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    Kosem: MURAD! NO! DON'T!

    Ibrahim praying to God: My God, send protection , send help! Save me!

    There is an earthquake. Kosem says to Ibrahim "My son, don't be afraid."

    Atike is with Madame. Atike says oh my Lord, protect us! Madame says be calm my sultana, it passed.

    Kosem tells Murad: "Sultan Murad, if you do not listen to me then listen to the Creator, fear His WRATH! Don't do it! Don't do it!

    Lalezar is telling he harem girls to calm down. Atike arrives asking if everyone is alright and what the situation is. Lal says everyone is fine. Atike asks about her mother, Lal says I do not know. Haci arrives. Atike asks where is my mother? Haci replies, before the earthquake, she went down  to the boxwood apartments. Atike says did something happen? Haci says Sultan Murad gave the death order for our princes. Atike says my brothers? Did they die? She runs off...

    Murad enters his room. He says aghas, bring me wine.

    Atike looks for Kosem and her brothers and finds Kasim dead and says "they killed you Kasim!" and then hugs Ibrahim. Mother! You promised! You promised my brothers wouldn't be killed! How did you allow it to happen?! Why didn't you stop it?! Kosem says I tried to catch...I tried to stop the executioners. I ran...I stopped breathing but I still ran...my son...I didn't have enough strength. Like my Osman and like my Mehmet he went. Your brother was going to take Ibrahim too, but my almighty Lord allow it. My poor Kasim...the ground will be cold, it will be icy. This cold...

    Yusuf says to Murad - your Majesty, thank God you are well. The guards are making their rounds in the Capitol to ensure peace. I ordered them to help the people. You...wine? Your Majesty, why are you doing this, Emir Celebi (the doctor) warned you. Murad says Yusuf, I do not care what Emir Celebi says...I executed my brother Kasim, but Ibrahim...

    Yusuf says I just heard. He lives, you stopped his execution. Murad says not I, but my Lord didn't allow it.  I am not the one who wants Ibrahim to live. My Lord wants him to live. Maybe the soothsayer was telling the truth. Yusuf says the soothsayer? Murad says the man I met on the return back from Revan. He had said that despite me, one of my brothers will get on the throne. Kasim no longer exists. But in God's Divine Tablet Ibrahim's name is written. I do not have the power to change that Yusuf. Yusuf says your Majesty, there are those who could want to use Ibrahim against you. And they will. Just like tonight, but - no one has enough power to do that. No one turn you over on your back. We will fight them all! We will challenge all the enemies. The only thing we need is for you to stay strong and lead us.

    Kosem says unlucky son of mine. She takes Ahmet's ring off his finger and covers him. "May you reside in heaven, and your soul rejoice." Ibrahim says "I warned him mother, I said the shadows are coming, I said the executioners are coming. He didn't listen to me. I couldn't make him believe. If I had, maybe he would be alive right now too." Kosem says don't blame yourself my son. You are not guilty, you did what you could. The one who couldn't was me. And the fault and sin are mine. Ibrahim says I wish I could have had wings like those, great wings...then when the executioners came, I would take Kasim and fly away...I would go over great walls, I would run away ....to a place where no one could find us. To never return again.

    Murad is being told that the Rumelia Kazasker (Military judge) Omer Efendi has been punished. He was executed. And Cafer Agha who entered the palace - each of his men has been found out and punished. Kosem says and my mother's right arm? Huseyin says we are looking but we couldn't find anything. When he found out what would happen, he ran away I guess. Yusuf says but you haven't spoken of Kemankes Mustafa pasha? He is one of the names closest to Kosem sultana? This fire didn't reach him at all? Murad says Crazy? Speak? Kemankes too? Huseyin replies thank God, he had nothing to do with last night's incident. Our Pasha was in the shipyards all night, he didn't leave his post even once. Murad nods.

    Kemankes speaks to Haci and Halil pasha he says: How did Sultan Murad find out about the attack?  It's obvious he has an informant who has told him everything. Everything was ruined. Halil says the ones in the barrack who were suspected have been executed, maybe someone in the palace said it. Haci says I do not know. The only thing I know that this mistake became the reason for the death of prince Kasim. And you be careful Halil, they are after you. Halil says I know. Kemankes says leave us, tell me about Kosem sultana, is she alright? Haci says she is devastated! Our only consolation was prince Ibrahim being saved. She went at the last moment to stand in front of him, and God protected him and prevented his murder.

    Kosem's monologue: "O my son who has left, and made the Heavens and Earth weep. Because you have left, my heart is left bleeding, and my intellect and soul are wailing. There is no one on earth that can take your place. For this reason, this world and the hereafter cries for you. The wings of Angel Gabriel, like the other angels have turned black and blue (bruised), and all the Prophets and holy people are shedding tears for you right now. I have come to such a condition in this mourning, that I have no power left to speak. Otherwise, I would have shown the world what it means to lament and mourn. O my son! When you left this world suddenly, the state and happiness have both been destroyed for me. Even Joy begins to cry for the one tested with death and separation. O my beloved existence, you were the one who was seen as one person, but in reality held many worlds within your body. For our sake, this world and the other one has turned to weeping. O my son, when you were separated from my sight, my eyes followed you and left my body without eyes and my soul bleeding. If I wanted to cry, I would shed tears in the form of a heavy torrential rain. But it is much better for my heart to bleed in secret. For you, crying is not enough, but it requires a downpour of tears in deep grieving. Every moment should be soaked in blood, every breath should let out screams. Shame, shame, what a shame that the eyes that saw clearly, full of light and hope should now weep so. O my son, my flying bird of the state! You've gone now like an arrow shot from a bow...and now...even the bow weeps after you...

    Sinan speaks to someone saying that Kasim and Ibo were going to be killed, but Murad changed his mind in the last minute about Ibrahim. The man says thank God. Had we had to bury prince Ibo it would be much worse for us.  God forbid, our dynasty would have gone to its downfall.

    Kemankes says to Huseyin, today there could have been no coffins leaving the palace. Prince Kasim could have been alive. Huseyin says by dethroning our ruler and putting prince kasim in his place? Kemankes says the foundation of the entire Ottoman state lies on justice, and you know very well our Majesty has separated from justice long ago. Huseyin says actually you left, you left and have entered Kosem's room. I ignored you, pretended I didn't see, but the next time I will go against you.

    The coffin is taken out of the palace.

    Murad and Yusuf are watching from the tower. Yusuf says I wish the incident hadn't happen and you weren't forced to take such an action. God forgive our prince's soul. Murad says He got with my mother and dreamed of making his own sultanate. I warned him many times...my mother's wind got hold of him and carried him off. Yusuf says I want to speak about your mother, probably not the time but...thankfully you were not harmed, and we got over this matter, but your mother could once again take action  under influence of her grief. Especially while Prince Ibrahim is alive.

    Hcai enters Kosem's room. He says I do not know how to say this at all but, by our Majesty's order...my job is to take you from here...this is my punishment. Kosem says what has Sultan Murad ordered? To take my life?

    There is mourning in the harem. Atike sees her mother and runs after. What is going on mother? Or? Will by brother execute...Haci says it is not as you say, she will spend some time imprisoned. Atike says so it wasn't enough to execute my brother now he will throw you in the dungeons? No matter what you are Valide Sultana. This is a great insult. Kosem says what is the point if I go against it? We will accept it. Your job while I am gone is to take care of Ibrahim and to be my eyes and ears. No crying, you must be strong!

    Kosem takes off her jewelry gives it to the guards. Haci takes her crown. Haci says my sultana, if you need something, all you need to do is tell the aghas, I will take care of it. She says leave me alone. He says you are not mad at me right? I would have rather given my life than brought you here. But, I know you will get out of here. I want to be by your side that is why... She nods.

    In the market people gossiping about another prince being executed. That the earth cried out and what else was the earthquake for?

    Sinan with his man Yakup who says we are rid of Kasim but Kosem and Ibo are still alive. Sinan says for now, there time will come too. Yakup says and what if Kosem will stop peacefully now? Sinan says no, she will want to avenge this, and we must know every step of hers. And her main man is Halil, so get that woman he has been with for me. We can learn a lot from her.

    Ibrahim hears Kasim's voice calling his name. He sees a ghost of Kasim n a room who says we will hide here no one will find us. Then he sees him dead again and then nothing.

    Murad goes to see his daughter Kaya. Atike says no matter how much we try to hide it, the incident has scared the poor thing. All she does is cry. Murad says did you know Atike? That mother was going to dethrone me and put Kasim in my place? Tell the truth. She says if you want me to be truthful, yes I knew, I found out. He says how sad...I expected it from everyone, but I didn't expect it from you. Atike says mother had said you were going to kill my brothers and if I wanted them to live, I was to be quiet. She was right. You killed Kasim. Your blood brother. He is no longer. Murad says even after what my mother did you are saying this to me? They would have killed me. Atike says no that wasn't going to happen. She promised me, that you would live, you would all live. This is why I was quiet. Murad says is this how mother tricked you? You were right Atike, you were supposed to tell me right away...but you didn't. Atike says "and if I had, what would happen? Would you have changed your mind about executing my brothers? I know about the religious decree you were seeking to kill them. Do not use last night as an excuse, you had made up your mind long ago. Accept it. You are not innocent either. If you still haven't changed your mind, if you still want to kill Ibrahim, then send of those executioners to me too. Because if anything happens to Ibrahim I will not live. "

    Kaya wakes up asking if there's an earthquake. Murad comforts her and then leaves.

    Kosem dreams of Kasim's ghost. She says my son? He says "what we pictured, and what happened...me  waiting to decompose in the cold ground and you locked up between moldy walls." Kosem says "wish I was in your place. I don't have a heart anymore, it buried with you. Let us say this was fate. Kasim says fate? Or did we lose to your heart. You had once told me if you want to be ruler, you must be brave and decisive. I was that mother, but you? If I am dead today, it is because your love and mercy for my sovereign brother.

    As they look at the mourning in the harem, Kasim says - what is death? It is to be free of time, the body and place. To see everything from the outside. For example, this palace, would have been my palace. This harem...would have been mine. But now they will just mourn for me a few days and then forget me. I will simply be one of the princes who was executed and died under this dome. At the very most they will say the son of Kosem sultana, who died on a winter night by the hands of the executioner. Because you couldn't save me, couldn't get there on time. Kosem says I wanted to save you, I wanted to prevent the executioner's hand. Kasim says you were too late mother.

    Kasim continues..."We could have been celebrating our victory tonight. While my brother was in the boxwood apartments and I would be on the throne. but unfortunately, being on the throne will never be my fate. I will never go to war, or come back victorious. I will never know what the feeling is of becoming a father. Or go to the Friday procession. As I rode on my horse through the people, they will never, not even once shout "Long live Sultan Kasim!" Kosem says someone has betrayed me, has exposed us. I will found out who it was. I will strangle them with my own hands. Kasim says no need to look far, the person is obvious. It is Sultan Murad who prevented our dreams, ruined everything. And he won't stop. My brother Ibo's turn will come. Get rid of that beloved son of yours who hurts you and killed me from your love and mercy. Kill him. He is a murderer. Sultan Murad is a murder, oppressor, he doesn't deserve to live. Otherwise you will die, Ibrahim will die.

    Kosem wakes up shouting for Kasim. Kemankes is there. He says you have seen a nighmare. She saysI do not know what is real or dream anymore. I wish I didn't wake up at all. Or that I could wake up and be by all my children. Osman, Mehmet, Ibrahim and Kasim. This was my only wish. Kemankes says and I wish I didn't have to be so helpless before you. I wish there was a way. I'm sorry for your loss. She says why didn't you come last night Kemankes? I got into action as soon as I saw the signal fire. Huseyin pasha attacked me suddenly. I couldn't get off the ship. SHe says and how did you come here now? Sultan Murad killed his brother and imprisoned me, how did he do nothing to you? Kemo says Huseyin Pasha has not exposed me for the sake of our friendship, if I had been able to come on time, maybe things would be different, if not, at least I wouldn't have left you alone. Forgive me. She says there is nothing to pardon. We have been sacrificed to a great trickery. Look at me, the one who was exiled to the old palace, now I am in the palace prisons now. I have lost. I have been buried in the darkness with my child. Kemankes says don't my sultana, you are not one to give up, never have been. It is not in your nature. I saw your power, and what you did. I saw you come out of the fire and deaths. For this reason I know, that no darkness will put out your light. Do not give up my sultana, do not give up.

    Sinan in the Divan says - the Indian ruler Muhammad Khurram Shah has sent this letter to you, your Majesty. Murad says the Indian Shah is dealing with Persian trouble too. They wish to join us in battle against them. Yusuf adds, they wish to take Samarkand back from the Persians. They tried but because of Shah Safi they haven't been successful. Murad tells Sinan to send messenger that he accepts their proposal. Huseyin says the Baghdad governor has prepared powerful canons. And has thousands of soldiers ready. Tahir pasha says it is clear they won't step on the battlefield, they will hide in the castle...just like the Persians they are unaware of what it means to be courageous. Yusuf says courage is not belong to a single nation, it is something belonging to the heart. The doors open and Kemankes arrives says forgive me for being late, but I have news. It is not good, the Venetian fleet has attacked the Mediterranean sea ships. And they have killed burned a governorship in the area, and hundreds of people lost their lives. Murad calls for the Venetian ambassador. Kemankes says I have brought him he is here.

    Signor Petro is announced. He says I greet you with friendship and respect in the name of our Doge Francesco Arizo, Murad says what you think is friendship is to kill innocent people on my lands? What is your intention? To openly declare war against the Ottoman lands? Petro says let me explain. Murad says do so. Petro says the governor of that town is dealing with the Genovese and taken our property and wealth. Murad syas since this has happened, you should have come before me and asked me for help. But you used it as an excuse to attack my lands. Murad says to Kemankes, get the ships ready, our aim is Venice. Petro says please don't we can handle this matter with amicable agreement. Murad says for agreement, we first need to fight. Go to your Venetian Doge and say that if this matter is not settled at once, all the Venetians living in Ottoman lands will be put to the sword. Petro leaves. Sinan says forgive me your majesty, but while leaving to war to the East is it a good idea to leave behind enmity from the west like the Venetians? Murad says my decision is final, the Venetians will pay for the attack on my lands.

    Haci brings food and tells Kosem that he has prepared it specially, her fave food. She says I won't be eating. You are sick, you need to eat. If something happens to you what will I do?

    The ambassador tells Sinan - what does it mean killing the Venetians? Does Sultan Murad want to make the two nations eternal enemies to each other? Sinan says when our Majesty is angry, he doesn't see anything. Be calm, he will change his mind. Petro says and if he doesn't? We have many Venetians here and also the ones trading with the nation. You must protect them!  Sinan says I will do what I can. Petro says you must do more than that! You must prevent this! Do not forget, why does the Jesuit master stay standing for? If we take our protection of you away, you will be finished!

    Haci begs Kosem to eat, saying I am very fearful of something happening to you. Haci leaves.

    Yusuf goes to Murad. He says your Majesty why do you do this? What is your intention? To kill yourself? Murad says maybe this is the best. Everyone wants me to die. Yusuf says God protect you. Murad says I wish there was a way to go back in time. So mother and son we could both be happy together again. I was in awe of her before. Her courage her power, her mercilessness to the enemy and love to the friend. She would give her life for us. That is how I knew her to be. Now her only concern is the throne and power. Yusuf says even if you wish, you can never be that mother and son again. It is impossible. One of you is the Emporer of the world, the other, the Queen Mother. And the Sultanate, like your noble forefather said - is just a fight of the world. Murad says until one of us doesn't die, the fight won't end. Haci enters, Yusuf says come later! Haci says it is important. He says to Murad, your Majesty, your mother is not well at all. Murad says what is wrong? Haci says she eats and drinks nothing. If it continues, she cannot bear it!

    Murad enters the dungeons. He says you are going to punish me like this, you think you will kill yourself and throw the burden on me right? Kosem says the burden of your conscience is so heavy, it would be nothing compared. Why should I eat? Every morsel feels like Kasim's flesh...every thing I drink is like Kasim's blood - I wont have any. Murad says I am your son too. You protected them, but wanted to take my life. And for what? I killed my brother and the reason for it, is you! She says you are running away right? But how will you look in the mirror. When you look into it it will smack you in the face every time! You will see the murder of your brother every time you look at yourself. Murad says and when you look into the mirror? What do you see? Do you see Farya and Mustafa's murderer? She says yes I killed them! Because they turned you against me and your brothers. They deserved it long ago actually! And I wanted to dethrone you...but God's my witness I wasn't going to kill you. Never had that intention. YES I WANTED TO DETHRONE YOU! Because you are not owning the characteristics of a ruler! YOU DO NOT DESERVE THAT THRONE! Murad says and who does? Kasim? Ibrahim? You are not looking for a ruler for yourself! You search for a plaything! Right mother? Kosem says do not call me mother! NEVER. I do not give you your rights by me as having nursed you or being your mother! After killing Kasim I do not have a child like you anymore! Murad says Kosem Sultana is to be taken to her room. Haci says thank you your Majesty. Then he shouts for doctors to come.

    Sinan is with Emir Celebi. He says let's go. The doc says leave me, don't ruin my mood. Sinan says you are doing harm to yourself, the opium is ruining your brain. But you who are the most talented doctor, you can cure yourself. Doc says what do I care after what I've been through. Sinan says nothing can cure the loss of our loved ones. You lost your wife, but you can save other lives. You can change the fate of this world. Come now.

    Atike visit Kosem says when Haci said you were sick I was so worried are you alright? Kosem says "I didn't die today, don't worry" Atike says there is good in every bad...my brother his Majesty has come to his senses after you got ill, and has changed his mind about the punishment. Kosem says what difference does it make whether I am dead or alive? Your sovereign brother has made the entire world a prison for me, buried me in the tomb alive. Atike says don't say that mother, God protect you. And don't forget, Ibrahim is alive because of you, you have to stand on your feet for his sake. Kosem asks how is Ibrahim? Atike says I go to him all the time, I am caring for him don't worry. Haci enters and says that Sinan wishes to meet with her at once.

    Ibrahim stands ready when agas arrive. He says what do you want? Why have you come? The agas say our Majesty wants to see you. Ibrahim says how do I know yuo tell the truth? Maybe this is a trick, you want to take me to be killed. I will not get out from here. You cannot take me. The agha says God forbid my prince, our Majesty has personally ordered you. Ibrahim says go back, I will not come with you. Go tell my brother, I am loyal to him, I will never betray.

    Sinan meets with Kosem. She says what is the important matter you wish to speak to me about? Sinan says the death of prince Kasim has made us all sad, may God shower him with mercy, I'm sorry for your loss. From what I hear, Sultan Murad wished to execute prince Ibrahim as well. You prevented it. Kosem says for now he has changed his mind, but when it comes to Sultan Murad, we can never be certain. Sinan says this is our worry too. But I like everyone else, have lost my faith in Sultan Murad. If something happens to Prince Ibrahim, will our dynasty fall to his uncle Sultan Mustafa the afflicted? Kosem says God forbid! Sinan says there is something important, our Majesty has an illness in the claws of death. This is Emir Celebi - he is the one who treated our Majesty. You will want to hear what he has to say. Kosem says what is my son's condition? The Doc says he has Cirrhosis, a disease of the liver, and if someone has this liver, there is no escaping from it. Kosem says is there no remedy? The doc says if he takes his medication and stays away from wine the illness will take longer to kill him. Sinan says but if the right treatment is not given, then he will die quickly. Kosem says what do you want to say? What are you trying to say? Sinan says I am simply giving you information. The decision is up to yo. Don't forget that the future of the state and the life of your last son Ibrahim rests on this decision.

    Ibrahim is waiting for news when Murad arrives. Murad says Ibrahim, why didn't you come when I called you? Ibrahim says I am sorry, I didn't trust them, I thought they would kill me, forgive me, I am loyal to you, I will never leave this place. Murad says I did not want it turn out like this, God is my witness...they forced me, mother betrayed me, and Kasim did too. Ibrahim says a ruler cannot forgive betrayal done to him, otherwise he cannot be a ruler. that is what you said to me. But your Majesty, it was not my fault, when I had no sin, why did you send executioners to me? And while looking into my eyes...if there was no earthquake, I would have died that day. SO why? I will tell you - because of fear. Because you were afraid of dying in a moment some night, the same fear as  I have and Kasim did. Murad replies, the earthquake wasn't what saved you. It was your innocence. Do not ever lose your innocence not ever! If you do, you will lose everything like I have. The reason I called you is because you will be coming with me.

    Ibrahim enters Kosem's room. She say how did you get out? Ibrahim says my brother took me out, he will take me to war with him. Kosem says his intention is to take precautions against me. Ibrahim says who knows, maybe this is our last meeting. I might not return from the war. Kosem says SHH. I promised you. I will throw my life away but I won't let you be taken. I will do it again. Fine, I couldn't protect your brother, but I will protect you. You will return from the war safe and sound. And this fear will find an end. Don't mother, dont you dare even let it cross your mind to put me on the throne. Let the throne and sultanate go to hell, all I want is to live. Kosem says whatever I did I did it so that you may stay alive. Ibrahim says but you couldn't do it no matter what. Kasim died. He died. You cannot ever bring him back. Do not condemn me to the same fate. I beg you. Leave me to my own condition. Let me get lost in my own books. Let me sleep for once at peace without fearing for the coming of the executioners.

    Atike arrives. She says you asked for me? Murad says I am going on the campaign. Atike says may God open your path and bring you back victorious. Murad says I am leaving Kaya to you, she is my only child. Protect her and in my absence you will govern the harem. Atike says how? While my mother is around how can I do that? Murad says you will specifically be eyes and ears on mother. If she tries to set a plot behind my back, you will prevent it. Your head treasurer will be with you at all times. Atike says my head treasurer? Murad nods, and says she is in the harem for years, she was always loyal. To Madame - may your new job be good. Madame says you have honoured me, thank you. I hope I carry it out in a worthy manner.

    Kemankes tells Kosem when they threw you in prison I was also in the darkness...it destroyed me to hear that you had fallen ill especially. Thank God you are here. Seeing you on your feet like this, I do not care for anything else in the world. She says "I am on my feet yes, as always. I have no other choice. But my soul...will not find peace until I die. I lost my greatest hope. I lost Kasim. Ibrahim goes to uncertainty. He will be separate from me during the war, and I do not know what will happen. Kemankes says "yes he will be away from you, but he will be close to me. God be my witness, without stealing my body, they won't be able to reach our prince. Kosem says not your death! I want you and my prince to return together safe and sound! I cannot bear the deaths of my loved ones anymore. Kemankes says this is my hope too...to return and see you...even if just for once.

    Sinan tells the doctor - your task is a crucial one. The doc says do not worry, I will not disappoint you or our Kosem sultana. Yassef arrives and asks if everything is alright, Sinan says nothing I had a tummy ache. Then Yassef says I brought the herbs, will it be enough for the duration of the war? Emir Celebi says it is enough. Yassef says if you can teach me the medication you have made for our Majesty, I will be of help. The doc says when the time comes I will teach you, hurry we are heading out.

    Kosem tells Kemankes, the day we were going to dethrone Sultan Murad, I had told you that we must be willing and accepting of the possible outcomes. Now I wish I wasn't accepting of them. Kemo says am I understanding you well? Kosem says he has caught a fatal illness called Cirrhosis. Sinan pasha came and was sad about my prince's death and worried like everyone else. He brought Emir Celebi, who told me everything. If we do not give the proper treatment, he will die quickly. Sinan pasha - for the sake of the state, has asked me to make an urgent decision. Kemo says my sultana, I do not know if we can trust Sinan pasha. Kosem says what kind of benefit could he get from this? If he makes a mistake, his head will roll. Kemo says it seems you have made your decision.

    Flashback - Kosem tells the doctor - do whatever is needed. Change my son's medicine.

    Kemankes says have you thought well on this? This decision... Kosem says even if we don't want to say it, this is the reality - we have on;y one hope: Ibrahim. We will do whatever we can to protect him. Kemankes says as you command my Sultana.

    Madame is converting saying the testimony of faith. Haci says from now on your name is Melek Kalfa. Lalezar says from now on you are the head treasurer Kalfa. Hopefully you carry this seal worthily. Madame says do not doubt it Lal Kalfa.

    Haci is with Kosem. She says autumn has come. Murad is close to Baghdad. I do not feel good Haci. DId I make a mistake giving Emir celebi that order to change the medicine? Haci says my sultana please do not think further on it...you did whatever to protect Ibrahim. Kosem says yes true, I didn't want his end to be like Kasim's...whose blood is left unavenged. Haci says it won't be left..trust me my Sultana it won't be. Halil pasha is after some clues...he suspects someone. We are soon to find out who exposed us that night.

    Halil is with the woman he hangs out with lol, and she looks through is things and finds a book. Halil catches her. What are you doing woman? She says I was just curious. He says who are you fooling? Who is the one you work for? SPEAK!

    Haci tells Kosem that the Venetian Bailo Petro has come. Petro says you know the matter between our states which could have been resolved amicably, we are very sad. Kosem says my late father was  Venetian. I always protected you guys, but this time you attacked our lands. Petro says we are willing to pay for all the damage done, but Sultan Murad doesn't accept. He wants to kill us and many have left Istanbul out of fear. Kosem says good. Petro says We are willing to do what you want but please help. Kosem says I will help but you are part of the Jesuit order, and I want the head of your snake based in Istanbul! Petro say my sultana how can it be, they have left these lands for years now by exile. Kosem says not all of them! There is someone who helped Gulby and prince Beyazid. You give him to me, and I will prevent Sultan Murad's order from being carried out.

    There is a knock on Yakup's room. The girl has come who says I have come with important news from Halil. But it's really Halil who says Gulby's dog! SO YOU DIG OUR PITS IN SECRET EH? Speak and tell me who else is involved. Who is the pasha who helps Gulbahar sultana.

    He is led away. Sinan sees from afar (of course as usual!)

    At the campaign camp: The Indian Shah has arrived. He says Sultan Murad! Murad says Muhammad Khurram Shah! Finally I may meet the famous Shah of India! The Shah says the honour is mine. My subjects call me Shah Jahan. If I am Shah Jahan, well that title belongs to you, awe-inspiring one. I ask of you to accept my humble gift. I have made these jewels personally. And our most talented artists carved the belt. It was completed in the span of a year. For your mother Kosem Sultana. Murad says my mother will appreciate these gifts very much. Shah Jahan continues: I heard you are very strong. Especially talented in archery and there is no one who can surpass you. I have brought you a shield which is eight layers and no spear can pierce it. Murad says so it cannot be pierced eh? Agas bring the cirits (lance).

    Ibrahim sits in his tent poor thing not eating. Kemankes enters and says my prince I was worried about you. WHy do you not exit? Are you well? Ibrahim says I am fine, I won't be getting out. Kemankes says permit me? I was very young when they brought me into the palace. I entered a totally different world. At the start, I didn't talk to anyone. Until, a sekban who couldn't bear me, drew his bow and shot an arrow at me. Ibrahim says what happened next? Kemankes says it almost hit me, but I swerved and ran off and I was spared. We do not know what fate will bring us. I was so scared in that moment and it stuck in my memory so much that I became the best archer of the era among the Ottomans. And no one dared to get close to me. I know, yo are afraid and you are right to be. I understand you. But do not bow to it.  Fear holds courage in its pocket. Whenever you fear, wear it like armour on yourself. And do not forget, I will always be by your side. Ibrahim says these are nice words. Gives courage. But Kemankes...when your brother is killed before your eyes...when you are witness to his helplessness, his eyes screaming for help...do you know what it's like to watch these things? For this reason do not say you understand.

    Huseyin tosses a lance and it pierces the shield. NOT. lol it doesn't. Poor guy looks so defeated. Shah Jahan says I told you, no one can pierce it, it is worthy of someone like you. Murad says it's caught my curiosity now...let me try. Of course Sultan Murad not only pierces but wrecks the shield! Superman Murad lol. Shah Jahan says a perfect shot! You are as powerful as they say. Murad says there is no shield that can repel a spear as long as the one throwing it does not doubt his strength.

    Halil is trying to get answers out of Yakup. He says speak you degenerate bastard! Who exposed Kosem sultana. Who is behind you?! Yakup says I do not know. Halil says if you speak, I will spare your life, otherwise you will die and disappear here. Yakup says I don't know, then he says don't wait! Halil says speak. Who is the pasha who helped Gulabahr sultana. Yakup says I do not know! Halil says put salt in his wounds :O The man screams and passes out. Halil says

    Shah Jahan tells Murad, the Persians attack the city and then run off. It is their way. We have lost our patience. The time to give Shah Safi a lesson has come. Murad nods and says God willing we conquer Baghdad and Shah Safi will find nowhere to run to. Yusuf says I know him well, he leaves you to fight the governor of Baghdad, wish he could come in person. Shah Jahan says are you the famous Emirgune of the Safavid royal household? Murad says that was years ago. He is now a loyal pasha of mine. Murad says it is obvious it will be a difficult battle. We will attack from here, and you will attack from the other side. And we will surround them and they will have nowhere to run to.

    Halil tells Kosem my Sultana, he has spoken and he gave such a name that it is impossible. I would never ever think of it. Kosem says who is it? Halil says Sinan pasha... the one who is in the Divan for years! Kosem says are you certain? Not saying it on purpose? Halil says I am, he held out for a long time, but in the end he finally said Sinan's name. Kosem says and were you able to find that snake? Halil says unfortunately no. We went to his villa and he wasn't there either, he has run away long before. Kosem says whatever HOLE HE HAS CRAWLED INTO - you will find him! Halil says I know of another place - found out from Yakup.

    Finally...Kosem and her men found the secret hideout! Halil says looks like he ran from here too. But don't worry we will find him. Kosem says soooo it means the Jesuit order had it's nest here under the Hagia Sophia! The traitor to the state and religion, the snake we searched for all these years was here all this time under our noses!

    Meanwile Petro tells Sinan, since you've been exposed you can't be seen around here, what will you do? Sinan says I have reached my goals, I am at peace, I made Sultan Murad and Kosem enemies of each other. They will soon fall on each other. There is nothing left for me to do here, I will run away. Petro says I thought the same...I have arranged a ship for you. you will go to Venice on that ship tomorrow. And there you will meet my men. Sinan says great.

    Murad asks the doctor and what is the condition? The doc says the meds are helping, soon you will feel better God willing.

    Yusuf says to Murad - our Valide Sultana's name has reached India! Shah Jahan has chosen a great priceless gift. Murad says yes, mother doesn't even leave me here...reminds me of herself. Actually this belt should be yours. Yusuf says but your Majesty...Murad says there is no need to deliver it to our Valide Sultana.

    Huseyin arrives and tells Murad that Ibrahim is missing. Kemankes says we interrogated the agas, no one saw him exiting the tent.  The men search his tent and Kemankes finds a hole in the ground. Ibrahim has dug himself a hold and is hiding there. Murad says Ibrahim? What are you doing here? Ibrahim says I was sleeping brother. Murad says reach out your hand my brother. Murad says why are you sleeping here, why not on your bed. Ibrahim says I can only sleep here...otherwise the shadows come and don't let me have peace. Murad hugs him.

    Kosem meanwhile is worried. She says Sinan has been up to worse things than we could imagine. Kemankes was right. I should not have trusted him. Haci says my Sultana how could you know this would happen? Halil pasha will catch that traitor, be rest assured. Kosem says hopefully..because without knowing I have fallen to such an error...that I have put Ibrahim in danger. There is a knock. Lal arrives and says Venetian Bailo Petro has sent a letter.

    Sinan waits on his ship and Petro arrives. Sinan says you are late, hopefully nothing awry. Kosem enters. Sinan says so you betrayed me. Kosem says SInan pasha, did you think you could get away this easily? Yakup your man is with us...he has told us everything...Sinan says you are a bit late. Kosem says what do you expect? For me to congratulate you? Like every traitor, you will get your punishment sooner or later. Sinan says you blame me, but you are not innocent. We are companions in crime when it comes to sending Sultan Murad on the path of disaster. By giving the death order to your sovereign son, you have sinned.

    Murad says Yusuf, the scene with Ibrahim in the hole does not leave my mind...or has he become like my afflicted uncle Mustafa...Yusuf says the doctors are examining him, hopefully they will find a solution. But...how can I say it.. if there is no solution for our prince, then it means he is not fit...and if he is not fit (stable mind)...he can never take the throne. A letter has come from Murad from the capitol from Sinan pasha.

    Kosem meanwhile tells Sinan so the traitor we were looking for from the very start was you. All the fires, rebellions, disasters they are all your fault. But it is enough. You can no longer harm my state and my household. Sinan says I have nowhere to run to, but I am at peace. I have nothing left to lose. And no accounts left open either. I got revenge for Gulbahar sultana and Beyazid. You can kill me. Everything will come to an end. But you? What will you do? Sultan Murad will make you suffer worse than death!

    Murad reads Sinan's letter. I wish to first say that I am embarrassed and saddened to say all this. Putting aside all the things Valide Sultana has done to you, she has conviction in finishing the business she left halfway. She has made an agreement with the head doctor Emir Celebi - the medicine that you were actually given is poison. Your mother wishes to kill you.

    THE END.  


    1. That wasn't shah jahan. Do you think the Mughal emporer would kneel before sultan Murad?


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