• Muhtesem Yuzyil 100 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION!

    In the beginning, there is shouting and Rustem and Mihrimah wake up. Gulbahar is shouting and knocking...Mihrimah: "What is happening at this time of night?"

    Gulbahar: " Pasha Hazretleri" Rustem: "May all be well at this time of night?!" Gulbahar: "It is not good at all my Pasha...One of the aghas has been killed..." Rustem pushes her away and runs...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is rushing to go: "How is Mihrimah, how is my grandchild?" Fahriye: "I do not know Sultanim...they asked me to wake you" Hurrem: "Oh Allah please save us!"

    Rustem finds the dead agha...Gulbahar: "As soon as I could I thought I would tell you" He rushes to see his daughter and finds the cradle empty. Rustem: "Humasha... My daughter..."

    Hurrem and Mihrimah worry and wait. Mihrimah: "What they did want from my daughter? Where did they take her?" Hurrem: "Do not worry Mihrimah, my daughter, no one can harm her...she will certainly be found."

    Suleyman arrives with Bali Bey. Mihrimah: Father...they have kidnapped my daughter..." She falls into his arms...

    Meanwhile, Gulbahar has found an earring just near the cradle....

    Suleyman: "Where is Rustem?" Hurrem: "He is pursuing the traitor...Hopefully, he will find them and bring them!" Suleyman: "It is obvious someone from the inside has helped (is in on it)..." Bali Bey gets the earring from Gulbahar and goes to the Sultan. Bali Bey: "Hunkarim, Gulbahar found this in Humasha Sultan's room. She says it is Nigar's." Hurrem: 'Are you certain it belongs to Nigar?" Gulbahar enters. Suleyman: "Are you certain this belongs to Nigar?" Gulbahar: "I am certain Hunkarim...she had it in Diyarbekir...I had asked her from the very beginning..she said one day when she finds her daughter she will give it to her...:

    Hurrem: "How is this possible?! Nigar is not here...she has been lost for how many years now...no one knew where she was!?" Mihrimah: "She did it...She is Rustem's enemy for divorcing her...she found an opportunity it is obvious, (to get back at him)....Oh Allah! Please save my child!"

    Suleyman: "Bali Bey...gather soldiers and do not come back until you bring my grandchild back safe and sound! And I want the traitor called Nigar's head!" Bali Bey: "As you command, Hunkarim"

    I also questioned the woman..." Suleyman: "Is she telling the truth? She did not see who did it?" Bali: "She had no knowledge...in the darkness she could could not see the person's face."
    Suleyman: "It is obvious someone from the inside has helped (the kidnapper)."

    We see Nigar walking around with the baby in a marketplace...

    Then Rustem is looking around and a Janissary Aga: "Pasa Hazretleri" Rustem: "Give me news at once!" Janissary agha: "The search has started on all sides...the City Gates are guarded and searched and the ports are specifically being searched..." Rustem: "You will enter every home...the inns, the baths...you will look under every rock and leave no stone un-turned...you will interrogate everyone...there has to be someone who has seen or has heard something." Janissary: "As you wish, my Pasha." Just then, Rustem sees Matrakci in the distance. He approaches him...

    Matrakci: "May all be well Rustem Pasha...you came out here?" Rustem: "They have kidnapped my Sultana...my daughter...they have kidnapped Humasha!" Matrakci: "What? Why, and who would do this, my Pasha?!" Rustem: "You will tell me Matrakci...you are one of the ones who hates me, is that not right?!"

    Meanwhile, Nigar approaches a fisherman. "May it come easy" Fisherman: "Thank you, hatun." Nigar: "I need to cross as soon as possible, for God's sake, you can be the one to take me." Fisherman: "I cannot hatun. I have work and difficulties...and anyway why don't you go to rowers, they are all sitting idly.." Nigar: "I am a woman all alone, my agha...how can I trust them..you seem like a good person...for God's sake, help me..." Nigar to the baby: "Shhh...my daughter...my Esmanur...do not cry...your mother is with you.." Nigar to the fisherman: "My agha, please help me...my child is ill, I have to go at once, my husband is waiting for me." The fisherman feels bad and says to his son: "Hasan my son, take this woman to the other side..come on now."

    Meanwhile, Matrakci: "I have nothing to do with this incident, never! How could this come to your mind even?!" Rustem: "If I had doubted you..I would have taken your head already...Nasuh Efendi...let no one know aside from you - there are eyes and ears everywhere." Matrakci: "I will immediately do what is needed but...but tell me what you know...someone had been killed? How ..." 

    Bali arrives and says: "Rustem Pasha. We have finally found out who the traitor is." Rustem: "Who is it, tell me? I will rip out their liver with my own hands!" Bali: "Nigar Kalfa. Gulbahar hatun, Gulbahar Hatun found some belongings in the room...she said it belonged to Nigar." Rustem: "She could not have done this alone...and for years she was missing...no one knew where she was..." Matrakci: "I know my Pasha...akhhh, it means this is why she had returned! two weeks ago she knocked on my door. She was in a troubled and shabby condition...I gave her some money and found her a place to stay...but then afterwards there was no word from her again...I did not even see her..."
    Rustem: "If that was the case, why didn't you inform me?!" Matrakci: "How could I know she would do this? I felt sorry for her and helped her.." Bali: "It is not the time for this my Pasha...Matrakci, where is the woman staying?"

    Meanwhile Lutfi to Shah as they all have breakfast (hatice, shah and Lutfi): "May all be well, Sultanim, are you expecting someone?" Shah Sultan: "I am worried about Esmahan...she does not even leave her room." Lutfi: "By Allah, this condition of hers is making me sad too...we should marry her to someone suitable."  Hatice: "Mihrimah is married and and is already a mother...But Shah Sultan does not see anyone suitable for her daughter. However, she was at one time very eager to marry me off!" Shah: "You married and what happened Hatice? You don't even show your face to Husrev Pasha. He is a very patient man, peaceful man." Hatice: "That he is...just like Lutfi Pasha."

    An Agha enters and says: "Hurrem Sultan has arrived." Lutfi: "At this time in the morning? May all be well God Willing...Let her in at once." Hurrem enters angrily and says: "Sultanim...where is my granddaughter?" Shah: "What are you saying Hurrem? I have no idea what you are talking about?!" Hurrem: "You put Nigar into my daughter's palace is what I am saying Sultanim...You wanted her to kidnap my grandchild?!"

    Meanwhile, the same Fisherman asks a man what the commotion in the area is all about: "What is going on aghas? Why are the Janissaries in this condition? They are not revolting are they?! Man: "Bite your tongue man! Someone has run away they are looking for that person...a woman has kidnapped a child." Fisherman: "How old was the child?" Man: New born they say...and it seems the family is a wealthy one...look how they are searching!'

    Meanwhile, Shah and Hurrem are face to face. Shah: "Hurrem watch your mouth! What are you accusing me of?!" Hurrem: "Yesterday you went to visit Mihrimah with Hatice Sultan." Hatice: "And what is in this? We aren't going to ask you for permission" Hurrem: "What a wisdom Sultanim! Subsequently, this incident occured! You put her in the palace, because there was no other way she could have entered! Now tell me where she is...where is she?!" Lutfi: "Sultanim, what are you talking about like this?" Hurrem: "Lutfi Pasha...soon many heads will go...be certain that your head will be among those!" Shah: "That is enough Hurrem! Silence! Do not speak anymore! Otherwise these words will pay a heavy price!" Hurrem: "You will actually be the one to pay the price, Sultanim. Kidnapping Sultan Suleyman's grandchild is a big crime!" Hatice: " Know your limits! Who the heck are you to accuse and interrogate us! Aghas!" Hurrem: "Our Hunkar has give the order...they are looking for Nigar everywhere...do not doubt that they will find her...and she will say who gave her this order...she will certainly speak! And that will be the time that everyone will get hurt! Everyone!" Hurrem leaves...Lutfi to Shah: "Sultanim, I am praying to my Lord that you had nothing to do with this incident." Shah: "I just...ordered her to take Rustem's life" Rustem: "Did you take the woman accross Efendi?" Fisherman: "Be certain I had no idea who she was...I did it to please God...to help her and gain some reward from God." 

    Meanwhile, Rustem, Matrakci and Bali Bey are questioning the fisherman... Matrakci: "How was the child, you saw her didn't you?" Fisherman: "She had a baby in her arms...the baby was crying.  She could not quiet her in anyway..she called her Esmanur...that is the baby's name right?" Rustem :"Esmanur!?" Matrakci: "I told you my Pasha, the woman has lost her mind!" Bali: "Where did you leave her, tell us that." Fisherman: "My son, Hasan took her my Bey...I told him to leave them on the opposite beach." Rustem: "If something happens to my child I will kill you." Bali: "My Pasha, let us not lose anymore time.." Bali to the fisherman: "You will come with us...get ahead"

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is with Afife and Gulfem and Mihrimah says as she paces: "It is my mistake...it is all my fault..I should not have let her from my side!...Allah knows how she is now...she would be hungry for a long time now...she will be crying..." Gulfem: "Do not lose hope, Sultanim...God Willing she will return unharmed." Afife: "Sultanim, get some sleep and we will wake up if there is news." Mihrimah: "What sleep Afife hatun? sleeping is forbidden to me now." Hurrem arrives...Mihrimah: "Mother?!" Hurrem: "There is no news yet Mihrimah...but do not worry...she cannot go anywhere...they will find her and bring her." Mihrimah: "Who gave this order Validem? Shah Sultan? Hatice Sultan? Who?!" Hurrem: "You do not think about these things now...our Hunkar will do whatever is needed. hmm?" Mihrimah: "Gulfem...go and tell them...if even hair on my child's head is harmed, I will burn the world down!" Hurrem: "Enough Mihrimah" Mihrimah: "Validem...she is too small yet...she needs me...she cannot bear it...she would be hungry long ago...she will be crying..." Mihrimah faints... Afife: "Sultanim" Hurrem: "Take her to my bed at once...Sumbul don't stand around like that...call the lady doctor at once!" Sumbul" As you order, Sultanim...Oh Allah! Please you save us, my Lord!"

    Meanwhile, Nigar is with the baby and the baby cries......Nigar: "Shhhh...My Esmanur...please don't cry..you are hungry right? Dont worry your mother will feed you." 

    Hurrem is speaking to Sumbul as she walks down the hall...Hurrem: "Who else could it be Sumbul? It is obvious this is Shah Sultan's work...she put Nigar in the palace." Sumbul: 'I don't think so, Sultanim...if that was the case...the Meluneh called Nigar...would have harmed you or our Rustem Pasha..." Hurrem: "The truth of the matter will come out in the open!" Mercan: "Sultanim" Hurrem: "Mercan agha..where is Nigar? Where did you all hide her?" Mecan: "Never Sultanim! I would never dare! I am a loyal servant of our Dynasty...How could I ever hide that traitor?!" Hurrem: "I know very well who you are serving...Either you will say everything you know...or your head will roll along with everyone else involved in this!" Mercan: "Forgive me Sultanim...but I have nothing to do with this incident....it is impossible." Sumbul: "They will catch Nigar any moment now...She will mention your name and then I will send you from here.......I swear there will be blood...blood..."

    Meanwhile, Suleyman, Lutfi and Shah together. Shah: "I cannot understand it Hunkarim...How could Nigar go alone into that Palace...all those guards, aghas and cariyes...everyone knows her..." Suleyman: "It is obvious that she was not alone...Whoever is behind this incident will be determined...I will give their punishment with my own hands..." Lutfi: "Of course, Hunkarim, I will personally investigate the matter...but I do not think anyone was behind it...who would want to kidnap the baby and why?" Shah: "Our Pasha has a point...Nigar was someone who served the harem for years...she knows the Palace like she knows her own pockets...she must have wanted to take revenge..." Suleyman: "Soon or later the truth will appear in the open of course...: Hurrem arrives: "Hunkarim..."  Suleyman: "Come Hurrem...How is Mihrimah?"Hurrem: "She is not well, Hunkarim...the doctors have given her medicine...she is sleeping now..." Shah: "May it pass Hurrem...God Willing as soon as possible Humasha will come and she (Mihrimah) will find happiness.." Hurrem: "Amin, Sultanim...amin..."

    In the forest, Nigar sits by a tree and tries to comfort the baby...Nigar: "Esmanur...my unfortunate baby....do not be afraid..we are going to go from here...we are going to go far away...no one will find us...we will not be separated again..." A man carrying wood sees her...

    Shah Sultan is waiting in Bali Bey's room and Mercan arrives with Emine, the milkmaid for Mihrimah's daughter Humashah.  Shah: "Be quite hatun...tell me what happened?" Emine: "I was asleep next to the baby...I opened my eyes and there was someone by the cradle...in the dark I couldn't see who it was...before I could ask who it was, they hit my head...I passed out..." Shah: "You didn't tell anyone about me God Willing?!" Emine: "No Sultanim, never!" Shah: "Great...don't you try to escape!" Emine: "Don't worry Sultanim...I will not tell anyone..I won't go anywhere.." Shah: "You may leave now." 

    Mercan: "Sultanim...I told you we could not trust Nigar..." Shah: "Who could have guess this much Mercan? But this is what happened...it is obvious the woman is crazy." Mercan: "She has to die, Sultanim...if she is caught and speaks it is not good for you..." Shah: "Keep calm...it is apparent I could not give such an order...also no one would trust her words..." Mercan: "Sultanim, it is unpredictable what could happen...we need to take precautions..."

    Meanwhile, Rustem, Bali and Matrakci are looking everywhere, along with Janissaries and their search dogs... we see the wood carrier who saw Nigar with them..." Bali: "We have cornered her Rustem Pasha...now she cannot escape our hands...(to a Russian looking Janissary) look for her everywhere!" Rustem: "Be careful...no harm should come to Humasha Sultan...I want that woman alive!" Matrakci to Bali: "We better find her before Rustem, otherwise he will ripe that woman to shreds!" Bali: "It is a miracle Nigar is even alive till now...she was to be killed years ago...: Matrakci: "You kill her my Bey...do not leave her to that oppressor (Rustem)"

    Nigar hears dogs...Russian looking Janissary man: "there she is!" Rustem: "Nigar..." Nigar runs...then after the chase she is at the edge of a cliff...Nigar says to the baby: "Don't be afraid...they won't do anything to you...I won't let them...your mother is with you." Rustem: "Nigar!" Matrakci: "Nigar hatun!" Nigar: "Stay there...don't dare come closer!" Nigar: "I said don't come close! otherwise I will throw myself with the baby!" Rustem: "No!"

    Meanwhile, Hatice is pacing back and forth...Shah arrives. 
    Hatice: "What happened?!" Shah: "They found out it was Nigar...they will catch her soon." Hatice: "She will say you gave the order...and our Hunkar will not let this off without punishment..." Shah: "Don't worry...Mercan has thought of all possibilities...one of the Janissaries will kill her..."

    Meanwhile Nigar stands at the edge of the cliff...Matrakci: "Nigar Hatun...do not dare! That baby is sinless!"Nigar: "My daughter had no sins either, Nasuh Efendi...but they took her from me...without hugging her, kissing her, smelling her they took her...you lied from the very beginning didn't you? They killed her...just as they slaughtered her father Ibrahim Pasha!" Matrakci: "No...I swear to you, I will look for her and find your daughter." Rustem: "Nigar! Give me my child...if you do..you will go from here safely." Nigar: "You were always a bad liar Pasha!" Rustem: "I am assuring you...no one will harm a hair on your head!"

    Nigar: "You think I care to live after this time Rustem? Huh? You still have not understood? For me life has finished a long time ago...every breath I take I suffer...I came to your Palace to kill you...you and Hurrem Sultan I was going to kill! Then kill myself and be saved from this prison called the world...but after..." Nigar: "I saw her...I wanted to take her...far away...far away...somewhere were no one would find us...I would raise her...she wold be my child...I named her Esmanur...Esmanur..."

    Nigar: "Don't come close!" Bali: "Rustem Pasha you go back...Nasuh Efendi.." Matrakci: "Everyone knows what you lived through Nigar...But what you got you did to yourself...do not blame anybody...especially that little baby has no crime...she is innocent Nigar...just like your child Esmanur, she is innocent...How can you kill a little baby? Huh? Can you do that?" Nigar holds out the baby...Rustem inches forward, takes his child and kisses her...Nigar looks in front of her, her eyes glazed over, and falls over the cliff her arms outstretched...

    In the Sultan's Room, Hurrem and Rustem and Suleyman are lovingly looking at Humasha....when Mihrimah arrives... Mihrimah: "Humasha, my daughter!" Rustem: "My Lord delivered our child to us!" Mihrimah: "Oh Allah! Thank you...thank you...thank you! Hunkarim, with your permission..." Suleyman: "Rustem Pasha...take our Sultanas to their palace...never again remove your eyes from them... Rustem: "As you wish, Hunkarim" Rusem and Mihrimah leave...

    Suleyman: "life is sweet, Hurrem...especially if that life is your child...it is even more sweet...I pray our Mighty Lord does not give anyone the pain of absence of their child." Hurrem: "Ameen. Nigar finally got what she deserved...but her dying before saying anything is bad...because now we will never know who gave her the order..." Suleyman: "The situation is apparent...the woman wanted to take personal revenge..." Hurrem: "Didn't you hear what Rustem said, Suleyman? Nigar actually entered the Palace to kill me and Rustem...actually, there is no need for the woman to have spoken...it is obvious who has enmity towards me for years...I think they are behind this incident..."

    Later Shah, Hatice, Husrev and Lutfi are together...Hatice: "So Nigar killed herself..."Husrev: "What happened Sultanim...are you sad?"
    Hatice: "No I am actually happy...because death is the only salvation for some people..." Lutfi: "I was going to say God forgive her sins, but, her work and sins had no limits...then she goes and takes her life and sins again!"Hatice: "One day we will all pay for our sins my Pasha...no one can run away from their appointed end...is that not right?"Lutfi: "You have a point, Sultanim...and this is Nigar's end...she will not even have a grave stone...just like Ibrahim Pasha, God rest his soul..." Shah: "Lutfi Pasha...let us close this meaningless issue...because there are more important matters to talk about is that not true? Hurrem and Rustem will not leave this matter alone..." Husrev: "Forgive me Sultanim, but it is late...if you wish we can go on our way..." Hatice: "Yes let us go..."

    In the Sultan's room:  Suleyman to Bali Bey: "The woman said she had entered the Palace to kill Rustem and Hurrem..." Bali: "It is true, Hunkarim...I am personally witness to these words of hers.." Suleyman: "In that case, we have to look for something else behind this.." Bali: "Everyone in the palace has been questioned...there is no one suspected of helping her...in addition, I saw her...she was out of her mind." Suleyman: "Is this why she was chosen? She was lost for two years...Allah knows where she was and with whom!?" Bali: "Do you have someone you suspect, Hunkarim?" Suleyman quiet.. Bali: "If you wish I can investigate again...but I do not think anything will come out of it." Suleyman: "Take more precautions from now on, Hurrem's safety is especially important...you will save her from everyone...even from me!" Bali: "As you wish, Hunkarim."

    Meanwhile, Shah is with Lutfi alone...Shah: "Where are these words coming from my Pasha...Don't you know how sensitive Hatice is about these issues...and on top of that, while her husband is with her!" Lutfi: "She finds a way to hurt me at every turn..." Shah: "Whatever the case, do not forget that she is a Sultana!" Lutfi: "How could it be possible to forget?! You are always reminding me anyway..." Agha: "Pasha Hazretleri.." Lutfi: "Speak" Agha: "We have prepared for the night inspection...the pubs and rooms that we investigated will be raided...we are waiting for your presence." Lutfi: "Tell my chief steward to accompany in the inspection and tell me tomorrow morning about the situation."Agha: "As you wish, Pasha Hazretleri." Shah: "I wish you were as busy with our enemies as you are with catching the prostitutes" Lutfi: "What is the need for me, Sultanim...you are doing whatever is necessary without my knowing..."Shah: "Hurrem will not leave this matter to rest...Her first job will be to put Rustem upon us. We must immediately take precautions..."

    Hurrem and Rustem are in the hall in Rustem's palace. Rustem: "How upsetting that I was unable to get the opportunity to speak to Nigar" Hurrem: "This much is also enough...A new doubt was added to our Hunkar's heart..." Rustem: "In my opinion, the time has come to get rid of Lutfi Pasha...then Shah Sultan will lose all her power..." Hurrem: "You know what I have done also...but there is not an iota of feelings between the two...if this is the case... separating them is difficult..." Rustem: "They came together politically and politically they can be separated, Sultanim...for this reason, we must lower the Pasha in the eyes of our Hunkar." Hurrem: 'There is only one way to throw Lutfi Pasha into the fire...Shehzade Mustafa! A Grand Vizier's relationship with the Shehzades is important" Rustem: "The Pasha is being very careful of this...usually Shah Sultan handles the relations and she does not do it through our Shehzade, but sends word to Mahidevran." Hurrem: 'It is obvious they got the order to send my Shehzades for Sancak from Shehzade Mustafa..." Rustem: " You wanted Shehzade Mehmet to go to Amasya Sultanim?" Hurrem: "Yes, it is true"

    Suddenly, the milk maid appears. Emine: Sultanim. Hurrem: "How is my grandchild hatun?" Emine: "She is sleeping Sultanim...but our Sultana (Mihrimah) ordered for her to stay with her" Hurrem: "Good...keep on eye on them here." Emine leaves...

    Hurrem: "Shehzade Mustafa has to be sent away from Manisa Rustem...this is what we need to do...you have to find a way and send Mustafa from Manisa!" Rustem: "I have somethings in mind Sultanim...but I do not know if it will work..."

    In the day in Manisa...Mustafa is walking with Yahya. Yahya: "Of course it is important to give heed to our Hunkar's words..." Mustafa: "I am doing more than is in my hands Taslicali...only to no effect...he has removed me from his favour long ago..." Taslicali: "Do not go by emotions, Shehzadem, there is no such thing...remove such thoughts from your mind." Mustafa: "These thoughts did not enter my mind for no reason and you know this very well too." Taslicali: "If as you say, our Hunkar has removed you from his favour, then  he would have reoved you from the closest Sancak to the Capital? Is that not true? This Sanjak is on the way to the throne of your father, Sultan Suleyman Han, a sign that you are the heir to the throne and heir to all the Ottoman lands Shehzadem...for this reason, you should be rest assured." Mahidevran arrives. She informs Mustafa of his brothers' sanjak news, where Selim and Beyazid will go and finally, that Mehmet will go to Amasya. Mustafa looks happy.

    In the harem hallway, Sumbul announces Mehmet and Cihangir..They stop and Mehmet tells Cihangir to join him in his room. Cihangir tells him he has studies but Mehmet insists so Cihangir goes, but not before he stares at the cariyes who are lined up and whispering...

    Back in Manisa, Mahidevran speaks to Mustafa: "Mehmet must have been so happy to hear this news...for so long he has been waiting to go for Sanjak." Mahidevran: "Yes, only we cannot say the same for his mother...as you know, she will have to go with her son to Amasya." Mustafa: "A person who causes trouble can do it even if they go all the way to India..." Mahidevran: "Don't say that my lion...for this to happen is important...Hurrem being far from our Hunkar, means she will lose all her power." Mustafa :'let us pray that that is what happens" Mahidevran: "There is another news as well...there is preparations underway for a campaign to Budin." Taslicali: "In that case soon, you might be going with our Hunkar on the campaign." Mustafa: "Let us see....let us see this time what our Hunkar's decision about me will be." 

    Meanwhile, Mehmet asks why Cihangir is sad and Cihangir is sad because everyone is going to Sancak and he will be alone. Mehmet explains that they will be alone there as well, and that he can visit...Cihangir says he has wanted to visit Mustafa, but his mother doesn't let him...Mehmet says his mother will also go with him and he can also join, and Cihangir says no, his father will never let him go. Mehmet tells him to stop talking about all this and tell him about Amasya and if he did his investigations about it. Cihangir says he has...

    Meanwhile, Lutfi is approached by an agha telling him the Austrian ambassador wishes to meet with him, but Lutfi rejects him. and tells the agha to tell him that if he comes one more time, he will be thrown in prison...The man tells the ambassador...Then, Rustem arrives. The ambassador approaches Rustem and Rustem tells him if he was in his place, he would not make the Grand Vizier any angrier, the ambassador asks him if he would speak to the Sultan, Rustem says that his time is precious and the man asks if he can just talk to him and Rustem says okay talk, the man says that if the Ottomans give the country to their king Ferdinand, they will still be loyal to them (the Ottomans) and they will pay the taxes that are requested and even more...as they do not want war. Rustem asks if they don't want war then they should stay away from Budin. The ambassador says that this is an oppurtunity and that if he could just relay this to the Sultan that he might think on it. Rustem says he cannot make such recommendations to the Sultan, only the Grand Vizier can, or the Shehzade, Mustafa, that he is the closest to the throne...

    Suleyman is sitting in his room and Lutfi and Husrev stand in front of him. Lutfi tells of the ambassador, Laski, coming several times and that he has denied him and Suleyman is happy and that he does not want to meet with messengers at a time of war. Husrev says that they fear for war and Suleyman says they should. Husrev is smiling, when suddenly, Suleyman asks about his sister and Husrev's smile disappears...He says they are all good...Suleyman tells them if there is nothing else they may leave. 

    Outside, Lutfi and Husrev are together and Lutfi tells Husrev to keep an eye on Rustem. Husrev suggests that they stop this enmity and make some sort of pact with Rustem. Lutfi says that one cannot make a pact with the devil. Lutfi's guard tells him that two pubs are still operating and Lutfi says that tonight that he should not have mercy on them and raid them again and whoever is left, throw them all in prison. Husrev tells Lutfi that many complaints are coming because of this issue...Lutfi says that Allah has said to stay away from these sins of fornication and he will continue to fight it. 

    In Rustem's palace at night, Mihrimah is holding her baby when Rustem arrives and kisses his daughter. Mihrimah puts her down and asks Rustem how his day was. Rustem says that "it is like a boiling pot..everyone talks in a corner..wherever I go, they are quiet...it is obvious it is our enemies have ambitions" Mihrimah: "What ambitions are you talking about?" Rustem: "Lutfi Pasha doesn't want me Sultanim...he is specifically keeping away from me..they don't include me...if they find an opportunity they will get rid of me."  Mihrimah: "There is no need to worry...they would not dare to do this!" Rustem: "I am not worried, Sultanim...in reality no one but you can harm me" Mihrimah: "What does this mean?" Rustem: " As a parable, if I am the root of Cinar (type of tree), if my branches grow, and my leaves give flowers and open up...the reason for this is your brightly shining face like the sun, Sultanim...and your eyes that look, are like a river...if you turn your face away from me and prevent your eyes from looking at me...then at that time, my branches will dry up and my leaves will fall off...." 


    Meanwhile, Ahmet, Ebusuud's son is brought before Lutfi. "Ahmet Celebi....they find you in the brothel on the bosom of a sinful woman!" Ahmet is silent. Lutfi: "You who are the son of a great scholar like Rumeli General Ebusuud Efendi! What could you possible have to do in a brothel?"

    Ahmet: "I yielded to Satan's temptation Pasha Hazretleri, and I swear it will not happen again."

    Lutfi: "We thought of you as a praying, pious Muslim...in truth, there is no better schoolteacher than you in the Capital...tsk tsk...May Allah guide you...how sad will your father be when he hears?" Then, Ebusuud arrives. Lutfi: "Come Ebusuud Efendi..come and see the condition of your sons...They brought him to me first (Lutfi ensured that only he knows about it, it is not been made public)." Ebusuud: "My Pasha, no matter how much I thank you, it would not be enough...God gave me the beautiful and good of whatever he gave me but so I would not be spoiled, gave me this useless son..this is how it is, and we suffer our punishment." Lutfi: "You keep your spirits up (be happy) Hoca Celebi...we know you...and plus he is young he will make mistakes of course...he will repent and will not yield again to such evil." Ebusuud: "God Willing my Pasha....only, repentance will not clear his mistake alone...he must get his 100 hits with a stick....those who go against the laws, be it even my own son, they cannot escape their rightful punishment."

    In Rustem's office in his palace, Aziz agha arrives. "What is the news?" Aziz: "Lutfi Pasha has once again raided the pubs and brothels. The people he found there, he put in prison." Rustem: " Having all that hard work in front of him, he busies himself with persecuting prostitutes." Aziz: "No one is happy with the situation my Pasha...they are reluctant to walk on the streets even at night for fear...everyone is reacting..." Rustem: "Good...Send word to Omer Agha...He should talk about Lutfi Pasha right and left." Aziz: "What should he say?" Rustem: "The truth that is all!  Apparently, our Pasha has lost his power and courage, that is why he is taking out his anger and pain on the prostitutes..."

    In Ebusuud's home, his wife finds out that Ahmet has been beaten, she is troubled. Ahmet says that the Grand Vizier forgave him, but his father punished him and Zeynep says how can someone do this to their own child? Ebusuud says that "Whatever the laws command, that is what was done. Even if you say it is my child, he cannot be exempt from it. If I do otherwise, on the day of Judgement, how can I stand before the Lord Almighty? I don't know what to do with you! Ha! I sent you to Bursa...for your good, whatever needed to be done, I did...after you return and you say you have repented...the mistake is mine that I trusted you! But you secretly did your doings!" Ahmet: "I swear father, I swear by Allah, since I came this is the ONLY time I went!" Ebusuud: "Are you messing with me?!" Zeynep: "Don't Efendi...for heaven's sake, this much is enough...and besides in the morning in the daylight you can talk about this." Ebusuud: "Is there any day left in this matter, hatun? He ashamed me in front of Lutfi Pasha! He dug me into the ground! Low, unlucky scoundrel! Get out of my sight!" Ebusuud: "This is the last, hatun....from this point on, any of this and I will exile him as a prisoner to the Island (used for punishment for some prisoners). May it be worse for him!" (a saying invoking calamity on the person) Zeynep: "Bite your tongue Efendi! Does one invoke calamity on their own son!"  Ebusuud: "She still says "son"! Oh my Lord, Oh the Messenger of God!"

    In Manisa in the day, Mustafa is in his room with his map and Taslicali enters. Yahya: "It seems the prince is already ready to go for the campaign, my Shehzade." Mustafa: "It is possible to conquer Vienna by  setting a trap on land. The only thing we need is patience - to patiently beat up the walls before the storm. Our enemies will be delivered to us before the end. Why did you come?" Yahya: "Fedinand's ambassador Lazki has come, my Shehzade, he wishes to meet with you." Mustafa: "What business does an ambassador have here...for what reason did he come?" Yahya: "I have no idea...if you wish, I can meet him and tell him to leave...in truth, it is not fit for you to see him.." Mustafa: "I have no need, I will see him and see what he wants." Yahya: "But my Shehzade..." Mustafa: "Send word to Lala, he should be witness to the meeting." 

    In Suleyman's room, Suleyman is with Lutfi, Hadim and Barbarossa. Suleyman: "How dare he, Lutfi Pasha! What does Ferdinand trust in to beseige Budin?" Barbarossa: "Hunkarim, thank God you sent Mehmet Pasha for precautionary measures there...God Willing he will arrive on time and show Ferdinand his limits." Suleyman: "Queen Isabella and her son Sigismund's lives are very important...they have implored me to help them..not a hair on their heads will be harmed!" Hadim: 'What is your command, Hunkarim?" Suleyman: "We will not accept Budin's invasion...Lutfi Pasha it is my will...immediately start planning we are going at once!" The door knocks and Rustem enters.

    Suleyman: 'Come" Rustem: "Hunkarim, I just got the news..." Suleyman: "Come Rustem Pasha...Ferdinand has invaded Budin...I have taken a decision for war." Rustem: "The wish and command are our mighty Hunkars...What is Ferdinand trying to do Hunkarim? He  
    also sent his ambassador to Shehzade Mustafa Hazretleri..."

    Suleyman: "What are you saying, Rustem Pasha!? Without my permission how can an ambassador go away from the Capital?" Rustem: "Lazki has gone to Manisa Hunkarim...to see our Shehzade...I think the Shehzade has accepted him into his presence." 

    Meanwhile, in Mustafa's Divan. Lazki: "Mighty Shehzade Mustafa Hazretleri, greetings from Archduke Ferdinand." Lazki: "These are for you, if you accept, we will be very happy Shehzadem"

    Mustafa: "I have no need for gifts..." Lazi: "Forgive me, I -" Mustafa: "What is the issue?" Lazki: "Shehzade, our King Ferdinand, kept to the conditions and paid at the taxes at the time of Zapolya..." Mustafa: "I asked what is your purpose!" Lazki: "The Grand Vizier and the mighty Sultan, are not accepting to see us...perhaps you can help us in this matter...because such an agreement would be beneficial for both sides..." Mustafa: "How dare you? Who are you to dare to bring such a proposal to me?! How dare you for your own interests try to tell me this will benefit the Ottoman empire?" Lazki: "War would be a huge loss for everyone...we simply want to find a way for peave...if you have a proposal..." Mustafa: "There is ONE owner of all the Ottoman lands - Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri...for war or peace, he will only make the decision!" Lazki: "Shehzadem.." Mustafa: "Take this man away from my sight!"

    Meanwhile Suleyman: "How is it possible for Mustafa to accept an ambassador who has not even seen my face! What is he trying to do?" Barbarossa: " Everyone is aware of ambassador Lazki's desperate efforts Hunkarim...obviously he wanted to get help from him.." Lutfi: "Kapudan Pasha (Captain) has a point Hunkarim, be rest assured...our Shehzade would never accept him in his precense...but I am curious to know Rustem Pasha...how did you get this information?" Rustem: " To prepare for the campaign...I have placed several informants in the ambassadors inn (a place where ambassadors stay)...and specifically wanted to know what Lazki does and where he goes and who he meets...If he didn't have hope to see the Shehzade he wouldn't have gone..." Suleyman: "Continue your investigation at once...What does Lazki do in Manisa, who he meets I wish to know all of it." Rustem: "The wish and commands are our mighty Padhishah's"

    Outside the chambr, Lutfi says angrily: "I know what you are trying to do Rustem Pasha! I have warned you before!" Hadim: "Ahhh my Pasha are you doing?"  Rustem: "Pasha Hazretleri, I am only doing my job" Lutfi: "I know what your job is..." Rustem: "And i know what your job is my Pasha...if you pay as much attention to the state affairs instead of worrying about prostitutes you would have heard of these matters!" Lutfi: "Know your limit Rustem!" Barbarossa: "My Pasha..." Hadim: "Rustem Pasha come with me...let's talk for a while" They leave... Lutfi to Barbarossa: "Look at the words the scoundrel says!" Barbarossa: "Be calm, my Pasha..." Lutfi: "His motive is obvious Pasha...to accuse Shehzade Mustafa and lower him in the eyes of the Sultan." Barbarossa: "I know who does what my Pasha...but it can't be handled this way...as you know the one who stands up in anger, sits down with loss." 

    Later in the Sultan's room, Hurrem arrives. Hurrem: "I come from being with Humasha..she is becoming more beautiful every day...she is sweeter, and she looks more and more like Mihrimah..." Hurrem: "What is wrong, Suleyman?" Suleyman: "I am a little tired...I did not sleep well at night." Hurrem: "Rustem Pasha said somethings about Shehzade Mustafa...or is this what is bothering you?" Suleyman: "What is Mustafa doing...what is his motive? I cannot find a meaning...I warned him so many times...but he doesn't trust in the rules and just does whatever he wants...what is the meaning of meeting with an ambassador during wartime?" Hurrem: "Don't bring these bad things into your mind...so what happens if he meets with an ambassador? She is the mighty Sultan's son...he will teach him a lesson and send him off...its not like he would make an agreement about you.." Suleyman: "Leave me alone, Hurrem." Hurrem: "Suleyman" Suleyman: "Leave me alone I said."

    Lutfi speaks to Shah: "I am certain this is one of Rustem's games...I wouldn't be surprised if he personally sent the ambassador to our Shehzade." Shah: "It was obvious he would do somethings ..but our Shehzade would never accept such a meeting...right?" Lutfi: "I have the same hope, but even saying it is not a good thing..." Shah: "Until Hurrem doesn't move her bloody hands away from Mustafa, we cannot have any peace."

    In Mihrimah's Palace, in Rustem's office: 

    Aziz: "My Pasha, I have brought the Dervish I was talking about..." Rustem: "You know the matter right?" Dervish: "Aziz agha told me." Rustem: "Do you have anyone, family, children etc?" Dervish: "No. I had an old mother...lost her two months ago..." Rustem: "May God bless her..." Dervish: "Ameen" Rustem: "This work is important agha, at the end of the job you might even lose your head. Are you ready?" Dervish: "I am ready...you do not worry." Rustem: "Good..now you leave with Aziz...May good come out of tomorrow (saying)." 

    The next day, in the marketplace, Lutfi is walking around when he overhears some men talking bad about him. One man asks another man by the name of Seyit where he has been and even last night he wasn't around and Seyit says don't ask what happened to him and that he was in the brothel when it was raided again. The first man says what? What number raid is this now? Lutfi Pasha doesn't let anyone..." Seyit says that the things being said about him are apparent...The first man asks what is being said and Seyit replies that "it is his own inadequacies...that he his strength and power have weakened and that he has become an enemy towards women because of this..." Lutfi angrily grabs the man and someone asks who he is and what he is doing and Lutfi says: "The same person you were just lying about...LUTFI PASHA!'

    Suleyman, Bali and Cihangir are walking and Beyazid is with them...Cihangir: "Hunkarim, my brother Mehmet told me that a Shehzade has to get some experience in war before going for Sancak?" Suleyman: "Yes, that's right." Cihangir: "In that case you are talking Beyazid..." Suleyman: "Did Beyazid ask you speak to me?" Cihangir: "No, I...forgive my curiosity...he is going right?" 

    Meanwhile in the back, Beyazid asks Bali Bey: "You know Malkocoglu...our Hunkar is going to take me right?" Bali: "I told you before, Shehzadem, I have no idea." Beyazid: "This time I want to go...help me..." Bali Bey: "I can recommend of course, only whatever our Hunkar decides, you must accept it...because this will be a test for you." Beyazid: "I accept...but you also speak to him."

    Meanwhile, Lutfi tells the aghas to take Seyit the man who was talking about him away so that Lutfi doesn't "accidentally" hurt him. Seyit asks him to forgive him, that it isn't his fault and that everyone was saying these things..." Lutfi says that whoever says these things is a hypocrite...that this is there is only one reason why he is closing the down the pubs and brothels...that the Lord has forbidden fornication and adultery to the believers and that doing it in the open or in hiding are both big sins and that he isn't one to turn a blind eye to such doings and do nothing about it. A man speaks up and thanks Lutfi for clearing up the city from the brothels and another man also chimes in saying that it had gotten so bad that even some Muslim women were taking part in such things.. Lutfi says that whoever knows anything should speak up. The man says that there is a brothel in the lower part of the neighbourhood and that among the women there, there is a Muslim one also. Lutfi asks where it is located and that he wants the woman brought to him at once.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman continues walking with his children...Cihangir: "I examined Budin Hunkarim...the raids coming from the north and east, make it difficult to cross - no one can fully judge the area/situation ." Suleyman: "Do you say I cannot judge it?" Cihangir: "Never! You are Sultan of the world! But without completely conquering Budin, taking that area will be difficult." Suleyman: "My lion Prince! Not even being eleven years old yet and thinking about these things...bravely expressing your thoughts, all this makes me very happy....be certain I will take your words into consideration."

    The dervish arrives on the path. "Sultan Suleyman Hazretleri" Bali: "Wait there Efendi...who are you?" Dervish: "Dervish: "I am a poor dervish...I have a message for our mighty Hunkar..." Suleyman: "Let him come." Dervish: "You have to be careful Hunkarim...soon you will go for the war...be careful of yourself...especially from your own blood...otherwise when you return you lose everyone you love!" The Dervish drops his hat...Beyazid: "What is happening Bali Bey?" Cihangir: "Why did he drop that...what does it mean?" Bali: "They say that if a dervish throws his hat in front of someone, bad fortune will appear in that person's home..." 

    Outside in Lutfi Pasha's garden the prostitute is brought before him. Woman: "Please leave me...have mercy on me!" Lutfi: "So you are that disgraceful woman!" Woman: "They are lying, I did not do anything!" Lutfi: "Do not lie woman...I have found out everything about you...They are talking about your disgrace in the marketplace, not fearing God, despite being a Muslim you are fornicating in the brothels!" Lutfi: Allah the Mighty said to the Prophet to tell the men to guard their private parts and not look at the forbidden 

    Lutfi: "Allah says: "Oh my messenger (referring to the Prophet Muhammad), tell the believers to not stare at haram (forbidden things), and to protect their private parts from haram! Muslim women should not expose/show their adornments (bodies) and they should cover their hijabs over their chests." Just as though you haven't heeded any of these commands, you are engaged in prostitution and adultery. With Allah's permission, I will prevent dishonorable people like you! Take this woman away and present her to the qadi (judge)! He should decide what is to be done to her based on the rulings of the Shari'ah!"

    Woman: "Don't Pasha! what am I going to do there? Forgive me!" Lutfi: "You should have thought of this first! Take her!" Woman: "Your strength is enough for me Pasha? If they speak about me in the market, well they speak about you too that you are an enemy to women and everyone knows the reason why!" Lutfi: "Do you want to die woman!" Woman: "Is it a lie? Because you are unable get along with women you are doing this!" Lutfi: "lay this woman down...and cauterize her so it can be a lesson!" Woman: "No...don't...forgive me Pasha!' Lutfi: "Do not wait...hurry...do what I say!" 

    Meanwhile, Suleyman recalls Hurrem's words "If he meets with an ambassador, so what is the problem with that? He will show teach that ambassador a lesson (show him his limits) and send him off..." 

    In Hurrem's room, Cihangir tells Hurrem what happened in the forest with the Dervish. Cihangir says that his father was very sad and that is why they returned to the Palace. 

    Meanwhile the woman is shouting and some aghas are getting ready to brand her. Lutfi says that this will be a lesson to everyone who fornicates and commits adultery, especially Muslims. To the guards horror, the punishment takes place.

    Mihrimah and Shah are together. Mihrimah says she did not expect her to come visit and Shah says she came to see her as she is worried, she did not see her or her daughter. Mihrimah says she will never let this happen again. Shah asks her if she is happy with Rustem and that she knows she does not love him, Mihrimah insists she is happy. Shah says she is the Sultan's daughter, and that their servants are there to serve them and make them happy and not to forget that...Gulbahar arrives and tells Shah that Mercan has arrived and wishes to speak to her and says it is important. 

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is also informed that Rustem has arrived. Rustem enters and tells the Sultan that there is an important matter he should know about. Meanwhile, Shah is being told by Mercan and she says "Are you sure about this?" Mercan says yes...she storms off...

    Suleyman asks if there is word from Manisa, but Rustem says no, it is about Lutfi Pasha. Rustem: "Lutfi Pasha has punished a woman by branding her private part" Suleyman: "What?! How did this happen, what was the women's crime??" Rustem: "She was a prostitute. As you know, for a while now, our Pasha has been going after the " Suleyman gets up angrily.

    Lutfi is looking angrily at a dried apricot when Shah enters. "Is what I hear true?" Lutfi: "What did you hear?" Shah: "If you are talking about my punishing a prostitute, it is true...she got what she deserved." Shah: "The punishment you are talking about - branding the woman's private part...without a judge you weren't even allowed to exile her...how could you give such a punishment?! What insolence!" Lutfi: "It is not a big deal Sultanim...sometimes in this world such decisions are necessary to teach people a lesson." Shah: "You...ordered the branding of a woman's private parts...after daring to do such a thing you say it is not a big deal is that right?!" 

    Meanwhile Hurrem speaks to Sumbul. Hurrem: "It is obvious Lutfi Pasha has lost his mind...how could he do this?!" Sumbul: "I swear, I am also shocked Sultanim. " Hurrem: "It is apparent that he took out his anger on Shah Sultan on some other poor innocent woman. Our Hunkar will not like this at all..." Sumbul: " Of course he will not be happy...only...he will forgive him..and cover up the incident" Hurrem: "It will not be done with one day Sumbul...Lutfi Pasha will keep going until he falls. Now go find out what is happening I want to know." 

    Back in Shah's palace. Shah: "You are a cruel man. Cruel and ill mannered." Lutfi: "Watch your words, or" Shah: "Or what? You will punish me too? I have never heard such a thing in my life! WHO ARE YOU PASHA! Where do you get this insolence from?!" Lutfi: "I AM THIS MIGHTY STATE'S GRAND VIZIER...whatever I do, I am not asking you! From this point on don't you dare interfere in my work! MOVE!" he pushes her and walks away... Shah: "I WARNED YOU BEFORE, PASHA! Without me, you are NOTHING! The water you drink, all the possessions you have, I have given to you. If you forget one more time, I will take them from you I had said!!! I DIVORCE YOU, DIVORCE YOU!" He rushes forward and slaps her and Mercan saves her...Lutfi tells him to let go and says "I ORDER you!" But Mercan does not budge..and drags him outside with some other aghas.

    Outside Lutfi tries battling Mercan..he says: "I am this state's grand vizier, let go of me!!!!" Mercan tries hold him and then they notice the Sultan is watching the whole thing....He steps forward and Lutfi says: "Hunkarim...forgive me I- " Mercan says: "He beat Shah Sultan...if we didn't pull him away, he would have killed her." 

    Shah is sitting when Suleyman enters and hugs her. Suleyman: "Mercan agha says Lutfi Pasha beat you, is that true?" Shah nods. Suleyman rushes off..."Lutfi Pasha! from now on you are not my Grand Vizier! Mercan agha! Put him in the dungeon!" Lutfi: "hunkarim" Suleyman: "Get lost!"

    Later that night, Suleyman, Mihrimah, Hurrem and Rustem are together. Mihrimah: 'Shah was with me when she got the news..it is obvious this is the news she got..." Hurrem: "I still cannot believe it, how can Lutfi Pasha dare to do this..." Rustem: "It is obvious that Lutfi Pasha could not serve as Grand Vizier...he succumbed to arrogance..of cours it is not easy..not everyone can carry this burden..." Hurrem: "Anyways it is good that our Hunkar has loyal, intellegent servants like you Rustem Pasha." Suleyman: "Did you send word to Hatice, Hurrem...she shouldn't leave her alone" Hurrem: "I did...Gulfem Hatun and Afife Hatun went to stay with her." Mihrimah: "What is going to happen now? I mean Lutfi Pasha..." Suleyman: "It it is obvious Mihrimah...there is only one punishment for this doing...to take his head..."

    Esmahan goes to her mother's room...

    Meanwhile, Lutfi is in his cell when Husrev arrives. "My pasha" Lufi: "This much from me, Husrev Pasha." Husrev: "I warned you so many times...but you were defeated by your anger..." Lutfi: "Whatever was written for us that is what it is Pasha..from this point on you hold the flag...do not leave that Melune Rustem alone...be with Shehzade Mustafa...don't let him be surrounded alone by the wolves..." Husrev: "I wish I could help you..." Lutfi acknowledges this...

    Meanwhile, Esmahan "What is going to happen to my father, Validem? Will they kill him?" Shah: "Our Hunkar will make this decision." Esmahan: "I know my father did a very bad thing...but I am begging you mother, please forgive him..if you forgive, then our Hunkar will forgive..spare him his life...please mother you talk to our Hunkar..." 

    In the sitting area of Shah's palace...Gulfem: "If I had seen it with my eyes I would not have believed it...It has to be that Lutfi Pasha has gone crazy." Hatice: "Perhaps it happened because of me.." Afife: "What could you have to do with this incident Sultanim?!" Hatice: "The day I left this palace... I cursed...I said that may those who moved me from my own home, may their days be destroyed...what fate is this...first Beyhan's husband, then mine, now Shah's..." Gulfem: "You still have a husband Sultanim...Lutfi Pasha has been dismissed...his head will also go..in this case Husrev will become Grand Vizier...I mean, your husband..." Hatice: 'Hurrem will not miss out on an opportunity like this..she will enter into the Sultan's mind and make Rustem Grand Vizier..These days are our better days...the dagger has been struck into our Family's back in such a way that the blood will never stop Gulfem..our Dynasty and state will disappear..." Afife: "Bite your tongue../speak auspiciously."

    Later on the Sultan's balcony...Bali: "Hunkarim you wished to see me?" Suleyman: "What is happening to the people around me, Malkocoglu? My Pashas, my sisters, my women, my children..what is happening...all of them are in arrogance..they look at each other with enmity..with envy..what is the source of all this?? Who is the source of it? Am I the source? Is this condition because of me?" Bali: "Never, Hunkarim...you always know the best..you do the bes...you are not full of hate on the contrary you are a loving and moderate Sultan." Suleyman: 'In that case how come I cannot find happiness in anyway in my heart? Why am I living this?" Bali: "We are living the kind of life you bestowed on us...how sad that some forget this and have dreams Hunkarim...while you are not falling into arrogance...we are falling into it." 

    Suleyman: "Keep yourself away from you, Malkocoglu...I wish everyone was as loyal as you." 

    Suleyman has a nightmare, where he sees his family dead and then sees his son Mustafa on his throne, in his room with his sword all bloody...

    In the morning, Shah visits Suleyman in his room and hugs him...He asks how she is and if she has been able to feel better and he says do not worry, Lutfi Pasha will get the punishment he deserves. Shah says she wishes to speak to him about this issue. She says she knows what he has done to her...she does not have a soft spot for him but she wishes for him to save Lutfi Pasha from being executed...because they have a daughter and then she will blame her mother for the rest of her life and that for her daughter's sake, if she could forgive her..."

    Meanwhile, Hurrem speaks with Rustem. Rustem: "To speak frankly, Sultanim, I did not expect this much...I thought it would take years to get rid of him: Hurrem: "As you know Husrev Pasha is next in line to become Grand Vizier." Rustem: "After what happened to Hatice Sultan I do not think that Husrev will become Grand Vizier." Hurrem: "I think this too...maybe in this case, our Hunkar will appoint you...if anything you are the closest Damat." 

    Guards bring Lutfi to the Sultan's room where Shah is seated as well. Suleyman scolds him saying "You disappointing me Pasha..shame...I counsider this insult on my sibling to be one against me! In addition, how could you see yourself as superior than our laws?! You had no right to torture that woman (the prostitute) by branding her!  Who gave you the right to torture that woman instead of applying the punishment laid out by our law! Without the law, with what right did you punish that woman?! For these things you did, the punishment is clear! It is necessary to take your head!" Lutfi: "My neck is thinner than a single strand of hair in front of your justice." Suleyman: "Shah Sultan has asked me to forgive your worthless, weak life...for this and the for your daughter and your years of service, I am sparing your life...You are being  exiled to Demitokya and you will stay there till your last breath...you will not leave..."  Lutfi: "The wish and command is our Padishahs" 

    Outside the divan, the pashas are standing waiting for the Sultan. Ebusuud: "Our Pasha was a respected devotee of our religion..but what he did is not condoned by conscience or by our religion...the punishment he gave that woman has no place in our laws!" Husrev: "It was a matter of momentary agner, Ebusuud Efendi..." Rustem: "May Allah not take any of us off the right path." Barbarossa: "Ameen Rustem Pasha... he will pay for his sins, his doings cannot be accepted...but this might state has lost a great scholar, a good commander and statesman..." Rustem: "One Pasha goes, another one will come...whatever the order of things is, it will continue..." Hadim: "Of course...especially in a time of war, this is important .God Willing as is the custom, Husrev Pasha might be appointed." Husrev: 'If our Hunkar graces me with that, then I will be honoured."  Suleyman arrives and tells Rustem Pasha to come with him and tells the rest of them to stay behind...

    In the Divan room in private, Suleyman asks Rustem if he has any word from Manisa. Rustem says that has become apparent that Mustafa has met with Lazki, but that he is unsure of what has happened in that meeting. Suleyman asks Rustem: "What do you think about Shehzade Mustafa? What does he do in Manisa?" Suleyman: "Everyone is quiet Rustem! Either out of respect or shyness/fear they are quiet. But you speak..whatever is the truth tell me. What is our Shehzade's motives?" Rustem: "The Janissaries love and praise can drag a person to so many unknown places. They have surrounded him (Mustafa) in Manisa...everyone is saying something into his ear for sure." Suleyman: "Whoever those traitors are, we will find them one by one and punish them." Rustem: "Forgive me Hunkarim, but they will go and others will come in their place and get into our Shehzade's head...in the end, Manisa is only days away from here...if our Shezade wants to, he can come speeding here like an arrow...especially when you are at war." 

    Meanwhile, Hadim is speaking to the others: "It can be said then, that Rustem Pasha will become the new Grand Vizier." Ebusuud: "Anyway as of late our Hunkar has shown him great favour..." Husrev: "This is impossible, before everything the chain of who is next in line is important." Ebusuud: "More important than the chain is our Hunkar's decision Husrev Pasha..you know this too." Husrev: 'Of course."

    Hurrem is walking in the corridor in the harem when Shah arrives. They greet each other: "I was going to visit you too, I heard what happened and I was sad to hear it." Shah: "how sad you are, I can see in your eyes...however...I would recommend that you do not be too happy because as you see I am still here.." Hurrem: "To be honest, I am rather amazed, Sultanim...that you are not sad to lose your husband but sad to see your power go..." Shah: "He is exiled...because I wanted that..also, to get rid of you I do no need him.: Hurrem: "I have had enough empty threats Sultanim...in addition...if our Hunkar were to hear you say this, he would be very sad..." Shah: "Rustem Pasha cannot be Grand Vizier...because it is Husrev Pasha's right..." Hurrem: "In my opinion we should stand together on this subject...after all, Hatice Sultan will rise again and then you do not want her to throw you into a corner, right?" 

    Suleyman starts his Divan. All the Pashas are standing: Suleyman: "Everyone knows what has happened...Lutfi Pasha has been removed from the Divan and he has been exiled for his insolence. From now on, my Grand Vizier is Suleyman Pasha... Everyone is told to leave except Suleyman who stays...Suleyman: "Come close...As my Grand Vizier your first job will have to do with Shehzade Mustafa because I have made a decision about him..."

    THE END.

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    1. The dress mahidevran wears in this episode seems similar to the dress that the late valide sultan wore in the first season. I think it is the episode where she asks hurrem to accompany her and hatice to look at hatice's new palace (before she was married to ibrahim).

    2. Does anyone know where to find video of episode 100, to watch in the USA? It can be in Turkish, or with English translation. Thanks! Have found all other episodes, up to this one, but 100 is tough to find.