• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 127 Translation

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    Saying at the beginning of the episode: "The time of death will approach like a winter's sunset, and in the end you will only have feeling left."

    We see Kara Ahmet who meets with Selim and Sokollu is also present. Selim: "Have you spoken with Beyazid?" Kara: "I am coming from him just now. He has given the orders for preparations and soon he will set out" Selim: "You didn't make it obvious right? Beyazid will not suspect that this is part of a game right?" Kara: "Be rest assured, Sh. Beyazid is not in any condition to suspect anything. Those who loved Sh. Mustafa are really in possession of dangerous power. Our Hunkar has ordered intervention. We will only stoke the fire further - the revolt will be bigger than anyone could have guessed." Sok: "Sh. Beyazid will not draw swords against those who loved Sh. Mustafa." Kara: "Mehmet Pasha is right, even from now you can read the doubt in Shehzade Beyazid's eyes." Selim: "Good, Beyazid, just like my brother Mustafa will march to his own calamity."

    Beyazid is on the terrace when his mother arrives. Bey: "Selim, has not left the Capitol despite my orders. I heard he has gone along with his harem to the Marble Palace" Hurrem: "The anomosity between you has really increased. Give up fighting each other already." Bey: "He will expose my marriage to Hurichihan to our Hunkar. And at that time, no one will be able to take him from my hands." Hurrem: "He won't, I warned him." Bey: "You said Selim wouldn't, what happened? Just like every other time, he has come out from behind the curtain! I do not have any trust in him, and you should not either mother. Either you are on his side, or on mine. There is no middle way in this." Hurrem: "Are you aware of what you said? You are telling me to either take out and throw away either my right eye or my left eye... do not dare ask this from me. You are both my children. I can ignore your mistakes, but our Hunkar is not like this...he will not forgive...Sh. Mustafa's execution is proof to this. Did you forget?" Bey: "Nor can I forget that a father kills his child, nor why this happened. It is all in my mind mother. All of it."

    Fahriye offers a drink to Hurrem and says there are some documents she must look over ,and Hurrem says she can bring them. Sumbul arrives and informs her that Nurbanu has come to see her. Nurbanu: "You have ordered for me to come?" Hurrem: "I am aware of the influence you have over my Shehzade. In truth, this is why I sent you t him...for you being master of this power. Only your duty was to keep my child away from bad addictions and to protect him against our enemies."
    Nurbanu: "Since the beginning, and as you know I have done this." Hurrem: "There are things I know of course, but there are things that are being done behind my back, is that not right?" Nurbanu: "Did I make some mistake Sultanim?" Hurrem: "It was you right? Who called Huri to the palace, putting out the marraige of Sh Beyazid in the open, it was you right?" Nurbanu tries to deny but Hurrem shows her the hand and tells her to move forward. Hurrem: "If, one more time you do something to put my Shehzades against each other, I will put you into a sack alive and throw you into the cold waters of the Bosphorus! Do you understand me?" Nurbanu rushes to her feet.  "Forgive me Sultanim, I was always loyal to you and may my life be sacrificed to you...I do everything for my Shehzade, but he is very unhappy, he needs your support. Do not turn your face away from you, do not stop your hand of support over us, or your prayers for us." Hurrem: "My support for my child is permanent. When our enemies want to see us go against each other, then will not see this, they will see the opposite - that we are one." Nurbanu nods.

    Meanwhile, Gulfem, Fatma and Hurichihan are together and Fatma shows off her bracelet saying that Ahmet gave it, that he is very tasteful and that he has changed a lot, not at all like he was before  -" Gulfem says it is beautiful. Huri then says that Selim is in the Marble Palace and asks if Fatma knows. Fatma replies that well he isn't in sight so is this not enough for Beyazid? Anyways these days, everybody is being pushed out. Rustem's condition is out in the open, he has been kicked out of the door.".Hurichihan looks suspiscious of Fatma for the first time. She says: "Allah is my witness that I dislike Rustem Pasha, but I am aware of his support for Beyazid. It is not good for him not to be in the palace." Gulfem and Fatma do not look happy. Fatma says "wolves and sheep have mixed together it seems...do not be deceived by Rustem being beside Beyazid...with one hand he will comfort with the other hand he will hold the dagger he means to thrust into your back!"

    Hurrem is ready to go out and asks Sumbul why Rustem has wanted to meet with her and what the matter is. Sumbul says it must have to do with Sinan's death as it has affected him greatly.

    Meanwhile, Selim is telling his son about chess. It is implied he is talking about power...he tells his son, that the most important thing is the shah, the King, for if it falls the game is over. His son is learning quickly. Nurbanu arrives. Selim tells his son they will continue later. Then he asks why Nurbanu looks the way she does, and she responds: "Hurrem Sultan is angry about our hearing about Beyazid's marriage. Even if she says she is still supporting us, it is hard to believe her. It seems she must have forgotten the promise she gave." Selim: "I noticed a long time ago that my mother is not supporting me. I am not going to take help from her and from this point I am going to handle my own affairs."

    Rustem is outside waiting and Hurrem arrives. They greet each other and then Hurrem says: "Your brother Sinan, Sinan Pasha was an important state man...May Allah have Mercy on his soul." Rustem: "Ameen, thank you Sultanim." Hurrem: "you have gone back to Uskudar Palace?" Rustem: "I have no other choice left. No matter where I go they find me and come after me. God be pleased with Sh. Beyazid who has given me more guards this time around." Hurrem: "We have all had heavy losses." Rustem: "But it continues...the war does not stop. Now the turn is yours: Have you made your choice? Whose side are you on? Sh. Beyazid? or Sh. Selim?" Hurrem: "I am not going to choose between my children...if I choose one, I will have to renounce the other, I will have to renounce myself!" Rustem: "Sultanim, when it wasn't clear who would go to Manisa, you whispered in the Sultan's ear and said Selim's name. And you did this to protect Sh. Beyazid. It was a perfect decision. But later you stood in line with Sh. Selim." Hurrem: "That time everything was different. Sh. Mustafa was alive. Now there is a different world. My Shehzades are both ONE for me." Rustem: "It is obvious it is another world, and there is no possibility of not choosing one side in this world. Sooner or later, you will understand this too." Hurrem: "Never Rustem...never!"

    In Amasya, Suleyman is being treated by the doctor who is now his new best friend. Sully: "In your care my pain has decreased a great deal Ferhat agha, ask of me whatever you wish." Ferhat: "Being with you, my mighty Padishah, what else could I want but that? May my Lord give you health and happiness." Suly: "Ameen, and to you too Ferhat agha." Sully: "How long have I been away from the Capitol?" Ferhat: "The month that is upon is will make it two years, Hunkarim" Sully: "Two years...in the past people would celebrate the victories we achieved when we would return from the wars. Now this excitement and exuberance is far away from me...at one time I used to write many poems just for the beauty mark on the face of the woman who I loved...now her face does not even come to mind." Ferhat: "One day a Dervish sees a stork and a crow flying together. He is so surprised he cannot understand what is going on. As you know, crows fly with crows and storks fly with storks. The Dervish is curious and continues observing them. Then he understands that both of the birds are crippled, to make a long story short, Hunkarim, it is not happiness and prosperity which brings people together, it is bitter moments and pain which bind them together."

    Sully: "Give word to Ali Pasha, it is time to return to the Capitol." Ferhat: "As you order, Hunkarim"

    Hurrem is on her terrace "The season is changing. Spring is on it's way. My Cihangir will not see this spring. This spring will pass without our Hunkar." Sumbul: "Sultanim, our Hunkar will come soon." Hurrem:" The matter is not about him being present,  Mihrunissa was right, a winter that never ends has started for me...from this point on there will be no spring for us."

    We see some Imperial guards checking men and Atmaca remains hidden with Hussain Cavus: "What condition has befallen us Atmaca?" At: "As the killer of Sinan Pasha, the whole city is after me." Hussain: "Rustem Pasha is behind this, he is using all his political power to look into this issue, otherwise you wouldn't see this many people out here." Atmaca: "He is afraid his end will be like his brother's. He has escaped once again from my hands. He might even draw your picture and offer a reward for a thousand akces. Anyway, we should go to a safe place, I have somethings to tell you."

    Rustem is in the palace to see Beyazid. Rustem: "I have something important to tell you." Bey: "Come." They go inside. Beyazid: "I hope you are better now." Rustem: "Thank you Shehzadem, my brother Sinan's death has really affected me but I am getting better." Beyazid: "I know very well how the pain of losing a brother hurts, Rustem...it is difficult to be rid of it's affect." Rustem: "There is a burning fire inside me. Until I get my revenge that fire will not be quelled. It was Shehzade Mustafa's weapon bearer Atmaca. He is the reason for all of it - several times he made attempts on my life, the last being when he took my brother's life in front of my eyes. Until I take that traitor's life there can be no peace for me....I am aware of your powerful feelings towards Sh. Mustafa. And you know my thoughts about him...our stars never made peace with each other...we could never get along...perhaps his death was best for everyone. Especially for you." Beyazid: "What are you saying Rustem Pasha?! Come to your senses! He is my older brother! I do not even care an atoms worth about what you think! You cannot talk to me this way in my presence." Rustem: "Forgive me Shehzadem. While grieving in pain for my brother I might have overstepped my limits, but this is the truth. Shehzade Mustafa is no longer here and we must act accordingly, it's your day, let me be by your side like I have always been. Do not go back on me...do not go back so that I can become your most powerful weapon as you go towards the throne."

    Atmaca and Huseyin meanwhile meet in a really cramped alleyway. Atmaca: "The revolt in Rumeli has grown quite a bit. They are already on the road." Huseyin: "From every villiage and city in this area there are people who have joined. They also talk about Shehzade Beyazid having left to stop the revolt." Atmaca: "What is going on Huseyin Cavush? What are you plotting?" Huseyin: "Most of the Janissaries are still at war. And a large part of the guards in the Capitol will be going with Shehzade Beyazid, at that point, they can cause some trouble, we can once again act against Rustem Pasha (attack him)." Atmaca:"What will happen after that?" Huseyin: "We will march on the palace, to the palace, and we will put every person we come across to the sword." (uh oh, he is itching for his head to be honeyed!) Atmaca: "And then afterwards you will put the fake Mustafa on the throne? Is this what you want? There is no end to that way...our matter is with Rustem alone, sooner or later I will get him, now I must go, Shehzade Beyazid is awaiting me." Huseyin: "What are you saying Atmaca? Soldiers are looking for you, and Rustem is after you. How do you know Shehzade Beyazid will spare your life? What if he hands you over with his own hands to Rustem Pasha. On my word, Atmaca, you have just returned from near death...do not burn yourself, you cannot trust Shehzade Beyazid." Atmaca: "I do trust him. Because our Shehzade Mustafa trusted him. Now it is too late anyway, I even sent word to him."

    Rustem meanwhile says to Beyazid: "I heard that you personally will be leading the intervention against the Rumeli revolt." Beyazid: "I will be leaving today or tomorrow, I suspect I will squash the rebellion quickly and then return to the Capitol. When they find out that the imposter is a fake, those who love Shehzade Mustafa will disperse." Rustem: "But still you should be careful...the rock that you never suspect can hit your head. As you know new alliances are being made." Beyazid: "What does this mean, speak frankly." Rustem: "Kara Ahmet Pasha has gotten close with Shehzade Selim and same with Fatma Sultan. I think Sokollu will also have a place in that alliance. While this is the situation, your future is at stake because a Shehzade that does not have the support of the Divan is a losing one." Bey: "Semiz Ali agha and Hadim Ibrahim Pasha?" Rusty: "They were loyal to me before, but the conditions have changed, they might have cozied up to Ahmet Pasha now. You do not worry about them Shehzadem, I know such things about them, that they will be forced to serve you." "Most of the high officials in the palace are strongly connected to you right? if anything, you had appointed them." Rustem: "Yes, but we do not know how long that will continue, especially while I do not have the power of being the grand vizier. Ahmet Pasha has already started discharging people from their positions." Bey: "I want to see you as Grand Vizier too, Rustem Pasha, but until our Hunkar returns no matter what we do will be in vain. But you keep your chin up, we will find a solution of course. You may leave." Beyazid goes out to the terrace, when he is brought a note. He reads it.

    Nurbanu is walking in the garden with Gazanfer: "Hurrem Sultan wants to quiet us, but that is impossible. The whole harem has heard about Shehzade Beyazid's marriage with Hurichihan and our Hunkar will also hear." Gazanfer: "On my word Sultanim, be careful. Do not interfere in this matter any longer. If you do anything, Hurrem Sultan will know it was you." Nurbanu: "What difference does it make Gazanfer. She is not on our side anymore." Gazanfer: "But she is not against you either, this is not a small thing. Also it would be beneficial if you quelled the animosity that is between you and Hurichihan Sultan." Nurbanu: "So I am to ignore the slap she gave?" Gazanfer: "She will be taken to account,  but we must be patient and wait for the time...the winds will certainly blow in your favour." Nurbanu: "If what you say does not happen? If the wind does not blow in our favour? I am afraid of things getting dangerous..." Gazanfer, takes her arm: "Do not be afraid Sultanim...victory will be yours sooner or later. And I am on your side and I will not allow any harm to come to you." Cafeda arrives and tells her Fatma wants to see her. Nurbanu says "finally she wants to take me to account (for what she did to Hurichihan)."

    Gulfem meanwhile asks Hurichihan if she knows why Fatma has called Nurbanu. Huri: "She turned her back to me. Up until yesterday she looked down upon her as a slave but now she is speaking with her. Every day that I remain in this palace I understand more and more how my parents walked towards their deaths."

    Gulfem: "You have no understanding of anything (the situation)...Fatma Sultan has only one aim - to get rid of Hurrem Sultan and Rustem Pasha...she will do anything necessary for this." Huri: "Seems you also think like her..." Gulfem: "Let us accept that one of Hurrem Sultan's sons shall now take the Ottoman Dynasty forward - why should it not be Shehzade Beyazid? Shehzade Mustafa loved him and you are married to him..." Hurichihan: "This is my only wish. I really am pleased by your support." Gulfem: "You must actually look towards getting Hurrem Sultan's support." Huri: "Hurrem Sultan? That is impossible. She hates me, and I her." Gulfem: "Sultanim, the conditions have changed now...and you are forced to take steps according to these conditions. I recall your father, God's mercy on him...he did not act by thinking about friends or enemies...he acted by what benefited him most. You must do this too. Perhaps the time for truce (peace) with Mihrimah Sultan and Hurrem Sultan has finally arrived."

    In the next scene, we see Nurbanu Sultan speaking with Fatma Sultan. Fatma: "It is very unfortunate to see two siblings become rivals. It's really a disaster for Beyazid to send Selim away... When I received the news, it was as if I was shot in the head..." Nurbanu: "We were flabbergasted when we heard as well..." Fatma: "Beyazid is receiving strength from his mother, otherwise he would not have done something like this." Nurbanu: "I doubt Hurrem Sultan had anything to do with this. She keeps both of her Shehzade's equal. May Allah keep her with us always." Fatma: "Still, you shouldn't trust her too much. If she wasn't on Beyazid's side, she would not have tried so hard to hide his marriage ordeal... But then again, even if she does hide it, what good would it do? In the end, the news of it will reach our Hunkar, and then Selim will be a huge step ahead... Just how I want it to be..." Nurbanu: "Your opinions are extremely valuable for me. A strong Sultana's (like you) thoughts will definitely brighten up my path (ahead)."

    In the garden, we see Canfeda approach Gazanfer and he says: "What happened, why did you return? Did something happen to our Sultana?" Canfeda: "You have been really involved with Nurbanu Sultan these past few days..." Gazanfer: "Of course, as I should be. She is our Sultana. What is wrong with that?" Canfeda: "I saw how you were looking at her. It was not the look of a servant looking at his master... You are playing with fire, and that fire will burn you and turn you into ashes! I won't say anything due to our good relationship over the past few years. Whatever you feel in your heart, take it out and throw it away, otherwise nobody can save you."

    At Sumbul's kahvehane (coffee shop), Shehzade Beyazid asks the shop owner how business has been, and he responds that the riots have really hindered business, and that he cannot wait until the janissaries return, and he has forgotten how many days that the store has been closed recently. Beyazid then overhears some of the locals saying the following things: "If Shehzade Beyazid had spilled people's blood or chopped off heads, you would've seen real riots... Then things would have really gotten out of hand. There would be no stones left unturned at the Pay-i-taht.", "That's very true, he really put the riots to rest in a good way, without making enemies. He is a smart and brave Shehzade.", "Yes, the only downside to him is his mother... I wish he wasn't the son of that Russian witch." Then Atmaca joins him at his table and says: "Since your men haven't already grabbed me, then it seems as though you don't intend to take my head... at least not yet..." Beyazid: "This depends on you, and the things you say. I want to first hear what you have to say, the person who my brother trusted most." Atmaca: "The night before our Hunkar sacrificed Shehzade Mustafa, he asked me to promise him something, something about you... It was as if he felt it, or at least he must have noticed what everybody else was feeling... He said to me, if I end up leaving this world, then you must be beside my brother Shehzade Beyazid. He wanted me to be by your side on your path to the throne... From this moment on, may my life be sacrificed in your path Shehzadem. I swear on my honour and integrity that I will remain to you until my last breath." Beyazid: "Of course I want a soldier like yourself to be beside me, Atmaca. However, how can we get past all of the things that happened? You killed an Ottoman Pasha..." Atmaca: "He was not the target, it was Rustem Pasha. As you know, he had a big role to play in the death of Shehzade Mustafa, and I could not let him get away with it." Beyazid: "Since you want to be loyal to me and be beside me, I am going to give you your first order. You will stay away from Rustem... I need him." Atmaca: "Please don't ask this of me, Shehzadem... The only cure to the pain in my heart is to see him killed." Beyazid: "I already said what I had to say... Either our paths will go in different ways, or we will swing swords together against my enemies. Make your choice."

    Back at the palace, Lala is waiting for Shehzade Beyazid in one of the corridors and warns him against the dangers of walking in the public in plainclothes, especially in current circumstances. He tells him that he should be on his way to quell the rebellion, but instead, he is visiting the bazaar. Beyazid: "I had business to take care of... And I don't have to report to you." Lala: "I know. I know that you are dealing with Rustem Pasha's cardinal enemy... How can you meet with the murderer of Sinan Pasha?" Beyazid: "Are you deaf?? I don't have to report to you, I know very well what I am doing! If you want to be by my side when I ascend to the throne, you better get yourself in order! Don't argue with my decisions, and consider my secrets as your secrets!"

    In the next scene, we see Hurrem entering Selim's room, and he asks her why she has visited him. Hurrem: "It is time for you to return to your province, Saruhan." Selim: "Did Beyazid send you? Does he also want to send me away from here??" Hurrem: "The differences you are having together are worrying me. You should return soon so that they can be put to rest." Selim: "Do you really believe what you are saying?? As long as you stand behind him, the cliff between him and I will continue to get wider... He thinks I am not a formidable enemy, but he is mistaken. I don't plan to enter my grave at an early age like my siblings." Hurrem: "People who pray against me are now happy because of both of you... They got what they wanted. Both of my sons are enemies to each other." Selim: "I didn't want things to be this way... :("

    We then see Kara Ahmet Pasha enter his chambers, Fatma Sultan waiting for him seductively in a dimmed room. They exchange pleasant looks with each other. Kara: "Will you be waiting for me every night like this? =)" Fatma: "It sounds like you're not pleased..." Kara: "Quite the opposite... I am very pleased... However, I feel like I am living a dream." Fatma: "I have an intelligent and strong husband... I am such a lucky lady! ^_^ I want to give you the rights you are due.. (Roses... @-'-,--    @-->-->---    @-'-,-- )... Why hasn't Shehzade Beyazid left yet to squash the rebellion? Is he suspicious of something?" Kara: "He is being slow on purpose... He is not enthusiastic about it. When our Hunkar hears about this, his hatred will be targeted towards Beyazid." Fatma says that he will also learn about his marriage to Huricihan. Kara: "Things are going to get very messy..." Fatma: "I wish I could see Hurrem's face as all of this happens... Her liver will burn!" Kara: "Forget about these matters for now... All day long I have been thinking about you... My liver is burning, it is burning!"

    PART 2

     Hurrem tells Selim to stay and to wait for the Hunkar, but she urges him to end the disagreements he has with Beyazid. Nurbanu then walks in and says she was unaware that Hurrem was in the room. Hurrem said she was leaving anyway. Once Hurrem steps out of the room, Nurbanu asks Selim what they were talking about. Selim: "She asked me to leave... But I won't be going anywhere until our Hunkar comes. Beyazid is preparing his own end anyway, and my mother won't be able to stop him... You will see." 

    We then see Beyazid and Huricihan in bed, and he asks her whether people are still talking about their marriage. Huricihan: "Not a single cariye is able to say anything... Everyone is afraid of Hurrem Sultan. You are valued greatly by the people, your mother, and the army... You are the most valuable thing in my life... I heard that you went outside today in plain clothes. Can we both go out like that, like we did before?" Beyazid: "Do you think it's possible for us to return to those days?"

    In the next scene, Selim is speaking with Kara and Sokullu, and says that things are getting messy, and is wondering if any part of this issue can be traced back to them. Kara: "No need to worry. We handled everything with the Scribe, Lutfi Celebi, we received 1 million gold that we receive from Egypt annually, but he is not going to record all of the amount into the government records. In this way, Shehzade Beyazid will come across much stronger opponents, and it will be difficult for him to face them." Sokullu: "Shehzade Beyazid isn't taking them seriously, but according to our latest reports, the rebels' strength is increasing rapidly... He has gathered thousands of soldiers from Varna and Silistra, and many dervishes have also joined him." Kara: "If he continues to take them lightly, they will soon swell to more than 10,000 soldiers strong!" Selim: "If what we are doing gets heard by anyone, we will be ruined! I wish there was no need for this... I would have preferred to wait and see his next move, but clearly he will not stop (attacking me)."

    In the woods, we see Beyazid and Atmaca approach each other on horse. They dismount and Beyazid asks him if he has made up his mind. Atmaca: "I am at your service. May my life and head be sacrificed in your path." Beyazid: "You made the right choice, Tugrul Bey. If Allah wills it, and one day I ascend to the throne, I swear to you with my highest oath, that I will submit Rustem's head to you personally."

    We then see Suleyman and his forces riding their horses towards Istanbul. Suleyman: "Time is not the cure for everything. It will not heal every wound..." Hurrem: "The seasons are passing. Each year passes one by one, and another one starts anew. That wound does not stop bleeding. Everyday... Since the first day." Suleyman: "Am I the same Suleyman as the Suleyman that left on this path? Am I the same person? The person who buried both of his sons..." Hurrem: "I know that is has no cure. I know that a dark stone lies in place where my heart used to be. There is no longer any place for happiness nor love." Suleyman: "From now on, there will be uncontrollable weights on my heart... Daggers which I cannot take out... Deep arrows that slowly poison me everyday. And for those who still live, there is still hell in the heart. I see the newly budded flowers and I remember autumn... I look at life, and remember death, and I remember that every beautiful thing has an end." Hurrem: "Oh how painful it is to see a garden of flowers shrivel and dry up... Now we are both living the winter of a fruitful and loving life together."

    Suleyman enters his room and tells Lokman to call Ahmet and Mehmet Pasha's to receive an update about the ongoings of the palace. Suleyman inquires where Ferhat agha is, and Lokman says: "He went to Fahriye Kalfa, as I informed her that you have appointed him to the Hasoda (Sultan's chambers). 

    In the next scene, we see Hurrem telling Ferhat: "Lately our Hunkar has kept you by his side at all times, and has appointed you as head comptroller... Tell me, how is he doing? What did he do away from me?" Ferhat: "As you know, due to the events, he was extremely shaken, but thankfully, his health is doing well." Hurrem: "May Allah help him... Has his pain at the loss of his kids passed?" Ferhat: "Is that possible? How can such a pain pass? Especially since he is holding himself responsible. This is such a death, that it cannot even be grieved... The wound that has opened in the heart and soul will continue to bleed. This is the situation of our Hunkar, and I assume you are also in the same situation." Fahriye: "What is this courage, Ferhat agha? Dont forget that in front of you is a Sultan!" Hurrem: "Ferhat agha is correct. There is no end to this pain. How can we look at each other's faces? We will see our son's face each time. Won't I see Cihangir in his face, and won't he see Mustafa's in mine?" Ferhat: "My Lord who has given pain will also give ease. You will not only find pain in each other's faces, but will also find comfort... Happiness and sadness brings people together."

    We then see Atmaca leaning against a tree, when a bunch of would-be farmers walk by him and then pull out their swords. Uveyl: "Don't even try it. Are you Atmaca?" Atmaca: "Yes... I am looking for Uveyl." Uveyl: ": "Who are you? How do you know Uveyl?" Atmaca: "I brought Huseyin Cavush's greetings. He told me that if I want to join the rebellion that I should find you." Uveyl: "I see... Alright great! Then you have found him. I am Shehzade Mustafa's Grand Vizier. So you want to join us?" Atmaca: "But first I would like to meet with Shehzade Mustafa... As there are rumours that are saying he is a fake." Uveyl: "Those are Rustem Pasha's lies! The person we have sword allegiance to is definitely Shehzade Mustafa, and how dare you speak like that?" Atmaca: "I used to swing swords with Shehzade Mustafa in his army. I was thus able to have the honour to meet him. I have 500 cavaliers under my command, but without being sure, I won't have them join the rebellion." Uveyl: "Since you swung swords with him, then wait. I will speak to him and let you know."

    In the palace garden, Gazanfer agha tells Selim that the Hunkar wants to know about everything that happened in his absence, so he has called all the Pasha's to report. Hurrem then approaches and tells Selim not to mention Beyazid's marriage. Selim: "How can I explain how he sent me away from here?" Hurrem: "Be smart. I am not against you, but if you share his secret, everything will change..."

    In Suleyman's room, the Pasha's and Selim have gathered. Kara: "Shehzade Beyazid left quite some time ago to quell the rebellion." Suleyman: "Any updates?" Kara: "We do not know why, but he hasn't done anything yet. He is waiting at the Edirne palace." Suleyman: "I ordered him to quash to rebellion, not to sit in the palace. Why is he not obeying my orders??" Sokullu: "He had expressed his hesitation about this matter... I suppose he wants to try to do things without spilling blood, just like he stopped the rebellions here in Istanbul." Suleyman: "Who can dare go against my orders??? Immediately take some janissaries and move towards the rebels. Do not show compassion whatsoever!" Sokullu: "As you wish..." Selim: "Hunkarim, I just came to kiss your blessed hands. May Allah always keep you with us."

    The three of them exit the room and Kara asks Selim why he didn't report to his father about how Beyazid wanted to send Selim away. Sokullu: "There was also the issue of the marriage..." Selim: "Everything has its time. Let's let Beyazid handle this rebellion issue first, and then those things will be his 'salt and pepper'."

    Back in Edirne, Atmaca tells Beyazid: "Unfortunately they have been fooled... If we were to attack them, then many innocent people would have died." Beyazid: "The next steps are very important. I will quell the rebellion and obey my father's commands, and I will exclaim to everyone that I have taken my brother Mustafa's place."

    In the next scene, Hurrem asks Selim: "How did this happen? Why did our Hunkar send Sokullu?" Selim: "Beyazid has taken things very slowly. Instead of crushing the rebels, he is enjoying himself at the Edirne palace... When our Hunkar heard about this, of course he got very angry."

    Selim is with his mother. Hurrem: "How did this happen? Why did our Hunkar send Sokollu?" Selim: "Beyazid has been taking things slow, mother, instead of crushing the rebellion, he has been enjoying himself at Edirne." Selim: "And when our Hunkar heard about this he was very angry, of course." Hurrem: "And you did not say anything? You did not protect your brother?" Selim: "I was silent mother, because if I had opened my mouth I would not say good things. I only did this for you." There is a knock and Sumbul arrives saying "Calamity Sultanim, calamity!"  Hurrem: "What happened again, Sumbul??" Sumbul: "Hurichihan has gone to our Hunkar! From what the cariye who was with her said, she is going to reveal to our Hunkar about being married to Sh. Beyazid!" Hurrem: "Has this woman lost her mind!? They are attacking my child from four corners! If your hands are in this, I swear you will not be saved from my wrath!" Selim: "You will regret what you just said, mother, because I have nothing to do with this matter." Hurrem leaves.
    Meanwhile, Suleyman asks Lokman why Hurichihan has come, and Lokman replies he does not know but that she said it was important. Suleyman allows her to enter. She is surprised when she enters and he motions for her to sit next to him. Hurichihan: "I know you do not want me here. I will leave the palace in the shortest time, but there is something you must know. Actually it should have been said from the beginning. But it didn't happen...we could not say it. All the fault lies with me...I wanted our Shehzade to be quiet. Because I was afraid. I was afraid that some harm should befall him because of me." Suleyman: "Every sheep is hung from it's own leg, Hurichihan, you have a fault in this too of course, but the one with the bigger mistake is Beyazid...I had warned him many times and he did not respect my words." Huri: "You..." Suley: "You think you would marry, and years ago and that I wouldn't know about it? Is that right?" (He gives her this look as if he says 'girl, come one now!')
    Outside in the hall, Hurrem arrives saying to Mihrimah "have you heard what is happening, she will reveal everything!" Mihrimah: "Mother wait, I sent her..." Hurrem: "What do you think you are doing?!" Mihrimah: "It is better this way...if not today, then tomorrow our Hunkar would find everything out." Then we see Hurichihan exit. Mihrimah: "Hurichihan what happened, what did our Hunkar say? Speak!" Huri: "We have worried for no reason...our Hunkar already knew..." Hurrem: "Ahh Selim" Huri: "Not him, Sultanim, our Hunkar already knew...when he was away during the war he learned of everything."
    Meanwhile we see the fake Mustafa, and Uveyl his fake pasha. Fake Mustafa says: "Speak, Uveyl Pasha." Uveyl: "Shehzadem, I met with an Akinci Bey (a rank in the army, forward, raider, Atmaca is one of them) he wishes to join you with five hundred men." Fake Mus: "Great...the Akincis will give us added strength. And gold has come from the capitol. They say my brother Beyazid has sent it." Uveyl: "Sh. Beyazid is in the Edirne Palace. He will not interfere with us. But my Shehzade,  this Akinci Bey I was talking about, he has a condition before joining you." Fake Mus: "Who dares to put conditions on me?!" Uveyl: "From what he says, he has met you before, you have drawn swords together, he wants to be certain you are as everyone thinks."
    We see Beyazid and Atmaca praciticing swords and then Beyazid asks Atmaca when he will go out. Atmaca says: "Soon, let us see what news will come from the rebels." Bey: "Fake Mustafa will not show you himself, Atmaca. He will want to run away from you. That is why I will come with you" Atmaca: "Impossible Shehzadem, we cannot put you in danger. We have to act with caution." Bey: "Shehzade Selim wants to do everything in his power to make me look bad in front of our Hunkar. He will have all sorts of games in mind. To combat this, i will go get that fake Mustafa's head personally and bring it to our Hunkar, so our Hunkar can understand the difference between us (me and Selim), you understood me, right?"
    Suleyman cannot sleep. So he goes to Cihangir's room, and tells the aghas to wait outside. He finds Hurrem. She wakes up when she hears her name. Hurrem: "Suleyman...forgive me, I did not hear that you came. Can you not sleep like me? How sad right? We won't be able to erase anything that happened from our memories. Whatever we do we won't be able to forget it. We are going to spin around a fire like a  moth." Suleyman: What fire Hurrem? This is the pain of losing a child " Hurrem: "Only you can understand my pain, and your pain, only I can understand. They call people whose mother's have died as being alone in the world, they can only be described as orphans, but we lost our child...and us? Who can describe our pain and how can they describe it?"
    In Edirne, Sokollu arrives and meets the Imperial guard of Edirne Palace named Ramazan Agha. When Sokollu asks him if Beyazid is there, Ramazan tells him he is not, that he has left and he does not know where he is. Sokollu says that the troops that had come along with Beyazid should be ready because there is the order of the Sultan to march at once against the rebels. Ramazan asks if they will not wait for Beyazid to return. Sokollu says there is no need to wait, because they are already have wasted enough time.
    Atmaca and Beyazid  are waiting for the rebels to come and Beyazid asks if he will be able to convince the rebels, and Atmaca says he hope he will.
    We see Suleyman sitting on the terrace when Lokman announces Mihrimah and Sully allows her to enter. She sits and says: "Hunkarim, believe me I do not know where to start. From the last time we saw each other, one calamity followed another. The pain of losing those who have departed is still burning my heart. My brother Mustafa, Cihangir...I miss both of them very much. Forgive me" Suleyman: "And like everyone else, you also blame me for all these things that happened, is that right?" Mihrimah: "Never my Hunkar! I did not blame you even for a moment, and I never will. Who dares? You are a ruler of the world, you know the best. My daughter Humashah  has been asking for you for some time, she wishes to see you." Sully: "She can come when she wishes. How is she, is she well?" Mihrimah: "Thank God she is well, her health is good, but these days she is very sad...she does not see her father at all. You know, for our safety, for long now we are separate." Sully: "I do not even want to hear his name, Mihrimah. I did not forget what he did in the camp." Mihrimah: "Father, Rustem is a loyal servant of yours. He took precautions to prevent the Janissaries from revolting, if he wanted to protect you, was this his mistake? What would he gain from this (aside from serving you) You saw it too, for two years he is living a life of exile,? Hunkarim, me and my daughter are both sad, only God knows what we went through while you were not here..." Sully: "Be thankful that I did not take his life in the camp!" Mihrimah: "Hunkarim...please be fair. Up until this day, Rustem only did what you wanted, you know the truth too, if you did not take Mustafa's life he would have taken yours." Suleyman touches her face and and then tells her to go to her room if she has nothing else to say. Mihrimah: "Father?" He shows her the hand...
    Meanwhile, the men have come to Atmaca. Atmaca: "Uveyl Pasha, will you take us too see Sh. Mustafa?" Uveyl: "Sh. Mustafa does not want to see those who do not trust him." At: "Of course he does not want to see, he does not want his lie to get out...he does not have the courage." Beyazid's men surround them and then Beyazid  steps forward: "That traitor fake is a stain on Shehzade Mustafa's name and is fooling all of you! It is sad but Shehzade Mustafa is not alive anymore!" Uveyl: "You are lying! Our Shehzade is alive! He ran away from the camp and got away with his life!" Bey: "I wish it was as you said my brother would be alive! He would have been with us!" Uveyl: "You said brother? Who are you?" Atmaca: "Speak with respect, sir, standing in front of you is Sh. "Sultan" Beyazid Hazretleri." Uveyl: "How do I know you are not the real faker? How do we know you are actually the Sh. Beyazid?" Beyazid nods to Atmaca who hands the man a letter. Bey: "This letter you have in your hands is our Hunkar's order to take the heads of all of those who are part of the rebellion. Look at the Tughra (Signature monogram)...you will understand it is the truth. Their are thousands of soldiers at Edirne. If I want, at a single order of mine, they will all put you to the sword. If I want, my guards will take your lives right here!" Uveyl: "If that is the case, what are you waiting for? Why do you not kill us?" Beyazid: "I do not want to take the lives of those who believed in our Sh. Mustafa."
    Mihrimah is meeting with Rustem: "Our Hunkar's anger at you has not subsided...I do not know how it will subside...He does not even want to hear your name." Rustem: "So much time has passed between, I thought things would get better." Zal arrives and says: "Pasa Hazretleri, our Hunkar has ordered me to find you and bring you to him." Rustem: "Help me Mihrimah, or my head will go." Mihrimah: "What have I been saying this whole time Rustem? I have done whatever I could." Rustem: "My brother was kidnapped, and was killed, I was quiet, I was thrown out of the palace, I was silent, but now you will help me." Mihrimah: "Don't you understand? Our Hunkar has changed a lot. He is someone else entirely..someone I do not recognize. Do not entwine me in your disaster now...the arrow of our Hunkar did not even miss my older brother (Mustafa), so how will you be able to escape it? Go see him, accept your fate."
    Meanwhile, Beyazid says: "Do you trust me Uveyl Pasha?" Uveyl: 'Your path, is our path, Shehzadem" Bey: "Great, now, you will secretly bring that fake Musafa from his camp, and I will take his head personally. Then your friends will be told the truth, and you will all be  pardoned (they will not be killed for their role in treason)." Uveyl: "As you order, my Shehzade" He gives the letter back and then goes.
    We see Rustem about to enter the Sultan's room, looking worried. Lokman tells him the Sultan will see him. Rustem enters "Hunkarim" Sully: "Close." Rustem moves forward. Rustem: "Hunkarim, just like all your servants, it has been two years that I have missed that blessed face of yours. Finally you have returned." Sully: "I had said that my final decision about you I would make after the campaign, now since I am here, it is necessary to bring this matter to a conclusion. Right?" Rustem: "In the face of your mighty will, my neck is lowered, Hunkarim. But I want you to know, I have always been a loyal slave in your service. I have never betrayed you and I never will. Whatever I did, I did for your happiness and future, my mighty Padishah."  Sully: "If it was not for Mihrimah, I would have given the death order for you long ago, Rustem. I am sparing your life for Mihrimah's sake. Now go, I don't want to see you...busy yourself in the happiness of Mihrimah and my grandchild Humashah. You may leave." Rustem: "As you order, Hunkarim."
    Rustem exits and Mihrimah asks what the Sultan said. Hurrem asks if he will return to his position. Rustem says what position and that he barely escaped alive. They look troubled, and he goes the other way.
    Beyazid has returned to his room in Edirne Palace, and asks for Ramazan agha, but the agha tells him that Ramazan agha is not present because Mehmet Pasha came while Beyazid was away and that the Hunkar sent him to subdue the rebellion, and that he has gone along with Ramazan agha and the soldiers. Beyazid looks at Atmaca and has a bad feeling about this..
    Kara Ahmet arrives to speak to Suleyman and enters his chamber where Sully is waiting. Kara: "Hunkarim, good news, Mehmet Pasha has been successful in his task. He has caught the fake Mustafa. When the rebels saw our army they dispersed. The fake Mustafa's own man Uveyl handed him over. Mehmet Pasha is after those that ran away." Sully: "Where is that faker?" Kara: "I ordered him thrown in the dungeon." Sully: "Is there any news about Beyazid?" Kara: "I do not want to say it, but it is obvious Sh. Beyazid has not really comprehended the seriousness of this situation. He wanted to try to negotiate with the rebels and come to an agreement." Sully: "How is this possible, Pasha? With what intention would my shehzade want to negotiate with traitors? " Kara: "I do not think he had bad intentions, it is probably lack of experience." Sully: "Do not stick up for him, just tell me what happened." Kara: "He did not want to draw swords against those who loved Sh. Mustafa. In the end, there were ten thousand traitors." Sully: "Ten thousand?! Who are they Ahmet Pasha? How did this happen, how can their numbers have doubled in such a short time?!" Kara: "It is hard to say, because it doesn't make sense, but from what some people say, Sh. Beyazid has supported the rebels, even sent chest after chest of gold." Sully: "What are you saying Pasha! Do you hear what you are saying?! Who would dare to put this kind of accusation on my Shezade?!" Kara: "Forgive me Hunkarim, forgive me...I do not give an atoms weight to these accusations. Our Shehzade would never betray you. But - my duty is to report the words that reach my ears."
    Sokollu is in Edirne and receives a letter from an agha who tells him it is from Suleyman. Beyazid is in his room in Edirne saying how sad it is that thousands of people followed a faker liar to their death. Atmaca says that many of them ran away, and they are all very scattered, and that Uveyl personally handed over the fake Mustafa, and they say that Mehmet Pasha rewarded him. Beyazid says that now he cannot even get the support of those who loved Mustafa. Sokollu arrives and tells Beyazid that the Sultan has ordered him to come to the Palace at once and hands him the order. Beyazid is shocked and says that there have been accusations that he has supported the traitors and that he has sent chest after chest of gold to them and that the Sultan wants to find out the truth of the matter. Beyazid tells Sokollu to write an answer (to the Sultan) that Beyazid has been trapped and that he will not return until he reveals this plot (against him). Sokollu says that he knows best, but that if he does this, then it will mean he accepts the accusations and it will be seen as open treason, not to obey the order to go. Beyazid is angry and asks how dare Sok question his orders and that whatever he says,Sokollu must do. Atmaca interrupts saying that he wishes to speak with Beyazid on this matter and Beyazid tells Sokollu to get out. Beyazid tells Atmaca that Sokollu and Ahmet Pasha are both in on this (trap) and that they have both become dogs of Selim and that all together they have set a trap for him. Atmaca say he realizes this, but that they must obey, as the situation is very sensitive, and that unfortunately, sokollu is right, that if Bey does not go to the Capitol as per the Sultan's orders, then this will be seen as open traitor and he will just be doing exactly as those who trapped him want.

    Zal has accompanied Suleyman to the dungeon where the fake Mustafa is being held. He tells him to get up. Suleyman enters and recalls his real son's execution. Sully: "Traitor! Who are you to dress up as my son, as my Shehzade and walk around as if you are him?!" Imposter: "Sultanim Mustafas will die once and live a thousand times...Sultan Suleymans will live once and die a hundred times."  Suleyman tells them to take this traitor's head so that "the whole world sees him as the imposter that he is." Suleyman is in sudden pain and when Zal wants to help, the lion that is Suleyman rushes at him, until our friend the doctor pulls him out of his wild moment and calms him until he rushes out.
    Meanwhile, Atmaca goes to Sokollu and tells him that Beyazid has taken back his order. Sokollu asks Atmaca who he is, and what his job is. Atmaca says that he used to be an Akinci Bey and that now Beyazid has employed him as a personal guard. Sokollu remarks that he knows him from somewhere but he doesn't remember and what decision has Beyazid makes, but Atmaca says that they will wait and that he will try to convince Beyazid, but until then Sokollu will hold off from any actions or writing to the Capitol and if he does, he will make an enemy, and that enemy will be Beyazid.
    Hurrem speaks to Rustem saying that they have accused Beyazid of supporting the traitors, and that she knows him well, and once he hears it he will not return. Mihrimah tells him that he has to do something, and has to bring Beyazid because otherwise things will go downhill fast and that the Sultan will send soldiers after him. Rustem says he does not know how true it is, but that God forbid, the Sultan could give the order for Beyazid to be executed. Mihrimah says no, her mother tells Rustem to bring her son at once, go to Edirne, she lost Mehmet and Cihangir and she can't lose Beyazid too, that she cannot handle it. Rustem says "Be rest assured, Sultanim, I will do whatever I can and I will certainly bring him, but do not forget today...do not forget today...while you were in trouble, do not ever forget who was on your side."
    Suleyman has gone to the grave of his daughter Raziye Sultan and prays for her, alongside Lokman. Yahya arrives and calls him Sultan Suleyman, instead of brother, when Suleyman goes to hug him. "So it means you came, you have come to my humble home" Suleyman: "You meet your brother like this?" Yahya: "I do not know where my brother is...I lost him that day, two years ago, in Konya...when he executed his son."

    Meanwhile, Atmaca is telling Bey that has to go back, that Mihrimah and Hurrem will support him and that Suleyman will not believe the lies and Beyazid says "are you saying this Atmaca? Didn't they kill my brother in front of your eyes? If the same outcome befalls me? No, I am not my brother Mustafa. I will not walk to my death with my own feet like him." Atmaca says that there is one thing he is not thinking of - that there is not a huge army of supporters today with him, like the kind Mustafa had, he is not as powerful and if he doesn't go to the Capitol, the Sultan will send soldiers and they will be without any choice. Beyazid tells him to get out that he wants to be alone and so Atmaca leaves.
    Suleyman meanwhile asks Yahya if he is aware of what he is saying and how dare he say such a thing. Yahya says that the eyes, heart and hands he saw are not his brother's his brother was merciful, and conscientious and had a big heart, he would not even harm an ant, and that on that day, not only his son, but the Sultan lost himself too. Suleyman gets angry saying does he not know what these words mean and Yahya says he is not afraid of anyone except Allah and then Suleyman tells Lokman that Yahya is fired, no longer a teacher at the school (I believe it is a school in the name of Raziye Sultan that Suleyman has founded and employed Yahya at) and then he turns to Yahya and says that since I am not your brother anymore, then I do not want to see you any longer. Then Yahya says that he asks for one last wish in memory of all the years they shared as brothers and then Suleyman allows him to ask. Yahya asks Suleyman not to leave Mahidevran to rely on other people in the last days of her life (old age) and to provide for her means. 

    PART 3

    Atmaca stands in the hallway of Edirne palace, when Rustem arrives. Rustem goes at him saying "You! I will kill you!" At: "This time it is your turn, Rustem Pasha!" Beyazid comes and says: "Stop! I order you to stop!" Rustem: "He is my brother's murderer!" Beyazid: "Atmaca is my Head Chamberlain (Has odabasi, head of those responsible for the Sultan's room, household). He is my adviser." Rustem tries to plead with him, but Beyazid tells him "Pasha, you will forget everything. From this point on, you will work together." Rustem: "Never. Until I kill that traitor there will be no peace for me in this world." Bey:" This is an order Rustem! If you are going to be with me, then you have no choice! You both have no choice!"
    Hurrem is standing behind Suleyman on his terrace.  Hurrem: "All the allegations against Beyazid are lies. It is obvious someone has set him a trap. They are working to make my Shehzade look like a traitor, and as betraying you." Suleyman: "Beyazid's mistake is out in the open Hurrem...I ordered him to suppress the rebellion, and he chose to go sit in Edirne Palace. Someone who does these things, could do the other things as well." Hurrem: "You will see the truth, Suleyman. This is a trap. Those who set up this trap will come out in the open." Suleyman: " If this is a trap...ten tell me, who set this trap up? Who is behind this business?" Hurrem: "Everyone knows about what has happened in the past two years. They have shown me as the enemy and for this reason they will want to attack my Shehzade. They are trying to get to him by throwing lies on him. Please Suleyman do not believe these lies. Beyazid is the light of your eyes, your precious." When she realizes he is not listening she says in a last attempt: "I  had four sons. I lost two of them! I buried two of my lion shehzades. I will not live through the same pain again! I will not allow this! Whoever harms even a hair on their heads they will find me standing in their way!" Suleyman turns. Suley: "Hurrem, go to your room at once and never come here again without me calling for you!"
    Meanwhile, Rustem and Atmaca have calmed down, but staring at ach other. Beyazid: "Rustem!" Rustem: "Unfortunately the accusations against you are very heavy. Without being there you won't be able to deny them." Beyazid: "As I suspected, they have dug a deep hole in my way. But they won't be throwing me inside. We will have to gather soldiers and stand powerful." Rustem: "Never let such things get into your mind Shehzadem, God forbid, the walls even have ears, to fix everything there is a way of course" Atmaca: "The most correct thing would be for you to go to our Hunkar's presence. You might get punished, but it won't be a serious outcome." Bey: "If it doesn't happen as you say? If our Hunkar gives the order for my execution? Then who will stand in front of me (to protect me)?" Rustem: "There is only one person who can do this...Hurrem Sultan...anyway I have come here on her wishes. She wants you to return at once to the Capitol and to present yourself to the Sultan...as you know, we cannot question Hurrem Sultan's wisdom, and she will not throw you in front of the Hunkar's wrath, be certain."
     Hurrem, Mihrimah and Sumbul wait for Beyazid. Hurrem: "You said they were coming? Where is my son? There is no one coming or going?" Sumbul: "Sultanim, I swear Rustem Pasha sent that news." Mihrimah: "I hope Beyazid is okay (not in revolt)." Hurrem: "Speak good words... in that case I can not save him..." Beyazid comes and Hurrem reaches out to him. Mihrimah: "We were so afraid you wouldn't come! Our Hunkar will be very pleased that you didn't disobey his words." Bey: "My reason for coming here was not our Hunkar's orders, I came because my mother wanted me to come."

    Suleyman is in his room and Lokman asks if he needs anything else and Suleyman tells him he can leave, and then he looks a Mustafa's ring which is in a box and recalls Cihangir saying "this ring was Mustafa's, he had given it t me, let it stay with you father"
    Out in the hall, Hurrem tells Beyazid to apologize to the Sultan but Beyazid tells her not to ask for this, because he has not done anything to ask for forgiveness. He then tells Lokman to inform the Sultan that he has come. Hurrem tells Beyazid that she believes him, and knows he does not have any fault, but that he should still apologize, for what will he lose in doing this? She says "it is just two words "Forgive me" and Beyazid replies, that it is only two words but if the Sultan even sends the executioners upon him, he shall not apologize.
    Lokman then informs Beyazid that the Sultan awaits him. Hurichihan arrives and asks what is going on. We Suleyman at the doors of his terrace.

    Beyazid enters the Sultan's room and is signalled to sit down and to start drinking. Beyazid picks up his cup and, with his hands shaking, puts it back down.

    In the next scene, Selim and Nurbanu enter Kara's room. They discuss the fact that Beyazid entered into the Hunkar's room. Selim: "Where do you think this will head?" Kara: "It is obvious that Shehzade Beyazid is walking on the same path as Shehzade Mustafa, who also secretly got married, and was allegedly the head of a conspiracy." Nurbanu: "Do you think, our Hunkar, God forbid, will order the death of Shehzade Beyazid?" Kara: "It is certainly a possibility... For so many years I have been swinging my sword on the battlefield and killing enemies, and I have found that one fact holds true... When one takes lives, the first one is the most difficult. A person then starts to get more confident. The hesitation that was initially there disappears into nothingness." Nurbanu: "If you are feeling bad, Shehzadem, think of the other option... Your own death..."

    Back in the Sultan's room, the Sultan says: "I told you to squash the rebellion." Beyazid: "This was my intention. I wanted to take fake Mustafa's head and save the lives of thousands of other people. I was very close to being victorious, except Mehmet Pasha arrived." Suleyman: "There are allegations that you have been supporting the rebels secretly. What do you want to say about that?" Beyazid: "They are lies..." Suleyman: "Is it also a lie that you married by sibling Hatice's daughter?" Beyazid: "That is true..." Suleyman: "Don't lower your head, look at my face... Look into my eyes! You absentminded person! How dare you try to do things behind my back and try to fool me?? Especially after I warned you so many times!" Suleyman takes Beyazid's cup and drinks from it and says: "If I wanted to kill you, would I do it at my own dinner table???" Beyazid: "Forgive my arrogance... I was just thinking of how Ibrahim Pasha and my brother Mustafa died..." Suleyman: "It is clear that you want to go on the path of your brother Mustafa! His fate was supposed to be a lesson for you! That path only has one ending: death!"

    Selim, Nurbanu, and Kara are waiting in a room. Selim: "Why are things so quiet, Pasha? We should have heard news a while ago..." Nurbanu; "We will hear shortly, do not worry." Selim: "Go back to your room, Nurbanu. Look after our Shehzade." Lokman agha enters the room and informs Selim that the Hunkar is waiting for him. After Lokman leaves, Selim asks Kara why the Hunkar called him, and if he has any idea that they are involved. Kara: "No, definitely not. There is nothing to prove." Nurbanu: "I hope you are right... If things get out in the open, your head will also roll!"

    Hurrem confronts Selim in the hall and tells him not to fight with his brother in front of the Hunkar. Selim: "You can't stop what is going to happen next. Stop getting involved." Nurbanu then arrives in the hall and Huricihan tells her to go back to her room. Nurbanu: "Our Shehzade wanted me here." Hurrem: "There is a Sultan in front of you. If she ordered you to go, you will go!... Huricihan, you should go too..."

    Selim enters the room and the Hunkar says to Beyazid: "What about what you did to Selim? Did I appoint you to look after the Capitol to send him away?" Beyazid: "I'm sure he exaggerated everything..." Suleyman: "I didn't hear these from Selim! As a matter of fact, he tried to hide your mistakes! I followed both of you for years with the future of my dynasty in mind. I always wondered which one of you would be better for this throne... Now I am sure. If Allah wills, I wish Selim to ascend to the throne after me. I want everybody to know this, especially you, Beyazid!!!" 

    Beyazid storms into his own room and without telling Huricihan anything, bursts back out of the room. 

    We then see Selim and Nurbanu hugging. Nurbanu: "So he made you the heir to the throne! :)" Selim: "This is a victory... My mother and Mihrimah will now understand that they have to take me seriously." Nurbanu: "The time for that is now. But we have to more careful than ever. We have to be cautious of those who are loyal to Beyazid, not just Beyazid. His biggest supporter is Hurrem Sultan!"

    In the next scene, Beyazid is walking with plainclothes in the bazaar and he meets up with Atmaca and Rustem. Rustem: "Shehzadem, I hope you have come with good news..." Beyazid: "Just like my brother Mustafa, I was also tossed out of our Hunkar's heaven." Rustem: "Did you get exiled?" Beyazid: "I wish... I wish he took my life. He knows me so well. He gave me the biggest punishment of all. He appointed Selim as the heir. There is only one path in front of me now, I will be against Shehzade Selim and against Sultan Suleyman Han! Are you both with me?" Atmaca: "Until my last breath..." Rustem: "May Allah make our ends auspicious...."


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