• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 99 Preview

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    The news about Rustem's attack drops on the palace like a bomb! Everybody thinks that Rustem is dead, but he suddenly arrives at the palace and the marriage goes on as planned. Suleyman brings Rustem into the divan. As Rustem is drunk off of his success, Mihrimah's tears do not seem to end... 

    As Lutfi Pasha tries to get Shehzade Mehmet to be granted his own sanjak, Rustem tries to pit Suleyman against his son Mustafa. Hurrem requests something from Rustem that catches him off guard. One of Rustem's enemies returns to the Pay-i-taht and harshly attacks Rustem. 

    As everybody thinks Rustem has died, he arrives at the palace. Suleyman appoints his new damat (groom) Rustem as the Kubbe Vizier. Rustem is about to receive the jewel that he has been dreaming about, Mihrimah Sultan. But Mihrimah's heart is still beating for Malkocoglu.

    The sünnet celebration (circumcision celebration) of the Shehzade's and Rustem and Mihrimah's wedding happen at the same time. Something that Rustem does on their wedding night shocks Mihrimah. This is the first time she sees that his love is true.

    On one hand, Lutfi Pasha raids the pubs in the city, on the other hand, Shah Sultan tries to push for Shehzade Mehmet to be granted his own sanjak. If she is successful at doing this, Hurrem would also leave Istanbul with him. Rustem continues to push Suleyman against Mustafa.

    Hurrem tries to prevent the Sultan from sending Mehmet to his own sanjak, and she gives Rustem a very difficult task to carry out. Her son is to be appointed to Manisa! Shah Sultan is watching Rustem's every move. She receives a plan to get rid of Rustem Pasha from an unlikely source. But this person who she trusts turns around and threatens her!

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