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    Kosem's monologue in her nightmare: "Look at the emptiness of the flower garden, the crazy winter has come and greenery and beauty have gone to their homes from the garden, and when that beauty left, the garden and orchard turned pale. The flower garden turned into a tomb, and the mansion looked like a prison."

    Kasim and Ibrahim's voice: "Mother! Help!" Kosem: Kasim! Ibrahim!

    Kosem's voice: Look the beauties were fairy-faced, now they intend on campaign to war. In order to be saved from the plundering of each stranger, they  held onto winter longer, when will these beauties come back from the winter? "

    Kosem's voice: "When will they come out of the ruins like treasure out into the open? When will the drunken, fresh and  pleasant, in joy and admiration, come to play with the flowers in the flower garden?"

    Kosem's voice: "The granary (storehouse) becomes empty, the dish is filled. That world is the storehouse, this world is the dish. When the dish becomes empty, you must search the storehouse. That secret storehouse, where a grain cannot decay." She sees her dead son(s).

    Kosem wakes from the nightmare and opens the doors to get fresh air. Lalezar enters and Kosem says how are Kasim and Ibrahim? Has something happened to my princes? Lal says no, they are fine thank God. But our little princes...Kosem says what happened to my grandchildren? Lal says none of the remedies worked and they grew worse (their condition).

    Murad watches his babies and the doctor says "Your Majesty, our Lord has taken our princes to heaven. Sorry for the loss.

    Kosem arrives. Murad says "Death often comes before me as a brother, and other times as a child. Like it wields an invisible sword and whenever I raise my head, he tears off a life from me. Then like a vulture he picks at my eyes, grabs my flesh in his teeth and tears me to bits. I, I am surrounded in blood mother. And I, am dying. I am drowning in my own blood" Murad collapses. Kosem shouts for doctors.

    Murad, Murad my son! What does he have tell me? The doctor says we must quarantine him at once, unfortunately, the illness has spread to him, our Majesty has the plague.

    Kosem cries for her son.


    Little Kaya asks Atike where are my brothers, Selim and Suleyman right now? Atike says your brothers have gone to our Lord's heaven my princess. They are watching us from there. Kaya says is my father going there too? Is he going to die too? I will be left alone...Atike says no my innocent angel, your father won't be going anywhere. He won't leave you. Right Madame? Madame says of course my Sultana. Our Majesty is ill, but he will recover. And will always be by your side. You don't be sad, okay? Atike says come here, and hugs her.

    Murad is being treated for the plague. One of the younger doctors named Yassef Efendi removes his mask and the head doctor says what are you doing?! They step away and Yassef says no matter how much he shows signs, there is no blood build up as his tongue is not blackened. The head doctor says meaning? Yassef Efendi says in other words - I am not as certain as you that our Majesty has the plague. The head doctor says then since you think this way, then what is the explanation for his fever, and the other symptoms? Yassef says I am not sure, but perhaps it is another illness. The head doc says while our princes died of the plague, what else could it be, tsk tsk tsk?!

    Kosem and Kemankes are on the balcony. Kemankes says they say with every bad there is a good. And along with this bad, you are no longer left in a position to have to fight and dethrone your own son. Kosem replies, this is Gulbahar's plan. She had this in mind all along - to make my grandchildren ill and then drag us all to death. I should have killed her when I had the chance.

    Kemankes says do not blame yourself, no one could know the situation would come to this. Also, now is not the time for bemoaning regretfully (not the time for regret). We must be strong. Especially you. Rumours are spreading, everyone is saying "Sultan Murad is plagued", the Janissary and soldiers are hard to control, the Capitol is a kettle boiling over. We must think of a solution as soon as we can. Kosem says yes, we must retain the confidence of the people and the soldiers. I thought, and tomorrow along with my princes we will go to the barracks. And you can inform the statesmen, friend and enemy should know that if God's order is passed (Murad dies) then my prince Kasim will get on the throne. Kemankes says as your order, my Sultana I want you to know my only solace is knowing that the illness has not spread to you.

    Sinan's man Yakup says forgive my pasha, forgive me for not being able to stop Gulbahar sultan. Sinan says actually how will I forgive myself Yakup? I am at fault. I should have taken her from this place before. Free from everyone and everything, happy and together. But she sacrificed her own life for the sake of revenge. And do you know what was the most difficult? That I witnessed it with my own eyes and I couldn't do anything.  Yakup says she won't go unavenged, Sultan Murad has fallen to the claws of death like the little princes. Sinan says if not today, tomorrow he will die. He will die but will this benefit us, I am not sure. Yakup says why shouldn't it, didn't the illness catch him for this reason (that we spread it). Sinan says we wanted the illness to spread to the whole palace, but it didn't. Kosem sultana and her sons are alive. Sultan Murad's death will only benefit her. She will put prince Kasim on the throne and this will only had power to her power. And then at that time, Gulbahar would have died for nothing, and I cannot ever accept that.

    Huseyin wonders why everyone is gathered. Sinan says God forbid, but if our Majesty is dead, could they be hiding the truth from us? Emirgune says our Majesty is living pashas! But it is obvious someone has given up on hope for their Padisah long ago! Kemankes says who has ever returned from the plague (who has ever survived it)? for this reason, whatever is to happen will happen and for this reason our Kosem Sultana has taken precautions for the sake of our state and imperial household. Of course,  you Yusuf Pasha, because you carry Safavid blood in your veins, you would have trouble understanding this. Yusuf/Emirgune says even if I have come from Persia, it is obvious I am more loyal to Sultan Murad than you are. Those who want to go can leave! I am on our Padishah's side until my last breath!

     Kasim tells Ibrahim let's go inside. The doors open and Kosem arrives. Ibrahim asks is there news from our Majesty? Kasim says what is his condition? Kosem says unfortunately, the doctors don't see any hope. Ibrahim says my brother...will he die? Kosem nods. We will go tomorrow together to the barracks, we will go before the soldiers and statesmen. They should see you both so they can silence their voices, and so the wick of rebellion should not be set a light. Kasim says I am ready to do whatever duty that befalls me. Ibrahim says why are we rushing? If my sovereign brother recovers? Then what will we do, how will we explain at that time? Kosem says I know it is hard to accept, God is my witness, I never wanted harm for Murad, especially his death? Never! He is my child, part of my life! But...there is no escape from the plague.

    Yassef Efendi tells Sinan - this is the diary I have kept for recording Sultan Murad's illness. Sinan says I didn't get it, what is written here? Yassef says I do not know how to say it. Sinan says say it like it is Yassef Efendi, if the matter is about our Majesty's health. Yassef says I have some doubts about our Majesty's illness my pasha. I told the head doctor, but arrogance has blinded him and he didn't listen to me. He doesn't trust my words. Sinan says what is that doubt? Is he not ill? Yassef says he is ill, but this is not the plague, this is some other illness. Sinan says are you sure? Yassef nods.

    Emirgune is praying for Murad. Atike arrives. Atike says how is my brother, has he shown any hint of recovery? Emirgune says unfortunately he hasn't come to yet. Atike says in truth, you have surprised me. I suspected you when you first arrived. I found it strange for my brother to pick you because you have come from other lands, a member of another royal household. But now I see only you are left by his side. Emirgune says you too, you never left him alone. We cannot lose hope in God. Our Padisah has great strength. I believe that he will come out the winner in this fight. Sinan arrives and Atike leaves. Sinan tells Emirgune, you have been able to tell Kemankes pasha what no one else had the courage to say. And I understood that I could trust you. I spoke to one of the doctors who says he does not think our Majesty has the plague. Emirgune says how is this possible, so what is this illness then? Sinan says he doesn't know that. But our Majesty must be re-examined. If he has some other illness and not the plague then they could be giving out the wrong treatment. Emirgune says who can we trust? Sinan says I have someone in mind actually. Emir Celebi, he used to be the palace doctor but his wife became ill and he left. They say he has given up on life, but, still there is no better doctor than him in the Capitol. Emirgune says what are we waiting for then, let's go find this doctor at once!

    Sinan and Yusuf and they fight a man asking if Emir Celebi is there. They find him. Sinan says he has had opium, it will be hard to get him to regain his senses. Yusuf douses him with water. The doc says what is happen? Who are you?? Sinan says leave that we have come from the palace, our Majesty is ill, you must examine him, the man says what examination, I've left that work. Yusuf says this is an order, get up you are coming with us! Doc says alright and is carried away.

    Kosem is looking at Murad. She says my lion? I am here. Murad says Selim? Suleyman? Kosem says we have buried them both in your father's tomb, may their souls be rejoicing. Murad says did you get my place ready? If anything you will bury me next to them soon. Kosem says don't say that my son...God protect, don't say that. Murad says is this not the truth mother? You will be saved of me, and you will put Kasim on the throne and you will have him wrapped around your finger, just like you wanted, you will rule the state all by yourself. Fortune is on your side. Kosem says your brothers in the booxwood apartments, my grandchildren have died, and you have fallen ill, and you call this fortune? You are wrong Murad. My heart and my prayers are with you. You are my child. My baby swaddled in his blanket, my beloved little pearl in his shell. They gave you to me in my arms (at your birth) when you were the size of a fist. When you were a prince running around the palace gardens - you grew and became a mountain like Sultan! I watched this. But now it is like this. This condition of yours destroys me. Destroys me.

    Ibrahim is pacing, tells Atike mother has long made her decision Atike, we will all go to the Janissary barracks tomorrow together. Atike says you mean while my sovereign brother is in the throws of death she will recognize Kasim? I don't know what to be more sad about? My brother's condition or my mother and Kasim's "i don't care" attitude. Ibrahim says I have a bad feeling Atike... we should not have left the boxwood apartments. My brother will wake up...he will wake up and...my brother will wake up. Atike says here drink this, calm down Ibrahim, look at me, you are not at fault okay? You did nothing wrong...if anyone is at fault, it is not you!

    The famous doctor meanwhile checks Murad and then lifts the curtains. Yusuf says what are you doing?! The doctor says don't worry and don't be afraid my pasha, there is nothing. Sultan Murad is not ill with the plague. Yusuf says so what is this illness? And is there a cure? The doc nods. Emirgune says thank God. The Doc says don't get too happy yet, it is not the plague, but, another illness has just as difficult a treatment and it will be arduous. Yusuf says we will do whatever is needed. The doctor says for now for him to get on his feet, I will make a medicine. Let's call the doctors they can help us. Yusuf says you tell me what you need, I will get it. No one is to know of this, not the doctors and not Kosem Sultana. No one is to know. They will prevent it. The doctor says why? Yusuf says they do not want our Majesty to be cured. Anyway, hurry up!

    Kasim meanwhile is dressing up and says to himself as he looks in the mirror "His Imperial Majesty Sultan Kasim Han." Kosem enters and says Kasim my prince...God willing I will be presenting you.  Today you need to show that you can stand tall, can carry the burden of the throne and basically you need to gain everyone's trust. Are you ready? Kasim says I am ready mother, especially while you are at my side. Your presence gives me strength. Kosem gives him a ring and says it was your late father Sultan Ahmet's ring. I always compare you to him, your face, your smile and your gaze are his. God protect you. Kasim says Ameen, if no one knows what you lived through, I do know mother. You worked very hard for my brother's sake, you had great dreams for him, but he disappointed you. You should not doubt me, I am not him. You held my hand with yours, yes, I will never let go of them.

    In the barracks an agha announces "Make way! Prince Kasim, Prince Ibrahim and Kosem Sultana hazretleri! Huseyin says did you know our princes would come along Kemankes? Kemo says yes I did. Huseyin says while our Majesty still breathes how can this be?!

    The announcing agha says welcome, you give us honour.  They walk through and the soldiers raise their swords.

    Huseyin grabs Kemankes and says this situation is NOT legitimate! Kemankes says there is nothing illegitimate here. Our Kosem Sultana is doing whatever is necessary for the continuation of the imperial dynasty. Huseyin says Kemo, you are my friend for all these years now, my companion - it is my duty to warn you. It is obvious how much you value our Sultana, so much so that when she makes a mistake you don't see it! Be careful. This is not your battle.

    The Janissary agha shouts: Allah Allah, So be it! Hand and sword in blood! Chest bare, heart on fire,
     Kosem addresses everyone. On the field of martyrdom, march onwards on the path of God! Our fury and wrath, death for the enemy!  We do not fear death! And we will never fear! The victory promised in the Quran, for the continuation of our state, for the continuation of victory for our army, the threes, the sevens and the forties (divisions)! Praise for Muhammad, light of the Messengers! Our Pir our Majesty, the great Bektashi Veli, Let us say HU! HUUUUU!

    Kosem says my high officials of the state and my Janissary subjects, unfortunately the rumours are true. My Imperial son is in the claws of the plague. The doctors are searching for a cure.  There is no giving up hope in God's cure. God willing, we will overcome this trouble as well. However, if God's order is given (Murad dies) then, no one should worry, this state is not without a master! In his place, as the eldest prince, (Uh oh, Murad arrives), my son, Prince Kasim will take the throne. The men shout Long live Prince Kasim! Kosem continues, and I, as always will be at the head of the state and leading you all as well. Shouting: LONG LIVE KOSEM SULTAN, LONG LIVE SULTAN KASIM.


    Murad enters and says I was lying on my bed, ill and fighting for my life, and you all put me in my grave! You have chosen your Padisah and you have pledged allegiance to him! Is that right?! Who are you?! Is it your place to choose a successor while I am still alive?!

    The Janissary agha says never your Majesty, we had no intention of that. We simply were showing our loyalty to the House of Osman. Kosem and the boys come down the stairs. Murad says I AM THE ONLY MASTER OF ALL THE OTTOMAN LANDS! I see that among you there are those among you who doubt this! Since Prince Kasim wishes to Padisah, then first he must take my life! Kasim says God forbid your Majesty I -

    Murad says IBRAHIM! Do you wish to take my head? Kosem says Murad...my Imperial son...the situation is not as you think. Murad says the situation is as I think. I heard what you said. Since you are always at the head of the state, tell your subjects to attack me! Come on! Kosem says God forbid my son, who dares to raise sword on his Padisah? I, the princes and your Janissary subjects are all loyal to you. absolute loyalty! Murad says I do not resemble my late brother Sultan Osman, nor my uncle Sultan Mustafa. If you want to overpower me, know that I WILL FIGHT, NEVER HAND MYSELF OVER! I WILL DESTROY THIS BARRACKS OVER YOUR HEADS! I WILL LEAVE NO STONE STANDING, AND NO HEADS ON ANY SHOULDERS!

    Music: "Head is naked (or cut), Chest is burned,  Sword is soaked in blood! SO be it! HU!
    Our wrath is our sword, death to the enemies! So be it! HU!"

    Murad tells Ibrahim to go to his room (in the boxwood apartments). Murad tells Kasim - you once accused Beyazid of setting eyes on my throne. I thought my brother wants to protect me, but your only concern was to become the eldest prince and do the same thing. Kasim says your Majesty, forgive me, I did not have bad intentions. They said you were ill and wouldn't recover from the plague. When the people and soldiers became restless I...Murad says you what? Who are you Kasim? Is it left to you to calm the soldiers and people? Do you get this courage from our mother? Do you trust her?  Do not trust her! When I got on the throne, I only trusted her, thought she would stand behind me like a mountain, but  you can see her only concern and the only thing she wants is the throne! For the sake of the throne she will crush anyone and step over them to get it Kasim. It doesn't even save you if you are her child. She gave up on me, and she will give up on you too. Kasim? Do not seek refuge in your mother's shadow, so that that heaven she has promised you doesn't turn to hell! Get in!

    Murad addresses his statesmen. He says Is there an explanation for what happened today Huseyin Pasha? Do you all protect the state like this while I am absent? Huseyin says God forbid your Majesty, I would rather lose my life than lose your trust. Murad says so is that why while my mother goes against my will and presents my brother Kasim to the Janissary subjects you all stayed silent? And also pledged allegiance. Huseyin says God is my witness I did not know the prince would be presented, our Kosem Sultana ordered us, and I simply went to be informed of the matter, and Kemankes pasa is my witness. Kemankes says it is true your Majesty. Huseyin pasha and the rest were not aware of the matter. Murad says and you? You knew is that right? Kemankes says your Majesty, the people and soldiers, due to the plague worried our Imperial household had come to an end. Our Kosem sultana worried about revolt, so she wanted to show the princes so that she could silent the rebellious voices. Emrigune says those voices have been so silenced your Majesty, that now we won't even hear their whispers. Everyone has once again seen who the sultanate belongs to. Murad says "due to you Yusuf Pasha. If you, along with Sinan pasha hadn't found the reason to my illness, I might have long been off to the hereafter." Sinan says may God keep you with us always. Murad says whoever, no matter what reason there is, no one can shadow my will and my power. If this kind of incident happens ever again, I will not forgive those who dare to do it, and those who keep silent!

    Kosem waits in her son's room. Murad enters and says years ago when my late father had fallen ill to smallpox, everyone had given up hope and started the battle for the throne. Except for you. You did not believe anyone's words, in order to protect him, you gave up on your own life and everything else for his sake. And now? Now you turned your face from your own child. You were the first to give up on me. How sad. This is the little value I have in you eyes. Kosem says I can explain. Murad says what will you explain? Yusuf Pasha who you call a Persian snake, went all out trying to save me, and you? What did you do? I will tell you. You said Murad goes, Kasim comes. Kasim goes, Ibrahim comes. Kosem says my son, the future of the imperial household and the state is more important than we are. As Valide Sultana it was impossible for me to anything else. As mother, only I and my Lord know how sad I was. Now that you are before me, and you are not ill with the plague, believe me, there is no one on earth as happy about that as I am. Murad says I believe you, I do not even doubt that this is what you wanted. Because you do not want my life, you simply want my throne.  When I was a child, we used to go the main gardens, do you remember. You used to only take me with you. While you were shearing the roses, I would sit in a corner and watch you in awe. The flowers and roses paled in comparison to you. You were more beautiful than the weather, the water, even the sun. For me, you were like an angel in the form of a human that had come down from the sky. No one else could see or know, but I saw your wings. You embraced and protected me from the rain, and from the storms. Until, I decided I wanted to fly with my own wings. And in a moment you broke my wings, I understood you didn't protect your child, but you protected your power. I do not need your love or your mercy. From now on you are on one side and I am on the other. Kosem says Murad...I know you are angry with me, fine, but don't punish your brothers by taking out your anger on them. They don't have any faults. Murad says spring is coming, the war campaign is coming, and when I am better I will set off and my brothers will join me. And until them I am prohibiting you from seeing them. You may leave. Kosem says my son you...he says leave.

    Yusuf enters and says your Majesty are you alright, I will call the doctors at once. Murad says not the doctors, call the seyhulislam, the only way to stop my mother is this...I will take my brothers from her hands.

    Atike is with her mother. Kosem says he has prohibited me from seeing Kasim and Ibo and he will take them to war too. Atike says what did you expect mother? When you leave my brother fighting for his life alone, and get caught up in the love for power, this is what happens. Kosem says what are you trying to say? Atike says is it a lie? I wish you had thought of my brother's health just a little, at least as much as Yusuf Pasha. Kosem says I carried the state on my back for so many years, you, nor your brother, nor your siblings were there! I suffered great stress ensuring that no harm came to you all, and now you speak like this before me! Atike says I am only thinking of Kasim and Ibo and what you did, you threw them into danger! Kosem says GET OUT. OUT!

    Yusuf tells Yahya Efendi that Murad waits him and not to fear he is not plagued. Yahya mumbles that ill manners has turned into the form of a human being and stands before me! Woe!  (i.e. he considers Yahya rude).

    Yahya meets with Kosem. She says you KNEW didn't you. You knew since last night that my son didn't have the plague and you purposely didn't tell me. You wanted him to come see us in the barracks. Yusuf says no, I wouldn't dare, I just didn't want to give anyone hope without our Majesty opening his eyes. Kosem says who are you fooling?! Did the Persian Sah send you personally? Do you want to conquer the palace from the inside? Because even if he had tried a thousand times, he couldn't have put such a troublemaker as yourself in our midst! Yusuf says you are doing me injustice, your subject Yusuf is  one of the most loyal men of the imperial state. Kosem says MAN HAH! The only thing you know how to do is plan drinking parties,  you have made my son sick and giving him wine you've caused his liver harm! Yusuf says his illness isn't from his stomach....it is from the betrayal of his loved ones. Kosem says KNOW YOUR PLACE YUSUF PASHA. Otherwise they will find your dead body in the morning...just like they found Silahdar Mustafa Pasha's...

    Kosem sees Yahya outside. She says at this time of night...I hope all is well? Yahya says our Majesty wished to see me, I had wanted to wish him well anyway and also, to all of us, we have overcome a great calamity. Kosem says what could this important matter be that it could not wait until morning? Tell me the truth, has my son gotten a religious decree from you for his brothers? Yahya says where are you getting this from my Sultana? Our Majesty simply wanted my advice about an important issue that is all. And I told him what the old laws say. God protect our princes, with your permission (he exits).

    Ibrahim exists his room and goes to Kasim and says is it true what I heard? Our Majesty is taking us on the campaign to war too? Kasim says what campaign Ibrahim? It is all just a ruse. He has prohibited my mother from coming here. He will strangle us at the first opportunity. Ibrahim says I told you we shouldn't go...you didn't listen to me. You got so caught up with being Padisah that you didn't see the potential outcome. Because of you our Majesty thinks I'm his enemy too. Your ambitions will spell disaster for us all! Kasim says open your eyes Ibrahim! His fight is not with us, it is with our mother. And in order to win, he won't think for a second and he will kill us. Ibrahim says so you say there is no way out? Kasim says I am saying be with me..our only way to stay alive is for me to get on the throne. Ibrahim says after everything that happened today, hwo can you still speak like that? Don't you see everyone fears him, no one will dare, even if they try they don't have the strength. Kasim says I do not trust them, I trust our mother. If she wants she can pack him up in a night. Ibrahim says then why doesn't she? Kasim says because he isn't an enemy, he is her child just like we are. Her feelings stop her somehow, her love prevents her. She wants to handle this without hurting him. And this is my fear -  we could lose our lives, because of her hesitation.

    Murad tells the head doctor how could you fall to such an error by calling it plague, you have thrown my sultanate and the state into danger. The doc says forgive me, your illness symptoms were like the plague and because you lost your princes because of the plague...I was wrong. Murad says you are the head doctor and it is your job to consider every possibility. Especially when Yassef warned you. And thank God Sinan listened to him. Sinan, I am indebted to you for my life, ask what you want. Sinan says there is nothing more valuable than the recognition of our mighty Padisah. Murad says to the doctor I remove you from your position, I was wrong to appoint you. Emir Celebi you are my head doctor and I entrust our young talented doctor here to your tutelage. You will teach him what you know. Now tell me what is this illness. The doc says Cirrhosis, a very dangerous illness. If we don't control it it will get worse and will make the decay the liver. Yusuf says what is the cure for this illness? The doc says unfortunate no cure, but we caught it early, if you use the medication I gave and abstain, we can prevent it from getting worse...specifically, you must not drink alcohol. Even a drop is poisonous.

    Kosem is with Kemankes and he says are you certain? She says what else could it be at this time of night? And it was obvious from the Mufti Efendi's behaviour and reaction. He hasn't given a decree but he has recommended an "old law." Kemankes says the law is enough for fratricide there is no need for a religious decree. Kosem says this is why he is taking my son's on the campaign with him. He can't do it in front of my eyes so he will take my sons' lives on the battle field.  Kemankes says I see benefit in being careful and deliberating with patience...after what happened today, any small mistake will spell our disaster. Kosem says then we won't make mistakes. I have to do this to have my princes stay alive. We will dethrone my sovereign son. I have spoken to the aghas in the boxwood apartments and they will send word to me if even a bird flies. You should have the Janissaries alert, they should be ready. Kemankes says the Janissaries are ready to take your orders, especially after today when our Majesty threatened them, they are all now united.  Kosem says great. Kemankes, I know you and I only trust you. My sovereign son's life is not to be attempted on. Kemankes says forgive me, but we are doing such a thing that we need to prepared for all possible outcomes. Kosem says no, impossible! I have gotten on this path to protect my children.  What would be the meaning to spill the blood of the other one? Kemankes says I understand your feelings, but we are not just protecting your other children, but also the state, so you do not forget that.

    Murad's voice: Who is this woman who bears your mother's face? A devil who is willing to go back on her own son for the sake of power? Or the angel who when you smell her fragrance is opens spring, makes you smile, the one who wipes your tears and who takes your grief away from your heart? Which is the truth? O eyes...wake up! Do you not know the purpose of Azriel is to take life. You who have seen hell on this earth, stay away from the Azriel of this world. Your mother's eyes have been blinded by the ambition for power. She has passed over you, now you pass over her. Her fragrance that you used to smell, is now strange and unfamiliar. Her arms that used to hold you are far away. Oh my Lord, how did I become enemies with a part of me (with my mother)? Yusuf arrives and Murad says bring me alcohol. Yusuf says you heard the doctors orders, you need to stay away from it in order to recover. Murad says is there any other way to forget and forgive what my mother and my brothers did? Yusuf says if your intention is to forgive, there is certainly a way. Listen to your heart, it will show you the right way.

    In the morning Haci tells Kosem that the Rumeli official judge Omer has come. Omer enters says you wanted to see me urgently? Kosem says welcome, I will speak openly. The matter is my sovereign son. His decisions are making us go through tough times, especially his most recent decision - he has asked for a religious decree from the seyhulislam for the execution of his brothers. Omer says this can never happen, our Majesty's sons have died, if God forbid something happens to him then the condition of the state will be worse. Kosem says this is why I called you. Our Majesty is unwell and because of the incidents we all suffered, he does not think about his health. If I do not prevent, the dynasty will come to an end. Omer says or? Kosem says or the sultanate will change hands, my son Kasim will take the throne in his place. Omer says we all know about the past...after the late Sultan Osman, we do are not accepting of another Padishah to be killed. Kosem says no! How can you think I would kill my own son? Do you hear what comes from your mouth. No harm is to come to my son. He will be locked into a room as per the rules. Omer says I understand. And what can I do? Kosem says the statesmen and solders are on my side, I need the support of the scholars.  I want a religious decree stating that my sovereign son is not capable (of carrying out the responsibilities) and you will write this decree.

    Yusuf tells Murad about the situation of the preparations for war, and new and more powerful canonballs are being made. And before you set out, they will all be ready. Murad says great whatever is neeeded, should be prepared. Yusuf says yuor grand vizier Bayram pasha will await news from us,  he will have the canons and the whole army ready for us. Your Majesty - this is the Baghdad fortress. This is the most strong and difficult fortress. Murad takes a look and says Baghdat...if your companion is well, then Baghdat is close. This is what Mustafa used to say. This dream kept us on our feet in the most trying times, during rebellions and deaths. It gave us strength. I lost my companion Yusuf. SO now I am going to the destination without him. Yusuf says I am here. And until the last drop of my blood I will be by your side. Murad says my Lord took one of my companions but He must love me so He sent me another companion in his place.

    Kosem meets Kemankes on a ship. She says I spoke with the Rumelia official military judge Omer Efendi and I got the religious decree. Halil - don't waste any time. get into communication with the money lenders and get the money ready for tomorrow for the enthronement ceremony. Tomorrow night we will get into action. Halil leaves. Kosem says God help us. Kemankes says my Sultana, if what I said last night made you sad, forgive me. This was not my intention...With God's permission, no harm comes to our Majesty. We will handle this matter bloodlessly. Kosem says I have entered many battles up until now. I have been wounded, given my blood and life and thank God, have gotten out of all them victorious. But the worst war is the war you fight against your own blood. I am already defeated in this war... I lost my son. Kemankes says it is not easy for me either - no matter what this is a betrayal to the Padishah I have sworn allegiance to. This hurts me. It is hard for me. I am afraid. I am scared of looking embarrassed into our Majesty's face. Kosem says the imperial state wasn't set up in a few days...if we don't establish justice now, someone else will. We saw this before...these people threw stones at one of their Padisahs and murdered him. This is what happens if you are a bully who doesn't listen. Do not worry. We are not betraying. We are protecting the Padisah as well as the state.

    Haci goes to Kasim who says finally you came! I tries writing to our mother and they said it's prohibited. I'm sitting here pacing, waiting for news. Haci says  our Majesty has an absolute order - it is prohibited for you to communicate with your mother. Kasim says I heard and he will take us to the campaign. Maybe he has made another decision, he will get rid of us there. Haci says dont worry, he won't have the chance to do that. Tomorrow night, Sultan Murad will be dethroned and you will get on the throne. There is a sound and Ibrahim has cut his hand. Kasim says Ibrahim what have you done to yourself, don't be afraid...you'll be okay. Ibrahim says let it flow Kasim...let my blood flow...is my blood not the reason we are in this condition?! This unlucky blood. I do not want to be a prince. I do not want to be a Sultan! Kasim says look at me, look into my eyes, I promise you, our Majesty will not harm a hair on your head. Did you hear me? Mother has thought of everything. Tomorrow night, this nightmare will end. Our sovereign brother will be dethroned and put in the cage and I will take his place. Trust me, we will be saved from our plight and our imprisonment. AGHAS!

    Sinan is with Yakup. He says what is so imporant? Yakup says that Kosem is gathering money from the money lenders. Sinan says her treasury is so full, there is no room for her to put her gold, what will she do with this money? Yakip says I am not sure, but there is a brothel Halil goes to, maybe we can find out from a woman he has a relationship with. Sinan says where is this brothel?

    Haci looks nervous. Kosem says why are you squirming...spit out what you want to say. Haci says my Sultana, I do not know how to say it. Kosem says speak, say it like it is. Haci says Prince Ibrahim has...after the recent incidents, gotten worse and  my Sultana...he tried to kill himself. Kosem says AND YOU TELL ME THIS NOW?! Haci says He is fine, the doctors intervened at once, nothing to fear. Kosem says I need to see him. Haci says you are forbidden from going, if our Majesty hears, everything can do downhill...and don't worry Atike is with him.

    Kosem goes to the balcony. Haci says my sultana it is cold, you will catch cold. Kosem says whenever snow falls over the city, I fall into grief. First, I lost Ahmet on a snowy day like this. On our wedding...he died in my arms and everywhere was covered  in snow. Then I lost Mehmet, my son. Snow was falling just like this. Like the whole world had turned to ice like my heart. Then I saw a nightmare the other night, it was all white everywhere, I heard a shout help me mother, I don't know if it was Kasim or Ibrahim...I ran to the boxwood apartments and in the garden there, I saw a body covered in snow, I turned his face over and look at him....Haci says who was it my Sultana? Kosem says it was Kasim. It was Kasim! My lion son was laying there. Haci says my Sultana, we are going through such tough days that your fears are affecting your dreams. Be rest assured, you have overcome everything before, you will overcome this too.

    Atike is with Ibrahim. You scared me so much, what if something had happened to you? did you not think of that at all? Ibrahim, you will never try to do such a thing again. Ibrahim says I won't have too to do it...because when Kasim gets on the throne, I will get out of here. These are the last days in the boxwood apartments! Atike says what does this mean? Kasim shakes his head. Ibo says what? She's our sister, my twin, I do not hide anything from her. Atike says Kasim? Is mother going to dethrone my brother?!

    Atike goes to Kosem and says get out to the servants. Kosem says what is going on here? Atike says actually what is happening with you? How could you do such a thing? How could you dare to remove my brother from his throne?! Kosem says be quiet, how are you speaking like this what does this mean? Atike says do not deny it mother, I am coming from the boxwood, I found everything out and I know. Kosem says did you find out what your brother is doing? He has thought about it and will kill your brothers and I will prevent this no matter what! I will do everything to keep your brothers alive! Atike says is this how you will keep them alive?! By throwing them into the fire? How can you think of such a thing, this will only bring us death! Mother you always find a way convince yourself you are right, and by saying my brother will kill his brothers you are doing the same thing. To make you look right. But I do not believe it. Kosem says you know nothing and come before to say big words. Why did the Seyhulislam get called? What did your brother want from him? Atike says my brother...to kill my brothers...Kosem says yes. He is very angry after seeing me and your brothers in the barracks...angry enough to get their death warrants. Atike says no...I will speak to my brother. Kosem says no you won't if you want your siblings to live then you will stay silent. Atike says and my brother what will happen to him, what will you do? Kosem says I promise you not a hair on his head will harmed. I am telling you this is the best way - for Kasim and Ibrahim's safety and even for Murad's safety, this is the best.

    A woman tells Halil, come Pasha, let's put you to bed, you drank too much tonight. Halil says woman what have you done. He's out like a light. As she exits Yakup enters and says he won't wake will he? The woman says he won't I put medicine in his drink. Yakup says good...you did good. The woman says you forced me, otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Now do what you came for and leave. Yakup reads the letter and puts it back and leaves. Downstairs, Yakup tells Sinan that he saw an order from the Janissaries in his pocket and that as they have guessed Kosem Sultan has planned a revolt. And that she will remove Sultan Murad from the throne. Sinan says so that is why Halil was gathering so much money, great, finally Kosem sultana has fallen into our hands. Yakup says my pasha, I think we should keep quiet, sultan Murad will never kill his mother or siblings, in fact he will even taken your life for telling him. Sinan says if he kills his mother and his siblings...this is Sultan Murad we can't be certain of what he does.

    Madame is trying to feed Kaya she says look how much food I had made for you, you didn't even take a bit. Kaya doesn't want any. Atike says KAYA EAT YOUR FOOD. Madame says my sultana, since you came I wanted to ask but I am shy...what is wrong? Are you alright? Atike says I am not well at all...this palace strangles me. If I could leave and never return...Madame says did something bad happen? Murad is announced. Kaya says I missed you a lot, why don't you come? Murad says I came now...Atike says I am glad you came, no matter what we did she didn't eat. Murad says don't make Atike sad, go eat. Atike? Your face is pale what happened?  Atike says nothing, I don't sleep much, because of these incidents...Murad says my Atike, don't be sad. You are my most precious. You will care for yourself so that you can stay healthy. Atike says brother...you are the one who should be careful. Because you just recovered.

    Kasim admires the ring his mother gave him. Ibrahim enters and Kasim says how are you, did the pain pass? Ibrahim says it passed don't worry...you're still wearing father's ring? Kasim says I was always dreaing of this ring...we were very little when he died. But everyone says he was a great ruler. With a good heart, of good conscious. Despite all the things he went through, he did not take our uncle Mustafa's life. He didn't hurt anyone. Did you know, I want to be like. I want to be just like him. Merciful, just. Ibrahim say when our brother Murad got on the throne he said the same thing, then he forgot his words. When he got on the throne he changed, he became cruel. I hope you do not become the same. Kasim shakes his head and says my brother I promise you, I will never go to the door of cruelty. I will not become like my brother Murad. You were right...what you saw were the clouds of winter...our tree has long filled with snow, but don't worry, our spring is near, and more near than it has ever been.

    Kosem tells Halil and Kemankes go over everything again. I do not want any shortcomings. Halil says we have thought of even the smallest details. Kemo says we have...we have but, I wish Atike sultana didnt know. If she exposes then...Kosem says she will not. Halil says are you certain, maybe we need to wait. Kosem says she will choose her imperial brother to be locked up rather than her brothers to be killed.  Kemo says it is obvious it will be a hard night, but with God's permission we will overcome it.

    First, Cafer agha and the Janissaries will enter the palace from the harem side and enter the Privy Chamber, Our Majesty will sleeping at this time. Kosem says and Yusuf? Where will that Persian snake be? Halil says he will be at the Feridun gardens, he won't be in his palace tonight. Kemo says but the guards will be waiting at our Majesty's door. When they enter the chamber they will seize Sultan Murad. It will not be easy of course. But Sultan Murad's resistance will be broken. For a while he will be locked in his uncle Mustafa's room. I will be awaiting for news in the my ship. When I see the signal shot I will know that everything has gone according  to plan. I will set out with my men in order to prevent any rebellions.

    Haci on the balcony with Kosem tells her, our majesty has been seized and locked in his uncle Sultan Mustafa's room. I need the signal. Kosem says great, the time has come to get prince Ibrahim and Kasim out of the boxwood.

    Murad sees his uncle eating chestnuts. Mustafa says Sultan Murad? What is up? This time of night? They threw you in here eh? Murad says my mother, Kosem Sultana, just as she did to you years ago, has locked me up here and gone after the throne. Mustafa says or you could say you went into the hole you made. Murad says how did you know? Mustafa says because you do not like like a Padishah who has hold of his throne. Murad scoffs.

    Flashback: Sinan says you must take precautions otherwise Kosem sultana with the talents of the Janissaries will dethrone you tonight.

    Flashback: Murad was awake when the Janissaries came and Yusuf was there. At the last minute Huseyin enters with the Sultan's personal guard. And they dress up as the other men and take Murad to the cage. Haci sees it happening and thinks all went to plan.

    Huseyin and Yusuf remove their masks after taking Murad to the room.

    Now Mustafa says they say I am mad, but you turned out more mad than me. No one can flip you over onto your back . Not even Kosem sultana. But what will happen now? Murad says "I do not know at all. Wish I could lose my mind like you, forget everything, not care."

    Mustafa says it is true I have lost my mind, but not my memory. Whatever I lived through under this dome, it is all HERE. For example these chestnuts...The executioners when they came to kill me, I had tried to offer them chestnuts. Childhood is like this. I thought they would take it and change their minds about killing me. But my brother came, he saved me. I was so happy. I was sooooo happy. My lion brother of mine! But...it was my brother who gave my execution order. The executioners were the Padishah so they can sit peacefully on their throne they kill their brothers. This is what you will too right?

    Huseyin enters Kemankes' ship. He says what are you doing here? Huseyin says you are part of this business aren't you? Kemankes says what are you talking about? Huseyin says Valide sultana has been exposed. Sultan Murad knows about everything and took precautions. Whatever you were about to do, give up. Don't do it. Do not go the palace, otherwise no one can save you. Kemankes says I cannot leave Kosem sultana halfway. Huseyin smacks him on the head and then says forgive me pasha, this is for your own good.

    Kosem walks through and sees dead "executioners" she says what is going on here?! Yusuf says, our Majesty is protecting his Sultanate. You did wrong my sultana, by betraying you have a done a great mistake. She shouts Kasim Ibrahim! and runs off.

    Ibrahim is playing in the snow. He sees shadows again and stops. He says Kasim get out, hide somewhere, the shadows are there! Kasim I say they are coming. Kasim says you started seeing shadows again! There are no shadows! Ibrahim says I am telling you they are coming! Kasim says what is going on again with you? Ibrahim let us say the executioners are coming, then what? What can we do? Where can we go? Ibrahim says Kasim! They are coming! Kasim says okay. Ibrahim be calm, don't be afraid. Ibrahim says Kasim they are coming. Please, the shadows are coming, I told you come let us go, they are coming, get out! The shadows are coming. Kasim please Ibrahim don't, be calm. Stop this, let go!

    The executioners have really come. Ibrahim hides. Kasim says let me go! Let go! MOTHER! MOTHER!

    Kosem shouts for the doors to be opened. The guards say it is forbidden! Kosem shouts what does that mean get out! She enters just as Kasim dies and shouts KASIM! Kasim! My son.

    Kosem hears Ibrahim's shouts and then rushes off to find him. IBRAHIM WHERE ARE YOU? Ibrahim shouts I am here mother! Mother I am here. Kasim...Kasim. Kosem embraces her son. My son. I am here, look at me, NO look at me. I will sacrifice my life, I won't have you over, I told you, Come! The executioners have come. Kosem shouts STOP! STOP OR i WILL TAKE ALL YOUR HEADS! Murad arrives. She says Murad you traitorous dog, how did you kill your brother. "YOU WILL NOT KILL IBRAHIM! FIRST IF YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH YOU WILL KILL ME!"

    THE END.

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