• Episode 11 Translation, Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    Fire of an Era

    Murad shouts out Beyazid! What is this situation?! EXPLAIN! Beyazid says there is no situation, we were practicing. Murad says like this?! Look at this condition of yours! As if you are enemies, not brothers. what is the reason for this anger and hatred in your eyes?! Kasim says not an important matter, your Majesty, we must have gotten carried away in the practice. Murad says I do not know what transpired between you two, but no matter what the issue is, I don't turn a blind eye to it! You  go to your rooms. Beyazid come with me!

    Lalezar has found Ayse in Kosem's room and asks what she is doing there. Ayse says Hanzade insisted to see Kosem, they've been waiting but Kosem hasn't returned. Lalezar says didn't the aghas tell you? Our Valide and our sultanas went to the charity complex, won't return until before the afternoon prayer. Ayse says oh yeah? Okay, we shall go, Hanzade is on the terrace. Ayse tells Hanzade our Valide hasn't returned, we shall return at night, let's go.

    At the complex, the people thank Kosem and the sultanas. Esther notices Gevherhan's handkerchief as the same one that Silahdar had on his desk. Gev notices her staring and says did something happen? Esther says, your handkerchief caught my eye. It's pretty, elegant just like you.

    Beyazid faces Murad. Murad says I went in disguise to the market, the merchants are complaining about the Janissaries, some of whom have lost their way, forcing them to pay protection money. They will get what they deserve of course, just like those who cast eye on my Sultanate, yes? Beyazid says your Majesty, who could dare. Murad replies, the enemy is one people, did you not witness it yourself? Did they not come to my door twice? Did those traitors not shout out your name? Beyazid says I do not care what those degenerates say! I am always loyal to you, always by your side! What is the meaning of these words your Majesty, or do you doubt me? Murad says I do not doubt you of course, but in every opportunity they cry out your name. We must think of this issue. Correct? Beyazid says - their intentions are obvious, they want to pit brother against brother. Murad replies - you speak truth, but why when the condition is like this, do you not watch your steps? Beyazid says forgive me your Majesty, did I make an unwitting error? Murad replies - just this morning, they saw you speaking with the Seyhulislam Ahizade Efendi. What is your business with the Seyhulislam? What did you two speak about? Beyazid says it was just a coincidence, we simply exchanged pleasantries(asking each other how we were. Murad says, seeing you two together is not agreeable Beyazid, know your place, and keep your distance/protect your allegiance. Otherwise there will be none left asking about how you are, or asking about your condition.


    Kemankes appears before MUrad and tells him that he investigated the Janissary barracks, as he asked, and Silahdar interrupts and says did you find out the names of the thieves among them? Kemankes says no, unfortunately no, it has not been ascertained. I walked among the merchants as well, and of course, no one of them know their names. Murad tells him to continue searching and double the efforts. Then he adds anything else? Kemankes hesitates and then says our Kosem sultana, has tried to appease the Janissaries. She has distributed money among the Janissaries. Murad says so it means my mother has begun acting without informing me! Kemankes replies, your Majesty, perhaps, our Sultana worried about the matter and wanted to take some precautions. Murad says precautions? Is it a precaution to hand out money to the Janissaries? Maybe in the past she had to, but I closed that era! Everyone will accept willingly and happily what they get! Anyone who dares raise an eye for more than what they deserve, then it means they have cast an eye on my throne!

    Ayse hands the copied wax impression of the seal. Ayse says we are even now. Do not ask me for anything else. Gulbahar says why do you say that? Is what fate brings apparent? You may need my help again, and I will happily help you again. Ayse says no thanks, dont mix me up in your business again.

    Beyazid arrives and Ayse leaves. Bey says to his mother, I told you. I told you to stop and give up what you were doing. Thanks to you he doubts me. Gulby says who? What are you saying? Bey replies, I am coming from our Majesty. He asked what I was speaking about with he Seyhulislam. I guess Kasim got to him before me. You see mother? You got me into the war without me even realizing it. Gulby replies you born into that war! Get it already! Just look at what happened merely speaking to the Mufti Efendi! Who knows what your brother said right away, exaggerating it many times over! And your Sovereign brother immediately took it to be bad! Beyazid replies, and is it not bad mother?! Just because they don't know, do you think I won't know what kind of plot you are up to and who is involved in it with you?! Gulby says you don't know my son! You do not see where we are marching to! As your Sovereign brother grows more powerful, you are getting one step closer to death. What did you expect? For me to stand and watch? Beyazid, my dear, God is my witness, all I wish is for you to stay alive!

    Kosem returns, asks why Murad has come to see her. Lalezar says I do not know. Kosem says alright, leave us alone.

    Kosem to Murad - welcome my imperial one. Murad replies, the real welcome to you, is your work done? Kosem says I visited the complex, Atike and Gevherhan came along with me, Farya as well. I listened to the people's troubles, as you know, what was needed is done. Murad says, great! As Valide Sultana you will definitely have to deal with these kinds of matters. However! Everything has a limit is. that. not. right? Mother, with what right, with what capacity do you interfere in the Janissary barracks, and distribute money to the Janissary aghas? DO not try to deny it. Kemankes personally found out and explained to me. Now, you explain! Kosem says yes, I will have an explanation of course. The Janissaries voices is strong, it does not resemble the Sipahis. You look and all of a sudden it has become a loud cry that echoes throughout the Capitol!! I did it as a precaution, so they don't take to rebellion. Murad replies, for precautions? To prevent rebellion? While I am around, does it befall to you? Every time I say "my mother wouldn't do this", and I imagine that you would never do it every time - and every time you disappoint me. Unfortunately, I do not have any faith left in you. Kosem says what should I have done? Should I have watched you dragged to your disaster? Murad: You still didn't understand did you? I AM THE REAL DISASTER. Anyone who questions my will, I become their disaster.

    Kasim tells Ibrahim to calm down and stop pacing around. Ibrahim says I don't know how you're so calm, aren't you curious what our Majesty and Beyazid are discussing? Kasim says nope, he is probably explaining his actions. Ibrahim says what does this mean? Kasim says in my opinion he is in a secret plot against our Majesty. Ibrahim says what plot? Kasim nods. Ibrahim understands. No! Beyazid has made mistakes, but I do not think he would do this much. He would not betray our Majesty. Kasim says hmmm, did h not betray me? Did he not get me locked up? Ibrahim says yes, he did that much, but do not forget, you got sacrificed for your own crimes. You did your time (got your punishment) and now it is over. Now stay away from this kind of business. Kasim says and if it is true Ibo? If he is in the throes of betrayal? Then in that case, our Majesty, you, me and our mother are all in danger!

    Beyazid tells Murad - Beynem has brought important news to me, and I wanted him to tell you. Murad says speak. Beynem says a friend of mine has a pub, and thanks to Kosem Sultana, I have become a partner, but when I went today, some Janissaries came to the pub and were demanding to collect protection money.  Silahdar finishes saying - and they will return tonight, if they don't pay the money, they will destroy the pub over their heads. Beynem says they have made this deal with all the merchants, they are doing thievery! Murad says so while we are searching for them, they are coming with their own two feet to us. Let them come.

    Murad and his men wait in the pub. Kalika stares at Beyazid and welcomes her. Huseyin says don't dawdle woman, move along.

    Kosem says to Haci - there was something so different in my sovereign son's eyes. It is like anger and hate has made a curtain over his eyes. He looks through the curtain at everything. Haci says our Majesty has always been angry, but as time passes it will subside. But how did he find out? Halil pasha was so careful. Kosem says Kemankes told him.

    The Janissaries enter one of them says Kalika hatun, hopefully you gathered the money! Murad says Hey Janissary, come here, your money is with me. Janissary man says and who are you , man? Murad says your death! Fighting ensues, they are all killed and their leader remains who threatens he will kill Kalika if anyone gets close.  She thanks Beyazid for saving her. She says I am indebted to you.

    Atike asks Farya what is wrong again. Is it because Ayse is pregnant. Farya says I got a letter from my mother, she was so happy when she heard I was pregnant, when I read it, it grieved me more. Atike says I have come to speak to you aout this matter, a healing lady will come tomorrow I called her. Farya says can she do something? Atike says God willing, she has become a cure for many women seeking to become pregnant. Smile a bit now!

    Gulby to Sinan - it is Kosem Sultana's seal, I got the impression. Sinan asks how she did it. Gulby says Ayse sultana paid back the debt she owed me. I didn't have much hope, but she turned out to be more competent than I thought - fear makes people do things they never imagined they could do. The rest is up to you. Sinan says I will get the letters ready at once, when the time comes the letters will reach their owners. Gulby tells him to be careful, no one should suspect. He says do not worry, everything will go as you wish this time around.

    Kosem goes to Kasim and asks him why things are going bad between him and Beyazid and that Kasim was so quiet for a while now, she knew something was up. Kasim says I didn't do anything wrong. Kosem says I understand your anger, but it makes me very worried. Anger takes a person to make mistakes. Don't attract your Sovereign brother's wrath towards you. Kasim says I will do as you wish. I will not step out of your orders. But I want you to know that Beyazid is not at all as innocent as he seems. Kosem says what does this mean, if you know something tell me. Kasim says I saw Beyazid with the Mufti Efendi today. Kosem asks if he told Murad. Kasim replies I did  He needed to know because it is obvious he has hidden intentions. Kosem says Kasim my prince, before accusing someone, think twice, if you do not have real evidence, it will harm you. Listen to me, you will not step outside of my words. From now on whatever you hear and see, you will inform me. You saw what evil befell you when you hid stuff from me.

    Murad enters the barracks with his entourage. Kemankes announces Murad. The Janissary agha says my Padishah, may your steps (your footsteps) be blessed. you have bring us honour and delight (by entering our home). Huseyin dumps the heads of the traitors in front of them. Murad says - these traitors forgot the old rules of the barracks, they took forced protection money from the people! You, my Janissary subjects, how do you allow such unruly, bandit types to roam among you! Fine, you forgot the old rules of the barracks, but did you also forget the oath you took by placing your hand on the Holy Quran?!

    The agha says God forbid,  my Imperial one, we do not go back on our oaths. Recall the sixty fifth order (of the Janissaries) who murdered my late brother Osman! Remember what happened to them! Learn a lesson from them! Learn it so that you do not become a lesson yourselves! The agha shouts - we are loyal to the old sacred rules of our barracks, to you our Padishah Efendi, and our Imperial Household. May ourlives be sacrificed to you! Hu! Or Hus!

    Evliya asks Hezarfen what is going on, the noise can be heard all over the Capitol. Hezarfen says  he is building a plant. Evliya says haha then you gave up on flying eh? Hezarfen says no, I made the plank so that I can use it to jump off from the tower! He says he will use the force that the plank will give to take off and the winds need to be just right. He tells Evliya to let him work. Evliya says meaning there is no sleep tonight!

    Murad is dreaming steps off his terrace onto a path and then sees his terrace from afar and the sound of a horse's whinny. A hooded rider approaches and then Kosem hears his mother calling his name. She says you must have seen a nightmare, tell me about it. He says it's confusing, he'll tell her later. She says you have fallen asleep here, God forbid you will catch cold and fall ill. Murad says the winds are never ceasing in the Capitol. Kosem says they say the south winds are headed this way bringing rain...I do not like it, there is a reason why they call it "tears" then she prays for God to protect him and her other children.

    Evliya tells Beynem - hey I'd like to say "may it be for the best" but what good did a pub ever bring about! Look at this place! Hezy says don't break the man's motivation, it's already suffered, he just opened and the Janissaries ruined it! Beynem says but, we got through it quite unscathed, thank God for our Majesty who saved us from those thieves! A man enters, Gazanfer asks a man where the fish are, and the man says thanks to the south winds there are none! The weather has prevented people from going out. Evliya says haha yes I was once with my father and the same winds came along and swept me off I could have been swept away, my father held my hand thankfully! Hezarfen shouts out YES, the south winds! Then he goes out and shouts to the people that after the noon prayers and Evliya interrupts saying people this is the last time you see this man! Hezy says after the noon prayer I will fly! Those who want to watch should not move their eyes from the sky!

    Lalezar enters Kosem's room and hands her the letter she is sending to Abaza. Kosem takes out her seal and notices something on it. She says why is my seal like this? What is this? Haci takes a look and says how is this possible? I don't get it. Lalezar says  there is wax stuck. Kosem shouts that is exactly what I am saying! Who dares to mess with my seal?! Find out at once!

    Meanwhile, Sinan is having letters fabricated, and tells Yakup his minion to make sure the letters get to each of the recipients personally. Yakup says what if they get suspicious? What if they try to confirm (double check with Kosem or her men)? Sinan says seeing the seal will be enough for them. They will be convinced the letter is from Kosem. As you know, upon saying "Valide Sultan" water stops flowing! These will go to our friends in the Janissary barracks, Yakup says it's not my place, but my job to advise, we're sending the money but, hopefully we don't get into tight spot later, our condition is apparent. Sinan says you don't worry about that Yakup, Kosem sultanas men bringing wealth along with them, the tough days will be over.

    Atike asks the lady if there is hope about Farya's condition. The woman says there is no end to hoping in God's Help, but it will require a miracle. Murad enters and wonders what is going on, asks if Farya is fine. Atike says I called a healing lady to examine Farya. Atike leaves. Farya says she said my becoming pregnant can only happen through a miracle. Murad says where is this coming from? Is it because of Ayse? Farya says nope! UH...yes, Ayse is pregnant, she will give you another baby, something I will never give you. I can see how much you love me in your eyes, but later? One day if your love for me ends? Murad says Farya, nothing will change today or tomorrow for me - you are my favourite of both worlds. You will always remain so.

    Kosem meets Kemankes. He says I know why you called me - because I told our Majesty about the Janissary matter. Believe me, this hurt your subject Kemankes the most! Forgive me, but I just could not hide this type of thing from our Majesty. Kosem replies - there is no harm done, I am used to this kind of thing. Who knows how many springs and winters of mine have passed in this palace...pain and grief on one side, I had many happy times too. I had friends for example. I had loyal people. I had loved ones. I had to bury many of them myself into the earth (many of them died) May they all be blessed and rest in peace. Do you know Kemankes - sometimes death is easier than trusting someone. It is so hard to find someone loyal around you...that after many years for the fist time - for the very first time I trusted someone, considered them my friend, my companion - just like the ones I lost. But I was mistaken, you were not one of those.

    Farya is telling Margaret that the healer had cured many women of infertility but even she said that I need a miracle. Margaret says  how quick you forgot all you lived through? Everything that happened. And you got through it every time. You being here is a miracle, is it not! I believe in miracles. You should too. Ayse arrives and says I heard you called the healer, how unfortunate for you. Are you going to seek the aid of magic to get pregnant? Farya says you walk around a lot in your pregnant condition? If I were you, I'd stay in my room! There are all sorts of dangers lurking around. Remember I was pregnant too? And then someone attacked me and I lost my baby. Be careful. Don't lose yours too. Ayse says are you threatening me? Farya says maybe I will never become pregnant again...perhaps I will spend my whole life searching for a cure, but I will never be as hopeless as you! So much so that you don't have a cure for what ails you! Ayse says and what is that which ails me? Farya says Sultan Murad will never love you as much as he loves me!

    Evliya is blocking Hezarefn saying, no chance, I will not send you to your death! Did you get it?  let the wind pass and we'll see later. Evliya says come now, lets sit down, have some soup and talk about it later eh? Hezarfen says do you think if the south winds pass, I will give up? Ev says you wont give up? Hezarfen says I won't stop. if I am to die, I would rather it be fulfilling my dreams while flying! You can write about me eh? "I knew a man named Hezarfen he was serious, quite talented, but his spirit was quite free and wild. Evliya says I will of course, but a friend like you....it is not easy to find someone like you...Hezarfen says I know, I know that and I also know that you understand me deep down inside. Evliya says so you have made up your mind then eh? Hezarfen nods.

    Ayse greets Kosem and Gev. Kosem says hehe is this a thing?! haha, he will fly from Galata! Haci says they say he has made wings. Gev says like a bird eh? It means he is mad then! Haci says yep. Atike enters and says mother, Hezarfen Celebi will fly?! Kosem says hahaha what can we say except God grant him some sense! Haci, did you guys find anything about the seal?! Haci says we questioned everyone, we haven't figured anything out. I don't get it.

    Murad is on his terrace tells Silahdar so he will fly from Galata? Silahdar says yes, I didn't believe it at first either, and Evliya couldn't prevent him. Kemankes says if you wish, we can stop him. Murad looks and says you are too late, look he is already at the edge of the turret! Hezarfen says, forgive my shortcomings Evliya! Evliya says yes! Hezarefen ,and you forgive mine too my friend! Hezarfen! Did you make your ablution(washing before prayer)? Hezy says yes I have. Evliya says good, good. It is important and good. Hezarfen prays, please help me God, if I have done wrong, please forgive my sins! Oh God! and off he goes!

    Hahaha Hezarfen shouts I AM FLYING!

    Murad says he did what he said! He is flying!

    Evliya is shouting HEZARFEN IS FLYING!

    Beynem watches from the market and says Hezarfen Celebi said he would fly and he's flying! His friend says oh God, the apocalypse must be happening! What is this? OMG! Beynem says it is a miracle, a miracle! A miracle from God!

    Kosem is saying oh God, take care of my mind!

    (WOW, I loved that scene!!!)

    Later, Gevherhan is walking towards Murad's room and Silahdar exits. She says I had come to see my Sovereign brother. Silahdar says he left, with your permission (I leave).

    In the forest, Evliya and Huseyin are looking for Hezarfen and find him alive up in a tree. Huseyin says I swear, people should fear you! Evliya says the whole Capitol was watching you!!! And you flew all the way to Uskudar!!! Huseyin says he flew to it, and landed as well! The landing part is important! Evliya says yes! Thank God he didn't fall. He worked so hard blah blah and Hezarfen says MEN hello, get me down! I am stuck up here, my wings are jammed!

    They help him down and they walk together and Hezy comments that the wings look good on Evliya, who says hehe yah they do eh? And he adds, when you took off, I imagined that you might just SPLAT! But instead you went a little down and then rose up and soared....like a bird! Huseyin says I knew you were brave but not this much! Bravo! Hezy says it wasn't easy of course, at the end, it is hard to get Evliya to keep quiet. He keeps blabbing. Evliya says I am the most quiet man of the Capitol! But let me ask you something Huseyin - did you believe he would fly? Huseyin says I swear, I did not think he could do it. they called me crazy, but the real crazy is you Hezy! Evliya says let us see what our Majesty will say! Hehehe, let me fly now to him!

    Esther tells an agha to give two letters - one to Silahdar and one to Gevherhan.

    Gevherhan speaks to her servant saying I tried speaking to Silahdar many times, but forget speaking he doesn't even look at my face! Her servant says isn't this what you wanted? The agha brings the note and says it is from Silahdar. Gevherhan reads it - it says my SUltana, I need to speak to you, the matter is important, I will wait in the Marble Kiosk for you tonight.

    The agha meanwhile takes the other note to Silahdar, saying this was sent to you. It says I will wait for you in the marble Kiosk tonight.

    Esther goes to Atike's room. Atike says what are you doing here? Esther says do you want to find out who Silahdar loves? Atike says what are you saying, there is no one like that. Esther says yes there is. Go to the Marble Kiosk at night, he will be meeting his secret love there.

    The men have gathered and one of them comments, strange, God knows what else will befall us, when was it ever seen that a man could fly?! Another man says hopefully it isn't a sign of the day of judgment. Evliya says to Hezarfen, I do not like how things are going. The pashas look like they will swallow us in one spoon. Look how they look at us. Hezarfen says as long as our Majesty is pleased, that is enough. Evliya says yes, of course, but say he doesn't, if he calls for your head, then you will die, maybe not flying but after. Hezarfen says we will die eventually. They bicker and Huseyin says that Murad is waiting for them.

    Murad is silent and then he says this man (Hezarfen) is quite a scary man. What he aims for, he reaches it. Hezarfen thanks him. Evliya says forgive me, I wish to say - I always believed him. Hezarefen thanks Murad and Kemankes says this is a gift from our Majesty. And he will also pay for your way. Evliya says the cost of our way? Murad says no more flying Hezarfen. As you know Anatolia is a mess.  We quelled Ilyas's rebellion, but the Persians are not stopping. You will go to Anatolia and send news and information to me. You  will have my full backing. It means, you will become my eyes and ears in Anatolia.

    aww, they're leaving.

    Huseyin hugs them and says may your way be open!

    Hezarfen says what do you say about this Evliya? Evliya says , sir what can I say?! Anatolia!!! Oh God! We will get to see Anatolia. I will write many books! Hezy says I will never be rid of you! You will always keep blabbing. Evliya says listen, we will travel Anatolia! We will get to see, etc. etc. and they go off in the sunset.

    Gevherhan goes to Silahdar that night. She says you were right, we have remedy but each other. I have no strength to stay apart. Let what will come befall us, it cannot be more difficult than living without you. Silahdar says my Sultana, hearing this words from you...let my life be wasted away, but I believe! I believe that just like everyone, our Majesty will respect and accept this love. I swear I will find a way and we will be happy!

    The men have come to the ship and are wondering why Kosem has called them. One of them says we will find out soon. They wonder what is going on. Sinan orders the ship burned. The men shout what are you doing!?!

    Kosem is in her room when Lalezar enters and says Halil pasha has come I said not now, but he says it is urgent and needs to see you at once.

    Atike is not doing so well. Madame sees her and wonders if she is okay. She goes to her room.

    Gevherhan meanwhile says how strange, thought I'd never smile again, never be happy. I was wrong, Silahdar's love came like a flood, took away all my fears. The servant says forgive me, but will you speak to Atike sultana? Gev says we will wait, until she gives up, no one will heard of this.

    Atike keeps saying how do they do this, how? How? Gevherhan! How do they do this? (um why does she have a random run full of poison ready in her room?)

    Kosem says Halil you will make my heart drop, what is up at this time of night? Halil says not good at all, your loyal servant Omer Efendi came to me, went as per your order to the port, but he was a bit late and saw the ship burning. Kosem says what orders? What ship? Halil says our most trusted men were there, the traitors have burned them alive. Kosem says burned? What is going on, what are you saying? I gave no order! Halil says as I guessed they have set a trap. Omer says he got a letter from you. Kosem says what letter I did not write a letter to anyone! He says I know, but I brought it with me. He hands the letter to her.

    Murad is having the same nightmare. He says who are you?! Who are you?! Before he can pull off the figure's hood, he wakes up out of breath. He looks from his terrace and sees fire.

    Silahdar arrives. Murad says what is going on? Silahdar says a fire from the port is spreading to the city, if they don't intervene the whole Capitol will burn.

    Gulbahar is saying to Zeynel the moment we waited for years for, has come. May our war be blessed!

    Lalezar catches Atike who says what is going on? Lal says Kosem is waiting for you in her room. Atike says not now, get out! Lal says you must come, there is a fire in the Capitol it could spread to the palace. Haci tells Gevherhan that Kosem is calling her at once. She asks why? Haci says how do I say it...

    Farya tells Madame that Kosem has called for her, there is a fire. Farya asks if Murad has left, and Madame says I don't know didn't see. Farya says for sure he has gone out. Be careful. Madame says you be careful, don't worry about me.

    Haci to Kosem we sent word to our Sultanas and princes, they will come soon. Kosem says get the guards and the firemen too, send them to help the people flee - every neighborhood, mansion, kiosk near the palace will be evacuated, wrecked ! The fire will not reach the palace. Those who are homeless can be taken to my complex. Haci says God willing it wont reach the palace, please save u from this disaster...Kosem says you don't get it do you, this isn't a random event, they used my seal! They sent letters to my men and then burned them alive. As a result, the flames reached the Capitol. THe city is burning, but we are the real target! Haci says how did they get into your room! Kosem says they could not have done it without help from the inside! Haci says is it possible? Kosem says Gulbahar found a way! Haci replies, but my Sultana, how is it possible? have aghas and cariyes loyal to you for years working here. It is impossible. Kosem says they got in, someone inside has betrayed! Let this fire die down and we will find out who did it and they will ADMIT that they got the order from Gulbahar.

    Murad and his men see what is happening. Silahdar tells Murad to return to the palace, we will do what is needed. Murad says I will not sit in my palace when my Capitol is burning. No one should sit, everyone should help. Silahdar replies, as you order your Majesty.

    A woman begs Murad for help, her son is stuck inside. Murad rushes in. The child is saying mamma get me out of here. Murad says where are you? Little boy says in here!

    Lalezar is telling Atike that Murad has left long ago and that Kosem wants all her children with her. Atike says is Gevherhan there too? Lalezar says of course, but my Sultana you seem very pale are you alright? Atike says I am fine.

    Kosem asks her where were you my daughter I was worried about you, where were you? Gevherhan's tells her the fire started at the port, the situation is horrible. Ayse says and there is the wind,  it will spread fast, oh God protect us! Kosem says do not worry, we have taken all the precautions, the fire will die before it reaches us, all that we can do is pray. Kasim says let me go to help the guards. Kosem says no, your brother didn't listen and went, and I don't want to worry about you too. Kasim replies, then if anything let me go help with the precautions being set up in the palace. Kosem says fine, do not leave the palace. Atike passes out.

    The men worry about Murad who they can't see, Huseyin asks where he is, then they see him coming out of the smoke with the boy in his arms. The woman says your Majesty, thank you. Thank you, may your Sultanate live long! Murad sees the figure from his dreams come out of the smoke, but it is just Beyazid who has come to help. Murad says what are you doing here? How can you leave the palace? Beyazid says how could I stay in the palace, when I heard you had left, I couldn't stand it, I had to join. Murad says since you are here, you will help us. Kemankes, go to the apalace guards get them to empty the sorroundings. Huseyin and Beyazid, we will help the people. We must quell this fire at once!

    Gulbahar tells Sinan - when Beyazid heard about the fire, he set out after his Sovereign brother. Find my prince Sinan pasha, nothing should happen to him. Sinan says do not fear, I will do what is needed. Gulbahar says what is the situation? Is everything going as planned? Sinan says everything is going as we wanted. Those who got Kosem's letters have burned to ashes along with the ship. The fire has been purposely spread to the neighborhoods of  the scholars and those states men who ally themselves with Kosem. Gulby says good. And did the money reach the Janissary aghas? Sinan says it has and many of the Janissary aghas are ready to pledge allegiance to you and our prince. This fire will not only burn  the Capitol - but it will also scorch to ashes the Sultan Murad's sultanate as well! Gulbahar says you have won a great victory Gulbahar. Your presence gives me strength. Sinan says you my Sultana, you are the source of my strength! Do not worry about our prince. I will go right away and bring him back to the palace.

    Kosem prays to God, everything is coming back to back. Gevherhan enters and Kosem says how is Atike? Gev says nothing to worry, she is fine. The doctors gave medicine, she will rest. It is the stress of this incident. Kosem says oh thank God! Now if this fire would die and my Sovereign son return. Ayse asks Kosem why did our Majesty go? What can he do in the face of a fire? Everything's in chaos as it is...if something happens to him what will we do? God help us. Kosem says speak auspiciously, how do you speak like this in front of the children!? Kosem goes to comfort the babies.

    Farya is watching over Atike and Madame tells her that she saw Atike in the hall before the fire, and she was not well at all. I even asked if she was alright. She walked off without answering. Farya finds the empty ring on the floor. This ring? Madame? Madame says this is a ring of the Imperial Household, it has poison inside. Farya says she has poisoned herself! She says go get a bowl and water! She tries to get Atike to throw up.

    Outside Beyazid comes across Kalika. She says what are you doing here? He says to help the people. Are you well? Did the pub burn? She says I am fine, but Beynem agha's situation is dire we were helping, we tried demolishing a house and he can't move from under it.

    Kasim looks out at the city, he asks Ibrahim how is Atike? Ibo says they took her to her room she is sleeping, the fire has made everyone afriad. The situation is bad. Kasim says I was in the courtyard just now, the palace guards are bringing down all the homes in the surrounding vicinity. Ibo says I don't get this business of one calamity befalling us after another. We have no peace left. Kasim says this fire might be a sign. Maybe our Lord is giving us a sign that the order of things will change. Ibrahim says what are you saying? Kasim says nothing, I am not saying anything Ibrahim. Whatever is in our fate, whatever is in our future, we will live through it and see. Ibrahim says Beyazid set out after our Majesty to help. Kasim says Beyazid he loves to be the hero in his mind, he will get the love of the people in doing so. He doesn't escape a single opportunity.

    Beyazid helps Beynem who thanks him and Kalika says how is your hand, shall I wrap it? Beyazid says it is not important. Sinan arrives and tells him that he was looking for him everywhere. Thank God you are well, your mother worries about you. Why did you leave the palace? Beyazid says do you not see the situation?! I wasn't going to sit with my hands tied! SInan says you must think of yourself first! Especially without permission from our Majesty! Beyazid says will you tell me what to do? Sinan says God forbid, but as per my duties, it is my job to warn you. Beyazid says just say my mother sent you! And Pasha, I am aware of the situation - I told her  and you hear it too: I am loyal to my Sovereign brother! Nothing can change this.

    In the morning on the terrace: Kosem says so my eyes were to witness this too. It is as if they burned my heart, not the Capitol. They have burned my soul. Watch Haci, it is the fire of the era. Haci prays to God to keep her and Murad over them always. He says  this fire will pass, and you as always, will be reborn from your ashes! Kosem says I do not know how much of my life remains in this passing world, but, until I breathe - let those traitors come with their fire, their cannons and guns,  it makes no difference! Those who hurt me, I will take their lives.

    Ayse says what a tough night it was, didn't know how to end. Kasim says we should pray it is actually over. You never know what comes behind that kind of disaster. Ibrahim says what else could happen? Kasim says thousands of people are injured. The people were anyways looking for some reason to rebel. Gevherhan says now is not the time to speak of such things, everyone return to our rooms, our Majesty will return soon. I will go visit Atike. Farya says she is sleeping, if you want, you can come later.

    Esther tells Kosem suddenly my mansion was in the midst of flames, we tried to quell it but it was hopeless. the fire was unstoppable, and if it was not for Silahdar maybe I would have died. Kosem says may it pass Esther, anyway great that Silahdar got there on time. Esther says our Majesty was there too. He answered everyone's cries for help.  It was crowded, the fire had enveloped every place, one couldn't see another, the women, the children, the madness...it isn't leaving my ears. Kosem says thankfully the nightmare is over. The fire is quelled. The wounds won't fade in one day. We will do whatever we can. Those who lost homes, those who lost loved ones, find out each one. If necessary, we shall re construct the Capitol all over again. And you will stay here for a while. Esher thanks her and says I am thankful for everything you did for me. Kosem tells the servants to prepare a room for Esther and not to have anything lacking.

    Gulbahar says to Zeynel, the flames didn't reach the palace, but the people's pains, and tears will reach the palace, like a flood, destroying and passing through!

    Kosem is questioning her servants. When I wasn't here, someone entered my room and copied my seal. One of the girls says I didn't do it. Another says and who would dare? Didn't even touch it. Another says no idea how it happened. Lalezar shouts how do you not know? Other than you who would enter this room! Haci says you will recall! Even if you didn't do it, you would have heard or seen something! Kosem says there is no forgiveness for this. If you do not speak up, you will all be punished together. Kosem tells Haci to lock them up and question them, and not even a drop of water for them unless they speak! Lalezar remembers Ayse being in the room by the desk.

    Kosem says and what should be said to you?! I warned you from the start! I told you you are responsible for my room! Today they take my seal, tomorrow my life! Lalezar says God forbid my Sultana, don't speak like that...Whoever did it did it while you were away. There was no way it would happen while you were in the palace or asleep. It is impossible when you aren't here either but that day -. I do not want to accuse but that day you went to the Complex, our Sultana came to see you..Kosem says Gulbahar? Lal says Ayse Sultan came to visit you. I had left the record book here so when I came to get it, she was inside.

    Atike wakes up and Farya says you finally woke up! Atike asks about the fire, Farya says it has been put out, everyone is fine. Except for you - what did you do Atike? How could you try to kill yourself? No one knows. I am the only one that knows. Atike says I am doing every poorly, I don't know what to do, I want to die. Farya says what happened to you? WHo hurt you this much? Atike says Esther came, and says if you wish to find out who Silahdar loves go to the Marble Kiosk, I didn't believe her at first, thought she is lying. But something ate me up inside, so I went. Wish I didn't go. It is Gevherhan! The woman Silahdar loves is my sister! Atike says so you found out?! Farya says I found out by accident...I wanted to tell you but how can one say such a thing? I didn't want you to feel more pain. Atike says for all this time they have been looking into my eyes and lying, if I could just bury myself underground! How could Gevherhan do this to me? I trusted her, opened my heart and she? Farya says I know it is hard. But this is the truth. Forget Silahdar, let them alone. Give up now. Atike says no, not this easy. They will pay for the pain they have given me!

    Geverhan arrives.

    Gulbahar says to her minions, I do not know how she figured it out, but Kosem has found out her seal was copied and used earlier (than I thought). She has questioned everyone in her room. If Ayse admits it, Kosem will not leave me alive this time.  One of the girls says but if Ayse admits to it, she will be incriminating herself. Gulby says yes, but if Kosem pushes her, Ayse will get scared and then - ugh, let us pray Ayse doesn't open her mouth. We must think of every outcome. If Kosem finds out I am behind this, then you will do what you need to do. You will destroy the palace over their heads.

    Kosem goes to Ayse. Ayse says is there news from our Majesty, he hasn't returned yet. Kosem says thankfully, the fire is quelled, I have news from him, he will return shortly. Before he comes, I thought I would ask. Ayse says forgive me, I didn't get it. What will you ask? Kosem says you came to my room the other day when I was at the charity. Ayse says I didn't know you left, Hanzade wanted to see you, and I said let us visit. When I was waiting for you, Lalezar came and when I found out you were away, we returned to our rooms. Why did you ask? Kosem says Ayse, someone copied my seal. Sent letters to many many loyal men, and gathered them on a ship at the port and burned them alive, and this is how the fire started, then it spread to the Capitol. They killed many many innocent people! Ayse says oh God, who would do such a thing and why? Kosem says I do not think you have anything to do with such treachery, but this is a betrayal - an alliance and plot against Sultan Murad's throne. Treason. As in, a rebellion against the father of your children. If you know anything about this incident, speak so that I know.

    A woman cries and says Sultan Murad! Murad allows her to speak. She says I lost everything, everyone I loved died! Everything of mine burned and became ashes! Since you took the throne, this people never saw a happy day!/any happiness! There was no end to death and rebellion! You could not protect us! You could not protect us! Can you call a person who cannot protect his people and save them from pain and suffering a Padishah? I wish that not you, but our prince was on the throne! You could not protect us! You could not protect us! Because...you do not deserve to sit on that throne! You do not deserve it! You do not deserve it!

    THE END.

    VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMVrvDAJmBo&t=4610s

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