• Episode 11 Trailer #1 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Kosem: Someone has copied the likeness of my official seal - and has sent letters to many persons loyal to the Imperial Household....and gathered them all on a ship at the port and burned them alive.

    Silahdar: The fire from the port is spreading to the whole city, the Capitol will turn to ashes.

    Murad: No one should stay idle. Everyone should help.

    Janissaries: May our lives be sacrificed in your path! Hu!

    Gulbahar: The moment we have waited for for years has come.

    Crazy Huseyin: Where is our majesty?!

    Gulbahar: May our Campaign be blessed!

    Huseyin: Your Majesty!

    Woman: Sultan Murad, the rebellions and the deaths have found no end, you weren't able to protect us, you weren't able to protect us!

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