• Muhtesem Yuzyil Eposode 127 Trailer 1 Translation

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Rustem: "Have you made your choice? Whose side are you on? Shehzade Beyazid's or Shehzade Selim's?"

    Suleyman: "After me, the Shehzade I wish to ascend to the throne, is Selim."

    Hurrem: "For me this winter will never end. Our spring will never come again."

    Beyazid: "Just like my brother Mustafa, I have also been thrown out of our Hunkar's heaven...from now on there is only one path left for me."

    Kara: "My tongue does not want to say it but Shehzade Beyazid, has personally supported the traitors."

    Man: "Your path is our path Shehzadem."

    Sokollu: "Our Hunkar has ordered your return to the palace at once."

    Beyazid: "No. I am not like my brother Mustafa. I won't go with my own feet to my death!"

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