• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 129 Preview Translation

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    This week on Muhtesem Yuzyil, the harem will be shaken up! Huricihan receives a deadly blow. As everyone is waiting for her to open her eyes, Nurbanu is afraid of being exposed/caught. Beyazid attempts to find out who wounded Huricihan. When Selim finds out that it was Nurbanu who wounded Huricihan, he gets shocked! As Hurrem gets suspicious of Nurbanu, she receives the proof that Beyazid is searching for. Due to this, Nurbanu threatens Hurrem with exposing one of her biggest secrets! As such, Hurrem orders Nurbanu's death sentence. Even though Selim and Beyazid have returned to their provinces, the waters between them are not getting less choppy. A mysterious woman enters into Beyazid's palace and makes the war between the brothers even worse! Suleyman asks Hurrem such a question that will make viewers hold their breath! As the circumcision celebrations continue at the harem, a blood-spattered Huricihan shakes things up! As everyone waits for Huricihan to open her eyes, Nurbanu is waiting in fear. Nurbanu's situation makes Hurrem suspicious of her. An earring is found at the crime scene. Beyazid, extremely upset, tries to find out who perpetrated this act, and looks for the owner of the earring. As Selim is extremely sad for his brother's pain, he finds out that Nurbanu was the one who attacked Huricihan. Selim must now make a choice! Is he going to send his own wife to her death? As Hurrem sees how dangerous Nurbanu can be (especially to her), gives an order for Nurbanu to be killed. Nurbanu is attacked. Suleyman, who had not spoken to Hurrem in years, calls her to his room, and asks her a question that has been plaguing him for years!

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