• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 100 Trailer 3 ENGLISH TRANSLATION!

    Suleyman: "What is happening to the people around me, Malkocoglu?"

    Shah: "I divorce you, I divorce you....!"

    Hurrem: "We are going to send Mustafa from Manisa."

    Rustem: "My daughter...."

    Mihrimah: "If  even a hair on my daughter's head is harmed, I will  the burn the world over their heads!"

    Suleyman: "What is happening to the women and my children?"

    Malkocoglu: "While you do not fall into arrogance...we do"

    Sumbul: "I swear by Allah, blood will spill...blood!"

    Dervish: "Beware yourself...otherwise, the ones you love...you will lose them all."

    Malkocoglu: "Whoever a dervish who throws his skullcap in front of...bad luck will appear to that person." 

    Hatice: "A dagger was stabbed in the back of our Family in such a way that this blood will not stop at all...our Family (Dynasty) and this Great Empire will disappear."

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    1. I want to ask that question for a few days now, but since I don't have a facebook account I'll ask it here. There are some rumors that Meryem left the show (permanently or not wasn't definite). Is it true? If yes what is going to happen with the show now????