• Episode 13 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV Trailer 1

    Murad: The war started long ago. I will either win or lose.

    Man: On the one hand there is Murad, on the other Sultan Murad. One Murad gets sad and broken.....

    Woman: You killed him!

    Man:......and just like the rest of us, he is also taken to account as well. And the other Murad -

    Kemankes: Nobody is to be spared!

    Man:....(and the other Murad) he is above everything! He is a different type of being in this world, not conforming to the laws of nature!"

    Man: Only answering to God!

    Murad: Carrying both of them at the same time is a heavy burden.


    1. The man from the trailer is Sultan Mustafa

    2. Why is Silantar going to be killed? All he did is loving...if he stays Sultan Murad will have more powerful men around him...I don't like when Qassim is punished bcoz he loved a woman as well as Silantar and Jehrahan...

    3. Farya is awesome why is Sultan Murad with another woman?Farya and Murad are a perfect match...wish we could see more of them together side by side...

    4. I don't like this Sinan and Gulbahar they r both evils...can't wait to see this Sinan caught up by Sultan Murad

      1. oh, i feel the same, i'm so anxious, but i think they have been a truly good villains

    5. Thank you very much for your translations. Excellent work for an excellent production.