• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 100 Preview

    This week, death seems to be lurking at Muhtesem Yuzyil! Mihrimah's and Rustem's daughter is kidnapped. When Rustem finds out that Nigar stole his daughter, he becomes crazy. Hurrem threatens Shah Sultan. Shah Sultan tries to locate Nigar, who is afraid. As Rustem is looking for his daughter everywhere, Nigar comes to the end of the line! 

    Suleyman comes face to face with his fears about Mustafa. Shehzade Mustafa thinks that his father has forgotten about him. Rustem tries to get rid of Lutfi Pasha, and also tries to have Mustafa pushed away from Manisa. Lutfi Pasha appeases his temper and gets angry, and does something that will cost him his life! Suleyman makes a very important decision about Mustafa.

    When Rustem hears the havoc in his palace, he quickly rushes into his daughter's room. Humasha is not there. As Mihrimah is mourning the absence of her daughter, Hurrem goes to Shah Sultan to hold her to account. Shah Sultan, who is shocked, is adamant to silence Nigar.

    While looking for his daughter all over Istanbul, Rustem finds out that Nigar has kidnapped her. Nigar is pushed into a corner. Nigar and Rustem will come face to face in a way that will shock everyone!

     Hurrem is resolute for Mehmet to go to the Manisa Sanjak as Rustem tries to set up a trap from Mustafa on one hand, on the other hand, he tries to make Lutfi Pasha look bad. He spreads some rumours about Lutfi Pasha.

    Mustafa is put at ease when he hears about the news of his brothers going to Sanjak. He falls into Rustem's trap.

    Continuing his raids on the pubs and brothels, Lutfi punishes a woman quite harshly. When this punishment reaches Shah Sultan's ears, they start to argue. Lufi Pasha in his anger, makes a fatal mistake! Suleyman makes such a decision about Mustafa that it brings about the beginning of the end....

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