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    Halil enters the tower and says to Gulabahar: my Sultana, we have come to save you...but then he removes his mask. Gulbahar says Halil pasha? What are you doing?! Let me go, what are you doing? Where are you taking me? 

    Meanwhile, Madame is saying the princes are clearly hungry, they want their mother, if we do not give them to their mother's arms, we won't be able to handle them. Madame says where are the aghas? She knocks. my Sultana? There is no answer Madame says what is going on? Agas! my Sultana?

    Atike is in a carriage and says to her servant I wonder why he's in Galata at night. The girl says don't worry, he attended our Majesty's party. Atike says I didn't sleep at all at night, I had a nightmare that a flood came and took Silahdar away from me. The girl says God forbid, my Sultana, we'll find out what happened now. We're almost there.

    Madame meanwhile shouts for the agas. The girls in the harem are worried and one of them says that they are saying Farya's room is locked. Murad arrives and says what is going on here? Madame tells him the door is locked, the agas aren't around and no one opens the door! Murad smashes it and they find Farya hanging. 

    Atike meanwhile enters the tower and finds Silahdar sprawled on the ground. She screams his name, NO! Silahdar! Who did this?! Who did this to you?! 

    Kemankes arrives to see Kosem in her meeting room in her charity and he says my Sultana, your orders were carried out without any errors. Those two heads that poisoned our Majesty, have thankfully, been crushed. Kosem says great. By locking his brothers into the "boxwood" (the apartment where Kasim and Ibrahim are being held), he has left no other way. The war has begun. There is no return.


    Gulbahar is brought before Kosem. Halil shouts WALK, WALK I SAID! and drags her and throws her in front of Kosem. Gulbahar says Kosem? What is going on here? Why did you bring me here?

    Kosem says I wanted to see your face for the last time, to look upon you. You have lost. Just like Farya and Silahdar, you have lost. They influenced my sovereign and became the reason for his locking up his brothers. Gulbahar says so Murad locked up his brothers it means, and you took your anger out on Farya and Silahdar. Kosem says they were executed. And now it is your turn. Gulbahar says "you could say we will meet soon in hell. Sultan Murad will certainly take you to account for his wife and companion. Kosem says not me, but he will take you to account for escaping the tower and "taking revenge" if he finds you of course...but you will have disappeared. Gulbahar says ahhh now I know why had me kidnapped from there. Great. There's that saying 'the dying sheep isn't afraid of the wolf'. Let Sultan Murad think this, but, do you think you can be saved? Your son has long given up on you and his brothers. Soon, the pain of losing a child will like a hot ember in your heart. And, it will be the pain of both your children. Kosem says SILENCE. Take her and kill her somewhere and then afterwards throw her in the sea so the fish can eat her. Gulbahar says my pain in this world is finished, yours is just starting.

    Atike enters the harem and finds everyone crying, especially Madame. She sees Farya. She says brother? They have also murdered Silahdar. I found him in Galata, he was surrounded in blood. Brother, tell me please who did this? Please? Who did this?! Who?! Murad says where is my mother? He is told that Kosem has gone to the charity.

    Kasim paces around and says where is the food? it was supposed to come long ago. Ibrahim says I am surprised at you, we are locked up here and all you think of is food. Kasim says my only thoughts are not on food, but we must look after our health and strength here, it's not like we're going to stay here for the rest of our lives. Ibrahim says how can you speak so surely? Or do you know something I don't know? Kasim says yes I do. I know that our mother will save us from this place somehow. And why are you worrying for no reason, everyone here is our mother's men, nothing will happen without their knowledge. All we have to do is wait patiently for the day we will be free. An agha arrives and says the table is ready, welcome.  Kasim asks where they were and the agha says forgive us, everything was chaotic I couldn't come. Ibrahim says what happened? The agha says Farya and Silahdar have been murdered. The situation is pretty bad. 

    Murad has arrived to see his mother. Kosem says my son? I was going to come to you. I just got the news. It is unimaginable! I am very sad, condolences to us all. Murad shouts to Haci GET OUT! OUT! You did it right? Because I locked up Ibrahim and Kasim. You wanted revenge from me. Is that right? What kind of insolence is this? WHat do you think you are! They were my wife and best friend! Kosem says do not say things you will regret later, listen...Murad says what should I listen to? I am sick and tired of your lies. I am sick and tired of forgiving you. There is no forgiveness for this. Kosem says yes, I am very angry with you for locking up your brothers. I am mad, I am hurt. But I didn't do this. I am not the one who did this. Gulbahar did it, she gave the order. Murad says Gulbahar is in the tower on the Bosphorus (Rumelia fort) in the dungeons! Kosem says no she is not, she got away, someone has helped her get away, and it is obvious they want to get revenge for Beyazid! They have used Silahdar and Farya to make you my enemy. They want you to personally write my death warrant. Please don't fall to this game, don't. Murad says God willing this is the truth. God willing you are not behind this plot, because the last thing I want to do is give the death warrant for my own mother! Outside he tells Huseyin to find out who has helped Gulbahar escape, and how she escaped. 

    Sinan catches Gulbahar and sas dont worry it is me. She says Sinan how did you find me. He says I had the Rumelia fortress watched and I am following you since you left the charity. Gulbahar says 'God knows, I don't want you to throw yourself into harms way for my sake. But I still knew you would come. It is so valuable to trust someone and know they are always by your side and won't leave you alone.' Sinan says 'the real precious thing, is your presence, I have long ago, put this life on your path. 

    Huseyin says it was just as our Valide Sultana said, Gulbahar has been taken (escaped), but we haven't been able to find any clue (of her whereabouts). Murad says did you question the harem? Huseyin says no one knows of anything. They may have been silenced. Murad says continue the investigation, no matter who it touches, I want to know the truth. Huseyin says as you order. I want you to know, this loyal subject of yours is always at your service and by your side. He exits.

    Murad says 'human beings are actually prisoners in this place they call the world. It is only death that can break the chains. Those who die go towards eternal peace and happiness. The ones left behind, live while holding onto grief and pain. I now know the meaning of these words better. Look Yusuf...this is the price of being by my side, being loyal to me, loving me." Emirgune/Yusuf says 'if all the darkness of this world is one on side cannot put out a single candle. That candle is the fire of your soul. And we are moths circling that blessed fire. If it is written in our fate to burn in that fire, how great. God willing God grants me such a fate to die in your path like they did. Your Majesty, let us not stay here longer, you must sleep." 

    Atike is in her mother's room. Kosem arrives and says my unlucky daughter of mine. Atike says mother, I will be alright mother. Kosem says yes you will. Because you are my daughter. You know how to bury your grief and pain inside you and stand on your feet. Atike says mother...the servants leave. She says 'My sovereign brother thinks you have something to do with SIlahdar and Farya's deaths. He is wrong right? You didnt do it. Kosem says I explained to your brother, and now I will explain to you. This is that snake named Gulabahar's work. She escaped prison and wants revenge. Atike says but I know you didn't like either of them, if you could, you would swallow them both in a spoon of water! Kosem says what is the meaning of this?! Atike says I simply want to be certain mother. Will you swear on Kasim and Ibrahim's heads you didn't do it? Kosem says I didn't do it! What do you mean swear?! Know you place! You are talking to your mother! I will ignore these words and attribute them to your grief. There is a knock and Haci arrives. He says Gulbahar has escaped from Halil pasha's grasp. Kosem goes to Halil and says how can this happen?! I gave you a task and you messed it up! How could you let Gulbahar get away from your hands!? Halil says I don't know how to explain it either my Sultana, when my men didn't arrive, I knew something had happened. I went after them, Kosem says ' and then you saw their bodies!' Halil says I cannot wrap my mind around it. Who would help Gulby and why?! And especially when she doesn't even have a prince anymore! Kosem says it means she has a man on the inside. We must be careful. She is got away from our hands, and then later she will pace around our feet (mess things up for us).  Halil says I will search everywhere.

    Gulbahar meanwhile tells Sinan - and by placing the blame on me, she got rid of two of her great enemies! Kosem has set up a game that will even make the devil jealous this time around! Snan says and we were able to get her princes into the cage. And this is why she has gone crazy. Gulbahar says do you think Kosem cares about Kasim or Ibrahim? Her only worry is the throne and Sultanate. If necessary, she will say "for the sake of order and stability" and she'll kill her own children. Because she sees herself as a Padisah. Sinan says it isn't easy, a child is no longer on the throne...Kosem Sultana will drown in her own blood this time. But, it won't be easy for us either my Sultana. It might take months, or even years we will wait patiently. Gulbahar says my whole life was spent in being patient. Sinan says mine too. You know about my love and feelings for you. I carried it as a secret for years. Because, it was forbidden, it was impossible. But now...Gulbahar says we spoke about this Sinan...I buried all my feelings with Beyazid and it is impossible anyway. Sinan says if you want it to be, it can be possible. There is nothing preventing our happiness. You are no longer a Sultana, you are not the mother of a prince. Your name has even been wiped from the harem books.  Gulby says there is no happiness for me anymore. Sinan says there is, if you do not want me, tell me. I will understand, I will not be hurt, and like always I will be by your side until the last drop of my blood is spilled. But if you have feelings in return, permit it, and let us be married and let us love happily in the last era of our lives. She says I accept. 

    Bekri and Nef'i along with some other men are being served a special type of wine and the man says be careful with it, so you don't get too dizzy later. Bekri comments that he is used to it. Nefi says what can you do. One man says you might know Nefi what could the reason be, Silahdar and Farya have been killed. Nef'i says how can I know the reason? Nef'i says and anyway, its the 'Sultan anti-Christ' era, the executions are prohibited, but then Beyazid gets executed and the other innocents get locked up. The Palce Horn is spilling blood into the Bosphorus. Another man says look at the insolent words eh, shameless! You are insulting our Padisah by calling him the anti-Christ, and you also cannot leave his side like a dog! You dog.' Bekri tells Nefi not to respond. Then he says Tahir Efendi, please ignore his error. Nefi says Tahir Efendi called me a dog, his compliment with this comment is very obvious. Nef'i then says and in my belief, dogs are pure 'tahir' (means pure, but is also the name of the other man, Tahir Efendi) so he basically insulted him by using his name with a play on the word Tahir. 

    Tahir gets angry, you cuckold! Bekri tells him let's go, you're going to bring trouble on yourself! Let's go! I have my own drink we can share. 

    The pashas are talking. One of them says our Padisah wasn't doing too well during the funeral ceremony. The other man says yes Bayram pasha, what can we say, God grant patience. The pasha says they say Gulbahar did it. Sinan says we don't know the truth, maybe we will never know. 

    Emirgune speaks with Kemankes. He says the princes were locked up and then right afterwards, these deaths occurred. Don't you think it's strange Kemankes? Kemankes says whats up? Do you also suspect our Kosem sultana? Emirgune says never! I am just curious. How could Gulbahar arrange such a plot? Kemankes says it is obvious whoever did it, had some benefit in it. The truth is you are one of those too. Emrigune says me? Kemankes says one of our Majesty's most closest men is dead...the way of good fortune is opened..Emirgune says if we look at it that way, then we can say the same about you. Murad is announced. 

    Kosem meanwhile is meeting with Ibrahim and Kasim. She says Gulbahar did everything. She wants to make your brother and I enemies. Ibrahim says and did our Majesty believe you? Kosem says what are you trying to say? Am I lying? This is the truth. Ibo says who cares about the truth? My brother is looking for an excuse to execute us, that is why I said that. Kosem says do not, do not dare bring this like that to your mind. A girl arrives saying it is time for Prince Ibrahim's medicine. Kosem says great. Ibrahim leaves to the other room. Kosem asks Kasim ' how is Ibrahim? You are caring for him right? Do not take your eyes off him.' Kasim says 'thankfully the medications are helping. Mother, Silahdar and Farya - you did it right? Kosem says yes, they both got what they deserved. If we wish to remove your sovereign brother from the throne, we must get rid of everyone who can stand in our way.' 

    In the Divan, the men give their condolences. Murad says Amen. As you all the know the state must continue on. In this matter, I have made some decisions. Bayram pasha, in the late Mustafa's place, I am appointing you my second Vizier. Crazy (Huseyin)? You are my third vizier. And my admiral - is Kemankes Mustafa. May it be for the best. Kemankes says you have granted with your generous heart, may God not make me embarass you. Murad says God willing. If there is nothing else, you may all leave. Everyone leaves except Tahir who says I do not know if it is the right time or not, but I wish to speak to you about an important matter. Murad says what is up? Tahir says I found myself in one of the poet Nefi's gatherings last night. I do not know how to say it but...he said some words about you that cannot be repeated. When I warned him...Murad says tell me exactly how it happened. Tahir says "forgive me your Majesty, far be it from you, when it is even prohibited for him to make fun of us, he compared you to Satan. God forgive me, he said the era, is the Sultan Anti-Christ's era."

    Nef'i meanwhile is sitting with Bekri and is drunk. He says you have made me like you. Get up. Bekri says run Nefi, the guards are coming! Nefi says what is up? What are you looking for? The guard says our Majesty has ordered you to come. Nef'i says alright, but can you let me change my clothes at least at home? Bekri watches from far away and says oh man, so sad for the guy.

    Atike and Madame are with the babies. Madame says our princes are left motherless...she left us before she could fill our little princes' bellies. Atike says she was my friend too. Madame says my Sultana, sorry for your loss too - our Pasha is dead. Atike says it is okay, it is my fate. From what I heard, you want to leave the palace? Madame says I came here with Farya Sultana. I do not know what to do here without her. And our Valide Sultana won't want to see me here. Atike says you think she did it too, don't you? Madame says no, how would I dare? Atike says you can stay here, I will take you in my service. And how will you go leaving our princes. They are Farya's memory to you. Madame says I am honoured my Sultana. 

    Nefi says you have ordered for me? Murad says I have heard you are continuing your satires? While I had forbidden it for you. Nefi says I can't help it sorry, even if I want, I can't control myself. With your merciful heart, permit me give myself my own punishment and satire my own future. Sultan Murad says I allow it, but not to satire yourself but someone else. You have satirized every statesman, except for Bayram pasha. He shouldn't be left without. Bayram says I am in his book the Arrows of Misfortune, I am the pasha he is talking about. Murad which pasha was that? Nef'i responds with another insulting line. Murad says what should be done to you Nef'i. You call someone a dog, then another person the anti-Christ. Nef'i says 'even if I know my head will be cut, I am not ashamed to tell the truth." Murad says this is why I like you Nef'i." Murad says I could not control this man, I warned him many times. But my words went from one ear, out the other. You heard what he said. You decide what should be done to him. You can mete out his punishment. 

    Nef'i is washing his hands in the courtyard and Bayram pasha is standing there, he says Nefi Efendi. Nefi says what is up? Nefi says there is one more person to be satirized. Nefi says so Sultan Murad has decided to kill me? How nice. I have one thing to give him in return and that is my sins. Bayram says I gave the order, not our Padisha. Nefi says if you and that cruel padisah silence me, so what? I will go, another man will come and speak the truth. Nefi is strangled. 

    Kasim says to Ibo - what are you going to do, spend all your time looking out the window? Ibo says who knows how much longer we'll be staying here. How many springs and winters. Maybe we will never get out. This used to be our playing garden when we were kids, now it's our prison. Maybe tomorrow it will be our graves. 


    The children have grown. Murad and Atike watch them play from above. Atike smiles and says the architect has done quite a job, the Revan Mansion has turned out to be quite exquisite. We thought it would never be finished, but haha. May the Lord grant you many more. Murad smiles and says God willing. Atike says as you know today, our mother's new charity's grand opening is today Afterwards, there will be food handed out. Our mother asked for us to be there too, if you permit, I would love to take my nephews and niece. Murad says certainly, but be careful. Atike says don't worry I will watch over them. Murad says I know. They owe you a lot Atike, you didn't let them feel their mother's absence even for a moment. You embraced them like your own children. Atike says my princes and Kaya became my motivation to live. I was able to hold onto life by their grace. Murad says God willing you will smile too Atike (as in you will have your own children and husband). Emirgune arrives and says your Majesty, we are ready for the Divan. Murad says great. Today is an important day for decisions, we cannot let the Divan wait. 

    Kosem meanwhile is being dressed. Atike arrives with the children. She says as usual, you are glowing mother. Kosem says Kaya? My moon faced grandchild. Kaya says I am coming with you, she replies of course. Kosem says to the twins - how you have grown  Selim, Suleyman. Atike says I saw Yusuf Pasha, our Majesty is gathering the Divan today. It is obvious he has taken some important decision(s). Do you know about it? Kosem says how would I know, he doesn't let me close. We've gotten very distant from each other. What decisions are these I wonder...He has turned his back to his mother and has taken a  Persian prince under his wings. If that isn't enough, he has allowed him in the Divan. Atike says 'after Silahdar's death, he became my sovereign brother's friend, mother. If our Majesty is alright now, it is because of Yusuf Pasha.' Kosem says so in other words we fled from the rain into the hail storm. 

    In the Divan, Murad says in God's Name, the most Gracious most Merciful, I open my Divan. Bayram pasha, the matters we need to discuss are important, but let me tell you all the most important. As you all know we went to Rivan, and returned victorious. Unfortunately, not even a year passed and Sah Safi occupied it once again. And for this reason I ordered preparations for war. Bayram says for Revan, the preparations continue. Yusuf unravels a map. Murad says "Not Revan, my pashas. The preparations are to be made for Baghdad. With God's permission, we will march on Baghdad with all our might. Baghdad, which my forefathers got by right of sword, is my honour and probity. In God's Presence, and before you all, I swear: Either I will attain this dream, or I will be martyred trying!"

    Kosem is announced in front of her new charity complex. Everyone shouts her name. Long live Kosem Sultana. The princes' nanny nods towards two sneaky looking men. 

    Halil says the charity is worthy of your glory my Sultana. And, along with your other complex being built, it will live forever along with your name. Kosem says God willing, some will see me as good, some will take me for evil. Because the eye only wants to see what it wants to see. But I am rest-assured, when I see the people happy like this, then I know I am on the right path. Haci says the one who hates you is blind! By your grace thousands of hungry people will be fed. The merchants and people will be relieved (take a deep breath). Kosem says God Willing. Atike says if you permit, I will go look after some of the people. The nanny watches as Atike is busy feeding people and she nods towards the sneaky looking men. Little Kaya watches what is going on. 

    Halil tells Kosem that news has come from the Divan. Our Majesty has changed his mind going to the East, and will march on Baghdad instead. Kosem says this is was bound to happen...we must hurry, he could give a decision on his brothers before setting out for the war. Get the council ready tomorrow night. Halil says as you command. 

    Downstairs in the charity, Kaya tells Atike, I'm bored, can we return to the palace? Atike says I have some work to do, so play with your brothers for a bit alright? Kaya replies ' my brothers left.' Atike says what are you saying? Where did they go? Kaya says nanny took them this way...they went through there. 

    The nanny takes them to a house. Sinan's man says no one saw you right? The other man says nope, we left in the crowd, no one saw us. Sinan's man says great. take the princes upstairs. The stupid nanny says my princes you two go upstairs our Majesty will come soon. Sinan's man says you did well, this is your reward (to the stupid nanny). If you tell anyone, I won't leave it to them, I will kill you myself. The nanny says why would I tell anyone, I'm not itching to die. The man says the ship will be ready tonight, until then go hide somewhere, and don't step out in the open.

    Murad, Kemankes and Huseyin are in Yusuf Pasa's mansion. Huseyin says as usual, you have taken great care (to host us) Yusuf Pasha. Yusuf says hosting you all is an honour for me my Pasha. Especially in this magnificent mansion our Majesty has generously gifted to me. Murad replies, there were so many palaces, but you chose Feridun Gardens, how is it? Are you happy with it? Yusuf says, by your grace I found the gardens of heaven here. It is like it is not Feridun Garden, but instead Firdevs Gardens. Of course when you aren't here, what value does it have? Kemankes rolls his eyes and then says your Majesty, may your decision for war be for the best. Your Janissary subjects were very happy with it. However, I like everyone else want to know why the sudden decision? Murad says it is not a sudden decision. This was my intention from the start. But, as you know there are Persian spies around. And so until the very last moment, I did not want anyone to find out. Yusuf says I only knew, we are consulting for months now, as you know I grew up in Persia and I know Baghdad very well. Kemankes says of course...you were at one time, one of the ones who had his sword raised against us, hopefully you never return to that. There is a knock and Haci has arrived, he says your Majesty, forgive me, I am disturbing. Murad says what is up? Why are you here? Haci says the situation is bad...The traitors have kidnapped princes Selim and Suleyman. Murad says who could dare to kidnap my princes and how?! Haci says in that crowd our Sultana was busy and the nanny took them off. Your Majesty, turns out she is a traitor! 

    Gulbahar goes to the princes and says my princes, how you have grown! Sinan asks his minion Yakup - no difficulties right? Yakup says no don't worry. Sinan says you stay with our Sultana and princes, I will go to the palace and keep an eye out there. Gulbahar follows him down and says Sinan, hand this to our Sultan Murad. I have written that I will hand over his children on one condition. Kosem and Murad must have already fallen to panic. Let their hearts burn for a while. Sinan says let us see how far he will go for his children's sake. My Sultana, be careful. She says Sinan - you have thrown your life in danger many times for me and my prince. You didn't give up, not even once. You didn't turn your back and leave. Your presence always gave me strength. I am indebted to all you have done. You are very valuable to me. No matter what, do not get this out of your head. Sinan says what is the meaning of these words now? Gulby says nothing is certain, if things don't go the way we planned, I want you to know your place in my heart. Sinan says I know my Sultana. 

    Atike speaks to Murad she says forgive me my brother, it is all my fault. I wish I never brought them here! But that woman was with our princes' since they were born! Kosem says this is not something a kalfa could have done on her own. it is obvious she works for someone. She could be working for the Jesuit order or the Persians. God please save my mind! My son, no matter who it is, their intention is to use your children against you. Murad says you gave my enemies the chance. You couldn't protect my children. Kosem says do you think I am not sad? That I am not burning inside? I wish I never brought them here! I wish I never turned my sight away from them! Sinan arrives. He says your Majesty, my Valide Sultana, someone left this letter in the Divan. And they said it was from Gulbahar sultana. Kosem says has Gulby appeared in the open?! Atike says Gulby?! Has she kidnapped the princes? Murad reads the letter. He says she is waiting for me at my father's tomb, near Beyazid. Kosem says I am coming too. Murad says you return to the palace. 

    Gulby is saying "Beyazid, my son, your blood won't be left without being avenged." Murad enters. "Gulbahar you degenerate. Where are my princes?" She says "if you kill me, you will never be reunited with your princes." He says "where are my children?" Gulbahar says you should ask your mother Kosem Sultana that. She is the one who orders the lives of princes. Osman, Mehmet, Beyazid...did not all of them get under the earth because of her? And without a doubt more tombs will be placed here, and be certain, one of them will be yours. Murad says Gulby!" Gulbahar says:  Your mother has long given up on you, her new choice is Kasim, and to put him on the throne, she has been digging your pit for a while now. That is why she had Farya killed. And SIlahdar too. To leave you alone. Murad says do you think you can put the blame of your crimes on my mother and be saved? Gulbahar says you do not know your mother at all. You have no idea what she can do. She had me kidnapped from that prison to throw the blame on me. But I got away. Murad says get to the point, where are my children?! Gulbahar says I will tell you, that is why I am here. OF course, if you wish to be reunited with your children you will have to do as I say. Murad says what do you want?! 

    Sinan asks Yakup where Gulby is. Yakup tells him that Gulby went to meet Murad at Beyazid's tomb. Sinan says HOW COULD YOU ALLOW HER?! How could you leave her alone?! Yakup says I tried to prevent her, she didn't listen my pasha!

    Gulbahar is returned to the dungeons. 

    Murad returns home. Kosem says what happened, what did Gulbahar want? Murad says she is in the palace, in the prison, she isn't speaking. Kosem says I know how to make her talk. Murad says she is talking, but she is talking about other things. She is saying you killed Farya and Silahdar and have thrown the blame on her. Kosem says do you suspect me on the words of that traitor! She is openly lying! She wants to make you fall to doubt! Look Murad! I told you Murad, I told you when she was coming to the palace that where she goes, she carries death with her! Now she wants to take revenge. Murad says she will tell me where the princes are, but she has one condition...she wants a life in return for a life. She wants the lives of Kasim and Ibrahim in return for the lives of my princes. I have until dawn. 

    Gulbahar is being whipped. Kemankes says there is no being saved this time around, Gulbahar Sultan, if you want to live, you will speak. Where did you take our princes? Who helps you? SPEAK! Kosem arrives. She asks Kemo, has she not spoken yet? Gulbahar says Kosem, finally we reunite. Kosem says I should have killed you when Beyazid was killed. I made a mistake being merciful. Where are our princes speak! Gulby says you are afraid of losing to me! You should be afraid. We both know that Murad will give up on his brothers for the sake of saving his children. Kosem says don't stop until she speaks. Tear her flesh to bits and pieces. 

    Kasim paces the room and Atike arrives. Ibrahim says Atike, I missed you so much! It's been days you didn't come! Kasim says Ibrahim lol let go. Ibrahim says you look worried, did something happen? Atike says nnothing happened, I went to the new soup kitchen and I got tired. Look, I brought you new books. Ibo says thank you! I had finished the ones there. Kasim says to Atike, when he sees books, he forgets who is with him. Kasim says what is wrong? did our Majesty make a decision about us? Atike says nothing like that, where are you getting that from? Kasim says my mother has sent extra aghas for our protection. Everyone is alert. And you look worried. Something is up, but what is it? Atike says Gulbahar sultana kidnapped Selim and Suleyman. Kasim says how can this happen? What does she want in return? She says she wants my sovereign brother to kill you and Ibrahim. Ibrahim says Kasim? What is wrong? Kasim says nothing, continue reading. Atike says they are searching for our princes everywhere. I have faith, they will find them before dawn. Kasim says what if they don't? Atike says mother won't allow anything to happen to you two. I won't allow it either. Don't forget that. 

    Kosem tells Murad we tried everything that traitor hasn't spoken. Murad says don't bother mother, until I agree to her terms, she will not accept. Kosem says my son this silence scares me. Do not let it pass your mind to give up on your brothers. You cannot trust that traitor. Even if you do what she says, she will not give you back your children. Her eyes are bloody, she would do everything to hurt us, she can kill two innocent lives, maybe she already -. Murad says DON'T YOU DARE. Don't you dare say something like that again. My children are alive. And I will do whatever I can to save them no matter what the cost! Kemankes arrives he says we have found the princes nanny at the port. Murad says where is she now? Kemankes says we have brought her here. Kosem mumbles oh thank God! 

    Murad says SPEAK! The woman says I delivered them to a house. They forced me. I was afraid I had to do what they said. Forgive me. Murad says forgive me! Murad says NO MERCY. YOU WILL TAKE US TO MY PRINCES AT ONCE. 

    Ibrahim is brought food and he locks the door and shouts YOU WILL TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE PALACE. It is obvious something is up. The agha says he doesn't know. Ibo replies,  if you tell me, I will give you this ring. I won't tell anyone you told me. It will be our secret. The agha says Gulby kidnapped the princes and asks for your execution in return for their safe delivery. 

    The nanny points out the house.

    Meanwhile, the princes are crying and Sinan tells Yakup to silence them as the neighbours will hear and find out. 

    Murad goes back down to the woman and smacks her. WOMAN, YOU SAID MY CHILDREN WERE HERE. WHERE ARE THEY? She says please, I brought them here I don't know anything else. Murad says kill her. She begs I don't know anything else please! 

    Yakup says to Sinan, our Gulby has sacrificed herself, I hope it makes a difference. 

    Kosem asks Murad where her grandchildren are. Kemankes says my Sultana. She says did that snake do something to my grandchildren? Kemo says the house that woman took us to was empty, and our Majesty couldn't bear it. Kosem says on the one hand my grandchildren on the other my children. I am so scared Kemo, I am very scared Murad will take his anger out on my children. Kemo says God forbid, and what did our princes do? Kosem says I wish I could be as certain as you. This silence has such a storm behind it, only God knows. If we don't find my grandchildren, that storm will turn into a flood.  Kemo says that kind of thing won't happen my Sultana. We will do everything in our power for this. 

    Murad recalls the man in the woods who said "the truth of the matter is, the line will not continue with you...one of your brothers will get on the throne, despite you, they will get on the throne." Emirgune arrives and says the sun is about to rise your Majesty. Murad says years ago, they had set up revolt, they had asked me for the lives of the people I cared about the most, and I felt like this at that time. Hopeless, my hands tied. I thought I would never feel like this again, but I was wrong. What will I do, I do not know at all Yusuf. Emirgune says forgive my insolence, but we must think of all courses of action - what if you were to give Gulbahar what she wants? Murad says kill my brothers?! 

    Ibrahim is having a nightmare, Ibrahim wakes up and rushes to Kasim wake up Kasim, wake up, they are coming! Kasim says who, who is coming?! Ibo says I saw the executioners shadows! They are coming! Kasim checks and sees nothing and says there is no one there Ibrahim. Are you sure you weren't mistaken? Ibrahim says no, I saw... I saw the shadows the executioners...Kasim says alright my brother calm down come sit. What happened to you? Why are you afraid again? Ibrahim says our brother will kill us... Kasim says how do you know about this? Ibo says Didn't you talk about this with Atike? And don't deny it. I found out and I know now. Kasim says yes we did, but don't worry, our brother won't kill us on the words of Gulabahar. Ibrahim says why shouldn't he? Do we have any value left? The throne goes from father to son now. My brother will kill us to protect his own sons. Kasim says Ibo, I promise nothing like that will happen. No one will kill us under any circumstance. Come. 

    Murad arrives to see Gulbahar. She says Sultan Murad, it seems you haven't found your princes, have you made up your mind? Murad orders the guards to get her out. 

    Gulbahar sees Kasim and Ibrahim on the ground inside the apartment with executioners standing with ropes. She says "you have chosen your children it means. You killed your brothers, you had given up on them by putting them in the dungeons anyway." He says what you wanted happened. Now tell me where my children are. Gulbahar says "did you understand me now? A child is different, you will do anything to make sure they live, even if you burn in hell in the end. This is what I did. I did it for Beyazid so that he could live." Murad says you didn't harm them? Gulbahar says don't worry, I will keep my promise. I will take you to my princes. 

    Kosem says she doesn't want anything. Haci says my sultana you need to drink, your health. Kosem says okay, the thing that is worrying me is my son's silence. Atike enters MOTHER MY BROTHER SENT EXECUTIONERS TO THE BOXWOOD APARTMENT!

    Gulbahar says it is here, our princes are here. Huseyin wants to go in, but Murad rushes. MY LIONS, DON'T BE SCARED. CRAZY, take my princes to the palace. Gulbahar says don't stop, kill me. I got my revenge. Kosem will live through the pain of losing her children. Just like I did. And you will suffer from losing your siblings. Murad says your courage is worth noting, you almost won, but, the one with brains is ahead. YOU DEGENERATE! WOULD I KILL MY SIBLINGS ON YOUR WORD?! 

    Emirgune tells Kosem - we made the princes drink medicine which put them to knock them unconscious. Then we put executioners over them so that Gulbahar would believe it when she saw it. And She did. She said where our princes were. Kosem says great. Emirgune says "it was my idea." Kosem says "why didn't you let me know, when I heard the executioners came I felt I died!" Emirgune says "our Majesty saw it fit this way"

    Sinan watches from a distance as Gulby's body is being moved.

    Kosem says to the princes - my lion grandchildren you finally returned. Murad says don't touch. And don't ever touch my children again. Whatever happened is your fault. Kosem says why do you do this? You blame me for everything that happens to you. Give up seeing me as your enemy.  Murad says I gave up anyway. I won't blame you anymore, you will so far you won't be able to interfere in anything. 

    Kemankes says to Kosem, thankfully our princes returned safe and sound to the palace. But you are unhappy. Is something wrong? Kosem says whenever my heart hurts, you are the only one who notices. Haci rolls his eyes so far that he sees his own brain. My sovereign son blames me for what happened to my grandchildren. He openly threatened me. It is obvious he will exile me somewhere very far away. Kemankes says how can this be. Where can he exile you? Kosem says I do not know, he said you will go far enough that you won't be able to interfere. If that happens, it will mean our end - that of mine and my children - will be disastrous. Kemo says God forbid. 

    Atike says wait Suleyman wait. Come here. My loves, we finally reunited. She says what is this? Suleyman? She notices they boys have marks all over. She shouts for the aghas and says call for doctors are once! 

    Kosem meets with the men. She says you know what has happened. Gulbahar kidnapped my grandchildren, God fobrid, they could have been killed. Two men say may it pass. God saved our princes. Kosem says However, we must accept that this has put us on a road of no return. My sovereign son will set out on campaign. It is difficult to guess what he will do or what decision he will make. He could kill my princes at any time. That is why I have called you all here. Before our Majesty sets on campaign we will work together and put my prince Kasim on the throne. One of the men says forgive me, but what will happen after? Kosem says UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE IS HE TO BE KILLED. We will lock him in the place he has locked his brothers, the Boxwood Rooms. 

    Sinan tells Murad that Bayram Pasha has set out for the Baghdad campaign. Murad says great, and I will go to head the army without wasting any time. Sinan eyes the dagger on the desk and recalls Murad killing Gulbahar. Atike arrives and says the princes are ill with an infectious disease (plague or some other very dangerous infectious disease). 

    THE END. 

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