• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 117 Trailer 2

    Source: www.startv.com.tr

    VIDEO SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_YXLb8sktQ

    Mustafa: "We are not going anywhere, Taslicali, neither on a campaign, nor to the Pay-i-taht. We are stuck here!"
    Atmaca: "How did they learn about it, my Shehzade? Who told them about it?"
    Mihrinnisa: "Was it Shehzade Beyazid?"
    Mahidevran: "In the end, he is Hurrem's son..."
    Atmaca: "Our Hunkar learned about it from a letter, which was sent from Kutahya."
    Beyazid: "You wrote that letter, didn't you? ANSWER ME!"
    Lala Mustafa: "I am not the one who is to blame in this game. The person you are looking for is Huricihan Sultana."
    Selim: "This was all a game, wasn't it? Who sent you??"
    Nurbanu: "You made a mistake, which you have to pay for... Some mistakes can only be repaid with your soul."
    Eftalya: "No! No! Leave me alone... I am innocent!"
    Selim: "Burn it!"
    Rustem: "Whoever you think sent you that letter, you are mistaken... Fatma Sultana wrote it"
    Mihrimah: "May Allah destroy it!"
    Rustem: "Who would have ever thought that the eminent Mihrimah Sultana would fall prey to love?"
    Mihrimah: "You can be sure that she will NOT get away with this!!"

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