• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 118 Trailer

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    VIDEO LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMOE2gLc8Bc

    Mahidevran: "He went behind our backs as an enemy. He will pay the price! We will then bring out into the open his relationship with Huricihan!"

    Suleyman: "By marrying her, you outrightly thought nothing of my wishes. The punishment for this is clear!"

    Gulbahar: "When will you expose Fatma Sultana's secret?"

    Mihrimah: "Let her love grow and swell up... As it grows, I will then take that love away from her so that her heart breaks into pieces!!"

    Kadi (Judge): "There was a complaint! Adultery/fornication is going on in this house!"

    Fatma: "Fornication???"

    Rustem: "She was so helpless... She accepted everything I was saying... I entered into an agreement with her."

    Hurrem: "What agreement??"

    Atmaca: "Elkas Mirza's personal bodyguard... He has our Hunkar in his target..."

    Piri Reis: "Do not forget, Atmaca, that in every wickedness, there is also a goodness (good outcome). Without the closing of one epoch, another era cannot open up."

    Rustem: "Elkas Mirza has arrived at the military camp and has requested to see you."

    Suleyman: "Very well..."

    Atmaca: "He is going to carry out an assassination attempt on our Hunkar... Now you have two paths facing you, Shehzadem. One of them is light, the other one is dark..."

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