• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 115 Trailer 1

    Source: www.startv.com.tr

    Rustem: "It is said that Mustafa is directly on his way to the Capitol and by his order, with thousands of soldiers. My tongue can barely say it Hunkarim, but there is only one explanation: Treason!"
    Fatma: "Has Mustafa lost his mind?! What does it mean to march on the Capitol?!"
    Suleyman: "Before he enters Istanbul stop the Shehzade. If he insists or persists to march, then do not dare allow him!"
    Cihangir: "The Janissaries have gone to stop our brother Mihrimah! Without realizing what happened we might find ourselves in the midst of a bloody battle!"

    Janissary Agha: "If you take one step further, it will be understood as treason, and by our Hunkar's order, you will be executed."
    Mustafa: "No one can stop me from my path, Ferhat Agha! If you want to fight, great, me and my brave ones are prepared!"
    Piri Reis: "We must be on his side...because he is our only hope."
    Rustem: "The avalanche has begun (the word has different meanings so it could also mean, the screen has been lifted)...Shehzade Mustafa is nearing upon the Capitol."

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