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    Episode Title: "The Conqueror of Baghdad"
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMiMlbaqAtg&t=3526s

    Murad is with the younger doctor, Yassef Efendi who says I investigated the medication the head doctor was giving you. Murad replies: And the outcome? Yassef says: Unfortunately, what they say is true, these are not medicines that are used to cure your illness. Murad says: So Emir Celebi is trying to kill me is that right? Yassef says your Majesty, I do not want to wrongly accuse but, the situation is apparent. Emir Celebi has done nothing except ease your pain. Murad says Yassef Efendi, this will stay between us, no one is to know about it.

    Murad to Yusuf - Sinan was right, my mother has set her mind to kill me. Yusuf says how strange that a mother to give up on her son. But this is not the first your Majesty. It is the manifestation of fate. One time, the ruler of Baghdad Haizuran Sultana abandoned her son Musa for the sake of power.  She was the wife of Mehdi the Sultan of Baghdad, she was Yemeni, her beauty turned heads, and she was ambitious. When her husband died, she was left widowed with two of her children. Her son Musa took the throne, but he was very young and so couldn't handle state affairs yet, and so Haizuran Sultana's absolute sultanate begins. Murad says until, Musa grew up and wanted what was rightfully his, the throne and power. Is that right?

    Yusuf nods. His voice over - Musa warns his mother to stay away from state affairs, puts prohibitions on her, but Haizuran cares not about Musa's prohibitions and because she thinks Musa is challenging her, she starts resenting her son Musa. Considers him her enemy and gives her decisions, she will dethrone Musa and, put Harun ar Rashid, her other son who she can wrap around her finger in his place on the throne. Musa is aware of the danger. He realizes what his mother is up to, and to stop her, he removes Harun ar Rashid from the succession and put his own son Jafer as successor. But he was too late, Haizuran had taken action already and unfortunately, she killed Musa and reached her goal. In short your Majesty, that poor Musa's Pharaoh (his enemy) was his own mother. Murad says - I considered myself my own Pharaoh all these years...I fought myself for this reason. But it is true, the truth is out in the open. If I am Moses, then my Pharaoh is my mother Kosem Sultana. Yusuf, know that my mother will not taste that victory that Haizuran had because I will not be like Musa.

    Sinan says to Kosem - I guess my time for execution has come, what can I say except I guess my life was meant to end this way, in the dungeons of the palace of the family that I served for years. Haci says served? You are a sneaky traitor. The snake hiding in our midst all these years. The traitor to the state does not recover, sooner or later his head is crushed. Sinan approaches and says then your head will be crushed soon too, you are as guilty as I am. You btrayed Sultan Osman, Sultan Mustafa and even your own son, Sultan Murad. Kosem says you who are the seed planted among us by the enemy. You heard with your ears and saw with your eyes, now if you have any conscience tell me, who protected the state that you all have tried to destroy all these years? Sinan says you, it's true, but those days are in the past. The state has a powerful ruler now, a ruler who does not bow to you. Lalezar says my Sultana with your permission - and then she calls for aghas. Kosem stops her. Sinan says and I wrote a letter to that ruler. I told him about how you got together with his head doctor and are trying to kill him. And I am certain the first thing Sultan Murad will do after finding this out will be to strangle prince Ibrahim. And afterwards, you. Kosem says he won't do such a thing while at war. And also if he does try something like that, there are people to protect (Ibrahim). Sinan says who will? Kemankes? He will protect the prince? His loyalty to you is apparent to all. I am also curious like everyone else is, where does the pasha's loyalty come from like this? And when I think about it, the answer is not hard to find. he is in love with you is that right? In fact, there is a secret relationship between you two. Kosem leaves.

    Murad goes to see the head doctor who asks him if he is well. Murad says I am well, so you're a chess player? Emir says yes, it is howI keep my mind sharp...the man who was with me is a new learner, it is easy for me to beat him, I was about to win. If you wish, we can start again. Murad says I know how to turn this game around as it is. The pawns move forward first, but everyone knows the real battle is between the Kings. The doc says but without the pawns the war cannot be won. Murad says exactly, the pawns take to the queen to the war and the queen takes becomes the death of the king (check mate). The doc says forgive me your majesty, what are you implying?Did I make some mistake without knowing? Murad says you cursed man! You dare to ask that?! It's been months, and is it not you the one who is giving me some other medication in place of the one that should be prescribed for me? Doc says never your Majesty! Murad says did you want to kill me slowly and painfully? And to top it off, you got the orders from my mother, right? The doctor cries out: never your Majesty, they are all lies, whoever says it is falsely accusing me! Yusuf says so having opium despite our Majesty's prohibition is also a lie? Murad says now Emir Celebi, you will swallow all of these one by one! Doc says ummm...I guess there is no way out for me so...here is the medication, which you drank for years, which would have helped you, and without me (he dumps it all out onto the ground) you won't have it, it will go to the ground with me!  Murad says you ACCURSED ONE! WHO ARE YOU?! I NEED NO ONE, NOT YOU NOR YOUR MEDICATION. I ONLY TRUST IN GOD AND I ONLY ASK HIM FOR HELP!

    Sinan is being taken out of the dungeons and at the same time he comes across his right hand man Yakup who says forgive me, they tortured me and I couldn't bear it. Sinan says you should have withstood no matter what! What did you gain now? You are someone who betrayed your cause! Yakup says what cause? Your only cause was Gulbahar sultana! Wait, don't! Sinan kills him. The guards say Yakup has died.

    Lalezar asks Haci if what Sinan said was true, is it true there is a secret relationship between Kemankes pasha and our Sultana? Haci says be quiet or I will take my anger out on you, is that even possible?! Lal says don't like I know you well, if it wasn't true you wouldn't look so troubled. Haci says I told you it is just..Lal says what? Only what? Haci says perhaps our Kemankes pasha has misunderstood our Sultana's favour and has got caught up in the fantasy, but there is nothing from our Sultana's side. Impossible!  Lalezar says so it means Kemankes pasha and our Sultana...Haci says WALK WOMAN. Melek kalfa enters (Madame) and says what are you gossiping about? Haci says oh nothing, today Sinan pasha will be executed. Melek says how many enemies our Padisahah has...he is surrounded by snakes and insects but we had no clue! How sad. He had a mere handful of friends and they were murdered...Haci says if that is the case, then in that case, be careful Melek Hatun, the times are bad. Melek says know your place. The head treasurer stands before you, know your place! Haci mumbles says yes the feet have become head...heads!

    Melek asks Lal who ordered the execution of Sinan. Lal says our Valide sultana of course.

    Meanwhile, Kemankes tells Ibrahim that they must continue practice because he is very talented in archery and he will surpass them all soon. Ibo says don't tire yourself, you cannot protect me with bows and arrows, and you don't know, they could kill me with that bowstring one day. Kemo says God forbid! You are the only heir to the sultanate, you are our only hope, the future. That is why you must prepare yourself for the future. Ibrahim says what is going on there, who is that?

    He approaches Yusuf and says who is that? Yusuf says Emir Celebi. Ibrahim says what did the poor man do to be executed? Yusuf replies this wasn't an execution, he was an addict, he was taking opium in his room secretly. This time it killed him. Kemankes tells Ibrahim it is time to return to the camp, it is late. Kemo then turns to Yusuf and says what is the matter? Yusuf says his crime is big my pasha, he attempted assassination by the order of Valide Kosem Sultana. Kemankes says what are you saying? This is insanity, such a thing is not possible! Yusuf says yes it is. very possible. Sinan found everything out and warned us. Kemo says Sinan? How do you know he is not lying?! How can you accuse our Valide Sultana on his words? Yusuf says he is trustworthy - he was the one who informed us about Kosem Sultana's attack before. Yusuf says he found his worthy place the dog - anyone who betrays Sultan Murad, this is how they end up.

    Kosem asks why Yakup hasn't been brought. Haci tells her that SInan killed him in the dungeons. Kosem says so it means he didn't quit in the dungeon either...his sin is so great..imagine how many innocents he has killed - just like my son Kasim. Halil says order us to mete out his punishment. Kosem says we will not be doing that - the public will. The innocents whom he has harmed, they will do it.

    Sinan is brought before the people in the streets. Announcement: O people! Sinan Pasha has been found out to be part of the Jesuit Order! This traitor to country and religion has committed unforgivable crimes and has killed many innocents. People boo Sinan.  The announcement continues: And one of his greatest crimes was to burn the whole city of Istanbul. For this reason, the punishment for this sneaky traitor has been decided to to be given to the public to carry out.

    Suddenly, palace guards arrive. They tell the people to move back and grab Halil Pasha. Halil says let me go, who are you (to do this).  Tahir Pasha arrives saying I am the Istanbul Protector Tahir Pasha, move back! He says come pasha come. He opens the wooden cage and unties Sinan who says my pasha, thank you you got here just in time. Tahir says do not thank me, thank our Sultana! Thank her! Take him away. Then Tahir announces: You may return to your own business and stores. Go on.

    Atike and Melek/Madame enter Kosem's charity and go to her room. There, Atike says MOTHER? Kosem says what are you doing here?! Atike says I have stopped Sinan's execution. The Protector of Istanbul has done what was needed. Know this. And do not ever try such a thing again. Kosem says while that traitor should have his liver torn out, you have spared his life? Atike says he could be guilty mother, but our Majesty, not you nor the people, will give him his punishment. Until he returns from war, Sinan will remain in the dungeons. If it is as you say, do not worry, my sovereign brother will take his liver! Just like what he will do to Halil pasha. Kosem says what does that mean? Atike says I had him caught, he will be thrown in the dungeons - because for a while now he was being sought for for being involved in treachery. Kosem says you knew about the betrayal too, but you were silent. Atike says yes true, but, I asked for forgiveness from our Majesty and he forgave me. Kosem says and did you forgive him? The one who killed Kasim, and who we had to pull Ibrahim from his grasp? Have you forgiven him? Atike says what happened happened, no one is innocent. I only have one cause now - to protect my brother Ibrahim. And there is only one way to do that, my sovereign brother's justice will be absolutely established. Kosem says it seems in this world my test is the ungratefulness of my children to me. What a pity! What you guys have done to me, my enemies have not done. Sad!

    THREE MONTHS LATER (who read this in a Sponge Bob voice hahaha, let me know if you did! If you aren't familiar with it, you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuzyX1YiUYk )

    In the camp, Murad is being told that they are trying to get close to the fort, but because there are three successive trenches dug by the Persians it is difficult.  Huseyin we're filling them with soil and they are adding water. the ground turned to swamp. Kemo say we distribute sacks, but the Persians dig tunnels and take the sacks out. We start right at the start. Murad says we are nearing winter! Our expenses are climbing.  We are without a solution? One of the servants says dates your Majesty! Dates! Yusuf says what is going on, is now the time to speak of dates?! Get out! The teen says I have an idea, if you permit I can explain. There are date trees all around, if we put the date palm leaves down, the ground will dry up. We can advance to the fort! A pasha says it could work, if you permit of course.  Murad replies, it is fitting. Do what is needed at once.

    Lalezar enters Kosem's room and says our Majesty has sent this to you. Kosem says what is in there? Haci says this is Emir Celebi, our Majesty's head doctor. Kosem waves it away and says Sinan used this to get me and Murad against each other. I am here helpless for a solution! Dear God! What if he takes his anger towards me out on Ibrahim? Haci says please don't worry my sultana, Kemankes pasha is with our prince all the time, he will always be alert. Trust him. Kosem says DO I HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE HACI?!

    Atike is reading a letter and Melek kalfa asks her what Murad has written. Atike says he warns me about mother who has tried to kill him, just like she did with Farya and Silahdar at one time. Melek says what I hear right?! Were Farya and Silahdar - Atike nods.

    Murad meanwhile asks the young servant what his name is. The boy responds - Osman and because of my young age they call me Young Osman. Murad says how nice, the name of my dynastic family and also that of my late brother. He was young like you when he got on the throne...and also when he died. Young Osman says may he rest in heaven. Murad says Amen, and where are you from? Where did you come from? Young Osman says from Aksaray, and I joined the campaign by my own wish. Murad says you are very brave and smart - maybe because of you the fate of the war will change, Young Osman. Ask what you want from me. Young Osman says my only wish your Majesty, to fall martyr, allow me to also join the battle. While you conquer Baghdad, I shall get the honour of martyrdom. Murad says what is Bagdad Osman, you have won my heart, I do not want you to die, I want to live so that after you can fight for me. Young Osman says do not look at my age, I am very strong. Many Persians cannot withstand me. Murad says Young Osman, when there are young brave men like you, this state can never come to it's knees, God Willing.

    Kosem says who knows what is going through Sultan Murad's mind, we must be certain of Ibrahim's safety. Haci says and Halil pasha is imprisoned...Kosem says we will get him out and also, we will take certain precautions. Haci says what kind of precautions? Kosem says let's go to the charity foundation, the statesmen await us. Madame says my Valide Sultana, I think you are leaving the palace? Haci says oh God! Like our Sultana has to answer to you! Get out of our way. Madame says I am sorry, but, you are prohibited from leaving the palace. Haci says what are you saying woman, are you itching to lose your life? Madame says Atike Sultana has given an absolute order.

    Kosem goes to Atike and shouts what are you doing? Have you lost your mind? Who are you to put prohibitions on me?! Atike says I received a letter from my sovereign brother. From what he says, along with the talent of the head doctor you have attempted on his life. And my brother has given authority to me with an imperial order - he has instructed me to take precautions against you. Kosem says what precautions? Will you take my life? Atike says taking someone's life is your job mother, for example Silahdar, Farya...you have taken their lives, that is what is written. I asked you and you looked right into my eyes and lied. Kosem says your brother wants to make me an enemy to you. Atike says Silahdar was my love, my wedded husband. You killed him without mercy. I mourned for months, you didn't care what I felt, what I thought. What kind of cruelty is this? Kosem says EH WHO IS SILAHDAR OR FARYA! WHO CARES ABOUT THEM?! I should have killed them long ago, for they are they ones who turned your brother against me! Atike says it is always someone else's fault right mother? They made you two into enemies, they sowed the seeds of discord yes? And you remained pure and sinless. Kosem says I did it to ensure the safety of your brothers that is all. Atike replies, and what happened now mother? Are we living in the gardens of heaven now? Mother! Accept it already! We are right in the belly of the hell that you were trying to avoid! And it is your fault! Mostly it is your fault! Kosem says why are you angry towards me? Are you hurting me because of Silahdar? He didn't love you my daughter. He used you for his benefit that is all. Atike replies and you didn't understand me at all mother.  From now on I do not even want to see your face. And don't touch me again. It is prohibited for you to leave the palace until our Majesty returns. If you try to challenge that, I will place you in the dungeons.

    In the encampment, Ibrahim can't concentrate on his books. In Baghdad, the armies face each other. Bektas Han greets Murad: Finally we meet, Sultan Murad Han. I am Bektash Han. Murad says retreat, as you can see, your trenches did nothing. The choice is now yours, either you forfeit, or be destroyed. Bektash says don't confuse me with that sneaky traitor Emirgune. I will never forfeit, I will fight til my last breath! Murad says so you chose my swords wrath, now go get your soldiers and yourself ready for my fury!

    Murad to his men: My Pashas, Beys, my brave warriors, know that today it is not a ruler who gives you orders before you, and all you who stand before me are not men who take orders from their rulers. Today, I, like you, am a common soldier of this mighty state! Finally, the day we have long awaited has arrived! We brought the Persians from their hiding holes out into the open! But, our task is not easy. Today, this battlefield will become a hell. Some from among us will not see the set! God willing, I willbe one of them. and God Willing my Lord will give me that destiny to sip from the cup of martyrdom. I believe, my lions, that victory will be ours! With God's permission, when we pray Imam Hazretleri's tomb, our flag will fly over Baghdad's . And you will take your shares (places)!

    The army shouts Long Live Sultan Murad!

    The Pasha says "Your Majesty, it is not at all suitable for you to be at the front. You must stay behind. Murad says humph, Pasha, I have come here to fight, if I don't die now, when will I die? The Pasha looks with admiration. Murad shouts: O God! O Muhammad! O Ali! GO FORTH MY LIONS!

    Murad's monologue: "Oh Death, come take me now. It is the perfect time, to walk in your garden, to wash my face in the river of Kevser (in heaven), O death, where are you? This dust...this blood in your chest, stops to wait for it's own day of reckoning. It is like I am on the place where the people will be gathered on the Day of Reckoning. Do you not have eyes? Where are your hands death? Sleeping on a bloody tomb. Wherever I step, death surrounds my feet. Open your eyes Murad. Look at the 58:54. Open your eyes Murad. Open them. You came from another place to the Earth. You don't belong here. For this reason, come to your senses, and climb to the heights, don't sink to the bottom. Get up, and stand up from the place you have fallen. I am Sultan Muard, the Murad whose helpless subjects kneel before him, tongue-tied, eyes blind and hearts turned to ice from fear - to beg for my mercy! I wield my conscience and toss it to the earth to take root, grabbing fear by the head and tearing it from body. I am not afraid to find blood. Not afraid to be cruel! O death! Come and take me. Now is the perfect time!"

    At night, Murad isn't doing so well. Yassef says your Majesty, don't get up, you must rest. By getting injured, your body has really lost strength. Unfortunately, your illness is growing worse. Murad says get my medication ready at once. I need to get on my feet at once. I need to return to the Capitol with the best state of strength. Yusuf tells him, if you do not rest, you will not be able to do anything. Murad says " I passed through death, I touched it, felt its breath...but I did not die. And during the largest and bloodiest war. I won. But it is not over. Kemankes! Crazy! (They both enter). Murad says as you know, my grand vizier Bayram pasha has been martyred and gone to heaven. Kem and Huseyin say God grant him heaven. Murad says Amen. Your job Kemankes is to make sure this victory lasts - gather my army and march on Sah Safi so that fool never dares to step onto my lands again. You will go after that fool by my orders, you will be my eyes and ears, because I am appointing you my grand vizier. Look at me Kemankes, look at the condition my mother has brought me to. If that wasn;t enough, my wounds made it worse. My mother used my illness, it has spread to my liver. You will be loyal to me Kemankes. You will pledge allegiance to me. Those who do not pledge to me, are destroyed! Yusuf tells the doctor to get the meds ready.

    Haci arrives and says I had some milk warmed, and added some crushed nuts in. Kosem says when I try to get close to my children, they try to get farther away. Kasim is dead. Murad sees me as his enemy, Atike doesn't even want to see my face. Ibrahim is scared of me. I do not know how his soul got so delicate, maybe I became the reason. I carried the burden of the state all these years so much that I couldn't make time for my children. I have neglected them. Haci says do not make yourself so sad, they are your children. Even if they are angry or say words that are hurtful, they love you. And even if they don't understand you today, eventually they will. Kosem says I hope.

    Lalezar enters and tells Kosem I do not know how to say it, but Prince Mustafa is in one of his tantrums again, he says the ship has come to take him, let me go and we cannot control him, he will hurt himself. Kosem says did you not give him your medicine? Lal says we did, but it doesn't work!

    Mustafa meanwhile shouts LET ME GO! I AM SULTAN MUSTAFA! I ORDER YOU, LEAVE ME ALONE! Kosem enters. Mustafa? Look what I have brought for you. He says chestnuts! She orders the men out and sits next to him. Mustafa says my mother Halime Sultana used to bring me chestnuts like this. No one brings me any anymore. They have really forgotten me. Who are you? She says do you remember you used to stand in the middle of the harem courtyard, with chestnuts in your hand? They were very hot and once they burned your hand. Sultan Murad says I was hurt, and I put my hand out to you, and you blew on it. Anastasia! Your other name, Kosem Sultana. Kosem says you remember! Mustafa says you have changed, years have passed. How many? I say a century, you say a thousand years. Only, your eyes...your eyes have not changed...but there is something...like something is lost. Ah, your innocence. There is no innocence. I am looking, looking. Nope. It is lost. This condition of yours reminds me of someone....Safiye Sultana! Kosem says she was a cruel woman who only thought of herself! She was willing to kill her own grandchild, her own blood! Mustafa says and you did not give up on your own son? Sultan Murad told me. That night you wanted to lock him up here. In this case, what is the difference between you and Safiye Sultan. Kosem says did I want it like this? He forced me to do this. Mustafa says we can guess Safiye sultana said the same words to herself. She was fooling herself. But it is very hard for a person to trick himself. Mustafa says where is my mother, where is my sister Dilruba? They do not visit me at all...they have really forgotten me. True, they have died. You killed them. Did you put poison in those? Did you come to kill me too?!

    Announcer: DESTUR! Make way! The Sultan of Sultans, the Han of Hans, the Emporer of the world, The Conqueror of Baghdad! His Imperial highness, Sultan Murad Han!

    Kosem says both my sons have returned. Thank the Almighty Lord! Haci says now the nightmare is over, our prince will be safe under your wings. Kosem says the conditions of war were tough, Ibrahim has lost weight. Haci says my sultana, he is alive, that is what is important. And don't worry, I will have his most favourite meals made for him. In a couple of weeks he will recover.

    Kosem suddenly says, where is Kemankes? Has he not returned from the war? Could something have happened to him? Haci says this is the matter I wanted to speak to you about my Sultana. Our Majesty has appointed him grand vizier and ha ssent him along with the army to march on Sah Safi.  Kosem says so Kem became grand vizier eh? Finally Sultan Murad made a proper decision. The imperial divan will now once again be serving me. Of course, if Kemankes can return safe and sound. Haci says our Pasha is great commander, he will succeed but...Kosem says yes? Haci says as you know that accursed called Sinan is in the dungeons. Our Majesty will personally wish to interrogate him. I am afraid he will say wrong things that may trouble the waters. Kosem says his betrayal is apparent. I do not think he (Murad) will trust his words. Anyway, he found out about my plan with the doctor, what will he do? Exile me? Let him. Kill me? Let him. Haci says God forbid! My sultana, Atike sultana has gone to greet our Majesty in the privy chamber, will you not go?

    Kaya says daddy has come, daddy my dear daddy! I missed you very much, don't leave again anyway there is no one left in the palace. Murad says my dearest! Atike says are you well your Majesty? Murad says how can I not be after reuniting with this sweetheart (Atike). Murad says Atike, time is only good to you. How beautiful you look! Atike says your majesty, you have given us great fortune with your victory at Baghdad, may there be many more victories God Willing. Murad says God Willing. Melek/Madame greets him and says welcome. Atike says where is Ibrahim? He returned too right? Murad says of course he has, you can see him whenever you want.

    Murad recalls his mother greeting him before, and her words: You finally returned. We heard of your victory, may God always keep your sword sharp. Everyone was there, now it's just Atike. Murad says my mother didn't bother coming to greet me, it means she has no courage to look the son she tried to kill in the eyes. Atike says your Majesty, if I had known about the situation I - Murad says  don't worry, I do not doubt you. Atike says everything that has happened lately has taken us to grief. I understand her anger and pain but this doing of hers, there is no excuse for that! As per your orders, I prohibited her from leaving the palace. I have caught Halil pasha and have thrown him into the Rumelia prison. But, however it happened, he ran away one night. Murad says humph, it is my mother's doing. And Sinan? Is he alive? Atike says he is here your Majesty, in the palace dungeons, he awaits your return with great hopes. Wonder what he will say, I investigated the matter and Sinan is not at all innocent. Murad says except for her (Kaya) no one is innocent.

    Out in the hall, Yusuf greets Atike. She says welcome pasha, why have the doctors come? Is my brother his Majesty ill? Yusuf says There is nothing to worry about, he has some minor wounds from the battle and they have come to check those out. She nods. Yusuf says in our Majesty's absence, there were no incidents that happened that we need to know about right? Atike says I know you mean my mother. Watch out Pasha, if a storm erupts between mother and son we will all be swept into it. For this reason don't try to influence my brother against my mother and Ibrahim. You will burn first. Yusuf says I do not know at all what I have done to deserve such words. Atike says I am simply warning you. I do not want any more deaths, I do not have any more strength to deal with more pain.

    Kosem goes to see Ibrahim. She says my lion son you finally returned. I was so worried in your absence, thank God you stand before me. Kosem introduces the girl - this is Zarife Hatun, she will stay by you and serve you from now on. If there is any dangerous situation, she will protect you with her life. Ibrahim says this woman will protect me? How will that happen? Kosem says Zariga has been trained and raised well. She knows very well what to do. The girl leaves and Ibrahim says you are afraid too, right mother? You are afraid my sovereign brother will send executioners. I wished to wear my armour and ride out to battle and be martyred...Kosem says what are you saying? How could you put yourself in danger like that? Ibrahim says but they did not allow it. At the very head of them, Kemankes agha. He didn't move his eyes off me even for a moment ...but I simply wanted to get rid of a burden on you and my sovereign brother. I thought if I am dead, the fight will finish...no one will hurt anyone or get into sin that way. Kosem says what burden my son? You are the crown on my head! You are my only hope. Despite all these pains, if I am able to live, the reason is you! Do not say these kinds of things again okay? Ibrahim says my sovereign brother treated me very well. He never got angry. He came and stayed with me sometimes and we chatted. Maybe he won't, maybe he won't kill me. He doesn't make it obvious but he is being crushed under the decisions he has made as a ruler. He can't bear it anymore, he is ill...and the wound in his heart has made his body ill. He is not at all doing well now.

    The doctors have examined Murad. Murad says I have called you here to find a cure to my illness, not for you to stand silently lowering your heads. One doctor says your Majesty, your illness has accumulated in your body...this is the reason for your stomach being swollen. Yassef says we can drain the collected liquid with a small incision. Of course this will only be a passing solution, but before this pus dries out from the root, it will start again.  Murad says then you will dry out from it's source. The other doctor says we will do what we can...no matter we tried it has failed. There hasn't been anyone who has survived this illness...unfortunately. Murad says might as well me that my time has come then! when God gives a life, he can also take it. No one but God knows when a person will die, how and for what reason. Yassef, what do you say? Yassed says we cannot lose hope in God. In order for you to recover your health, we will work day and night, but it is obvious the condition is serious. Murad says in that case go, and do not come before me without finding a treatment for this illness. Yusuf says to Murad - your Majesty, do not lose hope, you have overcome all sorts of things, you will overcome this too God Willing. Murad says bring me wine Yusuf. Yusuf says your Majesty, if you don't pity yourself have pity on your us, your subjects in this condition how can you drink that poison? Murad says do as I say, you heard, since there is no solution, at least let the pain subside!

    Ibrahim says to Zarife - alright then leave it be, I can wash myself. Zarife says did I fall to some mistake my prince? Forgive me if I have erred. Ibrahim says you even being here is a mistake. Do you know why Kasim died? Because he set eyes on our Majesty's harem. Then they became enemies and that enmity grew...and in the end, he lost his life. Get out from here without anyone seeing you. Zarife says no need to worry, I am not a member of our Majesty's harem. I am here for you. Otherwise would our Kosem Sultana had permitted such a thing? Ibrahim says you are here for me is that right? Zarife says my heart and spirit belong to you.

    Yusuf speaks to Yassef and says our Majesty's condition is grave Yassef, he is getting worse day by day. Emir Celebi's medicine was the only one that worked. Have you not figured out the recipe? Yassef says Emir Celebi was the only one who knew how to make it. Every herb gives remedy but it takes time...Yusuf says go find whoever was his friend, family, wife...investigate his house, someone must know. We are forced to find that medicine. Our Majesty and our state relies on that. Yassef says that medicine wasn't a cure and you know it. We simply prolong it. But our Majesty. Kosem enters - but what? Kosem says is there no way my sovereign son can be saved? Yassef says his condition is very serious, and as a result of the campaign his illness is growing rapidly worse. If it continues like this...Kosem says yes? Yassef says our Majesty does not have much time left.

    Murad says Yusuf, Yusuf!

    Outside Yusuf get that possibility out of your mind Yassef Efendi. Our Majesty will beat this and those who doubt it will pay the price. You will do everything to save our Majesty.

    Murad collapses. They all rush in. Yusuf says to the bed! They put him on the bed.

    Murad wakes up in a locked room and shouts opened the doors aghas! Through the window he sees Ibrahim kissing his mother's hand. He hears Kosem say "The future is ours. Do not be afraid. Without burning in the fire, being covered in snow, and being flung around in the storm, you cannot exist. I will always be by your side. Murad shouts Mother! Ibrahim! What have you done? How can you lock me up in this hole? I who am a Padishah! How can you see such a cruelty fit for me? Kosem says this is better, be certain this is the best for us all. Murad says Ibrahim? Ibo says forgive me brother, forgive me. Murad shouts out get me out of here, mother, Ibrahim! I will kill you both! I will rip out your hearts with my hands! MOTHER! But it was just a dream.

    Murad wakes and Kosem says Murad, my son. He says what happened to me? She says last night you had a fever, you fainted and the doctors had to intervene you are okay now. He coughs violently. She says my son, Murad!

    Atike goes to see Ibrahim and says oh how I missed you, if only you knew how much I needed you!
    Zarife exits and Atike says who is this woman? Ibrahim says Zarife, my personal servant, in order to protect me my mother sent her to me. What is wrong with you? Why are you sad? Atike says My mother was the one who killed Silahdar years ago. And Farya too. She made me live through this just so they wouldn't get in her way. Ibrahim says I had guessed, I had asked but she denied. Does my brother know? Atike says yes, he asked her and she admitted by her own mouth! She made me and my brother live through this just for the sake of her anger and ambitions. Now she is praying over his head for him to recover. Ibrahim says you know, this is the fight for the throne, There will be those who become sacrifices...Beyazid, and Kasim did they not die for this cause? And what is wrong with my brother? Atike says he fainted last night, he is not well Ibrahim. They say he has fallen to a fatal illness. The docs say that there is no hope. Ibo says I had understood anyway...his condition was pretty bad. Atike says we cannot do anything except pray for him. Ibrahim says and if something happens to him, what will happen? Atike says we cannot lose hope in God...but if God's Order  passes, then you will get on the throne. Ibrahim shakes his head. I do not want to get on that bloody throne Atike. Atike says if you prepare yourself, it will be good. Sooner or later this will happen. Ibrahim says if I am not successful, if I am crushed under the weight of the burden? While my brother Murad couldn't handle it, how can I? I am afraid. I am afraid mother will become enemy to me too. Atike says be calm, that will not happen! I will always be by your side. We will carry that burden together, like we did as children!

    Kosem says my son? Murad, my son. Murad says does this condition of mine touch your heart? Is this how you will have your sin pardoned? You won. You succeeded. See? I am dying. Kosem says I did not want this to happen at all. He flicks her hand away. I conquered Bagdad, all my enemies bowed before me and begged. I won. But I lost to my body. And the reason for that is you mother. You sent the head doctor to me as my executioner. He did nothing instead of trying to cure me - for months! Kosem says for a mother to give up on her child it means to killed herself. While trying to save one of my children I gave up on the other one. I tried to protect what your father entrusted to me. I only tried to keep the promise I made to him. I was buried alive in the earth. Murad says you are still only concerned about what you did because you do not regret. You speak of the dynasty and the state at every chance you get "if needed, for this sake I will even bid farewell to my child." Wow. But true, many Padishas did this for the sake of peace and order in the land...but the strange thing is I am the Padishah and you - you are just a sick woman. Kosem says sick? Murad says you are like this illness...you got into our dynastic family sneakily, like a curse falling upon our household, and then poisoned it, made it decay, made it fall ill. I do not know if I have the strength or if I will have the time but in order to take you out and throw you away from our body, I will do whatever I can! If needed I will dry up the dynastic line, but I won't leave the state to you! Know it!

    Atike passes her mother but she says Atike? You still do not speak to me? Atike says I do not know when my pain will subside but, I will not forgive you until the end of my life.  Kosem says if it will make you feel at peace, then yell at me, scream, insult me like your sovereign brother. He says I am a disease, do you think the same? Atike says when did you ever care what we think "you know the best" whatever you say and do, you say and do the best. Kosem says I got my answer. So you turn your back on me too? Good! I do not need anyone! Atike says you wanted this mother. You chose to say alone. Do not blame anyone. Kosem says do you think it was my wish to stay alone? Where do you know what I want, what I wish? Who did you lose in your life? Other than Silahdar that idiot? I lost all the colours in my life. My father, mother, sister, my husband, my friends, my children. I lost everyone in my life. Now you come before me and tell me I chose to be alone. Shame!

    Yassef Efendi meanwile says your Majesty, I went to Emir Celebi's mansion, among his belongings I found this diary, and he has written the diary of your illness, as well as what medication he has given you. Yusuf says then you found out about how to make the medicine? Yassef says yes and I made a vial of it already. Yassef says this medicine will ease your pain and will stop the pus from spreading. Murad says you have found the remedy for this pain, ask of me what you wish. Yassef says your Majesty, I told my pasha, and I wish to tell you this is not a permanent solution, it will simply buy us time. Murad says in time I will recover, I will not drink wine. I will do whatever you say.

    At night, Sinan is brought. Sinan says your majesty, I am so honoured to see you gain, I apologize for coming before you in this condition. Murad says it is hard to know who is right who is wrong. Sinan says there was a trap set on me. My crime is obvious - being loyal to you. Just because I exposed the betrayal against you, they are doing this. Murad says so it means Kosem Sultana is behind this? Sinan nods. Yusuf says and what about what the Bailo says? He says you are the head of the Jesuit Order?! Sinan says the Venetian Bailo donated some wealth to our Kosem Sultana's charity, and in return, our Sultana wanted you to go back on your decision to go to war with Venice, and for finding this out I have fallen to this condition. Murad says I hope what you say is true...Sinan says if I were a traitor, why should I expose the plot that was planned against you? If you still doubt me, then may my head be sacrificed in your way. I am willing for my punishment.

    Zarife is with Kosem. Kosem asks how Ibrahim is and if they had halvet. Zarife says he is well, his medication helps, and I am caring for him. Kosem says you will be careful, he is very temperamental. Zarife says do not worry, may God keep you at our head. Kosem says midwife? The medicine works right? She better not fall pregnant. The midwife says she won't, the girl uses it regularly. We see Zarife spit the medicine out.

    Huseyin tells Murad that there is news from Kemankes. Our conditions for peace were enough for Sah Safi...the fool didn't even insist. Murad says after Baghdad was taken from him, he was left powerless. Huseyin says Baghdad remains Ottoman lands, Revan has been given to the Safavids. And with this agreement, the Ottoman-Persian war, comes to an end. Murad says great. Kemankes has done his duty. He has won a great deed. Tell my head architect to add a Baghdad Mansion to this palace. Larger and more magnificent than the Revan one. Yusuf says as you order. Huseyin says may God give you a long life. You are, this early, have become a victorious ruler like your forefathers. Murad says the medicine might relieve my pain but my days are numbered Crazy.  Maybe I do not have a long life. Yusuf says God forbid. Huseyin says God keep you with us. Murad says it is obvious what will happen after me. Kosem sultana will put prince Ibrahim on the throne and will rule this state all on her own. I will not allow this. Huseyin says forgive my curiosity but how? Murad says by leaving a powerful state behind me, a state she cannot rule, and the road to achieve that is obvious: There will be no prince for her to put on the throne. Not my brother Ibrahim and neither my uncle Mustafa. Huseyin says forgive me but this means the end of the House of Osman. Murad says sooner or later the line would end, let it end with me. The tree of our Dynastic Household has long fallen, dried up, the important thing is the future of the state. Huseyin says how will we protect the state without the dynastic household? Murad says what is the Crimean Khanate sanding for? Let us call them to come. When the order of God comes to pass, my throne belongs to them. My decision is absolute. I will NEVER leave this state to Kosem Sultana.

    THE END.

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