• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 115 Translation!

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    We see Atmaca rushing (but his horse is not going fast enough lol). In a flashback we see Cihangir and Fatma speaking to Atmaca. Cih: "A man took my name and took the chest that was to be sent to Shehzade Mustafa...God knows what they did before it (the chest) was given to the messenger." Atmaca: "Which agha took it Shehzade? Did they say anything?" Cih: "The tailor doesn't know his name...he is gone now...he must have gone to his land." Fatma: "It is obvious they are playing a game, they want to trouble him" Cih: "Get on your way Atmaca, we must warn my brother." Atmaca is caught by some men.
    In the Divan, a man by the name of Haydar Pasha tells Rustem that Elkas Mirza is on his way and that he will go to Edirne Palace as per his (Rustem's) orders. Rustem tells him that there should not be anyone else with him especially any soldiers. Haydar replies that they have taken the necessary measures and not to wrry. Rustem tells him that they should figure out exactly when he will arrive and that he himself wishes to personally meet him. Also the places where he will cross as he enters to have soldiers looking brave and strong, in full gear so that he (Elkas) can understand that the Ottomans are ever-ready and to be fearful of the might and majesty of the state. The Divan guy informs him that Kaptan i Derya Mehmet has arrived. When Sokollu enters, Rustem says hopefully he has brought good news but Sokolly responds: "I wish it was good news my Pasha, I wish..."
    Lokman enters the Sultan's room and tells him Rustem wants to see him, Suleyman allows it. Rustem: "Hunkarim...I just received some intelligence...I am trying to confirm if it is correct or not, but" Suleyman: 'Speak" Rustem: "They say Shehzade Mustafa is marching on the Capitol. In addition, under his orders along with thousands of soldiers."

    Suleyman: "What are you saying Rustem?! What does this mean?!" Rustem: "I cannot bring myself to say it...but it has only one explanation....treason."
    We see Mustafa with his soldiers marching.
    In the Sultan's room, Suleyman is with Rustem. Rustem: "Hunkarim, I do not think it is possible for our Shehzade to do such a thing, but we have to think about every possibility and take precautions accordingly." Suley: "Bring Ferhat Agha to me right away...right away!"
    In Fatma's room, Fatima and Cihangir are discussing the matter. Fatma: "Has Mustafa lost his mind?! what does it mean to march on the Capitol!" Cih: "It seems Atmaca could not prevent it" Fatma: "Who knows what kind of game he is fallen prey to." Cih: "Either they put something in the chest or they changed our Hunkar's letter...nothing else comes to my mind."
    Suleyman commands Ferhat agha: "Stop Shehzade Mustafa before he comes to Istanbul! He should not proceed to the Capitol, he must return to his Sanjak and should await my decision about his future there..If he doesn't listen (he knows his son well that he won't listen, cause when has he ever really listened to anyone?!), and insists in coming then do not let him! No matter the price!"
    Ferhat leaves and Suleyman turns to Rustem: "Inform Kaptan i Derya Mehmet Pasha, he should have control over the beaches and his soldiers!" Rustem: "The one who brought me the news was Mehmet Pasha himself Hunkarim...I told him whatever was necessary (to do), he will take preuations but it cannot be known how much control he will be able to have over the fleet. Also, Hizr Hayreddin Pasha's Reises are not happy with him there." Suleyman: "I am giving the order Rustem! If even a single ship opens its sails, I will take everyone's heads! Everyones! Without any delay, you will bring any news about Shehzade Mustafa to me!"

    Suleyman is on his terrace and prays to God: "Oh Allah, protect us! Protect me from coming face to face against my son. Keep my child away from the wrath of my sword! If you present me with my son's betrayal, then keep my heart full of mercy."
    Someone is telling Piri Ries. "Our Hunkar has sent Ferhat Agha with five thousand Janissaries, equipped with weapons, to stop our Shehzade." Piri: "Where is Atmaca? Is there no word yet?" Man: "No one knows where he is, what is your order?" Piri: "I do not know our Shehzade's intention...but if this is a rebellion, then we will have to support him...because that is our only hope."
    Atmaca is brought to a dungeon and we see Zal. Atmaca asks who commanded him (like he was going to get an answer lol) and Zal says "finally we meet"
    In Mihrimah's palace, Mihrimah asks Rustem what the Sultan wrote in his letter to Mustafa, and why he is so angry Rustem says that he did not see the letter and that it is obvious what might be written that he probably warned him about calling himself Mustakbel Sultan and that Shehzade Mustafa found an oppurtunity  and that he was preparing for treason since long now anyway. Mihrimah asks if he is hiding something from her, to which he responds that whatever he knows he is telling her and then he says he must leave as he has to suppress a rebellion.
    In Manisa, Selim is with his hunting entourage outside and he comes across a woman who is startled, but he introduces himself as Shehzade Selim and she says that it is a secluded place and people don't come pass by often, especially not a Shehzade. He is surprised and asks her how she is there then and she says that her farm is right behind the slope and that she walks around when she has time, in particular to pick up medicinal herbs. He asks if she lives alone, she replies yes, that there are those who work the farm, and that if he wishes, he may visit it will be an honour for her...
    Nurbanu is nervous and her baby is crying, she hands him to Canfeda and asks what is wrong, maybe the doctor should look, but Canfeda replies that nothing is wrong, that she is nervous and the baby feels it and Nurbanu says that she cannot sleep for nights now, because whenever she closes her eyes she sees Valeria's lifeless body. She says that when she looks at herself in the mirror she asks herself, "Am I the killer?" and she says she did not think it would be this difficult. Canfeda tells her that since Hurrem Sultan ordered it, there was nothing she could do, so she should not blame herslef and that she wanted to rise up in her eyes and she did, and of course there would be a price. Nurbanu says she will never do such a thing again, and Canfeda answers that there is a saying that if you take a big bite, don't make a big statement, and that they cannot know what tomorrow will bring. Nurbanu then asks where Selim is and why such a long hunting trip and Canfeda says it is better if he is busy, since he has repented. Nurbanu says that Selim has given his word to the Sultan and to herself too, so God Willing he won't break his promise. A cariye then arrives to inform them that Selim has returned to the palace.
    Selim and Nurbanu embrace and he says he has missed her and their son and asks how she is. She replies that she is well and that so is their little Shehzade and asks how the hunting went. Selim says it was very good and that being on horseback for long however has given him some aches and pains and she says that she has had the baths prepared and to leave himself to her because she knows how to get rid of all of his pains.
    In Kutahya, Beyazid is with Hurichihan, who says: "No one is the wiser about our condition, but how much longer will this go on like this?" Bey: "First we will marry...then we will announce it in the four corners, there will be no eyes who won't see it and no ears who won't hear." Hurichihan replies that she wishes it did not have to be so hidden this way and that it would have been a magnificent wedding like her mother's and father's wedding, forty days and nights of celebrating, and that with the prayers of their servants, they would enter their palace together. She says it is only a dream and that it is simply a dream she has been dreaming since the day she saw Beyazid and that the only important thing is the truth and that her reality is him, and that she does not care about anything as long as she is by his side. Lala enters then and Beyazid tells Hurichihan to go back to her room.
    We see Hurrem in her carriage. She was asleep but is awakened as if by a nightmare and says "Suleyman!" Fahriye asks if she is well, and Hurrem responds that she does not know how she will deal with this exile and that she is already burnt up in the fire of separation."
    Fahriye tells her she must be patient, and that the end of patience is peace. She adds that this is not an exile per se, that it is more of a visit by her to her son and her grandchildren.
    In Kutahya, Beyazid asks where this sudden visit of his mothers is coming from and if he (Lala) tattled. Lala says he even does not know, and that when she arrives they will know, but that they have to find a solution about Hurichihan. Bey responds that they will get married right away because there is no other way. Lala tells him that this is not suitable at all, that if she sees Hurichihan in the palace, the world will end and that they cannot be sure of what will happen. Beyazid asks for his recommendation...
    Mihrimah and Cihangir are waiting outside the Sultan's room after asking Lokman to tell the Sultan they are there to see him. Mihrimah says she is afraid, and her mother is also not there and that what will happen at the end of all this. Cihangir asks if Rustem said anything, if he knows what was inside the chest? Mihrimah says that there is nothing except a kaftan and the Sultan's letter and that where would Rustem know from? It is a matter between the Sultan and Mustafa.

    Cihangir asks her if she really believes what Rustem says and then gets closer to her and adds that the Janissaries have gone out to stop Mustafa and that without knowing, without understanding, they could find themselves in a bloody battle. Mihrimah says that her brother will not in any case go against the Sultan's orders and Cihangir says that he has already gone against all the rules and customs by leaving his Sanjak! He says they must stop the Sultan for the future of their Dynasty. Lokman suddenly arrives and tells them the Sultan is not willing to see anyone. Mihrimah asks if he added she was waiting, and Lokman nods.
    Suleyman is on his balcony. (Can you imagine the stress on thisman's shoulders? It is his JOB to stop ANY treason, no matter if it is his son, or a commoner(treason is treason is treason and right now, this is what it looks like!), and at the same time, as we saw from his prayer, he does not want to hurt his son! Halit plays this role very well, we all must admit! Imagine the thoughts running through his head)

    In the morning, on the outskirts of the city, Yavuz tells Mustafa that they have company, Taslicali tells him to go check it out, but Mustafa tells them to wait. Taslicali says they are Janissaries. Down the hill, we see thousands of them.
    Rustem is with Zal and he asks him if Atmaca has spoken and Zal replies that just as he suspected, he is is resisting a great deal but that he has no choice and will eventually speak. Rustem says that he may not need to since the reason will come out who he works for since Shehzade Mustafa has risen up to treason, just as they wanted and that Ferhat agha is going to stop him on his path. Zal asks if they can trust Ferhat agha and Rustem says that Sokollu suggested him and that he has no doubt he is loyal to the Sultan.
    Outisde, Taslicali tells Mustafa to let him speak, but Mustafa says there is no need, whatever is written for him will happen. Mustafa: "Ferhat agha, so our Hunkar sent you." Ferhat agha: "Our Hunkar does not allow you to enter Istanbul. He has ordered you to return to your Sanjak and await his decision about you." Mustafa: "Otherwise?" Ferhat: "If you take a single step forward, it will be seen as treason and with the order of the Sultan you will be executed." Mustafa: "No one can take me off my way Ferhat agha. Do you want to fight? Great. Me and my brave ones are ready." Ferhat agha makes his decision and bows before Mustafa "Shehzade Mustafa Hazretleri, in all the Ottoman lands, there is not a single Janissary who would cross swords with you. May me life be on your way, and my head be sacrificed for you." Everyone: "Long Live Shehzade Mustafa...love live Shehzade Mustafa"
    In the Sultan's room, Sokollu is in front of the Sultan: "Turgut Reis has opened sail on the Mediterranean sea as per your orders...Salih Reis is in Algeria." Suleyman: "Take out a galley at once...they should carefully examine the sorroundings...how do we know they turned back?" Sokollu: "Who would dare Hunkarim?" Suleyman: "As my son is marching with an army towards the Capitol, why should they stop Pasha?! There must be something they are relying on!" Rustem rushes and pushes Lokman out of the way and enters and Suleyman says" What are you doing Rustem?!" Rustem: "Forgive me Hunkarim...but things have gotten out of hand...Shehzade Mustafa is closing in upon the Capital!" Suleyman: "How can he?!" " Rustem: "Ferhat agha has sided with Shehzade Mustafa. The Shehzade along with the soldiers are coming to the Palace."
    In Kutahya, Lala informs Beyazid that Hurichihan will be staying in a house prepared for her while Hurrem is staying here. Beyazid says good, and says that his mother will not know of this and he warns Rana to keep quiet also. Hurrem arrives and hugs her son, telling him he missed him, then she greets her adorable grandchild!. She greets Rana and asks how she is. Then she greets Lala and says that she is always at peace knowing he is with her son. Lala akss an agha if Hurrem's room is prepared and that there should be no negligence. Beyazid asks why his mother has come, and she asks if he is not happy she has come and he says she is the crown on his head. She says she wanted to visit him and she was unhappy with how they left off the last time they met and that she just wants to spend some time with him and hopefully it isn't trouble to him and he says never, he says his father is the Sultan of the world and she is the Sultan of two and that it is an honour to have her in his palace. Hurrem: "My lion, my brave prince."
    Outside the palace there is a flurry as Imperial guards (like five of them! so dumb!) stand against a horde of Janissaries. Mihrimah enters the tower where Cihangir is. She asks if her brother has come. Cihangir replies that each gate of the Palace has been walled off, as if the walls already in place are not enough. Mihrimah wishes for her mother, and says they must do something, are they going to sit on their hands and watch and Cihangir says that the arrow has left the bow and that has she forgotten she told him that they are not the warriors to be involved in this war? Then he says "he has come"
    Mustafa walks past his Janissaries (and I say his, because were they loyal to the Sultan? NO) He meets Rustem who has his sword. A Janissary lays the chest down. Rustem: "Shehzade Hazretleri, due to your actions your head can roll....you know this right?" Mustafa: "If you have the power, don't stop then Pasha! Give the order to take my head!" Rustem looks around and sees the few guards of the Palace versus all the Janissaries.
    Rustem approaches the Janissaries: "All of you had sworn allegiance to our Hunkar...I see that you have forgotten this, and have fallen into the hole of betrayal and treason. Let no one doubt that our Padishah, Sultan Suleyman Han will not forgive this! Either you all put down your weapons now and deliver yourselves to our Hunkar's justice, or each one of you shall call our Hunkar's wrath upon you...the decision is yours." Rustem to Mustafa: "The decision is yours." Mustafa takes off his sword and helmet and asks to see the Sultan: "Send word to our Hunkar, I wish to be allowed in his presence and speak to him." Rustem: "The Janissaries will move away and then this wish of yours will be accepted." Mustafa: "This is a command Rustem! Tell our Hunkar I wish to speak with him!"

    Suleyman is in his Arz Oda, the room where people come to make requests. He imagines himself fighting his son (What would you do, if your own father took the throne from his father, and it looks the same with your son now, and you know this is something you have to fight because it is against the law and is treason? Imagine the thoughts going through this man's head?) Rustem enters instead: "Hunkarim, Shehzade Mustafa wishes to speak to you." Suleyman: "He wants to speak to me is that right?!" Rustem: "The Janissaries are not turning back. I think he wishes to make an agreement with you...perhaps a treaty to get on the throne." Suleyman: "Where is the sixth division?" Rustem: "A small portion are at Asitane, the rest are preparing at the Horse Square...they are waiting for the order to suit up with guns, also, the divisions that are marching here from Edirne and its surrounding areas will reach us soon. If you ask me, the best thing to do is to accept Shehzade Mustafa in your presence. But if you order, we can destroy the Shehzade along with his soldiers that are supporting him." Suleyman is thinking.
    In the Tower, Fatma, Gulfem and Afife arrive. Fatma asks what is going on and Mihrimah replies that she would never imagine Mustafa coming to the gates with thousands of soliers. Gufelm prays to God to protect them and wonders how he can betray. Cihangir says he is not committing treason and when Gulfem wonders why he says this, and that despite Mustafa being beloved to her, this act of his cannot be accepted and Mihrimah agrees, Fatma asks CIhangir why he says this. Cihangir replies that while the conditions were on his side, he has taken off his helmet and sword, it means he has no intention of fighting.
    Mustafa approaches the gates, with Taslicali, Yavuz and Rustem.
    Suleyman waits in his room, looking at the door. Rustem and Mustafa walk forward and then Mustafa enters to meet his angry father. Why doesn't he bow? Suleyman: "Going against my orders, taking soldiers along with you, who the heck do you think you are?! How dare you?!" Mustafa: "Forgive me Hunkarim, I did not want to come this way to you, but I was forced to. I could not stay in my Sanjak as if nothing happened. If no one knows about my loyalty to you, then you and my Lord know. If you wanted to take my life, then I am here for you to take it while you look into my eyes." Suleyman: "Do you hear the words you are saying?! You commit treason, and at the same time speak of your loyalty! Do you want to take my life?" Mustafa: "Is it not true you wanted to take my life because of those letters written about me...on the one hand your nice words, on the other  side you wished to take my life with that poisoned kaftan!" (Feeling sorry for Mustafa at the moment while I type this part).
    Suleyman: "Poisoned?!"
    In Fatma's room "Oh Allah what a dark day." Cihangir: "If someone did not interfere this would not happen" Mihrimah: "Who is that?" Cih: "Your powerful husband Rustem Pasha! He has trapped my brother...perhaps you know about all this!" Mih: "Watch your words Cihangir! How dare you speak to me this way!" Cih: "I will speak to whoever I wish whichever way I want." Cihangir leaves and Mihrimah calls out. Gulfem: "Sultanim don't...it is beneficial to be calm...all of us are touchy right now." Fatma: "Oh Allah make our ends good...how can they get in between a father and son this way."
    The chest is brought to Suleyman and opened. He peeks inside. Mustafa tells his father that the messenger wore the kaftan before he did and he died right in front of him. If his mother had not stopped him, he would have died instead. Suleyman tells everyone to leave, including his guards. Mustafa tells him that his mother told him about what happened years ago, the incident with his grandfather. Suleyman: "And you believed it is that right?! You believed that I could kill my own son, and in this way!" Mustafa: "A letter with your seal came along with it, Hunkarim. What else could I think?" Suleyman asks him how such a thing could enter his mind and Mustafa says that he had once told him a Shehzade should think of everything and it was this word of his that brought him here and that on top of this, he did not come to take life, but for his life to be taken. Suleyman asks why he came with swords drawn then? Why he did not come alone. Mustafa responds that he wanted to die as a soldier. (I have nothing against Mustafa, but he would save himself LOTS of trouble if he just didn't come armed. He could have just come by himself! I mean I felt sorry for him when he saw the kaftan was poisoned I really did, but he could have just come by himself and the Sultan would listen, he always does. He always believes Musafa. Despite what some say, he does love his son, otherwise this would have been excuse enough to kill him!)

    Rustem is outside when Cihangir approaches. "Is Mustafa inside." Rustem: "We are waiting Shehzadem" Lokman tells Cihangir he cannot enter. Cih gets close to Rustem: "If anything happens to my brother, many heads will roll. Especially those that trapped him" Rustem: "It will be good to go back to your room." Cih: "No one can tell me what to do Rustem Pasha." There is a knock and Mustafa exits. "Do not worry, I am fine." Then to Rustem "Our Hunkar wishes to see you."
    Suleyman tells Rustem to tell the divisions to return to their barracks. Rustem: "As you wish, but the Janissaries are still outside the palace." Suleyman: "You may leave. Aghas! (only Lokman comes haha) Call Ferhat agha to me at once!"

    Atmaca is being beaten up badly. Zal is sharpening his blade. He asks who is the special man who helps Shehzde Mustafa. Atmaca says he is loyal. Zal says that if he spoke, he would have gotten free, and that he will kill him. Zal is so creepy. He tells him that he is going to take out his nails and he faint then because he will not be able to take it. He says he will take a break then, until he comes back to his senses, then he will continue. Ew. Atmaca says he will kill Zal. Zal starts doing the creepy thing cause Zal is super creepy!
    Suleyman speaks to Ferhat. Suleyman: "I ordered you to stop Mustafa, you defied my orders and came along with him!" Ferhat, lies! "I went to stop him, and told him your orders. He said he was going to come to see you, without weapons (um, he didn't say that Ferhat!) On top of this, he said his soldiers would wait in Uskudar (no!) Under these conditions, I understood that there would be no way for the Shehzade to rebel. Then I decided that it would be better that instead of creating a divide between you and our Shehzade, to try to bring you together.
    Rustem: "And if our Hunkar did not accept him in the palace." Ferhat: "I would have done whatever was necessary to send our Shehzade back to his Sanjak. I am in front of you, my neck is lowered for your justice." Suleyman lets him go. Rustem says that no matter what, Ferhat's actions should not be accepted. He saw him, and the Janissaries. THe anger in their eyes, in their hands swords!" Suleyman asks who dared to try to poison him? Rustem says it could be anyone. Suleyman asks who, one of his Viziers, his pashas or beys or his Sultans? or his princes. Rustem says it might be someone further off. Suleyman asks him to find whoever it was and bring him. He says that the only thing  that makes him feel better is that finally Shehzade Mustafa delivered himself (his life) instead of committing treason.
     END OF PART 1

    At night, Piri is meeting with a man and Yavuz. Piri says that they were not ready for such a treason and that this is why it was better that it was good all ended well. The man says that Rustem fell into the well he dug himself and Piri says that while that is true a well has been dug it is not certain who has fallen inside it and who is looking on from the top and that they must learn a lesson from this incident. Yavuz asks where Atmaca is and Piri says that there is no word of him, they are looking everywhere but that he thinks they might have killed him and thrown him in some corner. Yavuz is not ready to hear such a thing but Piri says that Rustem had sent a man to follow him and that a man by the name of Zal Mahmut is also missing and that they should find out what he is doing and where he is.
    In Cihangir's room, Cihangir meets with Mustafa. Cih: "We are back from the brink of disaster brother...they wanted to provoke our Hunkar against you, they wanted you to rebel." Mustafa: "It is as if you know something? Whatever you know tell me." Cih: "I went to see the kaftan being sent to you, and I learned that someone had used my name to take the box...I do not have proof, but it is obvious that the kaftan left the palace already poisoned. I tried to reach you..I sent word with Atmaca...apparently you did not chance to meet him." Mus: "It is obvious they prevented it...It has been a while I did not get any word from him. Rustem is probably trying to find an opportunity to close the matter. I am certain he has fingers in this work Cihangir. If you convince our Hunkar, the matter will not close and then Rustem will get the punishment he deserves! Your word is important y brother. Can you tell our Hunkar what you told me?" Cih: "If this is what you want, of course I will do it." Mihrimah enters and they don't notice. "So are you here? I wanted to say welcome, but the incident was quite troubling." Mustafa: "Don't be sad, as you see everyone is okay."
    Sokollu is with the Sultan: "You had asked for Shah Tahmasp's brother Elkas to come to the Capitol, I think in one week he will be in Edirne." Suleyman: "Edirne?" Sokollu: "Rustem desired this, if it is not suitable then.." Suleyman: "It is suiable...it will require a ceremony to meet the Shahzade ( note: In Persian, Prince = "Shahzada" (son of the Shah) it is where the word Sehzade in Turkish comes from. Padishah is also adopted from the Persians = Great King.) Sokollu: " Ahmet agha is taking care of it Hunkarim...Rustem will meet the Shahzade personally." Suleyman: "Sokollu, come close, I wish you to look into the Kaftan issue...find out whoever put that poison...but your investigation will be secret. Even from Rustem. No one will know!" (I love the whispering lol, like someone will hear him in the room!)
    In Kutahya, Hurrem is with Beyazid's Lala outside. She asks him she heard that Beyazid went to visit the Kadi (Judge) and asks why. Lala replies that he has gone to see if the people have wishes or complaints  and he goes often to visit the Kadi about these. Hurrem wonders why Lala has not written to her about this or as often as before. He replies that he does not want to steal her precious time with boring matters. Hurrem replies that Beyazid has a special place among her children, and that he is the one would do what is necessary for the throne after the Hunkar. Lala says he is happy to hear that she thinks so still, and that he does all he can to prepare him for that and that she should have no doubt in that. She replies that it is not enough to merely do whatever he can, but he has to keep eyes on him always so he doesn't do the wrong things. Lala says he understands everything she is saying. Hurrem asks him if Beyazid has anything do with Hurichihan still, if they send letters and such and Lala replies that that matter is in the past now.
    Meanwhile, of course Beyazid is with Hurichihan. She asks "How much longer will I hide Beyazid? Wait let me guess until Hurrem Sultan goes?" Bey: "I am not happy either, but this is the right way." Huri: "You were going to tell her everything anyway. That is what you said." (why is she complaining?! Does she want Hurrem to find out and do something about it?) Bey: "Now is not the time, we have to wait, and do not forget the condition of my brother - we are going to have to hide this like him." Hurichihan: 'Who are you comparing me with?! I am not Mihrunissa! I have noble blood running through my veins! I will not be hidden like a runaway." Bey: "Be patient, if I did not think of everything, then I would not have brought you here. When the time comes we will go out in front of everyone."
    Mustafa is walking with Cihangir. "I do not want to accuse anyone publicly especially without evidence, but your being witness...Rustem will find what is he is worth (his punishment)." Rustem arrives and greets them. Mustafa: "We were just talking about you...are you investigating the Kaftan matter?" Rustem: "Pf course, it is difficult to reach a strict conclusion...it seems on the way to Amasya the kaftan was poisoned." Mustafa: "But I heard everything happened in this palace...Cihangir, our Hunkar is waiting for us."
    Suleyman is on his balcony when the two Shehzades enter. Mustafa: "We just came across Rustem Pasha. The investigation has begun on the Kaftan issue." Suleyman: "Whoever has a hand in it will get their punishment!" Mustafa: "I do not think anything will come out of it...especially when Rustem Pasha is doing that investigation." Suleyman: "What does this mean?!" Mustafa: "He is prejudiced. According to him, he thinks the poison was put on the way...but CIhangir thinks differently...he is certain that the kaftan was poisoned before it left the palace. Right Cihangir? CIhangir?!"

    There is a flashback. Mihrimah: "You know how much I love my brother Mustafa. We cannot accept what he went through with this Kaftan issue. I also do not approve of what happened...and I will not allow it to happen again ever, but if you speak to our Hunkar, the outcome will be worse." Cih: "Are you worried about Rustem?!" Mih: "Do you not understand that this matter will go all the way to our mother! Anyway our Hunkar's relationship with her is not good at all, she is our mother Cihangir! For this reason you would not want to accuse would you?!"

    We see Cihangir in the present again. Cih: "I cannot say I am certain...especially in such a sensitive issue...it is just a guess."
    Mihrimah is in her mother's room when Lokman arrives. He tells her that Mustafa and Cihangir have left the Sultan's room and it did not look like anything had gone down. Mihrimah is happy.
    Cihangir follows his brother who ignores him and then stops "Mustafa brother...forgive me brother. I abandoned you...I was afraid everything would worsen...are you mad at me?" Mustafa: "No, I understand you...in the end it was me on the one hand, and your mother on the other...actually the fault is mine, I should never have asked such a thing of you."
    In Manisa, Gazanfer is telling Selim about what happened with Mustafa: "As a result of this, Shehzade Mustafa started marching to the Capitol and on the way to Istanbul, the Janissaries met him." Selim: "Did they stop him?" Gazanfer: "No my Shehzade, no it is obvious that the Janissary agha, Ferhat pledged allegiance to Musafa, to the extent that they accompanied him to the palace. Confusion broke out in the Palace. First they thought it was treason, but then all was well when the kaftan issue was brought to light." Selim: "So who poisoned the Kaftan then?" Gaznfer: "It is not known." Selim: "It is obvious the soldiers are rebelling, if not today, tomorrow they will commit treason. Ali agha was on Mustafa's side. And it is apparent Ferhat agha is on the same path. The military is still on his side." Gazanfer: "Thousands of them, in three days he won't change lines...also don't forget that our Hunkar is on your side." Selim: "What is the point Gazanfer. Don't you see that Mustafa has publicily challenged...if he wants, he can get on the throne...if he wants he can send executioners to this palace...bring me water...bring me wine..." Gaz: "How...you have repented." Selim shouts for him to bring the wine.
    In Kutahya, Hurrem reads a letter and then shouts: "With what courage was Mustafa able to march on Istanbul?! And how did our Hunkar leave this unpunished?!" Lala: "It is obvious our Hunkar did not see this as treason." Hurrem: "If this is not treason what is Lala? I have said it for years, no one believes me...and now you saw it...it means if Shehzade wants he can march to the palace and put everyone to the sword!" Beyazid: "The fact that he did not is the proof is not Validem? It is as you say, if he wanted he could, and according to what is written, it is obvioust he Janissaries supported him." Hurrem: "Today it happened this way...great, and then what will happen tomorrow? Are we to rely on Mustafa's mercy? Open your eyes..see the reality already...that brother who is ever beloved to you, who you never direspect, is your enemy! See it already!" She leaves.

    Beyazid: "What do you say Lala?" Lala: "Our Sultana has a point...even if our Shehzade is not your enemy, he is the biggest competitor to the throne against you! You must be careful in your relation with him...especially after such an incident."
    Hurrem is walking with Fahriye: "No...this cannot happen like this...I have to return to the Capitol at once...I won't let them see my absence as an oppurtunity." Fah: "There is benefit in being patient Sultanim...if you go without permission, our condition will worsen." Rana: "Sultanim, I have something impotant to tell you." Hurrem: "I am already distressed, now I must listen to your troubles!"
    Selim is in his room, when Nurbanu enters instead of Gazanfer. He asks where he is and she says that she sent him back when she saw he had wine and that he (Selim) is angry now, so he thinks he needs it (wine) and she understands, but that after his anger fades, he will feel regretful that he has broken his promise of repentance. Selim asks her if she was not the one who told him he could drink secretly and she replies that while he might hide it from everyone, while people might not see or hear their sins, and that humans can lie to everyone they cannot lie to themselves...and that they cannot run from themselves or their consciences. Selim tells her to leave him alone. Nurbanu responds that he can be angry with her if he wants, he can yell and shout at her, but she heard the news from the Capitol...and that no matter what Mustafa or Beyazid does...the day will come when he (Selim) will ascend the throne and that she will be by his side. She tells him he is the light of the Hunkar's eyes and that he should not forget that...that he gave a promise to him.
    Atmaca is in his prison cell when Zal arrives. He gives some potion to him. Atmaca asks what it is, what he drank. Zal says it is a medicinal drink from Afyon, that it will ease his pain, but also it will make him speak the truth and that whatever he is hiding, he will spill all of it.
    Selim dreams abotu executioners and then wakes up from his nightmare. Nurbanu asks if he saw a nightmare and he says it was nothing.

    Zal asks Atmaca who he is. Atmaca: "My name is Tugrul." Zal: "What is your nickname then?" Atmaca: "Atamaca" Zal: "Who are you Atmaca? Where were you born, what is your actual duty?" Atmaca: "I am a raider soldier. From the Turhanogullar family. Born in Teselya. They are waiting for me I have to go." Zal: "When the time comes, you can go...first answer my questions...who sent you to be with Shehzade Mustafa?" Atmaca says he has to go home, they are waiting for him. He has a flashback of a child and a wife who greet him by a little house. "They are waiting for me...my wife and child." Zal: "So you have a wife and child...good. Who do you work for, who wants you to protect Shehzade Mustafa." Atmaca spits on Zal's face and ges a slap.
    Mihrimah is in her palace with Fatma of all people. Fatma: "Why did the Pasha go to Edirne all of a sudden? Or have you separated palaces after separating beds?" Mihrimah: "It is state work Sultanim! A very important Persian called Elkas Mirza has come...he has gone to meet him." Fatma: "So Elkas Mirza has come..." Mihrimah: "Or do you know him?!" Fatma: "I heard his name quite a bit...he is a brave lad....those who see him are awestruck!" Mihrimah: "For God's sake who did you hear this from?" Fatma: "From my late husband...there were lots of people coming and going from Persia."
    In Edirne, An announcer announces Elkas. Elkas mistakes Rustem for the Sultan and calls him "The Sultan of the seven regions, Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri." He kisses his robe. Then he sees smirks and realizes he did something wrong. "Forgive me, did I do a mistake without knowing Sultanim?" Rustem: "I am Rustem Pasha, Sultan Suleyman Han's Grand Vizier." Elkas: "Forgive me Pasha Hazretleri. seeing you in such splendour, anyone would think you are the Sultan"
    In Manisa, Selim is with the woman he met in the forest. Woman: "That day when you did not accept my invitation I was very sad. But when I saw you in front of me, the world became mine...I have been always thinking of you...finally I got the chance to host your honour."  She pours wine, he says: "There is no need" But she insists saying they make the wine themselves and she plucked the grapes herself and looks almost offended, so he takes it and quickly drinks it.
    Elkas is speaking to Rustem: "You know the reason why I came here. I want to fight against Tahmasp and take the throne which is my right!" Rustem: "I hope you realize that in your condition this is quite impossible?" Elkas: "It is true by myself...but if I have Sultan Suleyman behind me, no one can stop me...and in this way I will plant the seeds of friendship between Persia and the Ottomans." Rustem: "Our Hunkar might not look at such support warmly...his eyes are on the Christian world...in truth, this is why we have not yet signed an agreement with Austria. I am making Ferdinand's messengers wait for two years now!" Elkas: "Forgive me but I would venture to say that the as long as the Persian border is not safe, then the Ottomans won't rest, this much is clear." Rustem: "To be honest, I wish to support you...let us be reasonable...Our Hunkar will not want to make such a decision for a costly war against your brother Tahmasp..." Rustem: "But...if the Hunkar learns that if Tahmasp comes in between him and his oldest son Mustafa, then the condition will change." Elkas: "I did not understand anything Pasha Hazretleri...what do you want from me?"
    Sokollu is with the Sultan. Sokollu: "The chest which had the kaftan was sent off along with the messenger and some guards...we know the ending of the messenger...he died when he wore the kaftan. I questioned all the guards but I did not find anything, but I learned a very important thing Hunkarim...." Suleyman: "what is that?" Sokollu: "The tailors apprentice has suddenly gone to his land...and no one has heard from him after." Suleyman: "I have instructed and they are searching for him...but I am sure they will find him dead...it is apparent that the kaftan left the palace poisoned." Suleyman: "Continue your investigation Sokollu...whoever the tip touches don't step back no matter what!"
    Hurrem walks outisde and we hear her monolgue:

    I am eating salt, sleeping on a bed of nails, I can no longer speak... None of my enemies have brought me down, not the dragons in the sky, nor my enemies who spew poison, nor my enemies who smile at me but carry their daggers underneath their kaftans... In all these years, through all of these seasons, I have seen many deaths and births, and many wars and marriages... It is as if you covered me with a protective charm but you left one thing to harm me... Oh Allah, have mercy on me. You separated me once from my love, please do not allow for this to happen again... Please reunite me...

    At night, Mihrimah finds Suleyman in Hurrem's room when Mihrimah enters. She tells him they told her that he was here. Then she says she asked for food to be brought so they can both eat, and he says he is not hungry, but she says she heard he has not eaten in days. She says it will make him ill and she will not let him and that he has to be careful with his eating and drinking. He says she should not worry about him that even if his spirit is winded, his strength and health are fine. She says: "We both know what would be good for your soul, Hunkarim...up until today, you never mentioned it, nor was I ever brave enough to, finish this separation already. You are punishing yourself, and my mother. One word of yours can change everything." Suley: "I wish it were that easy...: Mihrimah: "It is that easy actually...you just order it and that is enough." Afife arrives and he leaves. Afife is left with Mihrimah: "I do not see him well, since my mother has left, he is getting worse." Afife: "I know, May Allah save him...I am afraid he will get sick." Mihrimah: 'Then do something Afife...my mother needs to return. As you know, our Hunkar sees you as his mother..." Afife: "What can I do Sultanim?"
    Selim is being massaged by, who lese but Dilshah. Nurbanu enters angry (haha look at Selim smiling). They greet each other, and Selim tells Dilshah to go back. "Why is this woman still -" He tells her to come close "Come close, I missed you a lot." "Did you go hunting because you missed me? I do not know what you do hunting all the time...I was thinking about you only" Selim: "I was only thinking about you too, Nurbanu your place is special"
    Fatma is dinging with Rustem and Mihrimah. Fatma: "You are dedicating yourself to state matters, but when a man has such a beautiful wife then he must be careful...not to neglect"
    Rustem: "I guess you are bored of the harem Sultanim...you come here every oppurtunity." Mihrimah: 'Rustem..." Fatma: "He is right Mihrimah, since Hurrem has left, there is no spice in the palace." Mihrimah: "God Willing your missing of my mother will end...she will return." Fatma: "How will that happen I do not know...our Hunkar has still not forgiven her you know." There is an awkward silence and then an agha arrives tellign Rustem that Shahzada Elkas Mirza is about to arrive. Rustem says to send word to the palace to the Sultan and that he will be going along with Mirza, he excuses himself.
    In Kutahya, Hurrem recieves a letter, when she asks Fahriye who sent it, she says an agha said someone outside the palace sent it to him.

    Hurrem reads it and Fahriye wonders. Hurrem: "Hurichihan...she is here!"
    Fatma and Mihrimah peek through the window and Mirza peeks back. Fatma: "So this is Mirza...he is as they say...." Mihrimah: "What does that mean?" Fatma: "Very nice, very brave, young lad...every woman needs a man like this praise God! I saw how he looked at you..." Mihrimah denies and Fatma says: "should I believe you or my own eyes...and so what? Looking at beauty is a good deed...especially if that beauty's name is Mihrimah. The person who sees, will find himself in heaven."
    Hurrem finds Hurichihan. "What do you have doing here?!" Huri: "How did you find out?!" Hurrem: "Answer my question! Why are you here in Kutahya, why did you come here, what is your purpose?" Huri: "You know better than me why I am here...I came for our Shehzade. He himself wanted it." Hurrem: "Beyazid would not do such a thing. Without me accepting it, he would not do such a thing!" Huri: "We are trying to work towards an impossible love Sultanim. Even without anyone accepting it, we get out on this path." Hurrem: "Do not dare talk to me about love...I know exactly why you are here, who sent you. This was your job was it not?" Hurichihan: "my only goal is to live in love with our Shehzade, but I know you will do as you can to prevent this, but you only have one choice, to take my life. But you know how to take a life very well." SLAP. Hurrem: "Who the heck are you to speak to me this way, who are you to stand in front of me and speak this way with me!" Huri :"You are used to everone trembling and being crushed in front of you, but I am not one of those people...my name is Hurichihan...look into my eyes Sultanim. I am the dauhter of Pargali Ibrahim and Hatice Sultan!Like my father said: "like my father said the dark from the past is never ending..One day will come and everyone will drown in their own blood." 
    Nurbanu is with Canfeda when Dilshah arrives and asks how dare she comes without permission. Dilshah says that she heard that there is a woman involved when Selim goes out to hunting. Canfeda scolds her, but Nurbanu says let her speak and asks if she is asking for trouble. Dilshah says no, she is just repeating what she heard. Nurbanu says I am tired of your lies and Dilshah says if you want to trick yourself, then that is good. Nurbanu asks Canfeda what she is saying and Canfeda says not to heed her.
    Elkas is standing in fornt of the Sultan and greets him, kisses his robe, addresses him as his great Shah and says he has been waiting for long for this moment it is an honour to be in front of him. Suleyman welcomes him and says that he is pleased to see in his presence such a brave, strong Shahzade and that while he is in his lands, his life and his possessions are under his protection, and that he will be hosted in the best way. Elkas calls him the Master of the Seven Regions, the protector of the world, and says he bows with respect for this honour (that the Sultan has bestowed on him).
    Suleyman says he has been made aware of everything with regards to his situation and that he should rest, and that at a better time they shall speak. Elkas says that he will, but if he permits, he has something he must speak to him about that he might want to hear. Suleyman says he is listening and Elkas tells him that as he knows the hatred between him and his brother Tahmasp and that he is also part of this war now and Suleyman asks if he knows what he is saying and Elkas says that when Tahmasp found out that he (Elkas) was accepted on Ottoman lands he intented to stir things up before Elkas' arrival, but thankfully this game of his was not successful...Suleyman asks what game and why he has no word of it. Elkas says that the kaftan the Sultan sent...Persian spies poisoned it. Mustafa asks how this is possible, how could his hands stretch so far? Suleyman asks if Elkas is certain. Elkas says that he has no doubt...that his most trusted men sent him this word, he says he wished to warn the Sultan but he was too late. Elkas says that there was a spy n the palace, a man named Ismail and that he was sent. Suleyman asks Sokollu what the name of the tailor's apprentice who is missing was, Sokollu says his name was Ismail...
    Atmaca doesn't even look alive. Zal is informed that Atmaca's wife and child have been dead years ago. Atmaca has a flashback and he sees horsemen running away from his house. He finds his wife and son dead. :(
    Zal tells Atmaca that he will not die, and that if he does not speak, he will cut off one body part every day.
    Mustafa speaks to Taslicali and says he still thinks Rustem is behind the incident and he got away without a scratch and Taslicali what if Tahmasp was really behind it and Mustafa says that no, he is willing to throw everything including the state into the fire, to save himself. Lokman arrives and tells Mustafa the Sultan wishes to see him.

    Hurrem is in her room when Beyazid arrives. "Finally you come! What do you think you are doing? You want to kill me?!" Bey: "What are you doing Validem?? Hurichihan told me everything! She was in a sorry state...you have hit her!" Hurrem: "Instead of sitting quietly ashamed of your error you are taking me to account?!" Beyazid: "I am in error I know...but it was not right what you did with Hurichihan!" Hurrem: "I did not do enough! If I wanted to , I would have taken her life right there! There is a snake behind that face, she has come to take revenge of her father and mother!" Bey: "I do not know who told you of here being here, but I know what happened between you...you did not let her speak at all and you threatened her" Hurrem: 'And you believed it?" Bey: "I do not know who is right who is wrong, but I am in love with her...she with me..and this is like this." Hurrem: "How could you be this blind? There is no love...her only trouble is with me...she has come to wound me...to get in between us!" Beyazid: "Aren't you sick of your own truths Validem? Haven't you thought of your loneliness? If you could try to understand me, can't you see it from my view? Is it so difficult?" Hurrem: "She will go from here...I will send her away immediately." Bey: "Do not dare, Validem, do not dare..you will burn the last bridge between me and you."
    Suleyman is on his terrace with Mustafa, telling him that is true that years ago a poisoned kaftan was brought to him and that on that day it was if the whole world was burning. It did NOT even enter his mind to commit treason though. He buried the kaftan in the earth along with his anger. He says he made a promise that day that no matter what he would not let his own son live through this. He says he makes a promise now  too, that he will not kill him, never kill you. Mustafa says that if he did not come, and if he had buried it like Suleyman did, then he would never have learned the truth and he makes a promise that he will never betray his father. 
    Ibrahim's Voice:

    A person's soul is just like heaven and hell, with many levels. On each level there are gardens, pits of torture, flowers and fire... As you go lower into the depths of hell, you will come face to face with your own sins... The darkness of the past never ends... It will follow you like a shadow. The lies you tell, the hearts you break, the jealousy, injustice and betrayal will all come in front of your eyes... The promises you broke, will all stand in front of you like undead ghosts... Then you will finally understand... As soon as a human being says "I won't do this", the devil will run after him and make sure that he surrenders.
    We see Selim drinking with the new woman in her home. We then see Beyazid and Hurichihan getting married. With the lala and some aghas as witnesses. (Beyazid, great, now you can begin (well not really cause you already started) the era of your mistakes then, just like your older brother...)

    Mustafa sees himself being strangled in his father's eye pupil (okay...that was weird...)

    THE END.
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