• Muhtesem Yuzyil 99 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION!

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    Hurrem is waiting in her room and Sumbul arrives. Hurrem: "Where have you been Sumbul...since morning I am asking for you...How come Rustem Pasha has not arrived yet?" Sumbul: "I swear by God, Sultanim, I had left to ask about him..." Hurrem: "And what happened? He should have arrived long before now." Sumbul: "The set a treacherous trap for our Pasha I was told...the carriage blew up on fire...they say he is dead"

    Suleyman, and Lutfi are together. "Who has dared to attack my Beylerbey (governor)!"Lutfi: "Hunkarim, they said it was bandits...you do not worry Hunkarim, I will send Janissaries at once to find those traitors and bring them." 

    Hurrem rushes to Suleyman's room...and enters. She sees that Shah and Lutfi are there. Hurrem: "Hunkarim, forgive me... is what they are saying true? Rustem Pasha has he, di-"  Suleyman: "It is not for certain yet, Hurrem. But it is apparent someone has attacked him..."

    Mercan and Sumbul are in the hall outside the Sultan's room. Mercan: "What is happening Sumbul agha? You look ghastly (sickly and pale)! Or are you upset about the Pasha?"  Sumbul: "I swear by God, may their necks be plagued...Our Sultana will not leave this matter alone!"Mercan: " He is gone, agha! May Allah forgive his sins..." 

    Then they hear footsteps and look...they cannot believe their eyes! Sumbul: "In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful!" 

    In the Sultan's room: " Hurrem: "Who would do this treachery?! Someone who didn't see him as suitable for Damat who could dare to oversee this oppression! Lutfi:  "Be consoled, Sultanim...they will get their fitting punishment!" Hurrem, turning to look at him: "I have no doubt in that, Sultanim!"

    Then the door opens...and it is Rustem...safe and sound, like nothing has happened...Suleyman  exclaims in shock: "I was told you were attacked..." Rustem responds: "It is true, Hunkarim, May Allah forgive them..many people burned to death...a lot of them also were put to the sword...."

    Lutfi: "Okay, so how did you get out safe?" Rustem: "By God's Will, Grand Vizier Hazretleri...My Supreme Lord helped me once again.." Suleyman: "God Willing you are not hurt?" Rustem: "Thank God Hunkarim, not even a scratch....because, taking safety measures, we took if in to separate groups...The bandits first attacked the convoys who had gone before...."

    Rustem: "The treacherous betrayers thought I was in the carriage...however I was disguised and had gone separately on another road...once I got the news, I returned to the site and put the traitors all to the sword...:Hurrem and Suleyman are happy. Hurrem: "Our Hunkar deserves such a groom (damat)! My son in law...always be smart and precautions like this Rustem Pasha...always be so that the treacherous ones fall into their own wells they dig! (so their plans turn upside down onto themselves). 

    In the Bazaar, a crier announces: "Our Hunkar has commanded that along with our Shehzades, those boys of the poor folk, who have reached the age, to also have their circumcisions take place (the Sultan will pay the cost). Folks! Hear ye, hear ye!  At the same time as our Shehzade's ceremony, The Padhishah Sultan Suleyman Han's daughter Mihrimah Sultan will marry Diyarbekir Beylerbey Rustem Pasha.

    Meanwhile, in the Palace, Mihrimah is on her terrace, and she is crying..the wind blowing her hair..

    Back in the Bazaar, the crier continues: "Folks! Hear ye, hear ye! Mihrimah Sultan's marriage will go on for 15 days and 15 nights. And all around the Capital city, the festivities will be held! Hear ye, hear ye!"

    In Rustem's room, Rustem says to Gulbahar: "How do I look?" Gulbahar: "As always - powerful, my Pasha..." There is a knock and Aziz, Rustem's Pasha enters. "Your horse is ready, Pasha Hazretleri, we are waiting for you to go to the Palace." Rustem: "Good." Then he turns to Gulbahar: "Today will not only change my destiny, but all of ours. For everyone..."

    Back outside in the Bazaar and streets: "Folks! Hear ye, hear ye! Shehzade Beyazid and Shehzade Cihangir's Circumcision celebration is going to take place...our Hunkar, Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri has ordered that the children of the poor who have reached the age will also be circumcised (the Sultan will pay)."

    In Mehmet's room, Beyazid and Cihangir are getting ready with their special outfits for the occasion. 

    Beyazid is annoyed about wearing the turban: "I won't wear it...am I a child?" Sumbul: "It is not possible, Shehzadem, the rules say you have to wear it. By God it suits you so well, Praise be to God!" Then Selim enters. He is smiling. Selim: "Beyazid, your clothes really suit you." Beyazid approaches him, but Sumbul steps in.  Cihangir says: "Selim Abi, does it hurt a lot?" Selim: "Yes and oh how it hurts!"while looking at Beyazid with a smile. Sumbul: "Do not be afaird my Shehzade, I am here with you." (poor Sumbul should know, he has gone through far worse!!!) 

    In the front of Shah's Palace, Shah and Lutfi await Mustafa's arrival. Lutfi: "What has happened is not good, Sultanim. That hyena called Rustem has gained through this marriage, the lion's skin! This is a suit of armour that no spear or arrow can pierce!"  Shah Sultan: "And a Grand Vizier is saying this?! Do not forget that being the Sultan's Grand Vizier, that everyone in this empire is under your orders, including Rustem Pasha." Lutfi: "What can my orders command, when we have on the other side  Hurrem Sultan's orders..." Shah: "The courage you used against me, if you do the same to them, it will..."

    The agahs announce Mustafa's arrival and Mahidevran is there too. They all welcome each other. 

    Meanwhile, in the corridor outside the Divan, Rustem meets Bali Bey and Matrakci and greets them both. Rustem: Our Hunkar asks that the Divan be gathered." Bali: "There is still time, My Pasha, you have come early." Rustem: "They say early birds get the worm (a saying), is that not right, Nasuh Efendi?" Matrakci: "Let alone get up early...you have obviously not slept!" Rustem: "I wish the Maktul Pasha (the killed Pasha = ibrahim) had not slept...maybe he would have been among us still..." Bali: "The ones who want to see lessons in the past they will find them of course...but people often forget these lessons....especially when they become powerful."
    Rustem: "Do not confuse me with others. I did not forget anything that has happened....nothing!" 

    Meanwhile, Mustafa, Mahidevran, Lutfi and Shah are together. Lutfi: "How did the journey go, Shehzadem?" Mustafa: "Obviously my feet did not want me to come...but we are here...my sister's wedding..." Mahidevran: "To me, this wedding is more like a funeral...Whatever Rustem wanted he got!"  Lutfi: "To tell the truth, I am shocked....The Kehle-i-Ikbal (Literally, the kohl (eyeliner) of fortune and prosperity) called Rustem will call for blood (revenge) at the first opportunity!" Mustafa: "The Divan is in your hands, Lutfi Pasha...Together with Husrev and Suleyman Pasha you won't leave it up to Rustem!" Lutfi: "Don't worry, my eyes are on him." Mustafa: "I am actually worried about Mihrimah...I still do not understand how she came willingly for this marriage." Shah Sultan: "There is nothing she would not do for Hurrem's future...and this is proof!" Mahidevran: "True, she put her daughter into the fire with her own hands." Shah: "What happened has happened ..we have to get prepared as soon as possible and leave."

    In Mihrimah's room, Hurrem sees her daughter dressed up and looking beautiful and tells her: "My piece of the moon! How beautiful you look! You cleansed my eyes!" Mihrimah scolds the woman who is fixing her dress randomly and tells her to hurry. Hurrem says that she knows that the preparations have made her tired, but it is the last dress needing fixing and she should let them finish it properly to be worthy of her and that she will  look so beautiful that the world will stop and everyone will talk of her beauty...Mihrimah responds: "This is not a wedding Validem, this is my funeral...these clothes are my shroud."

    In Hurrem's room, the Shehzades and some other boys are being entertained with shadow puppets. Selim approaches Beyazid and says that soon the circumcision will happen and let's see if he can smile then...Beyazid replies that he is not a "scardy-cat" (afraid) like Selim...

    Afife speaks to Hurrem telling her that the building complex has been complete and Hurrem says that Sinan has fulfilled his promise and has completed it. Afife tells her that the poor women and children are now being fed and clothed in Hurrem's charitable complex and that everyone is praying for her. Hurrem is happy. Afife tells her May Allah be pleased with your work and Hurrem says Amen. 

    There is a knock and Shah, Hatice and her children, Gulfem and Mahidevran arrive. Shah asks how her nephews are and Hurrem says as you can see very happy. Hurrem tells Hatice she is very happy to see her and that she has come and Hatice says, yes of course she will come because the children are of her blood. Hurrem tells Mahidevran that it has been long since they have seen each other and that it is lovely to see her once again. Mahidevran says that if anyone were to hear them now, they would think Hurrem actually missed her.

    In the Divan, Rustem kisses the Sultan's robe, Lutfi , Husrev and Mustafa's faces express exactly how they feel....Suleyman says: "As everyone knows, Mihrimah is my one and only treasure. Of course I am entrusting her to you but let it be known that my eyes will always be upon her." Rustem: "Our Sultana's happiness is more important than anything. Other than being worthy in your sight and in hers, I have no other wish." Suleyman tells Lutfi that Rustem Pahsa "is not only my Damat (groom) but at the same time my Kubbe Vizier (Second in command)." Suleyman: "Rustem Pasha you are now my Kubbe Vizier, may it be for the best..." Rustem rushes to kiss the Sultan's robe, but Suleyman stops him and gives him his hand (a gesture reserved for only the most close, like the Sultan's children). Rustem is honoured. Everyone notices. Rustem: "You have honoured me Hunkarim, May the Supreme Lord never shame me from not being able to look at your face (May I never be shamed in your presence)." Rustem is fitted with a gift cloak. Lutfi and Husrev look at him very unhappily and Husrev almost shakes his head. Mustafa looks at him with worry...

    Meanwhile, the puppet show continues in Hurrem's room and Hurrem goes to sit with Mahidevran who is alone. Hurrem says: "Time passes between us, but somethings never change right?" Mahidevran: "You never changed. The first day I saw you, my soul was on fire...it still has not come to an end...like a dragon you burned whatever was in front of you. Now your own child has come  in front of you...you burnt Mihrimah. " Hurrem: "I am not going to learn how to be a mother from you, Mahidevran! I have five children as you know. Whatever I do is for their security and safety and happiness."You tried so hard to stop it from happening, so clearly I made the right choice." Mahidevran: "What happiness? Mihrimah's is in despair they are saying." Hurrem: "If you want to prevent even bigger pain, then you are going to learn to get used to it." At this point, Fahriye enters. Mahidevran looks at her realizing she must have told Hurrem everything now she is loyal to her.... She greets Hurrem then tells her that the Sultan has sent word, that the circumcision ceremony is ready." Hurrem tells her to take the Shehzades to the bed...Hurrem turns to Mahidevran: "You remembered her, right? At one time she was in your service. To tell the truth, you have trained her well...under your grace, she has become a loyal person of mine." 

    In Mihrimah's room, Esmahan enters. "Mihrimah, I worried about you...they say you are doing pretty bad." Mihrimah says: "As you can see, I am doing quite well." Esmahan says: "I will tell you what I see - an ashy heart sick with love...it hurts doesn't it?" Mihrimah: ' If you speak a little more, your soul will be the one to burn (you will get hurt)!" Esmahan: "Believe me, I did not say this to hurt you...Maybe this is what is the best...God Willing you will be happy with Rustem Pasha." Mihrimah: "Ameen. With God's Permission we will be happy...because I wanted this marriage...First, I opposed it, but then I thought about it, and then I said why not? He is a powerful, Pasha with a bright future, and it is obvious of his love and respect for me...So I feel very comfortable..." Esmahan: "So you forget Malkocoglu right?" Mihrimah: "He was a wind...An innocent interest from when I was a young child, it has come and gone now...If you don't mind, I must get ready for tonight..." Esmahan leaves...

    The woman stand in a row beside Hurrem's bed where the Shehzades are ready to have the circumcision performed. Suleyman enters and he asks how Beyazid is, who responds he is fine and he tells Cihangir that they have told him he (Cihangir) is not scared at all. Cihangir shakes is head and Mustafa says that Cihangir is a lion cub who is not scared of anything. Cihangir tells Mustafa: "Mustafa Abi, if you stay by my side, I won't be scared at all!" Sumbul tells the woman they will need to leave as the time has come for the doctors to enter...

    In the Divan, Hadim Suleyman is congratulating Rustem: 'You are now part of the Divan too." Rustem says thanks, and that power and place come and go, serving the empire is what is important. Barbarossa comments that at such a young age he has rised up so fast, and that everyone does not have the same good fate...and that May God always keep him on the straight path and Rustem says that while there are so many good Pashas around, that he won't go on the wrong path God Willing." Then he asks why Lutfi and Husrev are not congratulating him and they laugh and Husrev says that if he were in Rustem's place he would take that lice and put it on his head like a crown! They laugh. Rustem is annoyed, but he responds: "We cannot question Allah's Wisdom Pasha Hazretleri...what a thousand soldiers, an entire wealth or property cannot do, some lice can do for you!" 

    The Sultan places ceremonial swords beside the Shehzades. Then he says: "Do not forget that the courage you show today, tomorrow in every place it will be known how bold and courageous Princes you are."  Beyazid smiles, Cihangir looks a bit scared as the doctor prepares his instruments...
    At night, there are fireworks and Seker is running mad in the kitchens. He tells one of his workers if he doesn't finish right, he will place his neck on the platter! Sumbul comes to ask if the Sultan's food is ready and Seker says yes, if only the royal Taster can be found! Sumbul scolds him and Shehzade shows him all the food and then Sumbul says that after all the sadness in the time of plague, now thank God for these blessed days of joy and festivity and that May Allah always protect Hurrem and Suleyman. 

    Mihrimah is at her terrace again, watching the firewokrs when she notices Bali and Shehzade on the terrace above. Bali looks at her once but then turns away quickly and then doesn't look at her again. Fahriye tells her that they all await her...

    Mustafa meanwhile tells Bali Bey that he is happy that finally the Sultan's face is smiling, that for a long time he hasn't seen him smile. Bali Bey says that this marriage and ceremony is a chance for everyone to have some happy times and Mustafa says not for everyone, and that it is not a good sign for Rustem Pasha to be this close to the Sultan. Bali Bey tells him not to worry because what the Sultan knows what he is doing and that he (Bali Bey) is here, and that he will not let anyone put any harm to the Sultan or his family. Rustem arrives...

    In Mihrimah's room, Afife has arrived and Mihrimah is ready. Afife tells her
    : "You are so beautiful, Sultanim, May Allah protect you from the evil eyes." Afife notices Mihrimah is stressed and tells her that without her being ready, they will not go. She tells everyone to clear the room. Then she sits with her. "Sultanim, don't hold yourself back, let your tears fall...do not give any room the pain that is burning your heart...rip out the pain with your tears." 

    Meanwhile, Rustem speaks to Mustafa on the terrace. "Shehzade Hazretleri, you have given me a big honour by attending my wedding." Mustafa: "Mihrimah, is not only the Hunkar's - but my own pupil of the eye (she is precious), Rustem...Like my other siblings, she is the soul of my soul, anyone using her for their own political gains will find me standing in his way!" Rustem: "I understand your concern, Shehzadem...But do not listen to the rumours that people have said about my reputation...I am a loyal servant of this Dynasty, and won't crash your dreams" Mustafa: " And this is my wish as well...I would like the past to stay in the past...You are now the Dynasty's groom...Not everyone get's such a destiny, know the worth of this...The wealthy and prosperous life that the Hunkar is giving you, take full advantage of it." He pats him on the shoulder....

    Back in Mihrimah's room, she says to Afife: "I cannot handle this, Afife Hatun." Afife: "Until this day, who has ever had the power to erase what Allah has written? No one. Even if you were the ruler of this whole world, it would not benefit...whatever our destiny is that is what we must live. " Mihrimah asks: "What did I do, what is my fault?" Afife: "Sultanim, do not ever fall into rebellion, put your trust in God and the door of the garden of flowers (heaven) will be open to you...if you do not agree and rebel, then it will be impossible for you to find peace - I will wait for you at the door, whenever you feel the time is right, tell me..." Mihrimah says: "Afife hatun, wait..." 

    In the Sultan's room, the festivities are under way. The men are sitting and eating when Suleyman is announced and he enters and sits. 

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is announced in the harem....she enters and everyone's eyes are on her. Fahriye says to her: "May it be for the best, Sultanim. May this beautiful face of yours never see pain or sadness." Mihrimah enters. Gold is thrown at her feet. In Hurrem's room, there is entertainment. Zeynep Hatun, Ebusuud's wife, prays for Hurrem and her daughter. She says that in her grace, she has made the poor people smile. May God be pleased with her. 

    Mahidevran at a table with Shah, Hatice and Gulfem, says: "What days have we come upon? She thinks she is Valide Sultan! Hatice says: 'It is your fault, Mahidevran, yours and mine. Is that not right, Shah i-huban? And you could not prevent it either. The snake has become so big, that there is no place for anyone in the harem." Shah says: "Do not get up and blame me." Hatice replies: "Right, you got what you wanted...now you are in my place. But it is not as safe a place as you think...Tell Lutfi Pasha not to dare sleep...because on a random night the executioners can come at any time." Shah says: "I do not get my strength from my servants. I get it from my blood." Mahidevran suddenly says: "Sultanim, talking about these things will not benefit any of us...we have not lost yet...the Divan is in our hands. To get our hands into the harem, there must be a way too."

    Then, Sumbul announced Mihrimah, so the music and dancing stops. Mihrimah enters. Hurrem approaches her and she says " Mihrimah, my beautiful of the beautiful Sultanim..."

    Meanwhile Suleyman speaks to Mustafa. "I have heard that the reforms you are carrying out in your Sanjak, have made the people happy." Mustafa: "To be worthy of you, I am doing whatever I can in my power, Hunkarim. At a suitable time, I would like to present information about it to you." Suleyman: "There is no need, because every step of yours is in my name. - Rustem Pasha!" Rustem stands and goes over to the Sultan. Mercan hands the Sultan a dagger and Suleyman presents it to Rustem. "The time to display servant-hood has arrived. Without succumbing to arrogance and pride, working for the supreme State, if you serve our family faithfully, my dagger will protect you...but if you forget your servant-hood, falling into arrogance and pride, if you follow those, then know that this dagger will be your appointed time!" Rustem kisses the dagger and puts it to his forehead. Rustem: "I have one life Hunkarim...I would be honoured to sacrifice it in your way." 

    Mihrimah is having the henna ceremony and she silently sheds tears. Hurrem watches her. 

    Then a woman is singing a song: 

    "I wish I was I was a nightingale, I would swing from the branch of a rosebush. 
    While crying and crying, I beg you, my beloved stay in my heart. 
    And the lock of raven black hair rests upon the pink cheek.
    Let me play my music, aman, aman! (alas!)
    While I play, let me mourn,
    Give me a handkerchief to wipe my tears, alas!
    As I cry, as I cry, my heart has filled with blood,
    And the lock of raven black hair rests upon the pink cheek.
    I wish I was coffee so that I could roast in a closet, alas!
    I wish I was smoke and dust to be scattered on the mountain, 
    If I was a belt, I would hug the waist of my beloved, alas!
    And the lock of raven black hair rests upon the pink cheek."

    Hatice turns to Gulfem: "What is this, Gulfem? How can she see this fit as a mother for her daughter?" Shah replies: "This is not something new, Hatice?! Which one of us had the right to choose? Whoever our father and mother wanted us to marry, that is who we had to marry. God forgive their souls"

    They put the henna on Mihrimah's hands...

    In the Sultan's room, Selim tells Mustafa that after the wedding, Mehmet will go for Sanjak and maybe they will get to go too. Mustafa tells him to be patient. Ebusuud says that "of course the time has come,  the Shehzades have trained themselves very well, by going to Sanjak with their experience, they will add power to your might." Suleyman says he has no doubt in this." Barbarossa congratulates Rustem saying "now you are part of the Family as the groom, Rustem prays that God gives all of them happy family lives and homes...he turns to Bali Bey and says 'isn't it your turn (to start a family)?" Bali Bey says that "This kind of thing is from destiny and fate...not by counting (whose in line) and books, and if it were that way, it wouldn't be right." Suleyman tells them to continue and he leaves...

    The Sultan arrives to Hurrem's room. He goes to Mihrimah and lifts her veil: "My Mihrimah. My smiling faced one...He puts the necklace he has made on her.

     "How beautifully has the Lord of the Worlds, created your form. 
    May Allah be Glorified! What beauty is this, one thousand times, praise! The world burns with longing forever for your rosy cheeks.  
    To the day the moon is a slave and the sun is demolished in ruins. 
    With the brightness of your face, the world has experienced new spring.  
    May All be Glorified! What beauty is this, one thousand times, praise!"

    On the Sultan's terrace, Bali Bey is getting fresh air, when Rustem arrives. Rustem says: "What is wrong, why are you troubled like this?" Bali: "I just wanted to some air." Rustem: "If this marriage is what is making you troubled, there is nothing to be done for you. From now on, I will be as close as you are to the Sultan. You should know this, or else, as the second Vizier, I can send you back to your home town ." Bali: "On the Sultan's wish I am here. Without him wanting me to leave, no one can send me away from here." 

    It is morning and the time has arrived for Mihrimah's Nikkah (marriage ceremony).  The Imam conducting the Nikkah says: "By the order of Allah, and the Sunnah of our Prophet, and the counsel of the Great Imam, Abu Hanifa, and the witnessing of the witnesses...as the representative of Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri, do you give his daughter Mihrimah Sultan - and accepting one hundred thousand gold pieces, which has been agreed upon as the dowry, to the son of Abdurrahman (when they don't know the father's name they call them "slave of God" in this case, Slave of the Most Merciful God), Rustem Pasha?"

    The Imam asks if he has given his daughter to the suitor three times and ach time, Sumbul says yes he has. Then the Imam asks Rustem's representative who is Hadim Suleyman Pasha, if he accepts Mihrimah Sultan under the same terms, and Hadim responds, he has. The imam finishes by saying that along with the witnesses who are witnessing it (four of them on the side) he has concluded the ceremony.

    Mihrimah goes to her mother and greets her. Hurrem puts a tiara on her.

    Mihrimah's monologue: "I am Mihrimah. I being of Sultan Suleyman Han's family, being born from Hurrem Sultan...Getting my nobility and power from my father's blood and my courage from my mother's milk...The moon and sun Sultana, Mihrimah. " We see Mihrimah going out in her marriage procession and she looks out at the people who have gathered to celebrate. "I am Mihrimah. Born in 1522, on that day, there was no happiness in the Palace...instead I gave sadness...especially for my mother Hurrem Sultan..because I am not a shehzade...

    The rules for the harem are absolute (unchangeable). There is reward, if there is no shehzade. Nobody will take you seriously. You will fade into the walls of the harem...but if you have a shehzade, in addition, greater than your competitors, then there is no going back..strength and power will be your partner..For this reason, I was never agry with my mother....I understood her...just like right now...I am Mihrimah...the one who gets whatever she wants, her very word is a command...the world comes and goes, the most powerful sultana, Mihrimah...My heart fell to the fires of love at 12 years old...I lost my heart to a soldier bey...Malkocoglu Bali Bey...then I lost him...found him again years later and I had grown...I was ready to be his beloved, to be his wife...my eyes saw no one else but him...my heart did not beat for anyone but him...but he did not want me...I am Mihrimah...dreaming of someone else, this magnificent marriage is like my funeral...these pearls and diamonds and my fine clothing is like a burial shroud for me...My mother married me at 17 years of age to Rustem Pasha...for the future of my brothers and my mother...How strange, years before she was sad about me not being a boy...she now needs me to protect my brothers.

    Mihrimah is in her room being made ready for her wedding night. Rustem walks through the hall in anticipation...He enters and waits for the cariyes to leave....he gulps and and goes to her...he stares then removes her veil. Her eyes are lowered. He looks at her, and she looks at him. He says: "Sultanim...I have waited for this moment for so long...I dreamt about this moment...a person cannot even think of a bigger dream than this...I thank my Lord that he has brought my dream to me.....do you remember what you told me?" There is a flashback when Mihrimah told him not to dream big dreams and that she will never marry him. In the present, Rustem says to her: "Even on that day, I did not go back on this dream...I did not fall to doubt...because you did not know my feelings towards you then...but now will know." He is tearful...He pulls out a vial of poison and he says: "This is  poison Sultanim...very powerful...to drink just a few drops is enough to rip apart the heart...blood will pour of the mouth and a person will drown in their own blood." Mihrimah takes a step back..he bends on one knee before her. "For you, I am ready to give my life! I do not care about position or wealth or property...If you wish it, it is enough for me...I will kill myself right away."He is crying... and then takes it to drink and she stops him...He kisses the hand that stopped him...

    "I am Mihrimah...Sultan Suleyman and Hurrem Sultan's one and only daughter...lost her love and innocence at a young age...Mihrimah who lived a lifetime in a day...From this point on, no fire will burn me..because now I am the fire itself!"

    PART 2

    Time passes and Mihrimah gives birth to a baby girl. Rustem is informed and goes to hold his daughter.

     Sumbul rushes to inform Hurrem. Suleyman recites the adhan (call to prayer) in her ears and then names her "Ayshe Humashah. 

    At night, the scene changes to the Meyhane. A man says: "let me go, I have children at home!" The Janissary says: "Well, you should have thought of that earlier!" The owner of the meyhane says: "Alas! Let me go sir, what seal is this? we haven't done anything wrong!" The Janissary says: "Silence man! Gather everyone! Take them at once!"

    In Lutfi's Divan we see that the Janissary arrives to tell him that the meyhanes (pubs) and brothels have been shut down. The Janissary tells him they closed down three pubs and they caught eleven fornicators, they are in the dungeon. Lutfi says that the Judge should be informed that those who have been caught should be exiled to an Islam named Limna and that "from this point forward, I won't allow the hosting of prostitution and the prostitution itself, in the capital city! " Lutfi dismisses the man...

    In the morning the Divan is gathered and Husrev tells Suleyman that a letter from the Queen of Hungary to Isabelle. Lutfi reminds Suleyman that the Hungarian King Zapolyo, died the previous year. Suleyman says God rest his soul...then Lutfi says that Ferdinand has taken that death as an opportunity to threaten Queen Isabelle. Not even a few months passed and Sigismund claimed the throne of Hungary. Barbarossa: "They are declaring what is already obvious. Zopolyo had already entered into a secret agreement with Ferdinand. He was going to declare himself as the Hungarian king and was trying to tie his nation to Hapsburg Austria. This is why he married Isabella, to keep the rebellious Hungarian nobles quiet."

    Lutfi: "Hunkarim, this lowlife known as Ferdinand had the Vishegrad and Istolni Belgrade castles occupied, and he sent us his ambassador named Laski. I have yet to meet with him, but he is waiting..."

    Suleyman: "What do they propose?"

    Lutfi: "Ferdinand is proposing that Hungary be given to him, and he will pay us the same amount of taxes as Zapolyo had been paying us."

    Suleyman: "What audacity is this?!?! He is trying to negotiate terms with us, he is sending US an ambassador... How dare he even try to tie Hungary to the Hapsburg dynasty? The agreement between Zapolyo and Ferdinand has no weight!"

    Husrev: "Of course, Hunkarim... But queen Isabella wants her son to stay on the throne, but Sigismund is still a child the size of a palm... How can we trust them? We don't even know that his father is Zapolyo..."

    Rustem: "Hunkarim if you wish, I can have this matter looked into... Let us send an expert in this field, and he can determine whether queen Isabella's claims are true, about Zapolyo's son."

    Suleyman: "This will be fine. Lutfi Pasha, immediately send Head Sergeant Ali Agha, he is an expert scientist, he should find out the truth and inform me..."

    Hurrem is with Mihrimah and she is so happy...Mihrimah says her milk is not enough no matter what she did...She tells Mihrimah not to be sad.."I have spoken to the doctors, the medicine they have given you, in a week it will have taken effect," then she asks Fahriye if they got the Lohusa Serbet (a herbal drink made specifically for someone who has just given birth and the traditional custom was not to leave the bed for 40 days afterward, so Lohusa is literally "child-bed" as in she is in bed from childbirth) and they say that Seker agha has prepared it himself. At this point, Gulbahar arrives and tells Hurrem that the new milk maid has arrived. Mihrimah tells them to let her enter, and she does, and Hurrem asks her name, she answers "Emine". Gulbahar asks if she has told her of the rules and Gulbahar responds she has and that just before, the doctor examined her in the hamams...Hurrem gives the woman the baby after saying "be careful" Mihrimah tells her that she drank already and is full now, it is just her milk is not enough...and tells her that she will be prepared to feed her at any time...and asks her to give a room next to her own. Gulbahar goes to show the woman her room. Hurrem says to Mihrimah "At one time you said I would never leave you alone...but as you see, being a mother is not easy." Mihrimah nods.

    Gulbahar asks the woman, Emine, if her sleep is light and the woman responds that yes it is. Gulbahar shows Emine her room. 

    In the Palace, Hurrem, Suleyman and their son-in-law are having a meal. Suleyman tells him the Hungarian issue is important. Hurrem says that she spoke to Mihrimah and that she said he (rustem) was working since morning and Rustem replies that whenever he can he does not leave his palace... as they know, she is Lohusa (in bed after child-bearing) he could he would never leave her side.  Suleyman tells him that is good, that he should never be negligent of her condition, and then he asks how his daughter is and Hurrem says she goes to visit often and that she will recover in a week, and that Rustem is looking after her very well anyway..that just as he proved to be a good man of the state, he proved to be a good father. Suleyman is happy to hear this. Rustem realizes he has to say something and he says: "Forgive me Hunkarim, I know it is not the place, but there is an important matter...some news has come to him from Shehzade Mustafa that it is said that Mustafa has once again inspected the Janissaries and then gave them money."

    Lutfi is eating with Shah and he says: "I swear by God, Sultanim, what Rustem has, has gotten to his head! Even today he dared to interrupt me in the Divan! I was surprised...he does whatever he can to win the favour of our Hunkar, and our Hunkar, unfortunately does not see his real face..." Shah replies: "Hurrem has fastened his eyes in such a way that at, it is impossible for him to see the truth...the Sanjak issue is important...we will have to give another recommendation." Lutfi: "Sultanim, every opportunity I mention it, but whatever Hurrem has been telling him, I cannot convince the Sultan in anyway." Shah says: "Obviously, she knows that when Mehmet goes, she will have to go with him...but you are forced to convince him. What is a twenty year old Shehade still doing in the Palace?" Lutfi replies (sarcastically): "Hurrem Sultan's wisdom cannot be questioned, Sultanim!"

    Meanwhile, in the Sultan's room, Suleyman to Rustem: "What is the reason this time?" Rustem: "He often goes, and this time the excuse is Mihrimah Sultan having a child." Hurrem:" And what is in it, Pasha? A shehzade cannot give coins on the happy occasion of his niece " Rustem: "No doubt the Shehzade's intentions are good, I wouldn't dare say otherwise, but a Shehade is not supposed to be distributing money to the soldiers." Hurrem: "I think you are exaggerating, in order to keep the Janissaries happy, he is just going to visit them..." Rustem: "Forgive me Sultanim, but, this is not seen fit, and also, my duties require me to inform the Sultan of this type of incidents. - Hunkarim, if you permit, our Sultana is awaiting me." He leaves. Hurrem and Suleyman are left alone. Hurrem: "Suleyman, it is not worth for you to trouble yourself about this...Our Shehzade ultimately wanted to do something for his neice..." Suleyman gets up to go without saying anything...

    In the morning, Matrakci is walking through a wooded area when he sees a woman hunched over Ibrahim's grave. He asks who it is and it is Nigar, who looks tired and tattered.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is on his terrace, when Lutfi arrives and greets him. He says as the Sultan ordered, he sent a letter to Queen Isabelle. "Also I sent Ferdinand your ferman (written orders) which outline that the queen and Utyeshenovic Matrinuzzi should rule the lands until Zapolyo's son is old enough to lead." Suleyman tells him that he wishes to know of any incidents, and if he has nothing to say, then he should go, but Lutfi says he has an important issue to discuss with him.

    Meanwhile, Matrakci asks why Nigar is here. She says do not ask my situation. She says she came a few days ago, and when he asks where her daughter is, she says she could not find her. She says I went to where you said, but they had left. She says the family (Ibrahim's family) was not there, nor the daughter. She says her money was finished. He tells her not to be sad. She stares off into space...She says look at me. Her clothes are tattered. "Look what they did to me, it is all their fault...Hurrem Sultan...and that hyena Rustem, they finished my life! She says they took my child from me. He asks her why she came.. tells her she should have gone to her hometown, that she is an intelligent woman and that she would of course find someway. Nigar says that he is here but she will find a way again...Matrakci tells her to follow him and they will find a place for her stay and take care of what to do after that.

    Lutfi meanwhile tells the Sultan that Mehmet comes at every oppurtunity to talk about the state affairs and Suleyman says of course he would and Lutfi says, "undoubtedly, but he asks, and he has every right to, when he will go for Sanjak," and then he adds "if I am troubling you mentioning this all the time, then forgive me please, but my entire worry is for the Shehzades... because he is very sad...he thinks you do not trust him." Suleyman responds: "Mehmet is the life blood of my soul...how could I not trust him..." Lutfi says: "of course, but he is twenty, so no matter what I said, it doesn't effect him...I think it is important for him to go to Sanjak at the first opportunity." Then Rustem is announced and Lutfi is annoyed...Suleyman allows Rustem to enter and Rustem says if I have come at a bad time, forgive me. Suleyman says he is not and explains that he has been discussing Mehmet's sanjak issue with Lutfi. He asks what Rustem thinks. Rustem says that as the Sultan sees fit, that is what is best, but that it is an important decision...it needs some thinking...Lutfi and Rustem look at each other lol...

    In Mihrimah's palace, Hurrem is there and asks her if she is happy with her milk maid and Mihrimah says she is, and finally the baby did not cry at all last night, and that the milk maid is good, she looks after as if it is her own child. Hurrem says Thank God...Mihrimah notices her mother looks troubled, so she asks if she is alright and Hurrem says that Mustafa did something again to make his father annoyed. She says that at every opportunity  to keep the Janissaries happy with him, he gives out money...

    Hatice is with Shah meanwhile at Shah's palace eating and Hatice asks why Lutfi has not come yet, and what must have happened with the proposal to the Sultan...and Shah says "he is very busy, on this stuff, he works until midnight too in the Divan" Hatice says: "If there was some good news, he would have already sent word." Hatice says: "It means he was not able to convince our Hunkar" Mercan then arrives and Shah asks where Lutfi is, and Mercan says he has left the Palace, but he could not find where he went. Then he tells her that there is a visitor. They are shocked to see Nigar. Hatice: "Nigar Hatun?"

    Back in Mihrimah's palace, Mihrimah tells her mother that obviously, Mustafa doesn't have bad intentions, and Hurrem says obviously, that is no doubt...but don't forget Mahidevran, she comes up with every type of plot and sedition...Hurrem says "When I put my head on my pillow at night, this is what I always think about, God forbid, if something happens to your father....or if they try to do something..our condition will be worse. Rustem is the only " Mihrimah: "Do not worry about such things..." Hurrem: "How can I not worry...the kinds of news coming to me...there is no happiness for me..." Rustem arrives and says "You are hear, i was sending word for you." Hurrem says: "God Willing it is good news." 

    Meanwhile, Hatice says that she thought she had gone to her hometown and Nigar said that she could not make it there and Hatice asks where she is now, and if she has somewhere to stay? Nigar is spaced out and then says that Nasuh Efendi found a place for her but she does not wish to trouble him forever...Shah says what is your motive Nigar?! It seems you have something in mind as you have returned...is that not so? Nigar is quiet...Shah: "If you want me to keep you next to me, I cannot keep you, and I cannot explain that to our Hunkar." Nigar says she does not wish that at all, she just wants her help. Mercan says that it is obvious what Nigar wants, that she wants money. Nigar replies that no, she does not want to money, her job won't be done through money. Hatice asks what she wants and Nigar says if you help me, I will tell you. Shah says, "first you tell us, then we will say if we will help you..."

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is scolding Rustem: "What are you saying? How can this be??! How can our Hunkar leave this decision to Lutfi Pasha?!" Rustem says that he gave the recommendation that they should think about it, but it didn't have any effect and that three of the Shehzades will be leaving from the Palace. Mihrimah says that one day they would all leave anyway, they could not prevent it and Hurrem says obviously, but it is the fate of her shehzades and she doesn't want to leave that to Shah or Lutfi...Hurrem tells Rustem to go with her and he goes...

    A meyhane is in full swing when Janissaries arrive. Lutfi is there too and says: " Are you Yorgi?" And the man says: "I am, but who are you?!" and Lutfi slaps him. "I am the Grand Vizier of this great Empire! Where I am, there isn't going to prostitution,  I have warned you repeatedly, but it goes through one ear, out the other!" The man says: "I swear, the prostitution has stopped, it is only dancing that is it" Lutfi tells them to pack up everyone and put them in dungeon and especially Yorgi! God is with the patient! God forgive and pardon us!" 

    Hurrem meanwhile speaks to Rustem. Rustem says he cannot continue to recommend against this and Hurrem says "then, what will happen? We have to let my children go? Then no one can keep me here." The milk maid arrives and spies in the corner. Rustem says that soon they will have to go to war and Hurrem says she doesn't want to leave the work halfway and that they have to find a way...then suddenly the maid shows herself. She greets them and tells them she has come to check on the baby...

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is singing to her baby...Emine, the milk maid says "forgive me, I came to see if she was asleep, she is so beautiful God protect her from the evil eye." Rustem enters and sits by his wife and child. Mihrimah asks Rustem if her mother has left and he said yes. She asks when her brothers will leave for Sanjak and he says to Emine, you leave...then he turns to his wife. "Where did this woman come from, who sent her?" mihrimah says: "I am very happy with her...in her grace, Ayshe is very comfortable and sleeps well. Why do you ask?" Rustem says: "Because I leave you with her...tell me, so that my eyes don't stay behind (so I am certain you are safe)." He kisses her forehead, then his daughters...

    Suleyman meanwhile, is speaking to Barbarossa and Bali Bey in his room "Taking precautions has its benefits, Pasha, Charles and Ferdinand are not going to stop peacefully it is apparent. You keep our coasts safe..." Barbarossa: "Do not worry, Hunkarim" Bali Bey tells him that he has can send word to the "three beys" because the real task will fall to them...Suleyman says good...send it...He tells Bali Bey that Lutfi keeps advising about sending Mehmet off to Sancak and what do you think and Bali Bey says yes, of course, it is important...Barbarossa says that everyday he doesn't go out, is a day lost for him...Shehzade Mustafa had gone one time and he has done an amazing job and gained experience and  if one more Shehzade were to go out for the Ottoman Empire this would be great. Suleyman is pleased...

    Shah asks Hatice if she will be able to do what she has said and Hatice remarks "haven't you seen her condition? she seems she can do anything" There is a knock and Lutfi arrives and he says he was busy with State affairs, but he has good news that the Sultan has agreed to send Mehmet, but also Selim and Beyazid, they are so happy. Hatice asks if he is sure and that the Sultan has even told him that he can decide where Mehmet can go. Hatice says that Hurrem will go with Mehmet, so that it is important to choose a good one for that cause and Lutfi says it is important to choose a distant sanjak...

    In the morning, in the Divan, Ambassador Gerome Lazki has arrived and he is let in. He says that Ferdinand sends his greetings to Sultan Suleyman. Suleyman says to Lutfi "ask see, what Ferdinand has to say" and Lazki says that Ferdinand wishes to be on the same terms as Zapolyo with the Ottoman Empire...and Suleyman says that Zapolyo was his own governor...and that if Ferdinand wishes to be his governor in the same way (under Ottoman rule) than this will be accepted of course.

    Meanwhile, Shah is speaking to Emine, the milk maid: "What did you do? They do not doubt you, do they?" Emine responds no, and that everything is on its way, Emine says that Hurrem always visits them and saw her talking to Rustem...about the Sancak issue, she did not understand most of it, but Hurrem looked very angry. Shah asks if there is anything else and Emine says no, she just wanted to come at the first opporturtunity and inform her... Shah is pleased "Keep your eyes open...I want to know everything that happens in that Palace...now go..do not linger long, go back to the Palace..."

    Back in the Divan, Suleyman is talking about how Hungary was twice conquered by the army of Islam and that if they have to do it again, they will do it a third time with God's permission, the ambassador says that they had an agreement with Zapolyo, but Suleyman says that no one can have an agreement with his own governor, without his permission...for this reason, the agreement the ambassador speaks of is irrelevant. Lutfi says that there is a son of Zapolya's but the ambassador says that he is too young...a baby cannot be on the throne and Suleyman says that he will say who will sit and who won't sit on the Hungarian throne and if Ferdinand has the audacity, he can go sit on the throne, but he will not see it as courage...but as a declaration of war. The ambassador leaves and Suleyman asks if there is news from the messenger Ali and Rustem says not yet and Suleyman turns to Lutfi and says it is obvious that Hungary will be another campaign and tells him that he should prepare... Then the Sultan turns to Mehmet, "let us go for a walk for a bit," and then he calls Lutfi to join them as well...

    They are walking outside and Suleyman says when the weather is better they will go out for hunting, including Selim and Beyazid. Then Suleyman asks Lutfi if he has worked on the matter he had spoken about to him earlier and which Sancak will Mehmet be going...Mehmet is shocked...Lutfi responds that for Mehmet, Amasya would be good, close to the borders and the Black Sea so it is important. Lutfi says for Selim, Konya and for Beyazid, Kutahya. Suleyman says he agrees and he should begin preparations. Mehmet says to his father that he has made him so happy and gifted him the worlds! He says he will make his father proud...Suleyman says he has no doubt...and that he could have gone way before for Sancak but he waited very patiently and prepared for it, that he wishes him to always be this way. Mehmet says he will always work to be an able and worthy son to the Sultan...

    At night, Lutfi arrives to Shah's palace and says to her that the work has been complete and the Sultnan has accepted and Mehmet will be to Amasya. Shah says she will finally get to sleep peacefully tonight, but that Hurrem won't. Lutfi says they should send word to Mustafa. She says yes, of course, and in this vein, we can get rid of Hurrem. Lutfi says he won't lie, but he does not think she will leave, she will find a way to stay. Shah says that they will do what they can do to get rid of her...and that the only problem is Rustem...but that she has other plans for him...

    Hurrem meanwhile, speaks to Sumbul and says that he should keep an eye on Mehmet...does not want Shah Sultan or Lutfi around him.. Sumbul says that Rustem has a point that they cannot keep the Shehzades any longer. Hurrem says that he needs to find her a solution! Mehmet arrives and greets his mother. Hurrem say that his father has decided that he will go to Amasya...and not only him, but his two brothers will be going as well. Hurrem asks where they are going and Mehmet says to Konya and Kutahya. Mehmet says that they will go soon and that she should not be sad, because he will probably go with him unless she wishes to go with one of the other brothers...

    In Mihrimah's palace in the day, Shah has come to visit Mihrimah with Hatice along with some women whose faces are covered. one of those is Nigar....

    Mihrimah is in her room when Gulbahar arrives, Mihrimah says that her mother and her father will come tonight for a meal and she wants her to prepare and also make a room ready for her mother, she wishes her to stay tonight. Gulbahar asks if she is okay and Mihrimah tells her to do as she says. 

    Shah and Hatice arrive and Gulbahar is surprised to see them and they ask about Rustem and she says no, and then she goes to give word that they have arrived. Nigar stands in the back hiding. Gulabahar allowes the two sisters to enter, leaving Nigar in the back. Mihrimah greets them and they greet her, telling her she looks lovely. They said they didn't come after she gave birth and wishes to see the baby, Mihrimah tells Gulbahar to get the baby read...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem has arrived in the corridor of the Sultans room and Rustem tells her that Shah Sultan got what she wanted, Hurrem says there is time and this decision will not be applied..

    The milk maid carries the baby through the hall and Nigar sees it...she looks at it creepily...

    Hurrem tells Rustem that the decision has not been made yet and even if it has, they can change it. Rustem says this means she has an idea...and Hurrem says that  in the case they can't prevent Mehmet from going to Sancak, then the least is, he will go where they want him to go. Rustem says that Amasya is a very important  Sancak compared to others. Hurrem says, "Not Amasya, Rustem,my lion will go to  Manisa Sanjak...the throne Sanzak...." Rustem says Mustafa is there for years..how will this happen?" Hurrem says: "You will find a way. I did what you wanted, married you to Mihrimah, now you will do what I want...I do not know what you will do, but Mehmet will go to Manisa..."

    Meanwhile, Shah is cooing over the baby and Hatice asks about her relations with Rustem, if he is bad to her. Mihrimah says that he takes care of her very well and Hatice says she asked because Mihrimah looks sad and Mihrimah says no she is just tired cause of the baby...she does not sleep well at night...but thanks Emine, because now she can...

    Later Shah exits and Nigar is there with the other women, and Shah and Hatice leave...

    At night in Mihrimah's Palace, they are eating and Hurrem says oh Shah and Hatice came why? Mihrimah says they came to talk, but didn't stay long. Hurrem says that she shouldn't trust their angel faces...that she shouldn't open her heart to them. Mihrimah asks about her father and Hurrem says he is busy with the Sanjak preparations for her brothers and they want to send me there too...this is their motive. Mihrimah says they have tried for years and could not suceed, they will not be able to and she should be sure. Mihrimah asks her to stay for the night and that they can go together to the Palace and she wants to see her father and brothers and Hurrem asks what is wrong, she comes all the time...Mihrimah says that she doesn't want to be alone...Hurrem says "my moon fragmant, you are not alone, you have a child and a very loving husband...and we are always with you.." Mihrimah says that the birth and the sleepless night have made her restless...otherwise she is fine. 

    Shah meanwhile is awake and waiting...Mercan enters her room...she tells him that she has a bad feeling inside and hopefully nothing bad happens and Mercan says how can we trust Nigar, for two years she was gone...who knows what she was up to. What if Mihrimah or the baby are harmed? Shah says that she warned her specifically...she will only kill Rustem...she wanted that...Mercan says that Hurrem did not return to the Palace and must have stayed behind...

    Nigar is hiding and then gets up...she goes through the halls and turns a candle off and takes a candle stick...Hurrem is asleep...in the hall there is an agha with his back turned. Nigar waits...Mihrimah and her husband are asleep. 

    Nigar opens a door and we sees aghas on the ground...but we see the room she has entered is the baby's room and she stares at the baby...

    THE END.


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    2. Translation is not milk maid, it is wet nurse. A milk maid milks cows.

    3. Translation is not milk maid, it is wet nurse. A milk maid milks cows.