• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 129 Translation

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    We see Hurichihan still lying on the ground.

    In the Harem, Hurrem is announced and she is followed by Mihrimah. They take their seats and the party continues. Mihrimah asks her mother if she has spoken to Beyazid and Hurrem nods. Mihrimah says that she has done the right thing. Next, we see Nurbanu freaking out and trying to fix her clothing and returns to the harem and takes her seat, looking shaken. We see Hurichihan's fingers move.

    Beyazid watches his brother Selim speaking to his father and Suleyman notices.

    In the harem the entertainment continues and Canfeda asks if she is alright and asks "you spoke to Gazanfer, what was so important?" Nurbanu: "Not now Canfeda, later!" And then we see Hurichihan, disoriented and in pain, walking down the hall. She arrives in the harem and looks into the party. Hurrem sees her: "Hurichihan? What happened?" Fahriye shows there is blood on her head and Hurrem turns to Nurbanu.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is with his sons. He says: "It is time already to return to your sanjaks. You should make preparations at once." Selim: "As you command, Hunkarim" Suleyman turns to Beyazid who nods. Rustem speaks: "Hunkarim, as per your noble decree, the tax  issue which has come from Egypt has been taken care of. The surplus amount will not be taken out and not collected next year, in this way, the matter of the injustice done against the people will have been taken care of. Suleyman: "Great. The people are a trust to us from Allah.  If we do not take care of that trust, that how can we answer God." Sokollu: "A messenger has been sent to Bursa, your orders for Mahidevran Sultan will be carried out soon." Suleyman: "Great." Bey: "Forgive my curiousity Hunkarim, what decision have you made about our Sultana?" Suleyman: "Mahidevran Sultan had used the fortune I had gifted her to support the rebels. Whatever she has will be taken and put back and she will not be taking a single akce from now on from the treasury." Bey: "How do you know it was true Hunkarim? Maybe those who accused me wanted to put their blame on her." Rustem: "Their is certain, absolute evidence in our possession my Shehzadem, like Ahmet Pasha, she had unfortunately supported the rebels." Lokman arrives and says: 'Hunkarim, Hurichihan Sultan has fallen in the middle of the harem gallery and she has been taken to the hospital."  Suleyman: "What happened to her?" Lokman: "I don't know, but it is obvious her condition is not good at all." Suleyman nods to Beyazid to go.

    The doctors are with Hurichihan, while the women including Nurbnau wait outside. Hurrem catches Nurbanu looking extremely nervous and nods for her to come over. Hurrem: "What happened Nurbanu? What is this anxiety?" Nurbanu: "I am not anxious, I am just worried about Hurichihan's condition." Beyazid is announced and he comes straight to his mother. Bey: 'mother, where is Hurichihan what happened to her?" Hurrem: "Do not worry my Shehzade, the doctors are with her they are doing whatever is needed."Bey: "Then what happened?" Hurrem: "We don't know what happened, she collapsed on the floor and had blood coming from her head. She most likely has hit her head somewhere." Beyazid asks the door to be opened and then goes to Hurichihan, his mother follows him.

    Beyazid: "Hurichihan! How is her condition?" Doctor: "She has wounded her head quite badly, my Shehzadem." Hurrem: "Will she recover?" Doctor: "It is hard to say for now, we will pray. God is Great." Bey: "How could this incident happen doctor? Where could she have fallen (hit her head)?" Doctor: "I don't know how it happened, my Shehzade, only this is not an accident."

    Nurbanu meanwhile rushes to her room frantically and Canfeda follows saying: "Sultanim, it is obvious something happened. Please don't hide it from me, tell me maybe I could be of some help." Nur: "It is because of Gazanfer!" Canfeda: "What did he do to you?!" Nurbanu: "He proclaimed his love to me, just when I was about to yell at him as he deserved, I noticed Hurichihan Sultan...she had followed and then saw us...I followed her, she threatened me. She was going to slander me.She was going to say there was a relationship between Gazanfer and myself. Allah, what disastrous thing have I done!" A cariye informs Nurbanu that Selim has come. Nurbanu tries to dry her tears and then notices one of her earrings is missing. She takes off the other one. Selim enters the room and takes a seat. She asks: "Selim, how is Hurichihan Sultan's condition?" Selim: "She is unconscious. But it has gotten out that someone has tried to strangle her." Nurbanu: "How? She has marks on her body...strangling marks. God Willing she comes to her senses as soon as possible and this matter resolved. Let us not talk about this now." Nurbanu: "It is necessary for us to give condolences to Beyazid...I think you should visit him. It will also please our Hunkar." Selim nods.

    Hurrem is washing her hands in her room and Mihrimah says: "Just as all our problems were finishing, this had to happen. Who do you think has done it, do you have any guesses?" Hurrem: "I do not know, I don't want to blame anyone unfairly." Fatma enters. Fatma: "Just like you made the world an unbearable place for her mother and father, you also didn't show any mercy to her. Without blinking you wanted to kill her right?" Mihrimah: "Sultanim, watch your words. Without knowing -" Hurrem interrupts: "Mihrimah. Hurrem:"Sultanim, even if a stone hits your foot you will blame me. And according to you I am at fault for all the deaths and bad things, whereas they all got sacrificed to their own ambitions and they are all in ruin. But do not doubt at all - this will also be your end." Fatma: "You have really lost yourself Hurrem...you are playing with fire." Hurrem: "You still didn't understand did you? I am that fire."

    We see Fahriye who tells the aghas to question every single person and that certainly there will be someone who has heard or seen something. Then she leaves with Sumbul who says that if she knows anything he doesn't know she should tell him, but Fahriye says that it had nothing to do with them and Hurrem is surprised and shocked about the whole thing. Sumbul asks then in that case who could dare to do such a thing. Fahriye shakes her head as she does not know. An agha arrives saying he has found the scene of the incident. He shows him the hall floor and points out "there is blood too" Sumbul says to Fahriye to inform Beyazid at once.

    Canfeda meanwhile waits outside Selim's room for Nurbanu who exits and approaches her. "One of my earrings is missing. It fell when I was fighting Hurichihan. You must get that back for me. Canfeda, you must do this." Canfeda: "Where is it, my Sultana?"

    Meanwhile Beyazid has arrived in the hall where Hurichihan had fallen. He sees the blood. Sumbul: 'Shehzadem, the aghas found this (he hands him the veil) and according to Fahriye, it belongs to Hurichihan Sultan." Beyazid: "Did you look properly? Was there anything else?" Subul: "We are looking, I wanted to send news to you at once."

    Canfeda has come to that same hallway and sees the aghas, she turns around and finds Fahriye who says: "What are you doing here?" Canfeda: "I had somethings to do in the laundry room, I was headed back to Nurbanu Sultan." Fahriye: "Don't snoop aroun, otherwise you will get in trouble."  Once Fahriye has gone to Beyazid Canfeda comes back and hides in the corner.

    Beyazid to Fahriye: "You will find out every single person who walked through here today." Fahriye: "As you wish. I will even start with the aghas." Beyazid: "I don't understand for what reason Hurichihan was here. Why would she come here?" Sumbul: "Maybe she came from the main gardens, Shehzadem, or she was going there. But why would she go at the time of the celebrations?" Beyazid sees the earring. Canfeda peeks from the corner. Nurbanu is with her son who says: "Mother?" when she notices how nervous she is. "What happened to you? you look so sad." Nurbanu: "I am well, my son. There is nothing to worry about. There were some bitter incidents in the harem, my mind is on that." Canfeda arrives. Nurbanu: "What happened Canfeda, did you find it?" Canfeda: "Unfortunately, I could not get there in time, Shehzade Beyazid found the earring." Nurbanu: "What are you saying, Canfeda? If they find the truth, they won't let me live."

    Hurrem is standing over Hurichihan who is still unconscious.Hurrem: "Unfortunately the situation continues to be serious. Our Sultana is hanging on by a thin thread. On one side death, on the other life. the doctors have been called, hopefully she'll win this battle and make us smile again." Suleyman: "Who would dare to do this Hurrem? THe investigation continues Hunkarim. And whoever it is, I shall punish them with my own hands." Selim: "What a condition the poor girl has come to." That's when Beyazid enters.  "Hunkarim, mother, I found this of Hurichihan , and this earring was also there." Hurrem: "Is this also hers?" Beyazid checks and says: 'No it's not hers mother. Whoever is the owner of this earring, is the one who brought Hurichihan to this condition." Suleyman reaches out and takes the earring and then says: "Sumbul, investigate at once, you will look under every stone, and you will bring whoever the traitor is who has brought my niece to this condition!" Sumbul: 'As you order, Hunkarim." Suleyman: "Beyazid. The doctors will do whatever is necessary, we shall pray and with Allah's Permission, she will recover." Bey: "God Willing Hunkarim" Selim: "May it pass, Beyazid."

    In Bursa, Nergishshah tells Yusuf to put some Narcissus flowers as well. My father really loved them. And also the tulip bulbs. "They will all be planted around the complex in the garden of my father's tomb." Yusuf: "Do not worry Sultanim, as you wish it, that is how it will be done." Nergisshah "Who are those men Yusuf?" Yusuf: 'I will find out just now." Yusuf: "Aghas, what is going on, who are you? For what reason have you come?" Man: "I am Numan Cavus (sergeant). I am coming with the order of our Hunkar from the capitol. I need to see Mahidevran Sultan."

    Meanwhile we see Mahidevran seated and Fidan says that she has not eaten and if she continues she will become ill. Mahi says that it is enough and to inform the servants to take it away. There is a knock and Nergishshah arrives: 'Valide Sultanim, a sergeant has come from the Capitol, he wants to see you, and says he has important news." Mahi: "Let him come."

    Numan Cavus: "Mahidevran Sultan Hazretleri, I am the grand vizier Rustem Pasha's personal messenger." Mahidevran: 'Do not take that unlucky man's name in my palace. And was he not removed from his position? Why do you still call him grand vizier?" Numan: "Kara Ahmet Pasha has been executed for crimes of bribery and sending money to the rebels. Our Hunkar has re-appointed Rustem Pasha once again." Mahi: "He had only removed him for fear of the soldiers anyway - to be sacrificed - and at the soonest opportunity, brought him back again." Numan: "I don't know about all of this Sultanim, I came here to carry out our Hunkar's orders." He hands over the order. Mustafa: "As if it is not enough to take my son and grandchild, does he want my life now?" Numan: "It has been determined that you have supported the rebels of the Fake Mustafa in Edirne and the surrounding area. For this reason, all your wealth except the palace you are staying in, will be returned to the state treasury. Also, your monthly income from the treasury has been cancelled. From now on you will not be receiving a penny from the treasury." Fidan: 'How can this be?" Nergishah: 'Sultanim?" Mahidevran: "Go tell your Padishah, may his wealth and palace enter the ground, what good have we seen from his palace so far? We don't need it. And is this not why he killed my son? For wealth and rule, for land? He thinks this world is going to be his forever. May his every morsel be poison. Now go tell him all these, if you don't I will take account from you. Now get out of my sight." Numan: "Forgive me Sultanim, but there is one other important thing. Our Hunkar has married Nergishah to the Beylerbey of Anadolu our Sultana must go at once to Ankara." Nergishah: 'No. No. Sultanim, I don't want to get married." Mahi: "Get lost! Go to hell. Yusuf take him from here!" Yusuf takes the sergeant out and Nergishsha falls into her grandmother's arms...Mahidevran prays to God for justice for those who made all this happen to her and her family.

    Canfeda meanwhile is with Nurbanu and asks her what must be done. Nurbanu tells her she does not know, and that if she knew, she wouldn't be quiet like she is right now. There is a knock and Fahriye enters. "Forgive me Sultanim, but we must search the room." Nurbanu: "You are in a Sultana's room! Who are you? With what right do you do this?" Fahriye: "It is our Hunkar's orders, Sultanim. For this reason, do not make things difficult." Nurbanu: "Is this about Hurichihan Sultan?" Fahriye: "What happened Sultanim? Or is there something you have to hide?" Nurbanu: "I have nothing to hide from anybody." Fahriye: "Hopefully. Look everywhere! Search every place inch by inch."

    We see everyone being searched. The cariyes too. Nurbanu: "As you saw, the thing you are looking for is not here. I don't have anything to do with Hurichihan Sultan." Fahriye: "The slap Hurichihan gave you is in my mind just as if it was yesterday. Who is to say that you aren't acting out of hatred?" Nurbanu: "Who are you to accuse me? It is obvious who is Hurichihan Sultan's real enemy. You should know this better than I do." Fahriye: "Hurrem Sultan did it? Is that what you want to say?" Nur: "I did not say anything like that, now, if your work is done, get out of my room at once!"
    When they are alone again, Nurbanu says to Canfeda: 'They are after me, Canfeda, that much is obvious." Canfeda: "Where is it Sultanim, we should get rid of it at once." Nurbanu: 'It is in Sh. Selim's room, in my nervousness I just threw it somewhere." Canfeda: "You hid it in a good place, thank God, no one will look in our Shehzades room. But still, before it gets in anyone's hands we must get rid of it."
    Nurbanu looks around in Selim's room and can't find it "Oh God, where is it! Are you sure you put it there? Maybe in your frantic state you put it somewhere else?" Nurbanu: "Oh God, what shall I do now? Canfeda, come let's keep looking."

    Beyazid is with Hurichihan when his mother arrives. Hurrem: "How is her condition?" Beyazid: "The same. There is no change. You are very tired, go to your room. Rest. Somebody is looking after her." Bey:" Who did this mother? You are not hiding anything from me right?" Hurrem: "Beyazid, you and me, we are now on the same path...I swore to protect you and all who you love. I promised. While I am alive, you will not be hurt again. I will not allow it."
    Selim is with Nurbanu. Nur: "What are you thinking?" Selim: "If Hurichihan dies this matter will not end here. They won't leave this matter alone." Nurbanu: "They even searched my room. As if I did it. I can't tell you how embarrassed I was." Selim: "Nurbanu...tell me the truth, you don't have anything to do with this matter right?" Nurbanu: 'How can you ask Selim, of course not. But if they want to find someone to blame, they will look for someone to sacrifice, what if I become the sacrifice? Everyone knows I didn't get along with Hurichihan Sultan" Selim: "Don't worry, when I am with you, no one can touch you. I won't let them." She tries to get away from him so he won't see the marks on her body but he does in the mirror. "Nurbanu, what are these wounds?" Nurbanu: 'I didn't notice, maybe when I was running after the children." Selim: "What did you do?"
    **In the next scene, we see Beyazid at Huricihan's bedside"
    In the next scene, we see Nurbanu with Selim, she says that she had no choice, "she attacked me. She didn't leave me any other choice. I was forced to protect myself." Selim: "Why did she attack you? For sure you must have done something to trouble her." Nur: "Because she is a sultana right? So she must not be at fault. How sad I have don't have as much value as her in your eyes." Selim: 'Nurbanu don'tturn it on me, you know what you are trying to do. Would Hurichihan attack you for no reason. For certain something happened." Nur: "Fine, I will tell you the truth. Hurichihan Sultan was jealous of me because she could not give our Shehzade a child. When I reminded her of this, she attacked me again. I saved myself with difficulty. I fI did not protect myself against her, I would be the one in her place right now." Selim: 'What kind of trouble you put on our heads! If Hurichihan comes to her senses and says what happened. I do not know what we will do then. You will get me in trouble too." Nur: 'Selim, I -" Selim: "Do not dare Nurbanu. Do not say a single other word. Return to your room. Get out Nurbanu!"

    Beyazid is with Hurichihan, he says: "Huricihan, my Sultana, I am here..."**

    We then see Canfeda and Nurbanu in the hallway. Nurbanu: "My Shehzade Selim found everything out... Oh Allah, please help me! I need a miracle!" Sumbul then slinks close to them and tells her that Hurrem Sultan is waiting for her, he tells her that he doesn't know why she is calling her, but they both (Can and Nur) need to come with him immediately.

    Back in Huricihan's room, Beyazid asks her who did this to her... She starts to breathe more heavily, and he tells her not to leave him, as she is the only person left in his life. She then dies. The doctor attempts to save her life, but informs him that she has passed away. He then lifts her into his arms and he cries out of deep sadness.

    Nurbanu and Canfeda enter Hurrem's room and Hurrem says: "I chose you to look out for my Shehzade, I even gave you your name. This was a gesture of my good will. What did you do? You overstepped your bounds, greatly!" Nurbanu: "If the matter is Fatma Sultan, I never betrayed you... As you know, I cannot take someone from the dynasty as an enemy." Hurrem: "You now have me as in front of you. If you could be this courageous, then who is Fatma Sultan?... Let us come to the actual matter at hand... One of these earrings was found at the location Huricihan was attacked, and the other one was found in Shehzade Selim's room. You didn't think that I would check there, did you? Who do you think you are? Nobody can breathe in this palace without my permission, don't you know this?"

    Nurbanu: "Sultanim, it was an accident... I swear to you by Allah that I will no longer do anything without your permission! Please forgive me, please don't give me up, for your grandchildren, for Shehzade Selim!" Hurrem: "You should've thought of that earlier! You cannot even slap a Sultan! Your punishment is death, and you will pay for this with your life, you too hatun (Canfeda)!" Canfeda exclaims that she had no fault in this. Hurrem orders Sumbul to take both of them to the prison. Nurbanu: "You will protect me, and this will all remain a secret between us. If you expose me, I will explain everything you did... Years ago, you had ordered me to kill a Sultana, and I did it. I'm sure you didn't forget about Nazenine Sultan." Hurrem: "Are you threatening me?" Nurbanu: "You have left me no choice..." Sumbul: "Who would believe your word over Hurrem Sultans?" Nurbanu: "Everyone will believe the letter written by Hurrem Sultan, everything is clearly written in there. I have tens of letters from you. If they ask me why I killed Huricihan, I will say that you ordered me to, as everybody knows that you hate her!" Fahriye enters the room and informs Hurrem Sultan that Huricihan died, and that Beyazid is in the care room, and that he is not doing well. Hurrem orders Nurbanu to go back to her room and not leave it without Hurrem's permission. Nurbanu looks highly relieved.

    PART 2

    Hurichihan is dead and her face is covered. Beyazid, Fatma and Gulfem are present and Hurrem arives. Beyazid hugs his mother. When they leave the room, Selim gives his condolences to Beyazid and Mihrimah and Rana do the same. Then fatma says: "Felicitations to you. You got rid of Hurichihan." Mihrimah says: "Sultanim, it's not the place now, please." Fatma: "Whoever took her life will be exposed and even if everyone leaves this matter, I won't let it go" Selim: "Did Beyazid love Hurichihan a great deal?" Hurrem: 'If that wasn't the case would he have gotten married and taken the Hunkar against him? May Allah make everything for the best, even love."
    Meanwhile Suleyman finds his on on the terrace and he goes to join him. Suleyman hugs him. "Ali (the cousin of the Prophet) has said that life is two days, one that smiles on us, and the other one that is filled with sadness. Do not be arrogant in the first one, and do not give up hope in the second one."
    Beyazid: 'if that is the case Hunkarim, then I have started life in the second kind of day because I have not had any lack of sadness in my life." Suleyman: "Everything is Willed by God my son. Life and death. What befalls us is to put our trust in Him. Death is the end to this transitory life. Death is the opening of the door to the eternal life."
    Rana  is with her sons who say they want to see their father, and Rana says that not now, but later. She is walking when Fahriye approaches her and Rana says "I was going to come see you, I wanted to see Hurrem Sultan and give my condolences." Fahriye: 'First answer to your deeds Hatun!" Rana: 'What did I do?" Fah: "You killed Hurichihan Sultan!" Rana says she swears she did not do it, Fahriye responds asking what this earring had to do in your room then. Rana says that the earrings are not hers. Fahriye tells the aghas to take her to her room and says "you can answer our Shehzade!" Rana cries out that she did not do it.
    Meanwhile, Suleyman is with his sons and he says "how longs it has been that we have not gone out hunting. We can go to Edirne and together go out hutning." Selim: 'That is a great idea Hunkarim, and Beyazid is down and the fresh air will be good for him." Bey: 'Hunkarim, if you permit, I would like to return to my sanjak. You can go with Selim if you like. I don't want to make anyone unhappy with my gloomy presence." Sumbul has arrived: "Hunkarim, finally the murderer has been found" Suleyman: "Who is this traitor?" Sumbul: "Unfortunately, the one behind it is the Shehzade's favourite...Rana Hatun." Bey: "What are you saying, she is my Shehzades mother! Do you have proof?" Sumbul: 'We have founf the earring we were looking for in her belongings. She is in your room awaiting questioning." (Do they honestly think we are supposed to believe that they will accept a suspicious suicide like that??)
    Nurbanu is in her room and Canfeda arrives: "Rana Sultan was found dead in her room everyone knows her as being Hurichihan's murderer now. We are saved." Nurbanu responds that they might be rid of this trouble but that there is a greater trouble awaiting them - Hurrem will not forget and she says that she is certain she will end up like Rana.
    Nergishah meanwhile tells her grandmother that she does not want to go to Ankara and "please don't let me be separated from you." Mahi: "Maybe this is better...staying here with me, you will continue to grieve, and mourning will never leave you." Nergishah: 'No, I am happy to be with you. And my father, and brother's graves are here. I won't leave them." Mahi: "Nergishah, my beautiful grandchild, in the spring of your life, in the beauty of your youth, I cannot allow for you to wilt away with me. My only wish from my Lord is for your home to be happy, and find happiness in your husband and children. Maybe you will have a son, and you can name him Mustafa. And he could be brave and a warrior like his father " Fidan: "Our Sultana is right, if not today or tomorrow you would marry anyway." Nergisshah: "And what will you do? Especially since your allowance has been cut and you handed everything you had out. And I know how much debt you have because of my father's tomb." Mahi: 'Don't worry about these things, my beautiful girl, what use do I have for wealth, as long as I have a place to live that is enough for me."

    In the morning we see that Atmaca has come to see Yusuf who says: "Atmaca, you?" At: 'As you see I am still alive. I will tell you everything." Yusuf: "No, don't tell me. I don't want to hear it. All these years you were alive and you didn't come to visit me or Mahidevran Sultan. You didn't even send word. Now what could you possibly have to say?" Atmaca: "Yusuf, be calm." Yusuf: 'How can I be calm? You left us alone defenseless, they took away Shehzade Mehmet and Mihrunissa Hatun committed suicide. We went through pain, pain you could not imagine about! You were not here then, so don't be here now, go on your way." Atmaca: "Yusuf, let me explain" Yusuf *punch* "You lost that chance long ago. Go from here. Wherever you were all these years, return there."
    Hurrem: "How is my Beyazid today?' Fahriye: "He is better, he is strong, he will withstand." Hurrem: "After the deaths of Mehmet and Cihangir, my heart is now three pieces. Selim Beyazid and Mihrimah, the three of them are very precious...That snake called Nurbanu, where is she?" Fahriye: 'She does not leave her room. She is probably scared." Hurrem: 'I put that snake in my son's company with my own hands, it grew up silent and without noise and I didn't even know! How sad, I am only able to see her situation now! She was the one who encouraged Selim , she is going to make my shehzades enemies of each other." Fahriye: 'What are we waiting for Sultanim? Give the order and let us crush her head!" Hurrem: 'Don't hurry, everything has it's time."
    Selim is playing chess with his father and then says "Father it is your turn." There is a knock and Nurbanu enters. "My Shehzade, come leave me and your father alone" Murad: "But it is not finished mother" Nurbanu: 'You can continue later."

    Nurbanu says: 'or are you thinking of handing me over with your own hands?" Selim: 'I am not thinking, what you did is unacceptable. But I don't want to go against Beyazid and my mother anymore." Nurbanu: "Only for this reason? Doesn't your love for me have any effect on this decision of yours?" Selim: 'Nurbanu if I didn't love you I would have given your name to them (told on you) without even thinking. I would not be silent. You must know this. I am still angry with you. I don't know how we are ever going to get over this last incident." Nurbanu: 'I will make you forget everything. Time will help us both heal."
    Selim goes to visit Beyazid "May I come? You are still thinking of Hurichihan right? " Beyazid: "These days I have been living with many dead people and speaking with them. it made me extremely tired to carry brother Mustafa and Cihangir in my heart. Now along with them, I have to carry Hurichihan." Selim: "Iisn't there a way for you to leave them behind." Bey: 'No, there isn't, you want to know why? Because they left this world too early, left a lot of things halfway...left us lacking, and that is why they will always come after us."
    In Mihrimah's palace, Rustem is with his wife and Hurrem. Rustem: "You know all the things we have gone through recently and all the things Selim has done. If we had not intervened, Shehzade Beyazid would have been harmed, or Selim would have been harmed. From this point on we can't leave it to chance." Mih: "Rustem is right mother, we cannot trust Selim anymore, it is necessary for us to take precautionary steps." Hurrem: 'It is obvious you have something in mind." Rustem: "Yes, Sultanim, we do. We must send the one to Manisa who does not do things from their own whims. We need someone who can reign Sh. Selim in." Hurrem: "I agree. Who are we going to send then, did you think of that as well?" Rustem: "Of course...aghas!" Then we see Beyazid's Lala enter.
    We see Atmaca looking at Mustafa's tomb being built and Mahidevran who has come there too. Yusuf: "Didn't I tell you to leave? What are you still doing here?" Mahi: "Yusuf...go with Nergisshah and Fidan to plant the flowers you brought. Go now." Mahi: "I was very shocked when I heard from Yusuf that you were alive and that you had come to Bursa. years passed, and not a sound or news came from you. You must have an explanation in any case."
    Rustem meanwhile says: "I am removing you from Kutahya Lala Mustafa. From this point onwards, you are not Sh. Beyazid's Lala." Lala: "Forgive me my Pasha, and Sultanim, if I have done a mistake I beg your forgiveness." Rustem: "Wait, do not be anxious, I am removing you from Kutahya, because I am appointing you in Manisa. From this point on, you are going to be Sh. Selim's Lala." Lala: 'SH. Beyazid is not in complaint of me hopefully? We have had our moments of difference, but I only worked for his safety." Hurrem: "It will be like this still, Lala Mustafa. Your duty will not change anyway. Sh. Selim desires his brother to go on the wrong path, for this reason, you will go. To prevent him. Did you understand your new duty Lala Mustafa?" Lala accepts and says that they should not have even the farthest doubt that he will do whatever is necessary for Beyazid's benefit. There is knock and a cariye announces Beyazid's arrival.
    Mahidevran meanwhile says to Atmaca: "So it means Mustafa left Beyazid entrusted to you, is that right?" Atmaca nods: 'As you know, he was loyal and loving of our Shehzade." Mahi: "That much is clear. But no matter what, he is Hurrem's son Atmaca." Atmaca: "I thought the same too, but getting to know Sh. Beyazid I learned that Beyazid does not resemble Hurrem Sultan." Mahi: "Who does he resemble then? Sultan Suleyman? In that case it is much worse." Atmaca shakes his head: "No. He is strong and intelligent just as our Shehzade was. He sent his respect and greetings to you. On top of this, he has sent gold for our Shehzade's tomb." Mahi: "I don't need it. I am not in need of anyone's charity." At: "Sultanim, this is a gift. He wanted to show his love and respect for our Shehzade." Mahi: 'Why don't you just say he was ashamed of what his father did. He took all my wealth and land from me and ceased my allowance." At: "I hear this from you for the first time. In that case you must accept this gold." Mahi: "Take it back, I have a good amount of gold that will last me. Anyway how long will I live for?"
    Beyazid asks: "What is going on, why have you assembled like this?" Lala: "My Shehzade, for all these years I have been with you, it is obvious we never really saw eye to eye, but know that whatever I did I did it to get you ready for the throne, because I know, the future is your right to that throne." Bey: "I am curious as to the real matter." Rustem: "I am appointing Lala Mustafa to go be with Sh. Selim. In this way he cannot dare to work behind your back as he did with the matter of the fake Mustafa rebels." Bey: "You have thought well. It is difficult to know what he Shehzade Selim could do next. For his own benefit he would do all kind of lies and tricks." Hurrem: "I am sure Sh. Selim has calmed down and will stay proper. Lala Mustafa's presence will only be a precaution." Rustem: "While Lala Mustafa is there, Sh. Selim will know that our shadow will always be over him"
    At night, Hurrem awaits in front of Suleyman's doors and when he exits she calls his name. "I have come from Mihrimah's palace, Beyazid was there" Sully: "How is Beyazid?" Hurrem: 'He will need time to recover, but he is strong as you know he will recover." Suleyman: 'When will my Shehzades return to their sanjaks?" Hurrem: "In a few days God Willing - Suleyman...Beyazid and Selim are precious to us. Our hope. They are both smart, brave, but they are still inexperienced. They might make mistakes, but it is within our hands to prevent this. We must not take our eyes off them. We must show our support and concern for them." Sully: "You are right, whenever they go off on their own, bad news comes." Hurrem: "In order to prevent these unfortunate things, I thought it might be good to send Fahriye to Manisa and Lokman to Kutahya, of course if you see it fit." Suleyman: "Fahriye adn Lokman are experienced in matters of a palace, and they will be able to manage and keep the peace in my Shehzade's harem. You have thought good." Then he walks away.

    Back in Selim's room, Nurbanu tells him that she has had some quail prepared, because he likes it; she tells him that they would both benefit if they went to Manisa. Fahriye enters the room and tells him that within two days, they will be going, and that Fahriye will be going with them, based on Hurrem Sultan's orders, and the Hunkar's approval. She leaves and Nurbanu says that Hurrem Sultan has seen her as an enemy. Selim tells her not to make a big deal of it, and that his mother must have put some wisdom behind her decision. 

    In the next scene, we see Yusuf approach Atmaca and ask him if he is leaving, Atmaca confirms. Yusuf: "Mahidevran Sultan told me everything you have gone through, but I still cannot forgive you..." Atmaca: "I wish I could have done more..." Yusuf: "You will return, right? You won't leave me here alone..." Atmaca: "Of course I will. Until then, our Sultan and the palace are left in your care." Yusuf: "Can't you stay a bit longer??" Mahidevran, watching this scene unfold, remembers her own son and grandson. Fidan tells Mahidevran that their situation is not good, especially since she didn't accept the gold given to her." Mahi asks her how long they can last, and Fidan says that they can last for up to one year with the current funds they have, as she has hundreds of people in her staff. Mahi tells her to send much of the staff members with Nergisshah. Fidan agrees, and says that they can last much longer if they do that. Mahi: "You go too. You can look after my grandson." Fidan: "No. I would rather die than leave you..."

    In Istanbul, the two Shehzade's are taking their leave of their parents, and they kiss their hands out of respect. Hurrem glances at Suleyman, who does not look back.

    In the harem, Sumbul tells Lokman and Fahriye that he doesn't know what he will do without them. Lokman: "They won't make you sweep the floors, don't worry :)" Sumbul: "Don't forget to keep Hurrem Sultan's orders in mind, keep your eyes open, your job is important, especially you Fahriye, that Venetian hatun will give you headaches!" Fahriye: "Not to worry, Allah will help me."

    On the balcony, Hurrem tells Suleyman that they are now left alone together, and the voices of their Shehzade's and grandchildren are slowly getting further away. Hurrem: "If you wish, I can have a lunch prepared for us. We can eat together and talk... it has been a while..." Suleyman: "Not now. Leave me alone."

    Hurrem exits the room and tells Sumbul that the Hunkar has surrounded himself with walls. No matter what she does, she cannot get over that wall. Sumbul: "The loss of a child is great..." Hurrem: "Not just that, but he is clearly feeling pangs in his heart." Sumbul: "Sultanim, please do not leave him alone with his pain. As you know, when a person confines themselves, it is much easier for them to fall." Hurrem: "Allah forbid. He is very strong, but I will definitely be by his side. We do not have any other cure except each other..."
    Beyazid and Selim are ready to leave. Selim: "Who knows when we will meet again. Hopefully all the bad incidents between us remain in the past. I do not want to separate from you in this way." Beyazid: "You should have thought of that, before stabbing me in my back with a dagger. How can I forget you working for my end?"  Selim: "Are you all that innocent?" Bey: 'It is obvious I didn't do traitorous things like you!" Selim: "In that case why are you sending Lala Mustafa after me? If you are innocent and without sin, then  say why?" Bey: 'This has nothing to do with me." Selim: 'I am sure that is the case. Your eyes are clouded with ambition and revenge. Who knows what kind of treachery you are after?" Lala: 'Shehzades, please end this argument, this doesn't look good in front of our Hunkar, afterwards you cannot explain this later."
    In Manisa Dilshah says she wonders why the "whore" from Venice has come back, and that while she was away they were all so happy. The other cariye says that she has said just what she felt also, that now she won't leave them at peace. Nurbanu is announced. She enters and says "Hatuns, I got gifts from the Capitol for you, come choose." Dilshah: 'it is as if she is giving charity to beggars." Nur: 'Dilshah Hatun, what business do you have among the cariyes, didn't I tell you not to come down here again? You are now the tailor's apprentice...you cannot leave the tailor's quarters." Dilshah: "I came for the measurements of the cariyes, if you wish, I can also take yours." Fahriye: "Don't be insolent Hatun, you are standing in front of a Sultana. Silence, get back to your place." Nur: "While I was away you really got ahead of yourselves! Get your acts together. Or I won't feel pity and throw you out the door! From now on Fahriye Hatun is in charge of my harem." Dilshah says: 'Fahriye Hatun who does she think she is? Hurrem Sultan?" Fah: "Take your things and go back to your duties."
    Lokman meanwhile is speaking to an agha: "I am here from now on. Whoever comes and leaves, I will be the first to know." A kalfa arrives "Where are these hatuns coming from?" Kalfa: "They have come from the Capitol, Hurrem Sultan has sent them, she has chosen them personally for Sh. Beyazid." Lokman approaches one of them and asks her name. She says "Defne." Lok: "Hurrem Sultan must want Beyazid to forget his grief. Take them to the hamam, get them cleaned up."
    Meanwhile Beyazid is with Atmaca who gives him condolences about Hurichihan's death, then Beyazid says that one by one people he loves are dying and that this must be test for him from God. Then he asks about Mahidevran and Atmaca says she is fine but explains that she did not take the gold, and Beyazid says he suspected as much. Then he adds that she is a trust to him from his brother Mustafa and that he must take care of her and that there should be contact between them.

    Meanwhile, Selim is with Lala and tells him not to confuse him with Beyazid. "If you do things behind my back, you will pay for it." Lala replies that he does not have any intention to do anything like that and that "you are entrusted to me by Hurrem Sultan and our Hunkar. My only wish is to serve you in a worthy way." Selim: 'So I just said what I had to at the beginning so we don't have a headache later on." Once Lala is gone, Nurbanu says: "I do not like this man we must be careful, don't look to his words, whenever you make your first mistake he will dig your well" Selim: 'I know, I am aware of everything...but I am not about to deal badly with him and I don't want to make those in the Capitol upset. That is the way Beyazid does things. Hopefully he (Lala) will act intelligently."
    We see the new girl named Defne in the hamam and the kalfa explains to her how much grief Beyazid has gone through, losing his two brothers and losing Hurichihan and then Rana and that his little Shehzades are left without a mother. Defne says: 'Hopefully I can be the remedy for his wounds." The kalfa is happy and says" Ameen, may our Shehzade smile once again!"
    Nurbanu is in the hall and she comes across Gazanfer: "Thank God we returned, now the worries of the Capitol are behind us." He comes closer, she says: 'Stay there, Gazanfer, don't come close to me. If you are still alive, it is only for one reason - Shehzade Selim. I do not want to make him unhappy for no reason. However, you will be careful of your actions, the smallest mistake from you I will not pity you and I will make you disappear!"
    Back in Kutahya, Defne trips out of excitement and Lokman tells her "be careful, you haven't even met our Shehzade if you do, what will happen?" Lokman enters and says "Hurrem Sultan has sent cariyes from the Capitol and the most beautiful is waiting behind the door, if you wish, she can enter your presence." The girl is about to enter, and Lokman says that Beyazid does not wish to see anyone, then he tells the Kalfa to return to the harem hall. The Kalfa says: 'Do not be worried Defne, do not rush, you are here from now on anyway, if not today there are other days. Now come with me." She tells her to follow her back.
    Fahriye meanwhile is leading Dilshah to Selim's room. Dilshah says if Nurbanu hears she will be in trouble as she is not even allowed near the room. Fahriye says that she will deal with her. Just then Nurbanu comes from behind. Nur: "Fahriye Hatun, what do you think you are doing? You intend to send her to our Shehzade's room." Fahriye: "I thought it would lift our Shehzade's spirits and he would feel better. Is there a problem with that?" Nur: "She is no longer our Shehzade's favourite. Even if she was, I don't allow it. I know your reason for coming here anyway. This is my palace. My words are orders here. If you disturb the peace, you will deal with the consequences." Fahriye: "I came on Hurrem Sultan's orders. Do not think of me as a regular kalfa. What does it mean to stop the cariyes going to halvet." Nur: 'I am not answerable to you. Go now, take this hatun and leave." Fah: "You know, but this will not please our Shehzade."
    Dilshah: "I told you Fahriye hatun, you cannot even control her." Fahriye: "By myself maybe I can't but if we work together, things will change." Dilshah: 'What do you mean?" Fahriye: 'Nurbanu's time is up.  Hurrem Sultan wants to get rid of her. If that happens, your star will shine, of course if you have the courage to fight for your future."
    In Istanbul, the doctor tells Suleyman who is out in disguise that it has been quite some time since he has left the Palace and that hopefully this will be good for him. Suleyman goes to Sumbulhane and checks out the coffee beans and smells them. Then he goes to sit down. Yakup arrives and welcomes a man who is with his child in his lap named Kudret agha who says: "Can you please bring a coffee and a milk for my grandson?" Yakup: "Right away, and welcome to you too my Bey (he says to Suleyman)" Sully: "Thank you, please also bring us two cups of coffee"

    Suleyman starts talking to Kudret and prays for him and Kudret says that a parent loves his child, but there is nothing like grandchildren. Suleyman asks what his name is and Kudret says: 'His name is Mustafa, we loved Shehzade Mustafa very much. To let his memory live on we gave him this name." Another man says "May he be a brave warrior like him" Someone else: 'What a shame for our Shehzade, it was a game of that Russian witch Hurrem, with her lies and accusations, our Shehzade would never betray our Hunkar." Yakup: "Don't talk without knowing and spread gossip good sirs. Would the mighty Sultan Suleyman kill his son out of nowhere? There must be a reason."
    Meanwhile, Lala is with Selim and says that there is someone to meet him, a servant of the state, a very trustworthy trader and that for long he wants to meet with him. Selim asks who it is and Lala says: "Yassif Nasih. He has been coming and going to the capitol for quite some time." Selim: "I have heard his name" Lala: 'he has sent you precious gifts. Aghas!" An agha shows a Persian carpet and Indian fabrics as well as alcohol from Cyprus that is very rare as precious as Emeralds. Selim asks what the need is for gifts, if the matter is state affairs then he should just come meet him at a suitable time. Lala motions for the aghas to place the alcohol on the table.
    Meanwhile, Yakup tells Suleyman that he can bring Coffee with milk, somthing he himself has invented as it takes away the sharpness of it, and Suleyman says he has no need, and if he just brings be water. Then, a dervish comments "oh people drink it and don't even think is it permissible or is it a sin to drink it?" Yakup: "What sin? It is coffee, it makes you sharp, what else do you want?" Dervish: "Yes, but it makes people lose their sleep. This trend has increased so much that every few metres there is a coffee shop. Whoever drinks it the candle stays lit in their home until morning." Yakup: "You are here all day, how does that make sense? These are excuses, excuses!" The Dervish turns to Suleyman: 'You seem like an experienced person Bey, do you think this drink is permissible or not?" Suleyman: "The taste is obvious, the effect of keeping one alert is also there, but other than that, it is necessary to ask Ebu Suud Effendi, the Shaukh ul Islam. Man: "Eh, don't listen, I don't care about his words!" Yakup: 'Yah, be quiet man! You are going to get us all in trouble." Suleyman: 'Why don't you trust EbuSuud Efendi's words, he is a great scholar!" Man: "Oh never, he is very knowledgable, but they say he got together with Hurrem Sultan and Rustem Pasha and gave a fatwa over Sh. Mustafa"  The doctor friend: "How do you know he was innocent? If he hadn't done obvious betrayal do you think our Hunkar would take such a hard decision?" Man: 'He was thirty eight and he did not betray once, I never heard or saw, would a rebel shehzade wait this long? With all those janissaries behind him"  Suleyman looks up and imagines the little Mustafa there.
    Nurbanu is having a bath, and she asks the cariye to bring fruit as she wants to eat some. Nurbanu is told that Fahriye is calling Canfeda. Nurbanu tells her to go. Canfeda says that she is suspiscious of Fahriye as she has seen the way she looks at her. Nurbanu says "She can't do anything. Watch and see how I burn her like a candle." They leave, with Nurbanu alone in her tub.
    Lokman tels the cariyes to hurry up as they set the table.
    Sumbul arrives to see Hurrem and says that there was news that Suleyman has called her to his presence.
    Suleyman is on his terrace waiting and he replays the things he heard in the market. He opens a box and in it another one that holds Mustafa's ring and then puts it back and pulls out the letter and reads it again. There is a knock and Hurrem enters. She says "You asked for me?" Hurrem: "O eyes, do not use your tears to drown away the fire in your heart. Water will not benefit a fire that burns this much."
    Meanwhile Lokman continues to tell the cariyes to hurry, but Defne remains behind, she picks up a Quran and puts a letter in it. And we see that Nurbanu says to her: 'Unintelligent hatuns think matters are done in the bed, but that is not enough, you must get into a man's head and heart as well." Defne: " I will do as you wish Sultanim, as long as no harm comes to my sister." Nur: "Your sister is with me, as long as you do what I want, no harm will come to her. I will free you along with her, be careful hatun, our Shehzade's wounds are still fresh. Be patient, because men's hearts are difficult, and it will take time for them to raise their heads and start looking around. When Shehzade Beyazid lifts his head, he should see you first."
    Beyazid enters and asks what she is doing. Defne:"I came to set up your table..." Bey: "What is your name?" Defne: "Defne. I came to your palace, I was sent by Hurrem Sultan, for you to stop mourning and forget your past." Bey: 'You may leave."
    Meanwhile Fahriye has called Canfeda and tells her they are going to go over some harem finances and that she should join. Canfeda asks if it can't wait because it is night and Fahriye says "I didn't ask your thoughts, get in front of me."
    Nurbanu is in her tub and says "Canfeda? What did Fahriiye want? She still thinks she can send a cariye to our Shehzade? I won't allow it..whatever Hurrem Sultan tries to do, will be pointless..This is my palace." She turns "Canfeda?" It is Dilshah instead "You?" Dishah puts her head under water.
    Suleyman and Hurrem are seated on his terrace. Hurrem: "Let us go to Edirne, we can stay there for a few months. We can find ourselves once again in the gardens there away from this palace. Like the old days with poems and books. What do you think, shall we go?" Suleyman: "Aren't you at all curious why I called you?" Hurrem: "I thought you missed me." Suleyman: "I have a question that has been burning me inside for years, but I kept avoiding it. Did you have anything to do with Mustafa's death? Did you open the way for his way to death? Did you slander my son?" 
    THE END.

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