• Episode 12 Translation Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    TITLE: 'Either the State in Power, or Crows at the Carcasses"
    VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEpNQC-azmU&t=0s

    Kosem tells Lalezar to tell Gulbahar to come to her room at once. 

    Gevherhan asks Atike what happened with you like this? The doctor said something something has upset (your stomach), but is there something else other than that? Atike says there is, but I am not sure if you want to know. Gev says what does this mean now? Farya says my Sultana, it's been a tough night for us all, if you permit, let us leave Atike to rest. Ibrahim enters and says that Murad has returned. Gev says thank God! Atike? Atike says I don't have strength to come, you two go. Ibrahim tells Farya that he will stay with Atike. Farya says alright, (and to Atike) says I will be right back. Ibrahim says Atike, my sister, how are you?

    The men have returned and Beyazid tells Murad, your Majesty, do not look to the words of that woman. Don't let it make you sad, she is grieving and knows not what she is saying. Kasim says your Majesty, finally you have returned safe and sound, may the unpleasant pass. 

    Gulby enters Kosem's chamber and greets her, my Valide Sultana. Kosem says does it make you cringe to say Valide Sultan to me, Gulby? Gulby says God forbid, how would I dare? Kosem says yes exactly, how would you dare. Who are you and who is a Valide Sultana. What do you trust in? Where do you get this courage from? Gulby says forgive me, but I didn't understand, what is the meaning of these words? What did I do now that you - Kosem says and you dare to ask! You took my seal, copied it, and then put the Capitol on fire!
    Gulbahar says to Kosem: you are taking my sins (you are wrongfully accusing me) I have nothing to do with either your seal or the fire. Impossible. These are lies. Did someone say my name? Kosem says who would say your name? Gulby says they could be slandering me alright, if you have some evidence...tell me so I know.  Kosem replies: Evidence? Look into your eyes. You see what I see too right? Ill will, anger, hatred and the worst of them, fear. These strong feelings that live inside you can make you do all sorts of evil things. Gulby says you have made me sound like the mother of evil. When in reality you opened the door of evil. You removed Sultan Osman from the throne years ago. Did you not give the order for revolt for him killing your child? And then things went to hell, and the ropes fell into Halime Sultan's hands and she murdered Sultan Osman and put out her own son, Mad Sultan Mustafa on the throne. Of course their reign didn't last long, you annihilated everyone and put your hand on the throne. Kosem says what does it mean "put your hands on the throne" ? I am lawfully wedded to this state!  My throne and my seal are in my heart. Whatever I did until now I did for the safety of the Imperial Household! Sad! Instead of properly learning a lesson from the past, you chose the path of Halime Sultan and that path is the path that leads to hell! Gulbahar says I wish you would look into the mirror once too, and see the arrogance that flows from your eyes. With your permission, my Sultana!

    Kasim meanwhile says  o Beyazid, you fearlessly threw yourself into the flames. Your courage is worthy of merit! It is obvious you wish to win the respect and love of the people. Beyazid says and what is there for you to win? Why did you tell our Majesty about you seeing me with Ahizade Efendi (the Seyhulislam). Kasims says well he needed to know, why is it bothering you, were you talking about something secret? Beyazid says don't bother, my loyalty to our Majesty is everlasting. Kasim says yes, this makes me happy, but you are a son of man, always thirsty for listening to the whispering of the devil, going on the wrong path, it's been like this is Prophet Adam. Hopefully you will not get out from the right path, because if you do, at the first sign of error, you might find yourself in Sultan Mustafa's room, and believe me, you will not want to be there at all. 

    Kosem tells Haci - Gulbahar did, she is behind this business. She denies it but I know. Haci says I agree with you, but until we prove it we cannot be certain. 

    Murad returns. Kosem enters his room after him. 

    Beyazid goes to his mother. She says oh my brave one you are here, what happened to your hand!? He says nothing important mother. She says I was so scared something would happen to you. He says that is why you sent Sinan after me right? She says and if I did so what? Is thinking of your safety a crime? He says what safety? My Sovereign brother's eyes are on me anyway! I do not know how we will trust me again after what happened today. She asks what happened? He says a woman cut us off and said that our Majesty couldn't protect the people and ease their troubles and then looking right cried out that I deserve the throne. Gulby says and what did your brother say?! Did he do anything? Beyazid says he did nothing, he did nothing to the woman, we returned to the palace and he said nothing the whole way, he did not speak to me. Gulby says this is not good at all for Sultan Murad to hear these things, but what is it your crime that the people feel this way. Beyazid says I do not have any fault in this, but you do. Maybe he has found it out, maybe he knows everything. Mother - you will do nothing against my brother, you will not meet with anyone, including Sinan! Gulby says Beyazid, it is not time for you to be scared, the opposite - we must lift our heads and stand strong, if we lower our heads even once, they will strike our necks! 

    The doctor gives Atike something to calm her stomach but Atike flips out and shouts she doesn't want anything to leave her alone. Farya tells everyone to get out, I will take care of her. Atike says you saw Gevherhan didn't you? Without shame she even asks how I am! After all this time, she continues the hypocrite! Farya says you must stay calm, and what can you do about it? If you carry on this matter you will be the one who will be grieved, you will be hurt. Atike says as if I care, when I saw them there the world collapsed over my head as it is, what else could happen?! 

    Murad says this fire reminds me of that winter that froze the Bosphorus over. Hopelessness, famine...the people who died from the cold. They said that that fire was doom for my late brother Sultan Osman. It means this is my doom then. Kosem says God forbid, this is not the same thing! That was a warning from our Lord! Like an arrow from our Lord. Because it started the day one brother killed another. You did not commit such a thing! This time is not a warning from God, this was our enemies who set this fire! Someone copied my seal, wrote letters in my name, gathered men on a ship and burned them alive. The rest is apparent. They made open war! What the enemies could not do for centuries - they set fire to our Capitol! Murad says as if it wasn't my Capitol they burned, but my mercy!

    Kosem exits and Kemankes says my Sultana, are you well hopefully? She says Kemankes do not leave my son's side, protect him from everyone especially from himself! Kemankes says as you command.

    Gevherhan is with Silahdar she says I was consumed with worry thinking something might happen to you. Silahdar replies the innocent were the ones that suffered - hundreds of people couldn't get out of those flames. And do you know what the worst was? To witness this disaster and not be able to do anything. I wasn't myself until we returned to the palace and until I saw you. Among all the bad things, there is you - and your glance gives me hope. Reminds me that I am alive. 

    Gevherhan is eating and Ayse arrives. Ayse says to her, this fire came from you right? This is why you wanted the seal? What kind of trickery is this? You included me in your crimes! Gulby says calm down Ayse, don't know what Kosem told you but I had nothing to do with this business. Ayse says who are you fooling? I am not a child, do you think Kosem will leave this matter? She will reach you! Gulby says you are not innocent either Ayse - first you were the reason for Farya's baby's death and then you betrayed Kosem. In other words, silence benefits us all. All you need to do is keep your mouth shut. I will handle the rest. 

    Farya is with Murad in the bath. She says it was a hard night. He says when I close my eyes I am still among the flames. That woman's face comes to mind. Her pain and hatred, her tears...Farya says which woman are you speaking of? Murad says a woman who lost her whole family in the fire. She cut me off, and she said you couldn't protect us, can someone who can't quell the suffering of his people be a Padishah. I was there the whole night, I was with them, I went personally into the flames, to protect them I put my life in danger, but to hear these words in return... Farya says do not pay heed to any of these words, their grieving will subside, the wounds will be bandaged, people's thinking will change. Enough that the flames shouldn't reach your soul, do not burn that heart I love so much and turn it to ashes. Murad replies, perhaps it is necessary for me to burn. Like this candle - burn and disappear! Farya says we have a saying where I come from, a person is the forger of their own life. And in this way everything you did you gave it your own shape, not just for yourself, but for us all. If you disappear, we will all disappear. I believe that you will change everything. You believe it too. Do not lose your hope. And don't forget, I am always by your side. I am willing to be with you and die with you!

    Some new characters (members of a religious order) walk around watching people as they try to recover in the aftermath of the fire. One man says to another - you had said that if the peace amongs the people would disturbed, then door for disaster would open up, and what you said happened. This is the result. Kadizade says how very sad. Another of his followers says we suffered the consequences of the sinners who are sinning in their harems of pleasure.  Kadizade says get out on the streets, and squares, and in every gathering - tell them about why this calamity happened. For many years we are saying that if they don't stay on the right path no one will be left without feeling these disasters. Especially those who smoke tobacco and those who keep the coffeehouses busy, idly sitting and forgetting their way home. Tell them in good words, warn them and invite them to the true path. Another man says the ones with brains will listen but what about the rest? Another man says they will make  fun of us, they don't understand kind words. To bring them to the straight path, do whatever is needed. 

    Kosem walks around and Kemankes shows her the woman who faced Murad. The woman gets up and greets her. Kosem says my condolences, I heard what happened to you, you lost everything. We go through hard days. The woman says we are the ones who go through hard days. You live happily in the palace, enjoying yourselves with your loved ones around you. I won't lie, until this day I thought you would be the cure to every trouble, that you would protect us from calamity. But this time you too could not be a cure for us. You could not. Haci tells Kosem she doesn't know what she says she has lost her mind. Kosem almost passes out. Haci realizes he left the sweet medicine at home. We need to find some sweet or something he says or her condition will worsen. Kemankes asks if the sweets will do? Haci says yes they will.

    Sinan meanwhile meets with Gulbahar. He says Kosem's loyal men are dead. We took their money. And we have killed many of the religious council - people will think they died in the fire. Soon everyone will pledge allegiance to our prince Beyazid, our work is bearing fruit, but you look troubled. Gulby says Beyazid doesn't even want me to meet with you. If he knew I was here, he wouldn't let me. And there is a woman who went before Murad and cried our son's name. Hopefully it doesn't cause us problems, because what she said was very dangerous. Sinan says I know about it, I was there and her words have echoed across the city. We will turn this condition to our favour of course. 

    Kemankes asks Kosem how she is. She says I am fine it has passed. He says forgive my curiosity, it is obvious you are unwell, what is this illness? Not serious I hope? SHe says they call it diabetes, nothing to fear. Of course as long as I am careful. Kemankes says hopefully there is a remedy, the doctors will find something. She replies, there is no cure, our Lord has willed my to have it and we shall bear it in patience. No one knows about it, I did not tell anyone...not even my Sovereign son...you won't tell either God willing? He says my Sultana, of course I will hide your secret. But it is an illness, it is like nothing else, why do you hide it? Kosem says they will see it as a weakness - enemies will use it against me. And my family - well I do not want them to worry about me. Kemankes SULTANIM, your weakness is your family. For them not to get sad, you are hiding everything, keeping it inside. Maybe this is why you are sick. I know it is  not easy - you have protected your loved ones for years. But permit that - your loved ones should protect you. hinty hinty hint ;) 

    Ayse is with her servant and she says I do not know how I got caught up in this mess. Maybe the best is to go to Kosem Sultan and tell her everything, before it is too late. The servant says no, this is not like anything else, hundreds of people died how will you explain. Murad arrives. Ayse says they were very scared - me too. We were worried about you. Thank God you came back, are with us now. Murad says God protect them (the children). He asks Ayse how are you? Not making yourself sad right? You are pregnant, you need to take care of your health no matter what. She says is it possible to not to get sad? I was distraught. But, me and our unborn baby - we are fine thank God. And you? Are you fine? Murad says not today, not now, but soon I will be alright. You keep your heart rest assured, and do whatever is necessary to keep our children happy and safe. She says, you are with us, that is enough. I have no doubt you will put everything into order. Murad smiling - good night. 

    Murad approaches his chamber to find Beyazid in the hall. Beyazid if you permit, I have a request. Murad says - speak. Beyazid says, once you had said there would be those who would want to come in between us, who would get among our midst and destroy us from within. Know that, my heart and mind are close to discord - we have a powerful bridge between us and whoever wishes to burn this bridge will fall under it and be crushed by it. Your Majesty, may God be my witness I will never betray you. Murad says I know my brother and leaves.

    Beynem tells Kalika thank God the fire didn't burn down our pub, Kalika says thank prince Beyazid who reached like a hero. Beynem says you keep mentioning him lately, don't knock on wrong doors, don't put our prince into any trouble! Oh God! What is that, keep walking let us not get involved. The men shout you all asked why the fire happened, well it is because of these types! Without faith, promoting sin! Kalika replies as if we force people? And the sin is on those who take part, what is it to you? Beynem tells her to be quiet.  One of the men says look at this shameless one! Grab her! Give her a good thrashing so she can come to her senses! Beynem says men! Wait, I am Beynem the palace cook, and she is the daughter of my friend! If something happens to her, our Majesty will find out! The men say she should be thankful for you! And they walk away. 

    Beynem says are you okay? She says yes but my leg. He says get up let's put some ointment on it, and by the way are you crazy woman?! 

    Abaza to Murad:  I have explained earlier, I wished to bring the Bosnian Budin (a vassal state) tribute treasury personally, but, I came at a very unfortunate time. My condolences, the city has been ruined. Silahdar says as time goes on, we are understanding the severity of the situation. Cibalikapi, Kadicesme, Unkapi and Fatih districts have been hit the worst. Kemankes says Sarachane and Sarigul have also been affected like that...twenty thousand homes have been destroyed. Thousands of people are left without home and shelter. Huseyin says Mustafa pasha market district has also been reduced to ashes. Yahya Efendi says many religious scholars have died in the course at the time of the fire. There can be compensation for property and wealth (for the families) but there is no compensation or replacement for those individuals (they were valuable to the state). Abaza says as long as you are with us, your Majesty, we will overcome this disaster. Murad replies this is not a disaster - that is what I thought at first, but it was not a disaster, the fire was purposely set. You will investigate at once, go to the port especially, that is where it started. The degenerates must have left some evidence behind. 

    Halil tells Kosem that they put as many people as they could in the different buildings in her charity complex but it was not enough and many people are still out on the streets. Kosem says yes I know, I went in disguise yesterday and saw. The condition is bad. Halil says what is your order? Kosem says whatever inns and rooms for rent you can find, rent them and put the men in those. Then whatever mansions and larger homes in the surrounding area, get those prepared and put the women and children in those. Halil says good idea, I will get busy with this at once. He leaves. Kosem asks Haci, any on spoke (admitted)  regarding my seal? Haci says as per your order everyone is being interrogated but no result so far. Esther tells Kosem, Abaza has arrived and is in our Majesty's presence. Kosem tells Haci to send word to Abaza to come see her once he has finished. 

    Gulbahar is with one of her minions. She says you know what to do right? The girl says yes I understand. Gulby says a difficult task awaits you. Let us say that Kosem has not left us any other choice. The girl says she "may I be sacrificed for your cause, it is an honour. 

    Farya and Atike. Farya says finally you left your room. Atike? This silence scares me. Atike says not you, but they should be scared. Farya says I am telling you to forget whatever is passing through your mind. Gevherhan arrives and says I came to see you. You are better hopefully? Atike says as you see. I wanted to meet with you and speak to you. Gev says of course, let us speak. Atike says not here, I wanted to take a walk anyway, we can go to the Marble Kiosk (pavilion). We can be more comfortable there, my words are important. Gev says marble pavilion? Atike says yes. Gev says okay.

    Abaza greets Kosem who says I did not expect you so soon. I was surprised. He says I brought the treasury, and I wished to come see you. But you called on me, I got your letter on the way. Kosem says it is a good coincidence! You are needed here. Especially in this kind of time. There is no return, you will stay in the Capitol, I will do my best to make you the second Vizier, you will become my eyes and ears in the Divan. Abaza says I am always at your service my Sultana, you have made this subject of yours fortunate. Esther says to Kosem, our Majesty might hesitate to put Abaza in the Divan thinking he is close to you. Kosem says I will find a way. Esther says actually I have somethings in mind...the shortest way to get the pasha into the Divan is to make him your groom. I do not want to speak out of place, but I match him with Gevherhan Sultana very much!

    Lalezar is interrogating the servants saying if you don't speak up, all of you will be punished etc. the girls are saying we swear we don't know, and Haci catches Gulby's girl listening in. Haci says what are you doing here? The girl says I was curious...they say they will execute them they say. Haci says does it befall you to question? What are you doing here?! Girl says don't please it is a sin,  The girl says it is a sin, they are all innocent what could they do with the...seal. Haci says how do you know about the matter with the seal? Tell me whatever you know. SPEAK! OR i will throw you with them! She says follow me I will show you something. The girl shows him the copied seal and says I saw it in the hands of gulnas hatun who works in Kosem's room. The copy of Kosem Sultan's seal. Haci says so Gulnaz hatun...great. Haci tells the aghas to question Gulnaz and then he tells the girl you will repeat what you told me to Kosem Sultana. 

    Farya tells Silahdar that Atike found out everything and - she's going to have it out with Gev (take her to account) . He says what how? She says don't ask questions just go get in between them before something bad happens!
    Meanwhile, Gev says why did we come here? Atike says is it bad that I wanted to get out of sight? Gev says what is wrong? You are acting strange, what is wrong, why have you brought me here? Tell me. Atike says that night, the night with the fire, you were right here...Silahdar and you. Your love nest is this place! You are the woman in Silahdar's heart! Gev says Atike.... Atike says - how could you do this to me? How could you lie to me while looking into my eyes? Gevherhan says please believe me, I tried to prevent my feelings! But it didn't work! I - I couldn't stop the sound of my heart. Atike shouts - no it is not the same thing! I did not steal the man my sister loved from her! I did not do things behind her back, did not betray her! But you did that Gevherhan! You did that! You stabbed me in the back without mercy! Gevherhan says I am going to my room, when you have calmed down maybe you will listen and understand me. Atike says no, you are not going anywhere! You cannot just take my love and my dreams like this and go! I told you about it Gevherhan! I opened my heart to you. I saw myself close to you - unlike anyone else! You knew everything of mine. But what did you do? The pain no one else could put on me, you put me through! 

    Gevherhan says Atike please listen...I did not want you to find out like this my sister. Atike shouts - do not call me your sister! I am not your sister! Silahdar arrives. Atike says ahhh, here your secret love presents himself! You came just in time Silahdar, someone needs your comfort and consolation. Silahdar says please don't my Sultana, I tried to tell you many times! Atike says I know what I saw and felt. You looked into my eyes, you touched my heart then you left like nothing happened. You played with me! You took me for a fool. If you had a little bit of honour or courage you would have come before me and told me. Gevherhan says Silahdar was going to tell you, I prevented it. I tried to find a way not to hurt you. 

    Atike says but you did Gev, and how sad you made me. You took my sun, you crushed my soil, ripped out all the flowers in my garden and buried in that earth all my happiness, my love my everything. It is over Gevherhan. I will never forgive you for as long as I live. I will not forgive either of you. You will not become happy despite me. 

    Farya asks Atike what happened? What did you do, nothing foolish right? Atike says how could I be such a fool, how could I have believed such a lie like this? How will I live now? Who can I trust? Farya says I am with you! It will be difficult. You will hurt, but it will all pass, you will forget and it will be over. 

    Gev meanwhile says she will not forgive me...oh Lord what will I do? Silahdar says you didn't do anything. Neither of us did. Sooner or later she would find out. Not just her, everyone will find out how much we love each other and will bow to your love - just like we do. Gevherhan says what will we do now? What will happen? Silahdar says I will do what I needed to since the start, I will speak to our Majesty - we will go through whatever our fate has in store. 

    Gulby's minion is telling Kosem that it was  a coincidence, wasn't close to Gulnaz before, but that night of the fire, she was acting weird, was hiding something in the wall, so I was curious and I checked. Later, when I heard so many people would be punished for one girl's mistake...I was very sad. Kosem says so why didn't you come to me right away? The girl says I was afraid...didn't want to get involved...forgive me. Kosem says so first you were afraid so you didn't come, because you didn't think the matter would be exposed. But it was exposed and I realized someone used my seal and you looked for someone to sacrifice and put the accusation on her! The girl says God forbid, my Sultana, I am innocent. I just said as I saw. Kosem says you will tell me whose orders you take! Did Gulby send you? SPEAK. The girl says you want the truth, then listen! I am a member of the Jesuit order, your end is near! The Jerusalem knights will come soon, they will come to send you and Sultan Murad into the depths of HELL.

    Ayse's servant brings her milk, there is a knock and Gulbahar enters. Ayse says what are you doing here at this time of night? Why have you come? Gulby says this is how you greet me? That is why I have come. No need to be worried anymore. Ayse says closes? How? Gulby says God's wisdom is like this - the guilty one is caught, she was a member of the Jesuit order. And you thought it was me, took my sins for no reason. Ayse says I do not know who you threw this one, but I do know something - you were the cause of all this. Gulby says whatever you know forget it Ayse. Leave yourself to your own condition and happiness. Otherwise you will lose your peace. What is the need? You gave the family two children and the third is on the way - if you do not think of yourself, think of them. Good night. 

    Ayse says to her servant - and she threatens (me), keep your eyes on her, this matter is not closed. I will not leave her alone. The servant says don't, if she makes you her enemy...Ayse says I am sultan Murad's woman, and the mother of his children, his enemy is my enemy! 

    Kosem is with Murad and says I do not know what the actual truth is, but this is what the girl said - she was from the Jesuit order, these are the ones who took my seal and wrote the letters. Murad replies - who else would dare anyway, but my real concern is the ones who are on the inside from the palace. Kosem says these traitors have gotten as far as into my personal service. I do not know who they are but they must get what they deserve of course, if you permit. Look, my son there are traitors in the harem too. I no longer trust anyone! I want to clean this matter from it's very roots. Because this matter of insider job is important. Trust me and listen to my feelings. Murad says I am listening. Kosem says  - Gulbahar, I feel deep suspicion inside me. What if she is the traitor? What if she is the one working with the Jesuit order? Of course I am certain Beyazid has nothing to do with this business. But I do not have any trust in his mother! Murad says in that case mother, take precautions.

    Atike is in the bath when Gevherhan enters and tells the girls to leave them two alone. Atike says with what face did you come here? Get out I don't even wanna hear your voice! Gev says we will talk, I will not go anywhere until we speak. Atike says fine, let's speak - I am so curious what you will say! Gev says what can I do Atike? Will you kill me? If you want that, if it will make you feel better, then kill me. But first listen. 

    Farya arrives and asks the servants why they left Atike alone. One of them says Gevherhan came in. Farya says to Madame - this matter will have a bad end! I will bring this matter to an end! Madame says where are you going?

    Esther finds Silahdar. He says what are you doing here? SHe replies, perhaps you forgot, I am a guest in the harem since the fire. Eh? What is this condition of yours? Or did something bad happen? Silahdar says nothing. Good night. Esther says don't be sad Silahdar - it would have gotten out sooner or later. No secrets stay secret in this palace. Silahdar says so it was you...you exposed us. Esther says I had told you you couldn't just run off leaving me like that, and that if you did, then I wouldn't let it go unanswered if you did leave like that. Silahdar says do whatever you want, say whatever you want, I will never return to you. I will never touch you. Never. 

    Murad is listening to music, Silahdar enters and Murad says - come Mustafa, sit. 

    Gevherhan meanwhile tells Atike - it is true I am in love with Silahdar. But I swear, I didn't know, I did not know you loved him Atike. When you told me, the world collapsed over my head. I wanted to give up, I even spoke to him, fought against myself, but it didn't work, I couldn't succeed, I was overcome by my feelings. Atike says That is not an excuse Gev. You wanted this! This is why I do not even believe your sadness right now. If it was the case, you wouldn't come before - as if you were joking with me - and comfort me! You told me to forget him, you told me to stay away from him? For what reason? For yourself! So for this reason don't come before me and act like the innocent victim, you took the man I loved from my hands! You came between us! Gevherhan says enough Atike! Enough! Even if I wasn't around, Silahdar would never be yours! He does not love you. Do you understand? He doesn't love you! Atike says because of you! If you hadn't come in between us he wouldn't have turned his face away from me! Kosem enters and says what are you two doing? WHAT DISGRACEFULNESS IS THIS?! As if you your offences weren't enough, you are also fighting! Shame on you! Gev tries to speak, Kosem - SILENCE! GO WAIT IN MY ROOM. QUICK! 

    Gevherhan exits and finds Farya there and says you told my mother? Farya says I simply wanted to help. Gevherhan says and with what right do you tell her? Has it befallen you to help me? Farya says sooner or later it would have reached Kosem Sultana's ears. For the matter to be closed at once, it needed someone's intervention! 

    Kosem tells Atike I had asked you if there was a secret relationship between you and Silahdar and you denied it! You OPENLY lied! and to top it off, you swore it was the truth! Look at what Silahdar has done....come between two siblings. He will pay for this of course. Atike says actually Gevherhan should pay, she came between us. Kosem says do not try my patience Atike! Without shame you are defending Silahdar! Oh God, what sin have I done that I am troubled by my children so! This MATTER will be closed! I will close it. I prohibit you. It is forbidden for you to meet or speak to Silahdar from this point forward! Did you understand me? If you (two) speak Silahdar's name from your mouths you cannot even guess what I will do! OPEN THE DOORS>

    Murad tells Siladar that he has spoken to Kosem and that the necessary precautions will be taken in the harem - and you will also help her. Silahdar replies as you wish...your Majesty, I have something very important I wish to ask. Murad brushes him off, first listen to me Mustafa. Because I am curious about something. I do not know who I can trust. My sleep doesn't even leave me away from betrayal - I see the same nightmare every night. Someone whose face I can't see comes on a horse towards me, every time I am about to open his face (to see) he disappears. I spoke to Yahya Efendi who says it is a sign of betrayal from someone closest to me. Silahdar says God protect you! Murad says I saw it again that night in the midst of the flames just like my dream - and Beyazid came out from the flames. And then that woman shouted out his name in the morning. She said not you but your brother should have gotten on the throne? Is this a sign that the betrayal will come from Beyazid? Silahdar says your Majesty, we cannot know where betrayal comes and from who, if we know it wouldn't be betrayal. Sh. Beyazid is well educated, he is loyal to you, until today has no mistakes, in other words, he has no reason out there for you to doubt him. Murad says you calmed my heart Mustafa, hopefully that reason never comes. Murad says what were you going to say? Speak? Silahdar says I can ask another time, because you need your rest. With your permission.

    Kosem is with Gevherhan and says, fine, Atike is young, her mind is in the clouds! But you?! What should one say for you! The daughter I trusted most, thought would never err, how could she make such a mistake?! Gevherhan says I did whatever you wanted until today, I lived however you saw fit, I never stepped out of your words, but for the first time I listened to the sound of my heart. Kosem shouts - And this is the sound of your heart? SILAHDAR? For him you gave up everything else, and even despite your own sister! Gevherhan says I swear by God,  I didn't know. I found out later. I tried to control my feelings, but -  Kosem says you should have controlled your feelings! You are a Sultana, a sister to an Imperial Sultan! You should have thought of the reputation of the dynasty before anything else! Thank God that I am not telling your Sovereign brother! Return to your room, RETURN TO YOUR ROOM and no leaving from there! (OMG, anyone else love Kosem's shouting scenes :D )

    Gevherhan replies what shall I do mother? What do you want from me? To be alone for the rest of my life like you?  Kosem says get lost. Get lost, get out of my sight! 

    Kosems goes to Silahdar in the morning. He greets her. She says what happened are you going some place? Silahdar says our Majesty is waiting we will get out in disguise. Kosem says oh goodness gracious me oh my, so it means you have time apart from running after matters of the heart to protect my son?  Silahdar says forgive me but what do you mean - . Kosem says you understood what I wanted to say - on the one hand Atike and on the other Gev, you've gotten yourself in to secret relationships and got our Sultanas in love with you. Where do you get this courage from? Fine leave me aside, but do you not feel shy from my Sovereign son who you have sworn allegiance to? Silahdar says God forbid, permit, let me explain. Kosem say what will you explain? In place of throwing yourself at my feet and begging forgiveness you're going to explain the situation?! Listen Silahdar, the subject shall know his place (and servitude) he will not cross his limits, or break the rules otherwise he will be preparing his own end!

    The girls have gathered in the hall and Haci says silence and listen! Lalezar says On our Valide Kosem Sultana's recommendation as she saw fit, our Majesty has ordered all the girls in the harem sent away to the old palace, tomorrow at noon.  The girls start complaining and mumbling and Haci silences them, don't express your outrage uselessly, instead, pack up your things and get ready tonight is your last night. 

    Gulbahar arrives and says Lalezar what is the matter. Will all the girls be leaving? Lalezar says yes, other than the kalfas all the girls will be leaving. Gulby turns to Haci, I wish to see Kosem Sultana. 

    Ayse is with Kosem she says you made the best decision, I do not trust any of those harem girls...up until today God saved us all. If they had harmed you or our Majesty? Kosem says they didn't come to cause harm, they came to gather intelligence. 

    Haci enters and tells Kosem that Gulby is here to see her. Ayse wants to leave but Kosem motions for her to stay. Gulby enters and greets Kosem. The aghas have said you have prohibited me from leaving the palace? Kosem says I saw it fit this way. If you do not like it, I can send you away to the old palace with the other girls. Gulby says I was only wondering about the reason. Kosem says ask yourself that Gulbahar (hand motion GO AWAY). 

    Out in the streets, Murad is with Yahya Efendi and his entourage. Yahya says your Majesty, these days shall pass too. Murad says God willing, the incidents don't stop coming back to back. I hear things that people blame me for what happened. Yahya says the people will talk, they search for a reason but the most important thing is for you to stay alive. The matters will come to such a point either the state stays in control at the top, or the crows will start flocking to the carcasses.

    Murad sees men grabbing things from a merchant. The merchant says please don't! Murad: WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE? Man: Who are you, are you searching for your misfortune? Man2 : That is SUltan Murad! Men: Scurrying to bow their heads. Murad: I cannot bring myself to call you Janissaries. What shamelessness is this?! your duty is to protect the people, when this is the situation how do you do this? Man3: Please, have mercy,  it is not our fault, our aghas command us. Murad says to his men: arrest them and then walk them around like that (as a warning lesson to everyone) and then strike their necks. 

    Gevherhan's servant tells her my Sultana don't be sad please. Gev says how can I not be sad...my mother won't let us come together ever again, and I couldn't speak to Silahdar, I do not know how we will solve this matter...what if something happens to Silahdar? An agha enters to tell Gev that her mother is calling for her. 

    Gev enters Kosem's room where Atike is as well. Kosem says while I am here dealing with disaster and you  have done things behind my back! You have disappointed me. My faith and trust in you is shaken. There is only solution for this - I will marry you off! Gev says please don't. Atike says I won't wed mother. Kosem raises her hand. I didn't ask you guys. Gev you will marry Abaza Mehmet Pasha. Atike I will find a worthy suitor for you. Until then, I do not want any incidents! You may leave. 

    Gevherhan says are you happy Atike? My mother will wed me to a man I do not love at all! Are your insides cooled down now? Atike says what is this compared to what you did to me? Maybe now you will understand me better. Gev says you still don't get it do you? You have ruined both our lives! Atike says no, my life was ruined when I saw you in the marble pavilion! 

    Sinan finds Gulby but they speak through the window (um why isn't she being followed?) Gulby says for a while we shall meet like this, because Kosem has prohibited my leaving the palace and eyes are on me, so that is why I didnt leave to the gardens. Sinan says is it about the seal, does Kosem still suspect you? Gulby says I have found a way to close that matter, but Kosem has sent away all the girls from the harem, including my girls, we need to find someone to protect them in the old palace. Sinan says I will handle it, don't worry about this, because we are soon to reach our goal - our men are going home to home, especially the coffee places, as the people unite in their pain their anger will only grow! 

    Atike to Silahdar, I wanted you to hear it from me first, hear it so that I can see the pain in your eyes. Silahdar says if you mean Kosem Sultana, she already came and spoke with me. Atike says and did she tell you who Gev will marry? Bosnia Beylerbey Abaza Mehmet Pasha. 

    Silahdar sends a letter to Gev - "I heard Valide Sultana's decision, don't fall to hopelessness, no one other than our Majesty can prevent our happiness. I am going now to tell him everything. I do not know what will happen...don't know if I will ever see you again, or what will happen. In this passing world, that is the only thing that makes me sad. You are so beautiful, so full of light that the skies become merry by you, smile with you. While this is how it is,  can someone be shocked that a man should fall in love with you? For this reason, for as long as I live, and even if I go under the earth, just know I am your subject and slave, that is enough."

    Silahdar goes before Murad, Murad says come closer Silahdar? Silahdar says your Majesty, I am by your side this many years, by your kindness, I became your Silahdar at a young age. You granted, and I became the head of your privy chamber. You made me your friend, believed in me, trusted me. Your life is my life, your presence became my son. I did not have a life apart from you. Never did I have secrets. Except one secret - I wish I could have admitted it to you before. Your Majesty, I love your sister Gevherhan Sultan. And she loves me.  Silahdar: our hearts and our fates are yours your Majesty. 

    OMG, Murad left. 

    Men are stirring people up: oh people, open your eyes and see the truth. This disaster didn't befall us for no reason. It is because Sultan Murad killed many innocents. Another man says someone became orphan, another became widower because of Sultan Murad. He had no mercy! Our Lord sent the flames hell upon us. The Capitol was going to turn to ashes! People open your eyes, don't lower your neck to the oppression of the oppressor. Do you not have courage like that woman? She said the truth before his face! Sultan Murad doesn't deserve the throne, no need for a Padishah like that, we do not need a ruler like him. What is sh. Beyazid waiting around for?

    Beyazid goes out disguised and Kasim tells an agha to follow him wants to know what he does, who he meets, and that no one should catch him following. 

    Gevherhan paces back and forth says so long and no word from Silahdar. What if my brother does something to him? The servant says be calm, maybe he hasn't spoken to him yet. Murad enters. He says Silahdar came to me today, and he has a deep love for you and you for him. Gevherhan says we did not do anything to embarrass you. Whatever your command is for us, I am willing. If you say give up this love, I will throw out my heart. My only wish is to forgive him. 

    Abaza comes across Abaza. Silahdar says what's up this time of night? Abaza says I came to see our Majesty. Silahdar says what is the matter, I can tell him. Abaza says my own personal matter I will come later. Silahdar says I heard that you wish to become a groom (brother in law) to our Majesty. Abaza says where is this coming from? Who did you hear this from? Silah: not important who I heard it from, I know you have wanted to stay in the Capitol for a long time now, you make excuses to come every time. Abaza says what is wrong? Does my presence bother you?

    Murad returns and Atike finds him. He asks how are you? She says I see you trouble, did something happen? He says I came from Gevherhan....did you know? Atike says so you found out...they are in love with each other and asks my permission for their happiness. I will think about make a decision for the best. 

    Some people are gathered in the streets says the wounds from the fire aren't even bandaged yet and we have looting happening! As if losing our homes wasn't enough, they put their hands on our wealth, how will we deal with this, will they take our lives too? 

    Beyazid comes to visit Beynem's pub. Bey says Haci told me what happened to you guys, I just wanted to say how you are. Beynem says well Kalika can't hold her tongue sometimes, we were almost killed. Bey asks how she is, and Beynem says she is resting inside. He goes in to see her. She says welcome. He says don't get up. She invites him to sit. He says when I heard what happened, I wanted to come see how you are. She says when I saw you I felt much better. It hurts a little, but it is not important. Beyazid says Im glad it is not as bad as I feared. Kalika, the city is in chaos, I told the aghas to take you somewhere safer. She says did you fear for me? What an honour. I am almost about to thank for the calamity, because this is how I was able to see you again. 

    Murad is with Kosem. She says I just find out. There is no pardon for what Silahdar did. You entrust your family and life to him and he secretly like this! Murad says love, didn't you say that love makes people anything. Kosem says but some mistakes have no recompense! I give no consent to this relationship. I spoke to Gevherhan anyway, if you permit, I wanted her to marry someone else. Murad says who do you speak of? Kosem says the Bosnian bey Abaza, you like him very much too. He is a loyal and precious pasha to the family. We need a powerful man in the Divan like him and he will be good for Gevherhan. Murad replies, there is no need to hurry. Do not give any hope to anyone without my knowing. Good night. 

    Beyazid exits the pub and sees the thieving Janissaries, one of them says please, save me. They will have me killed. Beyazid asks his name, the man replies I am Husrev from the forty third division. Beyazid says explain at once, what is going on, where are these men being taken? The captor says these men used the fire as an excuse and were looting homes/shops. The man says no, it is a lie, my prince you remember me I was with you saving Beynem from the fire! Beyazid says Husrev is right, he was helping, release him. The captor says how will I explain this?! Beyazid says you do as I say, release the man. Beynem hears that people are marching for rebellion and he warns Beyazid that he must return to the palace at once things will get messy. 

    Sinan strangles the old woman and tells his men to take the woman to the place where the revolt against Murad will take place. 

    Farya is with Murad she says no matter how much you want to hide, I see you. What is the thing that makes you so sad? Murad says Silahdar, the one I trusted my life to for years, my companion, he has a secret from me - he and Geverhan love each other. Farya says did he tell you himself? And what did you say? What will happen? Murad says, it is necessary to respect love, when the time comes, whatever is best will happen. But first, we must first bury the troubles that have befallen us. Farya says I know that Silahdar has always been loyal to you, always by your side and I know you value him very much. I hope he deserves this. Murad says what does this mean now? If you know something tell me. There is a knock on the door and Atike has come it is important she says. Farya asks permission to exit. 

    Murad says my precious Atike, you said it was important. She says "it is about Silahdar, Silahdar and Gevherhan's relationship is not as innocent as you think. I am embarrassed to tell you this, but it is necessary you know. I am in love with Silahdar too, he had something to do with this too, he gave me hope then all of a sudden he turned his face from me, his heart went to another woman - Gevherhan! She knew everything! I told her everything. But it was if nothing happened, they continued their relationship. They went against my honour/pride and played with me. Please do not do this...I cannot bear to see them happy together. If you allow their marriage know that I will kill myself" He says you may leave Atike. 

    Gulby says to Beyazid, so finally you returned! What are you doing Beyazid?! you left the palace secretly at night! Where were you all night. Beyazid says there was protest in the streets, I went disguised to see the people's condition. The situation is bad. Gulby says does it befall you to think of these things?! How can you act so carelessly?! If someone knew you werent in the palace. Bey says no one saw and I didn't do anything bad anyway. Gulby says my brave son, the light of my eyes, you are the eldest prince, your responsibility is heavy - you must be careful of every step you take. Especially these days! The people hate Sultan Murad, and their love and respect for you in this time, will bring more harm than good. Beyazid says I did not do anything I can't explain. I didn't eat it raw for it to hurt my stomach (a saying). Gulby says it is not what you did that is important, it is what your brother sees. 

    The agha goes to Kasim saying I followed Beyazid as you ordered, and he went to Beynem agha's pub. Kasim says what was he doing there? Kasim says Beynem didn't let me in, there was someone who got hurt in the fire, and it seems Beyazid went to help them. Kasim says you should have found a way to get in agha who knows what stuff he is up to. Anything else? Beynem says they didn't stay long anyway but there was a weird incident as they were returning. A Janissary agha who was sentenced to be executed begged our prince and said he was innocent. Our Prince spared his life. Kasim says how do we not know our Majesty ordered him to do that? The agha says I asked the men there and they said our Majesty has ordered their execution. Kasim says good, leave now and don't tell anyone else of what you saw. 

    The harem girls are mumbling about leaving. Murad meanwhile is in his chamber and Silahdar enters. Murad says now is not the time, leave me alone. Silahdar says forgive me but the matter is important, last night  there was an uproar in the city, the traitors that gathered in the coffee houses looted the city, The worst is that Kadizadi Efendi's helpers have gotten involved.  Murad says one of the lecturers from Hagia Sophia? Kadizadi Mehmet Efendi? Silahdar says if you wish, I can go speak to him properly. Murad says no need, I will speak to him personally. 

    Kosem watches the girls leaving and Gulby arrives and greets her. Valide Sultana, you have taken the cries of so many harem girls and it is actually now that the old palace shall become the palace of tears. Kosem says many of them will be married and have homes. If they are sad, eventually they will be happy and be thankful. And what are you doing? The crime of burning all those people alive is around your neck.  Gulby says you are making me greater in your eyes than I am. I do not have that kind of power. I never had. Kossem says you do not, but that Jesuit Order that you hold hands with that betrayed our Imperial House does. The weather is changing, the storm is nigh (near). 

    Murad is in disguise on the streets and hears one of Kadizade's men - that fire which took the lives of many believers, that destroyed homes, shops and mosques, is God's wrath on his subjects! We are paying the atonement of those hypocrites who have deviated from the right path and lost themselves in the swamp of sins! Some people say true, another says don't believe his lies. The preacher says listen to our teacher Kadizade Efendi...he will be our guiding light in these hard days! Whoever wants to listen follow me! Murad tells his men to go to the palace and goes with Silahdar to follow the preacher. 

    Kasim tells Kosem he needs to speak with her about something important. She says of course, come sit. He says you had said if I hear or see anything I should come tell you first. Well, I heard such a thing about Beyazid that should it get to my Sovereign brother's ears, the outcome will not be good for Beyazid. Kosem says what is that? Kasim says he left the palace secretly and if that wasn't enough he got involved in an incident on the street. He spared the life of a Janissary who our Majesty had ordered executed. Kosem says are you sure it is not just gossip? Kasim says everyone in the street is a witness, you only need to ask the Subasi (the captor who was leading the prisoners, a rank in the Janissary). Ambition has blinded him mother. I told you before too, we need to be careful before Beyazid, because it is not only his mother who has dreams for power. 

    Murad and Silahdar have followed the preacher to the place where the preacher who is saying these calamities - have they not befallen us because of those who take bribes, take protection tribute, those who make the prohibited permissible, etc? Oh people of faith, if we do not turn back to the right path, the end of this path is forever dark. Go and tell everyone of this. It is the burden on all our shoulders to turn everyone to the path of Truth. Everyone exits and Murad stays and the preacher says welcome, you have brought us great honour. Murad says are you not happy enough with your position in Hagia Sophia (as preacher) Is it not the preaching you do in the Mosque enough for you? Kadizade says God forbid, I am happy with my duty of course, just whatever we do in God's name is never enough. Murad says you who are a valuable scholar, while you should be calming people down, giving them comfort in these days why do you cause infighting. Kadizade says they wish to rebel against you our mighty Padishah, and get people against you. We are simply trying to silence the discord and voices of traitors and hypocrites. Murad says yes discord will be quelled of course, but not with sticks and stones! It will be quelled with education and understanding. No matter who is right or wrong, I do not want fighting in my Capitol, I want peace in my Capitol. 

    Atike goes to Gevherhan's room. She says Silahdar has gone to our Majesty and said he is in love with you. Gev says enough Atike, I will not speak about this matter to you any longer. Atike says I told my brother everything. How Silahdar gave me hope, how you stole my love from me, he definitely won't allow you to wed now. Gevherhan says what did you do Atike? Atike says I had told you that you won't be happy despite me! Gev says what you did you did not just punish me, but you also punished the man you loved. You have just signed Silahdar's death warrant with your own hands! 

    Sinan meanwhile tells Gulby - the old woman's death became a cause for great anger. Until now even those who just bystanders are now angry. Sultan Murad cannot quell the people's anger anymore. Gulby says I congratulate you, as always I knew I could trust you. Kosem and her son's era is almost closing. We can start dreaming about a life after that. Ayse catches a glimpse of Sinan and Gulby.

    In the market, people are standing around the old woman's body and they say what kind of opression is this? Is this kind of thing done? Sultan Murad hear our voice! May God spare us from Sultan Murad's long life. 

    Murad meanwhile says breathe Murad, smell that scent of blood - whatever that has taken your soul prisoner it is hidden in what is taking up all of you, or hidden in fear. What are you afraid of Murad? Your death or how your death will come and from who? What is the thing that makes you more afraid? Losing your power and strength and being murdered in a grotesque way by your subjects, or to become like your mad uncle Sultan Mustafa, losing your mind imprisoned between four walls. Take a lesson Murad, if you do not want to have either of those two fates, learn. Always be alert. Do not trust in love. There is a thin river between love and hate (there is a fine line between love and hate). One day it will dry up and be gone. The one you love the most becomes you enemy.  Loyalty will not come from those who love you, but those who fear you. That is the safest port. Do not leave that port. Dont become a slave to your fears and expect to be hopelessly loved. Wear them (your fears) like armour, and BECOME FEAR ITSELF!

    Silahdar enters. Murad says it is like there is a chain tied around my soul. Until I do not break that chain I cannot be myself. It will be finished tonight, I do not know if it will be good or bad, but we shall awaken to a different morning tomorrow! 

    Murad enters the cage, where Mustafa is drawing on the wall. Murad: Uncle?

    THE END.

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