• Muhtesem Yuzyil 98 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION!

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    Shah, Suleyman, Hurrem, Hatice, Gulfem, Mehmet, Esmahan, Selim, Cihangir and Beyazid are sitting eating. Suleyman: "Where are your children? How come you didn't bring them also?" Hatice: "Osman is not in doing so well, Hunkarim, and Huricihan wished to stay with her brother." Suleyman: "May Allah cure him...are you happy with the new Palace?" Hatice: "We have no complaints, Hunkarim, how can we anyway?"

    In the corridor, Mihrimah is walking and she comes across Bali Bey who greets her. He asks her if she is alright, and she recalls when he said to Hurrem that she is still a child in his eyes...she comes back to her senses and says that she assumes that the good news has reached his ears and  Bali says forgive me but I do not know. Mihrima responds "In that case, then listen, I have agreed to marry Rustem Pasha." Bali Bey is shocked. Mihrimah adds: "From now on be careful Malkocoglu...because you have broken a Sultana's heart"

    Mihrimah goes to the Sultan's room. Suleyman calls her to sit and Mihrimah takes her seat. then says: "As Mihrimah has arrived, it is time to say why I have brought you all together. By her own consent and wishes, I have decided to marry my Mihrimah - who always illuminates/brightens my life with her moon face - to my Diyarbekir Beylerbey, Rustem Pasha. May it be a means for good." 

    In Diyarbekir, Rustem is eating. An agha named Aziz comes and informs him that he has come from the Pay-i-Taht and that Hurrem has sent him. Rustem leaves his food to read the letter, and meanwhile we hear his monologue:

    "I am Rustem, the son of a Croatian pig farmer from Butomir. I am Rustem who, by his own choice left his home and had himself recruited. Growing up without a mother is the fate of some children, I am one of them, just like my siblings. I am Rustem, I do not know if I wanted to truly leave my siblings, but, staying meant that I would have to continue enduring and submitting to my father's oppression, and I never, ever, submitted myself to him, despite being beaten and punished over and over again. As I began my journey to far away lands, my home, my village and my siblings were left behind, and my mother had gone away to a far away place (death). I started to walk with children, we walked for days. I am Rustem, when we began our journey there were many of us, but I do not recall how many of us made it to Edirne. There were many deaths. It was as if sickness and death were living with us. Many of them had fear in their eyes, but I had already defined fear as my very own father and had escaped from him. I learned how to become Rustem, which is what they called me... it means 'a strong person'. I learned how to become my name, I learned how to become Rustem. I am Rustem, I found the cold when I lost the warmth of my mother's embrace. I kept walking, in spite of those who saw me as weak. In spite of my father who saw it fit to punish me at the age of 9, in spite of my fate, I kept walking, to be stronger, I kept walking. Rain, wind, mountains, seas, cliffs cannot stop me, because I took my anger and made it into wings for myself. I use them to fly towards my dreams..."

    Nigar enters the room where Rustem is sitting at the window and she asks that he had wished to see her? He calls her to sit next to him. Rustem says that from a long time she is his wedded wife and they both know that he did not want this marriage, but Ibrahim Pasha and Hatice had ordered it, Nigar asks what is going on, hopefully everything is good? Rustem says that it is obvious it is good for him, but he is not sure about for her. She looks as if what she has dreaded has arrived, and when he hands her the letter, she reads it carefully and then Rustem asks her if she recalls what she had said to him, that he should stop dreaming, who is he and who is Mihrimah Sultan to marry him? She stares at him and he says that he is certain now that she knows who he is. He tells her to come close which she does and he says "I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you (literally, "you are free". Meanwhile, the picture cuts to Mihrimah who sits on her bed with some cloth beside her...Nigar is shocked as what she had feared came to happen...

    In her room, Sumbul tells Mihrimah that it would be good if she could choose the cloths so that the tailors could get to sewing them...and Mihrimah says, without looking at the fabric, that they should take them all away, that she does not like any of them and Sumbul encourages her to take a look first but Mihrimah gets annoyed and tells him did he not hear her? She doesn't want any of them and she wants to be left alone...they all leave...

    In the Divan, Misr Beylerbey (governor), Hadim Suleyman Pasha has arrived and Suleyman allows him to enter, and they greet each other, Hadim Pasha saying what else could he wish for than to lay his eyes upon his Sultan's face once more? Suleyman tells him that his Indian expedition was successful, as well as in the Yemen state... and that whatever he wishes from him, he may ask. Hadim Suleyman Pasha says that after he went after he went after the betrayer Zebid Bey, Nahuda Ahmed and executed him..then Allah blessed with the fate of being able to go for Hajj...and what more could he wish for? Suleyman smiles and prays for his pilgrimage to be accepted. Hadim Pasha says that if the Sultan accepts, he appoints as Yemen Beylerbey, Gazza Sncakbey Mustafa in Nahuda Ahmed's place...Suleyman accepts.

    Sorrounding the mosque courtyard, a boy takes a pair of shoes from a vendor. The man chases after the boy, but Mashuki appears and tells the man to stop and see that the boy had a need to steal since he had no shoes and was obviously so poor he could not afford it...the vendor is angry and asks Mashuki who the heck is he to tell him what to do, so one of Mashuki's followers tells the vendor to speak respectfully, because it is Sheyh Ismail Mashuki who stands before him...

    Meanwhile, in the Divan Lutfi is telling the Sultan that thank God they are being saved from the plague that it is almost gone and that Moshe Efendi says that in two months the whole thing will disappear. Suleyman is pleased. Ebusud says that the craftsmen and merchants have taken a big hit, they could not even sell their goods for fear of getting the plague and peopel were not buying either so the plague has bled them dry...Suleyman tells them that they should announce the waning of the plague, and also that there should be no taxes for three months on the tradesmen so they can regain their losses. Suleyman turns to Hadim Pasha nd tells him that he wants the details and information of what happened during the Indian and Yemen expeditions, and also he wishes to know about the condition of affairs in Egypt. Hadim says of course, that he will write reports out at once. Lutfi says there is another important matter and tells the Sultan that he just got some news that Sheyh Mashuki has returned from Aksaray and is once again at one of the mosque's and that once again in the markets and streets he is giving his sermons...Suleyman asks Ebusuud what is going on, who replies that he has just heard of this right now. Suleyman says that they should not give the man more chance that since he has disobeyed his direct command, that Mashuki should be taken in at once and imprisoned so by going through this punishment he might come to his senses!

    Hurrem is in her room looking at a document, when Sumbul arrives. He tells her that as she ordered he showed the textiles to Mihrimah, but that she did not even look at them, so Hurrem replies that he should have the tailors send the fabrics to her and come also so she will deal with the matter herself. Afife hatun asks what the fabrics are for, for the wedding? Hurrem says that as her bas haznedar, head treasurer and assistant, that everything pertaining to the wedding is on her shoulders. Afife says she is honored, but that this spring is not the right time for the wedding,  the wedding would be better to wait, Hurrem says "there is no waiting,  before the end of this year, the wedding will take place and at the same time the shehzade's - Beyazid and Cihangir's circumcision ceremony will also take place." Afife says you have a point and Hurrem tells Sumbul that "you are to take care of the preparations for the Shehzade's circumcision ceremonies...start the preparations at once...I want a wedding without any mistakes or shortcomings...a wedding worthy of our Sultana and ceremony worthy of our Shehzades." Afife agrees and leaves. Sumbul and Fahriye stay behind. 

    Hurrem asks Sumbul if there is any news from Shah Sultan...Sumbul replies that, "By God, there is such a silence, that there is not a peep" Fahriye says: 'this is not a good sign, Sultanim, we have to be careful...certainly they will do something." Hurrem says "that is obvious, but, whatever they do, they can do, but they will no be able to prevent this wedding!" 

    Meanwhile, Hatice is with Shah. Hatice says : "As you see now, making your husband Grand Vizier does not mean the task is finished. The important thing is keeping him in that position. Let us say what will happen from this point on...As groom, Rustem will get into the Divan...at the first opportunity  he will get rid of Lutfi Pasha and take his spot." Shah says that "Rustem is still in Diyarbekir, the wedding has not happened yet." Hatice says: "How will you prevent it? There is only one way for this...to take Rustem's life...you will not be able to prevent it any other way." 

    Meanwhile, outside in the main gardens, Bali Bey and Matrakci are together. Matrakci tells Bali Bey  that Rustem must have gotten the news long ago, he will come at once...Matrakci says that "when you play with the pride of a Sultana, the outcome is this. Huh my bey? Because of you she came willing to this marriage. She thew herself into the fire..." Bali: "After Hurrem Sultan wanted this, there was no way to stop it." Matrakci says that "yes but Rustem's doings are out in the open...if he comes to this kind of power, no one will be able to handle him. You think about yourself, my Bey - he knows about our Sultanas feelings for you and he will definitely try to be rid of you! If our Sultana's anger subsides, this will be a difficult task" Bali Bey smiles and goes to get on his horse and Matrakci asks him where he is going. Bali replies: "I cannot keep Sylvia hatun waiting."

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah has been watching him ride off from Mehmet's balcony...Mehmet arrives and asks what is wrong, she wanted to see him. She replies that she simply wanted to see him. Mehmet notices she is crying and says "Mihrimah, my sister, what is wrong? Who made you sad this way?" Mihrimah: "Mehmet, please help me, I do not want to marry Rustem, I do not want to marry!" Mehmet: "How can this be? You personally spoke to our Hunkar, telling him you are willing for this marriage."  Mihrimah: "In a moment of anger I said it, I am not ready for this, I cannot do it! Speak to my mother, speak to my father! Prevent this, please! " Mehmet: "Are you out of your mind?! The wedding was announced! You cannot go back on it!  And why did you make this decision? Who were you angry with that you spoke to our Hunkar?" Mihrimah says: "Will you help me?" Mehmet says: "Where was your mind before? And also don't you know, our Hunkar's decisions are written in stone! He never changes his mind!" Mihrimah looks at him: "Fine, my brother. In that case I did not say anything and you did not hear anything." She leaves.

    Mashuki is in the market, in a  gathering speaking. He says that under his father's authority, he is a Mehdi [Note: Literally, "The Guided One" someone who Muslim believes will come before the end of the world to fight the Dajjal ( the Anti-Christ in Biblical terminology) and that Jesus (Muslims call him Isa) will come down and help the Mahdi fight against this Dajjal or Anti-Christ. Calling yourself Mahdi is seen to be blasphemous, as Muslims believe he will be a specific person who all will recognize, based on criteria, for example Muslims believe that the Mahdi  will be a ruler, not just any layman, and he will rise up to protect people, be just and fair and do away with oppression and injustice.] A man tells him to watch his mouth and what he says and his words are of Satans. Mashuki says: "You are the one who creates babies, after you approach women, and then after the child is born you say that God created it." (One of the basic tenets of faith in Islam, is that God is the creator of everything. So this angers quite a few people in the audience.) A man tells the people not to believe this man (Mashuki) that they should not bow to Satan this way! A disciple of Mashuki's scolds the man telling him to watch his words! Mashuki intervenes. Mashuki then tells them that "god and the devil are in you" A man shouts: "Repent to your Lord! We are God's servants!!" Then, some Janissaries arrive. One of them tells Mashuki that by Sultan Suleyman Han's edict, Mashuki, along with his disciples, are to be taken in. Mashuki replies that since Sultan Suleyman has commanded this, then they will go. Then he adds that they do not have to give an account to anyone in this life or in the next. Some people in the background object to Mashuki being taken...

    Later, Ebusuud has gone to visit Mashuki in his prison cell. Mashuki gets up to greet him and asks him to fogive him for having to meet him in such a state. Ebusuud asks if he is happy with his doings - he had warned him so many times! And the Sultan did him a favour and forgave him even...but that he never listened to Ebusuud and that he shamed his family. Mashuki says that if he is not embarrassed than no one should be embarrassed for him. Ebusuud says that how can he fall into such a mistake? What is inside him that makes him do this? Is it alcohol? Is it opium? Ebusuud tells him he is being blasphemous and that if he continues he cannot save him! Mashuki says that his problem is much greater and higher than the advice that Ebusuud and others are trying to give him -  he says he was already on this way and that these are empty threats because he is not afraid of death, and he says that his love is so great he is ready to die, as to him life and death are the same...Ebusuud asks him does he not at least feel sorry for his family and what he has put them through? Then he adds that fortunately his father has passed so he did not have to witness all this outrage. Mashuki says that fathers do not choose their sons, nor do sons choose their fathers, then he implies that Ebusuud's father was also one to follow the same path (Mashuki's path). Ebusuud responds that he should not dare to say such a thing, since his father (Ebusuud's father) did not follow Mashuki's ways as he was one who followed God's commands and lived his life according to the rules Allah set out for them all, and that he never fell into disbelief and blasphemy the way Mashuki has...

    In Manisa, in the day, Mahidevran is walking with her entourage in the hall towards Mustafa's room and tells Fidan to stay behind. She enters and greets her son and Yahya is also there. She says: "For many days now I cannot sleep...Rustem is not at all worthy/equal of Mihrimah! How could our Hunkar allow this?" Mustafa says that they were just discussing this. Yahya says he cannot understand it in anyway, and that Mihrimah must have been coerced/pressured into it, isn't that true? Mustafa says "it was obvious when Hurrem Sultan returned that she would not keep quiet about Lutfi Pasha acquiring the Grand Vizier position"  Mahidevran says "It is necessary to show Rustem Pasha the accursed, his limits (place). And only you will do this." Mustafa: "Our Hunkar gave his decision. What can we do?" Mahidevran replies: "This is not an ordinary marriage! Hurrem's only purpose of achieving this and giving Rustem power...is to get rid of you!"  If they do not stop today, tomorrow may be too late..." Mustafa: "Do you mean...Rustem Pasha" Mahidevran: "He doesn't need to die, Shehzadem...There is another way to get rid of him..."

    Mahidevran walks out of the room and we hear her letter to Shah Sultan:
    "Shah -i-huban hazretleri, firstly, I would like to give you Salam, and wish you are doing well. You have bestowed on us with the letter you sent, we were informed of the strong winds that have been blowing at the Pay-i-taht. As happy as we are about your husband Lutfi Pasha's appointment to the position worthy of him...I want you to know how equally unhappy we are about the news you have given us about the marriage..." We see Shah recieving the letter and reading it and it continues: "As you obviously know the reasons, Rustem Pasha is not a suitable son in law for our Hunkar, after the decision has been made his way, we are not able to argue about it...but it doesn't mean that even though decision has been made, that it will be carried out." In the next scene, Shah is reading out the rest of the letter to Hatice, Gulfem and Lutfi: Mahidevran is saying in the letter: "I have no doubt, our precious Sultana, that you agree with me that this marriage must be prevented..." Shah Sultan says: "What do you think of this?" she asks Lutfi. Lutfi says, "By God, Sultanim, what is the need for such games...finally if Rustem enters the Divan...I am the one ruling it...I will find a way and get him off our heads..." Hatice speaks: " You cannot leave this work to fate, Pasha! That marriage will not take place! I think Mahidevran's thinking is perfect! We should put it into effect immediately!" Shah: "What do you think Gulfem?" Gulfem: "If we think about what happened to Hatice Sultan years ago...nothing will happen (if we don't do it), Sultanim." Shah: "I am thinking like you too (I agree with you)...we are going to write a letter to Mahidevran and congratulate her...because, the matter being her son's life has finally made her head start working!" 

    In Hurrem's room, Sumbul is telling her that her Kulye (complex of buildings)'s construction has been going very quickly, and he says he is truly amazed  at the Chief Archiect...for he works on it himself (hands on) and that if it continues this way, it will be completed early. Hurrem says that he should send word to Sinan agha  if he finishes it by her daughter's wedding day, whatever he asks from her, he can have. There is a knock and Mihrimah enters, Hurrem asks her what is wrong, and everyone else leaves. Mihrimah falls at her mother's feet. "Validem, forgive me, forgive my insolence, but I cannot do it - it is impossible for me to marry Rustem Pasha..."

    Meanwhile, Lutfi has arrived at the Sultan's door and is sweating profusely, and asks the aghas to inform the Sultan he has come. 

    Meanwhile Hurrem speaks to her daughter: "Mihrimah, my moon fragment (piece of the moon)  I made a promise to myself..I made a promise to you, my children..." Hurrem recalls her promise she made to Mihrimah when she was a child: "You were born a Sultana...do not ever remove that from your mind!" Little Mihrimah nods her head. "You will be more powerful than me, you will not be a slave like me...the things I could not do, you will do." Hurrem comes back to the present and says: "Right now you are upset...it hurts...but it will pass...time will heal you, Mihrimah...and believe me, you will be happy. " Mihrimah: "Validem..." Hurrem: "Stop whining and crying now! I told you many times the reason for this marriage. The issue at hand being your brothers' futures, you cannot act like a little girl...if I say marry, you will marry! This will be proof of your loyalty to me and your brothers, and do not forget that, loyalty is more important than everything...even more than love." 

    Suleyman meanwhile is drawing a design for a necklace. Lutfi arrives, and Suleyman shows him his work and tell shim it is Mihrimah's wedding gift...hopefully it will be fit for the wedding...Lutfi says that and comments that what the Sultan makes is beautiful of course. Lutfi says "By God, how do I say this Hunkarim...I did not want to make you sad by bringing bitter news. Sulyeman wonders what could it be. Lutfi says: "i got some news from Harput Sancak Bey, about Rustem Pasha, some gossip has come...from what he said, Rustem Pasha has fallen to the clutches of a terrible disease..." Sulyeman: "WHat are you saying Pasha...what illness is this?" Lutfi: "From what he said, it is leprosy Hunkarim...Leprosy..." Suleyman is shocked....

    In Diyarbekir, Nigar enters Rustem's room and he asks why she is still there and she replies that she waited for him to return. He says he has taken care of everything...even her dowry will stay with her and he adds "although you have filled your  jar very much...is that not right? Until today stealing from me should have been enough for you." Nigar asks "What can I do Pasha? Where will I go alone?" Rustem replies: "Go to Shah Sultan...she will not leave her loyal servant without protection." He turns back to eating, and Nigar steps forward: "When you marry what do you think will happen? Mihrimah Sultan will never even look at your face...because her heart beats for Malkocoglu and his love."  Rustem finishes chewing and then slaps her!

    Meanwhile, the tailor is showing some fabrics to Hurrem and she likes the colour but she says the cloth was not what she wanted, because the wedding will be in winter and they have to think of this. Then a red colour material is shown  to her and the woman says this is what you want...and the colour will look beautiful on Mihrimah Sultan. Then, Suleyman is announced and everyone takes their places. He asks Afife to clear the room and everyone does, and only Hurrem and Suleyman are left. Hurrem says that she was choosing materials for Mihrimah's wedding. Suleyman tells her that the news is not good. He says that they are saying Rustem is ill, and according to what they say, it is leprosy...

    Rustem meanwhile is holding Nigar at her neck. He asks her what she thinks she is doing and she says she is telling him the truth and whatever he does he cannot change it, and that Mihrimah is in love with someone else, no matter what he does...Rustem chokes her, Olivia tries to stop Rustem and calls the aghas, Rustem finally lets go of her and yells for the aghas to take her away. (The spoiler about Rustem attacking Nigar, they did not include it in their final editing). 

    Hurrem asks Suleyman how they can trust gossip and that how do they know he is sick? Suleyman replies that where there is smoke there is fire and that Harput Sanjak Bey has sent the information and that it is obvious this is the case. Hurrem says that as many who love Rustem, there are just as many who hate him and she thinks that just to prevent this marriage they have made up this lie. Suleyman says that the the important thing is Mihrimah...that while such words are going around how can she be so calm? Hurrem replies that she simpy wants them to think of every possibility...and that God forbid, if Rustem does have such an illness, obviously the marriage would be impossible anyway!

    At night in Hatice's new palace, Hatice goes and sees that Husrev is talking to her children, who are smiling. Hatice tells her kids to go beside her and tells her cariye to take them to their rooms. She goes to Husrev, who asks if something is wrong or he made a mistake. She says "they have a father...despite what is between us (they are alive, Ibrahim is dead), they have a father...and you should not  put yourself in his place....Husrev responds " this is not a prison Sultanim, and I am not a prisoner...in your own palace, I am trying to do my best to make you and and your children happy...Since the moment I have met you, I have not wanted anything except a sweet word and a warm look...if these make you uncomfortable, then I do not want these either...."and he leaves...Hatice looks after him...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem in her room, talking to Sumbul. She says: "At the last moment our enemies acted...this is why they were so quiet for so long..." Sumbul says: "Forgive me, but, if God forbid it is true, maybe the Pasha is really ill?" Hurrem: " Say auspicious words, Sumbul! If that were the case, I would be the first to know!" Sumbul: "I do not think so, Sultanim, because if the Pasha was sick, he would try to hide it. Ah!" Fahriye arrives at that moment and Hurrem asks what she wants. Fahriye says Shah has arrived...and went straight to the Has Oda (Suleyman's room). Hurrem says: "As I suspected....no one should know of this, Sumbul agha, especially Mihrimah." Sumbul makes a zippy lip motion. 

    Shah tells Suleyman: "I wonder where this came from suddenly, on the eve of the wedding....leprosy is a very dangerous disease!" Suleyman prays for Rustem and Shah says "Amen...but we have not seen many survivors of this illness so far...before the death, it eats inside the body...how can Mihrimah - " Suleyman stops her there...Shah says: "Hunkarim, she must find out.. right?" 

    Mihrimah is with her brother Cihangir, who asks why she is sad and if she is angry with their mother and Mihrimah says no, go to your room, otherwise Validem will wonder. Gulfem arrives in Mihrimah's room and she says that she is very sad after she heard, that God willing, God will provide a cure... Mihrimah says: "Who are you talking about? Who is ill?" Gulfem says: "Forgive me, I thought you knew" Mihrimah wonders if it is Mehmet or Selim...but Gulfem says no Rustem...leprosy....that is what they said...and this will break the wedding....

    Hurrem arrives to see Suleyman. She enters and greets Shah: 'Oh you are here?" Shah says: "When I heard I came at once! May it pass..." Hurrem says: "Thank you...but it is a gossip...that is what I hope." Shah says that might be the case but all it takes is the word of it even and shouldn't play with fire. Suleyman says that Shah is right, and that they will stop the wedding preparations and Lutfi will investigate and until then they shall wait. Hurrem says that this type of important issue should be handled more carefully, and Sulyeman asks what her advice is and she says that Moshe Hamon, his personal doctor should examine Rustem and he will find out the truth and everyone can be at peace. Shah says that she knows this illness very well...that it doesn't show itself right away...and Hurrem says that if it has reached their ears then it must have made itself shown somehow...isn't that right? Hurrem says that you know the best, Hunkarim....

    Lutfi meanwhile is in his room when there is a knock and it is Ahsan who carries some refreshments...

    Shah returns and asks where Lutfi Pasha is and the agha says he is in his room and Lutfi is having trouble ignore Ahsan...

    Shah comes to meet Lutfi and enters and sees Lutfi at his desk and she greets him and he asks how her talk went and what did Suleyman order and she says Hurrem did her doings again and that Moshe Efendi will be going to examine him and Lutfi says in that case, the fact that there is no disease will come out in the open...and what to do now? Shah says she has thought of everything and there must be something in her mind...

    In the morning Mihrimah washes her face and chooses her clothing and says she will eat later. There is a knock at the door and the agha who spies on Bali Bey enters. He says that Bali Bey still meets Silvia. .that they spent the night at an inn....Mihrimah's face is tense....

    Bali Bey is with Silvia and he asks her why she is laughing and she says that if he hadn't met her uncle, she would not have seen Bali Bey and had been back in Venice...Bali asks if she is unhappy/bored with the small room in the inn, Silvia responds that she is not and that anywhere he is, that place is heaven for her...Bali tells her he has to go and she asks what will happen about that woman and that she is scared and what if that woman does something to her...Bali says that she should go to her uncle and wait for news from him and not to leave without hearing from him first...Silvia asks "who is that woman? it is obvious she is very wealthy and...in love with you..."

    Suleyman is playing a game called Mangal with Mehmet and says they have not played for a long time. Mehmet comments that he plays with Cihangir a lot and that Cihangir beat Selim! Suleyman tells him to keep an eye on him..whatever you know, teach him.. Mehmet brings up the sanjak issue: "Hunkarim, as you know I have gone to two campaigns ..I think that is enough experience for me to go to Sanjak." Suleyman says that of course it is and that after Mihrimah's wedding then he is thinking of sending Mehmet...Mirhimah arrives...She says: "Hunkarim, I heard some news about Rustem Pasha"...and Suleyman says "Do not worry, we do not know if it is true or false and  I have sent my doctor to investigate and we will find out then..." Mehmet asks what happened to Rustem...

    PART 2

    Lutfi and Shah are having breakfast. Ahsan looks at Lutfi again, who is getting angry at her...Shah asks when Moshe Efendi will leave for Diyarbekir and Lutfi says he does not know. Ahsan serves him his serbet (a kind of fruit juice) and the drink spills and he gets angrier than normal at Ahsan and tells the agha to send her away to the old Palace, as he does not want her in their service anymore. Shah notices this unusual anger and says why did you get this mad and Lutfi says she is useless, and Shah notes that the Rustem issue must really be troubling him...

    Back in the gardens, Mehmet tells Suleyman that he has to go as Bali Bey is waiting for him, for riding. Mihrimah says that she was looking for him to ask about Mehmet and her father and he wasn't around and that as of late she does not see him around and that "it is apparent that what they say about him is true." Mehmet looks curious and Suleyman asks "what are they saying about him?" Mihrimah replies: "Esmahan said....that Bali Bey is meeting a woman named Silvia." Suleyman asks how this woman is and Mihrimah responds " The Venetian ambassador Signor Thomaso's neice." Suleyman looks unhappy with what he has heard...

    Meanwhile in Hurrem's room, Ahsan is speaking to Hurrem saying that she swears she did nothing wrong and that suddenly, before she what was happening he was yelling...and that he fired her. Hurrem reminds her that she had said that everything was going as planned and Ahsan says that it was, that under her orders, she did everything in her power. Hurrem asks why he sent her away then to the old palace and Ahsan says that it is obvious he is shy/afraid from Shah Sultan...or he was afraid that I would speak...I do not know. Hurrem tells her not to worry that she should go to the old Palace and that Hurrem will personally take care of her so she won't be in difficulty. Ahsan looks like she feels comforted she and Fahriye leave and Sumbul turns to Hurrem and says: "Sultanim, this is bad....now what do we do." Hurrem says: "This is much is enough for me, Sumbul. Sending her away also can be used to our benefit..."

    Later in the Sultan's room, Bali Bey has arrived and Suleyman says "Finally you came, whenever I ask for you, you are not around." Bali: "Forgive me, Hunkarim, I have various work in the city." Suleyman replies: "Is entertaining the Venetian messenger's niece your work?" Bali: "Hunkarim, let me explain." Suleyman stops him with his hand. Suleyman: "I can not stand this type of relations...Wherever you go, do not forget that the personal guard represents me! The Venetian ambassador will try anything for their own benefit. This relationship will end immediately!" Bali Bey: "Yes, Hukarim."

    Bali walks out in the hall and comes across Mihrimah who says: "Have you come to give me condolences about Rustem Pasha's illness?" Bali Bey: "I have come to know. I ask Allah for his cure...." Mihrimah: "Ameen, Ameen." Bali: "With your permission." He leaves...She says: "Send my greetings to Silvia Hatun...I wish her a good trip!" He walks away.....

    In the Istanbul Judge's Courtroom, many people have gathered to witness the trial of Mashuki. Suleyman is there too hidden in disguise. 

    The judge says: "Piri Ali's son, Ismail Sheyh Mashuki. You are accused of, entering disbelief, preaching to instigate believers away from Islam, establishing in the community a sect in order to work for the devil and his followers, and causing discord, do you have anything to say?" 
    Mashuki: "The biggest virtue in this world is to say the truth...and I speak of the truth of the cosmos, whatever I know to the the truth I teach to the ignorant, and I did not say anything other than this..." The people start murmuring in protest. 
    The Judge: "Silence! I said Silence! Everyone will listen! The judge asks a witness if he had personally listened to the preaching of Mashuki, and if he is witness to it. The witness, named Zeynel,  says yes, he listened to some of his sermons and the judge asks him to tell the court what he had heard and the witness says "He said that humans are ancient, and that nothing is unlawful for them. and that "every person - God forgive me for repeating this, - "is god himself"!" The judge asks another witness, Omer Efendi, if this also what he heard and is witness to and Omer says yes, and that Mashuki said that: "There is no death...the soul leaves the body and then goes to another body..." 

    Meanwhile, Shah in her palace receives Moshe Efendi. He enters and they greet each other and then she says from what I hear you are going for an important mission to Diyarbekir. She says she has no doubt Rustem is ill, and that he will do what he can to hide this, so she asks Moshe to take precautions...Moshe says do not worry...Shah says "no, how can I not worry? This is about my niece! You will have to prove he does not have leprosy..." Moshe replies: "It is difficult to prove, Sultanim...it is not certain if Leprosy has spread so right away it is not obvious..." Shah replies: "That is why I am saying this, if you say the Pasha is well without proof, you will pay for this mistake with your life!" 

    (i tried to make reading this part easier by bolding the names) Back in the courtroom, the other judge says: "They call you Sheyh Mashuki." 
    Mashuki: "They honour me." 
    Judge: "There are claims according to the witnesses that you say everyone is "god" that nothing is unlawful, that sodomy and adultery are lawful, that there is no account in the next world, no torment for sinners in the grave...That the soul leaves a body and then goes to another body. On top of this you say that sleep, eat, drink, it is worship. You say your father is the witness and you are the mehdi and more obscene words signifying disbelief and eight people were witness to you saying these words...what do you say to these claims?" 
    Mashuki: "People look at the things that are evident, they do not see the esoteric." 
    Judge: "You man! You say: "Fasting, zakat (mandatory charity percentage of wealth), and hajj (pilgrimage) has come as a punishment, Muslims should only pray twice a year for Eid (instead of the five daily prayers), and that when they do ray those two times, they should see themselves when they prostrate (they worship themselves), that the other worships are just to make them busy" what does this mean??! You have denied the commands of God, and are working to stop the Muslims from worshiping Him!" Mashuki nods.
    Mashuki: "These words of mine are for the people of God." Judge: "Prayer is the scale of faith...many verses of the Qur'an highlight the importance of prayer...praise those performing the prayer....Do you deny Allah's commandments?" Mashuki: "I do the esoteric and hidden interpretation.. to see this you need eyes, and to know this you need knowledge!" Suleyman looks angry.
    Judge: "While adultery and sodomy are the biggest sins, you say there is no objection to them! Are you trying to destroy the morals of the believers?"
    Mashuki: "Are we not all from the earth/soil/clay? What you call adultery is just earth/soil going on earth/soil..what is wrong with that? These are the flavors of love."
    Judge: "You say that "humans create humans. That a man approaches a woman and he creates the baby then afterwards, he is given a course in life by God"?"
    Mashuki: "You might see some apparent ridiculousness in my words, but the explanation have analytic meanings..."
    Judge: "Sirs, Ismail is still persistent in his disbelief." The other judge concurs and they look to Ebusuud, who looks at the Sultan, who nods at him while he speaks so he knows he is doing what the Sultan agrees to. 
    Ebusuud says:"The decision is hard. His father Piri Ali was a very honourable man. Seeing as Ismail was a young man, we sent him back to his hometown, but he didn't obey. From his own testimony, and the witnessing of the eight witnesses," Ebusuud looks at the Sultan for approval again. "In light of these, I have ruled that he is an apostate, spreading heresy." 
    The Judge says: "As Sheyh-ul-Islam, I sentence  Mashuki and his twelve followers, to execution." 
    The other judge says: "Piri Ali's son, Ismail Mashuki, and his disciples, have been found guilty. Along with his disciples, he will be executed in the Horse Piazza (or arena)."Ebusuud looks at Suleyman who nods his approval. Later, outside in the piazza, men have gathered to witness the execution. The Sultan is watching from atop a balcony of a building. He tells Lutfi who is with him that he wishes to make Hadim Suleyman pasha his Kubbe Vizier. Lutfi says this is good, he is worth this position....

    Mashuki addresses the people saying that their death is like the breaking of a cage for birds..."The cage breaks, and the birds regain their freedom. This will free us...the dungeon we call this world, collapses...the persecutors will be forgotten, and only we will be left." They are executed by the Janissaries.

    Suleyman says: "Persisting in falsehood, at this young age, their end was bad. The ignorant once again faced their penalty." Lutfi nods and says that this will be lesson to those others who might have followed his ways. 

    At night in Istanbul, Hurrem arrives at Shah's palace. She approaches her and Shah says: "I heard you were very sad about Rustem's illness...if you want, go visit him...he was your future son in law." Hurrem: "There is no need, Sultanim, he will come himself...as you know, this illness is a lies it is my enemies last sound...." Shah: "You came here to say this, Hurrem?" Hurrem: "Today I visited the old Palace, a woman came to me, from your own household...Ahsan Hatun, from what she said, Lutfi Pasha fired her, and she wanted help from me." Shah: 'What is going on Hurrem?!" Hurrem: "I did not believe it right away, but she said something that you need to know. From waht she said, the woman...forgive me...but she had some relationship with Lutfi Pasha." 

    Bali Bey is with Silvia. "I thought I would not see you for a few days. Or did you miss me?" Bali: "When are you going to Venice?" Silvia: "Why? You want me to go?" Bali: "It is not proper for you to stay in Istanbul. You should return immediately." Silvia: "Where did this come from all of a sudden? What happened to 'after finding each other again, we won't be separated again'? hmm? That is what you said to me, I dId not make any promise like that. This is our last night together. I will not meet you again. The next ship will return you to your country." Silvia: "But why? What happened? It was that woman wasn't it? She threatened me already... if you do not leave, she would harm you she said." Bali: 'No one can harm me. But I do not want harm to come to you either....who knows, we will meet once again? only not in Istanbul. Not while I am in this position of mine." Silvia: "Malkocoglu, whatever you want, I am ready to do. I will become Muslim, I will become your wife." Bali: "Shh, Return to Venice, Silvia...Return..."

    Back in Shah's palace, Shah tells Hurrem not to listen to a wretched cariye's words. Hurrem says: "In that case, then question Lutfi Pasha....a woman would know right? Especially an intelligent woman such as yourself. " Shah: "I know that for quite some time you are trying to put discord between us. Being unsuccessful, you tried this way?" Hurrem: "What is the truth I am saying that, Sultanim, To believe it or not, it is your own job...I wish you a good night." Shah is disturbed....

    As Hurrem is leaving Mercan arrives. Hurrem: "As I understand, you have finished your work so you come to give news about the harem." Mercan: "I only came to ask our Sultana if she needs anything -" Hurrem: "Do not dare leave your Sultana alone. Because...she will need you." 

    Mercan enters to see Shah and Shah is pacing. He says he just saw Hurrem Sultan and that she must have troubled her...Shah tells him that Lutfi has had a relationship with Ahsan hatun." Mercan recalls what he saw. "And that is why he sent her to the old palace. Hah! For so long she is trying to put discord between us, and this is her latest scheme. Look at her insolent words! Obviously, she is lying!" Mercan: "Sultanim...this time it is not a lie...Hurrem Sultan's words are true." Shah turns around...."You...what are you saying Mercan!" Mercan: "I saw with my own eyes...I came that night to you...sigh...I saw Ahsan hatun leaving our Pasha's room....forgive me...but she was not in a respectable condition...After I came to tell you, but I didn't want to make you sad..." She stops him by raising her hand and is angry..." Mercan takes his leave...

    In Mihrimah's room, Hurrem arrives. The cariye leaves and she says finally you are smiling Mihrimah. Mihrimah says that she is sad for Rustem's condition, she doesn't want bad for him...but why should she lie...the wedding being cancelled does make her happy. Hurrem asks who told her. Mihrimah says it is not important because everyone is talking about. Hurrem replies that no, it is very important, because whoever said it was one of the ones who made up this lie. Mihrimah says "lie?" She says Gulfem came and said it. Hurrem tells her it is a game, by their enemies to prevent this marriage, but the truth will come out...if he is not ill...which he is not, this marriage will happen!

    Shah is livid with anger when she notices Lutfi has arrived. Once he enters, the agha tells him that Shah is awaiting him in the salon. Meanwhile, Ahsan is in the corridor of the old palace, when Mercan comes. He tells her she will come with him. She tries to scream for help, but of course no one hears her.

    Lutfi sees his wife as her back is turned and he wonders what is going on. He asks if Moshe came to her and she says yes, and then she says that she spoke to him. Lutfi says that Moshe is a loyal servant of the dynasty, he will tell the truth. Shah nods and says "I wish all the servants of this dynasty were loyal and faithful. But they are not" Lutfi says what is going on, at this night, someone bothered you? If it is because I am late, I am sorry I was in the Divan with lots of work...I could not leave..." Shah: "Did you leave the Divan or the bosom of women?" Lutfi is shocked.

    Meanwhile, Mercan is chasing the woman down and beats her, punching her in the face......

    Lutfi says: "What are you talking about Sultanim, I do not know... women? Never! I would never do such a thing" Shah says: "I am talking about Ahsan Hatun! The woman who was dismissed...How dare you?! Who are you to dare to deceive me?! Lutfi says: "Never! Sultanim, what deception? That woman whatever she said, is a lie...obviously for being fired she is lying." Shah says: "The woman did not even open her mouth! Obviously, it was not even possible (as in he fired her before she could). Hurrem came and told me...first of all I did not believe...I thought it is a game to break us apart...but Mercan agha saw the woman leaving your room in an inappropriate condition! Are you going to deny this too?!" Lutfi: "Sultanim, for a long time now the woman had her own wild intentions....that night when I left your room after fighting with you, I almost yielded to temptation...but Allah is my Witness, God Protect me!...I did not have any relation with her...I dismissed her from my room...."

    Shah: "I am sure it was like that...as if embarrassing yourself was not enough, you lowered me in Hurrem's tongue...shame on you!" He tries to take her hand and bows slightly "Forgive me- " She shouts "Do not dare touch me! Do you know the punishment for betraying a Sultana? I will divorce you right now Pasha! In three words of mine you would be demolished....nothing will remain no authority, you will be a nobody." Lutfi: "What is important is what you want, Sultanim. for years whatever you wanted, that is what it was...everyone knows what we live through...as my wife, if you did not be negligent in your duties, you would not live through any of this." Shah: "For this  insolence, instead of falling at my feet begging for forgiveness, you are accusing me?" Lutfi: "What I am saying is that there is no need for exaggeration. I am saying we should not let this incident give our enemies a chance, Sultanim...because the issue at hand is the state's interest." Shah: "That "state" you are talking about is mine Pasha! Like all the other servants serving me, you are a controlled slave! The water you drink, the morsel you eat, the clothes you wear, the palace you stay in...all of this property, wealth, position and authority - whatever is there, I have handed down to you! And you will not forget this reality. If you forget it one more time, at that time, I will take everything have handed to you!" She pushes him away" He is so angry he grabs the candle flame in his bare hand....

    In Diyarbekir, Rustem says that they will be on their way. Olivia says "do not worry, my pasha, I have taken care of everything." Rustem says "Good Olivia...I want to change your name since now you are the head of my household..." Olivia: "As you wish, my Pasha."  Rustem recalls his little sister Sophia....Rustem: "I had a sister, her name was Sophia...my mother who has passed, used to call her in Croatian a name she loved... that means Gulbahar.... From now on your name is Gulbahar." Olivia: "Gulbahar..." Rustem smiling, "Gulbahar." Rustem's agha arrives to tell Rustem Moshe has come and Rustem motions for Olivia (Gulbahar) to leave. Moshe enters and greets Rustem, Rustem asks how he came here and Moshe says some gossip has reached his ear and that he came to visit. Rustem asks what rumours and Moshe tells him that they say you are ill and Rustem says what illness? I am fine...Moshe says, but they say it is leprosy...Rustem says: "This gossip has a purpose, Moshe efendi...they want to remove me from my place." Moshe says: "I am sure it is, but let me put to rest such suspicions, lest it get to the Sultan's ears..in light of the wedding...so that no one is troubled by this issue." 

    Meanwhile, Nigar has come to Shah's palace and an agha goes to inform Shah.

    Rustem is about to be examined and Moshe tells him how everyone is good in Istanbul and that the plague is passing Rustem comments that yes, the plague is passing and now this trouble of leprosy has landed on their heads! He gets mad and tells Moshe to examine him. Rustem lies down...

    Nigar meets Shah and Hatice who are together.  Nigar tells them that she has been divorced and that he took the first moment to divorce her and Hatice says that if wasn't for her (Hatice) then he would have gotten rid of Nigar long ago...anyway thank that you have money and quietly ist in a corner...Nigar says she kept money in some places because she knew this would happen. Shah says why didn't you go to a judge and put a complaint? Nigar says that would be impossible as you know how Rustem is. Shah says if she has needs, she should ask them...

    Rustem is being examined and when Moshe is finished, he tells Rustem that there is no proof of leprosy anywhere and that currently he is not sick, but that this illness needs waiting because they cannot be so sure unless they wait. Rustem says, "you said I am not ill, so you will go and say I am not sick! We will go tomorrow together in fact"...Moshe says: "I cannot say this unless I have absolute proof you are not ill! If you did later turn out to be sick, then how would I answer to the Sultan?" Rustem says he has not that much time. Moshe suddenly sees something on Rustem's head and says wait! Don't move and sees a lice on his head. He takes it and looks at closely. Then he says..." This is lice! From your head...are you all witnesses?! They all agree that they are witnesses...(Rustem does not have leprosy and the proof of this is the lice!)

    Meanwhile, Nigar is hesitating , but finally knocks on Matrakci's door. He asks what she is doing, but understands then that Rustem has divorced her..he lets her in and then continues talking to her there. She apologizes and she tells him that she is a divorced woman...she had nowhere to go...she has some money...but she needs his help, and he says it is easy, but after that and she says that as long as I can have a place to stay I will not stay for long anyway. She asks to find her daughter, she will go there. Matrakci says he does not know where she is now...Nigar cries and says she is all I have left, please...she says she will go and live happily with her and asks his help...Matrakci is silent and thoughtful...

    Later, in Manisa, Mustafa is in his room when his mother arrives and tells him about the letter she got from Shah, saying that Rustem has been suspected of having leprosy...she is happy and that the Sultan had to cancell the wedding...Mustafa says if Hurrem finds out that you were behind this, she will assume I was behind it and she will explain this to the Sultan. In that case, how will: " we explain? Mahidevran says there is no way to prove this and no matter what she does, she will not get in between him and the Sultan and that she will not allow it ever.

    Rumeysa meanwhile is waiting for Mahidevran to leave, and then she enters Mustafa's room. She says that Mahidevran told her to get ready for him and he says that she knows the punishment for lying to a Shehzade. Then she says "Just let me into your heaven once...and then I am happy to be in hell after that..." They embrace...

    The next morning Ayse is going towards Mustafa's room and the agha says that he is with one of his harem...Rumeysa tries to leave and Mustafa calls out to her and she says she didn't want to disturb him and he tells her to stay, they will have breakfast together. She is happy. Ayse says she will come later, but the door opens and Rumeysa says "get the Shehzades food ready, I am going to have food with him together..." Ayse is angry..

    In the Divan, Suleyman says to Hadim Pasha that he has read the documents he has written and that now, he is appointing Suleyman Pasha has Kubbe Vizier. Suleyman pasha rushes and kisses his robe...Then they place a gifted robe on him. Then a guard announces Moshe Hamon who enters and tells him that as he had ordered, they examined Rustem Pasha.

    In Hurrem's room, Hurrem examines some fabrics and jewels...when Mihrimah enters...Hurrem has called her and she says all these are for you specifically made, choose and pick.

    In the Divan, Moshe tells Suleyman that Rustem cannot at all have leprosy. There is no other illness either. Suleyman asks if he is sure and Moshe says definitely certain! Lutfi says "Thank God, but Moshe didn't you say it wouldn't be easy to prove he isn't sick with this illness?" Moshe: "I did, but I am certain as my own name, that he does not have this illness! My assistants are witness to it as well." Suleyman asks how he can be so certain and what if the illness comes out later... and Moshe responds: "I found this in Pasha's head. It is lice! Lice does not inhabit the head or body of someone who has leprosy! There is no danger or worry, you can go on with he wedding, without any concern..." Suleyman is happy and chuckling.

    Hurrem tells her servants to help Mihrimah, so she can choose whatever she wants...Mihrimah says that isn't she too early, after the leprosy issue. Hurrem asks Afife if she didn't tell her already and Afife says that she wanted to wait for Hurrem herself to tell her daughter the good news...Hurrem says that Rustem is on his way already, coming for the wedding...Mihrimah is surprised.  He doesn't have leprosy? Hurrem nods..

    Lutfi is chuckling in Shah's palace, he says he has not ever met such a lucky man...even lice is lucky for him...Hatice turns and sends: "What luck, Lutfi Pasha?! It is clear they have bought Moshe Effendi." Lutfi: "No, Sultanim, but Rustem must have heard of the news beforehand and put that lice on his head specifically for this purpose.!" he chuckles and leaves...Hatice says to Shah: "Why are you quiet my sister? Or does defeat hurt?" Shah turns: "What words are these words Hatice? Whose side are you on?! Hatice says that she is not that different than them...and that being too sure of herself this is what has happened...and she has lost. Shah says she has not lost.....The wedding has not taken place yet has it?

    Meanwhile Rustem is on the way in the carriage with him are Olivia and an agha named Aziz, who says he has taken all precautions...Rustem says still they should be careful still...then he turns to Olivia: "Gulbahar....how did you know that Lice do not stay on someone who has leprosy?" Gulbahar: 'My father was a healer, and I used to accompany him..." Rustem: "Aziz agha, if that day I had not saved Gulbahar.... right now we wouldn't be on the way to the Pay-i-taht. If this is not fate, then what is it?" He smiles at Olivia...then some horses and carriages stop, as the road is blocked...Bandits light fire and there is an explosion...

    THE END.


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