• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 128 Translation

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    The episode starts with Hurrem Sultan wanting to enter Suleyman's room. As she is waiting for Lokman agha to return, she asks Sumbul where Beyazid is right now. Sumbul: "I'm not really sure, he left the palace after the incident." Lokman: "Sultanim, forgive me, however, our Hunkar does not want to see anybody." Hurrem gives Lokman a letter to give to the Hunkar to read, the contents of the letter say:

    "Hunkarim, I am writing you this letter free from any of the titles or positions you have granted me. The courage, rebellion, stem from the motherly pain in my heart, as something I heard today has deeply wounded me. As I have learned, you have made a decision regarding Sehzade Selim and have appointed him as heir to the throne. I did not want to initially believe this, as I thought to myself that the King of the seven regions is not able to make such a mistake. But when I learned the truth, I was devastated. You have made a mistake, Hunkarim. Selim and Beyazid are both your sons, from your blood. Choosing one means forgetting the other. The one you pushed aside will then become jealous of the other one. Remember Habil and Kabil (Abel and Cain), Hunkarim, two brothers who swore allegiance to the Lord of the Universes. The allegiance from one of them was not accepted. It was this jealousy that led Cain to slay his brother Abel. Just like how fire eats up and swallows wood, jealousy also does the same to goodness, and all that will remain is a handful of ashes."

    There is a flashback to the past, where Selim and Beyazid are making gifts for the Hunkar, and they each claim to each other that the Hunkar will like their gift better. Beyazid: "The agha's in the harem won't even wear yours." We then see them presenting their gifts to the Hunkar and Suleyman says: "Wonderful to Selim's", very disinterested. When Beyazid presents him with the dagger, he says: "I hope you like it. It is not done yet." Suleyman: "This is very clear already that it will be amazing. It's as if a master craftsman has made it." We then see young Selim enter the workroom and destroy the dagger with a hammer in a fit of rage. 

    Hurrem's letter continues: "You are a world leader, the owner of power in this world, but as you know, according to the traditions of the Ottomans, there is no heir appointed to the throne. Allah decides who will be the one inheriting. What you have done can only increase the warring efforts between Beyazid and Selim. I vow to you that I will never make a choice like this. They are both from my heart, I bore them, and I raised them. I will never choose one over the other, as a mother. It is my sincere wish that you do the same, as a father." Suleyman then throws the letter into his fireplace. 

    In the next scene, we see Selim and Nurbanu. Selim: "I miss alcohol in times like this, Nurbanu, it is as if I am missing my happiness.." (Just as a note, historically, Selim did initially drink alcohol, as was determined by Turkish historians according to Ottoman archives, but after he repented, he never went back to drinking alcohol.) Nurbanu: "You can't drink here, if our Hunkar finds out that you broke your repentance vows, we will suffer a great deal of damage... The wine of love is more than enough for us. Our day is drawing nearer, Selim, I feel it. Shehzade Beyazid has truly fallen from grace. You will be the owner of this palace and all Ottoman domains, and I, our son Murat, and our daughters will all live together in happiness." Selim: " I pray that that is the case. Otherwise, along with me, you will all be swept up and thrown away." Nurbanu: "Get that thought out of your mind! We will do whatever is necessary for you to ascend to the throne. Nobody can stop us. If necessary, we will cut out our hearts and do whatever we need to do. For our kids, we will be willing to burn in hell. Shehzade Beyazid has taken Shehzade Mustafa as a guide. That path is dark. We will always walk in the path where the sun is."

    We then see Beyazid and Hurrem meeting in the hall, Beyazid tries to get away from her. Hurrem: "I know what happened, and I heard what you said to your father. I know you are devastated, I can see that. But don't be sad, don't get angry. It is clear that he said those words to you without thinking too much, and in anger. The best thing to do is to be calm." Beyazid: "How can I be? Apparently I supported the rebellion by sending them gold, and they are also claiming that I even started the rebellion! How can he believe these lies? Is that the type of person I am?" Hurrem: "Never! I would never think that!" Beyazid: "But our Hunkar is suspicious of me. You will see that Selim is behind all of this. He wanted me to look bad in front of our Hunkar and he got his way. I am sure he is celebrating right now." Hurrem: "Control your anger, it is taking over you. And don't slander your brother. Selim wouldn't do anything like this." Beyazid: "He would. Fear makes a person do anything."

    In Beyazid's room, Huricihan is massaging him. Huricihan: "You know the reason for all of these, the smell of blood coming from each corner of the palace, the dark clouds above our head, the reason why our Hunkar has preferred Selim over you... Because he sees you as a threat to his own power, just like your brother Mustafa, and my father Ibrahim Pasha." Beyazid: "Are you trying to say that he will kill me too?" Huricihan: "Allah forbid! I pray every night for Allah to takes from my life and add to yours." Beyazid: "No need to get sad over these things. Whatever fate has written for us, that will happen." Huricihan: "Actually we do have to think about these things. My father and your brother lost, but you will win, because Hurrem Sultan supports you!" Beyazid: "She isn't against me, but she also isn't supporting me, she doesn't choose sides between her sons." Huricihan: "When she finds out what Shehzade Selim did, she will be on your side. I will also do my best to keep good relations with her. Beyazid: "You and my mother? I somehow can't picture it..." Huricihan: "When it comes to you, even a lamb and a wolf will come together... Why can't we?" 

    In the next scene, we see Rustem speaking with Mihrimah and Hurrem in the garden. Rustem: "The gold that supported the rebels has come from the palace according to my intelligence reports. Without Ahmet Pasha's support, this could not have happened." Hurrem: "Has he lost his mind?" Rustem: "I am finding it hard to say, but he is not the only one behind all of this, our Shehzade Selim might also have played a role in this." Hurrem: "What are you saying? Pull your thoughts together! Are you accusing my son of betraying his brother? I will make the air you breathe into poison!" Mihrimah: "Do you have any proof of this?" Rustem: "A betrayal like this will not have proof." Mihrimah: "In that case, keep your thoughts to yourself. Selim wouldn't do anything like this." Rustem: "If you don't want to ruin your inner-peace, continue to think this way, but think about it honestly, if Ahmet Pasha was not inclined towards Shehzade Selim, why would he act against Shehzade Beyazid?" Hurrem: "He must be a pawn in Fatma Sultan's hand." Rustem: "You are right... But I am thinking, if I were your enemy, what would I do? The only thing that comes to mind is to pit both of your sons against each other." Hurrem: "Whatever the case may be, if you say even the smallest thing against Shehzade Selim, I will take your life with my own hands." 

    In Selim's room, Selim says: "My fortunate daughters... All three of them have an unmatched beauty like yours." Nurbanu: "You and your words that comfort my soul!" Hurrem enters the room and tells everyone to leave her alone with Selim. Nurbanu says that something is off with Hurrem Sultan, and she is worried. Selim: "What happened, mother, did you hear the words my father said about me?" Hurrem: "That's not why I am here. I would not choose between both of you, unlike your father. I am here to discuss what is being said about you... Who said it is not important, but when it comes to what they are saying that you joined with Ahmet Pasha and created a trap for Beyazid. I didn't believe it, but I wanted to hear it from you and be sure... My son, tell me the truth. Were you part of this disgusting game played against your brother and did you betray him?" Selim: "Definitely not! Something like this wouldn't even cross my mind! How can you accuse me of such treachery? It was Rustem Pasha, right? He is the one that wants to wreck our relationship..." Hurrem: "I just wanted to hear the truth from your mouth. Thankfully, I don't have an atom's worth of suspicion against you."

    In the next scene, Suleyman tells Sokullu Mehmet to explain. Sokullu: "Unfortunately, Mahidevran Sultana sent money to fake Mustafa in Edirne." Suleyman: "What are you saying? Do you have proof?" Sokullu: "We found a lot of gold with the rebels, and a document."

    Sokollu hands Suleyman a letter, and says that Mahidevran has given permission to the rebels to use her properties in and around Edirne. She has built many resting/feeding stations and farms to be able to support them. In light of this then Hunkarim, the actual supporter of the rebellions has been Mahidevran Sultan, never Shehzade Beyazid."

    Suleyman recalls the scene where Yahya asks him to look after Mahidevran, so she does not to have to rely on others and at least live the rest of her days in peace.

    Suleyman then says to Sokollu: "Sokollu, I want you to declare my decision to Mahidevran Sultan. Take everything from her, except the palace that she is living in, in Bursa. Every royal valuable trinkets OR fiefs in the value of more than 100,000 akces, will be returned to the royal treasury (two meanings can be derived, one is either valuable trinkets that royalty would own, or valuable fiefs/land which were worth more than 100,000). Also, her monthly allowance from the treasury will be cut and she will not get a single akce (currency) from the royal treasury from now on."

    Sokollu: "The order and command is that of our mighty Padishah (sovereign)."

    In the gardens, Nurbanu accompanies Selim to his horse. Nurbanu: 'So Hurrem Sultan suspects you. How can this happen?" Selim: "Rustem Pasha and Beyazid have come together and tried to influence my mother." Nurbanu: "Oh Allah please help us." They arrive at the place where Selim's horse is waiting, and Gazanfer greets them. Selim turns to Nurbanu and says: "Ahmet Pasha should be more careful. If the fire touches him, then we shall also burn."

    He got goes to mount his horse, Nurbanu watches him with worry and Gazanfer approaches saying "Do not ruin yourself over this please, Ahmet Pasha and Mehmet Pasha are experienced viziers, he will prevent the matter from being exposed. " Nurbanu: 2:52 check "I cannot stop myself from thinking of the worst possibilities. If the matter goes as far as involving our Shehzade?" Gazanfer: "In that case, Hurrem Sultan will interfere in the matter and protect her child, no matter what." Nurbanu: "With these words you have poured water on my heart (you have calmed my fears)" (hehehe, he looks like he says in his mind when she touched his shoulder and you just put fire in mine!')

    Selim goes to see Kara. Kara: "Shehzadem, hopefully nothing is wrong?" Selim: "You will say that Pasha, my mother came to ask me what was going on, she knows a trap was set for Beyazid, it seems Rustem has told her. Now, speak, is everything according to the books (everything's been done properly and we won't get in trouble?)" Kara: "Be rest assured my Shehzade, as I told you before, there is no possibility to make a connection (of what happened) to us."
    Mihrimah and Hurrem are having some coffee. Mihrimah: "What was the need for this mother? At least he could have left her to continue getting monthly income (from the treasury) she won't even be able to last for a few months and she will fall into poverty." Hurrem: "What is wrong? Now you feel bad for Mahidevran?" Mihrimah: "It is not in my hands, if anything, we are the reason for this." Hurrem: "We are the reason? Nobody is a white spoon that has been removed from milk (nobody is pure) Especially Mahidevran? This was a war that they started, and I won and she lost. The opposite could have happened, and the one whose child and wealth was taken and exiled, would be me."
    There is a knock and Sumbul arrives telling Hurrem that right after Selim met with his mother, that he went straight to the New Garden Palace (Yenibahce Saray) and met with Kara Ahmet. Hurrem is angry.

    Sokollu is going over some documents when he is informed about Rustem, but before the man can finish or ask permission, Rustem enters anyway. Sokollu tells the guy to leave. Sok: "Is there a problem my Pasha?" Rustem: "I have come to ask about the conditions, Sokollu...and to congratulate you, as you know everyone is speaking about your victories against the rebels and you have earned everyone's admiration including the Hunkar's - so much so that, you have become the Kubbe Vizier (second in command after Grand Vizier)." Sokollu: "They have honoured me." Rustem: "Hmm. In light of this, Shehzade Selim has gotten one step ahead. Just as you wished." Sokollu: "I just wanted to carry out our Hunkar's order. Also, I do not choose between Shehzades Beyazid and Selim. It is impossible for me to take sides. Whoever Mighty Allah chooses to give sovereignty(kingship) to, that is who will get it." Rustem: "You have made your choice long ago. Pray that it goes as you planned! If our Hunkar finds out you have gotten together with Ahmet Pasha and set up a trap for Sh. Beyazid, then God forbid, our head shall roll." Sokollu: "You cannot accuse me like this, my Pasha. I have not set a trap for anyone. The opposite! To protect Sh. Beyazid I have exposed Mahidevran Sultan's involvement in the rebellion." Rustem: "If you think by sacrificing Mahidevran Sultan that you will be saved from the consequences of this business, you are wrong."

    Hurrem is about to confront Kara Ahmet. Sumbul  tells the agha to send word to Kara that Hurrem has come to see him. Sumbul says: "Sultanim, please be calm, it will make things worse, we don't have proof in our hands anyway..." Hurrem: "Everyone will know their limits, Sumbul. They will know who is in front of them." The agha informs Hurrem that Kara is awaiting her presence."

    When she enters, Kara welcomes her and she says: "Some words have reached my ears, Pasha, according to them, you are the one who dug the well for our Shehzade (as in, set a trap for him)." Kara: "I do not understand what you are talking about? Why would I do such a thing." Hurrem: "That is what I said. Ahmet Pasha wouldn't do it,he is an intelligent vizier, if he does, then he knows he will be the first to fall into the well he has dug." Kara: "I don't know who told you what, but it is obvious they want to use this accusation to sow he seeds of hate between us." Hurrem: "If that is the case, then what did business did my Sh. Selim have to meet you here, why did you meet, what did you speak of?" Kara: "What? I am the Grand Vizier, Sultanim, of course I will see our Shehzades and converse with them. I am not about to explain myself to you." Hurrem: "Oh you won't explain to me? Is that right? The last Grand Vizier to say that to me, does not even have a tomb now. What are you relying on Pasha? Who do you have behind you? Fatma Sultan? Is she protecting you?" Kara: "Do not confuse me with other Pashas, Sultanim, I have forehead is open (nobody can blame me for anything) and my back is unyielding (not to lean on anyone else or be influenced). I will not give heed to threats, because I do not fear anyone but God. Now please return to your palace." Hurrem: "No one will tell me what to do." Fatma enters then.

    Fatma: "What do you think you are doing? You can't just blow into my palace like the wind. Know your place." Hurrem: "You can get between my shehzades, can set them against each other, but I cannot take you to account for it?" Fatma: "This is the world of doing and finding. It is easy to take sides against Sh. Mustafa. Now what will you do? They are both your children. They have started fighting from now. iEspecially that Sh. Selim...he is really something. A pear falls near it's tree. You made him resemble you. His brain works really well for causing mischief and discord." Fatma: "He is the one who sent money to the rebels and set a trap for his brother. What can he do? He is afraid for his life." Hurrem is about to leave then says: "I swear to you, that you will pay for this. Especially you, Ahmet Pasha. Especially you."

    Outside in the hall, Hurrem tells Sumbul that what they feared has happened about Selim.
    Inside, Kara tells his wife: "What did you do, Sultanim, you threw us all in the fire." Fatma: "The fire has fallen into her heart actually. Let her burn, let her burn so that Sh. Mustafa can feel pleased." Kara: "And if she informs our Hunkar about the situation?" Fatma: "She won't. She isn't about to hand over Sh. Selim like that. Hurrem is going to fall into such a sand pit that the more she tries to save herself, the more she will sink."

    Hurichihan arrives to meet with Mihrimah in Hurrem's room to eat. She says: "I cannot tell you how happy it made me that you invited me." Mih: "We have been very far away, and this makes me sad, because we are on the same side." Hurichihan: " It wasn't up to me, but if we should speak openly, you have always chosen to be distant from me." Mih: "Let us leave the past in a corner. I know how much Beyazid loves you. He is precious to us. While it is like this, we have no need for meaningless argument." Huri: "It is not possible to forget the past, but as you said, we can put it aside. Sh. Beyazid's future is more important than anything for me." Mihrimah: "This is what I wanted to hear from you. If we work together no one can stand in front of Sh. Beyazid's way."

    Selim is in his room when Hurrem enters tells him to sit. Selim: "What is going on mother?" Hurrem: "You lied to me. You looked into my eyes and you lied to me. You have betrayed Beyazid, and have accused him and thrown his life in danger. Do not deny it! I am coming from the Yenibahce Palace! I learned what you did! Shame on you...shame on you. It means you have gotten together with my enemies, and you thrust a dagger in the backs of me and your brother! Is that right? Look at my face! How could you put your dignity and honour under foot like this? Are you this weak? You who are Sultan Suleyman Han's son, my son! Mine! Hurrem Sultan's! How could you be a tool for those traitors games? Shame...if you had any brotherly love in you, you would not have dared. Shame." Selim: "The smell of fear of death is coming and clouding brotherly love mother." Hurrem: "Do not look for an excuse for your betrayal." Hurrem: "No one is after your life...especially not Beyazid. He would never." Selim: "Never is that right? Did you forget what you went through just recently? A father killed his child. My father killed the son he loved most. I was there mother. I saw. I saw my brother's lifeless body, and then Cihangir's. Do you know why he died? From his own grief from his own fear - from my father, from you...from fear of this unjust world he died. This is why you should not speak to me of family or brotherhood...We lost, innocence is finished, now nothing will be like it was before."

    We then see Ahmet and Sokullu walking in the garden, Sokullu says: "Rustem Pasha came to see me at the Divan. They are after us." Ahmet: "Hurrem Sultan visited me. She knows about the gold." Sokullu: "What should we do?" Ahmet: "You deal with Izzet agha, who took the gold to Edirne, I'll take care of the rest. I won't leave any proof. Since you won't be talking either, then we don't have to worry."

    Back in Selim's room, Hurrem says: "If the trap you made for Beyazid gets out in the open, your life will be in danger." Selim: "What will you do? Will you tell our Hunkar to order my death?" Hurrem: "Allah forbid! As long as I am alive, nobody can hurt a single hair on your body, not even our Hunkar, I won't allow it." Selim: "May Allah always keep you with us." Hurrem: "But don't forget, the same things go for your brother Beyazid. If you ever try to hurt him again, or try to kill him even, you will find me in front of you."

    In the next scene, we see Lala speaking with Beyazid: "I was so worried that something was going to happen to you... I nearly died of fright. Why did you wait so long? You should've just killed all of the rebels." Beyazid: "They placed barriers in front of me. Don't you get it, this issue has nothing to do with me! What I am about to say will stay between us. Unfortunately, Selim set the trap for me. He united with Ahmet Pasha and tried to bury me." Lala: "This is a heavy allegation... Do you have proof?" Beyazid: "I don't have any proof yet, but they must have left something that I can find." Lala: "If this is true, then everything changes, even our Hunkar's decision." Beyazid: "Yes, I want our Hunkar to see who he appointed as heir. I want the truth to come out. I told my mother already but she doesn't believe me, actually she doesn't want to believe it." Lala: "Even if she saw it happen with her own eyes, she wouldn't believe it. She would want to hide this issue, as she is a mother. Don't forget this." Beyazid: "They tried to make me look like a treacherous Shehzade, so even if my mother tries to cover it up, I won't allow it."

    PART 2
    Selim rushes to Kara's office: "In the first opportunity you told on me to my mother although I had trusted you." Kara: "Believe me, I did not let a single word escape my mouth that would accuse you!" Selim: "So how did my mother find out?" Kara: "Fatma Sultan could not prevent her anger. In a moment it all came out of her mouth." Selim: "How does Fatma Sultan know Pasha? How could you entwine her in this matter? And since you involved her in it, how did you not take control of it? Kara: "Everything happened suddenly! I could not prevent her!" Selim: "Could not prevent it?! For long now you've been at the front of the state, you should have known that power is shirt of fire and there should have been precaution according to this! This is not child's play!"
    Kara: "Forgive my insolence my Shehzade, but it is not one of your aghas that stand before you! I am the Hunkar's Grand Vizier." Selim: "True, there is a Grand Vizier in front of me...a Grand vizier doing things behind Sh. Beyazid's back, sending money to the rebels." Kara: "Are you threatening me?" Selim: "However you want to take it Pasha. If I get in trouble, I will burn everyone. Starting with you. Then Mehmet Pasha, and even Fatma Sultan. I pray that you took good precautions and that this issue ends here, if it does not, then choose the way that you want to die."
    Beyazid buys some apples and hands the child who sells them a bag of coins, the boy says this is too much, but Beyazid ignores. Atmaca has brought Hussain along and introduces him saying that he can be trusted. Hussain "May God keep your way open, make your sword sharp my Shehzade." Bey: "Great, what is the matter Atmaca, you said it was important?" At: "We found out the location of the agha who had sent the gold to the rebels." Bey: "So let's go then."
    Rustem has arrived to the state record library and when he asks the agha what he is waiting for and to open the door, the agha says that he cannot allow him to enter. Rustem reminds him that the Sultan's son in law stands before him, the higher ranking agha arrives and asks what is going on. Rustem explains that he needs to look at the 4:00 but that the aghas were insolent and didn't allow him to enter. The agha responds that they are not at fault because the orders are that without the permission of the Kubbe Vizier (Mehmet Sokollu) or the Hunkar no one is allowed to enter. Just then, Ali Pasha arrives and shows a letter with permission saying that Rustem Pasha is with him, and if anyone asks he can show the letter to them. So the agha has the doors opened and they go in.
    Rustem says to Ali Pasha: "Did you see their faces?" Ali: "Their faces were ghastly (pale) it is obvious they are hiding something." Rustem: "Whatever it is, we will find it God Willing."
    We see a man come out of a courtyard and the men show their daggers and then the man runs away and is followed closely
    by his assailants. Then he is stuck when the doors of a mosque are locked, so he tells them not to come close he will kill them, they move on him and are about to kill him when Atmaca, Beyazid and Hussain have come and when he tells Beyazid to wait, of course he doesn't and they all go and bring all the men down. Beyazid says: "You had sent gold to the imposter Mustafa, who did you get the order from. The man: "Wo are you, how do you know all these things?" Hussain: "You speak, who set a trap for Sh. Beyazid?" The man is about to speak but an archer shoots him in the back. Beyazid: "This is not good at all Atmaca."
    Fatma, Hurichihan and Gulfem are seated at a party in the harem  (hosted by Fatma) and Nurbanu arrives Fatma asks Nurbnau why
     she is waiting like that (inviting her to sit) and when Nurbanu greets Hurichihan, Huri says: "If I get up it will be better." Fatma: "Sit Hurichihan, sit." Fatma: "Soon you will return with your Shehzades to your sanjak, and we do not know when you will see each other. I wanted the dark clouds above our heads to dissipate. " Nurbanu: "You have thought good Sultanim."
    Mihrimah is with her mother walking through the hall Fahriye says: "Fatma Sultan is here more than in her own palace. She interferes in everything. She even changed some cariyes and aghas without me evening knowing about." Mihrimah: "Since her husband became grand vizier, she has lost control of herself."
    Hurrem has arrived to the harem and enters. Hurrem: "What is the reason for this party? What are you celebrating like this?" Fatma: "We don't have to explain to you, Hurrem, but we are celebrating Sh. Selim's being heir (to the throne)." Hurichihan: "What celebrating Sultanim? You did not tell me about this" Fatma: "Now you found out." Hurichihan approaches Hurrem: "Forgive me, if Fatma Sultan had told me from the start about the reason for this celebration I would not have attended." Fatma: "You have made something out of nothing. We are just celebrating our Hunkar's decision. Are you not happy about our Hunkar's choosing of Selim? In truth, your favourite is Beyazid. How sad for Nurbanu." Hurichihan: You are giving more importance to a cariye than she deserves." Nurbanu: "Stop trying to put me down everytime, Sultanim, I am not just any cariye. I am the mother of a shehzade." Hurrem: "Nurbanu, return to your room. And without me giving permission do not exit your room!" Nurbanu tries to speak, Hurrem: "Do as I say!" Nurbanu leaves and so does Hurichihan after Hurrem nods.
    Hurrem to Fatma: "I can see what you are trying to do, Sultanim. As if it wasn't enough that you were planting the seeds of hate between my shehzades, now you are trying to make the harem go against each other." Fatma: "I said what the truth is, I did not lie. The Padishah (king) in your heart is Beyazid is that not right?" Hurrem: "There is only one Padishah in my heart: Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri!" Fatma: "If one day our Hunkar, God forbid, orders yet another of the Shehzades death, what will you do then, Hurrem? I am curious in truth, will you then be able to say the same thing?" Hurrem moves closer and says: "Get your mourning clothing ready Sultanim, soon you will be a widow again."
    Rustem and Ali Pasha are still looking over documents, when the guy (who we later know as Lutfi haha) tells him that his late and that if he wishes, he can come back tomorrow and continue. Rustem tells him not to touch the books as he will continue from them. Ali Pasha moves closer to Rustem and tells him that "It seems that we won't find anything, everything is by the books." Rustem: "The expert in this matter is Sokollu (to search) but I don't trust him at all." Ali: "But what about our Sultana (Hurrem) what does she think of Sokollu?" Rustem: "She has full trust in him, but if I prove that he is in on this matter, our Sultana will be the one to personally order his execution!"
    Suleyman is reading when Lokman enters and announced Mehmet Pasha (Sokollu). Sokollu enters and Suleyman says: "The requests that my representative from Egypt has sent me. They say that this year their taxes have been increased...why do I not know about this?" Sok: "As far as I know there has been no increase, whatever the law states we are collecting the same amount. I do not know why they have complained, but I will investigate at once." Suleyman: "My servants have all the same complaints so tell Ahmet Pasha that if there is any truth in this, the punishment will be very severe! You may leave!" Suleyman tells Ferhat, his new doctor friend, "Look into this matter, examine all the documents and letters and give me an explanation." Ferhat leaves. Lokman remains and Suleyman gives him a look asking why he is still standing there, and Lokman says "I was just wondering if you needed anything" Sully: "No, you may leave." (Lokman is obviously jealous of the new favour Ferhat the doctor has garnered with the Sultan)
    Nurbanu goes to cry in her room and her son wonders what happened, he asks her who made her cry and that he will go and show them their place! Nurbanu tells him that she is fine and that he should not worry and that the days will pass, her tears will stop and first his father will get on the throne and then he will. She adds "I swear to you, the Ottoman dynasty will continue with us...I will do whatever I need to for this. When that day comes, no one will treat me lowly. No one will order me. I will not bow, they will be bowing in front of me."
    Mihrimah is with Hurrem and says "Nurbanu has really changed, they have gotten into her head (influenced her) I think she is the one pushing Selim. When Rustem proves Selim's doing I will show them!" Hurrem: "No matter what, no damage will come to Selim! Do you understand me? It won't!" Mihrimah: "What are you saying mother? He set a trap for Beyazid, he put his life in danger, is he going to profit from this situation?" Hurrem: "Selim is not at fault. Ahmet the Pasha is the one that is causing havoc, and Fatma Sultan is the one getting into his mind." Mihrimah: "For God's sake mother, weren't you the one who said Selim was in on this business?" Hurrem: "Fatma Sultan's lie - to get my Shehzades against each other and I will not fall for her game." Mihrimah: "Your intention is to be neutral mother, but this is impossible! Sooner or later the one who deserves the throne will get it and you will have to stand against Selim." Hurrem: "Come to your senses! The one you speak of is your brother! What does it mean to go against? We will come together and prevent this war!" Mihrimah: "That war has started a long time ago mother! And Selim threw the first stone. He must pay for this." Hurrem: "Mihrimah, I don't want to hear all these things anymore." She leaves to the terrace, but Mihrimah is determined and follows her: "While our Hunkar has made his choice so openly, how can you stay silent mother? Understand already, it is impossible for you to be neutral. Now it is your turn, you have to make your choice." Hurrem: "You don't understand it, do you? Whoever I choose the other will lose!" Mihrimah: "Sooner or later. Is this not what will happen anyway?"
    Selim's son Murat plays in the garden while Suleyman watches from above. "I had gone years before to Manisa to name my grandson Murad. I completely forgot about it." Ferhat: "People forget everyday, if people don't forget things then they will relive the pains from the past over and over again. Forgetting is a medicine and a poison at the same time. Remembering and Forgetting, Hunkarim, are both blessings..." Suleyman: "Just like seeing everything but pretending not to see."
    Beyazid is teaching his son Osman how to shoot arrows and then says that the true master of this art is Tugrul Bey, or also known as, Atmaca. Osman asks who Atmaca is and Beyazid says that "he was your uncle Mustafa's companion, now he is my bodygaurd, you can meet him in Kutahya and that he will teach you all the tricks and rules of shooting" Then, Murad arrives with his Lala and Gazanfer, who tells him they should go another way, but Murad asks why. He says no, and they can return to the place, but when he looks at Beyazid, Beyazid calls him over and asks if he knows how to shoot arrows and if he wants to try and Murad nods. Beyazid "Oh my! Clearly you have skill." Murad: "My father says that I have taken after Shehzade Mustafa and that I am a warrior like he was!" Beyazid: 'So this means your father talks about his brothers?" Murad: "He talks about my uncle Cihangir quite often. He says he was very intelligent, he used to read a lot and knew everything." Beyazd: "He was...May Allah have mercy on his soul....so what does your father say about me?" Murad: "He says that you get angry quickly and scream quickly" And then Beyazid laughs and says "Okay collect the arrows, let us do another round of shooting. Selim approaches and sees his son with Beyazid and his sons and is pleased. Gazanfer asks if he should get Murad, but Selim says no let them play. Selim smiles and walks away.
    Suleyman is on his terrace and Ferhat says: "I went through all the papers, and analyzed the archives, everything is in order. There is no way that there was an increase in the taxes collected from Egypt." Suleyman: "What is the reason for the complaints then?" Ferhat: "I have no idea, but there are two possibilities: Either someone is playing a game on Ahmet Pasha or -" Suleyman: 'Or Ahmet Pasha is playing a game..." Suleyman calls to Lokman, who looks jealously at Ferhat. Sully: "Where is Ahmet Pasha?" Lokman: "He is in the Divan, as you know, today the Divan is going to have a session." Suleyman: "Great."
    We see Rustem enter the Divan area where the Pasha holds council. Rustem: "You ordered for me?" Kara: "Do you still think you are important? With what face do you dare to enter the archives room and analyze documents?" Rustem: "There were somethings I was curious about so I was looking for answers." Kara chuckles and Rustem alone notices the Sultan entering the area where he listens from and looks away. Kara: "Don't stick your nose in issues that don't concern you, Rustem" Rustem: "Anything that has to do with the benefit of the state, I have to do with...you should be the same way. If the complaints of the public in Egypt even reached my ear, then that means you are doing something wrong somehow."Kara: "You fool! Know your place! I am this nation's current grand vizier."

    Rustem: "Forgive me Pasha Hazretleri, my respect for your office is constant, but in the end, we are all Sultan Suleyman's servants. The future of our Dynasty comes before everything else." Kara: "Am I going to learn these from you?Get out of my Divan at once! I don't want to ever see you again. Aghas! Inform the pashas at once to come immeditately, today's session is extremely important." Rustem: "I see that even from now, you have become arrogant, although the grand vizier's of our past should have been a lesson for you." Kara: "Don't confuse me with previous grand viziers, I have not reached my position with the help of women." Suleyman looks down at both of them. Kara says: "Our Hunkar has protected my life, with his oath, so that he cannot call for my execution as long as I am in this position. Who else could have gotten a promise like before this from Sultan Suleyman? Tell me?" Rustem: "Shame, you have caught yourself up with pride despite the fact that our Hunkar has been gracious to you. Sokollu Mehmet Pasha and you have come together and are trying to do things behind our Shehzade's backs." Kara grabs him, "Rustem you are nothing anymore. For two years I have been ruling this nation. If you accept this fact that would be good." Sully leaves from his viewing place. Kara: "Get out. Don't ever come back." Rustem leaves.
    Sully walks through the hall towards his room, with Lokman and Ferhat behind him, deep in thought. Then he tells Lokman: "Send word to the tailor to prepare a black robe."
    At night Selim and his family have come to see Suleyman and Hurrem. Murad: "Hunkarim, a small gift for you, if you accept it, I will be very happy." Suleyman is impressed and finds a chess set." Suleyman: "Great, it is a beautiful gift." Murad: "Hopefully one day we can play against each other." Suleyman: "God Willing" Little Triplets: "Hunkarim, May Allah keep you with us." Hurrem: "Allah protect you, how beautiful your girls are Selim. God Willing their fortunes will be just as lovely." Selim: "God Willing mother." Hurrem: "I always confuse you...your name?" Middle: "Esmahan Sultan." Left of Middle: "I am Gevher Sultan." Hurrem says: "And your name is, Shah Sultan!" The middle one says: "Sultanim, your hair is very beautiful. Why isn't our hair that colour?" Everyone goes to sit with the Sultan and Hurrem watches.

    Beyazid is washing his face when Hurichihan arrives telling him that Hurrem has called for them to go to Sultan's room as she and the Sultan are awaiting them, along with the children. Beyazid wonders why, and Hurichihan says that she does not know but that he shouldn't take it as a bad thing right away, that perhaps the Sultan wants to make up with Beyazid again.
    Beyazid goes with his family and greets his parents, Hurrem welcomes him and says "It is such joy to see you all in one place." Beyazid's boys approach the Sultan and kiss his hand.

    Selim: "While we are all here, I would like to host the circumcision ceremony of Shehzade Murat, if you give us permission." Beyazid: "What ceremony? This is not the right time for ceremonies." Selim: "Our Hunkar joined us at my Sanjak during my Shehzade's birth, and I thought that he might want to witness his circumcision ceremony as well." Hurrem: "You know the things we went through recently. I don't think it's a good time to celebrate anything right now; you can do it upon your return to your Sanjak, and perhaps we can join you if possible.." Suleyman: "Since he has already made the intention, then we cannot push away his request. The preparations should begin for Shehzade Murat's circumcision, Hurrem." Selim: "You have made us extremely happy, Hunkarim. Perhaps with this ceremony, the dark clouds surrounding all of us might dissipate."
    We then see Selim join Beyazid on the balcony and he says to him: "Whatever you do will be pointless. My Shehzade's celebration will be here, at the Capitol. I know you don't like it, but you shouldn't have made it clear, it didn't look good in front of our Hunkar." Beyazid: "I'm not two-faced like you. I can't stand being fake." Selim: "You're speaking out like this from your feelings of jealousy, right?" Beyazid: "Enjoy these days, as they will end soon." 

    Hurrem asks Nurbanu where this celebration idea came from at a time like this, "It was your idea, right?" Nurbanu: "It was the wish of our Shehzade Selim. I don't know what is wrong with it." Hurrem: "You should've consulted me before telling our Hunkar about it." Nurbanu: "Forgive us, Sultanim, we didn't think about that... But please try to understand our excitement. Our Shehzade is a gift to us from Allah; not every person is as lucky (slyly implying this about Huricihan, who just joined their conversation)." Huricihan: "You are referring to me?" Nurbanu: "You misunderstood me, Sultanim." Hurrem: "Enough. I don't want anymore fights, especially here. We will talk about this issue later." Huricihan: "You made a Sultan your enemy. Be afraid of me!"

    Rustem walks with Beyazid outside and Rustem asks if hopefully the relationship between Bey and Sully is better and Beyazid responds that as it seems the winds won't be in his favour, as the Sultan granted the request to have Selim's son's circumcision ceremony in the Palace. Rustem says that the circumcision idea was brilliant because they will try to get closer to the Sultan like this "But this is useless..." Rustem: "Speak Rustem Pasha, it is clear something happened." Rustem: "Ahmet Pasha called me before the Divan session. It was clear he was troubled by my looking into the documents and he wanted me to stay away from the palace. However, at that time I realized our Hunkar had come to the Divan observation cage, he wanted to listen to the Divan. But with such an oppurtunity in my hand I pushed Ahmet Pasha and he said such things that our Hunkar will certainly take him to account for it!" Bey: "What did the traitor say?" Just then Zal arrives and says that just as he had ordered "we have been observing Ahmet Pasha's palace for quite some time. The secretary of the archives Lutfi Celebi was at his palace the other night." Rustem: "He came to tell on me about looking into the documents. And then this morning Ahmet Pasha called me." Bey: 'It means something is fishy." Zal: "If you wish my Shehzade I will interrogate him" Beyazid responds that there is no need, and that Atmaca will take care of it." and then he leaves.
    Zal asks Rustem what they will do with Atmaca, because "while he breathes he is a threat to us." Rustem: "There is time. When the time comes I will personally take his life."

    PART 3

    Nurbanu is meeting with Gazanfer. Nurbanu: "Hurichihan Sultan threatened me. If she wants she can throw me into a sack and without anyone even knowing, throw me into the sea." Gazanfer: "This not that easy Sultanim. Be assured." Nurbanu: "My actual fear is Hurrem Sultan. For a while now I am lowered in her eyes. She was very angry about the circumcision matter, she had just a look towards me that -" Gaz: "Do not worry, Hurrem Sultan likes you" Nurbanu: "The conditions have changed Gazanfer, now our competitor is Sh. Beyazid. He is also Hurrem Sultan's son.  Hurrem Sultan won't have mercy on me, she'll kill me.  Did you forget Valeria? How she made us kill her. If the same thing happens to me?" Gazanfer: "While I am here, no one can do anything to you.I will protect you from everyone - if needed even from Hurrem Sultan." Nur: "It is good you are here Gazanfer, do not take your eyes off Hurichihan Sultan." Canfeda arrrives and Gazanfer leaves. Canfeda: "Sultanim, what business does the agha have here? If someone sees, God forbid what will they think?" Nurbanu: "We have to take precautions, Hurichihan Sultnan has threatened me." Canfeda: How can he protect you he can't even enter the harem? Also it is clear he has lost all of his conscience, it is obvious that he is madly in love with you." Nurbanu: "Do you think I am a fool not to understand that?" Canfeda: "No Sultanim, I just wanted to warn, if you keep him far from you it would be good, otherwise it might cause problems for you." Nur: "I can't...I am living under threat of death, I need a loyal agha like Gazanfer, at least for now."
    At night in the pub we see the secretary of the archives, Lutfi and he goes off with a women, but Beyazid, Atmaca and Hussain have followed him and they get him and he says "please, what do you want from me? I will give you whatever you want. Shehzadem?" Bey: "Tell me Lutfi Efendi, what are you doing behind my back, speak." Lutfi: "Never my Shehzade, who am I to work behind your back?" Bey: "I am talking about the gold...the gold that the grand vizier Ahmet pasha sent to the rebels." Lutfi: "Never, shehzadem, I swear I have no knowledge of such a thing." At: "Lutfi, don't tire yourself out or me. I don't want to hurt you more." Lutfi: "Have mercy on me Shehzadem, I have a child. I don't know about the gold for the rebels." Bey: "Since you have a child, speak for him..so he doesn't get hurt because of his father's crime, you wouldn't that right?" Lutfi: "I am innocent Shehzadem, I am merely bound by orders. the grand vizier, whatever he said, I did that only."
    In the palace in the morning, Rustem is with Hurrem and says that finally Beyazid's innocence will come out in the open and the Lutfi will admit to Ahmet's involvement in the matter. Hurrem asks if for sure they will not mention Selim's name. Rustem says that no, because the secretary doesn't even know of Selim's involvement in it and that Ahmet will not want to go alone to trouble, he will try to bring Selim's name into it. Hurrem says "You will protect Selim, not a single stain will come to his name." Rustem: 'I will do this on a condition, Sultanim." Hurrem: "Rustem Pasha? How dare you put conditions on me?" Rustem: "Forgive me Sultanim, but I am forced to do this for Sh. Beyazid's sake. Support Sh. Beyazid, so I can put your wish to work."
    Fatma is worrying with Kara: "Where is this Lutfi Celebi? How could he disappear suddenly? Or has he become afraid and run away?" Kara: "I am investigating Sultanim. He will come out from somewhere certainly." Fatma: "I had told you while you had time to be rid of the man, I knew he would cause us trouble." Kara: "Do not forget Sultanim, I have taken care of the matter."
    Sokollu meanwhile is in front of the Divan when Rustem arrives telling Lokman to inform Suleyman that he has brought with him the Secretary Lutfi Celebi who has important words to say. Lokman goes. Rustem eyes Sokollu.
    Selim is in his room and Nurbanu enters telling him that Sokollu has sent word that he is awaiting him in the gardens.
    Rustem is in front of the Sultan with Lutfi and says: "Hunkarim, I don't want to say this, but I must, Ahmet Pasha has used his power in the wrong way and has taken money from the treasury. Suleyman: "Do you know what you are saying Rustem, as you know the person you speak of is my grand vizier." Rustem: "That is the grave part Hunkarim, as you know there are complaints coming from the people of Egypt, I investigated the matter with Ali Pasha." Sully: "I also had it investigated, there are no discrepancies in the books." Ali Pasha: "There is no discrepancies because the secretary has written the recorded amount coming from Egypt as being less. There is a large amount of gold that has not been accounted for, it is a serious amount."  Suleyman: 'is that right?" Lutfi: 'Forgive Hunkarim, the grand vizier threatened and forced me, I had no choice." Suleyman: "What did he do with the gold, pocketed it?" Ali Pasha: "I wish that were the case Hunkarim, much worse, he has sent it to the rebels in Edirne." Rustem: "There is a good in every bad Hunkarim, in this light, the accusations against Beyazid were lies." Suleyman: "Why should Ahmet Pasha help the rebels? What benefit could he get out of it?" Rustem: "As you know Hunkarim, Ahmet Pasha loved Sh. Mustafa a lot, I think these were to take revenge."
    Sokollu awaits Selim who asks what is going on. Sok: "Shehzadem, it could be trouble. Rustem Pasha has gone alongside the secretary Lutfi Celebi to our Hunkar. " Selim: 'What happened to the precautions you all had taken?" Sokollu: "The secretary was one we could trust, I do not know how it happened." Lokman arrives informing them that Suleyman is waiting for them.
    Sokollu enter the Divan. Suleyman says: "Mehmet Pasha, according to the secretary - Ahmet Pasha is the reason behind the complaints from the people of Egypt. He did not enter the extra gold he gathered into the documents. Do you know about all these things?" Mehmet: "I am hearing it for the first time from you Hunkarim." Sully: "In this kind of case what do you think should be done, what is your recommendation?" Sok: "If Ahmet Pasha your servant, has gone on the wrong path, the punishment is obvious Hunkarim." Rustem nods at Sokollu.

    Mihrimah is with her mother who is pacing around she says it is obvious this would be the outcome and it is good Ahmet will be punished for what he did. Hurrem asks her how she can be so calm, and what if Selim's name is brought up with reference to the matter. Mihrimah asks her mother to forgive her, but that Selim should have thought of that first, and where was his mind when he was trying to drag him into a swamp?
    The men of the Divan have gathered. Beyazid asks Selim if he knows why everyone has been called by the Sultan, and Selim asks how should he know he just came as called just like him. Beyazid says he knows. Once they all enter the Divan, Suleyman motions for the doors to open and Lokman brings in the black robe which everyone knows means trouble. Suleyman asks Ahmet Pasha that since he has been a statesmen for so many years, he must know the meaning of the black robe more than everyone else. Ahmet says he does, and that it is only ordered by the Hunkar to be prepared and whoever he asks to wear it, will be executed. Suleyman says the person who will be executed on this day is standing under the dome (the room). Suleyman says that no one will dare to go against his orders his law and nobody can shadow his power and if someone tries to do this no matter who they are, they will pay with their life. "Ahmet Pasha, today you will wear this robe." He nods, the doors open, Zal arrives with some guards.Ahmet says "Hunkarim, what did I do, what mistake did I do that you saw this robe fit for me?" Sully: "You know your fault more than anyone else, Ahmet Pasha." Kara: "But you promised me...you would not execute me while I was grand vizier." Sully: "Traitor! Who are you to put conditions on me?! I am removing you from your position as grand vizier, hand over your seal at once! Kara presents his seal after kissing it, and then (we see Sumbul watching, oh my he looks like a cute cat who is following his eyes on a waving string!) Kara notices the guards behind him, wears the kaftan, then says "you are being unfair, the accusations against me are all false." Suleyman: "The letters coming from Egypt are in the open for everyone to see, and their is admission from the secretary of the archives, Lutfi Celebi.  You have betrayed me and the Ottoman state and you left my Shehzde Beyazid in a bad condition." Kara tries to speak, but the Sultan waves his hand he says "I didn't, I did not betray, I won't!"
    Fatma is with Nurbanu telling her that Hurichihan has openly threatened her and that the silence around is not a good sign. Fatma tells her not to worry and that she should busy herself with her children Just then Hurrem is announced. She says "I did not want to ruin your mood, but there is something important you need to know. I warned you many times, I said do not get in between my children. But you fell in the well you dug yourself!" Fatma: "What are you talking about hurrem?" Hurrem: "Our Hunkar has gathered the Divan into session, from what it is said, he has made Ahmet Pasha wear the black robe. It is obvious what happens to the viziers and pashas who are made to wear that black robe - death." Fatma: "This is impossible." Hurrem: "It is, and Sumbul agha saw it personally." When fatma leaves, Hurrem nods for Nurbanu to come forward. "It is obvious you have forgotten what I told you years ago. I will remind you one more time.Loyalty, is more important than anything else. More than an anything else."
    Suleyman gets up to go to the window, Selim and Beyazid follow. Kara tells the guards to let go then he falls to his knees. Suleyman nods to Zal, who nods to the execution. Kara says there is an account in the next world of the lives he has taken.
    Fatma has come to the doors asking the agha to open the door, and the agha says he cannot and Melek tells her not to, but she continues until Lokman arrives and she asks if her husband is in the Divan, and Lokman tells her that he has been executed just moments before by the Sultan's order.
    Suleyman is seated again and he tells Rustem to come close. "I am giving this seal to you and I am once again appointing you as my grand vizier." Rustem: "You have delighted your servant Rustem, God Willing I will be worthy." Hunkarim: "God Willing, otherwise this time your end will be like Ahmet Pashas. You may move" Suleyman leaves and Rustem cherishes the seal and looks at Sokollu who won't look at him...
    In the harem hall, we see Fatma who is about to lose control and from above the terrace, Sumbul, Mihrimah and Hurrem as they watch.
    Time passes and it is the day of the circumcision ceremony of Murad. Nurbanu comments that God has let this day come and what else could she ask for. Fatma is in her room and Melek tells her that she has not eaten for days and Fatma asks if the celebration is still continuing and Melek replies that it does. Fatma says that a week has not even passed since her husband's death and Melek says that there is nothing left for them here they should go away from the palace and Fatma says that she will go but she has some unfinished work left.
    In the gardens, Gazanfer tells Canfeda that he badly needs to speak to Nurbanu urgently Canfeda asks how he can come on this day and that whatever he has to say, he can say to her. Gazanfer responds that if she does not send word to Nurbanu, she won't be able to explain herself later and tells her she has to do as he says.
    Selim meanwhile is with his son and asks how he is. Beyazid comes to visit and tells him that he should get better and soon they will start practicing again. Selim pulls Beyzidazid aside and they talk. Selim asks Beyazid if he recalls the gifts they gave their father years ago when they were a child. Beyazid says he never finished his dagger, and Selim says true, "because I destroyed it." When Bey asks why, Selim says that the Hunkar liked his gift (the dagger) and that in a rage of jealousy he broke his brother's dagger. Then he adds that those days are gone and he is not the one being jealous. Hurrem arrives along with Mihrimah and Selim welcomes her. Hurrem goes to Murad, wishing him to get well soon. Murad says it hurt a lot . THat is when Hurrem recalls when Cihangir was with his father who heard that he was not afraid at all.
    Canfeda informs Nurbanu who leaves but Hurichihan watches curiously. Mihrimah is speaking with her mother and says that the Sultan does not doubt Selim at all, and that Rustem has made sure of that, and that he said that in return he wanted Hurrem to support Beyazid and she asks if her mother will do this. Suleyman is announced.

    Suleyman enter's Murat's room and asks him how he is doing, and if he is well, he also calls him very brave. Murat: "It hurt a lot, but I am fine now." Suleyman: "Excellent... This is yours..." Suleyman gives him a dagger as a gift. Selim: "You are so gracious, Hunkarim. May Allah always keep you with us." Suleyman: "I saw a dream last night, Hurrem. I had woken up in the middle of the night by a child's voice, I looked around and couldn't see anything. I then saw a bright light fill my room, it was as if a piece of the moon or sun had fallen off and landed here. I heard the same voice again, and it was Murat, sitting on my throne, smiling at me." They all look uncomfortably et each other at this point.

    In the next scene, Nurbanu meets with Gazanfer in a corner of the garden, and she asks what was so important. Gazanfer: "I learned that Huricihan Sultana has visited a magician; she could be having magic done on you, please be careful!" Nurbanu: "This is why you called me?? Let this be the last time. Don't come in front of me with silly issues like this again!" Gazanfer: "Actually, there is another matter. Please accept this worthless ring from me." Nurbanu: "Canfeda was right! You've lost your mind! The punishment for this is death!" Huricihan sees him offering her the gift and starts walking away. Gazanfer offers to come with Nurbanu, but she says that she is fed up with him and that he should get lost.

    Nurbanu runs after Huricihan and says: "Please wait! It isn't how you think! Please allow me to explain! Huricihan Sultan!", Nurbanu grabs Huricihan by the arm and Huricihan says: "Don't touch me! You have no shame or morals!" Nurbanu tells her not to take misunderstand what she saw, and that he overstepped list limits and she gave him an appropriate response. Huricihan: "I saw everything. Even on your son's circumcision ceremony, you are meeting with your love in corners." Nurbanu: "I swear to Allah that that is not true, may Allah take my life if that were the case. How could I do something like that?" Huricihan: "Who cares about the truth? People will believe whatever I tell them." Nurbanu: "Please don't! They will cut off my head! If you're not thinking of me, think of my kids..." Huricihan: "Sorry, did you forget, I don't have any kids. I can't be sympathetic to you." Nurbanu: "You're doing this out of jealousy, right?" They proceed to hit and slap each other over and over again, Nurbanu does a wrestling move on Huricihan and Huricihan says that she is finished and starts walking away. Nurbanu hits her in the back of the head with a candlestick and falls to the ground. Nurbanu looks scared and regretful of what she did... Too late!
    In the next scene, we see Selim being chummy with his father on the Hunkar's balcony, and then Beyazid walks onto Hurrem's balcony and she says whoever does what, or says what, she doesn't care. He is her son, and he deserves the throne the most, and that she is with him until her dying breath.
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