• Kosem Sultan Episode 12 Trailer 1

    Ahmet: "Where is Fahriye Sultan? She would have brought about the end for us all! The end of the Dynasty!"

    Safiye: "Please...spare her life!"

    Ahmet: "There will be no pardon! She get what she deserves!"

    Rasha: "Anyway my son will get the throne...as for the outcome for your son..it is uncertain."

    Kosem: "The powerful one gets the throne. First his mother must be powerful."

    Cennet: "Our Hunkar, the time has come! Kosem Sultan is giving birth!"

    Ahmet: "He will carry my great forefather, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han's name...Your name is Mehmet. "
    Rasha: "For my prince Osman I must do this."

    Kosem: "Mehmet is gone, my prince is gone! My son is gone! They have kidnapped him!"

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