• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 114 Translation

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    Selim is in the midst of a party (he's asleep mostly so I don't get who the girls are dancing for lol). Suleyman is on his beautiful horse (I want that horse!) on his way to Manisa. He looks like an angry lion wow!

    A box is brought before Rustem, full of letters. "My pasha, the letters written to the notables of Manisa - the responses have started arriving." Rustem, in his classic Rustem way, opens them, reads them and does his half smile. Each letter one by one pleases him.

    Gazanfer comes and sends the bopping girls away and tries with great difficulty to wake Selim "Shehzade, you have to get up at once! Our Sultan has come!"

    Suleyman walks down the corridor.

    Nurbanu is with her baby when Canfeda rushes in telling her that the news is bad that Suleyman has arrived and Nurbanu asks where Selim is.

    Selim, supported by Gazanfer stands up and Gazanfer tells him he has to fix himself at once, the Sultan should not see him this way, but Suleyman is already there, looking furious around the room and then back at his son.

    Rustem is with Hurrem, informing her of the letters. "Sultanim, finally the letters we were waiting for are arriving tot he Palace one by one." Hurrem: "What have they written?" Rustem: "As I had guessed, everyone has composed praises and lauded - they have said such words that it is these who love him will bring Shehzade Mustafa's end. Take a look why don't you, what they are calling him. "Our Mustakbel Sultan (future Sultan)."

    Hurrem: "...'Our Mustakbel Sultan'....and from what you read more of them are calling him this?" Rustem: "Most of the letters start this way...it is obvious that whoever is around our Shehzade are preparing for treason." Hurrem: "in that case, our Hunkar needs to be prepared to face this situation."

    In Manisa, Sully has his back turned. Selim: "Hunkarim," Suleyman: 'Until today I always stayed behind you. I did not believe any of the words I heard about you. Is this (how you should be) standing in front of me? Is this how you rule your sanjak?" Selim: "I did not know you were coming so -" Suleyman, the lion: "If you knew what would you have done?! You would have gotten out your shame and hidden your sins?! You would food me again?! You are inhuman! You have forgotten what is sinful and haram (unlawful)! Get out of my sight!! Get out!"

    Nurbanu exits her room: "What will happen now?" Canfeda, in her ever-worried voice: "I do not know at all, but I am afraid he will be sent away to another Sanjak." Nurbanu: "Oh God save us!" Someone answers her, it is Valeria the annoying: "Begging and pleading in vain. I do not think He heard you." Nurbanu: "What are you doing here?" Valeria: "I guess you forgot...I am a Sultana...Our Hunkar did not want to come here without me (hahah!)."
    Rustem has packed somethings for the road. Mihrimah: "What is the need to go, I do not understand. You could have waited for our Hunkar to come back, or you could have sent a messenger." Rustem: "It is more suitable this way...Our Hunkar should learn about the situation at the earliest." Mihrimah: "What do you think will happen at the end of this...I mean about Mustafa..." (she is concerned for her brother). Rustem: "Today calling himself Future Sultan, tomorrow he will do everything to be Sultan. For this reason, our Hunkar will want to prevent such a thing from happening. Shehzade Mustafa is playing a game and be certain that blood will spill. Either his, or your brothers Selim, Beyazid and Cihangir. We should stand upright...especially me and you. Do you understand me?"
    Cihangir arrives and greets them both, and Rustem takes his leave saying he has to go. When Cihangir asks Mihrimah why Rustem is rushing off and to where, Mihrimah tells him he is going on state business to Edirne. Cihangir asks her why then the aghas at the door told him that he is going to Manisa? Mihrimah has no choice but to tell her brother.
    Nurbanu is with the increasingly annoying Valeria, who looks around and says: "Oh so they gave you this room...I thought you would be staying with the girls in the courtyard..." Nurbanu: "This is the the most beautiful room in the harem..at one time Mahidevran Sultan used to stay here." Valeria: "oh, in that case, I will stay here. You find yourself another room, at least until I leave!"
    Nurbanu: "Know your place Valeria! I am also a Sultana...and on top of this, I did not give birth to a girl!" Val: "I am sad for your Cecilia! I will tell you the truth, you are a drunk Shehzade's woman....and I am thw (woman) of the Padishah (King)...so be good to me, otherwise I will make you wish you were never born!" Val: "Get my food ready in the harem courtyard, I was to walk around for a bit in the palace." Canfeda: "As you wish Sultanim " Canfeda to Nurbanu: "Nurbanu, what did she say to you? Do not get involved with her." Nurbanu: "Ho did our HUrrem Sultan allow this? She should never have left the palace!"
    Mihrimah goes to visit her mother. Hurrem tells her to sit. "Did Rustem leave?" Mihrimah says he has. Hurrem: "The dwellers of this palace are fated to be unhappy...What happened?" Mihrimah: "Cihangir came to me, he asked about Rustem going to Manisa after he found out...I had no choice but to tell him" Hurrem: "I do not understand why this child is after this." Mihrimah: "As you know, Mustafa has a different position for Cihangir (he loves him dearly)...he has a great love and respect for him. The bond between them is powerful."
    Hurrem: "This bond brings harm to Cihangir first, and then upon us. We must keep our eyes on him...Shehzade Mustafa is making mistake after mistake. I will now watch while he takes my child along with him on his road of treason!"

    In his room Cihangir is writing a letter to Mustafa: "My precious brother Mustafa. The notables of Amasya have written letters to the Capitol. It seems that it is about you. It would be beneficial to investigate into it, because Rustem Pasha has gone straight to Manisa to hand them over to our Hunkar...with love, your brother Cihangir."  Fatma arrives "Cihangir, my lion nephew...don't you get bored spending your whole day in your room ready books?" Cihangir: "If not from reading, then from sitting I do get bored for sure." Fatma: "Hurichihan has gone too...so you are really alone. Why don't you come to spend time with me? We can walk together and talk." Cih: "I do not want to trouble you." Fatma: "For love's sake, what trouble? but at your age you would probably not be entertained with me...but I am sure there is someone who can entertain you." Cih: "Sultanim, may I ask you for something?" Fatma: "Tell me Cihangir, do not be shy...you are a shehzade, command and the most beautiful cariye in the world will come before my lion Shehzade." Cih: "That is not the issue Sultanim"
    In Manisa, Selim paces back and forth and is sharing his thoughts with Nurbanu: "Our Hunkar will never look at my face again! I was walking in the rose garden he had spoke of his love for me and now look at my condition, I have fallen. I have wrecked everything!" Nur: "Do not be this sad...we will certainly find a way." Selim: "What solution Nurbanu! Don't you see that everything is finished?!" Nurbanu: "If you don't say it has finished it won't be finished. You cannot turn back time, that is reality, but what happens tomorrow is up to you: either you accept and ylose, or you win without turning back!"
    In the palace gardens, Cihangir meets Atamaca: "They call you Atmaca? Fatma Sultan told me you are our Shehzade's closest guard, and that I can trust you." At: "You should have no doubt about it, Shehzadem." Cih: "But being my brother's closest guard and being this far away from him should I need to doubt?" At: "To protect our Shehzade sometimes I must be far from him and that is how it is right now." Cihangir hands him the letter he has written and says: "The sooner  this can get to his hands, the better."
    In Manisa, Lokman informs the Sultan that Selim is waiting to be allowed to see him. Suleyman allows it. Suleyman: "First of all Mustafa let me down..then Beyazid now you...the three of you have faced me with such conditions that I ashamed of your names...I am always turning on myself...blaming myself...maybe in raising you I have made mistakes in certain areas."

    Selim: "No Hunkarim, the mistake and the fault is mine. I could not be worthy of a mighty Padishah such as yourself. I am liable to you. I am in embarrassment. I had wished that I could have vanished into thin air so that you had not been witnessed to my condition." Suleyman:" What should we do...I saw and I heard." 
    Selim: "Please forgive me...forgive this poor slave of yours named Selim so that I can get one more chance to walk on your path." Suleyman: "What is the point if I forgive you? When I turn around, you will fall into a hole again." Selim: "No. I swear to you that it will not happen again. Whoever sincerely repents to Allah and vows not to return to sin - Allah will make the two angels who record his actions as well as the location where the sin was done, to forget everything about that sin (it will no longer be on his record). I wish to make tovbe (repent) in your presence. I will not put anything haram in my mouth again."

    Afife goes to Sumbul's room, where he is packing. Sumbul: "Afife hatun, I was going to come to you now." Afife: "God willing everything is alright, where did this sudden leaving like this come from? what mistake did you made?" Selim: "Of course my mistakes have no end, but it is not because of them...our Sultana has freed me." Afife asks what happened so she can also benefit maybe (she is joking) and Sumbul says that this is for real, that Hurrem has freed him and he is free now, and that they must find a new agha for the cariyes in the harem. Afife says that is all fine, but why did he just notify her and Sumbul says that he did not up till now believe it...he says that the other day Hurrem called him and then he tells Afife how Hurrem told him that she makes him a promise and then she freed him. Afife says that she does not know whether to be happy or sad, but that she wonders what he will do once he is outside (since he has lived mostly in the palace). Sumbul says that this is what he has been thinking about for days now...he is afraid on the the one hand - he feels like a fish out of the water, but on the other hand he is curious to know how it will be to live freely, without waiting for orders. He says it will be hard at first probably, but with time it will be easier. Finally he says that he is old now and that if anything, at least at this old age he can finally find some freedom in his life.
    In Hurrem's room, Fahriye tells Hurrem that she is worried, and that the harem will be difficult to control without him. Hurrem says that that is true that they will deal with it. Mihrimah says that maybe Hurrem should stop Sumbul from leaving, because what will he do as a free person at this age? Hurrem says to her daughter: "Not everyone is as lucky as you are Mihrimah...and I do not expect you to understand this either, because in truth, a person can only understand the value of what being free means once they lose their freedom" Afife arrives and Hurrem says she must have come as she has heard about Sumbul. Afife says she wonders could it be true or is he joking? Hurrem tells her it is true, and that she has transferred the lands she owns in the area (that he is going to) to Sumbul and that Afife should do what is necessary for it to go smoothly... (she hands afife the documents).

    In the palace gardens, Fatma is meeting with Sokollu. Fatma: "Rustem Pasha went off to Manisa in such a hurry...I think you must know the reason" Sokollu: "I have no idea Sultanim...It is obvious if he was rushing it was important...matters of the state cannot be left waiting...he will return soon." Fatma: "Yes. We can't know how long he will stay in that position...if I was in your place, I would prepare myself for that day!" Sokollu: "If I am serving then position and rank is not important." Fatma: "You are a smart man...at this age you became the Captain of the Seas. You have a long and bright future in front of you. Don't be a servant to our servant, don't go to waste" Sokollu: "I am telling you to reassure you Sultanim. I am bound with my loyalty to our Hunkar. I will not take a place in any alliances, open or secret." Fatma: "If only Rustem could have been has pure as you. As you see, even Hurrem does not trust him! Since she listened to the Divan." Sokollu: "I do not know the whole story." Fatma: "I will tell you...Hurrem has removed Rustem from his position in her eyes...in the first opportunity she will throw him to the wolves." Sokollu: "I do not think Sultanim...Rustem pasha has a special place in Hurrem Sultan's eyes. Especially since he married to her precious."
    Fatma: "Marrying Mihrimah is not Rustem's strength...if Mihrimah wants she can bring him down in three words..."You are divorced, you are divorced, you are divorced...nobody could say anything and your day will be born..."
    In Manisa, Nurbanu asks Selim if he spoke to Suleyman. Selim: I asked for forgiveness...I repented, I told him I would not drink again...he did not say anything. God Willing he will forgive me." Nurbanu: "Thank God." Selim: "What are you happy about...he did not give a reply. The way he looked my face...he did not even say a word." Nurbanu: "He allowed to be in his presence. If he was silent then it means he wanted to think about it." Selim: "Do you think so?" Nurbanu: "Yes. And if you are careful from now on, and you contain your drinking (don't over drink), then you won't be harmed." Selim: "Nurbanu...I really repented. I won't drink again..."
    In Hurrem's room, Hurrem, Mihrimah, Afife and Fahriye have gathered and Sumbul arrives. Hurrem: "The time to separate has come." Hurrem: "I will keep you informed of my situation." Hurrem: "Great. Do not leave me without news from you!" Sumbul: "Sultanim, everynight when I put my head on the pillow I will pray for you. May God protect you and your loved ones." Hurrem: "Ameen. And may your way be as pure and bright as your heart Sumbul. God be with you." Mihrimah: "This Harem and palace will be missing something without you Sumbul. We will all feel your absence. God Willing you will be happy wherever you go." Sumbul: "God Willing...I better go..."

    The whole harem has basically gathered to say goodbye to Sumbul. Fahriye: "My agha...there will be no sweetness or salt in the harem without you." Sumbul: "You will know my worth (jokes)...Fahriye, do not take your eyes off our Sultana...don't be negligent in her taking her medicine...and -" Fahriye: "Okay okay, the whole morning you have been going on about the same thing." Afife: "Come on...leave already don't make people busy." Sumbul: "Fare thee well" Afife: "You also." Sumbul: "Girls...you have a moment of entertainment now...go take care of your work and your health " Girls: "Your path be open Agha...come meet us once in a while...what will we do without you." Sumbul leaves...leaves our little show forever. :( (I remembered when Hurrem used to call him Suklum agha in the beginning :()
    In Amasya, Mustafa welcomes Beyazid. They greet each other and Beyazid says as soon as he got the letter he left, and asks if she is there and Mustafa says she is.
    There is a flashback and we see that in the garden, Beyazid asks Mustafa if he can do something for him and when Beyazid replies if he could call Hurichihan to Amasya in his palace to stay there, Mustafa is at first hesitant, asking what will happen afterwards, and Beyazid replies that he does not know, he just wants to see her, in a safe place where they won't get in trouble and asks again if his brother will help him.
    In the present, Hurichihan meets Beyazid. He says to her: "You thought you would never see me again but...I am here with you." Hurichihan to Mustafa: "Shehzadem in your shadow." Mustafa: "I just wanted to protect you, because I saw the love in Beyazid's eyes, he could have caused a big problem." Bey: "So you read what was in my mind..."
    In Manisa, Nurbanu is in a room with Valeria. As you see I am hosting you in the best manner. Your room is beautiful, and it even has a courtyard." Val: "As if you are doing it to be good! You are forced to! Otherwise I will make you regret!" A cariye accidentally drops a cup. Val: "Watch it!!!" Cariye: "Forgive me Sultanim." Valeria: "You have not taught your cariyes manners...what kind of "hosting" is this?!" Nurbanu: "I am sad about it...I could not find such a good servant as you yet." Val: "If someone had come to me in Venice and whispered in my ear that you would be serving me I would never believe it. But it was a game of fate...look you are in front of me. Whatever I say you are forced to do." Nur: "You are right...it is a game of fate...and with fate it is never certain what will happen next." Canfeda: "Nurbanu, the preparations for the ceremony for the name is complete." Nur: "I am coming. Valeria, if you wish you can join" Val: "I came for this anyway...wherever the Hunkar is, I am there.
    Suleyman is in his room in Manisa, and the doors knock and open and he imagines the young Ibrahim: "Hunkarim" But it is really Lokman (who is like, wow why did I deserve a smile?": "Hunkarim, we are awaiting your presence for the naming ceremony of our Shehzade."
    In Manisa, in Nurbanu's room. Suleyman recalls him naming his son Mustafa in Manisa years ago. Now he names Selim's baby Murad, after reading the call to prayer in his ear. Suleyman prays for the child to be fortunate in life, and healthy and happy and righteous.
    Nurbanu: "Hunkarim, you have honoured us so much for naming our Shehzade. May Allah never remove you from us" Suleyman is pleased and lets her kiss his hand, but not when Selim tries.
    In Amasya, Beyazid and Hurichihan are alone. Huri: "I wondered what to do when I got word from Shehzade Mustafa...I actually did not feel like coming...because I did not know you were behind it!!!' Bey: "I did not feel good separating the way we did." Huri: "And what will happen from now on? What will we do Beyazid" Bey: "I have somethings in mind...trust me."
    Mahidevran is in her room worrying and talking to Mustafa. Mahidevran:" You are bringing trouble upon you! If our Hunkar finds out Byeazid is here, and what is he doing, he will first take you to account. " Mustafa: "Don't worry Validem, our Hunkar will not find out about it...anyway Beyazid will not stay long." Mahidevran: "God Willing he can leave on his way quickly and we can recover from this without any trouble. You are not going to tell him about Mihrunissa right? Even though he is your brother the outcome is that he is Hurrem's son...and around him he has Hurrem's men and in someway it will reach her ears." Mustafa: "I have nothing to hide from Beyazid. I have full trust in him, mother." Mahi: "Even so you keep this secret hidden with yourself...please"
    In Manisa, Suleyman is in the market disguised, and he greets the woman whose husband was killed "Are you the woman who has the complaint against our Shehzade in the courts?" Kevser: "It is me yes my Bey." Suley: "I heard the case was reopened" Kevser: "It is true what you have heard. The Shehzade paid much more than what the Judge ordered as a recompense. On top of this, he gave me a villa, and he has put me and my children under his care. Thanks be to him." Suleyman prays for her and hands her a bag of coins and buys two spoons, but when he is gone, the woman notices he has paid a great deal more than what he should have.
    Hurrem is in her room writing a letter: "Suleyman. The great Padishah of my heart. My Sultan.Perhaps I am free, perhaps I am not locked up in chains in a dungeon... But as long as I am away from you, what good is that to me? This world has become a massive jail, and I am a prisoner deprived of your love... This jail only has one key, and that key is in your hands. If you are going to deprive me of your love, then know that I will be lost and drowned in darkness. All I require is a single word from you to be pulled into the light..."

    Fahriye enters the room and Hurrem akss if there is news about Rustem, if he is in Manisa already. Fahriye tells her that if not today, tomorrow he should be there and asks if there is a need for a messenger (for the letter Hurrem has written) but Hurrem says she does not need one.
    In Manisa, Selim is in the gardens with Gazanfer and says: "It is obvious our Hunkar will not forgive me. We are both in the same palace and he does not even look at my face." Gazanfer: "Do not lose your hope Shehzade. The love our Hunkar has for you is not finished." Selim: "I thought we would go together for the Friday prayer, but I have hurt him so much that he won't even do that...is the prayer going to be in the Palace Mosque?" Gazanfer: "I heard as much Shehzadem." Selim: "Okay in that case let us go then" Lokman arrives and announces Suleyman. Gazanfer: "I told you not to lose your hope Shehzadem" Selim greets his father. Suleyman: "We will pray in my Mother's Mosque, God have mercy on her soul...you come with me also" Selim: "I am honoured." Suleyman: "Since you are saying you have repented, then do not let Mevlana Celaleddin er Rumi's words out of your ears: "There are eight gates that are from the mercy of God to heaven oh my son! One of those eight gates, is the gate of repentance. Sometimes all of the other ones open...other times they close. But the gate of repentance is always open. A life without repentance is a very difficult life. Death is ever ready and is unavoidable. If a life has passed, it is ripe to be watered with the water of repentance. The horse of repentance is a strange one... In a single moment it can jump from the lowly earth straight up into the heavens...."
    They are walking together now. Selim: "This advice is going to keep my way light Hunkarim. Please forgive me. It will not happen again. I will be a worthy son to you." Suleyman: "This matter is now between you and the Mighty Lord. Do not forget this." Suleyman has forgiven his son.
    In Amasya, Mustafa and Beyazid are together. Mustafa: " I never saw you like this." Beyazid: "It is because of you...I will never forget this goodness...I once again realized that my loyalty and respect for you are not misplaced." Mustafa: "The time has come for you to return back to your Sanjak Beyazid.: Beyazid: "Yes. I am going to return to my Sanjak, but not alone. Hurichihan will be with me." Mustafa: "What will happen after that?" Beyazid: "Without telling anyone we will get married.  Afterwards, I will write a letter to our Hunkar and inform him" Mustafa: "Do you realize how important of a decision this is?" Beyazid: "I have thought of everything...I have a great respect for you, but do not prevent me" Mustafa: "I have no right to prevent you...especially since I have made the same mistake." Beyazid: "What does this mean?" Mustafa: "Come with me" (This is bad news, I mean, maybe it feels better to have someone else do the same thing that you are not supposed to be doing alongside you, pain shared is pain spared or something or other, but I think Mustafa shouldn't have told him about Mihrunissa and should have tried to persuade him not too marry Huri. They are both going to be in so much trouble when they get caught!)
    Mustafa takes Beyazid to see Mihrunissa. (I love how she was just standing there doing nothing and suddenly turns around haha). Mihrunissa greets her. Mustafa: "You know Mihrunissa Hatun right?" Beyazid: "I have never met her, but I have heard of her...she is Kapudan Pasha's daughter." Mustafa: "Yes...she is my protector/consultant (*this word has several meanings so I translate it differently depending or use both like I just did). But she is also my wedded wife."
    Beyazid: "How you -" Nisa: "You know the rules my Shehzade. It is not permitted for us to marry...for this reason we had to marry in secret. And thank God, I am carrying our Shehzade's child." Beyazid says that congratulations are in order. Mustafa tells him that his marriage to Mihrunissa is secret and the Sultan does not know and cannot ever know. Beyazid says that his secret is safe with him. Mustafa says if he was worried about that, he would never tell him, but that he is worried about him, and that if he is going to marry Hurichihan, he should keep the matter a secret..because if our Hunkar finds out, Selim will be the one who will benefit, and no one else. You understand me don't you."
    In Manisa, Nurbanu, Canfeda and Val are on a small terrace. Val: "Maybe we will spend winter here (ha! Okay, okay sorry I could not help myself!) After Istanbul, it is very boring here. Do you still look at the stars??" Nur: "Sometimes" Val: "Maybe the stars lied to you. heh, in Venice in you were a bastard...now you are a cariye...and look at me, I have come out on the top!" Nur: "Sultanas can be slaves...and slaves Sultanas...the world is such...you are on top, okay, but more difficult than being in top is staying on top...can you do this...are you able? Do you have it in you?" Val: "How dare you! How dare you speak to me this way!" Nurbanu grabs her necklace and throws it over the rail. Val: "What did you do!" She looks over, oh no! She's gone. Okay everyone Val is gone.  (sorry guys, my spoiler was wrong, Hurrem did order her to kill her before hand). Nurbanu had a flashback of Hurrem's letter telling her to get rid of Val. Now I don't have to type her name anymore ;)
    Selim is with Suleyman having dinner, asking how his mother is doing, and says he is curious, why she did not come and that is when Lokman comes announcing the calamity.
    Suleyman looks mildly upset. He goes to Nurbanu and Canfeda and ask how it happened and Selim asks if Nurbanu was there also. Nur: "it happened all of a sudden...we were out on the terrace together. Canfeda and Ayse hatun were with us." Suleyman: 'How did she fall?" Nurbanu: "She had a necklace...it slipped from her neck and she thought her necklace fell down below, she looked over the rail and in a second it broke...I tried to grab her, but I wasn't able to do so...forgive me..." The baby Raziye is crying." Nurbanu recalls Valeria and cries. She asks to be forgiven and walks away. Suleyman goes to his baby to comfort her and holds her for the second time lol since she was born .

    In Amasya Atmaca arrives with Yavuz and they go to Taslicali who welcomes them. Atmaca hands over the letter telling him that Shehzade Cihangir sent it, and it must be important. Yahya tells him to go with him
    In Manisa, Rustem has arrived and asks Gazanfer if everything is alright and Gazanfer says they lost Valeria hatun (oops had to write her name again!) and Rustem says "Accident? Oh" Lokman tells Rustem the Sultan is waiting for him. Suleyman and Selim are together, Rustem gives him his condolences and prays for her and Suleyman thanks him saying it is the destiny God has Written. Suleyman wonders why he has come. Rustem says that the letters he wanted, the responses have arrived and Suleyman asks if this is why he came. Rustem replies that yes, because there are letters he would want to read right away and so he wanted to get them at once. Selim is excused and Rustem hands him the letters. Rustem: "The notables of Amasya have unfortunately crossed the line with their love and support for Shehzare Mustafa. So much that in every letter they are starting off by calling him Mustakbel Sultan." The lion side of Suleyman comes out again!

    PART 2

    Mustafa is with Taslicali and Yavuz and Atamaca. Mustafa: "What do all these mean? What is Rustem Pasha after?" Taslicali: "If Shehzade Cihangir was this worried, the situation is serious." At: "Yes. Rustem Pasha is playing games. The secret room was revealed as you know. They want to take revenge for that." Mustafa: "I want to know who from the notables of Amasya have written. Find out well who wrote, and what they wrote." At: "As you command my Shehzade."
    Suleyman is reading the letters. Letter one:
    Letter 1: "We consider ourselves fortunate for being under the leadership of our future Sultan, Shehzade Mustafa."

    Letter 2: "May Allah give our happy Shehzade Mustafa a long life. When he is here, we are at peace... Whoever has complained about him has lied. Our future Sultan is just. He will never hurt anyone."

    Letter 3: "Our Shehzade is the future of the Devlet-i Aliyye (Ottoman Empire). He is courageous and strong like his grandfather, Sultan Selim Han... And he resembles him as well!"

    Rustem: "I did not want to upset you Hunkarum, but it is my job to warn you in light of all dangers. These responses along with their seals are not from regular people...among these are sanjak beys. They all wrote these deliberately for me to personally read." Suleyman: "Leave me alone."
    Suleyman walks through Manisa in his cloak. We hear Ibrahim's voice.

    ""From many strong enemies, from the flowing blood of rivers of open areas of war, from warriors who could choke the moon... With one drop, it is a poison that can kill even the most mighty of soldiers. It has come from the hands of skilled masters from Tabriz, it is so sharp as to be able to cut in half a single strand of hair... My darkness, you are something much more frightful than these things... Oh the devil inside me... Oh wickedness... I come to terms with you every night. You have not been victorious, not have you conquered the light inside me..."

    There is a flashback, and we see Suleyman when his father sent him a kaftan and the messenger died cause it was poisoned.

    Then we see young Ibrahim and young Suleyman walking with a box. Current Suleyman walks to the foot of a tree and then remembers that the box is buried there. Young Suleyman : "You saw did you not Pargali. My father wanted to take my life with this kaftan...I will never forget this...I pray to my Lord not to let me fall into this mistake." Young Ibrahim: "You have a conscience Shehzade. You will never do something like this. If you do you will think about today and what happened and remember." Suleyman tells the aghas to bury it and they do.
    Then we see the present Suleyman and hear Ibrahim's voice: There is white in everything, and in every white there is black. Inside every person there is darkness and there is light...Inside all of us is an angel and a devil and even a heaven and a hell. Whichever you pick, that one will win. Whichever one you turn your face away from, that one will lose!"
    Mustafa is with Beyazid. Mustafa: "I sent men to find out what those notables have written" Bey: "I wanted to give you some assurance...but Rustem Pasha would not want to Manisa without cause. At least Cihangir gave word to us so it might not be too late." Mus: "You are right...he is our eyes and ears in the palace." Bey: "Is there anything I can do?" Mustafa: "Stay away from this matter it is enough. I am sure of myself. I have made no mistake in terms of my people in Amasya till now. I have nothing to explain myself for." Beyazid: "Of course, do you think someone might have told on you about Mihrunissa?"
    Mustafa: "Anything is possible." Bey: "I am with you always. If you wish I can stay longer" Mus: "No, you return to your Sanjak. And Beyazid...there will always be traitors around you. Be wary of them. May your way be open my brother." Bey: "Thank you...for everything."
    In Manisa, Rustem walks with Selim. Rustem asks about the trouble between Selim and his father, but Selim tells him everything is better now. Selim asks Rustem about the letters and Rustem says that he does not know how the Sultan will react, but that it bothered him that people compare Mustafa to the Sultan's father Selim - because he took the throne from his own father."

    In Suleyman's room, Suleyman informs Lokman that he is to get ready because they will leave for the Capitol immediately.
    Mirhimah is with her brother complaining that he never even asked about her, she was alone this whole time while Rustem is away and that their mother has also complained that he never sees her either. Cihangir says that he is in a lot of pain these days and that he does not want to leave his room. Then he asks if there is news from Rustem. Mihrimah asks if he really just wants to know what happened with the letters and Cihangir says well, yes, he can't lie he is curious. Mihrimah tells him that these matters are none of their business. She tells hm to look around him. At the beauty they live in, at the food they eat that no one else gets a chance to, and to just be happy...that they are not the warriors built to fight such wars and that actually this is a good thing for them for not having to be involved in such things.  Cihangir says sarcastically that he ought to be thankful and realize the value of those who have given him this chance of not having to fight this battle (his mother and everyone else). Then he leaves.
    Mustafa is with his entourage in his room and asks how those notables could have done something so dumb and called him Mustakbel Sultan and that this is something enemies would do so why did they do it. Atmaca says that they just wanted to do good, they did not know how it would affect negatively (as in that the Sultan would hear of it). Nisa says it became clear why Rustem went to Manisa and Taslicali says that yes, and that those letter writers just gave the Sultan the last things he wanted to hear in life. Atmaca asks if they can go off to investigate (to the Capitol) but Mustafa tells him to wait, and that it is better to wait. Mihrunissa asks why they should wait they should stop the game. Mustafa tells her to be patient, because they do not know all of the story yet and that sooner or later it will become apparent and then they will look for a solution.
    Hurrem is in her room writing when she receives word from Fahriye that the Sultan has returned finally.
    Beyazid arrives in his sanjak and his family greets him along with his Lala. Beyazid remarks how quickly his children are growing and Rana says that they grow quickly at this age. His lala greets him and says everything is alright in his sanjak and asks why Mustafa called him there and Beyazid said not right now, and that he will show someone to him, and it is Hurichihan and that she will stay with him from now on. Rana looks disappointed and Lala asks how this can be possible. Beyazid says that if he wants it, it will be possible.
    Suleyman meanwhile has arrived and is about to enter his room, with everyone lined up to greet him. He enters and faces them. He doesn't look up and tells them to leave. Fatma asks where Val is (uh oh had to write her name again!) and Lokman says that there was an accident. She fell from a terrace and Fatma is shocked and looks at Hurrem. "Hurrem you are not shocked." Fatma "Hopefully this has nothing to do with you?" Mihrimah: "Did you not hear Lokman agha? It was an accident! And with all the incidents happening here, what could she have had to do with it?" Fatma: "Hurrem loves to get involved in issues that get her in trouble...that is why the one who passed had been taken by our Hunkar along with him on his trip instead of her." Hurrem: "You were the closest to her in this palace...your loss is great...what do they say? May God forgive her sins." Fatma is annoyed (yay!)
    Rustem is in his room when Hurrem arrives: "Tell me what happened Rustem, when our Hunkar read the letters what did he say?" Rustem: "He was very angry Sultanim...he wanted to return as soon as possible. On the road he did not even say a word. You know better that in this times, our Hunkar needs time...we cannot know what he is thinking until then." Hurrem: 'And it is obvious he has not forgiven me, he did not even look at my face when he came."
    (Poor Cihangir. After seeing the way Fatma speaks to his mother, he sits with Fatma as if plotting, I mean it is fine, he wants to save his brother, but he could have waited and spoken to her later not right after she was insulting, it is his mother after all!)
    Fatma is with Cihangir. Fatma: "Ha, so she fell from the terrace, what a coincidental death." Cih: "You think this was the cause of the Sultan's grief?" Fatma: "i don't know...it is obvious you are thinking of somethings." Cih: "I am not certain but I am wondering if this condition has happened because of those letters Rustem took our Hunkar. What is written in those letters I wonder do you know?" Fatma: "I am on it (trying to learn about it)...but I could not find anything yet."
    In Mihrimah's palace, Mihrimah and Rustem are together. Mihrimah asks him what he thinks the Sultan will do and Rustem says: "We were separate for so many days. Must we speak of these things? I missed you." Mihrimah teases: "You leaving and coming was one...how did you miss me this much Rustem?" Rustem: "THe past is coming back to me."
    Lala meanwhile is telling Beyazid that Hurichihan cannot stay in the palace and that does he think the Sultan will be happy with this? Beyazid tells him that he will not hear about it. Lala is shocked and says he did not understand. Bayezid says there are two paths in front of him, either he will join him and they will hide Hurichihan in the palace, or he will go on a different path from him and he will send him away and it is his choice. Lala says that since he does not have a third choice, he will go along, and he has always been on his side, otherwise the world would have heard about his going to Amasya, the first being his mother. Beyazid says that he has a lot of respect for him but, no matter what, he will end this matter of sending news to his mother at once and anything otherwise will be considered betrayal and he will punish him in the worst possible way.
    Selim is with Nurbanu. Nurbanu tells him that she was very scared when the Sultan had come suddenly, but that she is in awe at how Selim was able to fix everything so quickly. She adds that now the Sultan is busy with Mustafa's matter and Selim says that his brother's Beyazid and Mustafa see him as their enemy but their real enemies are themselves. Nurbanu pours drinks and says they should celebrate and he is angry and says that he has repented and does not want any alcohol in the palace at all anymore.
    Fahriye speaks to Hurrem, telling her that Nurbanu was able to pass her test and Hurrem says that she has sent the right cariye to Manisa. Fahriye says that the Sultan did not stay there long either and finally they were able to meet again. Hurrem is sad and asks if this is what she calls meeting, he did not even look at her face. Fahriye says that he cannot stay away from her too long.

    Cihangir arrives, she greets him happily asking why he never came to be with her. He asks if he can speak with her.
    On her balcony, they sit. Cih: "Our Hunkar's situation is clear. He is very upset. Is the reason for this the letters Rustem Pasha took to him?" Hurrem: "You don't interfere in these matters." Cihangir rolls his eyes. "I am not a child anymore Validem - I asked you a question: Are the letters what made our Hunkar angry?" Hurrem: "It looks that way. It seems Mustafa is making errors again" Cih: 'What is written in those letters?" Hurrem: "You really want to know? Then, open your ears properly: All those around Mustafa have crossed their limits, so much so that they call him Mustakbel Sultan. Do you think that that brother whom you trust ever so much could be called this by those people (could they dare to) if he didn't permit it?"

    Mahidevran tells Mihrunissa that they must convince Mustafa,that while having no fault, he must explain to the Sultan. Mihrunissa says that she does not think he will do anything about it because he thinks it will cause more harm than good. Mahidevran asks if they should just sit around and wait then and Nisa says that her father had a saying that you could not sail in a storm and that they have to wait and have no other choice. Mahidevran now they are at the mercy of the Sultan's anger.
    Cihangir is with his father. "I have news that there are letters with regards to Mustafa, but I am sure he has nothing to do with them. He cannot get in trouble because of what others call him." Suleyman says that people choose what others call them and if he did not have a foot in this, they would never see it fit to call him such. Cihangir says that even with his condition he sometimes thinks what if the throne comes to him...and this is Mustafa they are talking about, an experienced, great Shehzade...should he not get ready for that day? Suleyman responds that that day, is when he (Suleyman) will die... Cihangir prays for God to protect him and then Suleyman says that of course everyone will die of course, but that on the day he dies, he wishes not the for the son who is the most ready to take the throne, but the one that the most benefit will come from him taking the throne.
    Hurrem is in her room writing. "The Padishah of my soul...I have brought down all my enemies...I forgot about the pit and to see you again I was reborn from my ashes...for you I went to my death and returned. Throw me in the fire if you want...close me up in the dungeon, bury me into the ground...however never turn your face from me. My life, the King of soul...To be here this close to you and missing you..to be hungry to see your face in this absence, is worse than death."
    Suleyman reads the letter and Afife tells him that Hurrem is waiting at the door, what should he tell her. Hurrem asks Afife what he said, and he has said he does not want to see her.
    In the Divan, Rustem says that the Austrians are continuing negotiations with the messengers and want to make peace as soon as possible,and that they are willing to give up many things for friendship with them. Suleman asks if Francois is better and Sokollu says that the messenger has returned and that unfortunately his condition is worsened. Suleyman hopes he will be better. He mentions that the Duke of Orleans (the heir to the throne of France) has married Katrine Medici and that the Pope will pledge allegiance to them. Rustem says that the French cannot stand against Spain without the support of the Ottoman state, and that if one door closes, another will open. Rustem hands a letter to Suleyman. Rustem says it has come from Persia. That it is from Tahmasp's brother Elkas Mirza and that if he permits, he wishes to come to the capitol kiss the skirt of the Sultan's robes and take shelter under his wings. Suleyman asks what the problem is and Rustem replies that fight to be Shah between Tahmasp and his brother has caught fire and that when he (Elkas) lost the struggle he took two thousand loyal soldiers and ran away to the surroundings of Crimea. Suleyman asks what his advice is and they should consider it and Suleyman asks what Sokollu thinks, who says that they should because Elkas is a highly loved prince in Persia. Suleyman agrees with both of them and that on top of this, they do not turn away those who knock at their door, so he commands Rustem to send word to him at once to come to Istanbul.
    Hurrem is in her room, and Fahriye arrives telling him that Suleyman has had a kaftan made for Mustafa. She asks how she knows and Fahriye says Lokman agha said so, and that she went to find out from the tailors and that he has asked for precious stones to be sewn into the kaftan. Hurrem at first remarks that the Sultan gives him a gift on top of Mustafa making mistakes...then she realizes something. "So...a Kaftan? It means it has a meaning..." Fahriye asks what she means. Hurrem: "At one time, when our Hunkar was a Shehzade, a gift of a kaftan had come to him. But in the last second,  our Valide Sultan realized it must be poisoned...because at that time it was the most beautiful kaftan she had ever seen"

    We see Suleyman in his room and a tailor is speaking to him. "We worked night and day Hunkarim, and hopefully it is worthy of our Shehzade." Suleyman says that they will be preciously rewarded for their work, then he tells them to put a letter he gives him in the the box too along with the kaftan.
    At night, Mihrimah has arrived home and Gulbahar tells her that Sokollu has arrived to see Rustem pasha. Mihrimah wonders what it could be. She greets Sokollu and asks if the matter is urgent. Sokollu says it is a very important state matter. Rustem arrives and does not like what he sees. Rustem asks what Sokollu wants and when Sokollu says he has an important matter to discuss with him, Rustem says come with me! (Does anyone else think that this man is quiet all the time but will at some point explode?) Sokollu and Rustem go off to the hall. Rustem: "How dare you come to my palace as if it isn't enough you speak to Mihrimah Sultan?!" Sok: "Since important news came I had no choice. Francios has died. I thought you might want to kno-" Rustem: "You could have come tomorrow and told me! If I see you again in my palace with Mihrimah Sultan I will not forgive you Sokollu! Now leave."
    Rustem enters the room where his wife is and tells everyone to get out. Rustem: "What did you talk about?" Mih: "What would we talk about Rustem? Until you came we were just exchanging pleasantries." Rustem: "Did you meet while I was not here (in Manisa)." Mih: "What else could happen?! You are jealous of him?! For God's sake don't make me laugh! Is this something to be heard of?!"
    In the morning, the tailor is busy putting the kaftan away when a man enters saying that Cihangir has sent him and that he has sent him to bring the the box as he wishes to add a gift as well, and when the tailor asks how come he is unaware, the mysterious man says that Cihangir came himself yesterday, but he was not here. The apprentice tailor or whatever, says that it is true, he forgot to tell him that Cihangir had come to see the Kaftan. He tells the agha to hurry and take it and bring it back without damaging it and the agha takes it to Zal who sprinkles the poison and tells them to take it away immediately so they don't doubt.
    Hurrem has a gazillion letters in a box and tells Fahriye to tell Lokman to put them in a place in the Sultan's room. Fahriye tell her she is worried about her health and Hurrem says she cannot sleep for nights now, and in order to ease her heart, she pours her heart into the letters, and hopefully if he reads them he might forgive her.
    The tailor is in his room when Cihangir arrives and says he wanted to see the kaftan isn't it finished yet and the tailor said it has already been sent and did they not inform him? Cihangir is confused. The tailor says that an agha came and said that Cihangir had sent him and put a gift inside. Cihangir says he never sent anyone and what present?
    Taslicali meets the messengers who have brought the kaftan with a letter. He has the box taken to Mustafa. Mustafa reads the letter: "Oh my son, I heard that the Beys and Aghas around you call you Mustakbel Sultan...I do not want to think that you had a foot in this, because you are experienced enough to know the grave consequences of such a thing." He tells him to watch out because for him there should be a limit to the love and reverence (that he allows people to have for him), otherwise when it crosses the limit then it the bells ring and it will drag the people of courage with empty words. "Do not forget that I trust you, and the place you have in my heart is a special place, and do not go off the right place, and if you remember these two things, it will lighten your path."
    Taslicali lifts the kaftan. Mahi is in her room eating when Fidan arrives telling him that a gift has come, it is a beautiful kaftan and she was worried this whole time for no reason. Mahi runs to her son as Mihrunissa is putting the kaftan on him. She tells him not to wear it and to drop it. He asks what is going on. She says it could be poisoned. Everyone wonders. The messenger says that it is impossible because Suleyman had sent it. Mahidevran orders the messenger to wear it, despite Mustafa telling her that the Sultan sent it. The messenger starts to feel sick and everyone is shocked. Poor guy what did he ever do except do his job :( He takes it off, and can't breathe and dies. Everyone is in shock from what they just see. Mustafa especially is in disbelief and looks at his mother.
    In the Capitol Suleyman totally unaware of what has happened is in his room. He sees the pile of letters in his room. He smiles and says Hurrem as he reads the letter and smiles when he looks at the pile in the corner.
    Mustafa is staring at the kaftan, his suit of armour behind him. He gets dressed in the armour. (I actually admire Mustafa many times, and felt bad for the guy when his face looked hurt because he thinks his father has tried to kill him). Taslicali finds Mustafa and is in shock. Mustafa: "Get ready Taslicali, we are going to the Capitol!"
    Suleyman is reading Hurrem's letter. We hear Ibrahim's words:

    "It is as if we are asleep, and only that one person is awake. It is as if we do not know the scent of roses, and only they do... This world is blind and dark for us, whereas they live in the lap of the sun!"
    We see Suleyman enter his room. The rest of the letters are still in the box.But instead, he starts reading Ibrahim's diary. (Maybe if he didn't he would not have exiled her?)

    We are of those who have never tasted love... Our love is to be alone, in pain. They are those who have found each other. Adam and Eve, soil and seed... They have found each other before anything had ever been created and when they were sent to this earth, they immediately recognized one another. We are those poor ones who have been lost from the beginning, and who have been searching for a spouse... We can only taste the bitter taste of jealousy!"
    He goes to Hurrem's room later where she is asleep and touches her face.

    She wakes up. Hurrem: "Hunkarim! My dear Padishah! I knew that you could not bear to punish me and that you would forgive me..." Suleyman: "I did not forgive you, Hurrem. You can no longer stay here anymore. You have to go stay with Beyazid at Kutahya..."
    THE END.

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