possess (meaning power/wealth and means).

    Gulbahar: What we posses or don't (power/wealth/means) is tied to Shehzade Beyazid!

    Beyazid: Who are we fighting against? My brother, his Majesty?

    Gulbahar: Against him and Kosem Sultan!

    Ibrahim: Such a merciless, cruel person has come in place of my brother that for his throne and power he will take all our lives!

    Murat: Who are you!? Who are YOU to dare to say such words!!!


    1. Please upload the translation for episode 8.

    2. Wow, Ayala. Thanks for the translations. I thought season 2 will be available on you tube but was wrong.
      Anybody know when do they telecast this drama every day of the week.