• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 116 Translation


    We see Hurrem walking through the harem halls. Her daughter smiles, everyone bows.

    In Fatma's room, Fatma is getting ready in front of her mirror. Melek arrives and says: "Sultanim she has come." Fatma: "who has come?!" Melek: "Hurrem Sultan." Fatma: "Does our Hunkar know about this?" Melek: "I don't know Sultanim, but Mihrimah Sultan knows because she went out to greet her!" Fatma: "Mihrimah...she had said that she would return soon...it means she knew something."

    Hurrem walks through the halls  accompanied by everyone it seems, behind her. (Nothing against Vahide, but who misses Meryem's walk???? But Vahide does do a good job in these scenes) Lokman does not dare anything, simply nods. Suleyman is with Mustafa. Suleyman: "When the preparations are made for the sason let us go out and hunt...CIhangir can join us as well." Mustafa: "He will be very pleased, as will I" Suleyman is surprised when Lokman announces that Hurrem has come to the palace.

    Later he is in his room on his bed/seat and awaits his wife. She enters. Hurrem: "I know, you are still angry with me." she takes a step forward, he does the hand thing so she takes a step back. Suleyman: " Despite the fact that I have ordered you to stay in Kutahya, and without taking any permission how can you come here?" Hurrem: "I wrote many letters to come but you did not answer any of them. I said to myself "This is the end Hurrem. It is finished. You have lost him. You will never see him again.' Suleyman: "You had already taken that into account right?" Hurrem shakes her head: "I pray every night, since I saw you for the first time I have been praying to my Lord, that he should take away my life before he takes yours so that I don't have to go through that pain of losing you. I was willing to wait until you called me, and forgave me, to beg, but later that news came. Mihrimah sent it to me. She wrote that this separation has made you depressed. So much that, everyone was fear that you were going to fall ill. Especially Cihangir. He was very scared. After hearing this who could keep me there? I would have destroyed mountains that were in my way to come here."
    She goes to him, he shows her his hand.

    Outside the harem, everyone is waiting including Fatma: "I am happy for you of course, Cihangir will be happy too...finally she is your mother. But you must not forget you let an opportunity pass by." Mihrimah: "What opportunity is that?" Fatma: "You could could have ruled the harem...power would be yours. You could have had whatever you wished for or desired..." Mihrimah: "My mother's power is my power." Fatma rolls her eyes.
    Inside, Hurrem says: "Suleyman" and approaches again, and kneels before him. He gives her a look that I can only describe as hatred! (Which doesn't make any sense. Shame on the writers, at least get this part right! This man loved this woman!) She says: "If you want, do not forgive me. Do not look at my face. Do not say even a word. Take your shadow away from me. But....do not send...let me stay here with you and Cihangir. He needs me. Or, take my life now. Let this torture finish!" She tries to kiss his hand he pulls it, she kisses his robe instead. He says: 'I wish the matter was about forgiving you and letting you stay in the palace. If this is your wish, my palace and forgiveness are yours. But what makes me really sad, what drowns me in grief is not this....not what you did, but that I can never trust you again. never!" And then he pulls his skirt away, because he hates her so much, that she cannot even have that much! So she is left with touching the place where he sat....
    Cihangir arrives "They said my mother came?" Afife: "She is with our Hunkar, we are also awaiting her." Hurrem exits and her son rushes to her. Cihangir: "What happened, what did our Hunkar say? Did he accept? Will you be staying with us now?" Hurrem: "Do not worry, we will not separate again." Fatma: "Welcome Hurrem. If you had sent word, we would have prepared a welcoming for you." Hurrem: "I am not too fond of ceremony...and also what is the need? This is my own home." Afife: "Sultanim, they have prepared your bath, if you wish we can go." Hurrem: "Yes."
    Taslicali Yahya and Mustafa are together outside. Taslicali: "Did our Hunkar like your opinions on the campaign Shehzadem?" Mustafa: "I did not have the opportunity to speak because Hurrem Sultan came...just when everything was going well...this is not good at all." Yavuz arrives: "Shehzadem, we found out where Atmaca is...he is imprisoned but we do not know if he is alive, or dead, hurt or healthy."
    We see Atamaca, all beaten up and chained when Rustem arrives in the prison cell with Zal. Rustem: "As I have heard, you do not like to talk too much...but on that day when you came to the Divan you were quite enthusiastic." At: "Finally you were able to grace me with your presence." Rustem wipes his shirt and says: "You said you will not speak to anyone besides me..so I have come..I am in front of you...who do you serve? Who is this man?" At: "Actually...the person who I serve is a woman." Rustem: "As I thought....Fatma Sultan? Shah Sultan?" At: "It is true it is a Sultana, but it is not one of them..." Rustem: "Who?" At: "Hurrem Sultan." Slap. At: "Rustem!"

    We see Yavuz, Taslicali and Mustafa entering the prison and finding Rustem there. Mustafa: "Who the heck are you Rustem to throw my weapon bearer into prison!?" Rustem: "There must be some mistake Shehzadem. I have thrown a traitor into the prison." Mustafa: "They told me Atmaca is in here. Are you denying?" Rustem: "No." Mustafa: "Are you joking with me? How dare you!" Rustem: "Never my Shehzade, I would not dare. I am simply telling you the person who you think serves you is actually a traitor. He has said such things that you need to hear...not you, he serves someone else." Mustafa: "What does this mean, explain at once!"
    A man is about to kill Atmaca when Taslicali and Yavuz enter and save him.
    At night, Fatma dines with Mustafa. She asks him what is wrong, all night he has not spoken a word and if something happened between him and the Sultan, but Rustem says that the thing that bothers him is Rustem. Fatma asks what he did again and Mustafa replies that there is no need to do more, he has done so much already. Fatma tells him not to worry about him because they will hit him where it hurts the most, he only has to be patient a little. Mustafa asks if she has something in mind.
    Mihrimah is with her mother, telling her that it was awful in the palace without her, no one has happy, especially Suleyman. Hurrem smiles and says that this is the last time and no one will do this again she will not allow it and Mihrihmah tells her to be more careful from now on, since all this happened because she was listening to the Divan.
    Hurrem smiles and says that as she guessed, just when she turned her back , they have poisoned her children against her...and asks if they want to kill her. She did not do this for fun, she brings up Mustafa and says that next time be certain he would put everyone to the sword. Then she asks if Mihrimah has seen  Shahzade Elkas Mirza and Mihrimah says seen has briefly but not met him and why is her mother asking? Hurrem replies that Elkas is important, and that her daughter should prepare a dinner and invite him she will also speak to Rustem as well. Mihrimah responds she will and if her mother wishes, she can also invite Fatma Sultan because she is excited about him. Hurrem says she is not surprised that Fatma will be "enthusiastic" about a young prince like him.
    Atmaca is resting and Yavuz watches over him. Mustafa enters the room and Atmaca wakes up. Mustafa says that if it was anyone else, they would have died long ago. Then he says that he did not want to question him when he is in such a state but it is necessary. He says Rustem told him Atmaca had spoken of somethings. Atmaca says that he did not speak about anything to do with him (Mustafa). Mustafa replies that he has no doubt about that, but the thing he is curious about is the things he said about himself. Atmaca replies he did not say anything. Mustafa says: "That is what I thought...it seems Rustem is trying to sow the seeds of hypocrisy between us, otherwise why would he say you said you serve someone else and not me? Right?" At: "It is as you say...hypocrisy" Mustafa tells him not to force himself to speak and then asks Taslicali and Yavuz if the doctors prepared any medication for the pain and Yavuz says yes, and Taslicali adds that it will take a long time for him to recover however. Mutsafa says that with God's permission he will heal.
    In Manisa, Nurbanu has gone to spy on Selim and sees Selim with Eftalya who asks him when he will return and he responds that whenever he desires to.

    Eftalya is in her house tidying up when Nurbanu and Gazanfer enter. Eftalya: "Who are you? What are you doing in my house?" Nur: "For how long has Shehzade Selim been coming here? Answer woman! What is your relationship!" Eftalya: "I do not know what you are talking about. I do not know Shehzade Selim. Get out of my house at once." Nur: "Do not deny it Hatun. I saw him leave from here." Eftalya: "Whatever you saw, you have seen wrong.You are wrongfully accusing me. And who are you anyway? With what right are you interrogating me?!" There is the sound of a horse. Eftalya: "Dmitiri...Dimitri has come." Nurbanu: "Who is Dimitri? Or is he another lover of yours?" Eftalya: "Husband. Get out please. If you do not think of me, at least think of yourselves and go." Nurbanu and Gazanfer leave and Eftalya's husband asks her who those people were. Eftalya tells him that they had lost their way in the forest. And she asks how he came and he says he missed her and asks if she is not happy that he has come?
    Cihangir is with Mustafa looking at a map: "Buckets and buckets of gold are coming from the new world...if it continues like this, then in the long run things can turn against us. We must turn our face to the Mediterranean Sea again." Mustafa: "That is my thought also. Vienna was saved from our hands in the last moment...we could do it again and go even further...we have the power for this.If we conquer the lands of Portugal and Spain the new world can be ours too." Cihangir: "Yes, but Rustem has resumed negotiations with Ferdinand's ambassadors...what will this peace benefit us? Right now we are the top of the world., but staying up here is hard." Mustafa: "God Willing our Hunkar will think the same as us." Cihangir: "We will do whatever is in our power." Mustafa asks him how he knows all this, how he reads all these things and Cihangir replies that this is how he spends his time in such a palace. Mustafa then tells him that if God Permits him to be destined for the throne then Cihangir's authority will be the same as his own. Cihangir replies that whatever happens, may it happen for the best.
    Meanwhile Elkas is with Rustem in his office and says: "These precious and rare books are worthy of such a mighty and majestic man of the state such as yourself. God Willing you will have the opportunity to open our library in Kazvin. Speaking of that my Pas...have you been able to speak to our Majesty the Padishah about the campaign?" Rustem: "Not yet." Elkas: "Forgive me but we had an agreement with you...I did what you said, now it is your turn." Rustem: "Be patient Elkas Mirza! It is not as easy as you think to persuade our Hunkar for such a decision. Especially while Shehzade Mustafa is here." Elkas: "Should it not be the opposite? Shehzade Mustafa's Sanjak is near the border...this should be an opportunity to show himself!" Rustem: "These words of yours show how little experience you have of state affairs. Whatever I don't want that is what he pursues! That is what he will want. This is a power struggle. Elkas Mirza."
    Mustafa is poring over a map with his father. Mustafa: "It is almost impossible to win a permanent victory against Persia. As you know, instead of emerging in front of us they will again step back and wait. On top of this, it is very costly." Suleyman: 'What is your recommendation?" Mustafa: "To marth to Vienna and even Rome. To take out the heart of the unbeliever. To go to the Red Apple. I know you want this HUnkarim...it was like this before...I am witness to the dreams you had. We can get on the road to fulfill these dreams once again...and cause our enemies to shake with fear." Suleyman "I do wish to go out in the field of battle again. But we need to assess the situation well. We must decide in accordance with this which way to go and when." Mustafa: "I am certain you will give the best decision for the future of our State."
    In Rustem's room Hurrem is with Rustem. Hurrem tells Rustem that while she was awaiting disaster, Mustafa melted the ice between him and the Sultan. Rustem replies that if he did not have such power behind him he would long ago been disposed of. Hurrem asks who the powerful people are behind him, and if he has found out yet who supports him? Rustem says that he has tried but their enemies are adamant not to show their faces to them. Hurrem says that this is their biggest trump card and that they deprived of this (of knowing who are the powerful people behind Mustafa). Rutem says that the Janissaries are unhappy  and want to get out for war again, and that the Sultan is aware of what is going on and that he accepted Elkas in his presence is a sign of future steps for war, and that this Elkas Mirza saved them from a big problem. Hurrem replies that it is important to keep Mirza close to them and that she told Mihrimah as well that Rustem should host him in his palace and give him gifts." Rustem says that she should not worry of that, but they must convince Suleyman to go for the war to Persia and that this war will benefit them. Rustem points out that it will be the first war he will be Commander of and that one of the Shehzades will be appointed as Protector of the Dominions. Hurrem asks if this is dangerous, what if the Sultan appoints Mustafa as the Protector? she asks. Rustem replies that he does not think so, because of all the things that have happened recently (with regards to Mustafa).
    The door to Atmaca's room opens and Taslicali arrives alone. He goes over to Atmaca and pulls a dagger. Atmaca wakes up and looks around. Taslicali asks Atamaca if he is looking for his dagger. Taslicali says that he did not want to have to do this while Atmaca was in such a condition, but the matter is with regards to Mustafa's safety, so he cannot wait. He says that he thinks that Rustem might have been right about what he said. He adds that Atmaca had made him uneasy for a while and that there are thinks that made him feel this way. How he would disappear all of a sudden and all his expertise. Atmaca: "Do you also not trust Kapudan Pasha rest his soul?"

    Taslicali: "of course I did, but how do we know someone did not approach you? Especially after the Pasha died?" Atmaca: "Our Shehzade's enemies are obvious...did you forget, you saved me from their hands!" Taslicali: "That must is true, but Rustem was talking about you being someone else, and thinking about it, why not? This poisoned kaftan issue comes to mind. Maybe you purposely did not bring word of it to us." Atmaca: "Taslicali..."

    Taslicali: "So then could you be one of the Persian spies?" Atmaca: "Taslicali Yahya. Pashas, and even Vizier's can be spies, but a raider (special rank in the army) can never spy for the enemy!" Taslicali: "You could be telling the truth...but for our Shehzade's safety I have to take every precaution/think of every possibility. For this reason, you are not with us anymore. Speak to Yavuz also. From wherever you came, go back there. I do not want to see you by our Shehzade's side any longer." Yahya leaves. Atamaca calls out, Yahya turns around....
    Selim has arrived back to his palace and is asking Canfeda where Gazanfer is. Canfeda says he has gone to the market and asks where he wants to eat. Selim asks for his bath to be prepared and to call Nurbanu there. Canfeda prays to God for help, and wonders where the two are...
    Gazanfer and Nurbanu have arrived and Gazanfer tells her that if Selim finds out they are not present, this time no one will be able to save them. Nurbanu says that his fault (Selim's) is greater than theirs this time. Gazanfer says that this matter does not involve them and that she should forget what she saw, and should not say anything to Selim, because if she does, he will know they followed him and they will be punished. Nurbanu says that Selim has done illicit things, and has also broken his repentance promise, and if this is found out what will happen, has he even thought of it?
    Mihrimah is in her palace and she is told that they have arrived. Rustem enters with Elkas and introduces him to his wife. Mihrimah greets him and Elkas says that he is very pleased with this invitation and if they could accept his thanks. Rustem welcomes him. Elkas says he wishes to present Mihrimah with a present first. Elkas gives her a Laurel broach, and says it is not worth her, but if she could accept. Rustem tells them to sit down.

    Selim meanwhile is waiting in his room and Canfeda comes. He asks where is Nurbanu, and Canfeda lies and says Murad his baby is a little ill that is all. He storms off to Nurbanu's room and finds her there with her boy. She says the baby is unhappy probably because his father is not around. Selim says who is unhappy, his mother or the baby. "Look I have come early...because missing you is hard." She says: "I am certain that is the case." Then she asks how the hunt went. He says as always. He is very tired and he did not want to sleep without seeing her. She wishes him a good rest. He leaves. Canfeda asks her where she was for this long? Nurbanu starts to cry..

    PART 2

    Mustafa goes to meet Piri Reis. Mustafa: "Piri Reis...is what I heard true?" Piri: "Whatever Atmaca said, I accept. The person Rustem Pasha is talking about, is me." Mustafa takes a dagger to his throat: " Give me one good reason why I should not cut your throat right now!" Piri: "I did not want to meet you this way Shehzadem, but you left me with no choice." Mustafa: "You answer my question!" Piri: "I will tell you everything. If my answers are not enough, then my neck is lowered for your sword!"

    In Mihrimah's palace, the dinner is continuing. He makes quaint conversation, repeatedly looking at Mihrimah and says a poem to which she also chimes in for one part. This does not please Rustem at all, but he has to hide it and pretend as if it is getting late.

    Rustem: "It is getting very late..we have some issues we must speak out right...Sultanim?" Mihrimah: "Of course." An agha arrives informing Rustem that Zal has come. Rustem excuses himself.
    Out in the hall Rustem asks Zal what was that important and Zal apologizes and then says that Atmaca is being kept in a house in the Soganag neighbourhood and that Mustafa and Yahya have visited him already. ZAL says that they have followed Yavuz, but he was able to ditch them (the pepople following him). Rustem tells him to continue watching the house (where Atmaca is).

    In the room, Mihrihmah and Elkas are alone. Mihrimah thanks Elkas for the gift again saying she really loves laurel and he says he knows that is why he wanted to gift that specific gift to her and she asks how could he know.

    There is a flashback and Elkas recalls meeting Fatma Sultan in the gardens. Fatma: "I think you are the Elkas Mirza everyone is talking about" Elkas: "I am, Sultanim" Fatma: "How did you find Istanbul? Do you have such a city in Persia?" Elkas: "I have not had the chance to roam around, but when I came, whatever I saw was enough. Istanbul is a magnificent city. " Fatma: "You are still here, you will have a chance to get to see it.I heard you are invited to Mihrimah Sultan's palace. I am certain you have chosen a beautiful gift for her, because such things will earn admiration. There are no laurels in this garden...how sad...Mihrimah loves them."
    So now, Elkas obviously does not mention that he met with Fatma, he simply says that how could he not know at least somethings about a mighty king's powerful daughter such as herself. Then he adds that actually, now that he has seen her, she takes her power from her beauty. Mihrimah stands up and wishes him a good night. Rustem arrives and she leaves.

    Meanwhile, in Piri's boat, Piri is explaining himself to Mustafa. He tells him that to make a long story short, that he is not different than any loyal soldier to Mustafa, and that they have all come together for the sake of Mustafa's safety and sword allegiance. Mustafa replies that he understands him, and that he knows he is a knowledgable man as well, and maybe one day they will all go and be forgotten but that such a man as himself (as Piri Reis) will not be forgotten and everyone will know his name everywhere. Then he adds that why is he (Piri) putting such a stain on his clean record? Mustafa continues and tells him that this is a state of the world, and is ruled by Laws. And that all the land under it, has only one ruler and that that ruler is Sultan Suleyman, and that with his doing, does he not see that he is at fault in front of Sultan? He asks Piri how he could dare to do things against the state?

    Piri: "But Shehzade, I did for you -" Mustafa interrupts: "Who am I Reis?! I am the son of that Hunkar! I am a Shehzade. Did you think I would commit treason against our Hunkar?" Piri: "Never my Shehzade...we are not in any betrayal or treason against our Hunkar, our only concern is to protect you from Hurrem Sultan and Rustem Pasha's traitorous traps, and to keep your way open for the throne." Mustafa: "Whatever the case, there is no explanation for this. You will end this right now Reis!" Piri: "This is such a game Shehzade, that it is  very difficult for those who are "clean" to win...if you expose our secret, you will be taking your friends, our heads off! there is no doubt in this. If you wish this, then do not stop, we have already thought of this (outcome) anyway."

    Mustafa exits the boat, and Taslicali asks if he is okay, Mustafa replies that he wishes he never came (to see Piri) because now more burdens have been added to his back.

    In Istanbul, Rustem is with Suleyman in the Divan, telling him that the Austrian ambassador is getting impatient, and that Charles (Charles V) wants to enter into a treaty. Suleyman says that since they have waited this long, they can wait a bit longer. Rustem then says that Elkas Mirza is waiting to be accepted to his presence, and that he has some specific incidents he wishes to discuss with the Sultan. Suleyman allows him to enter.

    Elkas enters and bows before the Sultan, greeting him. Suleyman: "Rustem Pasha said you have things to say." Elkas: "There is news from the Turkmen Beys of Persia. Before coming I asked them whose side are they on, mine or my brother Tahmasp? Letters with their answers came. They have written of their support for me. I wish to show you." The folder full of letters is presented to Suleyman. Elkas continues to speak: "If you do not withhold your support, we can march straight into Kasvin. In this way, a Shah loyal to you can get on the Persian throne." Elkas and Rustem look at each other hopefully.

    Nurbanu is with Canfeda. Canfeda: "How can our Shehzade be with a married woman? I still cannot understand it." (well neither can I canfeda, he is Hurrem's son, so the writers hate him too, so, they couldn't just be content with the drinking right? They have to add this to his repertoire, along with killing a man in the market). Nurbanu: "Maybe he doesn't know...the woman had hidden (her relationship with Selim) from her husband, so she hid (the matter of her husband) to our Shehzade." Canfeda: "But this is plain zina (adultery). Disgrace will follow if it comes out, especially if it gets to our Hunkar's ears. Our Shehzade will lose all hope for the throne forever. Oh God, save us!" Nur: "Don't wait calling on calamity. Leave me alone, I must think." Canfeda: "I think you should speak to our Shehzade." Nur: "If I tell him the woman is married, he will ask how I found out. If I am silent, it will be much worse."

    Suleyman is in his room looking at his map, and of course, he never remembers anyone else, but Ibrahim. He says Rome, and then flashback to when Ibrahim said "Roma" and the young Suleyman telling him they will go there, and he will see. The memory is gone and all Suleyman is left with is his decision of where to go for war. He recalls Elkas' words. Then he recalls Mustafa's words.

    Suleyman shouts out for Lokman and asks the Divan to be prepared, including the Shehzades to be present as well.

    Meanwhile, in Kutahya Hurichihan is with Beyazid telling him that she is worried she should not have dealt with Hurrem this way, and that finally he is her son. Beyazid says that with time his mother will accept her and that if she does not, she will lose him. Hurichihan says that hopefully it won't come to that. An agha tells Beyazid that the preparations for his hunting are ready. Huri asks him if he must go, and he says he has to and he will return within a week.

    Lala walks down the hall and has a flashback moment. In the memory he is with Hurrem who asks him how he could hide that Hurichihan was in Kutahya. He tells her that he did not have the intention to hide the secret with Hurichihan and Beyazid, but he had no choice, on the one side it was her (Hurrem) and on the other side Beyazid. Hurrem says that they are not on another side from Beyazid, they are on his side so he should take that out of his mind and that whatever is good for him, makes her happy. She continues and says that it is obvious Hurichihan will harm Beyazid, and so she cannot stay in Kutahya, and that if he (Lala) wishes to be forgiven (for his mistake of hiding the truth) then he will have to do a big task. Lala asks what she wants him to do and Hurrem tells him that she wants Hurichihan to leave Kutahya and that after she (Hurrem) leaves, that he will have to do whatever necessary to send Hurichihan to Beyhan.
    Lala is in the present again and asks the agha if Beyazid has left for the hunting and the agha replies yes. Lala then says that in that case he should get prepared as he does not want a single mistake (with their plan).
    In the Divan meanwhile, Suleyman is speaking and everyone is present, including his two sons. Suleyman: "The Austrians are rubbing their face on the skirt of our robe and begging for peace. The Persian Prince, Elkas Mirza has also come to the door of mercy for the world (our door) additionally, the Azerbaijan and Shervan Turkmens are also waiting for him. Now, should we make peace with Austria and move towards Persia, or, is it better to conquer the Austrian lands.
    Rustem: "Hunkarim, we have a Shahzade from Persia that can easily divide his people, I would think that the conquest of Persia would be more appropriate." Mustafa: "As you are aware years ago, our army experienced many difficulties there and thousands of them lost their lives without even fighting in the mountain." Cihangir: "Shehzade Mustafa has a point Hunkarim, a campaign to Persia will not give a permanent victory. If Elkas Mirza has so many supporters, why did he seek help from us?" Sokollu: Shehzadem, this is the first time a Persian Shahzade has sought protection from us and has declared his loyalty. We must take advantage of this opportunity." Cihangir: "Our Red Apple is Rome or Venice. Mustafa: "Hunkarim, first, Sultan Selim and then you conquered Tebriz. But we could not hold onto it." Rustem: 'At that time we did not have a Persian Prince in our hands, Hunkarim - when the Shervans and the Azerbaijan armies see Elkas, they will pledge loyalty to him and fight alongside us." Suleyman: "I am also with the intention to go to Persia, because in the past, Tahmasp ran away from us and we were not able to teach him his lesson. And now is the right time. However, if the Austrian ambassador first accepts my generous offer then we will head out on the campaign to Persia." Mustafa: "Hunkarim." Suleyman cuts him off with his hand. "Ferdinand will have to pay thirty thousand pieces of gold every year for the conquered lands also, he has to accept our justice in his land. Charles V can never be referred to as emperor in any documents. Do not forget, those who accept to pay today, will tomorrow accept orders."
    Later, Hurrem meets with Sokollu. They greet each other. Sokollu tells her he is happy to see her again in the palace. She says she hopes he has brought good news. Sokollu tells her that Suleyman has made the decision to go to Persia and that he has accepted to partake in a treaty with Austria. Hurrem is happy saying that this news is good and that if Shehzade Mustafa has gotten a task and Sokollu says not yet, but of course he will get some task. Hurrem says that this time they will be the victorious, and they must prevent Mustafa from getting the protectorate. She says Rustem will be commander, and that Sokollu will be admiral of the sea and that Selim will become the Protector of the Dominions. Sokollu is surprised and says that he assumed her heart was set on Beyazid and he asks if something happened in Kutahya? Hurrem responds that Hurichihan was there and that she has left Lala with the task of fixing the problem but it is yet to be seen if he will be successful...
    Cihangir is with Mustafa and Yahya outside. Cih: "Our efforts are in vain. What Rustem Pasha said happened. They used Elkas' presence well." Mus: "Write down what happened today Cihangir, because today is the day that the future of our Dynasty has changed. Our Hunkar has gone back on the dream he had once had with Ibrahim Pasha." Cihangir: "While you are here, this dream will always be alive." Mus: "Maybe the time is not right for those like us Cihangir."  Mustafa gets up and leaves. Cihangir tries to call out, but he doesn't answer. Taslicali: "Maybe our Shehzade needs some time alone."

    Cihangir: "It's too bad. We believed that our Hunkar thought like us so much so that ...but our efforts have gone down the drain." Tas: "It was not for vain. There must be some value to it." Cih: "Do you think so?" Taslicali: "I am sure you are aware of the story of the ant that carried water for Prophet Abraham?" Cih: "I know but, you say it again, so that we can be convinced that our efforts have not been in vain." Taslicali: "Nimrod could not stand Prophet Abraham. He gave an order for Abraham to be burned, and for this, a huge fire was burnt so much that the flames of this fire would reach the sky. At this time, an ant hurriedly took a single drop of water towards the fire to put it out. And a bird, seeing this rushing of the ant asked it 'where are you going? what are you going to do with that drop of water?' The ant said that it is going to the place where Prophet Abraham is being burned and will drop the water there. The eagle laughed and asked it what one drop of water can do. The ant said: "It doesn't matter... At least it will be clear as to which side I am on..."

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is on his terrace and watches Mustafa walking in the garden. Mustafa has walked down a secluded part of the garden when he hears his name. It is his father. They greet each other. Suleyman says: "I know this is not the decision you were waiting to hear, but when the disbelievers have accepted our rule, and lowered their necks then what is the purpose of marching on them? Especially while Elkas Mirza is around as an opportunity" Mustafa: "You know best, Hunkarim, however, isn't that how our ancestor, Sultan Mehmet lost his life? Wasn't his biggest goal to conquer the heart of the disbelievers, Rome, and to be the Caesar of those lands as well? Just like you, didn't he pine as a Shehzade to achieve these goals? Suleyman says that this is no longer a dream, and that it is the road he is on. He will win this victory with the shade of his sword, which is the biggest type of victory.

    Mustafa: "What if they do not accept your terms?" Suleyman: "Then the shades will be removed and my sword will destroy and burn them like lightning." Mustafa says that once that day comes he will definitely be beside him. Suleyman: "My Mustafa... The issue with the kaftan, and the other things that we have lived through have significantly depressed me. I thank Allah that all of it is now behind us, and from now on the trust between us will never be broken... As soon as the preparations are done, we will leave for the campaign. I would like you to be with me, but as you know the conquest of Persia will be long and arduous. For this reason, you will look after my throne..." Mustafa, surprised, yet very happy, asks: "Is what I am hearing true, Hunkarim? Will you be making me the regent?" Suleyman nods, happily, and Mustafa kisses his hand.

    Hurrem is on her terrace and sees Mustafa and Suleyman and says: "Seeing our Hunkar and Mustafa in this condition is not good...I try to prevent myself, but it is impossible...bad things come to my mind."
    In Kutahya, Hurichihan is telling a story to Rana's son. She asks him if he liked it and the boy nods. Rana says briskly that if she permits, the boy must go for his bath. Hurichihan nods and then when the boy goes, she stops Rana, saying: "I understand that my being here disturbs, you even complained about me to Hurrem Sultan." Rana: "Never, who am I to do that?" Hurichihan: 'Don't worry I am not going to harm you, I want you to understand something. I am not a cariye. Do not see me as competition to you, otherwise you will lose." An agha comes and tells Huri that the Shehzade has sent word he is waiting at the hunting lodge at Domanich.
    Meanwhile, Hurrem has arrived in Mihrimah's palace. Rustem: "What we feared has come to pass...our Hunkar has chosen Shehzade Mustafa as the Protector of the Dominions (Regent). When he is away, Mustafa will stay here at the palace." Hurrem: "How can our Hunkar trust a Shehzade that just recently came to rebel against him."
    Rustem: "I am still shocked, Sultanim. It did not even cross my mind that he would make such a decision." Hurrem: "You know what his means right? This is our death sentence. If Mustafa ascends the throne even once, no one will have the power to get him down again." Mihrimah says that it is obvious the army will be away at war so there will be no danger.
    Rustem: "That is obvious Sultanim...but at the end of it all, we are going to a war...in war anything is possible...if we don't return?!" Hurrem: "Allah protect you...did you understand Mihrimah? For this reason, one of your brothers must be in Istanbul!"
    Hurichihan is happily on her way asking the agha how much longer, he says much, much longer (because he knows). The carriage stops. She asks what is going on, why they stopped. She peeks and sees guards. Lala arrives. She asks what is going on. He says that her stay in Kutahya is over, she is going to go to Beyhan Sultan. She asks who the heck is he to dare to speak to her this way (oh she reminds me of her mother with that pride of hers!) She commands Lala to move the guards away at once. Lala says he did not make this decision on his own...Hurrem Sultan is the one who gave the order and she has no other choice but to go, and she should not make him force her. She asks how he will answer to Beyazid. Lala says that he will return from the hunt in two weeks, and he will do his utmost best to make it a month long hunting trip. Hurichihan asks how long he will hide it and that Beyazid will find out eventually! Lala replies that the condition is such that the Sultan shall find out and in that case, she will have to go away on his order and that Beyazid might be mad at him for carrying out the Sultan's order for this, but  he will undertand that he (Lala) had no choice. Hurichihan shouts out to him and exits the carriage. He tells her to return to the carriage, and she says she will not and that even he cannot make her. She says he cannot do this to her, and she wants to speak to Beyazid and Lala says she cannot, she will never see him again. She replies that no she will not go anywehre. She sees the guards with their hands on their sword hilts. She changes her tone, and tell shim there are things she can tell him, and whatever he does later she will be accepting. She says what she can tell him will make Hurrem Sultan very happy. The ground will shake. He says what is this secret? She says it is a big secret and the only things she wants to stay in Kutahya and he will allow it.
    Mustafa is walking in the garden and Hurrem and Suleyman are together on the terrace watching from above. Hurrem: "You sent Selim to Saruhan Sanjak, but you are appointing Mustafa as the Protector/Regent. No matter how I think of it, I cannot see a meaning behind this." Suleyman: "I saw it fit this way, Hurrem. Additionally, I was witness to certain incidents, when I went to Manisa I caught Selim in a condition that did not befit a Shehzade. He broke my dreams in a big way. He understood his mistake, asked forgiveness and repented to God, but his condition (the condition I saw him in) is not leaving my memory!" Hurrem: "Selim will find the right way. He just needs time. if you give up on him, he will only get worse." Suleyman: "I have not given up on him of course, but I am very happy with my decision..Mustafa will rightfully govern Istanbul." Hurrem: 'May it be for the best God Willing."
    In Manisa, Selim is grumpy and Nurbanu enters with wine. "Since you have decided to drink," she pours. "If anything then drink in your own palace." Selim: "Where are you getting it from that I am drinking?" Nurbanu: "Please do not hide stuff from me, I know about everything. I heard the news coming from the Palace....Shehzade Mustafa has been appointed as the Protcertor/Regeant. If our Hunkar had not come, if he had not seen you in that condition, he would certainly have chosen you. Now whatever you do will be in vain. Maybe we are walking to calamity while sitting on our hands..." Selim drinks, and she watches him. He says: "I had thought my father forgave me Nurbanu. I thought he believed me. In truth, I tricked myself. If I cannot trust myself, then how can he trust me?" Nurbanu takes his hand and says "We have a word where I came from: A person needs to learn how to set sail in every type of wind. We have a difficult path to sail on...and if you want to go on this path, we have to be prepared for everything...rain, winds, snow...Selim, my love, my Shehzade, maybe no one trusts you....but I trust you. but the only thing I want from you is to trust me."
    Gazanfer is outside when he an agha informs him someone wants to meet with him. It is Eftalya's husband, Dimitri. He says he wants to speak with Selim. Gazanfer says he cannot just demand to speak and he will get to. Dimitri says his name and then says he is coming from a farm in Alashehir, and that he should know there, because he saw him there, there is a woman there. Gazanfer replies so what is in this? He tells him that Selim had gone hunting and that they wanted to rest and the owner of the house let them rest there. Dimitri says that that owner, that woman, is his wife...and that he knows everything that happened between them (the wife and Selim), because she told him.
    Meanwhile Selim is talking to Nurbanu. He tells there is no decision about him yet, maybe he is not even to get to go to war. Nurbanu says that Hurrem Sultan has returned to the palace so she will find a solution to all this. Gazanfer arrives and informs Selim that a man by the name of Dimitri has come, and says that from what he sees, Selim knows his wife, a woman named Eftalya who has a farm.
    Nurbanu asks: "Who is this Eftalya, Shehzadem?" Selim tells her to return to her room. Then he tells Gazanfer to tell Dimitri to go and how dare he comes here?" Gazanfer is out in the hall when he meets Nurbanu. He tells her what happened and says that if Dimitri complains, this time in a second the Sultan will hear about it. Nurbanu tells him not to behave badly with Dimitri and to tell him the Shehzade will see him at a later time. Gazanfer asks what if he complains, and Nurbanu says that if he was going to complain he would not have come here, and then she tells Gazanfer to keep an eye on him.  
    Mihrimah has come to see her mother and asks Fahriye if she is inside. Fahriye says that she will come in a bit. A cariye arrives and gives a note to Mihrimah "This was sent to you." Mihrimah takes it and then calls out asking who sent it and the cariye walks away (haha, as if the cariye could ge away with that) Mihrimah opens the note, she goes to her mother's room and reads it:

    "Today I followed you along the path that you walked on... I smelled the roses that you smelled... Those roses are helpless in the wake of your nobleness... Does the sun not shy away when it sees you? Doesnt the moon hide between the clouds? I saw you once, I can not recover, I am hopeless... The darkness that has befallen into my heart from the sight of seeing your red lips... My fate is destined to burn up and be born again over and over just like the anka bird (a fabled bird in Turkish literature and folklore)."
    Mihrimah rips and burns the letter and when Hurrem arrives and sees her poking at the fire asks what she is doing, Mihrimah says she was trying to put out the fire (yeah okay haha) and Hurrem remarks that why did she not call a cariye, has this task befallen to her? Mihrihmah says it is not important, she was just waiting for her, and decided to amuse herself. Hurrem asks why she was waiting is everything alright, and Mihrimah says that Rustem told her about Hurichihan and when was her mother going to tell her that. Hurrem says she just thought the fewer the people who knew about it, the better. Mihrimah says that if she pokes the fire it will just get bigger (oh the irony! She was just poking the fire moments ago, claiming to want to put it out!) so she advises her mother to leave it to her, she will take care of it. Hurrem says if she asks she will use the experience she has about love and think of something.
    Beyazid is in his room when Lala arrives. He tells him that there is important news from the Capitol. He informs Beyazid about the Sultan's decision to go to war, along with Elkas Mirza. Beyazid says that this is good news because the army had long not gone to war. Lala adds that the Sultan has appointed Mustafa as Regent and Beyazid says this good news, since it is better that Mustafa be there instead of Selim, and that perhaps he will meet Selim when they both go for war. Lala, noticing Beyazid being calm, says that if he were in his place he would not be so calm because if he wants to get on the throne then despite his good relationship with Mustafa, he must keep his distance from him. Hurichihan arrives and asks if she is disturbing them, and Beyazid says no, and then asks Lala to leave. Lala and Hurichihan give each other a knowing look.
    Mustafa is in Amasya and is welcomed by his mother who says she was so fearful when he had left, and thanks God that now her son has returned to her safetly. Mustafa tells her that the trouble between him and his father has ended. Mahi says that it is obvious since if that were not the case, his father would not appoint him as Regent. Mustafa asks where Mihrunissa is and Mahi tells him she is well, and awaiting him because she is not in a condition to stand.

    Mustafa goes to her room and finds Mihrunissa there holding their son. She says they were both waitinf for a week for him to come. Mahi prays for the baby, to be fortunate and happy and Mustafa asks how his wife is, who says she is fine, her son is born healthy and safe, so why not? And Mustafa asks his mother why she did not send word, Mahidevran replies that since he had already left on the way here, she did not think it was necessary and that they can send word out in four corners. Fidan (who seems to be the oldest now of all of them) tells Mustafa that a cariye by the name of Gulmisal Hatun will be known as the mother of the child. Mahidevran asks Fidan to come with her so she can see Gulmisal Hatun. They leave.
    Mustafa tells Nisa that she is not forced to be in this situation (the secret) and Nisa says that they have spoken about this many tmes and that no one shall know of their secret...especially since he has been appointed as Regent now. Mustafa tells her abou this relationship being better with his father and so he could try to explain to him this situation (if she wants). Mihrunissa replies that they will wait with patience, until the day he will get on the throne...(to reveal the secret), and anyway she says, she is not complaining...as long as he is by her side."

    Mihrimah is in her room, writing a letter: "I don't know what I did to give you the courage to be able to write to me... I truly feel very bad... If something like this were to be heard, then people would think that I gave you permission to write to me, and that would be a disaster! If that were to happen, both of us would be in huge trouble..."

    Rustem arrives home and greets his daughter asking how she is, and then asks Gulbahar where Mihrimah is and Gulbahar says she is in her room resting. Rustem asks if she is alright since it is not the time to be sleeping right now. Gulbahar says that she said she was not feeling well.
    In Manisa, Selim is angry with Nurbanu and asks how she found out. Nurbanu says that she found out somehow, and they should now think about how to solve the problem. Selim asks for an answer and asks if she sent men to follow him. Nurbanu says that he had given his word to the Sultan, that he had repented and that he had given her a promise too that there would be no other women. and it happened, and she has pain in her heart...but that this is not of worry to her, because they had spoken...they had promised to each other to walk one path and that he will trust her and she will trust him. She tells him to meet with Eftalya's husband and give him what he wants and close the matter.
    Meanwhile, Mihrihmah is still at her desk. Outisde, Rustem arrives and the agha tells him that the she is not wanting to see anyone. Rustem enters anyway (haha what was that agha thinking? Did he want a black eye?!) Mihrimah quickly puts her paper away. She shouts how dare he enters without permission and he says that they said she was not well, so he worried and that is why he came to check on her. She says she is fine, and she was going to sleep in a bit. He isn't dumb, so he asks who she was writing to at this time of night (he wishes it was to him!). She replies quickly that she is writing to Beyazid...she comments that they had warned him of the Hurichihan situation and look what he is doing. Meanwhile, Rustem is not listening...he watches the paper, and finally flips it over and picks it up and reads...( I mean seriously Mihrimah! Why did you ge up and leave it there are you dumb??! Because he certainly is not!)

    He reads the first line: "I don't know what I did to give you the courage to be able to write to me" Rustem looks hurt and confused and he asks who she is writing to? Mihrimah: "How dare you interfere in my personal things." Rustem: "And you are taking me to account? Who is it Mihrimah? Where is this letter going to? Say!" Mihrimah: "It is not what you think. There is nothing between us! Anyway even if there was, it is impossible...he wrote something and I was simply warning him not to do it again."  Rustem says: "No servant of Allah would dare to do this! Of course unless you let them dare!" Mihrimah: 'Rustem! Do not cross your limits!How dare you accuse me of such things? Get out of my room!" Rustem: " Without you saying who, I will not be going anywhere!" Rustem starts flipping through her desk frantically looking for the letter. Mihrimah: 'Rustem...Rustem leave it!" Rustem: "It has been going on for a while right? WHo is this man, Mihrimah?! Elkas? Sokollu? Who?! Mihrimah!" Mihrimah: "Whoever it was, it doesn't matter. You saw the answer I wrote. There is nothing." He grabs her. Rustem: "Since you are hiding who it is, it means there must be something going on." Mihrimah: "Believe whatever you want. I do not care even an atoms worth. Now get out of my room and do not enter again!"
    In Manisa, Selim is meeting with Dimitri. He tells him he did not know Eftalya was married and that this relationship would never have happened if he knew. He tells Dimitri to say what he wants and they will fix this matter betwen them and that that it will not be good for him if it doesn't. Dimitri asks Selim if he wishs to buy his dignity. Gazanfer warns him to speak with respect because in front of him is a Shehade. Selim tells Dimitri he does not have a choice, and that he will recieve a sizable amount to ammend the situation, otherwise there will be only one choice.
    Mihrimah meanwhile is crying in her bed. There is a knock and Rustem enters. He looks very sad. (is that not her bed sheet from when she was single.) She pretends to be asleep. He sits on the bed. Rustem: "Many nights while coming here on the way I look at other homes. Lights filter through the cage into the streets...there are the voices of children, women and men....I close my eyes and pretend I am like them...I dream that our life is theirs...I come to my home and you have cooked a meal, we sit with our children to eat...on cold nights you hold me, you make me warm. It is you and me, but in a different way, in a different life...in a life where you love me." She doesn't turn, so Rustem leaves, sad.

    Meanwhile, the Cardinal is with the Pope and ambassador. Cardinal: "Holy pope, Luther's ambassador wants to meet with you..." The pope gives permission for him to enter. Ambassador: "We heard that Ferdinand and Charles V are looking to gain a treaty with the Ottomans, and they are saying that you have given permission for this... Are we now dealing with the enemy?" Pope: "Tell that man with no religion, Luther, that what he has heard is correct. We are looking to gain a peace treaty, as the Christians are not united and cannot harm the Ottomans... Tell him never to forget that the biggest cause for this disunity was him!"

    In the Divan, Rustem reads the agreement: "Austria agrees to pay 30,000 gold annually for the Hungarian lands that it currently occupies to the Ottomans. There will be free trade amongst the Ottoman and Austrian merchants. The Austrian army will disband the mercenaries in Hungary and Bosnia. Additionally, based upon the favour of the Padishah of the seven regions, Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri, King Ferdinand will recognize Sultan Suleyman as the King of Rome and its dependencies and will also recognize Charles V as the king of Spain. This aforementioned agreement has been agreed upon for five years." Suleyman then says: "May it be of benefit..."

    Mihrimah is gazing at the window at nothing and having a ben moment: "I am Mihrimah...The Sun and Moon Sultana Mihrimah. I am the apple of Sultan Suleyman's eye. I am part of Hurrem Sultan's heart. I am the most beautiful Sultana in all the palace, Istanbul, even the world! The most precious jewels, the finest silk, all wealth is at my feet. The golden bowl that I eat from, and from the crystal goblet that I drink from. All women envy my nobility and wealth, and every man would die for a lock of my hair. " She keeps walking and stands in front of Rustem's room. Zal goes inside to inform Rustem. I am Mihrimah...however no one knows reality...I am not as you see...my heart is dying rapidly...Resurrection is happening all around me....I am alone in the middle of a huge war. Heads are rolling in front of me. Lives are ending. Promises are being made. And broken. Life, with all of its pains and splendors is flowing by me. The biggest storm is brewing inside me but not a single word is falling from my lips. No one asks about my heart. Like all women, my heart is also filled with secrets, and like every secret, they will be revealed. Secrets await the day when they can make our loved ones doubt us, and the day where everything comes out in the open. Sometimes a single secret can change the whole course of a person's life."
    Zal exits and Mihrimah enters. Rustem awaits her...
    In the Palace, an agha  tells Lokman that a letter has come for the Sultan from Lala Mustafa, Beyazid's Lala. Lokman tells him the Sultan is in the gardens and he will give it, but the agha says no, he is to deliver it directly. Lokman takes the messenger. Hurrem is in her room and there is a knock on the door. Fahriye has come and tells her that Mihrimah Sultan has come and gone to see Rustem in his office. Hurrem asks what is wrong with that and Fahriye says that she was in a strange condition. Hurrem wonders what could be wrong.
    Rustem is with Mihrimah. He is imploring with his eyes and then says "Mihrimah?" She says: "I have thought for long Rustem. I cannot keep this in me longer...the weight inside is too heavy. A person comes to this world once and the reason is to be happy...By pretending nothing has happened, as if everything is fine, I am also beign unjust towards you." Rustem: "What does this mean? What do you want to say?" Mihrimah: "I have made my decision." Hurrem arrives: "What is going on, why do you look like this?" Mihrimah: "Come mother, you shoudl hear this decision as it has to do with you too...because you are the architects of this marriage." Hurrem: "what are you saying Mihrimah?" Mihrimah: "I have decided to divorce Rustem." Hurrem: "What did you say?" Mih: "As you heard mother, I have decided to divorce Rustem and I will never go back on this decision."

    Outside. Suleyman is smelling the roses. Lokman tells him that Bey's Lala has sent him a letter. Suleyman opens it and reads it. "Mighty Hunkarim, I am forced to write this letter to you, because the matter you need to know about is an important matter....but it is not about Shehzade Beyazid, it is about Shehzade Mustafa. How sad that I have learned that Shehzade Mustafa has secretly married Hizr Hayreddin Pasha's daughter Mihrunissa Hatun...this relationship has been going on for long...so much that she has even become pregnant with our Shehzade's child." Suleyman crumples the letter as the lion comes out again.
    THE END.
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