• Trailer # 2 Episode 11 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Murad: Those who question my will, I will be their disaster!

    Kosem: If the traitors want, let them come with fire, let them come with canons and guns if they wish, it doesn't make a difference!

    Gevherhan: Let whatever is to come, befall us! It cannot be more difficult than living without you!

    Evliya/Huseyin: I knew you were brave, but I didn't know you were this brave! Bravo!

    Murad: Take a lesson from their conditions! Learn from it so that, you do not become a lesson (for others)!

    Farya: There is no cure for what ails you!

    Kosem: It is easier to die than to trust someone!

    Atike: Those who made me suffer this pain will pay the price!

    Kasim: Shehzade Beyazid is not at all as innocent as he looks. He is in a secret agreement (alliance) against our Majesty!

    Kosem: Those who hurt me, I will take their life!

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