• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 126 Translation

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    Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 126 Translation

    Sumbul leades the procession carrying the Cihangir's coffin. Everyone is standing watching. Suleyman has a monologue: "Rise to the heavens from this dirty world. May your soul rejoice. Your spiritual walk far away...you sprung to life from this world that is filled with evil and darkness. You made yourself a home filled with happiness and you started to live there. O my Soul. If this body of mine has died in this world, so be it, you take that body to our Creator. If the body has fallen into the soil, so be it. You, alone, by yourself, should be life."

    The procession passes through and Selim and Beyazid are among the pallbearers. Suleyman's voice "If the time of death came to you and made your face the colour of saffron, don't be sad. You will begin to sit in fields of tulips in a land far away. If you have been taken away from your friends and left alone, don't be sad. Be close friends with Truth. If you are far from that bread, then you become that spiritual bread. And give strength to the hearts and lives of people."

    We see as simple food is brought to Suleyman. (This "spiritual retreat" he is doing is called "itikaf" which is when someone secludes themselves in a place, normally a place of worship, and then devotes themselves during a time period to prayer and worship, without leaving, with the minimal necessities (therefore the simple bread and water Suleyman is given)
    The prayers are said for Cihangir's soul and Selim says: "Condolences to you, my brother...now only we two are left." Beyazid: 'It is true...first my brother Mustafa, and now Cihangir. How sad that those who should have died are still alive." Selim: "Do not have empty hopes Beyazid, one of us will survive and that shall be me."
    There is a recitation again of the Quran at the funeral ceremonies and Mihrimah says: "Mother, Cihangir was precious to us all...We can only get passed this pain by holding tightly to each other...We have no other choice." Hurrem gets up and Mihrimah chases her asking where she is going and Hurrem says angrily:"leave me alone!" Mihrimah motions for Sumbul to follow her.
    Suleyman meanwhile is in the small room contemplating and worshiping. His face looked scary to me, like in horror movies when a creepy doll stares at you... :o
    Hurrem is outside in the rain. She says in her thoughts: 'Oh Allah! Is there an end to this pain? Will it decrease? Or will it continue for the rest of my life like this? Oh Allah! My Lord, why did you take Cihangir from me? For my sins? If that is the case, take my life. I committed those sins. I am the cursed one, the sinner. I did everything. Cihangir was innocent. My son was innocent. My life should be taken...not my sons. oh My Allah! My life should be taken, not my sons. My life, not my sons." Lightening strikes and Sumbul shouts out to her. (again this notion they are implying of a child paying for their parents sins is bothering me...children are innocent of their parents crimes, imagine if we all thought this and applied this thought to everyone we saw whose kids were disabled or ill, or dead!)
    Suleyman is in his dark little room, shaking his head and calling out to God. It is affecting him I think.
    Mihrimah and Sumbul escort Hurrem and Mihrimah asks what if she becomes ill? Hurrem motions she wants to be alone. Fahriye advises Mihrimah: 'Sultanim, allow her to be alone..." Hurrem goes inside her dead son's room. She touches his belongings...and her eyes fall on his kaftan. She curls up holding it.
    Her husband meanwhile is falling asleep in his seclusion.
    Beyazid sees his mother and then closes the door. Mihrimah asks about her mother. Bey: "How else could she be? She is in a grieving state. She is lying down hugging Cihangir's kaftan. Nothing can console us now...Cihangir was the youngest of us, the most sensitive" Selim nods. Bey: "Our innocence. The only brother of ours who was free from this worry of the throne. Now he and my brother Mustafa are no longer here." I do not know how we shall look at each others faces now after this."  Selim: "Beyazid, you are the main reason why my brother Mustafa was drawn into wrong alliances. If you are looking for fault, then look in yourself first." Mih: "Enough, what are you taking each other to account for on such a day as this? Is this how deep your anger is? Leave blaming each other already. You are Hurrem Sultan's sons. You cannot fight, you must come to an agreement." Beyazid: "You do not understand Mihrimah...everything has changed now. Is peace possible? First ask yourself this?"
    Atmaca is suprise, surprise in Sumbul's cafe. He asks Yakup where Sumbul is and Yakup asks why and Atmaca replies he is a neighbour. Yakup says "he has returned to the palace and has turned the cafe over to me. Bon Apetite." Atmaca hears men talking, saying that with this much agony even a stone would break, that Cihangir could not handle it. Another person says that after Mustafa's death everything started and that as long as Rustem Pasha breathes Mustafa's bones will sizzle. When Atmaca gets up to go, Yakup calls out "my agha, did you not like it?"
    Sinan rests and Rustem is being told by the doctor that his condition is bad and that he needs lots of rest. Rustem tells the doctor not to be negligent and that unfortunately his life will not be the same as before and he will feel himself lacking (because of his arm). Rustem says that they must do whatever to protect him because of the psychological consequences. The doctor says that they will do whatever they can.
    When Sinan wakes up and sees Rustem he asks where he is. Rustem: "Be calm, I have brought you to the Marble palace, until you have recovered your health, you will stay here. I will accompany you." Sinan: "There is no need. I can myself -"  He is in pain and has to lie down again. Rustem says: 'I know you are angry with me, and we will talk about that of course, but right now is not the time, first you must heal and win your old strength back."
    Selim is in his room when the door knocks and Nurbanu enters and he greets her. Nurbanu: "What happened, or were you not expecting me?" Selim: "I was but not this soon." Nur: "As soon as I got your letter I left. My wish was to meet you at once. My condolences." Selim: "They are difficult days Nurbanu. You stay with me." Nurbanu: "I am here now. I will give you strength."

    Beyazid is with his Lala who says that everyone is sensitive and that Beyazid should be patient with everyone, especially while he is the regent, because a wrong step can bring on calamity. Beyazid responds  that calamity has already befallen him and that his innocent brother Mustafa was sacrificed for the ambitions of his mother and Rustem and that Cihangir died from his own suffering of pain, and so what could be worse than this, he asks. Lala says that his words are dangerous, because when the servant (of God) betrays, that is when God sends worse calamity.

    Lala hands Beyazid a letter from Hurichihan and Beyazid says that he also blames Hurichihan for his brother's death because if she had not exposed his marrying Mihrunissa then this time Suleyman would not have been so angry, and he would have believed his son and not listened to accusations. Lala tells him that he is right, but that thinking like this will have no end (if he thinks like this, there will be no end to it) and that there is no benefit in it for anyone. Lala adds "You know how I felt all along about Hurichihan Sultan...if it is up to me, I say write a letter for her to stay in Kutahya, away from sight, because the situation anyways is highly complicated."
    Meanwhile, Rustem tries to feed his brother, who says "I don't want!'  Rusty: "It will ease your pain, believe me." Sinan: "How can I believe, how can I trust you from now on? You left me alone to my fate (you didn't save me) You left me to die." Rustem: "I was going to come. I wore my sword. Allah is my Witness. Losing you would be a huge pain for me...after years you found me, I wasn't about to lose you." Sinan: "Then why did you not come?" Rustem: "Even the strongest have a weakness...mine is love. Mihrimah Sultan stopped me and prevented me. In the end it was a trap. They would have just killed us both. I wasn't even certain about you being alive, they could have killed you long ago." Sinan: "You could have done something to save me." Rustem: "I did, I sent my most trusted men to save you. But there was no one where they had said you would be. When I got the word, I thought you were dead. But thank God you are here! You are well. Those who did this to you - I will find that Atmaca and I will personally rip out his heart." Sinan: "Do you know why Atmaca let me free? So that every time you look at me, you remember how you sold your brother."
    Meanwhile, Nurbanu asks Selim how Hurrem is doing. Selim: "Cihangir's death has drawn her into a deep depression. I am even hesitant to visit her." There is a knock on the door and Mihrimah arrives. They all greet each other. Mihrimah: 'I just saw my nieces and nephew...they have grown...how are you?" Nurbanu: "I am well thank you. I was going to come to you to give my condolences...May Allah give Cihangir heaven" Mihrimah: "Ameen. Come to me later, now leave me alone with my brother." When Nurbanu has departed, Selim says: "Is everything alright Mihrimah? Did something happen?" Mihrimah: "For days it is on my mind...I could not say it (or ask)...because I ran away from facing it. Our Hunkar....what condition was he in? How did he deal with Cihangir's death? And from the pain of losing Mustafa?"

    Selim: "He is ruined (destroyed with grief)....he had ordered my brother Mustafa's death and along with that maybe alongside, also Cihangir's but he is the one who is most in pain ". Mihrimah: 'And Cihangir? Did he suffer greatly in the end?" Selim: "No. He died in a painless way. The doctors had given him opium syrup that is why. I wish I could have done something to prevent all of it...or are you also going to blame me the way my brother Beyazid did? Even before funeral procession has occurred, it is as if you are screaming "I wish it was you who had died instead"  And on top of that in front of everyone. If it continues this way, I must teach him a lesson (scold him)." Mih: "Do not Selim, do not. Despite everything, right now Beyazid is the regent. In this position of his, you have no choice but to show him respect."

    Rustem meanwhile is asking a guard if he has any word about Atmaca, but the guard says no unfortunately there is no news and that he is most likely hiding. Rustem responds: "Put more men to look for him, for sure they will find this dog." Guard: "What you said is not very likely, my Pasha." Rusty: 'What does this mean? What are you saying?" Guard: "We have been warned we cannot carry out your orders." Rustem: 'What does this mean? Which person said this?!"
    Meanwhile, Nurbanu is with Canfeda who says they must warn Gazanfer."If someone sees or hears then there are always those with bad intentions who want to make up bad meanings out of everything. Every place in this palace has eyes and ears..." Nurbanu: "Well there is no one now as you can see and if it wasn't important Gazanfer would not personally come to see me." They catch up with Gazanfer, who presents a letter. Nurbanu asks what it is and Gazander replies "Read it, read it Sultanim and you shall understand." And there is a flashback  where we see that Lala has sent Beyazid's letter to Hurichihan with an agha who has given it to Gazanfer for a reward. Nurbanu reads the letter and then says "what has been happened and we had no clue about it!" She smiles at Gazanfer and tells him that he has done a great work. He is flustered by her touch (ohhh guys is this another Mercan type scenArio???!!!!) and he says "if I could make you smile, how great." Nur: "And how! Ask what you want from me" Gaz: "I want nothing else but to be in your company and serve you." Nur: "Great. Soon such a ruckus shall overtake the palace...so that those who have taken Selim to account will pay for it."
    Rustem approaches Sokollu saying: "You have told the imperial guards not to take orders from me?! What is going on Sokollu, explain at once" Sok: "The conditions have changes as you know, how sad, but you are no longer the grand vizier." Rustem: "Are you aware of what you have said man?! Who are you to give such orders. Does it befall you?!" Sok: "The orders are not from me...it has come from the Grand Vizier Ahmet (Kara Ahmet) and actually, he is opposed to your presence in the palace. I have explained the situation to him, and you are here only here temporarily" Rustem: "Temporary oh yes? And your day has come...in Ahmet Pasha's shade you have done what you always wanted. But, do not forget Sokollu, this wind will cease one day and I will become grand vizier again."Sokollu: "God Willing my Pasha, I would like that too, but until then, it is imperative that I carry out the Grand Vizier Ahmet Pasha's orders." Rustem: "I, am Sultan Suleyman Han's son in law. Hurrem Sultan is behind me (in support), as well as Mihrimah Sultan. I do not want to include them in the situation, but if you get together with Ahmet Pasha and walk on his path, then you will pay with your life...did you understand me?! Now give the order to catch that Atmaca, if you do as I say and get him for me, maybe I will forget this disrespect you have shown me!"
    Mahidevran is holding Mihrunissa as they are on the way with Fidan in a carriage. Fidan says that is good that the medicine helped her to sleep, and Mahidevran asks what heart can handle such pain? First Mustafa, then Mehmet, and how many sacrifices shall they give? She tells Fidan to continue to give her medication and that hopefully when she returns to Algeria it will benefit her. Fidan asks if she should also give her (Mahidevran) the medicine and that it will calm her until they reach Istanbul.
    Selim is eating and Nurbanu arrives telling everyone to exit. She sits down and says: "My Shehzade, you will not believe what you will hear. Sh. Beyazid has married Hurichihan Sultan." Selim: "What are you saying? How did you find out?" She hands the letter and says it is thanks to Gazanfer. Then she adds: "He did not want to busy you with such things while you are still in mourning for Sh. Cihangir so he came first to me." Selim says: "Look at this! Let us see what my mother shall say upon seeing this letter." Nurbanu: "No my Shehzade, if Hurrem Sultan hears of this letter, she will want to quell the issue. Especially Mihrimah Sultan who will certainly prevent it. Sh. Beyazid will certainly deny it. He will say he has not written the letter. We cannot leave the matter to chance." Selim: "Seems you have things in mind..." Nurbanu nods.
    Nurbanu overhears Gulfem saying that Hurrem has locked herself in Cihangir's room and no one has seen her since that day. Fatma replies that this is how she is rewarded for what she did to Mustafa. Fatma says that these are good days yet, and that hopefully those who have passed (mustafa and Cihangir) will find the happiness they could not find in this world. Nurbanu overhears this and then approaches them. She says: "May they rest in peace, Cihangir and Mustafa, and may our Lord protect this household from further grief." Gulfem: 'Amen." She leaves. They watch her as she leaves. Gulfem wonders how Nurbanu approached them and Fatma says that "This woman is destruction Gulfem...do not look at her pretty face...she is aware that the balance of power is changing. She is handing out blue beads to everyone." Gulfem: "I doubt she will disobey Hurrem Sultan's orders." Fatma: "You can never be certain."
    An agha of Ebusuud's arrives with his letter of condolences to Beyazid saying that he has been affected like everyone else with sadness on Cihangir's passing. Beyazid tells the man to convey his loving greetings and respect to Ebusuud. He leaves, and Beyazid is left with Selim. Selim says "you have ordered good deeds to be done in the name of Sh. Mustafa and Cihangir. Why?" Bey: "Both of their levels were the same in my heart and so is the pain I feel for them. And I saw it fit, I am not going to take you to account." Selim: "You and your pain and mercy." Bey: "Mercy? I buried two of my brothers Selim. I do not have an atom of mercy left inside me. Did you still not understand?" Selim leaves.
    Mihrimah is with her daughter Humashah in Hurrem's room, when there is a knock at the door and Fahriye enters and informs her that Nurbanu  has come and wishes to see her. Mihrimah allows it. Nurbanu says she was wondering if she was alright since she was not present in the hall and that the harem is talking about Hurrem's condition. About her pain and grief and that for them it is a celebration (specifically she is referring to what Gulfem and Fatma were saying). Nurbanu suggests that Hurrem Sultan should get on her feet, but Mihrimah says it is not easy, because she is now a mother who has lost a son...and that "hopefully if Beyazid and Selim do not fight, my mother will eventually find peace. Everything is up to Selim of course." Nurbanu: 'I did not understand, Sultanim." Mihrimah: "Beyazid is impulsive. Selim will find something to pick on." Nurbanu: "Hurrem Sultan had given Selim support saying he does not walk alone, or are you not of the same opinion as your  mother, Sultanim?" Mihrimah: 'How dare you?! Am I going to give you an explanation?" Nur: "Never Sultanim," Mihrimah: "I see that foxes have started running around in that pretty head of yours. Be careful hatun, do not interfere in matters that don't concern you. You do your duties. Busy yourself with your children. Make Selim happy, that is enough. The mourning has ended...the time has come for my mother to leave the room."
    Mihrimah tells her brothers to wait outside Cihangir's room.

    Meanwhile, the doctor has comet o check on Suleyman who has fallen asleep. He says it has been forty days! (the man has been in that room for forty days!!!) Meanwhile, Hurrem is holding Cihangir's things...Suleyman packs up his things, looks at the room he has spent more than a month in and finally leaves.

    Mihrimah goes to her mother "mother, I know what I might say will be pointless...for the rest of our lives we shall carry the pain of this. But your two sons and your helpless daughter are waiting, missing you and your countenance. You have no choice but to live your life for us." She calls out to her brothers. They enter and hug their mother like they used to when they were little.
    Suleyman is announced and he arrives with he doctor behind him and then tells Kara Ahmet that the should get ready for they will be going to Amasya.

    Mahidevran has come to Istanbul. She greets her friends who console her. Then she introduces Mihrunissa, and that she will be going to Algeria and until then she will be staying here with her. Gulfem prays that God give her strength and Mahi says that she is breathing only so that just like she burned, may they burn as well. Mahi says she wishes them to be cursed and until then she has no sleep or death. Fatma says that it has already started and informs her that Rustem has hidden and that God has punished Hurrem with the biggest punishment of losing her child. Mahidevran smiles. And Mihrunissa asks what about Suleyman, saying isn't he the one who killed Mustafa and Cihangir? Fatma tells her to come to her senses and that how dare she say such things about a member of the Ottoman dynasty. And that no one's actions will go unpunished, if not in this world, then in the next. Then Fatma tells them they can stay with her until their rooms are prepared.
    Sumbul informs Mihrimah of Mahidevran's arrival. Mihrimah asks what she has to do here, and Sumbul says that Mustafa's wife is also here, and that Fatma must have called them otherwise they would not have been able to enter. Mihrimah comments that this was the last thing left and says it is obvious they came to take Hurrem to account. Sumbul says that he did not tell Hurrem as if she hears she will feel worse than she already is and that she is not well anyway.
    It is night, and Hurrem is still in Cihangir's room. She wakes up and reads a letter: "If one day you have a pain, don't turn to God and say that you have a big pain, turn to your pain and say that you have a mighty Great God."
    We see Mihrunissa who gets a dagger and then we see Hurrem leave Cihangir's room finally and Sumbul announces her. When she enters the harem and she sees Mahidevran. Meanwhile Mihrunissa walks through the hall and then calls out to her. Mihrimah tells her mother "lets go from here." Everyone watches and Hurrem tells everyone to move away." Mihrunissa: "The light in my heart has gone out, Sultanim... You took away the owner of my heart, my Shehzade. I have been buried into the darkness. Just as I was being drowned in this bloody ocean, my son, Mehmet held my hand. He pulled me out from the well of sadness and grief. I depended on him, I hugged him... But you, Sultanim... You took him from me as well... If he had been beside me, another glimpse and glimmer of hope would have arrived. Birds would have sung, and flowers would have bloomed in the mountains... The smell of roses would have encompassed everywhere, as opposed to the smell of blood! You, Sultanim, you have changed the season in my life. You have started such a winter... This wind will NEVER die down. It will pick up and sweep away everything that it comes across. It will drag everyone to their own fate. My winter has ended, Sultanim. Your winter has just begun." She then proceeds to slit her throat with her dagger and her lifeless body falls to the ground. Hurrem is in shock and Mahidevran falls to the ground, not comprehending what is going on around her. 
    PART 2

    Suleyman finally arrives in Amasya. He does not say anything to Yahya. He walks inside and hears voices of Mustafa, his wife, Mahi etc. He enters what used to be Mustafa's room which is now empty of all furnishings except the bed, sofa and fireplace. There is a rolled up paper on the bed. He goes to it and opens it and reads: "Help, help! Half of this world has been destroyed! The agents of death have taken Mustafa Han. They removed from this world a great man. They have wedged a massive pain between greatness and the family of Osman."

    Suleyman shouts for Lokman and asks him to call Taslicali. Meanwhile, Zal approaches Yahya asking him what he is waiting for. When he doesn't answer he says answer my question. Yahya says: "I do not have an answer to give to a dog such as you." Zal: "Watch your words Yahya, do not forget, neither your position as a Bey remains, nor your orders. I can send you to hell just like I sent Atmaca." Yahya spits in his face. Just then Lokman arrives telling Yahya that the Sultan is calling him. Lokman then advises him: "Watch yourself with the Sultan he is very sensitive at this time if you want to keep your head of course." Yahya: "Thinking about Sh. Mustafa in this world, would it be too much to pay for it with my head?"
    Yahya enters the room and Suleyman turns around "Have you wrote this?" Yahya nods and then says: "Will someone read it, and is it enough to ease their pain and affect them, I do not know Hunkarim. but, my strength was only this much. In front of your orders, my neck is lowered (I am at your will) it was not my fate to die as a soldier, so if anything, I wish to die as a poet." Suleyman: "Your writing is powerful, your poetry, great. It means in this world, this was your calling (your duty in the world) I do not know when or how our Mighty Lord shall take your life...but you will die as a poet. While I am alive, no one can blame you for this eulogy, and no one can punish you for it. Now get on your way and do not show yourself in front of me again." Yahya is surprised, and then exits and this must be the last time we shall see him in the series...
    Fatma and Melek are outside. Melek: "The people are very angry right now, God protect us, why did we come outside?" Fatma: "The people know who it is. They won't touch me. Mahidevran must return at once...her condition is scaring me. I want her to stop crying, but it is impossible. Hopefully I can sprinkle some water onto her burning heart" Melek: "How will that happen Sultanim" Fatma tells them to wait there. She moves forward.
    We see Atmaca: "Sultanim, it has been a long time."
    We see Rustem is asleep and he wakes up when Mihrimah enters, ready with his dagger. Mih: "Rustem, now you sleep with your dagger? While there are so many guards at the door?" Rusty: "Who is loyal, who is a traitor, it is hard to tell. I am not safe anywhere Mihrimah. How is Hurrem Sultan?" Mihrimah: 'She is better. For me and my brothers she is trying to get herself together...God Willing Selim and Beyazid stay peaceful, she won't get worse...they are the only two left, they won't fight - there must be another way. " Rustem: "There is no other way Mihrimah. The end of this road is the grave. At the end of this road is death...one will fall, the other will stay on his feet. One is Able, the other is Cain. Time will tell which one will be victorious."
    Meanwhile, Atmaca says to Fatma: "So it means Mihrunissa hatun could not stand it any longer. May her place be in heaven." Fatma: "Mahidevran is not well at all...but at least she is getting strength from her pain. Her desire for revenge is great." Atmaca: "I wanted to meet with you about this subject. As you know Rustem has returned to the palace. Do you not have any news from your husband Ahmet Pasha? It was necessary to have sent Rustem far away from the palace by now." Fatma: "It is obvious Sokollu has prevented it. But what is the use? Ahmet Pasha will come to the Capitol sooner or later and do what is necessary. Our Hunkar is staying in Amasya."  Atmaca: "Amasya? Why?" Fatma: "Who knows. Maybe he wanted to say goodbye to his son - I must go now, I must make preparations before Ahmet Pasha comes. If something happenes, send word to the New Garden Palace. I will meet you then."
    Beyazid is in his room with Lala when there is a knock on the door. Kara arrives and welcomes him: "Welcome to the capitol Ahmet Pasha. Not everyone is destined to be the Grand Vizier of our Hunkar. I congratulate you, and believe that you will carry out this position in a worthy manner." Kara: "You honour me, you have made this servant Ahmet of yours, happy with these words." Bey: "Great. What news have you brought? Speak." Kara: "We are in the midst of negotiating a treaty with the Safavids. Tahmasp is ready to make serious concessions for peace."  Bey: "What war? This campaign, as you know was more so planned for Sh. Mustafa's death, than for war with Tahmasp."
    Bey: "How is our Hunkar?" Kara: "He has gone through very distressing days, but now he is much better. His health is fine. I have personally told him about how you have done a great duty as regent, and he is quite pleased." Bey: "He knows about the revolt in Anadolu right?" Kara: "News has gone to the different provinces. The Beys are taking care of it. They are not serious revolts anyway but the revolt in Rumeli might be a cause for headache." Kara: "A imposter Mustafa has come out in the Selanik area, and he is trying to gather soldiers, they say his numbers have already reached five thousand. The fake imposter. They say he is a common Janissary who looks very much like Mustafa. And the traitors who believe it have gathered around him."
    Bey: 'What is your recommendation?" Kara: "We must quell the fire before it gets bigger. I will investigate immediately and inform you about it." Bey: 'Great. You may leave now."
    Lala, who seems to be about to burst with worry, says as soon as Kara is gone: "Oh my! Shehzadem, please be careful of what you say. Ahmet Pasha was Sh. Mustafa's friend but it is difficult now to ascertain who he is aligned with. Your words could go to our Hunkar, God forbid. In this time, it is not obvious who is friend who is foe" Beyazid nods.
    Hurrem is silent and Mihrimah calls out her name: "The subject that is troubling your thoughts is Mihrunissa right?" Hurrem asks: "Is Mahidevran still in the palace?" Mahi: "After the incident they took her to the hospital, she has been there for quite some time. She must have lost her mind. Fatma Sultan is very involved. She has taken her into her room. She's ill and sleeping." Hurrem: "She should have left long ago...but she is staying just to make me unhappy." Mih: 'Forget it mother. Forget it. Look at the future. We have a great danger in front of us. Ahmet Pasha has come, he is together with Fatma (in her doings0 and won't leave us alone. Rustem Pasha must go back to his position." Hurrem: "Mihrimah, Ahmet Pasha is a respectful man of the state. Just because Fatma Sultan has married him does not change this truth. While he has not harmed us at all, I do not want to go against him." Mihrimah: "So what will happen to Rustem's situation?" Hurrem: "We will wait, Mihrimah. I do not want fighting. I have gone through difficult fights...I am very tired and you are the biggest witness of this."
    Lala is in the gardens when Hurichihan arrives. She tells an agha to inform Fatma and Beyazid that she has come. Lala rushes over: "What are you doing? Why did you come here?" Huri: "It seems you haven't heard, my Shehzade invited me. He said he wanted me by him. And soon as I got the letter I set out."
    Nurbanu is admiring herself in the mirror when Canfeda arrives and Nurbanu says she will come in a while and asks if the children are sleeping. Canfeda says they are still sleeping and Canfeda says that Hurichihan has arrived and she wished to bring her the news. Nur: "Finally, keep your eyes on her." Behind Nurbanu we see Selim. "You are very happy." Nur: "Canfeda just came, Hurichihan has come. I would not want to be in Sh. Beyazid's shoes..."
    Fatma and Kara are together. Fatma: "Good morning." Kara: "I missed those days where I used to wake up beside you." Fatma: "And I have missed the nights that we spent together. For the first time in these days I woke up happy...I was very pleased about our Hunkar appointing you Grand Vizier. But I was also that sad...because as you know, (basically she says here the his life might be in danger as Grand Vizier but the sentence is difficult to translate because it doesn't make sense in English, so this is the best I could do) " Kara: "Do not worry, I took precautions...I have taken a promise from our Hunkar." Fatma: "You are a credit to your name. But you do not be trusting of that...be careful. He who has killed his own son will not pity you even an atom's worth. This era is not an era where those who deserve victory win. Rustem will not rest. He will want his old position back." Kara: "You are right, he must fall and not get up again" Fatma: 'We must get rid of him once and for all. His every breath is oppression for those who loved Shehzade Mustafa." Kara: "It seems you have somethings in mind." Fatma: "Actually, everything is tied to everything else. Right now, Beyazid is the biggest contender to the throne. He is the actual pupil of Hurrem's eye. If God forbid, something happens to our Hunkar, he will get on the throne. In this way, Hurrem and Beyazid's rule will start. Rustem will right away take his place next to them. However, Selim has been keeping his distance with everyone. Don't pay any attention when you see him cozying up to Hurrem, they are all lies. If we take him under our influence, if we stay beside Selim, that is when we can hurt Hurrem."
    There is a knock on the door and Beyazid is told Hurichihan has come. She enters happily and he says angrily: " Why did you come Hurichihan? On top of that when I had ordered you to stay in Kutahya!" Huri: "What are you saying Beyazid? You write a letter telling me to come and then you scold me about it." Bey: 'What letter are you talking about?!" She shows him the letter. Huri: "You don't have the right to treat me like this, I did not come to hear these kinds of words." Bey: 'I did not write this letter...this is not my letter" Just then Hurrem enters saying "Hurichihan!? Why are you here?" Bey: "Hurichihan is not at fault, someone has played a game on us."
    Meanwhile, Nurbanu and Selim are walking outside. Selim: "Beyazid will be shocked and wonder what to do when he sees Hurichihan." Nur: "Soon we will get the news." Gazanfer arrives. "the Grand Vizier Ahmet Pasha wishes to see you." Selim asks what the issue is about and Gazanfer says he does not know and asks if he shall call him but Selim says no he should wait and he will go to him.
    Nurbanu asks Selim what Ahmet could want with him and Selim says that during the campaign they were together and he was being very close to him. Selim says he would rather Kara as grand vizier than Rustem and Nurbanu agrees saying it is good to deal good with the new grand vizier and that maybe he is looking for an alliance with Selim and Selim says it is possible because it is well known that Kara has no respect for Rustem just like Selim does not have respect for Rustem.
    In Amasya, the Austrian ambassador, Augier Ghislain de Busbecq has come to Suleyman. Suleyman accepts him and Busbecq relays greetings of peace from his King Ferdinand and presents gifts. The Austrian Ambassador Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq is ushered in to the room and is made to kneel down in front of Suleyman. Busbecq: "The Great King of the Turks... I send my greetings to Sultan Suleyman Hazretleri and carry a message of peace from our King Ferdinand. If you would accept our gifts, we would be very pleased." Pasha: "What does your king Ferdinand request from our lofty Sultan Suleyman?" Busbecq: "If your mightiness would grant us our right of the land of Transylvania, we would be very grateful and would in return pay a lofty sum in return every year." Pasha: "A few years ago, your forces entered into Transylvania and were not able to defend it adequately. Do you really think you can gain with gifts what you could not gain in war?" Hadim Suleyman: "First you must return the Hungarian lands you annexed from Zápolya." Suleyman: "What has the king written in his letter?" Busbecq: "Our king has requested a lasting peace for decades to come. For this to occur, he is requesting that your Akinci forces be stopped from entering our lands." Suleyman: "Great... As long as Austria does not return the lands it annexed (from Hungary), then it will not experience any peace or comfort.  That being said, I am giving them a period of six months of peace so that they can smarten up. Within these six months, my forces will not attack Austrian soil." Suleyman leaves and the Pasha says "Our Sultan is feeling charitable today," to Busbecq.

    Meanwhile, Selim goes to meet Kara. They greet each other and Selim welcomes him saying the campaign was long and weary. Kara says that with a treaty the campaign ended and that the Sultan has gone to Amasya and after a while will return. Selim comments that Kara's presence has made them happy and that the Sultan and he himself, are very pleased with him. Kara says he is honouring him. Selim: " I have a good feeling inside that we will be getting along well together. I hope I am not wrong." Kara: "No, the last incidents have been a great lesson. As a statesman of this dynasty, I see a worthy, well-raised, loyal to the Sultan Shehzade in you." Selim: 'I am pleased you think this." Kara: "But it is not this easy...Sh. Beyazid is a difficult competitor. You must take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself in order to pass him." Selim: "What opportunities are you talking about Pasha?" Kara: "There is a imposter Mustafa in Rumeli. He has come out saying that he is Mustafa and that he has not died. They are taking strength. The Hunkar has ordered that he be stopped at once. As the regent, this duty falls to Beyazid." Selim: "What do you mean?" Kara: "This rebellion could be a test for Beyazid. As you know, Sh. Beyazid is very  over sensitive. He acts on emotions." Selim: "Beyazid gets excited. He takes steps without thinking. And I think forty times before taking a step. That is how I act." Kara: "And this is the most important characteristic of a Shehzade of course."
    Hurichihan is welcomed by Fatma who asks why she has come and that she has not sent letters for a long while as well. Huri replies that she came to give condolences and is she not happy to see her. Fatma says she missed her and there is lots of things to talk about. Huri replies that for sure, but right now she must ask her leave, she has come a long way and she needs to rest and that before it gets too late, she wishes to visit Mahidevran. Fatma says of course, and whatever she sees fit. But something does not please her. And she says to Melek: "Hurichihan is doing something fishy, mark my words."
    Hurrem meanwhile says to Beyazid: "If Huri keeps her mouth shut, no one will suspect. People will say she has come to visit Fatma Sultan. If a single person finds out everyone will find out that you have married her. And the news will get as far as our Hunkar. For this reason we must keep silent. Hurichihan must return to Kutahya as soon as possible." Beyazid: "How are you going to get the person who wrote the letter to stay quiet." Hurrem: "I wonder if Rustem and Mihrimah were speaking about this matter to each other and somebody overheard? Could Lala Mustafa have done it?" Bey: "I don't think that at all possible, he would not dare to. He was the one who warned me to keep her in Kutahya. On his recommendation I wrote a letter for her to stay in Kutahya." Hurrem: "It seems someone has stolen that letter." Bey: "Selim!" Hurrem: "Impossible! If he had found out he would have come to me." Bey: "Do not be this certain mother, I expect anything from him" Hurrem: "You are forced to trust him...end this enmity against your brother!"
    Nurbanu is with Selim and says that Hurrem would want to hide the incident with Beyazid and Hurichihan. Selim laughs and says that it is impossible, and that right now they must be talking about what to do. Nurbanu says they should hurry and inform the Sultan with a letter and Selim says no, and that the Sultan should not know it is from him and that he is not sure if he should go against Beyazid like this. Nurbanu eggs him on saying that this is not the time to lose, since he has the upper hand. Nurbanu says "The hunkar killed one his kids in front of your eyes the other one died from his grief..." Then she adds that Mihrunissa was right in what she did and if something were to happen to Selim, she would do the same thing.
    Meanwhile, Hurrem tells Fahriye to keep her eyes on Hurichihan and that if she tries anything fishy to prevent her. As Hurrem goes down the hall she comes across Mahidevran. "Hurrem, it is not done...I have cursed you so much that my Lord made you taste the loss of another child. You will burn in hell. Your place is hell. Then she tries to strangle Hurrem. Sumbul arrives. She screams that God should punish Hurrem the same way (for Suleyman to kill one of her kids) and that that beloved Sultan of hers is a killer of his own child. "Do you hear me?! Do you hear me?!"
    Rustem confronts Sokollu telling him he must be extremely happy and it is cause of celebration for him. Sokollu says never, he has understood him wrong. Then Rustem is told that the grand Vizier awaits him. Rustem enters and Rustem says "What's up Pasha? You wanted to see me?" Kara: "A Grand Vizier stands in front of you. Negligence in your respect will be cause for a painful punishment." Rusty: "It seems that you have taken me as an enemy." Kara: "You already have enough enemies. Maybe you should not add me onto that list. Now get your things together and leave the Palace. "  Rustem: 'Are you aware of what you are saying? How dare you." Kara: "Are you going against my orders?" Rusty: "No, I would not dare, but the regent and our Sultana want me to stay here." Kara: "What is important is what our Hunkar wants. Until he returns you will stay away from the palace as you have no duties here. Now go yourself or I will have to order the aghas to get you out." Rustem: "This position that you occupied is my position. Today, or tomorrow I will sit there and my first order will be to take your head." Kara approaches Rustem and tells him not to make big statements and "before you know it I could take your head if i wanted. Now get out of my face, I don't want to see you."

    Mahidevran is taking her leave. Fatma tells her she wanted her to stay but after the last incidents it would not be proper and the best would be for her to stay afar away. Mahi says she is right, because it is best for her to stay in Bursa where her son is buried and Gulfem tells her to take care of Nergishah who is their only momento and she will always help her. They present her with money for Mustafa's tomb. Mahi tahnks her and they hug and that her curses will not leave Hurrem alone and she (Fatma) should not stop to do whatever she can. Gulfem wishes her a safe journey. They part ways. Mahidevran turns around and sees Hurrem and Mihrimah who watch from the terrace and then she gets in her carriage.
     Mihrimah tells her mother that the whole harem is talking about the curses she spat out. Hurrem says she should not think about it, because since the first day she came to the palace, Mahidevran never had a good prayer to give anyway. Hurrem: 'Now she leaves, and it is impossible for her to return again." Mihrimah asks her mother if she has thought about Rustem Pasha's condition and Hurrem says "Later Mihrimah" Mihrimah leaves and Sumbul steps forward saying "For a long time our Hunkar has not written a letter, aren't you going to ask his condition?" Hurrem: "Neither do I have the condition to write a letter, nor does he have the condition to answer. By ordering his son's death, he is stoking his hand in the fire. He ripped out his own liver and put it on the table. Cihangir is gone. Now nothing will be like before. Not I and not him." Sumbul says that finally love will prevail and that for all these years this was how it was.

    Beyazid is sitting on the terrace when an agha announces Rustem Pasha has come. He arrives and tells him about Kara telling him to leave the palace at once. Beyazid says he knows and Rustem says that is he going to allow this, and that the moment he leaves the palace the traitors will bounce on him. Beyazid says the Sultan wants this and that perhaps he is still angry with him and that while this is the condition, he should not make it worse and that he should not worry as he will post more guards for his protection.
    Atmaca meanwhile is in the markets and tells a man to tell Huseyin Cavush to meet him where he has specific.

    Meanwhile in the harem the girls are gossiping about Hurichihan and she overhears and asks what they are talking about they say nothing, and then she says tell me! But they just deny. Then they continue talking saying that since she has married Beyazid she has gotten brave. Then we see Nurbanu who congratulates Canfeda and says let us see how they try to hide this now.
    Fatma is speaking with Melek saying look at Hurichihan, (referring to her marriage) and Melek wonders how they had hid it for so long. Fatma says that it must have been decided together with Beyazid to hide it, and that naturally they are afraid of getting in big trouble. Then she wonders who had heard this secret and exposed it?
    Mihrimah is saying goodbye to Rustem and says she did not want it to be this way and that her mother has been helpless in this matter and Rustem says he is sure it is like that. Sinan arrives and tells his brother that the preparations are complete and that he brought his own guards too, and also there are those imperial guards Beyazid has appointed for them. Rustem thanks him and tells him that his presence has given him strength. Then he says he will wait outside.
    Rustem tells Mihrimah that Hurrem does not think clearly anymore and that whatever must be done, they two must do it now. He says that she should not forget that if he does not become grand vizier again, it will be impossible for Beyazid to get on the throne and that she should not trust Sokollu either because he has gotten under Kara Ahmet's wings now. Mihrimah asks if they have been the ones who brought Hurichihan, and Rustem says they will do anything. He tells her not to be sad, and that while he is alive no one can harm her or her family.
    Rustem takes one last look before he gets in the carriage.

    Fatma is confronting Hurichihan and asks why she hid her marriage to Beyazid and was she to learn this from the cariyes? Hurichihan: 'So they learned about it it means." Fatma: "Hurichihan!" Huri: "Beyazid wanted that! And he was right. I will do anything to protect him." Fatma: "Doesn't Hurrem's anger mean anything?" Huri: "Hurrem Sultan knows anyway. For years now. She, like me, did not say anything for the sake of our Shehzade." Fatma nods and then there is a knock..Melek comes and tells her that she has found out who exposed the marriage. That it was Canfeda, Nurbanu's kalfa. Hurichihan takes permission to leave.
    She goes and confronts Nurbanu. "Nurbanu hatun! Come here at once." Nurbanu: "Did something happen Sultanim?" Huri: "Who are you? Who are you to dare to gossip about me?! No your limits." Nurbanu: 'My name is Nurbanu...Nurbanu Sultan. Sh. Selim's favourite.  Mother to his four children. You cannot talk to me this way." Huri: "Know your place! Leave four, even if you have fourteen children, it would be useless! You are a slave. And this will never change. Now, give me an explanation at once." Nur: 'I do not know what you are talking about Sultanim. I did not do any gossip about anyone. and I won't. If you are talking about the news about you? I heard that also. In truth it is a big scandal. God Willing it won't reach our Hunkar's ears!" SLAP. "Impudent! Who are you to speak to me this way!?" Fatma intervenes. "That is enough." Huri: "Sultanim" Fatma: "Return to your room. Hurichihan. And you all, mind your business. Are you all right hatun? Don't give her any thought. I know you had nothing to do with this matter. Anyway how could you know? She is sensitive. She doesn't know what she is doing. Return to your room." Nurbanu to Canfeda: "That woman will pay for what she did. I will show her."
    Rustem and Sinan and arrived and we see Huseyin peeking. Sinan shows him his room and says that if he needs anything, there are aghas. Rustem comments "Look at my condition!" Then we see Atmaca hiding in the wall, literally. He steps out slowly, as Rustem is pouring himself water and hits Atmaca with the jug and then uses his swords "I will rip out your liver with my own hands." At: "You don't have anywhere to hide." Rustem: 'Your Shehzade is not here anymore." They fight and then Rustem gets away but Atmaca takes his brother "Rustem, your brother. Drop your swords." Rustem: "Drop them" Then he moves forward "At: "Get out of the way!" Rustem: 'Open the way!" Atmaca goes with Sinan and then Rustem follows. Outside, Rustem tells his men to drop all their weapons. Atmaca to Sinan: "Your brother had sold you out last time, and you trusted him again. You protected his back, but you made a mistake. Tell your men to drop their weapons." Rustem tells his men to drop their weapons.

    Meanwhile, Beyazid rushes to Selim. "First you stole the letter and then you sent another one to Kutahya and then you announced it to everyone! Don't deny it!" Selim: "If you are talking about the marriage to Huri I heard about it! You made a dangerous mistake, but you blaming me is pointless. It seems I am not your only enemy." Bey: "You are lying!" Hurrem enters.
    Rustem tells Atmaca to give over his brother. Atmaca nods and then says "watch carefully, this is death is on you." As he goes Huseyin and his men shoot at the guards who go after him and then they run away. Rustem is holding his brother and crying.
    Hurrem is with Selim and Beyazid. Bey: 'As I guessed, Selim was the one who announced to the world that I was married to Hurichihan. I told you." Hurrem: "Your brother got into a mistake. He learned from it. But how can you expose his mistake in such way? He is not your enemy." Selim: "So you knew and you hid it is that right?" Hurrem: "Sh. Mustafa had done the same mistake. You saw his end. Don't you understand what I did?!" Selim: 'What does it matter, Beyazid did a mistake and you knew and hid it, our Hunkar should know of it." Hurrem: "No he won't. Never! You will be quiet and I will make everyone quiet! You will promise!" Bey: "Don't waste your energy mother, instead of standing in front of me like a man, he can never stop behaving like a woman...he never stopped..." Selim hits his brother. Hurrem stops Beyazid: "Till here....get out of the palace, I don't want you here. He will go mother. I order him." She rushes after her son. "Be calm...we will solve everything." Selim: "You gave a promise mother, that I would not walk alone, will you keep your promise?" Hurrem: "Selim, please, this is not the time for this matter." Selim: "No this is the time, answer me. Do you keep your promise?" Hurrem: "When I gave that promise, it was during the war against Mustafa. Now the person in front of you is your brother, my son. While I am alive, you cannot fight each other. You will not harm each other. I will not allow it." Selim: "I got my answer mother. Enough. Do not waste your breath."
    Selim goes to see Kara. "I accept your offer, the Rumeli rebellion shall be Beyazid's greatest test."
    THE END.
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